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01.10.2000 - 27.10.2001
Sven Müller (German, born-date??)  and Susan Smith (British, born-date??) your http://www.???

Solo Around the World with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Sven rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL. Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...
Earlier motorcyle-travel-experiences:....

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GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstrasse 31. 52152 Simmerath-Hammer / EIFEL / Germany. Tel: 0049 (0)2402-938686.

Around-The-World by Motorcycle
(Summarises by year of start)

2001 - 2004

2001 -2004
Jérôme et Sophie Maurice (French?)
+ Around the world by scootee. Tour du monde en scooters 2001 - 2004, 70 000 km à la rencontre des enfants du globe. Un livre, une exposition, une projection
07.09.2006 1st information by
07.09.2006 Askled Werner Zwick to buy a signed book.13.04.2001 - ? 2 Jahre
Demandt, Dorothea (German, born 20.06.71) and Rene Landsee (German, born 19.02.1966)
- Plan Around-The-World. Both want to travel two years on two BMW R80 G/S.
Route: 10.000 km in (Germany - Austria - Italy - Croatia - Italy - Greece - Cyprus - Israel - Egypt - Jordan - Syria - Libanon - Syria - Turkey). Planned continuation Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - fly to Thailand (Bankog) - Malaysia) - Australia - North-America ....
Purpose of travel:
Look at the UNESCO listed Spots, Meeting the people, Cultural Exchange Landscape
The best: So far Wadi Rum Sinai too many.. Syrian Libanese Turkey people friendships and invitation
The worst: Gearbox problems. Gizah Hassle. Border Crossings in Egypt.
15.04.2001 1st information by
27.07.2001 Send 1st email
27.07.2001 1st contact.
From L to R: Martin (Bavaria, Africa Twin), Dorothea (Bad Homburg, R 80 GS), Benni (Bavaria, Transalp), Rene (Bad Homburg, R 80 GS) and Christian (Bavaria, Transalp).
19.03.2003 René: We are afraid to tell you that we cannot join the 25th Meeting of Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers in april. Our family wants us to join their party.
19.03.2003 2nd request for update

2003, Bruno Blum auf dem 25. Tesch-Travel-Treffen in Malmedy / Belgium. (C) Foto Dunja Brodwoski

Ca. 04.05.2001 - ?
Bruno Blum (Swiss, born ??.??.19?? ) All 2-3 weeks you find an update-story under  >Bruno Blum
Around-The-World ? Brunos travel-plan is unknown so far! Bruno travels solo with YAMAHA TT 600 again.
Purpose: ??
: ?? Switzerland - Germany
- Poland (Masuren) - Littauen (Litavia) - Lettland - Russia (Moscow) - plan Kasachstan - Usbekistan - Kirgisien.
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful tips for others: ??
Earlier / later experiences: ??
24.05.2001 1st email from Moscow
B.T.: Blum, Bruno    World-A-Round  and Trans-Africa
"on the road for 4 years" finally. After I heard by Swiss motorcycle readers several times since 1994-95 that he is writing continually in the Swiss mc-magazine "Motorsport Schweiz" about his world-tour the English motorcycle travellers Mark Manley and the German Astrid Grieb wrote me his address. They met him "on the road". So I contacted Bruno in Buenos Aires in 02.12.1997 and Bruno answered kindly. He was just too late coming back to participate the "20th Meeting for World-Travellers in april 1998". Since 1998. So far I have only some of his publications.
Earlier experiences: Before he started he rode in Europe, made three mc-tours through north of Africa and a 8 months tour Transafrica Tunis - Capetown. He carried a big file-box with him about all his publications. It was hard to get him on the stage together with all 8 Mc-World-A-Round-Travellers. After the meeting Bruno send me kindly copies of all his publications "on the road".
14.03.2003: Bruno: "Bald ist ja das 25TTT. Wenn uns nichts dazwischen kommt, sind wir (Dunja und ich) am Samstag auch da. Geht leider nicht früher, weil Dunja am Freitag noch arbeiten muss.
17.03.2003 1st request for update for this tour and the second tour RTW ?.
25.07.2011 Next request for update with fotos.
16.03.2013 Next request for update.

< Foto Patricia Govers: Ted Simon and Bernd Tesch in Amsterdam in 1996
Ted SIMON started with 70 years his second RTW tour after 25 years

27.01.2001 - 21.06.2003
Ted Simon (British, born 01.05.1931)
+ Around-The-World.
Ted rode solo on a sponsored BMW R 80 GS 59,000 miles (= 94,400 km) on motorcycle.
Purpose: Second time around the world, repeating the first journey after quarter of a century, to see how things have changed in the world.
Following the same route which I rode in "Jupiter's Travels in 1974". My idea was to revisit the people and the places I wrote about 25 years ago, to find out what has REALLY happened to the planet in that time.
Route: Europe (England, France, Germany Switzerland, Italy) - Africa (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa) - South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama) - North America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA) - Australia (New Zealand, Australia) - Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India) - Europe (Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Serbska, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, England).
The Best: ??
The Worst: Accident in Sudan. ??
Book and publication: During the tour Ted published details on his webiste, and in a German/British TV-Film. After the tour Ted offered a CD Jupiter Returns on which you may find all details about this journey.which is only available from In 2007 will be published his new book Dreaming of Jupiter in English, German and Dutch. This books you might get via book-shops or via or via
All details about this journey may be found on a CD: Jupiter Returns, available from
Earlier Experiences: 06.10.1973 - June 1977.
Simon, Ted (British, born 01.05.1931) Triumph T-100 Tiger, 500 cc. Around the world, first time, solo. Began 06.10.1973 England, France, Italy, Sicily, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Southern Rhodesia, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, France, England Ended, June 1977. Total distance: 78,000 miles, On motorcycle, 64,000 miles. Two books about this journey: Jupiter's Travels and Riding Home (now republished under the title Riding High.
28.10.1991 Bernd Teschs first contact with Ted after I had been searching for 3 years. Neraly nobody in England / Germany / USA knew where he was living.
1994 Bernd Tesch visited Ted in USA.
1995 Ted was participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 3 times since 1995.
02.10.2000 Ted visits Bernd Tesch again.
01.2001: Ted is planning a new mc-tour Round-The-World jorney to compare it with his tour in the seventies.
11.2001 Ted´s route so far: Europe (GB - Germany - Italy) - Africa (Tunisia - Libya - Egypt (Cairo) - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenia - Tanzania - Zimbabwe - South Africa) - by plane (?) to South America (Brazil) - ...
12.02.2003 Ted is in Kuala Lumpur and will transfer his bike to Nepa. He wWill not be able to come to the 25th. Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers 11th.-13th.04.2003 but asks to greet everyone!.
09.06.2003 Ted Simon wrote to Bernd Tesch: Tomorrow I start the journey back from Turkey to England. Sofia, Sarajevo, Lubliana, Milan, Montpellie, Paris, and Dorchester. I expect to arrive back at CW Motorcycles in London on or after June 18th. There will be a celebration, certainly by me, and I hope also by others. It's been two and a half years, 54,000 miles, and a hell of an experience. I feel fine.
24.06.2003 Ted Simon plans to visit Bernd Tesch in Hammer again."Motorrad-Reisen im Alter".
27.-29.04.2007 auf dem „29. Reine Moto-FERNREISE-Treffen“:
Diavortrag ab 15.00 Uhr:  Simon, Ted (British-American, 01.05.1931) Live-Bildervortrag auf Deutsch 60 Minuten.  27.01.2001 - 21.06.2003: "Ted´s zweite solo Motorrad-Weltumrundung". Ted wurde mit seiner ersten Weltumrundung 1973-1977 durch seine Bücher "Jupiters Reisen" (lieferbar bei Tesch auf dem Treffen) und in Englisch "Jupiter's Travels and Riding Home (now republished under the title Riding High (signiert lieferbar bei Ted Simon und sonst bei Tesch)) sehr beliebt. Nach 25 Jahren wiederholte Ted zum Vergleich diese Reise mit einer BMW R80 GS mit 94,400 km. Genaue Route auf seiner / meiner website. Ted wird sein neues Buch Dreaming of Jupiter in Deutsch und ERSTSMALIG auch in English auf dem Tesch-Travel-Treffen vorstellen/signieren ! Eine einmalige Gelegenheit, da Ted extra aus California für DICH angereist ist °! Auch als Geschenk für andere mitnehmen !!

26.02.2001 - ??.??.??.
Dirk Bachmann (Germany, living in New Zealand, born 20.02.1965) and Jürgen Homann (Germany, living in /New Zealand, born 17.01.1967)
- Plan Around The World. Dirk and Juergen are riding around the world on BMW F650 and BMW R80GS. RTW Official Ambassadors for UNICEF NZ. Until 21.11.2001 they have done 35,000 km until Panama.
Route: New Zealand - Tahiti - Chile - Agentina - Uruguay - Brazil - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Venezuela - Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - U.S.A. Dirk will then continue to Alaska and from there into Siberia, Russia. Further on into Europe before going down south into Africa. then... ??? Juergen will proceed after California, through Asia hopefully into China, Mongolia, Russia and then Europe. Then he plans to proceed through Afrika to Capetown and then back to New Zealand.
Purpose of travel: Polio-campaign for UNICEF ( and fun
The best: Mud up to the kneecap between Brazil and Bolivia, snowstorm at 4,800 m, in the Peruvian Altiplano: A farmer´s remark, Colombia
The worst: 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Arequipa, Peru
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Travel light!
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: NZ, Europe
01.11.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
15.11.2001 1st contact via Michael Schwamborn who met them.
22.11.2001 1st summary from them.
01.04.2003 Intend to particape the "25th Meeting fro World-Travellers" 11.-13.04.2003
01.04.2003 next request for update
21.04.2006 Participant of the 28th. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers
28.04.2006 next request for update

Sjaak on the TTreffen in 2009. le > ri: Patricia Govers-Tesch. Bernd T. Peter Forwood. Keith Forwood. Sjaak Lucassen.

Sjaak Lucassen "on world tour". Left in Egypt. Right in Savannah in 2001 in Mauritania (C) Sjaak Lucassen.

"Sjaak the World". Sjaak sells his DVD  by mail-order. More info via:

04.03.2001 (plus 3 years was planned) - 05.08.2006
Sjaak Lucassen (Dutch, born 02.10.1961) +
A link in youtubed from somebody:
+ Around-The-World.
With a YAMAHA YZF R1. Solo, 5 Years and 5 month, 250.000 kilometers.
Route: Europe ( Start in the Netherlands at March 4th 2001 – Belgium – France –Italy – Monaco – Andorra – Spain – across the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry to Africa ( Morocco – Western Sahara – Mauritania – Senegal – Gambia – Guinea-Bissau – Guinea – Mali – Ivory coast – Ghana – Burkina Faso – Togo – Benin – Niger – Nigeria – Cameroun – Chad – Gabon – Congo – DRC – Zambia – Botswana – South-Africa – Swaziland – Mozambique – Malawi – Namibia ) – the R1 by cargo ship and I by airplane to South America ( Argentina – Uruguay – Brazil – French Guiana – Suriname – Guyana – Paraguay – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador – Colombia – Venezuela – across the Darién on a little wooden boat into Panama ) – North America (Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – El Salvador – Guatemala – Belize – Mexico – U.S.A. – Canada – from Alaska by plane to Asia ( Russia – Mongolia – China – Laos – Thailand – Cambodia – from Bangkok by plane to Nepal – India – Pakistan – Iran – with a ferry to the United Arab Emirates – Oman – Yemen – Saudi Arabia – Jordan – Disneyland – Africa (Egypt) – a flight to Europe ( Greece and from there back to the Netherlands ) on August 5 th 2006
Purpose of travel: Addicted
The best: Crossing the Sahara, getting through civil war torn Congo , being in the Andes, seeing a Ariana 5 rocket launch, making it into China .
The worst: Getting back. Ending up on a cocaine boat from Colombia to Panana, getting mugged and the same person wants to rape my girlfriend, so I have to go against somebody pointing a gun at me, having Malaria.
Book or publication: Articles get published in the Dutch magazines MOTOR. and MotoPort Magazine.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Do what you like to do in live.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: See 23.05.1995 – 30.05.1998 his first World-Tour with a HONDA CBR 900 RR fireblade 2
1999 1st contact. We had a long telephone call. Sjaak plans to leave in 2000 again with his Fireblad
27.12.2001 1st info by Dafne de Jong: He is "on the road" again with a YAMAHA R1. He published in Motor.
09.03.2004 Dr. -Ing. Markus Grave form BMW-factory informed me about an article in Riders Magazine in USA which he will send me
19.04.2009 Sjaak was participant on the 51th. Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers. He promised to send me the overview.
04.05.2009 Last update

"Arbeitsteilung" laut Uwe. Fotos: Links Ramona Eichhorn, rechts Uwe Krauss

08. 03. 2001 - Fall 2007
Ramona Eichhorn (German, birthday 28.05.1976) and Uwe Krauss (German, birthday 05.11.1969)
- Around-The-World. We are trying to ride around the world with two KTM 640 Adventure within 6 years .
Purpose of your travel: Loking what is behind the horizon.
Route: Europe (Germany (Steinach) - Italy - Greece - Turkey) - Asia (Syria - Jordan) - Africa (Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenya - Uganda - Rwanda - Tansania - Malawi - Sambia - Simbabwe - Botswana - Namibia - South Africa - Lesotho - Swasiland - South Africa) 35.000 km. By plane from South Africa (Johannesburg) to Australia (Perth) - by plane to NZ (Auckland). By motorcycle in Aus and NZ 30.000 km. By plane from Australia (NZ (Auckland)) to South America (Argentina (Buenos Aires)) - in South America 50.000 km by motorcycle - North America up to Inuvik 40.000 km - in december 2006 in ?? - in march 2007 they plan to fly to Japan.
Highlights: Some glacier in Peru at 5200 m, otherwise the whole journey.
The worst: The end I guess.
Book or publication: A book might come afterwards, otherwise: Motorradabenteuer, Motorrad News, Enduroabenteuer in Germany. Two Wheels in Australia. Getaway in South Africa. S-Depoertes in Chile. Roadrunner in USA. Bike in Sweden. 0-300 in Greece.
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: DON'T listen to any negative preoccupations, go and find out yourself. And take as little stuff with you as you could possibly think of.
Earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Corse, Scotland and Blechhammer (that was the first).
12.12.2006 1st contact and request.
14.12.2006 last update.
09.04.2009 Request for update
13.04.2009 Next request for update

1995-96. Udo and Harald Lamers with Tesch-Travel-Taschen in Africa West>East. Zaire.

1996 in ??: Nicht alles passt in die Tesch-Travel-Taschen.

1998: Udo und Harald Lamers in South America. Chile. Peninsula.

1998: Udo und Harald Lamers in South America. Chile. ? Mud-Road.

1998: Udo und Harald Lamers in South America. Chile ?- Right: 2002: Asia. India. Pakistan.

2015: Udo and Harald Lamers in Africa. Madagascar.

2015: Udo and Harald Lamers in Africa. Madagascar.

05.05.2001 - 15.10.2002
Harald (Dutch, *30.10.1966) und Udo Lamers (Dutch, 16.11.1962) Ride till it hurts...
Around-The-World. The BikeBrothers Harald & Udo rode all continents in different years always with two SUZUKI DR600. The last route 64.000 km. They are missing to fly with bike from Asia to Americas to complete a full circle RTW. But have covered much more kms in the continents than other who call themselves Around-The-World- travellers.
Purpose of Tour: learning cultures, discover the world.
Route:05.05.2001- 15.10.2002: Europe (Holland - Germany - Tsjechie - Slowakije - Hongaria - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey) - Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Malaysia) - New Zealand + Australia - Asia (Japan - Russia) - Europe (Baltic States - Netherlands).
The best: Hospitality of Siberian people
The worst: Taken hostage for one day in Pakistan.
Earlier / later experiences of motorcycle tours: All our motorcycle tours are made on Suzuki DR600's.
01.06.1991 - 01.09.1991: North-America (Canada - USA - Mexico). 24.000 km.
04.11.1993 - 03.02.1994: Australia. 23.000 km
04.11.1995 - 01.03.1996: Transafrica. 25.000 kms though 18 African countries.Europe (Netherlands - Belgium - Spain) - Africa (Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal - Mali - Burkina Faso - Niger - Nigeria - Cameroons - Central Africa - Zaire - Uganda - Kenia - Tanzania - Malawi - Sambia - Zimbabwe - Botswana - South Africa.
Book: "Waar de weg opgoudt".. Dwars door Africa. 2001. 8 chapters. 258 pp. 18 b&w. pictures. In Dutch language.
11.11.1997 - 05.03.1998: South America (Venezuela- Brasil - Bolivia - Peru - Chile - Argentinia). 24.000 km
August-september 2002. Asia: We rode indeed all the way from Vladivostic to the Netherlands by motorcycle. In fact the Russians are working hard to build the Trans Siberian Highway.When we travelled there in many parts of the highway between Chita and Skovorodino could allready be used. Some parts were a good gravel road, other parts larger stones or sand (the foundations of the highway). A detailed description i think would be out of date. We still had to use some tracks between the villages, but no major river crossings. The bridges were already in use, or a detour was available through the village. Maybe it lost a part of the spirit of adventure, but is becomes more reachable for more travellers.
Information: Our website is: Harald's book is available at the Verlag Gopher. Book: "Waar de weg opgoudt". Dwars door Africa. 2001. 8 chapters. 258 pp. 18 b&w pictures. In Dutch language.
01-06-2012 - 01-09 -2012: Central Asia. 19.000 km. We transported our motorbikes (Udo: Suzuki DRZ400S, Harald Suzuki DR650) with the train to Almaty, Kazachstan. From there we travelled 3 months through Kazachstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Russia, Mongolia. From Mongolia we decided to ride back home through Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany to Holland.
25-10-2015 - 12-12-2015: Madagascar, Afrika, 4000 km. We flu our 2 Suzuki DRZ400s to Madagascar. This felt like pure Africa, poor, but very friendly people and very adventurous roads. One of our best adventures.
25-11-2017 - 25-2-2018: South America, 19.000 km. Exact 20 years after our first South America trip, we went back to this great continent. But now on our Suzuki DRZ400s. We started in Valparaiso, Chili, then Argentinia, Uruquay, Brasil, Bolivia, Peru and back to Valparaiso. We visit some places where we were 20 years ago, like Foz do Iguazu waterfalls (Brazil), Uyuni (Bolivia), Cusco, Colca Canyon (Peru). It was great to ride in the Andes again. Fly like a condor...

