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Copyright Bernd Tesch.Motorcycle-WORLD-Travel-Expert. It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the book in work "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-Travels Around-The-World. ISBN  3-9800099-8-x.
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstr. 31. 52152 Simmerath-Hammer / EIFEL / Germany. Tel : 0049 (0)2473-938686. email: berndtesch (ad)  homepage

First and largest summary in internet and in literature at all about "Around-The-World by Motorcycle". The detailed stories you will find in my in work being book.

I would be grateful if you could help to keep this update ! So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Pardon. Will be corricated and updated with more Around-The-World-Travellers in future. If you find yourself inside or any lack of information please inform me! Bernd Tesch has been working in this field "Around The World" since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the World-Around-Travellers to get contact / information. Since 1985 fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). In 1999-2000 I visited famaous Mc-Travllers in Australia. In october 2000 I saw Alberto Granada, best mc-travel-friend of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in CUBA. Many of  Motorcycle Travellers Around-The-World have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. In 1998 there have been 20 within 300 participants. In 2000 11 of them. Nobody knows more World-Around-Travellers in person than Bernd Tesch. I own the largest archive of World-Around-Travellers: 10 file-boxes full packed (90 cm wide).

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-World-Around-Travels. All books about "Around-The-World" by motorcycle which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" = Motorcycle-Adventure-Tours (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. € 19.90). I own all this books in all languages.

If you are a World-Around-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

YOUR summary: PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE-BLOCK  in THIS STYLE in English. Copy this and overwrite it with your namw / details:

01.10.2011 - 27.10.2012
Sven Müller (German, born-date??)  and Susan Smith (British, born-date??) your http://www.???
+ Solo Around the World with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Sven rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Purpose: ?? To find out...
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...
Earlier motorcyle-travel-expieriences:....

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me since 1970 worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this high level. This internet-list had to be done in many days but too quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the information and a lot in my language.
At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of information in internet or literature.

Copyright Bernd Tesch.Expert for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travels. It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the book in work "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-Travels Around-The-World. ISBN  3-9800099-8-x.
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstrasse 31. 52152 Simmerath-Hammer / EIFEL / Germany. Tel: 0049 (0)2402-938686.

Organisation by Bernd (Tesch)
Organisation by Bernd (Tesch):
April 2003: "25th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels". To my anniversary I invite all Motorcycle-World-Around-Travellers wordlwide already since 1999. Would be wonderful to see you if you are one ! If you are a Mc-WA-Traveller and promise to come it will be marked here in internet under your name ! TRY hard to be there in Germany / Belgium.
26 complete Around-The-World mc-travellesr have been on the Tesch-meeting within 300 participants
April 2008: "30th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels".
April 2013: "35th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels".

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me since 1970 worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this high level. This internet-list had to be done in many days but too quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the information and a lot in my language.
At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of information in internet or literature. Bernd Tesch

Facts and philosophical thoughts of the world
28th.05.2001 send as a copy to me by my GLOBETROTTER-Friend Christa and Heinz Jansen from Bangkok: Wenn wir die ganze Menschheit auf ein Dorf von 100 Einwohner reduzieren würden, aber auf die Proportionen aller bestehenden Völker achten würden, wäre dieses Dorf so zusammengestellt:
If you would reduce the whole inhabitants of the world to one village of 100 people, but would take the proportions of the peolpe of the world, this village would have this inhabitants:

57 Asiaten (Asians
21 Europäer (Europens)
14 Amerikaner (Americans Nord and South)
  8 Afrikaner (Africans)
52 wären Frauen (Women)
48 wären Männer (Men)
70 Nicht-Weiße (Non-Whites)
30 Weiße (Whites)
70 nicht Christen (Not Christians)
30 Christen (Christians)
89 heterosexuelle
11 homosexuelle
  6 Personen würden 59% des gesamten Weltreichtums besitzen und alle 6 Personen kämen aus den USA. 6 persons (=Americans) would own 59 % of the wealthy of the whole world
80 hätten keine ausreichenden Wohnverhältnisse (do not have enough space to live)
70 wären Analphabeten (cannot read and write)
50 wären unterernährt (do not have enough food)
  1 würde sterben (would die)
  2 würden geboren (would be born)
  1 hätte einen PC (owns a PC)
  1 (nur einer) hätte einen akademischen Abschluss (only one has an academic study finished). Wenn man die Welt aus dieser Sicht betrachtet, wird jedem klar, dass das Bedürfnis nach Zusammengehörigkeit, Verständnis, Akzeptanz und Bildung notwendig ist. Denkt auch darüber nach.

