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My main subject is to circle the world by MOTORCYCLE.  I own a lot of information as well about other kinds of going Around-The-World. Especially I own the old books about round-the-world. But I cannot do the job to collect, summarise and publish all this alone here. So, if  YOU know interesting tours of travelling Around-The-World please inform me. Even if you know good books about this subject.

Copyright Bernd Tesch. Motorcycle-WORLD-Travel-Expert. It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the book in work "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-Travels Around-The-World. ISBN  3-9800099-8-x.
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstr. 31. 52152 Simmerath-Hammer. Germany. Tel 02473-938686. email: berndtesch (ad)

Bernd Tesch has been working in this field since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the World-Around-Travellers to get contact / information. Later Fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). In 1999-2000 I visited famaous Mc-Travllers in Australia. In october 2000 I saw Alberto Granda, best mc-travel-friend of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in CUBA. Many of  Motorcycle Travellers Around-The-World have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. In 1998 there have been 20 within 300 participants. In 2000 11 of them. Nobody knows more World-Around-Travellers in person as Bernd Tesch. I own the largest archive of World-Around-Travellers: 10 file-boxes full packed (90 cm wide).

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-World-Around-Travels. All books about "Around-The-World" by motorcycle which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" = Motorcycle-Adventure-Tours (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages.

If there is shown "Book:" under the traveller and you want to read / order this you can check if it is still available: >> >> German or English version >> Bestelliste or order. If you find this book there you can order it. I offer about 183 international available Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books for sale.

I have had many discussions what you can call a Motorcycle-Tour "Around-The-World". There does not exist only ONE definition. This defintion has changed many times by time since 1912 / 3, because motorcycles who were availbale and the conditions of the known / unknown roads and their infrastructure with water / food / petrol. Some riders thing that you must have done it in ONE tour. Others thing that you must have been in each continent. American Jim Rogers things that you must have crossed each continent in one tour (covered 6 continents). Australian David McGonical visited all seven continents (including Antarctica) AND all time-tones with his motorcycle !
Bernd Tesch thinks that we all should be very tolerant to each other: The earliest Motorcycle-Travellers had quite different conditions like Clancy in 1912 -13. And although British Martyn Swain rode 4,5 years "in the world" he did not make it in total missing an easy last part. I even think it is interesting to know who planned to ride Around-The-World, and started but did not finish it for different reasons...

If you are a World-Around-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE-BLOCK  in THIS STYLE in English:

01.10.1980 - 27.10.1985
Müller, Sven (German)  your http://www.???
Solo Around the World with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. He rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...

Organisation by Bernd (Tesch):
12.- 14.04.2002: "24th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers = Motorrad-FERNREISE-Treffen".
April 2003: "25th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels". To my anniversary I invite all Motorcycle-World-Around-Travellers wordlwide already since 1999. Would be wonderful to see you if you are one ! If you are a Mc-WA-Traveller and promise to come it will be marked here in internet under your name ! TRY hard to be there in Germany / Belgium.

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me since 1970 worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this high level. This internet-list had to be done in many days but too quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the information and a lot in my language.
At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of information in internet or literature.

Bernd Tesch

Around-The-World on food, by bicycle, in a baloon, by sailing-boat
(Summarises by year of start)

10.10.2001 The subject above is to circle the world by MOTORCYCLE.  I own a lot of information as well about other kinds of going Around-The-World. Especially the old books about round-the-world by car. But I cannot do the job to collect, summarise and publish all this alone here. So, if  YOU know interesting tours of travelling Around-The-World please inform me. Even if you know good books about this subject.

How many countries does the World have?
To answer this question exactly is difficult because this changes many times in the earlier years. I never could read a publication about this. Have you seen one?