10.03.2004 Thanks for your invitation but unfortunately Harald and I are at that time in South Africa on a little trip. We won a prize at the Motor RAI (like IFMA) with H photo match and we can go 2 weeks to South Africa and visit the moto grandprix in Welkom. So we hope to come next year.
10.03.2004 Next request for update.
16.04.2019: Last updat and good Fotos.
26.-28.04.2019: Udo Lamers intends to come to the 61st Mc-meeting TTT for World-Travellers in Malmey-Berverce/Belgium.
B.T. in 12.2002: Both have been several times on the "Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers".
I am still grateful that they offered me a wonderful picture for my catalogue many years ago and now for my website.

27.05.2001 - ??
Mariola Cichon (born in Poland / American citizien)

- Plans solo Around-The-World.  Mariola (40) from Chicago in USA left on the "First American Woman's Solo Motorcycle Journey Around the World". She rides a Kawasaki KLR650.
Route: I will ride form Chicago (Moab Utha - ..) to Alaska. Later I will travel through South and Central America, Australia and New Zealand. Southern part of Africa is next on the list. I will then continue to Asia and Europe. The northern parts of Africa will complete the journey. From there I will go back to the States. The journey is planned to take about 2-3 years.
The best: I am really looking forward to meeting people around the world. I am interested in other cultures as well as the beauty of the nature.

11.2001: German Michael Schwamborn met American RTW-Traveller Mariola Cichon (now with short hair) in Panama: "One of the nicest travel-woman I met".

Publications: The itinerary from the journey will be posted and updated on There will also be articles in the Dual Sport News:
Tips: It takes a lot of preparations to get ready for such a journey. But the most important thing is to... just do it. Everything else will fall into its own place later. Just go!
Motto: The greatest risk is not taking any.
Ca. 08.2000 first contact before she started.
Ca. 16.11.2001 Mariola transferred North-America. German Michael Schwamborn met her in Panama with now short hair.
01.03.2002 Mariola made it with "roma (her bike)" from Alaska - Tierra del Fuego: Ushuaia! Next Australia ! She send me pesronal smiles from there !
31.05.01 Mariolas first email "on the road". She wrote: "Definitely I will try to get to your place "25th Meeting for Motorcyle World-Travellers" in 11.-13.04.2003.
27.-28.09.2002 Mariola visited B.T. for recommendation "Transafrica" im Zweifall with Michael Schwamborn who will accompine her to Spain. They both got a fire-party in Hammer

06.2001 - open end
Thomas Kroher (German, born 10.06.1957) (changing soon)
- Plan Around-The-World. I`m planning an Around-The-World-Tour with Honda Transalp.
Planned route: Morocco - Mauretania - Mali - Niger - Tchad - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenia - South Africa - India - Nepal - EastAsia - Australia - South - and North-America. Plan can be changed during the tour.
Search: I am in search of a female motor-cyclist who has the courage for a trip across Africa and the rest of the world.
25.02.2001 1st information with route.

10(20).06.2001 - 31.12.2002
Gerald Vince and Austin, Matt Hill, Charlie Benner (England)
+ Around The World.
The group who called themselves" Terra Circa"rode Around-The-World on three DR 350cc Suzukis. David Greenhough (chief) skipped the expedition in Kazakhstan because of knee problems.
Purpose: To cross the Silov Gap and holiday.
Route: They rode across Europe, Greece and Turkey, Kazakhstan and Russia to become the first recorded motorcyclists ever to cross the gruelling 'Zilov Gap’, a 392 mile stretch of impassable tracks, trails, marshes and rivers where the road across Siberia literally runs out!
Video: They filmed their adventures and now have a DVD out. This DVD is an extremly valuable resource for anyone planning a long distance trip or for anyone who just wants to see and feel what it's like to go off-roading in Siberia! This DVD is available from
t .
03.10.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
03.10.2001 1st email to them.
10.01.2002 3rd request
24.02.2002 Information by RTW traveller Adrian Messmer
19.01.2003 4th request
20.08.2003 Some informations by Ralph Goldberg.

Ca. - no time limit?
Walter Wouters (born 10.08.1956, German)
- Plan Around-The-World. The gas-water-technican (Meister) Walter plans to travel solo around-The-World with BMW R 80 G/S.
Route: Germany - France - Spain - Portugal - Africa (Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal- Congos - Angola ? - Namibia - South Africa - East Africa - Ethiopia - Djibouti) - Asia (Jemen - Saudi Arabia) - or Africa (Sudan - Egypt) - Asia (Israel - Jordan - Syria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Thailand) - Papua New Guinea - Australia - Americas (Canada - North - and South America).
24.02.01 1st visit. Walter lived in the next village Stolberg-Dorff.
12.11.01 Heard by accident that Walter had an accident in Rumania where a car hit him. Walter is back in Germany so far.

08.2001 + 2 years
Sharon Whitman and Bill Berwick (Americans)
- Plan Around The World. Sharon and Bill plan to circle the world with two Harleys Sportzers in two years.
Planned Route: USA (Pennsylvania) -  traveling west - up to Alaska - back down west coast through Mexico - Central America  - South America, reaching Tierra del Fuego by New Years eve 2001. Then we fly the bikes across the Atlantic to South Africa - north through Africa across to Spain - through Europe (arriving aproximately summer 2002) - then east through Asia - flying to Australia - New Zealand - north to Japan - then back across the Pacific to Canada. A two year trip all together.
12.2000 first contact

04.08.2001 - 30.06.2004
Doris Maron (Canadian, born ??.??.1948) /
+ Around-The-World. In 2001 I sold everything I owned to travel around the world on my motorcycle. I set off from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on my brand new 750cc Honda Magna to begin my journey around the globe. Two years and eleven months later, after travelling in 44 countries on 6 continents, I crossed the border back into Canada arriving home.
On this website you will find exciting stories from my journals and pictures I took as I travelled, mostly solo, into countries most people never dream of traveling; some published articles from local newspapers and continued updates on my upcoming book.
Route: Central America to Canada 2004. America 2004 South America. Africa 2003-2004. Europe 2003-2004. Asia 06.2002-03.2003
21.05.2008 Greg Williams informed me first time: I have been fascinated by your site. Thought I'd let you know of another round the world woman motorcycle traveler, Doris Maron of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Go to /.
Greg Williams
is a Freelance Automotive Columnist/Calgary Herald Driving Section.
22.05.2008 1st request for update of her blog to Doris Maron. And the request to connect me with: Marjorie. I would like to make a short summary of ...
I received. I was fortunate enough to meet Marjorie, an honorary member of WITW, who was a pioneer for women in motorcycling. Against her fathers wishes she ventured across the United States by motorcycle in 1938. She is a great inspiration to me and other women riders.

22.05.2008: Asked Doris Maron for more information
05.10.2018: Asked Doris Maron again ny email.
05.10.2018: Answer of Doris
12.10.2018: New request to offer her tour like example blog Müller. And to send for this blog the three best scans of the tour of her and the motorcycle in high scan-quality.
And a digital map of the route if availbale.

04.09.2001 - ?
Andrew Miller (British)
Route: Seven days through Europe - then I was getting my Turkish visa at the Bulgarian border when the first plane hit the twin towers in the US. One month in Turkey - Iran for two weeks heading south to bandar-e abbass the shipping port . Its here I got the ferry accross the gulf to Dubai. Spending only four days here due to its very expensive and only to freight the bike to Delhi, India. Idid not like that much especialy as I came from Dubai, and so I did not get that gradual cultrial change that you get when going overland. Anyway I had only four days in India inc the taj mahal before entering Nepal on the western border. Here I had one month in Nepal then over to darjeeling for a few days, I was going to assam but they had a maleria outbreak so i headed back to Nepal where I flew my self and my bike to Perth Australia. The reason for missing the far east was after 11th sept and because I had fly around Pakistan I was three months over budget and ahead three months and Australia and N-Z. where I am now was more in my heart.
Once in Perth I toured all the south west then headed east through the middle ie the great central road [dirt road] all the way to Alice Springs - Coober Pedy - Oodnadata track to lyndhurst - Adelaide - Melbourne - Snowey Mountains - Canbera - Blue Mountains - then Sydney to spend time with friends before flying both me and the bike to N.Z. Auckland.
With regards to the Far East ie Thailand - Cambodia - Laos - Singapore etc well I will do these another time, as i hope to do the trip again soon incuding the above and hopefully Pakistan.
Re the end well i have only planed to go to n.z then home to thee uk but this may change, I will keep you posted.
12.04.02 1st update

09.2001 - ?
Wojtek Baldewerk (Poland)
- Plan Around The World. With another Polish friend on two KTM Adventure.
Route: Germany - India - Americas.
02.02.2001 1st contact

09.2001 - ?
Thomas Pfaff and ??? (Swiss)
- Plan Around-The-World. both plan to ride RTW with two BMW. For this reason we are looking for easy ship possibilities on Freight-Ships/Container-Ships to cross
Route: Europe to East-Coast USA or Canada. Argentina to New-Zealand. New-Zealand to Australia. Australia to Europe. We have already organised all necessary documents (Carnet de Passage for Motorbikes and Passports with Visa) for all countries. We ride directly to the correspondi: thpfaff@bluemail.chng departure port, and if possible directly on the ship if a ramp is available.
25.02.2001 1st information. Thomas Pfaff Schartenstrasse 68 5430 Wettingen/Schweiz
26.06.01 Asked by email for more information.
13.07.01 Asked by email for more information. Email does not work.
27.07.01 A letter to him came back. Do you know his addrese?? Email?
01.03.2002 2nd try for update
03.03.2002 Answer without details. Asked 3rd time for update.

07.09.2001 - 01.10.2004
Kirsten Latimer (Scottish, born 27.03.1965) and Chris Burt (English, born 15.02.1962) baby Lucas Burt (born 13.04.2003 in Tasmania)

Rider Chris Burt and sidecar-Woman Kirsten Latimer with their son Lucas Burt in 2003. Lucas is the only boy born during a motorcycle-tour and having gone home overland via North America from Australia (Island Tasmania) to Europe (Great Britain).

- Plan Around The World.
Chris (electical technician) and Kirsten (pharmaceutical research) are currently riding around the world on two Meriden Triumph's. Bonneville 1982 and a Triumph Tiger 1981 (respectively). The Bonneville now sports a fibreglass replica of a Dustings side-car. We now swap bikes every so often so that we can still both still enjoy life on two wheels. The trip was planned roughly three years. Lucas was born during the trip.
Route: Europe (France - Germany - Austria - Italy - Slovenia - Bosnia - Jugoslavia - Macedonia - Greece - Turkey). Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Thailand - Laos - Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia (Sumatra - Java - Bali - Sumbawa - Lombok - Timor) - East Timor - Australia (Lucas born in Tasmania and currently in New Zealand (31.03.2004). We intend to return home via Canada and North America.
The orignal plan route to take in South East Asia, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, US, South America (Cuba ??) and Africa.-

ucas born in Tasmania. When he was six months we took him by side car around NZ for four or five months. Then we went to small Fijian Island for a month whilst our bikes sailed to Vancouver. We rode across Canada then flew back to Netherlands. Our last trip was the ferry from Belgium to Scotland. It was lovely to sail under the beautiful Forth Road Bridge. Lucas was 20 months old when we got back.
Love the photo. You look such a happy lovely man.

Infos: Speedos don't work so all mileage is estimated. So far we have ridden the bikes all the way and done about 40-50,000 kms as far as NZ
Purpose of travel: Riding the bikes we love, meeting new friends and enjoying the change of scenery.
The best: Crossing the Alps and the Balochistan desert. Lucas, our beautiful baby boy, born in Tasmania and who has joined us on our journey.
The worst:
So far no problems but Iran was a bit tiring.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Travel light. Arrange visas on route (ie Iran, Pakistan and Indian. Plan ahead as little as possible.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Nothing much. I (Kirsten) once decided to ride my Triumph from the south of England to my home town in Scotland (about 500 miles). It may be doesn't sound much to others but it made me realise that it didn't matter how many kilometres a journey is, all you have to do is keep riding the bike and you'll get there. Chris once cycled from England to Morocco on a bicycle. He wanted to take a motorcycle but he couldn't afford it at the time. Does that count ?
03.10.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
03.10.2001 1st email to them.
13.01.2002 1st answer and contact
08.03.2004 2nd answer from them: Dear Bernd, thank you for your invitation to the RTW motorcycle meeting. I am sorry but we will not be able to come because we are still on our RTW adventure. You wrote to us about 2 years ago for information on our trip. I can't remember exactly what I wrote back.
We are a British couple riding 1981 Triumph Tiger 750 and 1982 Bonneville 750. We planned to go east from Britain around the world. So far we are in New Zealand. However, the nicest story from our trip is that I had a baby in Tasmania so now we have a side-car. We have been travelling as a family now for 3 months around New Zealand and having a lot of fun. We will come home via Canada arriving back in UK in September 2004.
Maybe we can come to your 2005 RTW motorcycle meeting. We wish you well and thank you for staying in touch. I hope we can meet one day.
09.01.2008 Request for another update of your blog
26.05.2011 Kisten Latimer writes again.
03.06.2011 B.T. asks for update.
09.11.2013 Asked update via facebook. She had most difficult years... Living in Crail with two kids.

16.09.2001 - ??.??.??.
Helen Antcliff and Patrick Watson (born 28.04.1963) (England)
On one ? R100GS.
- Plan Around The World.
Purpose: Round the world in aid of Cystic Fibrosis and VSO
Route: Belgium - Holland - Germany - Poland - Slovakia - Heading South to South Africa - thence S. America - Central America - N. America - Asia. Not too organised as it all may change when America seeks revenge. Riding two up on BMW R100 GS/PD. Started with 35k miles on clock. First problem starter motor solenoid working part time. Pillion working part time to start bike! No real major hassles. Best moment so far - beautiful autumn afternoon crossing edge of Tatra mountains from Poland into Slovakia. It keeps getting better.
03.10.2001 They look nice on their homepage
03.10.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
03.10.2001 1st email to them.
04.10.2001 1st answer and contact
09.04.2007 2nd request for update
I would love to come to the gathering but it is the same time as my birthday and Helen already has plans for me! Give my best wishes to anyone who knows us or knows of us.

24.09.2001 - 06.06.2002
Lisa Roberts (British, born ??? ) and Harvey Gordon-Sawyers (Brotish, born ??? )
- Plan Around-The-World. Not finished in total. Harvey on a BMW R100GS and Lisa on a BMW R 80 ST planed to travel the world for a year or so...
Route: Overland through Europe, Turkey, Syria and Jordan, here we shipped the bikes to India.
Our future plans are constantly changing but currently look something like this:- South East Asia, taking in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia. Over to North America to tour the States and Canada and maybe venture into Central and South America. Our last leg should be from South Africa to Egypt up Africa's east coast, then along the northern coast to Morocco. Back into Europe and home...
We will be sending journal entries and photos home whenever we can. They will be posted here on our site so you can keep up to date with our ... (Lisas email)
03.10.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
03.10.2001 1st email to them.
??.10.2001 1st answer and contact
19.10.01 2nd request
19.10.01 Email came back: unknown
30.08.2004 Information by Kirsten Latimer: Robers (Lisa) and Gordon-Sawyers (Harvey) were planning a round the world trip on BMWs. We met this couple when they were in India. Sadly Lisa broke her antkle a few months later in Laos and in the end, they both decided to end the trip there. I think that was about 2 years ago now.
They did fly home but now they are both living and working in India. They have an active website:
01.04.2004 3rd request to Lisa and Harvey


"Mike" Michael Peter Fong
- Total Around-The-World. Mike Fong rode the first Singapore R100GS/PD around the world. Wrote the book: "A tankful of time". Details see
11.12.2008 1st request for his summary
06.01.2015 2nd request for his summary. Mike send several fotos.

Volker Wunsch (German, geb. 13.01.1969)
- Plan Around-The-World. The lorry-driver Volker plans to circle the world in 2002 with BMW R 1100 GS  1,5 - 2 years.
14.11.1998 Visit of Volker Wunsch who plans to ride Around the World 2002. He intends to ride by his own via Russia to Wladiwostok - Alasca - Argentinia (Tierra del Fuego) - Australia and .... So far Volker has a lot of experience driving by lorry to Russia, Ukraine and Tunisia.
01.03.2002 2nd request for update by letter.