   Falls Du heute Morgen gesund und nicht krank aufgewacht bist, bist Du glücklicher als 1 Million Menschen, welche die nächste Woche nicht erleben werden.
   Falls Du nie einen Kampf des Krieges erlebt hast, nie die Einsamkeit durch Gefangenschaft, die Agonie des Gequälten, oder Hunger gespürt hast, dann bist Du glücklicher als 500 Millionen Menschen der Welt.
   Falls Du in die Kirche gehen kannst, ohne die Angst, dass Dir gedroht wird, dass man Dich verhaftet oder Dich umbringt, bist Du glücklicher als 3 Milliarden Menschen der Welt.
   Falls sich in Deinem Kühlschrank Essen befindet, Du angezogen bist, ein Dach über dem Kopf hast und ein Bett zum hinlegen, bist Du reicher als 75% der Einwohner dieser Welt.
   Falls Du ein Konto bei der Bank hast, etwas Geld im Portemonnaie und etwas Kleingeld in einer kleinen Schachtel, gehörst Du zu 8% der wohlhabenden Menschen auf dieser Welt.
   Falls Du diese Nachricht liest, bist Du doppelt gesegnet worden, denn 1. Jemand hat an Dich gedacht und 2. Du gehörst nicht zu den 2 Milliarden Menschen die nicht lesen können. Und... Du hast einen PC!

Einer hat irgendwann mal gesagt: Liebt, als hätte euch noch nie jemand verletzt. Tanzt, als würde niemand zuschauen. Singt, als würde keiner zuhören. Lebt, als wäre das Paradies auf der Erde.
Dies ist die internationale Woche der Freundschaft. Kopiere diesen Text und schicke ihn als Mail an alle, die Du Freunde nennst. Wenn Du sie nicht weiter schickst, wird nichts passieren. Wenn Du sie weiter schickst wirst Du von jemandem ein Lächeln erwerben.

Alles Gute in der Freundschaftswoche

How many countries does the World have?
To answer this question exactly is difficult because this changes many times in the earlier years. I never could read a publication about this. Have you seen one?
Emilio Scotto informed me: The 172 countries that were in the world in 1985 now in 1998 are 215.
1998:Peter Forwood informed me that there are 247 countries in 3 categories in the world according to Rand McNally atlas. There are 191 totally independent countries at all.
2001: The German leading book "Fischer Alamach 2001" says: 193 countries
26.02.2002 This information came kindly by Emil and Liliana Schmid: Die UNO ( hat 189 unabhängige Länder als Mitglieder; hinzukommen die Nichtmitglieder: Schweiz (!), Taiwan und der Vatikan, das macht ein Total von 192 Länder. Die Guinness Publishing rechnet mit gleich vielen und zählt noch 65 unabhängige Territorien dazu, macht ein Gesamttotal von 257. Der Fischer Weltalmanach hält sich sonst auch an die obige Regelung, mit Ausnahme, dass er die West-Sahara als unabhängiges Land markiert - was sie aber nicht ist, weil sie von Marokko besetzt wird.
11.11.2006: Peter Forwood: There are 19 of the 193 countries that make up the world where the motorcycle of Kay and Peter Forwood has not been ridden by the travellers.
2011: Bernd Tesch: Thee are now 194 countries. The new one is South-Sudan !!

Guinness führt die West-Sahara unter den anderen 65 auf, was logischer erscheint. Zuzüglich zur UNO-Mitgliederliste gibt die UN noch eine Länderliste ( heraus, die insgesamt 231 Namen aufführt, also neben den 192 unabhängigen noch 39 abhängige Länder (siehe beiliegende Excel-Liste <UNO-Länder>).
Gemäss BBC ( wird East Timor am 20.05.2002 unabhängig, sodass die eine Zahl auf 193 und die andere auf 64 wechseln wird (das Gesamttotal von 257 bleibt vorderhand konstant)

Es gibt noch eine andere Liste von einem amerikanischen „Traveler-Club“ (, welche 314 Länder aufführt. Generell kann man sagen, dass sowohl Guinness wie auch Fischer mehr oder weniger bei der Länderdefinition schauen, ob die Bewohner eigene Pässe haben, und vielfach spielt auch eigenes Geld dabei eine Rolle (Pässe typisch: Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man). Der Club nimmt hingegen noch Inselgruppen dazu, die eigentlich in den unabhängigen Ländern integriert sind, d.h. weder eigene Pässe noch eigenes Geld haben (typisch: Kanarische Inseln, Madeira, Azoren). Ich füge beiliegend in einer Excel-Tabelle „Länder“ die Guinness-Liste an, wobei die Farbenmarkierung (=Kontinente) meine „Kreation“ ist (die Abkürzungen gemäss ISO 3166 entsprechen den heutigen „Internet“- Abkürzungen, welche 239 verschiedene Länder aufführt (= - siehe auch angefügte Liste <Country names ISO3166-1> in htm. In einer weiteren Doc-Liste <Travelerscenturyclub> befinden sich die Ländernamen des Clubs.