1985: Emilio Scotto: The 172 countries that were in the world in 1985 now in 1998 are 215.
1998: Peter Forwood informed me that there are 247 countries in 3 categories in the world according to Rand McNally atlas. There are 191 totally independent countries at all.
2001: The German leading book "Fischer Alamach 2001" says: 193 countries

10-20 billion (= Millarden) years ago
The universe started to exist somehow.

4.5 billion years ago
The Sun and Earth were created. The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun. Possibly out of change of gravity in the universe it was caused that dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the biggest part which is the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circle around the sun. All of the men / women who have been in satelits speak about the "blue planet earth" because about 70 % of the earth is water.

1-3 billion years ago
First signs of life on the earth.  After the earth got colder the first cells grew in microbe "Archeos"  (= das Ursprüngliche, the basic). If this came by meteroits from other planets or developed on earth, is not proved so far.

25.000 years ago
The "homo sapiens" exists.

20.09.1519 - 07.09.1522
Magellan (= Magalhaes, Fernando de) (Portuguese)
+ Around-The-World by ship first time. Im Auftrage des spanischen Königs Karl I verließ Magellan Spanien mit fünf Schiffen. Er wollte die von Portugal besetzten Molukken (Gewürzinseln) für Spanien zurückholen. Deshalb wollte er diese auf einem neuen Seeweg westlich um die Erde erreichen. Maggelan und dann Elcano umsegelten als erste die Erde.Von fünf Schiffen kam eines zurück, von 237 Mann Besatzung nur 18. Die Gewürze reichten, um die gesamte Fahrt zu finanzieren. Die Fahrt erweiterte gewaltig das Wissen um das  Erdbild, seine Entfernungen und bewies die kugelige Gestalt der Erde.
Route: Spanien (Sanlúcar) - 12.1519 an Rio de Janeiro - ab 10.01.1519 versuchte er vergeblich über die Flußmündung La Plata Amerika zu durchqueren - den Winter verbringt er in der Bucht von San Julián in Patagonien, wo er eine Meuterei niederschlagen muß - bei der Weiterfahrt umsegelt er beim "Kap de las Virgines" in 21 Tagen die etwa 600 km gefährliche Felseninselnstraße, die SAmerka von Feuerland trennt. Sie wurde später nach ihm "Magellan-Straße" genannt -  am 28.11.1520 segelt er in das große Meer ein. Er nannte es den "Stillen Ozean", da er in drei Monaten und 20 Tagen Seegelzeit keinen Sturm erlebte - am 06.03.1521 erreichten er die Ladronen (Diebsinseln, heutige Marianen) - 16.03.1521 an Lazarusinseln (Philippinen) - Magallan versuchte mit Gewalt das Christentum einzuführen, aber Magellan wurde bei einem Kampf am 27.04.1521 auf der philippinischen Insel Matan getötet.  - Unter dem Kommando von Sebastian de Elcano erreichten die beiden verbliebenen Schiffe über Nordborneo (Nordkalimantan) die Maluku (Molucken). Obwohl die Insel von Portugiesen besetzt waren, konnten sie die erwünschten Gewürze tauschen.  Mit nur noch einem seetüchtigen Schiff  "Victoria" traten sie die Heimfahrt an, indem sie die von Portugiesen benutzen Seewege meideten. - Kap der Guten Hoffnung - Kapverden - Spanien (Sanlucar).
B.T.: Elcano was the first human who circled the world by ship.

1577 -1580
Drake, Francis (British)
+ Around-The-World by ship. First British RTW - tour by ship called "Golden Hym" while fighting against Spain war-ships. Francis started with 5 ships in Plymyth, sailed to the Southern Tip of South America, maid it secretly to pass the islands of  Tierra del Fuego, but lost there 4 of his ships. In 1585 Drake brought the potato to England.