Januar 2002 -
Serena and Eiko (Germans)
- Plan Around-The-World. Serena (BMW Funduro) and Eiko (HPN-BMW) plan to ride RTW Januar 2001 without a time limit. We had that dream about travelling around the world and not coming back as well as not having a home place to turn back since a long time. Now we made our decision. We will give up our home and sell our furniture. Luckily, we have some money saved. Nevertheless, we want to work on our journey, earn money and acquire new skills. Our heros - if we can use that word - are Claudia and Klaus Schubert (see there). They just wanted to visit Klaus' sister in Japan on their motorbikes and then they have been on the road for 16 years. There is no definite plan about our route. But we think that we will start in South Africa and cross the continent until we would like to move on to Asia or wherever.
15.07.2001 1st contact.

01.04.2002 - 06.06.2004
Sibylle Salzmann (born 1975 Swiss) and Marco Meier (born 1973, Swiss)
+ Around The World. Sibylle and Marco have travelled already in Europe 80.000 kms with BMW R 1100 GS (Scandinavia, France, Italy, Spain, Greek, Turkey), Africa (Maroc) and Canada (BC). But their "travel bug" is not satisfied. So they started for a Around-The-World tour in april 2002 with two BMW F-650 GS Dakar to circle the world. They wanted to travel the open world open end but came back 06.06.2004.
Purpose of Travel: Meeting other cultures/people. To break out of the safe live here. Adventures - and to ride a motorcycle every day!
Planned Route in 2001: Switzerland, Italy, Greek, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Lhadak, Nepal, Thailand, Tiger States, Australia.........?
Planned Route in 2002: Because of the situation in the region of Kashmir we changed the route now. The new planned route: CH - Italy - Greek - Turkey - Georgia - Russia - Kazakhstan - Siberia (Wladiwostok) - Japan. Arriving in Japan, we look what we will do.
Planned Route in 2002 finally: CH - Italy - Greek - Turkey (Ferry) - Russia - Siberia (Wladiwostok arrival 29.07.02) - Japan. Arriving in Japan, we look what we will do. We have open-end.
Done Route: 2002-2004: April 2002 start in Zürich, Italy, Greece and Turkey, 05.05.2002 arrived in Sochi, Russia, travel trough Russia, Altaj mountains and Baikal area until Vladiwostok, 02.08.2002 arrived in Japan, travel trough Honshu and Hokkaido, 05.09.2002 shipping of the bikes to South America, Santiago de Chile, 17.11.02, bikes arrived in Valparaiso, Chile, next 8 months travel trough Chile and Argentinia, arrived 25.12.2002 in Ushuaia for the great traveller party, then we worked 7 months in south chile as tourguides, continue the travel to Bolivia and travelled there about 5 months trough Bolivia and Peru and 3 months in Brasil, 1 month in Uruguay, 09.05.2004 boarding with the bikes on a freighter Grimaldi-line in Argentina (Buenos Aires) to Germany (Hamburg), arriving in Hamburg on the 02.06.2004, arriving by motorbike and end of the travel in Zürich on the 06.06.2004
2001 1st contact
20.07.02 Arrived in Russia in Chabarowsk having passed a part of the the Armur river area: 800 km bad off-road, 500 km by train from Chernoschevsk to Skovoridin.
19.02.2003 Marco from Bariloche in Argentina: We will be on the road for a while. Perhaps we see at the 26th oder 27th or.... Motorcycle-WORLD-Traveller Meeting..
12.07.2004 Last update

04.06.2002 (departure) - ????
Valeria Milaniin (Italian, born Lucca 31.08.1969) and George Migliorelli (USA / Italian, born 1952)
- Plan Around-The-World. Both plan to travel Around-The-World. George with HONDA Africa Twin and Valeria is by sponsored HONDA Transalp.
Purpose of travel: Follow a dream which George have had for twenty years. Religious follower of Ted Simon.
Valeria has no particular reason. She is a journalist and loves riding a bike.
Planned route: Italy (Lucca - Milana) - Switzerland - Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia - Bulgaria - Greece - Turkey (04.07.02) - Syria - Turkey - Iran (A motorbike driven by a woman is anusual in Iran, so I stimulated curiosity in both sexes. It was funny!!!) - Pakistan (Pakistan didn't cause any problem; we met interesting people (Pastun tribes) in Baluchistan and police scorted us in the second part of the journey, through Punjab to India border) - India (India's roads are very dangerous: crazy traffic of people and animals without any roules, but we survived) - Nepal (Nepal was a very interesting country, I didn't expect to find a "war" down there! Fortunatly "maoist" are not interested in tourists and are fighting only against the police) - they flew with their bikes from Nepal to Thailand (Bangkok) - Laos (10.10.02 Vientiane) - Plan: Cambodia - Vietnam - Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia - Australia.. etc
04.2000 George: Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
The best: Just beginning...
The worst: ...Getting the Carnet in Milan, Italy
Book or publication (about your tour): ...Motociclismo magazine will follow the RTW with a monthly box..
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ..Keep your head down and your tail up and do not let bureacracies stop you..
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: China, Africa, North Cape, Europe, Coast to Coast, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hawaii..
11.10.2002 : Valeria: Hi Bernd, I did'nt write you since long time; sorry but... you know, on the road weeks are shorter.
18.10.02 Part 2 from George:
Its been quite some time since I sent part 1. I believe it was from Turkey in July. Hey, its hard so I won't try to convince that we have been busy. Since part 1 we have been through Syria, back to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and now Thailand.
01.03.2003 "Sorry Bernd, we could not come to the meeting of world traveller, because we are "on the road" in ?? Valeria e Giorgio "IL GIRO"

Before starting we laid out a tentative schedule for the trip which tried to consider weather patterns (hot,cold,rainy season etc.) and balance it against time constraints. We have been a complete failure. We have been in the hottest areas at the hottest time of year. The Syrian desert in August. Baluchistan desert (Pakistan) early September. One 7 hour day in Baluchestan found us in 49 degree centigrade weather. We were just in time for the rainy season in India, Nepal and now Indochina. Several days ago we left for a four day tour from Chang Mai on the Mae Hong Son Loup which some claim to be the most beautiful motorcycle drive in the world. We were 200 kilometers out when we were told that the road had collapsed 100 kilometers ahead and there was no passing. We decided to return to CM, went 5 kilometers and the road was blocked by a partial collapse due to a river overflowing. We were trapped. We were fortunate in that the water subsided and the police let us pass although still in knee high water. The flooding in Thailand this season has been the worst in the past 50 years.

Each country provided some intersting encounters with humans, mother nature and the ground:

Syria: There was the middle aged Palestinian/Brit always dressed in Bedoin whites who is a Biology professor in Britian and a specialist in worms. He plays the stockmarket trades in antique Korans. Was last seen chatting up any "young thing" that passed his way.

Iran: The American Flag underwear for sale in a Teheran department store. The U.S. military uniforms for sale at a quasi army/navy store. The many Iranians who came up to us to express almost embarassment with their government. The many, many invitations we received from ordinary Iranians to come to their house for dinner.

Pakistan: "Sounding the Retreat" at the Pak/Indo border in 100 degrees humidity. On both sides of the border troops march in synchro, shout at each other in synchro with circa 8000 people on each side in stadium type seating shouting obscenties at each other. Spending an evening with the Pashtuns in Baluchestan, sleeping in a gas station and playing with their AK-47's. Being escorted for a day and a half by automatic weapon armed police so that we would have a "safe" time in Pakistan. G tasting dirt for the first time while off road (The Africa Twin only got a few scratches)

India: The Traffic, the Pastafarians. the monsoons. Every type of human, animal and inanimate being exists in Indain roads. The most dangerous I have ever seen. No regulations, passing on either side and at whatever speed. V at a standstill had her bike toppled by a water buffalo. With the bike down a second water buffalo put his hoof through the Givi extra long windscreen and made a 100 piece puzzle out of it. The Pastafarians (european youth in ethnic clothes with rasta matted hair) Maybe I am too old? Is it youth immitating their parents who took the magic bus in '68 from Amsterdam to Katmandu. Very much enjoyed the Israeli "hippies" in McCloud Ganj (exiled home of the Dalai Lama). The dichotomy was wonderful. After three years with the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) go to a safe (no muslims) place and play hippie.

Nepal: Civil war, Maoists, loss of documents/money, pastafarians again. Everyone has asked if we were frightened in Pakistan. The simple answer is no. Yes, there are too many weapons floating around and there are pockets one must avoid. However, the general sensation is that with a bit of caution there should be no trouble. On the other hand Nepal, Shangrila in the himmalayas, gives one the feeling that anything can happen at any time and at any place. There are circa 5000 "Maoists" (this is 2002 isn't it?) fighting the government and they are heavily armed. Several hundred soldiers, Maoists and civilians were killed while we were in country. Everyone is nervous, the army patrols Kastmandu with their fingers on the trigger. We decided to drive to Pokara, first we encountered an army patrol in full camoflage then 15k's later a bus was stopped in the center of the road. As we drove up several (6-7) young boys no more than 19 years of age appeared in Nike sneakers and North Face backpacks. They were all carrying automatic weapons. We the realized our encounter with The Maoists. They looked as though they still should be breast feeding. Fortunately their high command enforces a "No Foreignors" rule so we were not made part of the battle plan. We encountered so many army roadblocks. One in particular, after duslk in Jiri frightened us, solely because the soldier involved was also frightened and he was armed.

We had to ship the bikes from Katmandu to Bangkok since the Myanmar/Thai border was closed. One morning I left Katmandu by taxi to meet with a shipping agent. As I got out of the taxi I left my small pack in the taxi. I realized this gross act of negligence only after I was in the office and the taxi was long gone. The pack contained most of the remaining money for the trip along with every necessary document, passport etc. The trip was over. I started running, everyone in the office hopped on their respective scooters combing the city for the phantom taxi of which I had no identifying marks or numbers. It appeared to be a futile effort. We searched for an hour and a half and then returned to the office where the taxi driver was quietly waiting for my return. I wanted to kiss him. He told me he was married with three children. I gave him a not inconsequential tip but it could never be enough for his act of pure honesty. He did not even open the pack. You meet all types of people and the good ones make all the difference.

Met great Pastafarians in Katmandu. Three Italians from Rome, one in a Sari, the second in a Lawrence of Arabia costume and the third with everything pierced all jammed into a telephone booth calling home. All we heard was "MAMA MAMA, stiamo bene, stiamo bene!" (MOM, MOM we are fine, we are fine!) I guess I miss Italy..... All the best, George

Thailand ??

Malaysia ???

HongKong ??
17.11.2003 I asked for update: I did not hear from you since years..... Any huge problem not to answer anymore ??
13.07.2004 Iasked for update: I did not hear from both of you "since years"..
28.07.2004 Asked again for update. Still alive and travelling ??
28.07.2004 Asked again for update. Still alive and travelling ??
14.04.2010 Email from George. He and Valeria are living in Hong Kong since 6 years with adopted son Emilio,
15.04.2010 Asked again for update

01.07.2002 - 07.11.2002
Werner Bausenhart (born in Germany, 13. 11. 1937. living in Canada)
+ Around the World.
Werner rode 46,846 km solo RTW in 4 months and 7 days with a BMW F 650.
Route: Nort America (Canada (Ottawa) - by air with bike to Europe (England (London) - France - H
Purpose of travel: infection by travel virus.
Route: Holland - Germany - Denmark - Sweden - Norway (Nordkapp) - Russia (Murmansk, Moscow, Sochi, Moscow, St. Petersburg) - Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Germany - Austria - Italy - Greece - Turkey) - Asia ( Iran - Pakistan - India - Bangladesh - by air with bike to Thailand - Bangkok) - Malaysia - Singapore - Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - by air with bike to Australia ( Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Bamaga (top of Cape York), Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney) - by air with bike to North America (USA (Los Angeles, Phoenix, El Paso, Atlanta, Washington, Watertown) - Canada (Ottawa, home)).
10.03.2003: Book in preparation.
Werner BAUSENHART. Book: "From Nordkap Cape York on a Motorcycle". € 21,90. English. TB + TG.
182 pp. Softcover. 1st edition. 15 B x 23 H. 2003. Illustrations: 32 color, 11 b.and w.; maps.
Anmerkung von B.T.: Diese letzte Reise, eine Weltumrundung, ist "NUR" eine Addition zu den enormen Amerika, Asien und Afrika-Motorrad-Reisen, die Werner in den letzten Jahren vorher gemacht hat. Sehe dazu seine Bücher in meiner website. Jede Reise davon ist eine Leistung und ein Rekord für sich. Ich müßte einmal nachrechnen: Wahrscheinlich hat kein älterer Motorrad-Reisender so viele Reise-Kilometer gefahren. In keinem Fall ein Canadier oder Deutscher. Und in keinem Fall in so kurzer Zeit.
Earlier experiences:
01.07.1997 - 25.02.1998
Bausenhart, Werner Ph.D.  (German living in Canada, born 1937)
"8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle." North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. 47,543 miles (=76.069 kms). Book: € 21,90
The German Werner (60, living in Canada) rode around North and South America after he retired. He wrote a book with a day-to-day account of a trip by BMW R 100 GSPD from Ontario, Canada, to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) to Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina), and back to Canada. It gives an insight into matters specific to motorcycle adventure travel: the documents required, the maintenance of the bike, road and riding conditions as they affect the motorcyclist, border crossings, transporting the bike by air freight, and accommodation and security for bike and rider. An appendix lists exact distances, and the names of secure campgrounds and hotels. The travelogue includes conversations with many of the fellow travellers Bausenhart met along the route. The book also touches on more personal questions. How does the family-oriented traveller obtain a leave of absence from a significant other who hates motorcycles? How does one overcome one's own fear of the unknown? The writer demonstrates that anyone with a strong desire to do so can indulge in motorcycle adventure travel. All that is required is a reliable
motorcycle, a bit of money, and a lot of time. Appendix: Route with kms, camping places and hotels.
Tour North America:  01.07.1997 - 21.08.97 28,864 Miles. Canada - U.S.A (Alaska) - Canada - U.S.A (Oregon - California) - Mexico - U.S.A (Texas - Florida - New York) - Canada.
Tour: South America: 20.10.1997-02.02.1998. 37,038 miles. Canada - U.S.A - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador -
Honduras - Nicaragua- Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Venezuela - Brazil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia.
Tour: Central America and Mexico: 03.02.98 - 25.02.98. 47,543-37,090 =10.453 miles Panama - Costa Rica -
Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - U.S.A - Canada.
English. 240 pp. 23 b +w fotos, 1 map. 47,543miles (= 76.069 km)".
The best: End of the road in Alaska. End of the road on Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Riding in the Andes.
The worst: Rain, rain, rain, thanks to El Niño.
Book in 2000: This private published book is available from Werner or Bernd Tesch: "8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle."
1 July, 1997 - 6 April,1998:
1991 BMW R100 GSPD  Around North and South America in a figure eight. 76,407 km.  Ottawa, Canada - Winnipeg - Dawson Creek - Fairbanks -  Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) - Vancouver - USA -San    Francisco - Mexico City - Panama to Colombia by air with bike -  Venezuela - Brazil - Ushuaia (Argentina; end of the road) - Punta    Arenas
(Chile) - Bolivia - Peru - Colombia by air with bike to  Panama - Belize - Mexico - USA - Key West (Florida) - Ottawa,     Canada.
15.06. - 25.10.1999
Bausenhart, Werner Ph. D. (Canada, German born 1937)
England - Russia - China - England.  The in German born and in Canada living Werner (62) rode solo 31.686 km with BMW R 100 GS PD.
Route: From Canada (Ottawa) to  England (London) by air with bike - France (Paris) - Germany (Berlin) - Poland (Warzaw) - White Russia (Minsk) - Russia (Moscow - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Chita - from Chernishevsk to Skovorodino by train (700 km) - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok - Pogranichny/Suifenhe Russ) - China border - China (the trip in China was by Chinese escort: Harbin - Beijing - Lanzhow - Kashgar - Khunjerab Pass - Pakistan (Rawalpindi - Islamabad - Iran - Turkey - Greece - Italy- Austria - Germany - France - England (London). By air to Canada with bike.
The best: Meeting the Russians. Chinese food. Riding in Baluchistan.
The worst: Broken driveshaft in China. 19-day wait in Islamabad for Iranian visa.
Book: "Into the Den of the Bear and the Lair of the Dragon on a Motorcycle" Appears. 2001.
28.09.2000 B.T.: A huge trip nobody had done before in this way solo or in a group.
16.10.2000 - 22.05.2001
+ Bausenhart, Werner Ph.D. (Canadian, German born 1937)
Around Africa. Werner (63) circled solo nearly Africa in total with BMW F 650. 35.645 km.
Route: From Canada (Ottawa) to England (London) by air - with bike to France - Spain - Morocco - Mauritania - Mali - Burkina Faso - Niger - Nigeria - Cameroon - Gabon - Congo (Brazzaville) - Angola - Namibia - South Africa (Capetown 30.12.2000) - Zimbabwe - Zambia - Malawi - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Kenya - Ethiopia - Sudan - Egypt - Jordan - Israel - Greece (ship) - Italy -
France - England (London) to Canada by air with bike.
France - Spain - Morocco - Mauritania - Nigeria - Gabon - Congo - Angola (12.2000 already) - Namibia - South Africa (Capetown 30.12.2000) - Kenya - Egypt - Lybia - Morocco - Spain - England (London) to Canada by air with bike.
Book: planned.
26.09.2000 B.T. So far nobody has circeld Africa in TOTAL by bike. Werner has circeld North - and South-America already and published a book. See Bausenhart NAmerica.
Book: Africa Against the Clock on a Motorcycle, 2002
28.-30.04.2023: Wernet will be a participant of the 63th. Mc-Meeting for World-Tavellers in Malmedy / Belgium coming all the way from Canada with 87 years: "To see how Bernd Tesch is locking now with 81,8 years! Request for his totel dates of birthday again. And a map,

07.2002 + ca. 5 years
Martin Hable (Austria)  www. ??
- Plan Around-The-World. The monteur Martin plans to circle the world without timelimit.
Planned Route: Austria (Lochen) - Germany - France - Spain - Portugal -Spain - Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - Jordania - along coast Saudi Arabia - Jemen - Oman bis V.A.E.  - by ship to Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Bangladesch - Burma - Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia - Australia - Back via  Neuguinea - Indonesia - Philippines - Taiwan - China - Japan - Hawaii - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Kolumbia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentinia - Uruguay od. Paraguay - Brasilia  - Suriname - Guyana - Venezuela. To islands Dominik. Rep. - Tahiti - Jamaika - Bahamas to USA  - Canada - Island - Scottland - GB - Netherlands - Germany  - Austria.
01.2001 1st contact.
18.01.2001 Martin visited me for recommendation. Austrian ministry "Auswärtiges Amt":
14.03.2003 : Martin: Sorry Bernd, aber mir ist es aus beruflichen Gründen nicht möglich zu kommen. Du glaubst ja nicht wie hart es ist sich 75.000€ zusammenzusparen um meine Reise für 5 Jahre zu finanzieren. Daher muß ich auch auf so einiges was mir lieb ist verzichten.
Sobald es jedoch los geht, meld ich mich bei dir nochmals persönlich.
17.03.2003: Request for update

05.08.2002 - 06. 11.2002
Nick Sanders (British) and other 21 travellers Around-The-World below
+ Around-The-World fifth time.
This time Nick guided a group of 21 who all made it Around-The-World : 31,000 in 92 days

< Foto: Jason Mardell: India at a stoplight. In India all rode Enfields.
B.T.: The only person which Bernd Tesch knows ist the woman with the black spectacle (Plate I NO 7): Elspeth Beard who rode earlier solo around-The-World.

To me the very wellknown Nick passed bye in Zweifall / Germany with his YAMAHA R1 the last day before he finished his 4th Around-The-World-Tour in GB. What for other travellers is the highlight of their life Nick completed this 4th RTW tour like a "normal journey". This RTWorld he had undertaken just to prepare the fifth RTWorld tour with 24 others motorcycle riders.

For Bernd Tesch who is watching all Around-The-World- Tours by motorcycle it is always interesting to compare the "plan of the tour" and "the real tour". Below you find at first the plan. and afzer what came out.
When Nick told me here that the travellers have so many miles (600-800) to ride per day it came out that the journey is a mixture about travelling (where you want to see something and need time) and sport (where you like to motorcyle). I doubted that ALL of the starters would make it under those conditions. What could happen on a trip with 21 persons x 31.0000 miles => 651.0000 miles = 1.041.600 km ?? Nick guided them RTW: My congratulation !
The Plan: 06.01.2002 - 31.03.2002
WHAT'S THE OBJECTIVE? Riders, positioned in teams of three, will compete in a total of 9 staged legs and within 75 to 80 days, encircle the globe. The route, ratified by UK motoring organisations and The Guinness Book of Records as being a true overland circumnavigation of the world will involve five continents, seven deserts, four mountain chains and 27 countries, the total journey will cover more than 18 000 miles. Selected teams of three riders will line up at each daily stage start location. Flagged away by ride officials at short timed intervals, each team will ride via pre-determined checkpoints and then proceed to a daily end destination. Photographs taken at each check point site will be presented as proof to the judges and daily points accumulated will give an eventual around the world winning team.
Route: Stage 1: Riders will leave London and fly to New York for the start of the 18,000 mile long Motorcycle World Challenge. 8 teams of 3 riders will cross Canada in stage 1 along the Yellowhead Highway and include one 1000 mile time trial before easing off in the Banff and Jasper National Park in Alberta and British Columbia. After this, they journey into Yukon Territory where the Top of the World Highway will lead us through Fairbanks into Alaska. Continuing west along the Glenn Highway the Challenge will at Anchorage make its first pit stop and tyre change.
Stage 2: Re-routing east on the Glenn to Tok the teams turn south to ride nearly the full length of the Alaskan Highway. Descending through British Columbia to Vancouver and Seattle, there will be an overnight service stop in Olympia prior to stage 3.
Stage 3: The Challenge travels south along Highway 101 set against the Pacific Ocean before turning inland into Oregon, NE California and across the deserts of Nevada and Death Valley. After a deserved night off in Las Vegas the journey continues on through the Grand Canyon National Park, Marble Canyon, the Canyons of the ancients and onto Durango along one of the finest road journeys in America, to end up in UFO country and Roswell before the third overnight service stop in El Paso.
Stage 4: The route through Mexico will head towards Copper Canyon and cross the Sierra Madre Occidental before boarding the car ferry for the southern tip of Baja California. For the next three days the Challenge proceeds north through magnificent desert landscapes before reaching San Diego and a rest stop in Los Angeles. Bikes will be air freighted to Sydney where the fiths stage begins.
Stage 5: This leg around Australia will include two 1000 mile timed trials across central Australia and the west coast towards Perth. Teams have a choice of gaining points by riding to Perth via Broome or taking a more leisurely route across the Nullarbor. Irrespective of other accolades, this continent is an awesome motoring experience.
Stage 6: Stage 6 takes the riders to South East Asia. After air freighting the bikes from Perth to Singapore the teams will head north through Malaysia and Thailand to Bangkok. Riders can sightsee in Bangkok and Chang Mai or again, teams can decide to ride east to Cambodia via the 9th century Buddhist temple Angkor Wat. The route will only provisionally head to Vietnam before returning across eastern Thailand.
Stage 7: After reaching Bangkok, riders will head 1500 miles south to Singapore where the bikes will be freighted to Madras as riders rest in Malaysia.
Stage 8: The next leg of the Challenge will take riders to Delhi. Teams can choose to fly on to Istanbul or head west to the Rajasthan Desert before entering Pakistan at Lahore to cross the Indus Valley and ride overland through Iran and Turkey, to finish in Istanbul over 6000 miles later.
Stage 9: Istanbul to London across Europe. The final 1800 mile run in. The winning team will be presented with the Challenge Bowl as all competitors each receive a bronze sculptured winners medal having motorcycled around the world
CONTACT DETAILS: Address. NIck Sanders. P.O. Box 27. MACHYNLLETH. POWYS, WALES, UK SY20 8WT. Email:

The REAL Tour: 05.08.2002 - 06. 11.2002
24 wanted to circle the world but 21 started AND made it !
Nick is a high experienced Around-the-World motorcycle traveller. This time he guided a group of 21 motorcycle travellers Around-The-World. They were accompanied by a service-car which was driven by British Elspeth Beard who rode already solo Around-The-World by bike (search on this site).
Jason Mardell kindly wrote the first and most complete summary out the tour. Information by the others will be added with their names.

All the participants were:
Richard Andrew (British, BMW R1150GS)
Elspeth Beard (British, on this RTW-tour she drove the service-car and in India an Enfield Bullet)
John Baggaley (British R1100GS)
Gary Clacket (British, Honda Shadow)
Ian Clarke (British, VFR800)
Leigh Dowell (British, Moto Guzz V11 sport)
Jane Holmyard (British, woman BMW R1150RS)
23.03.2010 Jane has her own business with her Partner Graham Saunders

Rob Hughes (British, born 09.03.55, Yamaha Thundercat)
Rob drove solo on a Yamaha YZF600R as part of the Nick Sanders motorcycle world challenge.
Rob's purpose of travel: Fun, and to see all that I could.
Rob´s The best: Too many to mention or too many to remember, but to sum it up. Eye poppin, Jaw droppin sights n sounds of the Americas and Austraila to the emotional culture shock of S.E. Asia and the sad ride home from Europe.
Rob´s worst: Wish I had the cash for more.
Earlier experiences: Brief forays into Europe (bro lives in Belgium) lots of UK riding. Was a motorcycle instructor for 5 years. Do 20,000-30,000 miles a year.
18.02.2003 1st contact and request for update.
11th-13th.04.2003: Rob takes part in the 25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers.

Calire Janssenswillen (British, woman BMW K100RT)
Frank Lloyd (Welsh, BMW R1150GS)

Jason Mardell (British, born 09.03.1964, software engineer)
Jason drove solo 31,000 in 92 days on a BMW R1100S as part of the Nick Sanders motorcycle world challenge.
Jason´s pourpose of travel: Fun, fun fun and more fun
Jason´s The best: SOOOOO many. Traveling the length of the alaskan highway. Top of the world highway. Through the mountains of Alaska. Seeing bears in British columbia. Giant redwood forests. Driving on the Bonneville salt flats. The huge plains of Nevada, the awesome 'Ruta Espinoza el Diablo' in Mexico, the 50 degree heat of the Majabe desert, the speed limitless roads of australia together with the amazing wildlife, and the great coastal highway. The rains of the tropics. Seeing a headless body in the Meking river, the flooded villages, the storms and winds and mountains. The mountain motorways of Malaysia and madness of the drivers. The absolute chaos of traffic in India, the surprizing fantastic mountain roads in Greece. The beauty of Italy and the autostrada in the clouds. The pyranese racetracks and the Sierra Nevada views. The absolutley unbeatable Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. The endless 6,7 and 800 mile 16, 17 or 18 hour days. The fun, the laughter and the million other little things.
Jason´s The Worst: Not much really. Getting food poisioning in Mexico, the incredible debilitating 50 degree heat of the Majbe desert, driving through the concrete nightmare of Los Angeles, hitting a pack of dogs and then hitting the road in India. The only really bad experience of the whole trip was finishing it!!
Jason´s Earlier experiences: Not many. I've only been riding 2 1/2 years but regulary do 15,000 miles a year commuting. I've competed in the 24hr Welsh rally in 2002 and will again this year. I've really started my motorcycle touring with the ultimate trip.
18.02.2003 1st contact and request for update.
11th-13th.04.2003: Jason takes part in the 25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers .

Matt Mason (British Triumph Speed Triple)

Kennet T.M. McLennan
(Scottish, born ?? BMW R1150GS Adventure, plumber + enigineer)
Kenny drove solo 31,000 in 92 days on a BMW R1150GS Adventure as part of the Nick Sanders motorcycle world challenge.
25.02.2003 1st contact and request for update
111th-13th.04.2003: Kenny takes part in the 25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers with his wife Alice and daughter Harly-Jane (10) coming in a sidecar BMW R 100 R.

John Phillipson (British, Honda NTV 650)

05.08.2002 - 06.11.2002
Nina Plumbe (British, woman, born 13.08.1951 BMW R850R)
The Best : Trying to get to Angkor Wat in Cambodia when we were defeated by flood water. The Cambodians were wonderful and it is 24 hrs I will not forget. The very best bit was our two bikes being towed by a 'toot toot (tut tut ?)' in line in Aranyapathet in Thailand.
The worst : The worst day during my round the world challenge with Nick Sanders was in India on the main road to Puna from the south. The traffic was very heavy and the concentration was very high as we tried to go as fast as possible to get to our destination. Hazards included every kind of vehicular traffic as well as many kind of animals. It was mentally exhausting and we were very hot and very dirty.
Earlier Experiences : I have been riding since I was 16...that was a long time ago. I began on a scootor, a Lambretta model F; I still have this scootor ! That was in 1966. I have now been riding motorbikes for 36 years . I ride all year round ! Before doing the world trip I had only taken trips in Europe . During the world trip I rode 32,000 miles (51,000k) in 95 days on my R850R BMW. I travelled through USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, England. During this trip I rode 810 miles (1300k) on one day. We averaged 340 miles (540km) over the whole of the trip.
07.03.2003 1st contact
11th-13th.04.2003: Nina takes part in the 25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers in Malmedy / Belgium.
13th.02.2007 Nina infomrs B.T.: Dear Bernd, Just to let you know that I have just ridden down Africa on my own bike R1200GS. I am 56 years old now. Having gone round the world with Nick Sanders in 2002, I have now been round the Mediteranean sea, the Black sea , the Baltic sea and now down Africa. Good for an old lady, heh ?
16th.02.2007 B.T. asked Nina for update
16th.02.2007   An update of motorcycle trips.
Sept 04 A month round Morocco on R850R BMW.
May 05   A trip round the Baltic, including Russia , North Cape . It took about 5 Weeks. On R850R BMW
Sept 05 A trip round the Meditterranean Sea . It took about 5 weeks. On R850R BMW
May 06 A trip round the Black Sea . It took about 5 weeks !  On R1200GS BMW
Oct 06 Set off to do Norfolk , UK to Cape Town ,SA. took easterly route and arrived after 17 weeks and 12700 miles. On R1200GS BMW
PURPOSE...always to enjoy the people and countries and motorcycling.
WORST: Dropping bike in water, seeing child hit in accident.Egyptian border formalities.
21th.02.2007 Asked NIna vor an extra overview of her Trans-African-Tour.
2018: I went with Clive to Brazil. 3 months going round Brazil on Honda 300cc's. We bought the bikes after arriving and sold them at the end. It was tricky buying ( you have to have a very special Brazilian card… the Receita Federal….which is valid for life) but we managed. Off we went in a circle round Brazil. We did the infamous B319 through the jungle to Manaus. It was November, it did rain a bit but the little bikes were great and we did the 400kms of dirt road with just one night at the ferry crossing. Then bikes on boat down the Amazon for 4 days to Belem. We had no problems but did hear gunfire one breakfast.! It is all in the blog..
This last autumn we went round the world to Australia and back. Scootored round Guadeloupe, BMW motorbikes for a week near LA, scootored round the Cook islands, rode 2 bikes ( Triumph Bonneville and Honda silver shadow) round North island, New Zealand and then finally 3 weeks in Australia with a Honda 250 near Perth at my daughter.!

The plan now is Myanmar and Vietnam….We are both well and between us have 132 years! I now have a Honda CB1100 retro bike. Looks like my old BMW Classic 850.  We are still running the orchard….one day we need to retire!! So come and see us in the summer..always here.

Adrian Rountree (British Suzuki Hayabusa)
Graham Saunders (British, Honda Blackbird)
Clive Sheward (British BMW R1150GS Adventure)
Bill Smith (Scottish BMW R1150RS)

Marco Valente (Scotland, born 02.05.1976, BMW R1150GS Adventure)
I started riding motorcycles in the winter of 1997, but just recently I have started to make trips outside the UK. My latest and biggest trip was with the "Nick Sanders motorcycle world challenge" and enjoyed every second of it. I rode 31,000 miles in 92 days. And to my surprise I had no breakdowns with my bike which is a BMW 1150 GS ADVENTURE apart from having to change an indicator light bulb which had worked lose due to the off road riding to get to an ice glacier. Although the trip was long and hard some days it was made easier and more fun with the other riders. On some parts of the trip (Canada/Alaska) we were riding in freezing conditions but in other parts of the world we were over come with the heat (Majabe desert) where I was close to passing out due to heat exhaustion. Most days we rode between 500 miles and 700 miles but the furthest I rode in one day was from Port Headland to Perth (Australia) which was 1,116 miles which took us 18 1/2 hours. No matter where we were the locals made us welcome. But watch out for there driving especially in India, Malaysia and Thailand there crazy. Not only are you looking out for the locals but livestock as well which was needing a lot of onsecration. There is no favourite place that I liked because they all had there very different qualities. My worst moment on the trip was getting sea sick on the ferry crossing from Spain to Morocco (thanks again Richard). My best moment of the trip was crossing and getting stuck a river in Morocco and getting the perfect picture (thanks to Elspeth).
28.03.2003 1st contact and request for update.
11th-13th.04.2003: Marco takes part in the 25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers.

Tim White (British Honda Pan European)
Graeme Willet (British BMW R1150GS)

Route: New York to Ankorage Alaska, down west coast then Texas and Mexico before coming back up to LA : 14.000 miles in 1st month. USA (LA) to Australia (Sydney) by air -> Sydney -> Melbourne -> Adelaide -> Katherine -> then over the top and round the west coast Port Hedland then to Perth doing 1100 miles in a day -> Australia (Perth) to Singapore by air -> from Singapore through Malaysia and Thailand to Meykong river -> then back down to Thailand (Bangkok) and back through Malaysia to Singapore. Singapore to India (Madras) to pick up Enfields -> Madras to Mangalore, Bangalore, Puna up through Agra to Delhi app. 2000 miles -> Delhi to Istanbul by air -> Istanbul through Greece then ferry to Italy -> Italy -> France -> Spain -> Morrocco -> then back through Spain -> Andora -> France -> Italy -> France -> Spain -> to UK

Find out more about the man who's been round the world more times than your average satellite and probably faster. Once on a bicycle in 79 days and round again on a motorcycle in 31 days; breaking the World Record on both occassions.

Nick Sanders had done so many extra ordinary travels / races / tours of which most of us are just dreaming off. To pay those adventures sometimes needs just to be satisfied with water and a piece of bread. But always when I met Nick he was happy: THIS COUNTS ! You can easily take a bit part in his adventures by buying his videos via

The view of his Videos for sale: Road Head. The Emerald Way 4 go to Europe. Edge of the Sahara. American Dream. Journey to the top of the World. Fastest Man around the World. Black Sea Odyssey. The Longest Narrow Boat Journey. Kaleidoscope Coast. The Nick Sanders Motorcycle World Challenge.If you would like to order a video please send a cheque with your details to the address below.
Road Head is £9.99, all other videos are £14.99. Plus £1.50 P&P in England.

The details of his Videos for sale:
Motorcycle-Travel-Video: Road Head... English Pounds £9.99 + postage
the art of riding round the world in 16 minutes and 30 seconds. Eye candy for the true motorcylcle artisan. Road Head takes a trip beyond the asphalt into the realm of biker dreams. A montage of the biker mind on circling a planet called Earth. To find out how Roadhead was made and preview video clips.