1862 - 1863
Hildebrandt, Eduard. Prof.
+ Around-The-World by ship. "Reise um die Erde". Nach seinen Tagebüchern und mündlichen Berichten erzählt von Ernst Kossak. Im Wesentlichen eine Schiffsreise.
Route: Auf dem Landweg Berlin - Italien (Triest) - per Schiff nach Ägypten - Rotes Meer - Indien (Bombay - Indisch Ceylon - Calcutta) - Hinterindien (Ragoon) - Malakka (Singapore) - Bangkok - China (Hongkong - Peking) - Philippinen (Manila) - USA (San Franzisco) - San Salvador - Panama - Jamaica - England (Southampton - London) - auf dem Landwege nach Berlin. 5. Auflage mit einer Reisekarte. Hardcover 184 S. 18,5 h x 12 cm B. Verlag: Otto Janke. 1876.

Verne, Jules (French)
Around-The-World vision. The very well known French writer Jules wrote the phantastic novel (Roman) in which Phileas Fogg won the bed to circle the world in 80 days. This novel became very famous and was translated in many languages. The journey was the expression of dreams of people of that time "to circle the world" after the British finished a railway in India:
B.T. 22.07.2000 This is the first famous book about "Around the world" as a vision.

1884 - 1886
Stevens, Thomas (American, 1854 - 1935)
+ Around-The-World by bycycle. 20.000 Meilen mit dem Hochrad Zweirad um die Welt. Von San Francisco nach Teheran. Erste Weltumrundung auf einem Fahrzeug = Fahrrad. Thomas hatte bereits ca. 1885  8000 miles gefahren, der längste Fahrrad-Trip bisher. 1886 will er es ausdehnen bis er die Welt umrundet hat. Von San Francisco radelt er bis Boston 3700 miles mit einem Fahrrad. Dieses ist die erste Durchquerung Amerikas mit einem Fahrzeug.
Da Thomas die Idee einer Weltumrundung hatte, wurde er als Korrespondent bezahlt. Karl Kron hat 8 Monate mit Thomas Stevens in N.Y. während dessen Aufenthalt dort gesprochen. Die offizielle railroad von S.F. nach N.Y. war damals 3416 miles. Steven schätzt, daß seine Entfernung ca. 200 km länger war. Während dieser Strecke war Stevens gezwungen sein Hochrad 1/2 bis 1/3 des Weges zu schieben.
Book: 1888. Von Teheran nach Jokohama (in German)
Book: 1984. Around the world on a bicycle (in English)
Book: 1984. 20000 Meilen mit dem Hochrad um die Welt 1884-1886. Verlag: Thienemanns. Germany. Stuttgart. ISBN 3-??
421 S. DM 39,00 (in German)
B.T. 1991: The first known tour by bicycle Around-The-World.

Ca. 1887 - 88 Start
Burston, Stokes, G.W. and H.R. Stokes (Australians)
Allen, Tomas G. and William L. Sachtleben (Americans)
Around-The World.
Route: Turkey (Konstantinopel (Istanbul)) - Desert Gobi - China (Peking) - ?
Book: 1890.
09.08.2000 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing in his book new edited book in German language: Hortsmann, Heinrich: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". = "My bicycle tour Around-The World". ISBN 3-931965-06-6.

1892 - 1894
Lenz, Frank (German -American, 1867 - 1894)
Planned to circle the world by bicycle.
Route: USA (New York) - Germany - Kurdestan. Here he was murdered by 5 Kurdistan people.
09.08.2000 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing in his book new edited book: Hortsmann, Heinrich: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". ISBN 3-931965-06-6.

Londonderry, Anny (American)
+ Around-The-World by bicycle. She made a bet of  US $ 10.000 that she could circle the world by bicyle starting without any money and come home with Mark 40.000.
Book: ?
09.08.2000 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing in his book new edited book: Hortsmann, Heinrich: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". ISBN 3-931965-06-6.
Erhard Lessing: The first known tour Around-The-World  by bicycle by a woman.