Motorcycle-Travel-Video: The Emerald Way  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
Eleven days in Ireland and it rained almost without ceasing. This gave vent to a moody sky which was somehow a necessary condition for historical atmosphere. Biking back to distant roots, I was discovering an Irishness in me which had long lay hidden. Maybe there's a bit of the blarney in all of us. It was becoming clear that the fairies had led me to people and places which were more a measure of my own character than anything I could say about it myself.

Motorcycle-Travel-Video: 4 go to Europe  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
This exquisite little film records Nick Sanders’ round trip journey from Wales to southern Spain. Travelling with wife Hennie and their two boys, Willow and Juno, they opted to use motorbike and side car. Packed with a tent, tools and an assortment of teddies they set off, like characters from a story book, to make up their own adventure. The film is a simple tableau of things they saw and places they passed. A small but deceptively hard jewel of an adventure. A beautiful biker movie of the first order.

Motorcycle-Travel-Video: Journey to the Edge of the Sahara  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
14 riders journeyed along some of the most beautiful roads in France and Spain before reaching the magnificent country of Morocco. Venturing into Africa, the expedition stepped far back into history. It continued on to the Tiz n'Ticha Mountain Pass, routed between Marrakesh and Ait Ben Haddou. This is one of the most stunning sections of road in Morocco, and perhaps one of the most dramatic in the world. This is a journey which contains the deeper kind of resonance that only real adventure brings.

Motorcycle-Travel-Video: American Dream Road-warriors......  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
>ou are never happy unless you're on the road. I know that. Cars and trucks and people on the pavement come into view within a landscape that flashes past. But locked in your helmet, it's all very fleeting. Hypnotised along that thin grey line which never seems to end........ You are seduced. "Come with me ," the road seems to say, "let me show you places you’ve never seen."

Motorcycle-Travel-Video: Journey to the Top of the World  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
This film is a story about achievement, speed, endurance and beautiful landscapes - and the simple love of motorcycling. It's about 20 motorcyclists who wanted a break from their normal way of life. Over 27 days, 15 men and 5 women, together with team leader Nick Sanders, rode for nearly 12,000 miles through blistering heat, torrential rain and an unparalleled variety of bad road conditions. They went from New York to Death Valley, on to Alaska and back. And this is their story.

Motorcycle-Race and Travel-Video: Fastest Man around the World  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
Riding a 900cc Triumph Daytona, Nick rode 19,930 miles in a Guinness recorded time of 31 days 20 hours, also beating the previous car-driving record by 2 days! This digital broadcast quality video follows Nick on his mission, through 21 countries, 4 deserts and 4 continents in one serious month! This is a race against the clock. And it's never been done on a motorbike before...........

Boat journey: Black Sea Odyssey  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
Nick and friends took a narrowboat from London to the Black Sea. This film is the tale of their return journey, ending in a crossing of the English Channel at night! The film covers the concluding part of what had already become an epic adventure - will it ever be repeated? The Longest Narrow

Boat Journey in the World  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
In June 1994, Nick Sanders and his two-man crew started out on a wee adventure. They left the Black Country, home of the Industrial Revolution, canals and Banks's Beer, and set off for the Black Sea, 4000 miles away, on two narrowboats. And they got there!
This film is the story of their adventure, involving open seas, the swirling currents of the Rhine and Danube, of sinkings and salvagings, of getting their barges through the war-zone of Serbia and finally reaching the port of Agigea at the end of the Black Sea Canal.

Motorcycle-Travel-Video: Kaleidoscope Coast  English Pounds £14.99 + postage
The circumnavigation of the entire British coastline - the film of a journey through a kaleidoscope of human and landscape diversity. From the elephant on skis at John O'Groats to the isolation of the Highlands and the magnificent Pass of the Cattle, to the mad roller-coaster ride through Blackpool, this is a wonderful sequence of images and music, central to which is of course the bike riding to whisk you along!

06.04.2002 - 03.2004
Vincent Danna (France, born 23.03.1972)
- Plan Around-The-World. The French man Vincent plans to ride solo Around-The-World with a BMW 100GS Paris Dakar.
Route: Europe - Russia - Mongolia - Kazakhstan - Kirghistan - Ouzbekistan - Turkmenistan - Iran (12.2002) - Plans : Pakistan, maybe afghanistan and tajikistan (according to the dangers and weathers) then india, se asia, australia, nz, south and central america, africa, back to france.
Purpose of travel: None, fun
The best so far: Russia, Mongolia, in Central Asia especially Kirghistan.
The Worst so far: I got stuck because of the bike, especially in Teheran. Iran.
Earlier experiences: None with bike, backpacking yes in SE Asia
08.07.2002 1st contact
18.02.2003 Vincent is in Pakistan. Will not be able to come to the 25th. Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers 11th.-13th.04.2003. Vincent has the possibility to travel to Afghanistan. Bernd Tesch connected him with Ted Simon.
02.03.2004 Vincent in India on his way to Nepal. Now ridig with a Swiss tephane, a swiss guy, on a very nice bmw hpn
02.03.2004 Asked for update

02.05.2002 - 20.09.2003 and 29.02.2004 - 31.07.2004
YOU can take part in this personal organised tour:
Around-The-World in total or in special parts for YOUHH:
Kurt Weidner (German, based in Australia) fuer BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA. http://
- Plan Around-The-World. 71.600 Km auf BMW R 1150 GS und Yamaha XT 600.
Route: Europe (Germany), North-America (Canada, Alaska, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) - South America (Venezuela, Brasil, Argentina, Chile), Australia (New Zealand, Australia) - Asia (Hong Kong, Peking, Mongolia, Russia) - Germany.
Purpose of travel: I have founded "BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA" almost 20 years ago. Back then, it was one of the very first motorcycle touring companies. For our 20th, anniversary, we organise a motorcycle tour "Round The Globe", the: "BIKE TOURS ALLROUND". Since many of us motorcycle enthusiasts would love to do a trip around the world on a bike, most can't afford the 16 months to do it. So the BIKE TOURS ALLROUND gives you the chance to be part of this great adventure, because you can only book the sections in your favourite country, you would like to travel in. The world tour consists of 14 sections, which can be booked individually. So you might not be a "Round the world traveller" but you can be definately part of a great WORLD TOUR. Information: e-mails: or End of October 01, the tour will be advertised on our website:
General: The whole trip will be "life" on the net, and there will be a great video production about the project.
B.T.: Bernd Tesch knows Kurt Weidner and his firm BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA in Australia personally. Kurt gave a wonderful party and offered us two YAMAHA XT 600 E in good condition for our tour three months tour in Australia 1999 / 2000. You can rent your bike there as well or take part in his well organised tours in Australia or the USA with him or Hardy.
This is the FIRST organised tour Around-The-World in which you can take part in the sections you like or in total or 3- or 4-weeks sections.

Here you find all informations and can book yourself:
02. June - 22. June 2002 Tour sections: BTA 1: Canada : Montreal - Vancouver.
30. June - 20. July 2002, BTA 2, Canada / Alaska,Vancouver- Fairbanks
28. July - 17. Aug 2002, BTA 3, Alaska / Canada, Fairbanks- Vancouver
25. Aug.- 14. Sept. 2002, BTA 4, Canada / USA, Vancouver- San Francisco
22. Sept.- 12. Oct. 2002, BTA 5, USA / Mexico, San Francisco- Mexico City
20. Oct. - 9. Nov. 2002, BTA 6, MEXICO/ GUATEMALA/ HONDURAS/ NICARAGUA/ COSTA RICA/ PANAMA. Mexico City - Panama
01. Dec. - 28. Dec.2002, BTA 7, Venezuela / Brazil, Caracas - Rio de Janeiro
05. Jan.- 25. Jan. 2003, BTA 8, Brazil / Paraguay / Argentina, Rio de Janeiro - Buenos Aires
02. Feb.- 22. Feb. 2003, BTA 9, Argentina / Chile, Buenos Aires - Terra del Fuego
30.Mar. - 19.Apr. 2003BTA 10, New Zealand, Christchurch - Auckland
11.May - 31. May 2003, BTA 11, Australia, Melbourne - Darwin
22.Jun. - 12. Jul. 2003, BTA 12, China, Hong Kong - Beijing
20. Jul. - 23. Aug. 2003, BTA 13, China /Mongolia / Russia, Beijing - Moscow
31.Aug- 20. Sept. 2003, BTA 14, Russia / Baltic States / Germany, Moscow - Germany

The first tours have benn completed as planned. Because of illness SARS in China the organiser Kurt will continue the last four trips in 2004:
29.02. - 20.03.2004 Australia (Darwin > Melbourne)
02.05. - 22.05.2004 China: Hongkong > Peking
30.05. - 03.07.2004 China > Mongolei > Russland (Moskau)
11.07. - 31.07.2004 Russland (Moskau) > Deutschland (Sauerland)
07th.10.2004 Next request for update.
05.04.2016 Kurt Weidner erneut um Übersicht zu seine Australien- Reisen gebeten.
06.04.2016 aus der website

Bike Tours Australia
1984 - 2007
Eigentlich haben wir Bike Tours Australia 1982 gegründet, aber es dauerte 2 Jahre bis wir 1984 die erste Tour in Australien gefahren haben. Aus den kleinen Anfängen im ersten Jahr wuchs schliesslich ein stattliches Motorradreiseunternehmen, das Touren aller Schwierigkeitsgrade im gesamten Kontinent Australien angeboten hat. Wir haben dann das Tourprogramm nach Kanada, USA und Brasilien ausgeweitet. Als unsere Reiselust damit immer noch nicht gestillt war, haben wir von 2002 bis 2004 eine Welttour organisiert. Unseres Wissens nach die erste organisierte Motorradgruppenreise die jemals rund um den Globus angeboten wurde. Ja wir sind schon etwas stolz auf Bike Tours Australia. 2007 haben wir die Firma verkauft.

03.05.2002 - 01.05.2003
Carol Palladino (Canadian, born 17/08/1952) and Peter Cameron (Canadian, born 25/10/1959)
+ Around-The-World. Carol and Peter rode around the world 55,000 kms in 12 months with the motorcycle 1984 BMW R80 RT.
Route: Europe 25.000 kms (GB, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey). Flew ourselves and bike from Istanbul (Turkey) to Bangkok (Thailand)11/02/2002. S.E. Asia 14.000 kms (Thailand, Laos, Malaysia). Shipped bike from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to Australia (Perth). We flew K.L. to Perth 22/01/2003. Around southern/eastern coast of Australia 12.000 kms to Townsville. Townsville back down to Brisbane. Flew bike and ouselves Australia, (Brisbane ) to New Zealand (Auckland) 20/02/2003. Around New Zealand 4,000 kms. Flew bike and ourselves, Auckland (New Zealand) to Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) 19/04/2003. Rode Vancouver to Revelstoke B.C. (Home).
Purpose of travel: Fun. Holidays.Adventure worldwide.
The best: Meeting new friends everywhere.
The worst: Riding in the worlds major cities, London, Paris, Rome, Bangkok....
Book or publication :
Useful information and TIPS for others: Horizons Unlimited website.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:...Around North America.
15.01.2003 1st information by David Böll.
30.10.2003 1st update
02.11.2003 1st request for overview Around North America.

11.05.2002 + 21 days
Julia (British, born-name ??, born ??.??.19??) and KevinSanders (England)
+ Around-The-World - in 18,661 miles (29.858kms) and in 21 DAYS, R 1150GS.
Earlier experiences: "Remember us - Kevin and Julia Sanders (now married!) - a couple of years ago, we sent you tales from the road when we travelled two-up on a 1989 BMW R80GS around Central and South America for 7 months.
Purpose: We are leaving on 11 May and are aiming to break the World record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle. Riding a modified BMW R1150GS, we will be trying to take 10 days off the current record. (Nick Sanders, 31 days.) This time, we have a dedicated website to our ride, so rather than tell you all about it, go to and find out all about what we are up to. The site has diary updates about our long preparations and just before we leave it will be linked through to our satellite tracker fitted on the bike and you will be able to track our progress on-line. Hope you find it interesting !
I am sure the gut reaction from most long distance motorbike travellers is to say - 'what is the point? you don't get to see / do anything relating to the countries you are in'. I suppose for this ride, the point isn't travelling in it's purest sense. It is an endurance ride, clocking up hard miles over long hours, and we wanted to see how we can work as rider and pillion in these circumstances.
...After this, then we will plan something more relaxed over a couple of years. Every time we get the e-zine we feel sick with envy at all the photos and the memories of the good old days. Perhaps you should do a 'where are they now / what are they doing now?'
Route: Country by country ???
The best of the tour: ???
The worst: ???
Earlier and later infos: ??
01.04.2002 1st information by
01.04.2002 1st request for update!
14.03.2003 Kevin and Julia: Hi Bernd, we will not be coming this year. Too many other things to plan and not enough time!
We are the Guinness World Record Holders for the Fastest Motorbike Ride Around the World (June 2002). We are the pillion ride that broke Nick Sanders record last year - no relative, just coincidence that we have the same name!
06.08.2013 2nd request for three best fotos including portrais at that time (or today)

18.08.2003 - ??.??.20?? , Kevin & Julia Sanders(UK) plan Trans Americas Guinness World Record
Purpose: The aim is to smash the existing record by more than ten days. Log on and see if we make it !.
If it were just a case of riding the bike, it would not be as tough (really!). What makes the ride more difficult is documenting it all in accordance with the stringent regulations that Guinness set down. The paperwork is key. If you cannot prove what you have done to Guinness, then there is no record. If you mislay your documents half way through the record, then give up, because you don't have the proof.Here is summary of the Guinness rules for these rides:
Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle
Minimum 18,000 riding miles.
Minimum 24,900 miles in total.
Travel in the same direction (you cannot go back on yourself).
Cross two anti-podal points (opposite points on the globe).
Time flying between land points is not counted.
For the records:
Route must be checked by Guinness prior to setting off.
Same rider, same bike throughout.
No traffic offences.
Maintain detailed log book – every time you stop, record location, date, time, mileage and when you start, record the date and time of starting.
Photographic and video evidence of journey.
Two witnesses each day to sign the log book.
Two independent witnesses of local standing to verify the whole evidence of the journey prior to submission to Guinness.
Route: Country by country ???
The best: ???
The worst: ???
Earlier and later infos: ??
14.08.2003 1st information
14.08.2003 1st request for update.
06.08.2013 2nd request for three best fotos including portrais at that time (or today)


Clancy, Michael (1959-).  Once around on a bicycle.  Haverford, PA: Infinity Publishing, 2003.
            Written in journal style, this is his account of a fourteen thousand mile, fifteen month
Journey, May 2001 through July, 2002, around the world, beginning in Lisbon, Portugal
and ending in Philadelphia.  Clancy never was out of touch, remaining connected via the
internet and cell phone.

2003 ca.
Raphael Karran (Brasilian)
- Around-The-World ?.
Raphael, who is reporting for a Brazilian motorcycle magazine called "Motociclismo Magazine", has already traveled 90,000 km through South and North America, Europe, Asia and part of Australia. He will return to Perth in December to continue his mission to Sydney, then finally to Africa.
11.2003 1st information by Dagmar and Udo Fischer. They heard that there was an article about him in Australia / Broome.
09.12.2003 Dagmar told me that there is an article about him in a New Zealand Magazine. You can see this in internet. Promised me more infos:
09.12.2003 1st request to the editor and Selwyn Manning deputy editor
09.12.2003 Who knows more about him and his email-address?
21.02.2008 2nd request to the editor
Raphael Karran
Monday, 10 November 2003 , 4:20 pm :
Press Release: Waikato University: Round-the-world motorcyclist stops in Hamilton


Brazilian round-the-world motorcyclist Raphael Karran is taking time out in New Zealand to improve his English language skills for two months in Hamilton .

At an education fair in Brazil , Raphael heard about the courses run by the Language Institute at Waikato University and applied for a scholarship to coincide with his time in Australasia . The Institute granted him one and is planning to use Raphael's story to help with promotion in Brazil .

Raphael, who is reporting for a Brazilian motorcycle magazine called Motociclismo Magazine, has already traveled 90,000 km through South and North America, Europe, Asia and part of Australia . He will return to Perth in December to continue his mission to Sydney , then finally to Africa .

He hasn't been able to bring his bike with him to New Zealand because his visit here is only eight weeks and he would have had to disassemble his bike, have it quarantined, obtain registration and warrant certificates etc. This would have left him very little time to utilise it. His main purpose for visiting New Zealand is to improve his English and experience a bit of Kiwi culture.

Raphael dreamed of making the round-the-world trip since he was very young, and finally decided to do it trip while sitting in a traffic jam in Sao Paulo .


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2003 + some years
Sabine Jeske (born 02.09.1966) and Henrik Scheunemann (27.07.1963, both Germans)
- Plan Around-The-World. Secretary Sabine and Ranger Henrik (Yamha XT 600 K) want to travel with two bikes for some years RTW.
Earlier Experiences: Henrik rode 21.04.1996 - 15.03.1997 with a Harley Davidson 45.000 km in USA and Sabine with a Kawasaki 440 TD 30.000 kms.
25.09.01 1st contact
29.11.02 Both have been with Tesch for recommendation
12.11.2001 2nd request for their block.

03.2003 - ??
Karsten Schindler and Thomas Kleinhaus (Germans)
- Plan Around-The-World.
09.04.2001 1st contact. Want to visit 24th Mc-Meeting for WORLD-Travellers 12.-14.04.02
09.04.2002 1s request for update.

Foto Franz Stelzl (C). 2003 in USA. Navajo Indianer Reservat. Layout B.T.

20.05.2003 - plus 90 days - 21.08.2003
Franz Stelzl (Austrian, born 26.02.1962, married since 21 years with the same wife Monica, daughter Nina (born 1982) and son Roman (born in 1986).
+ Around-The-World. From home to home, always from west to east. Franz circled solo the world with a BMW R 80 G/S (1987): 5.000 km in Europe, 5.510 km in Asia, 1.050 km in Japan, 6.010 km in America by motorcycle.
Some parts of my trip I made by public transport: 2.300 km with transsiberia-railway (from middle-Siberia to east-Siberia), 750 km with a ship crossing the the Japanese ocean (from east Siberia to Japan) 16.500 with airplanes across the Pacific and the Atlantic (Japan-America and America-Europe) and 400 km with ICE-railway (airport until home). Additionally all over 37.520 km.
After many adventures and challengeses and daily problems I am healthy at home with my family. The best moment is when you return home.
Purpose of travel: "That one who trust in his dreams and search for his life, which means something to him, will be successful, what he would never believe in". Henry David Thoreau.
Route: Europe (Austria (Bregenz-) - Germany /Munnich-) Austria (Vienna-) - Slovakia (Bratislava-Zilina-) - Poland (Krakau-Warschau-) - in the European part of Belarus / Russia Franz rode 5000 km: Belarus (Brest - Minsk - Orsha-) - Russia (Smolensk - Moscow - Kasan - Perm - Jekaterinburg-) - Asia (in the Russian part of Asia 4.720 km by bike :Jekaterinburg - Omsk - Novosibirsk - Krasnojarsk - Irkutsk - Chita. In Chita is the end of the main road and the very most cars, trucks and motorcycles take the transiberia-railway through the mud. So Franz took the train from Chita to Chabarovsk. By bike to Vladivostok (790 km) - by ship to Japan (Toyama - by bike to Tokyo - Yokohama). Franz flew to America (Los Angeles) while the bike was shipped. After three weeks the bike arrived from Japan in LA. By bike 6.010 km in America (USA (California (Los Angeles) - Arizona (Grand Canyon) - Wyoming (Yellowstone N.P.) - Illinois (Chicago) - New York (USA). Franz flew back to Great Britain while his bike was shipped over the Atlantic. Because Franz would have to wait another three weks in England for the bike he took the train back home to Austria 1.000 km. How the bike did come from Germany - Austria? With to load in a commercial vehicle. In this time, my bike was not fit to drive across Germany on the road.
Across the Pacific, Franz took the airplane. Instead his motorbike was shipped over the ocean.
Costs for the shipping of the bike by shipping line USD 90,- ( EUR 82,00) from Russia (Vladivostok) to Japan (Fusiki). Costs for the person with all inclusive on the ship USD 210,00 (EUR 191,00).
Japan (Yokohama) to USA (L.A.) for one person by air:
Costs for the flight for the person by airline Singapore from Japan (Yokohama) to USA (L.A.) YEN 71.900,00 (EUR 620,00).
Japan (Yokohama) to USA (L.A.) for one bike by ship:
Costs for the shipping for the bike by shipping line USD 1.100,- USD (EUR 990,00) with Nippon Express CO., LTD Yokohama International Transport Branch, Yokohama BLGD., 3-9, Kaigan-Dori, Naka-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0002, Chapin (Phone 0081 045-212-7357)  from Yokohama - LA to Nippon
Express USA, Inc. Los Angeles Ocean Cargo 20444 South Reeves Ave. Carson, California 90810, USA (Phone 001 310 637-6220). Time: about 3 weeks.
USA (NY) to Germany (Frankfurt Airport) for one person by air:
Costs for the flight for the person by airline Singapore USD 507,00 from John F. Kennedy Airport NY – Frankfurt Airport Germany  
to Germany (Frankfurt Airport) for one bike by ship:
Costs for the shipping for the bike by Shipping line USD 1.007 / EUR 916,00 with UTI Union-Transport USA, Inc. 228 North Jersey 07201, USA (Phone 001 908 820-9700) from NY -  Bremerhaven Germany UTI Deutschland GmbH, Hamburger Street 181, 22083 Hamburg, Germany (Phone 0049 040 368001-0)
The best: Luck is known in the conduct, not only in owning.
My best experience: Call the destination-company on arrival, for example the sister transport-company, not the shipping-company on leaving the county. This solution is mach better for your travel budget and for your travel time.
The worst: Every adverse of Destiny own the sprout of a bigger advantage.
Book or Publication: Yeah, what the human ghost can believe, that he can accomplish. For the ghost there are no frontiers, out of someone, which we accept for yourself.
Useful informations and tips for others: Even the best tool of the tool is useless, when nobody can use it.
Earlier Experiences of big motorcycle-tours: Most of the people want something unusual, but only a someone own the right plan and the burning yearning, which will open the door for a better life.
Anbei ein gewünschtes Foto wie ich nach der Tagestour und der Körperpflege aussehen werde. Körperpflege unterwegs dient zur Aufrechterhaltung und Stärkung der Selbstdisziplin. Ein weißes Hemd mit Krawatte ist immer in der Tesch-Tasche dabei, für Ruhetage und gesellschaftliche Ereignisse.
18.01.2002 1st visit for recommendation.
22.05.2003 Super!!! Der Tesch-Travel-Träger steht meiner alten Damen BMW R 80 G/S wie ein sexy Abendkleid.
22.08.2003 1st email after the tour after returnung home. Next request for update.
27.10.2003 Beim Crash haben die Tesch-Travel-Taschen mein linkes Bein gerettet!
Bei meinem Chrash mit einem Track, auf schmalen Straßen in den Bergen von Japan, haben mir die Tesch-Travel-Taschen mein linkes Bein gerettet. Ohne die stabilen Tesch-Travel-Taschen mit den äußerts stabilen Tesch-Travel-Träger, in Verbindung mit dem BMW-Boxer-Motor mit Sturzbügel, wäre mein Bein sicher gebrochen und die Reise hätte ein jehes Ende genommen. So konnte beides wieder zurechtgebogen werden und die Sensation: die Tesch-Travel-Taschen waren danach, trotz vielen Gewittern in den Rocky-Mountains, absolut wasserdicht! Vom bequemen Zugang wärend der Pausen auf der Reise um die Welt, auch mit riesigem Seesack quer darüber, war ich von Anfang an begeistert. Nie mehr eine Motorrad-Reise ohne diesen Taschen!
18.01.2004 next request:
Additionally 17.570 km by Bike in Europe, Asia and America, on the road.
24.02.2013 Last summary and foto.

Brent Manor = Gary (England)
- Plan Around-The-World.
10.04.02 1st contact
10.04.02 1st request for update
12.04.02 participant of Meeting for World-Travellers.
03.10.02 Second request for update

12.- 14.04.2003
25th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" =

with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels". To my anniversary I invited a lot of Motorcycle-World-Around-Travellers. There have been ca. 350 participnats and in between them were 27 mc-travellers present who completed "Around-The-World" already.
I am sure that at no place worldwide ever have been 27 Around-The-World Travellers present.

May 2003 - ??
Jörg Zimpel (German, born 01.08.1970)
- Plan Around-The-World. Jörg plans to travel solo RTW with HONDA Africa Twin RD 07 (1997, 40.000 kms).
Route: Europe (Scandinavia - Russia) - Asia (Mongolia - Russia (Wladiwostok) - Japan - SouthEast Asia) - Australia - South America - Europe.
27.01.2003 Jörg visited me for recommendation.
18.05.2003 1st request for update.
18.09.2003 2nd request

07.2003 + 1,5 years
Michael Maeser (Austrian, born 1966)
- Plan Solo Around The World. Austria - India - Americas. Michael plans to ride solo with Yamaha XT 600 E (1999).
Purpose of Journey: fulfilling my many years big dream, because dreaming alone doesn t satisfy.
Route: Austria (Wien) - Easteurope - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India. From there by plane to USA (Miami verschifft) - by bike through USA - Mexico ans South-Amerika - perhaps Africa as well.
Earlier experiences: did some backpacking to Africa and Asia, travelling by car through USA and Skandinavia.
09.2002 1st contact and update.

10.2003 + paar Jahre
Arne Merkt (German, born 1980)
- Plan Around The World. Arne plans to circle the World. At the first contact he is planning to travel with a friend but would start solo as well.
16.01.2002 1st contact by phone. No email so far.
12.-14.04.2002 Visit of the 24rd Motorcycle-Meeting for WORLD-Travellers.

In Bad Canstatt wird ein Daimler-Benz-Museum eröffnet

2003 ? - ??
Ryno van Smit (Canadian ??)]
- Plan Around The World. And - may be - Around-The-Moon later.. Ryno plans a long trip with KTM Adventure.
18.01.2003 1st contact: .
(maybe the moon later ) I am pretty impressed with what I have seen, heard and read about your pannier boxes (alu) and steel racks.
18.01.2003 1st request for update.

??.10.2003 - + 2-3 years
Guido Wagner, (Swiss, born 23.03.1966)
- Plan Around-The-World on a one-cylinder motorcycle.... Motorcycle: to be defined (not bought yet)
Route: Europe - Africa - South-America - North-America - Australia - Asia - Europe
Purpose: The "coolest thing" Guido can imagine to do with his possibilities.
11.-13.04.2003 Participant of the "25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers" in Malmedy.
18.09.2003 3rd request for update
24.07.2005 4th request for update

03.08.2003 - ca. 27.07.2007
Makiko Sugin (Japanese, born ??)
+ Around-The-World
. Maki rode solo RTW on her "iron horse".
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: Asia (Japan - Russia- ?)
The worst: ??
The best:The Earth is beautiful. Our world is wonderful. How grateful I am to be alive!
Earlier experiences: ??
Useful tips for others: ??
2004 B.Tesch herad fortm several tarvellers who met her. Wanted to survive with 10 $ per day,
27.08.2007 makiko sugino wrote to Benka Pulkow. Benka kindly send me Makis card and email.
My journey with the iron horse is over. I think there isn't any result or goal but only a transit point.  so, what's next?  I will be a teacher at a high school from september.  I am excited by this new start!
27.08.2007 Bernd sends first email to Maki

Simon Dorotich at Carolas Mulivisionshow 15.06.2012 in Germany / Wuppertal. Foto B.T. - Ri: Simon ins Egypt / Sinai with wild camels.

Simon Dorotich with his father in 20?? in Kasachstan at lake Aral Sea. - Ri: Simon Dorotich in 20?? in Australia.

24.11.2003 – 12.10.2008 RTW
Simon Dorotich (Australian, 01.12.1976)
+ Around the world by mc / car. Simon travelled around the world mainly by motorcycle, and partly by Land Rover with his father.  160,000km in 72 countries with BMW F650GSD, Ducati ST2, KTM 640Adv and Land Rover Discovery. About 60% of the journey was solo, and otherwise with girlfriends, his father or his brother.
Purpose of your travel: I wasn’t trying to find myself or something like this, and at the start I wasn’t even that interested in many different cultures. My main motivation was just to ride many enjoyable and/or difficult tracks. Since I was 10 years old I practiced or race motocross, flat track and enduro, and wandered around a lot on my BMX.  From 13 years old I worked in a motorcycle shop after school/weekends, and many times there were foreign motorcycle travellers stopping for parts, tyres etc.  So figured if they saw all of my country, so should I.  During this ride around Australia (aged 22 in 1999) I decided I should ride around the world. Once I had enough money to get through Africa to London I departed, aged 26. This is a lot younger than most of the RTW bikers, which is good and bad. The good is that I had plenty of energy, was fearless, and spent a lot of time in pubs/nightclubs and living an awesome life. The disadvantage is that when I finished aged 32, it is difficult to keep the high going!
Route:  Africa - Middle East - Europe (ie. Capetown to Cairo to London), with a BMW F650GS Dakar.  T
he Africa part was with childhood friend Stacey Kovac, on her own similarly modified BMW F650GSD. 38,000km.
Africa (South Africa- Namibia- Botswana- South Africa- Lesotho- South Africa- Swaziland- South Africa-Botswana- Zambia- Tanzania- Kenya- Ethiopia- Sudan-Egypt) Asia (Jordan- Syria- Turkey) - Europe ( Bulgaria- Serbia- Hungary- Austria- Germany- Netherlands- Belgium- Netherlands- Belgium- Luxembourg- France- Switzerland-Italy- Switzerland- Germany- Netherlands- United Kingdom).
Stacey took a long holiday from her employer to ride from South Africa to Egypt, before she returned to Australia as planned. Africa is so alive; it makes most people in the developed world look like the walking dead.
I made many modifications to this bike before shipping it from Melbourne (Australia) to Capetown, and intended to ride this one bike around the world but it bored the hell out of me, and many things broke (admittedly because I prefer to ride off road at whatever speed is fun).  Also I changed my thinking that it is better to share the experience with someone, and I wanted to travel with my father who does not ride motorcycles. So I shipped my BMW F650GS Dakar back to Australia (Rotterdam to Adelaide), and later bought a Land Rover Discovery.
Europe (Great Britain (London) – Greece (Athena) and return via Italy) with a Ducati ST2. 8,000km.
ROUTE: United Kingdom- Netherlands- Germany- Czech Republic- Austria-Italy- Slovenia- Croatia- Bosnia- Montenegro- Albania- Greece- Italy- France- United Kingdom
This was my own cannon ball run, taking advantage of Europe’s minimal policing of traffic, and having a foreign licence! Route was mainly via mountains or the Mediterranean coast.
Europe to Central and Eastern Asia in a Land Rover Discovery with my father (Alan). 35,000km in car, plus local transport.
ROUTE: United Netherlands-Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Norway-Finland-Russia-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Ukraine-Russia-Kazakhstan-Russia-Mongolia-China-Japan.
From Netherlands (Amsterdam) – to Mongolia (Ulaan Bataar), via north of Norway (Nordkapp). We had intended to finish with the Land Rover in Vladivostok (Russia), but we had a major engine problem within the Tuva republic (Russia). Because of the excessive Russian bureaucracy required to sell the car there, we drove slowly on 3 cylinders for 3,500km until Ulaan Bataar, and sold it there. Continued our journey in Mongolia via hired 4wd (UAZ 469 with driver), then through China via train, bus and boat (Yangtze River) to Japan (Tokyo). The key to crossing Russia is not your vehicle, equipment or even language skills. The stereotypes are true, it is your ability to consume vodka.
The Americas on KTM 640 Adventure, until Panama with my brother who also had a KTM 640 Adventure. 55,000km:
ROUTE: North America (Canada- United States of America- Mexico- Guatemala- Belize- Guatemala- Honduras- Nicaragua- Costa Rica- Panama)- South America (Colombia - Ecuador- Peru- Chile- Bolivia- Chile- Argentina- Chile- Argentina- Chile- Argentina- Paraguay- Argentina- Brazil- Bolivia- Brazil- Peru- Bolivia- Argentina-Australia).
From Canada (Vancouver) to Panama with my brother (Paul, also on KTM 640 Adventure) before we separated in Panama. Bernd asked me later about how I got from Panama to Colombia, so I’ll add some detail in case a keen adventurer is reading his site: I made an attempt to cross the Darien Gap but excessive rain made the (walking) tracks too boggy, even though it was january and officially the dry season (Dec to mid-Feb). I believe there are 3 routes that avoid Las FARC and that it is possible to get a bike through, if you depart at the start of December. But not via the typical route of Yaviza-Boca de Cupe-Pucuro-Paya-Palos, etc. to Atrato. If someone can convince me they’re serious I can assist with info and maps!  Because I was too late in the season I gave up and shipped my bike in a shared Container from Panama to Colombia, and travelled by a sailing boat. Then solo to southern Argentina (Ushuaia/Tierra Del Fuego).  From there I rode north east and around some more (Sao Paulo, Manaus, Lima again, Sucre, etc.) until I finally accepted that I must stop travelling and try to be half normal.
Black Sea neighbouring countries in Mercedes Sprinter, with girlfriend Tanya (Ukrainian). 16,000km:
ROUTE: Europe (Bulgaria- Turkey- Georgia- Armenia- Georgia- Turkey- Bulgaria- Romania- Ukraine- Romania- Bulgaria.
Bulgaria (Sofia) to Iraq border (misinformed by Iraq embassy in Bulgaria regarding visa for Tanya, and she was refused entry).  Most of time spent in Turkey was in Kurdish part, then Georgia and Armenia, and to Ukraine (Kiev) via Romania.
Other journeys: Morocco on a Honda NXR125 hire bike to follow part of the 2006 Dakar Rally. Sofia to Cologne via ‘B’ roads on KTM690SM, in 2012.  When I am not travelling I ride dirt bikes nearly every weekend; forest, motocross track or enduro. Otherwise I’ll be on a sportsbike, or in my 4x4 in the bush.  I mention this because i have met many overland travellers that only ride adventure bikes, and I recommend they try all forms of motorcycling!  Because an adventure bike can restrict your route (compared to a pure enduro bike), and level of fun.
The best: The freedom of waking up every day and riding any direction you wanted,  or doing whatever you felt like, and not having a care in the world.  
The worst: Finishing travelling and attempting to reintegrate into society, plus illnesses that I cannot shake. Having seven shotguns and umpteen bow-and-arrows pointed at me by Amazonian indigenous, with a loaded shotgun under my chin.
Book or publication (about your tour):  No.  I never read books or watch movies, so i am not the kind of person to even record exactly where I went. 
Earlier Experiences of big motorcycle tours:  When I was 22 years old I rode around and through Australia on a FMW F650 Funduro (My route was like a ‘figure 8’ ie: around near the coast, and through the middle twice) – 34,000km. Combined with other shorter trips (eg. Melbourne to Alice Springs via Simpson Desert, Brisbane to Tasmania, long trail rides plus general exploring when not working) this totalled about 80,000 kms inside Australia before I started my RTW-trip. I know Bernd likes a route description but it is much easier if I say I haven’t ridden the Canning Stock Route or in the Kimberley’s, but have most other areas.  Like when you ask a motocross rider if they have any injuries, and they instead list the parts of their body that are still ok because this is quicker!
Useful information and TIPS for others:  Don’t be scared of people or the unknown.  The whole world is full of good people that want to live in peace, and ongoing hospitality makes the journey quite easy. Don’t be a conservative motorcycle traveller, like many are.  Ride the fun roads fast to enjoy them. Take the minor roads and goat tracks. Get drunk in every city and socialise. If you have bike that runs or can afford one, stop reading this and leave tomorrow. Nobody, when they are about to die, wishes they worked more.
May 2012 1st information by Carola Möller who met Simon in Australia but did not have the email addresse of him although he will visit her in Germany.
15.06.2012 Met Simon first time at Carolas slide-show in Ruhrpott Wuppertal. Simon promised me to offer his overview-blog.
20.06.2012 Because I know Simon was NOT coming to my party 21st.06.2012 I asked for the 1st update.
19.07.2012 3rd request for update.
31.07.2012 Last summary from Simon.
18.03.2014 Asked for another good foto in high quality with the mc on the RTW-tour.
18.03.2014 Asked for another blog like this above of his 80.000 km Australia tour. Including the three best Fotos in high quality.
24.03.2014 The Americas more detailed.