1895 - 1896
Mark Twain (American, 1835-1910)
+ Around-The-World by ship. Book: Meine Weltreise nach Indien. Following the Equator. Hardcover. 320 PP. In German. At this time Mark Twain (original name Samuel Langhorne) had already written the famous book of "Die Abenteuer von Huckleberry Finn".
Route: England - USA - Canada - Australia - ..
Verlag: Erdmann. 2003. ISBN 3865030025 € 22,00.
- O. Tesch

02.05.1895 - 08.08.1897
Heinrich Horstman (German, 30.10.1875 - 04.05.1945)
+ Around-The-World by bicycle.  20-years old Heinrich cycled solo Around-the-World by biycycle in 27 months.
Route: Germany (Wuppertal)  - Belgium - England - USA - Hawaii - Japan - Hong Kong - Singapore - India (Kalkutta) - by ship to Egypt - Italy - Slowenien - Austria - Germany (Wuppertal)
This in German written book was edited by H.-E. Lessing again in 2000. 320 pp. DM 39,80. Verlag: Maxi Kutschera. Book: Book: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". Verlag: Darmen. 1897. 296 S.
There should only be ONE original book exist in the library of  town Wuppertal.
2000: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". ISBN 3-931965-06-6. This in German written book was new edited by Prof. Dr. H.-E. Lessing again in 2000. 320 pp. DM 39,80. Verlag: Maxi Kutschera. Germany . Leipzig. Tel.  0049 (0) 341-4011884. Fax 0049 (0) 341-4011881. Email
12.1998 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing about the original book.
31.07.2000. 2nd information by Corinna Gehring about the new book.
Erhard Lessing: The first known tour Around-The-World  by bicycle from a German.

Fraser, John Forster (American, 1868 - 1936)
Around-The-World by bicycle. Round the world on a wheel.
John fuhr mit S. Eduard Lunn und F.H. Lowe in 774 Tagen mit dem Fahrrad durch 17 Länder in drei Kontinenten und bewältigte 19.287 Meilen. Ab 07.1896 fuhr er auch durch Sibirien.
Book: 1. edition 1899. Verlag: Thomas Nelson und Sons (in English).
Book: 1989. 512 pp. 41 chapters. Papeback. Verlag: Futura Publ. England. London. ISNM-0708842682. (in English).
08.10.1993 1st information by Paul Pratt

< 1926
Svend Heiberg and Axel Swane
01.07.2003 First information by Evald Bengtsson. He wrote: A few days ago I was in Stockholm and spent a few hours looking for information about long distance drivers. I looked for Heiberg and Swane. They are mentioned on page 44 in "Jorden rundt paa cykle" by Kai Thorenfeldt. He found their names in a registerbook in a hotel in Basra. I think they are also mentioned somewhere by Palle Huld. In a periodical from 1926 I found a photo of Svend Heiberg and Axel Swane on a MC. "Around the world" but no other text at all. If you are interested, I can send you a copy of the
16.04.2003 Asked for more information
28.03.2008 Could you please send / scan me the picture Ewald?

Charles Lindbergh
crossed the Atlantic nonstop from Mew York to Paris.

Köhl, Hermann:
The pilot crossed the Atlantic by plane west-east. The Australian Kingsford-Smith crossed the Pacific.

05.08.1929 plus 2 weeks
+ Around-The-World by baloon Zeppelin. The German Zeppelin circled the world in 2 weeks. This was the first and only circle by a Zeppiln.
27.03.2008 First information by TV. Das Luftschiff "Graf Zeppelin" flew Around-The-World

+ Around-The-World by ?? Gustav Stavianik. Sztavianik
7 Jahre um die Welt.
Gustav Sztavjanik (* 6. Juli 1907 in Wien ; † 1944 ) war ein österreichischer Radsportler, der in den Jahren 1924 bis 1931 zusammen mit dem indischen Journalisten Fram Jamsetjie Davar die Welt mit dem Fahrrad umrundete.
Durch Zufall lernte der radsportbegeisterte Gustav Sztavjanik den indischen Radreisenden Fram Jamsetjie Davar in Wien kennen und schloss sich ihm zu einer Weltumrundung per Fahrrad an. Die Reise führte die beiden in den Jahren 1924 bis 1931 durch vier verschiedene Kontinente:
Europa (u. a. Tschechoslowakei , Deutschland , Schweiz , Frankreich , Holland sowie Skandinavien ), Afrika (erstmalige Durchquerung der Sahara per Fahrrad), Süd - und Nordamerika (zweimalige Überquerung der Anden ), Asien sowie wieder zurück nach Wien, Österreich.
Auf ihrer Reise machten die beiden Abenteurer die Bekanntschaft verschiedener prominenter Persönlichkeiten, die sich für die Unternehmung interessierten und einen entsprechenden Eintrag in ihrem Autogramm- und Erinnerungsbuch hinterließen (u. a. Charles Lindbergh , Sven Hedin , Felix Graf von Luckner , der Boxer Jack Dempsey , Jawaharlal Nehru , Wilhelm II. ).
Dank einer nahezu weltweiten Begeisterung für den Radsport erfuhren die beiden Weltreisenden immer wieder Unterstützung durch die jeweiligen lokalen Rad- und Sportvereine. Sztavjanik wurde während der Reise wiederholt als Teilnehmer zu Radrennen eingeladen und stellte z. B. zusammen mit einem chilenischen Rennpartner einen Südamerika-Rekord im 24-Stundenrennen auf.
Hermann Härtel, Maria Rennhofer: Mit dem Zweirad um die Welt. Haymon, Innsbruck 2000, ISBN 3-85218-327-8 .

Hughes, Howard (American)
Around-The-World by plane.The Millardär circled the world on a northern route in 91 hours by an aeroplane Lockheed model 14. 1 00.000 people gave him a welcome on the airport in New York.

Elly Beinhorn (1907 in Hannover-28.11.2007 in Berlin). She died in an old people home. And are burried in Berlin besides Racer Bernd Rosemeyer.
+Around-The-World by plane. She was sitting 02.11.1928 first time in a plane: In the roaring twenties. In 1929 Elly made her license A.
04.01.1931 Elly startet to her first Africa-flight with a used plane "Klemm L 26", made out of wood. Along the African coast she reached 01.02.1931 Bissau in Portuguese Guinea (with only 300 European inhabitans). After a "Notlandung" in southern Sahara she escaped by foot via Timbuktu and arrived back with another plane in Berlin 29.04.1931. The whole world now new her.
Route: Her flight Around-The-World starte in december 1931. 40 Newspares want to give a report about her flight and offered money in advance.
Berlin - Persia. A first "come down" happened in Persia because she could not fly against the wind with 150 Km/ h of her plane with 80 PS. - Kalkutta - Rangoon - Singapur - Bangkok - Sumatra - Bali - Australia (arrived 02.04.1932 in Sydney)- By ship to Panam. South Ameica down by plane to south Argentina. Because her small sport-plane could not cross the Atlantic she shipped back her plane to Germany.
June 2008 ther was a one hour report about Elly Beinhorn in radio "Hessischer Rundfunk". Bernd Tesch ordered the manuscript and gave it as a present to pilot Thomas Buse. THe information is out of the report.

09.05. - 29.05.1940
Louis Castex
+ Around-The-World by plane. Buch: "Mein Flug um die Welt". In 20 Tagen fliegt Louis, der Präsident des Aeroclubs von Frankreich, mit verschiedenen Flugzeugen um die Welt. Hardcover. 228 S. 1 Skizze.
Verlag: Deutsche Verlagsanstalt. Stuttgart. 1949. Orginal-Tiel in Frankreich: Mon tozur du Monde en Avion. Verlag: Librairie Plon. Paris. 1945.
In diesem Buch sind aufgeführt:
1890 Der Franzose Clément Ader machte einen ersten kurzen Flug von 60 Metern
1909 überlog Blériot den Ärmelkana.
1913 überflog Garros das Mittelmeer
1919 überquerte Read den Atlantik
1940-41 macht ein Passagier den Flug um die Welt in einem regulären Verkehrsflugzeug.
3.04.02 Buchgeschenk von Marc Gutmann auf 24 MFTreffen.