Gustavo und Elke
Around-The-Wotld ? Elke and Gustavo rode 40 Länder, 5 Kontinente und Tausende von Abenteuer, um mit dem Motorrad die zwei Pole der Welt zu verbinden: Argentinien und Australien. Ein Ohnepräzedenzfallabenteuer auf 125cc.
Diese Reise ist die Erfüllung eines Traums. Mit dem Motorrad um die Welt. Ein Traum, der zunächst unmöglich scheint, denn wir haben keine Geld-Sponsoren , kein Erspartes auf dem Konto, und keine großen Maschinen, sondern zwei sehr kleine Motorräder (125cc), auf denen man nur langsam vorwärts kommt. Aber eines hat uns das Reisen gelehrt: Es geht immer irgendwie weiter. Irgendwie schaffst Du es immer.
64 Monate gingen bereits ins Land, allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz. Auf diesen Internetseiten möchten wir unseren Traum mit all denjenigen teilen, die auch einen Traum haben. Sei es reisen oder irgend etwas anderes. Wir möchten Euch ermöglichen, an unserer Reise teilzuhaben, und zu sehen, dass es möglich ist, seinen Traum zu verwirklichen, auch wenn er noch so unmöglich scheint. Man darf nur nie aufgeben. Daran glauben wir, ganz fest, jeden Tag.
29.06.2011 I found this by accident in internet.
29.06.2011 I wrote an email to them. Asking for their email and if they know Brasilian Raphal Karran who rode 5 years RTW (in 2003 he was in NZ).


04.01.2004 - 26.05.2004
Malaika Tesch (born, 01.10.1979) and Ellen Hamacher (German, 18.01.1979)   www.
+ Around-The-World. Malaika & Ellen travelled Around-The-World by plane. Backtracking. Backpacking.
Purpose of travel: Have a lot of fun. Visit a lot of "Fitness-Clubs" (Malaika is as well a Dipl.-Aerobic-trainer)
Route: Europe (Germany) - Africa (South Africa (Cape Town). We travelled by bus, train or rental car to Johannesburg - Asia (Singapur - Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok)) - Austrailia (Melbourne - Sydney) - New Zeeland (Auckland) - North America (Hawaii (Honolulu, Maui, Hawaii) - USA (San Francisco)) - South America (Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro) - Europe (Germany (Frankfurt)).
The best: I want to get very brown an a little bit leighter - I don´t know the right discription if I want to loose some kilos. I want to be in sun every day. I want to see a lot of places and beaches all over the world.
The worst: I ´ll tell you when I´ll be back...
Book or publication (about your tour): We´ll right a daily report of the trip.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Later
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: No
15.07.2003 Ellen send Malaika an email: Would you like to travel with me Around-The-World ?
17.08.2003 Malaika said Patti and her father that she would like to travel 3 Months with Ellen RTW. Of course B.T. helped her since this day to prepare the trip.
30.10.2003 next request for update
B.T.: Malaika is the beloved daughter of Bernd Tesch. The idea to travel RTW with 24 years came from her girlfriend Ellen. Malaika is used to know something about travelling through me. She has a scooter Vespa but never rode a long trip with this so far. I wish both ALL THE BEST. Congratulation to the plan ! Nevr forget to send ME the first email in case of emergency.

05.01.2004 - 24.11.2005
Mark Beveridge (born 11.04.1978, Australian) and Geoff Thomas (born 11.08.1978) and Steve Crombie (born 27.02.1979)
- Plan Around-The-World. We are three Australians (24-25 years of ) and plan to circle the world with three Honda NX 650 Dominators (1999). We call or tour: Lost On Earth realises that our world adventure may receive a high level of publicity, which we will utilise to help raise awareness for Youth Suicide and Prevention. We also want to be the first to visit the 7 natural and 7 man made wonders of the world on our trip. We have been planning this trip for 3 years.
Purpose of travel: Self discovery, find an adventure and real culture/people, raise awareness for youth suicide, believe in yourself, realise your dreams.
Our route will take us to over 100 countries, and we expect to do more than 150,000 km's.
Our approximate route is as follows 16th.08.2003):
Fly to Chile with our bikes, which will be the only leg we want to fly. We will ride down to bottom of Argentina, ride up to top of Brazil, across to Venezuela, down to Paraguay, across to Ecuador, ship bike to Panama, ride up to Alaska, cross to Russia by boat, ride down to Mongolia, through to Kazakhstan, then up to Scandanavia, zig zag through Europe down to Spain, cross in Morocco, down to Gambia, across through to Nigeria and Cameroon, up towards Libya, down through Sudan to South Africa, back up to Egypt, across to Turkey, through to Iran on route to India to Bangladesh, ship bikes to Thailand (if still cant cross Myanmar) ride to Vietnam, ride down to Indonesia then cross back to Australia from Timor.
Once back in Darwin Australia we will tour our own country back to Sydney. This whole trip will take over 2 years, but the route will change with a change in safety.
Route done so far: Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Easter Island, Every country in South Central and North America (until 07.2007)
The best:
Anywhere from the Andes to the Amazon.
The worst:
South Central Argentina - boring.
Earlier expeditions: Lots of Australia (all the time), Thailand overland back to Australia(1997), South America (99) Japan( 2003), backbacking adventures.
15.08.2003 1st information
24.11.2005 I (Steve Crombie) completed the first part of the journey. Leaving Sydney in December 2003, I spent 21 months traveling 90,000km through 26 countries, covering South America and traveling up through Central America and the U.S. to the Arctic Circle (every country in the Americas).
I am back in my home town (Sydney) for a few months waiting for Siberia to melt, see my brother marry his luvva, secure a new motorbike (recently sponsored by Honda), and funds to assist in the completion of the journey. The Launch is on Friday 2nd of December at China Heights Gallery L3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills, three doors from the Hollywood Hotel.
24.11.2005 Steve Combie wrote: I am writing to invite you to the Lost On Earth photo exhibition / Launch documenting the first leg of my round-the-world journey (
I aim to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle by land and sea, visiting the seven natural wonders of the world on the way. I am using the  journey to raise awareness of youth suicide and encourage young people to live their dreams.
22.06.2007 Invited to Steve to the 50th Globetrotter-Meeting 25th.04.2008
22.06.2007 Now working on a book for Pan Macmillan and writing/producing/presenting documentaries with Lonely Planet. About to complete an 4*30min offroad adventure documentary with Lonely Planet in the Kimberley (Far north Western Australia). Finally making a living as an ADVENTURER! Plan to get back on the road as soon as I can call RTW adventure "work"
30 th .06.2007 Asked for update

01.05.2004 - 01.04.2005
Story Leavesley (American, born 17.06.59)
- Plan Around The World. I plan to ride my BMW R100GSPD around the world starting 1st may in Sydney
Route: I plan to fly the bike to Sydney, Australia, where I will ride to Darwin. From Darwin I'll ship the bike to Singapore and proceed through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. I'll ship the bike from Bangkok to Katmandu, then travel through India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and into Europe. After travelling around Europe, I'll fly my bike to Africa (Kenya?) and proceed south to Cape Town. From Cape Town I'll ship the bike to Buenos Aires, then ride south to Ushauia, then north through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia. Ship the bike to Panama City, then proceed through Central America and Mexico back to Colorado.
Earlier experiencess:
01.03.02-01.04.02: Rode my KLR650 7,000kms through northern Mexico and Baja
Route: Trailered my KLR650 from Denver, CO to El Paso, TX with 2 friends (KLR650, KTM620). Rode into Mexico and to Copper Canyon. After spending several days exploring Copper Canyon, I travelled solo to the coast and took the ferry from Los Mochis to La Paz, Baja. Rode to Cabo, then up the Baja Penninsula crossing back into the USA at Yuma, AZ. Rode back to Colorado. 01.10.00-31.10.00: Rode a rented KLR650 4,000 kms solo through Turkey, Egypt:
Route: Flew to Istanbul where I rented a KLR 650 and rode around the western half of Turkey. From Istanbul I rode to Ankara, Capadoccia, Konya, Antalaya, Bodrum, and back to Istanbul. From Istanbul I flew to Egypt for 10 days visiting Cairo and Luxor.24.11.98 - 25.01.99: Rode my BMW R80 G/S 16,000kms solo through southern South America.
Route: Shipped the bike to Sanitago, Chile. Rode south along the Carreterra Austral to Punta Arenas. Crossed the Straits of Magellan to Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia. Proceeded up the east coast of Argentina to Buenos Aires, then west over the Andes back to Santiago. Then I proceeded north up the coast of Chile through the Atacama desert into Peru. From Arequipa I visited Colca Canyon on the way to Cuzco. Then I proceeded south to La Paz, Bolivia, and returned to Chile at Arica. I travelled south to Santiago where I shipped my bike back to the US. 01.03.97-01.04.97: Rode a rented BMW R100GS solo 10,000kms through Australia.
Route: Flew to Sydney where I rented a BMW R100GS and rode around the eastern half of Australia. Starting in Sydney I proceeded north to Townsville, then west to Tenant Creek, and south to Alice Springs. Then I proceeded south to Adelaide, and took the ferry over to Kangaroo Island. After that I travelled the Great Ocean Highway to Melbourne. I proceeded to Mt. Kosciusko, Canberra, and through the Blue Mts. back to Sydney. I flew back home from Sydney.31.07.95-25.08.95: Rode my BMW R1100GS 10,000kms through Central America as part of the Paris/Denver/Panama Rallye.
Route: Travelled from Denver, CO through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, to Panama City, Panama. Shipped the bike home from Panama City and flew back to Denver. 20.06.92-19.07.02: Rode my BMW R100GSPD solo12,000kms from Denver, CO to Alaska.
Route: Travelled from Denver, through Wyoming, Montana, and entered Canada. Rode to Dawson, then up the Alaska Highway to Watson Lake. From there I headed north on the dirt road to Dawson City. I rode the Top of the World Highway into Alaska and over to Denali. From Denali I rode north to Fairbanks, then returned to Denver via the Cassiar Highway and the Icefields Parkway.
11.02.1st contact and 2003 1st request for update.
01.05.2004 - 30.04.2005
Journoud, Frederic (French, born 10.04.1967)
- Plan Around-The-World. Frederic wants to ride solo about 50.000 kms Around the World with a BMW R100GS/Paris-Dakar within one year. He calls his project: GEODYSSEO PROJECT
Purpose of travel: (1) To bring support and relief to children of Africa and South America through an on-going fundraising in cooperation with the humanitarian organization Childreach/PLAN ( (2) To create the first Round-the-World Road Movie captured from an on-board camera. Regarding the Road Movie, it will be made by a camera that takes a shot every 15 seconds or 1 minute, depending on the interest of the scenery around. Then all pictures are assembled into digital videos that can be played at different speed. This means shooting 200,000 pictures. Ultimately one could view the entire world tour in 5 minutes or 5 hours... (3) To reach key geographical landmarks: Tip of continents (Cape North, Ushuaia), Crossing of Equator line, both Tropics, and the Arctic Circle.
Route: Los Angeles (USA) – US Pacific Coast – Siberia – Russia - Scandinavia – Western Europe – Morocco – Mauritania – Senegal – Mali – Burkina Faso – Ghana – Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador – Los Angeles.
Exspected The best: Meeting the children in their communities in Africa and South America.
The worst: Yet to come…
Book or publication: Will be done after the tour.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Will be published here on a regular basis.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: US Southwest, Mexico, Paris-to-Tangier (50cc moped).
B.T.: There does exist a video / film from Nick Sanders of "a Motorcycle-Tour Around-The-World" already. There does exist a video of Transafrica which was done from th steering which was done by Michael Kunzendorf. If "To create the first Round-the-World Road Movie captured from an on-board camera" means that the video-camera is always "on the motorcycle" this still could be done.
October 2003 1st contact.

21.05.2004 - + 60 days
Jim Oliver (American, born 13.June 1943) (and possibly Dennis O'Neil (American ?, born ?))
- Plan Around-The-World.
Oliver, a financial planner by trade plans to circle solo the world with Motorcycle-type 2001 BMW R 1150 GS in 60 days for an estimated 19,000 kilometers over the ground. I probably will go solo although a riding friend is trying to work out the details to join me. My wife will fly to Europe and join me for some of the good riding in the Alps
Purpose of travel: 1. to ride around the world on a motorcycle 2. to do it quickly since I have a wife and a business back home.
Route: North America (USA (Colby, KS) - west coast) - shipping the bike and person to Asia (Russia (Vladiwostok - ride across Russia) - Europe ( Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - France - Spain -Portugal) - flyind back to North America (east coast of USA and ride home).
The best: The solitude and bonding with God and Country
The worst: Health concerns and breakdowns
Book or publication (about your tour): Not planned so far.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Start the planning early - there is plenty to do.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: I've been in 49 U.S. states by motorcycle, plus Mexico and Canada
1999 First contact
17.02.2003 2nd request for update
12.10.2003 got all information above