+ Around-The-World by plane.  The first aeroplane circled the world. It got several times fuel in the air. The US-Bomber B 50.

Heinz Stuck(e)
+ Around-The-World by bicycle ?. 7 Jahre um die Welt mit Fahrrad (?).
Heinz Stücke (geboren ca. 1940) ist ein Rekord- deutschen Paar-und Fernverkehr Radfahrer .
In 1962, the 22-year-old Stücke quit his work as a tool- and die-maker and rode out of his home town, Hövelhof , North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany , on a three-speed bicycle, with a plan to see the world. Im Jahr 1962, 22-jährige Stücke beenden die seine Arbeit als ein Werkzeug-und Formenbau-Maker und ritt aus seiner Heimatstadt, Hövelhof , Nordrhein-Westfalen , Deutschland , auf einem Drei-Gang-Fahrrad, mit einem Plan zu sehen der Welt. He has never since returned to Hövelhof, stating that his extraordinary desire to travel has been partly motivated by his not wanting to return home to his factory work and "the very small-minded people" of his village. Er hat seitdem nie wieder in Hövelhof, die besagt, dass seine außergewöhnlichen Wunsch zu reisen wurde teilweise "motiviert durch seine Fabrik nicht fehlen, um nach Hause zurückkehren, um seine Arbeit und die sehr kleinen gleichgesinnten Menschen" seines Dorfes.

In the early 1980s, after two decades on the road, Stücke decided to attempt to visit every country in the world. In den frühen 1980er Jahren, nach zwei Jahrzehnten auf der Straße, beschloss Stücke zu versuchen, jedes Land der Welt zu besuchen. Between 1962 and 2006 he cycled more than 539,000 kilometres (335,000 miles) and visited 192 countries. Zwischen 1962 und 2006 radelte er mehr als 539.000 Kilometer (335.000 Meilen) und 192 Länder besucht.

In 2002 he rode across Canada with a partner on a Pino Tandem recumbent bicycle , built and sponsored by Hase Spezialräder. Im Jahr 2002 ritt er in Kanada mit einem Partner auf einem Tandem Pino Liegerad Fahrrad , gebaut und gesponsert von Hase Spezialräder.

In May 2006, he was briefly in the national news in the United Kingdom for having his bicycle stolen from outside his tent during a stay in the city of Portsmouth . Im Mai 2006 war er kurz in die nationale Nachrichtenagentur im Vereinigten Königreich für unter seinem Fahrrad von gestohlenen von außerhalb seines Zeltes während eines Aufenthalts in der Stadt Portsmouth . His bicycle, the original machine he rode out of Hövelhof on in 1962, was recovered 36 hours later in a local park. [1] Sein Fahrrad, das ursprüngliche Maschine, die er ritt aus Hövelhof auf in 1962 wurde wieder 36 Stunden später in einem lokalen Park. [1]

He was registered as the most travelled man in history in the Guinness Book of Records between 1995 and 1999. [2] Er war der registrierten die meisten Menschen in der Geschichte reiste im Guinness Book of Records zwischen 1995 und 1999. [2]

He has also amassed a collection of more than 100,000 photographs taken by himself during his travels, and uses licensing revenue from these photos and sales of his travel memoirs and picture books to support his expeditions. Er hat auch eine Sammlung von mehr als 100.000 Fotos von ihm während seiner Reisen gesammelt werden, und verwendet Lizenzeinnahmen aus diesen Fotos und einen Umsatz von seiner Reise Memoiren und Bild Bücher zu seinen Expeditionen zu unterstützen.

During his wide-ranging travels he has encountered many hazards: Während seiner weitreichenden Reisen hat er viele Gefahren aufgetreten:

< 1986
(Dr ?). August Jentsch (geb. 1926)
Weltreise.1. Teil: Überland nach Asien mit einem Traktor.
Buch im Selbstverlag herausgegeben. 1968. Hardcover. 224 S.
1993 Telefoniert mit August Jentsch wegen seiner drei Bücher über seine Motorrad-Weltreise mit Gespann 1953-56.

01.03.2000 09:00 o´clock - 20.03.2000 10.54 o´clock
Piccard, Bertrand Dr. and Brian Jones
+ Around-The-World by baloon. Both were the first pilots who circled the world by a baloon: 40.814 kms in 19 days. The flew sometimes very high (10.000 m) and quick (160 kms/h).
Route (not known in total): Switzerland - Maroc - Algeria - Sudan - Saudi Arabia - Oman - China - Pazifik - SAmerika -
B.T: First flight RTW with a baloon.

- ??.??.??. - 23.07.2001
Wilfried Erdmann (German)
+ Around-The-World by ship.
Route: Germany (Cuxhaven - Cuxhaven). In 343 days solo around the world by sailing-boat.
23.07.2001 1st information by TV-news
B.T.: Wilfried is the first man who has been sailing around-the-World west against the wind.

+ Around-The-World by ship. Segelregatta in 38 Tagen um die Welt. Die deutsche Mannschaft ist als erste im Teilabschnitt Sydney angelangt.

23.03.2002 - + 2 Jahre
Metzner, Kai "Quincy" and Marco "Steppe" Stepniak (Germans) http://www.DieLemminge
- Plan Around-The-World by bicycle.


Ca. 18.03.2002 B.T. saw them in TV
23.03.2002 Wofgang Bebronne gave me their homepage.
24.03.2000 1st request for update.

20.06. - 04.07.2002
Fosset, Steve (American)
+ Around-The-World. First person RTW solo by ballon. Australia - Australia.

After YOU Traveller die:
01.08.2000 After I updated this homepage second time with some hundred hours of work Patricia and I took some hours off. We wanted to relax in the nearby forest EIFEL conquering a water canal maximum 3 meters wide in the end coming out of the ground about ca. 9 kms somewhere up the hills. We both liked the nature very much with all the greens, sunshine and shade. During this walk we loved to discover a group of some hundred years old beech-trees (Buchen).
Then Patricia said: "In my next life I would like to be a beech-tree". This caused some thoughts in me: After we die 90 % water of our body will first go in the ground. It could be that a part of this water will help to create another plant or even a tree. So you mc-traveller could be a part of a beech-tree. Some of this water will evaporate in the air. Then the wind will blow your water somewhere and it will come down on earth or in the sea again. If the water comes down on earth a plant could grow with your water. A Motorcycle-Traveller could eat this plant. Then you are a part of a mc-traveller again. Or your rain could fall in a small river and another mc-traveller drinks clear water out of this river. Then you are a part of a mc-traveller again.

The very rest of your 10 % material could be eaten by bacteries. Bigger animals could eat thess. Possibly this animal could be eaten by another animal and this by a mc-traveller. Then you are a part of a mc-traveller again. Possibly this mc-traveller will read this homepage. Then your soul is connected with your material again. This are some possible ways that YOU Mc-Traveller never die and will live for long times as a Motorcycle-TRAVELLER.

5 billion (Milliarden) years later ALL Travellers will die:
Sun will kill all Motorcycle-Travellers. The sun will have extended so much in size that she reaches the earth. All the heat will destroy all life on earth including ALL MOTORCYCE-TRAVELLERS. That´s it !

I hope you liked reeding this. I am just waiting for YOUR email helping me to update A LIFELONG job with passion.

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