07.04.2004 - 01.06.2004 - 13.01.2005
Stefan Harms (German, born 22.03.1968)
+ Transafrica: Capetown > Cairo > Turkey. Stefan rode solo 12.000 kms with HONDA AFRICA TWIN RD O7.
South Africa > Namibia > Sambia - Tansania > Kenya > Ethiopia > Sudan > Egypt > Jordan > Syria > Turkey. There oil came out of the cylinders. So the mc and Stephan came back by German automobilclub ADAC.
Purpose of Travel:
Stefan wanted to see himself how it really looks in Africa.
Visa: Stefan got all the Visa up to Kenya in one day in Pretoria South Africa, the Visa for Ethiopia took 24 h. Syria recomends a HIV Test in South Africa, which is easy to get there, but the Visa takes 2 weeks, 24h in Cairo.
South-Africa (Capetown) > Namibia (Windhoek-Caprivi Zipfel) > Sambia (Victoria Falls - Lusaka) - Tansania (Dar es Salaam ) - Kenya (Nairobi (The visum for Ethiopia in Nairobi after 8 days) - Isolo (from there it is recommended to ride next 600 km to the Ethiopian border by convoi. But you are not forced to travel by convoi. Stefan rode with police to Moyale 600 km off road most time standing on the bike) - Ethiopia (Addis Abeba (here you can get only money with cards out of two banks. Visum for Sudan after 8 days. From Gondor to the border hard surface way on sometimes very rough / gravel - Sudan (off road until you come to the tamac road leading to Wad Medani and Khartoum. Along the Sudanese road no police check from the border until Khartoum. In Khartoum it was 50°C degrees. So Stefan decided to travel to Wadi Halfa with his mc by train via Atbara to Wadi Halfa (20 hours, 80 € black for the police cabin) - by ferry to Egypt (Aswan. Ferry-price ca. 70 US $ + 20 $ per person). Because the ferry arrived thursday afternoon Stefan had could get his requested documnets and stamps for the police and customs only after four days. Finally he started still with the new Egypt plate on the motorbike by convoi to Luxor. Here he had to wait some hours and to take part in another convoi to Hourgada where he could sleep very good and cheap in the youth hostel. By convoy to Cairo.
Visum for Syria in Cairo in 1 day. From Nueba by ferry to Jordan (Akaba. The visum for Jordan you get on the ferry (as a German) - Amman) - Syria (at the border Stefan was not forced to have a certain exchange per day. Damaskus - Aleppo) -Turkey (100 kms after the border in Osmania the motor-cylinder started to leak. The German automobil-club ADAC brought him and the bike back to Germany form Adana.
The best : Nice Africans. His trip was much easier and better than expected.
The worst : No spareparts. No front tire north of Nairobi. Big cities are dirty. Better stay into the landscape.
2004: Stefan was here for recommendations before the trip. Originally Stefan wanted to continue to Wladiwostok and then Alsaka-Tierra del Fuego by bike. But he decided to travel b public transport starting 26th.09.2004.
Info: Best would be to have a list of good motorcycle-repair-shops along the way Capetown > Cairo.
Info: The best book with all information concerning route-description Capetown>Cairo
16.10.2004 Lieber Bernd, ich bin von Wladiwostok weitergeflogen nach Anchorage ($714 mit Korean Airline), Und nach einer Woche weitergefahren nach Whitehorse Canada. Von hier aus fahre ich per Bus fuer C$165 mach Tijuana in Mexiko. die USA kenne ich ja schon sehr gut. Der Reisefuehrer schreibt, das man mit dem Bus sehr gut reisen kann in Sued Amerika.
13.01.2005 Der Reisebericht zum Rest der Weltumrundung: Ich bin am 26. September 2004 in Hannover mit dem Bus nach Moskau gefahren und von dort mit der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn nach Vladivostok gefahren. Wenn man das Ticket in Moskau kauft kostet es 7.500 Rubel (30 R = 1€). Das Ticket für 6.500 Rubel ist die Ersparnis nicht wert, am liegt oben und ist auf die Gastfreundschaft der unten liegenden angewiesen. Man reist in einem sehr bequemen Schlafwagen, die unteren Betten sind 10 cm länger. Extra Bettzeug ist nicht nötig. Entweder man bringt sich selbst etwas zu essen mit oder wenn man genug Durchfallmedizin dabei hat kann man auch an den Bahnhöfen allerlei schöne und interessante Dinge kaufen. Es gibt den ganzen Tag kochendes Wasser, also kann man sich so etwas wie „5 Minuten-Terrine“ mitnehmen was es in Moskau sehr günstig gibt. Wenn man die Fahrt unterbrechen möchte, muss man die Verbindungen einzeln kaufen. Es wurde mir gesagt, man kann auch von jeder Stadt mit dem Bus in die nächste Fahren und im Jahr 2005 soll dann auch die Straße soweit komplett fertig sein. 2004 konnte man sie schon mit einem 4x4 befahren.Es gibt eine Flugverbindung für $700 von Vladivostok nach Anchorage. Ein gutes Reisebüro ist im Hotel Hyundai. Von Anchorage gibt es eine Busverbindung nach Whitehorse in Kanada, von dort aus kann man an jeden Ort in Nordamerika und nach Tijuana, MX reisen. Wenn man eine Woche vorher bucht kann man, wenn man ohne Pause immer den nächsten Bus nimmt, für €100 an jeden Ort in Nordamerika fahren (die Frage ist, wer zuletzt lacht, Greyhound oder der Fahrgast). Ab Zentralamerika werden die Busse auf den Hauptstrecken wesentlich komfortabler. Sie haben höchstens 45 Sitze, statt wie Greyhound 55. Man kann mit ein und derselben Busgesellschaft von Caracas über Bogota, Quito, Lima, Santiago nach Buenos Aires fahren. Von Hannover über Moskau, Vladivostok, Anchorage, Panama, Cartagena, Ushuaia nach Hannover kostete 2004 €1280,- incl. Flug €2.604,80 und die reine Fahrtzeit beträgt 144 h im Zug und 520 h im Bus. Wenn man sich beeilt kann man es in 10 Wochen schaffen (Ankunft in Ushuaia war am 03.12.04). Ich habe möglichst immer den nächsten Bus genommen und am Wochenende bin ich nicht gereist, d.h. wo ich am Samstag oder Freitag angekommen bin, bin ich am Montag abgefahren. Man braucht auch mal einen Tag in der Woche wo man seine Eindrücke sacken lassen, Kleidung waschen und den Rest des Tagebuches zu Ende schreiben kann. 3 Tage im Bus waren das absolute Maximum, das schlimme sind die Nächte, nicht die Tage, bei Übernachtungspreisen von €5 pro Nacht, lohnt sich eine Nacht im Bus nicht um des Geldes wegen. Am besten schläft man wenn man sich zum schlafen genauso hinsetzt wie es am Tage auch bequem war, alles andere ist Aberglaube und klemmt immer irgendwelche Adern ab. Eine warme Jacke ist empfehlenswert, da die Klimaanlage Nachts manchmal voll aufgedreht werden. Es ist ratsam sich mit $1 Noten zu versorgen, da man manchmal kleine Beträge zu bezahlen hat und natürlich niemand Wechselgeld hat. In Panama kann man bei der Bank sehr einfach ein Bündel brandneue Noten bekommen, in den USA nur zu den Feiertagen im Nov. und Dez. Neues Geld kommt immer besser an als gebrauchtes. Es ist ratsam sich am Busbahnhof, bei unabhängiger Stelle, vorher nach dem Taxipreis zu erkundigen bevor man einsteigt, spätestens aber im Hotel. Merke: die erste Taxifahrt ist immer die teuerste (bis zu 10 x). Man hat zwar nicht ganz soviel davon, aber man kommt auch mit Englisch durch, ohne Englisch bin ich mir nicht ganz so sicher. Ein Zettel mit den wichtigsten Fragen zum Fahrkartenkauf ist ganz hilfreich. Wer spanisch kann, kann auch handeln, wer nicht, eben nicht. Eine Woche Sprachkurs macht schon einen großen Unterschied, wenn’s doch nicht reicht, kann immer noch einmal eine Woche dranhängen. In Buenos Aires kann man es am besten aushalten als Europäer. Es gibt alles und das auch noch zu ordentlichen Preisen. Kolumbien ist am schönsten aber auch am gefährlichsten. Ushuaia hat die längsten Tage, wenn Anchorage die kürzesten hat. Ein eigenes Fahrzeug ist das Beste. Man sieht vielleicht mehr im Bus, aber es ist ein Unterschied, wenn man nicht vorn aus dem Fenster sehen kann.

(C) Patrick Schweizer in Chile.

17.05.2004 - 27.07.2005
Patrick Schweizer (German, born 03.01.1976)
+ Around-The-World.
Patrick traveled in ca. 14 months solo ?? on a BMW R100 GS (Emma) through Europe, Asia, and South America 30.000 kms.
Purpose of your travel: See and explore the world, meet other people
Route: Europe (Germany - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia) - Asia (Russia - Mongolia - China (without bike) - South Korea) - South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) - Europe
Highlights:The friendship of the local people who made this trip incredible. The amazing nature on our planet like the high Andes, Lake Baikal or the endless Mongolian grass lands.
The worst: A plain ride from India to Germany: I stayed the whole time on the toilet because of a horrible diarrhea. Getting the bike started on a salt flat with a broken starter. We pushed for 2 hours :-(
Book: "Fernweh, mit dem Motorrad um die Welt". See all details on his website !
196 Seiten im Taschenbuchformat mit 41 farbigen Abbildungen und 9 Karten.
Patrick Schweizer, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt ISBN 3-8334-4059-7.
Other experiences:
Trip to the center of Europe (Ukraine):
Germany to Turkey, visiting the Throne of the Gods:
Cuba on a Scooter:
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others:
Take as much time and as less stuff as you can! Tons of good and recent information can be found on the forum
05.04.2006. 1st information by Patrick. With the information that he published a book: Fernweh
05.04.2006 1st request for update.

16.07.2009 Last summary
12.08.2011 Wrote to me from Mongolei: New RTW-trip with a woman (F 650). Start: 28.05.2011 See there as well !
16.03.2013 See 28.05.2011 - 30.06.2013 Around-The-World.
Sherrie McCarthy (Canadian) and Patrick Schweizer (German)

15.10.2004 - 2007 ?
Dave Smith (USA, born March 14, 1970)
- Plan Around the world on a 1965 Ducati 250cc.
Purpose of travel: Needed beer from other countries.
Route: 21.000km in Australia on paved and unpaved roads. In New Zealand until April, 2005. Japan is next. Then Southeast Asia - India - the 'stans - Russia - Europe - Italy (Motogiro) - Isle of Mann - USA (Africa and South through Central America pending. I want to go to the Middle East but not sure if possible as an American right now).
Highlights: Getting wallaby joey pee splashed on me when a baby wombat scared the joey.
The worst: Riding a 1965 Ducati 250cc (also the best).
Tips: It's not as hard as you'd think
Earlier experience on big motorcycle tours: None. Zero. Zip.
23rd.01.2005 1st summary.
23rd.02.2005 Asked for more update during the trip.
27.07.2011 I ran out of money and busted my bike in New Zealand (piston went south as I went north). I shipped my Ducati to Melbourne to get fixed and went to Japan without the bike. I worked in California for a while, then went to India. I couldn't get my bike shipped there.  California registered bike. Carnet from Canada (the US doesn't issue them). Bike in Australia. Me in India. It made Australia's head explode. I bought an Indian plated Enfield 350 in Nepal and smuggled it across the border to India.
Now I'm working in Saudi Arabia until I have US$ 40,000 and then I'll leave again.  That should be a year from now.
I thought this was going to be a 2 year plan but now it's a lifestyle.  I'll meet you in person when I get to Germany!
27.07.2011 Request for update and two fotos.

Phil Austin (Australian, Sydney)
- Plan Around-The-World. With a pillion on a YAMAHA XT 660 XTZ.
26.08.2003 1st contact.
28.08.2003 1st request
18.09.2003 2nd request
15.10.2003 3rd request
08.03.2005 4th request and last one-
I wish I could make it, but I'll be in California. 

??.12.2004 - ??.??.200..
Patrick Famelaer (Belgian, born ? )
- Around-The-World. Patrick plans to circle solo ???) the world with a YAMAHA X 600 E.
03.01.2004 1st information
03.01.2004 1st request for update.
30.03.2004 2nd equest for upadte
08.03.2005 3rd request and last one.

Eva Schöner-Löther and Ralf Löther in Asia. Anghor Wat. (C)

14.08.2004 - 01.07.2007
Eva Schöner-Löther (German, 01.03.1961) and Ralf Löther (German born 20.12.1964) :
Purpose of Travel: We wanted to travel around the world, step by step, with our motorcycles.
+ Around-The-World in steps. Americas1998-2000. Africa + Asia + Australien + Europe.
Eva and Ralf (better known as RalEva) rode 90.000 km with 2 Yamaha XT 600 Ténéré (1 VJ). Altogether we visited 95 different countries (minimum) from 193 (191).
Route : By motorcycle overland: Europe Germany ( Krefeld ) - Luxembourg - France - Spain ( Almeria ). By ferry Spain ( Almeria ) - Africa ( Morocco (Nador)). By motorcyle: Morocco (Nador - West Sahara) - Mauretania - Senegal - Gambia - Senegal - Guinea-Bissau - Guinea - Mali - Burkina Faso - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon - Gabon - Congo - Cabinda / Angola - Democratic Republic Congo - Angola - Namibia - Botswana - Zambia - Namibia - South Africa - Lesotho - South Africa - Swaziland - South Africa - Mozambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - Kenya - Ethiopia - Djibouti overland. Djibouti ( Djibouti Town ) – Yemen ( Aden ) by a dow. By motorcycle to Asia Yemen ( Aden ) - Oman - United Arabic Emirates. By ferry from UAE (Sharjah) to Iran (Bandar Abbas). By motorcycle: Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal ( Kathmandu ). By plane from Nepal (Kathmandu) to Thailand ( Bangkok ). By motorcycle: Bangok ( Thailand ) - Cambodia - Laos - Thailand - Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur ).  By plane from Malysia ( Kuala Lumpur to Australia ( Perth ).- By motorcycle: Perth - Broome - Perth - Melbourne . Motorcycle by ship to New Zealand ( Christchurch ). Ralf & Eva by plane. By motorcycle: Around the south island. By ferry from south to the northern island – around the northern island. By plane New Zealand ( Auckland ) - Europe Greece ( Athens ). By motorcycle: Greece - Albania - Macedonia - Kossovo - Montenegro - Croatia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Croatia - Slovenia - Austria - Germany (Krefeld).
The best: We did this trip trip together and still loving each other! Most of the people were very friendly and hospitable. The "feeling" to be free.
The worst: Hard to say, it is easier than we thought
Important useful informations for others:
Book or publication (about your tour):
Info: We have a lot of new information about Visa, "Hotels", Camping etc. at our homepage under "Reisetagebuch".
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:

Ralf and Eva: 20.July 1998 – 20. January 2000. Alaska - Argentina (Tierra del Fuego). ( By motorcycle: Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama. By plane from Panama (Panama) - Colombia (Bogota). By motorcycle Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Argentina).
Ralf Löther & Andre Ackfeld. August 1994 – November 1994. Europe (Germany) - Asia (India). By motorcycles: Europe (Germany , Austria , Italy) - by ferry from Italy (Venice) - Asia (Turkey (Kusadasi ). By motorcycle Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India.
Europe (Countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Monaco)
Ralf war schon ´mal in den 1980er auf dem TTTreffen. + 1997. + 1998. +2000. +2001. Eva und Ralf 2004.
15.10.2005 1st summary from Addis Abeba in Ethiopia.
28.09.2007 1st request for update. In their update they summarised that they visited 95 countries. Not clear is so far if they visited these on ths journey.
27.05.2008 Request for Update.
23.08.2008 Last update.
28.03.2010 Please send ONE = the very best foto of both of you with motorcycles "on route" for this blog with max 750 KB.
28.12.2010 Next request for the very best foto for their blog.

Japanese Hiroko (left with the scooter) and Kanichi (right with the electric moped) circled the world 2004-2008. Foto B.T. 2005 in Australia.

Blue line travel: ??.??.1987-??.??.1999. First Around-The-World (on 50ccm motorcycles). He traveled in Australia, Africa, and Asia alone.
He traveled two times around north South America and Europe.
Red line travel: 24.03.2004-23.05.2008 by Kanichi and Hiroko with Electric moped and scooter.

24.03.2004 - 23.05.2008
Hiroko Fujiwara (Japan, born 23.02.1962) and Kanichi
Fujiwara (Japan. Born 09.05.1961)
+ Around-The-World. Kanichi (YAMAHA Passol (E.V.). Electric moped. 50 ccm. 600 kwh. Max 35 km/h) and his wife Hiroko (Scooter YAMAHA Majesty ABS. 250 ccm) circled the world. They visited 45 countries. Hiroko rode 61,789km. Kanichi 50.552km.
Purpose of your travel: Around-The-World minimotorised: Hiroko was the first who circled the world with such a little electric moped. And Kanichi circeld the world with a scooter. They are sponsored by YAMAHA.

Route: Asia-01 (Japan (Tokio)- by plane to -North America (USA (San Francisco (24.03.2004)- Dallas- Saint Louis- New York(29.08.2004)). Asia-02 (by plane back to Japan (Tokio) with the two motorcycles to check the motorcycles)
- by plane to Australla (Perth(09.11.2004)- Adelaide- Hobart- Sydney (01.04.2005)- BY PLANE with two motorcycles to Europe-01 (Portugal (03.05.2005)- Spain- Andorra- France- UK- Belgium- Netherlands- Germany- Luxembourg- Germany (arrived 22nd.07.2005 at Tesch)- Switzerland- Liechtenstein- Switzerland- Italy- Slovenia- Croatia- Bosnia and Herzegovina- Serbia- Romania- Bulgaria- Macedonia- Greece (22.11.2005)- Africa (South Africa (18.02.2006)- Lesotho- South Africa- Swaziland- South Africa- Zimbabwe- Mozambique- Malawi- Tanzania- Kenya (09.08.2006)- Europe-02 (Greece (06.09.2006)- Asia-03 (Turkey (17.10.2006)- At this time the trip by battery trouble (recall) will be interrupted. We stayed in AsiaJapan for a while until we solved the problem.- Asia-04 (Turkey (07.08.2007)-Syria- Turkey- Iran- Pakistan- India- Bangladesh- by plane to Malaysia- Thailand (11.04.2008)- Japan- Osaka(11.05.2008)- Nagoya- Kanagawa- Myhome in ??(23.05.2008).
Highlights: ??)
The worst: ?
Book or publication : Articels in Japanes in Motorcycle magazines: May be `??...
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Kanichi circled the world before with a Moped HONDA 50 ccm.
B.T.: Hiroko was the first human being, who circled the world with an electric moped / motorcycle. I am not sure if Kanichi was the first woman circling the world with a scooter. Kanichi und Hiroko are the first couple who circled the world with such minimotorised motorcycles.
23.12.2004 Patricia and Bernd Tesch met both in Western Australia on the Nullabor. Kanichi could only ride 120 kms with batteries. Because of the distance of about 200 km between roadhouses here with electricity Hiroko had to travel by herself to the roadhouse to charge the battery and ride back to serve Kanichi with the new batteries.
22.07.2005 Both arrived at Patricia and Bernd Tesch in Hammer / Germany and stayed for three days.
25.04.2011 Email with world-map and new emails.
22.11.2018: Request for the missing datas and arrival
23.11.2018: Updatre from Kanichi
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??.??. 2004 - ??.??.2004
Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor
+ Around-The-World. With two BMWs RTW.
Europe (Great Britain (London)- Russia) - ASia (Russia, Transsiberia - Kasachstan) - by plane to America (Canada - USA (New York) - Europe..
Publication: Book and DVD
01.2005 B.T. and Patricia rode the western part in Australia for three months when they heard about this tour. And that there is a book coming in january in OZ parallel with a TV-show. B.T. bought the book but could not find any spectecluary: It was one of the most easiest tours RTW concerning the route. Enough money. Sponsored motorcycles. And a film-team with a car always behind them.
The only spectecluar thing was the enormous public relation. So this is another proof that you can sell everything - even it is nothing special - if you publish it billions times. Both would agree if they would read this webpages with the routes and time of the other RTW-travellers. B.T. tried to contact Ewan McGregor by a written paper via H.S. from TOURATECH on a mc-fair in Germany. He did not react.
28.12.2007 Sold 900.000 DVDs of "Long Way Round" and 1,3 million books. Although this is a quite normal RTW-Tour.

Around-The-World by car, on food, by bicycle, in a baloon, by sailing-boat. See my other sites.

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