23.10.2003 Aussenminister Fischer (der müßte es eigentlich wissen !!) sprach im TV von 190 Staaten
19.03.2005 Peter Forwood informed me: United Nations recognised countries: currently 191 countries

How many people does the World have?

2001 about 1,2 billion (Milliarden) in the industrial countries
2001 about 4,9 billion (Milliarden) in the not industrial countries
2001 about 6,1 billion (Milliarden) in the world
2050 about 1,2 billion (Milliarden) in the industrial countries (UN supposes this)
2050 about 8,2 billion (Milliarden) in the not industrial countries (UN supposes this)
2050 about 9,4 billion (Milliarden) in the world (UN supposes this) nt


RTW. Karte von Gino Grimbacher und Renate Greulach. Stand: 1995-2006

Renate Greulach and Gino Grimbacher "on the road".

1995 - 2006
Renate Greulach (German, born 26.02.1951) and Gino Grimbacher (German/USA, born 08.05.1956)
+ Around-The-World in parts.
We did not go around the world in one piece, because we could not afford it time and money wise.
I (Gino) started motorcycle travelling in 1974 on a old DKW 200 build in 1955. In 1980 I bought myself a brand new BMW R80/7, which I'm still riding in Germany. With those bikes I travelled around Europe. I did approx. 70-80 000 km on them travelling. The most northern point was the North Cape in Scandinavia, in the south it was Marocco/Africa, in the west it was Great Britain and Ireland , in the east Prag/Czechoslovakia and a lot of lovely spots in between. In the year 1995 I met Renate and from there on we rode all our following trips on one bike (BMW R100GS/PD build 1995). In the years 1995 – 1998 we made 4 trips in the USA and Canada including Alaska (35 000 km). 1999 – 2000 we travelled from Vancouver/Canada down to Ushuaia and back up to Rio de Janeiro/Brasil. This trip lasted 8 month and we rode approx 43 000km. We shipped the bike back to Germany. After a break (working and saving money) we started again in 2002 and we flew our bike to Australia. We made in 2002 and 2003 two trips in Australia (each trip lasted 6 weeks and we covered in total 20 000 km). In 2004 we rode 7 000km in New Zealand. In 2005 we visited South Africa, made a round trip (5000km) there. In 2006 we started in Stuttgart and after going overland (16 000km) to Vladivostok/Russia our dream was fulfilled – going around the world in stages. We have travelled overland the longest possible stretch from north to south (Alaska – Tierra del Fuego) and also from west to east (from the Atlantic to the Pacific) plus being on all 5 continents.
Route of our latest trip: Stuttgart/Germany, Prag/Czechoslovakia, Warschau/Polska, Vilnius/Lithuania, Riga/Latvia, Tallin/Estonia and Russia via St.Petersburg, Moskau, Kazan , Ufa . Ekaterinenburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, Chita – Chabarovsk (by train) to Vladivostok.
Purpose of travel: After having gone twice around the world on freighters (ships) we wanted to do it overland as well.
The best: To know other nations, other people, different cultures and living and dealing with "Mother Nature".
The worst: NONE, because whenever it looked like a problem is coming up, there was always someone who gave us help and/or hospitality, so that the problem turned into a good and great experience.
Useful Information: Going to the yearly "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting" in Germany and take the chance to use "Bernd's Individual Consulting" which safes you lots of money during your trip.
Earlier experiences: Gino Grimbacher started 1974 with little motorcycle trips around Germany (20 000km) on a DKW 200.
1980 - 1994 he toured in several trips around Europe (60 000km) between North Cape – Marocco and between Ireland and Czechoslovakia on a BMW R80/7.
Renate Greulach and Gino Grimbacher together:
1995 - 1998: In 1995 they bought a BMW R100 GS PD in New York ( USA ) and travelled both on this bike 35.000 km around North-America , Canada and Alaska . See North-America.
1999-2000 from Vancouver – Tierra del Fuego and Brasil (43 000km). See North and South America.
2002 and 2003 they did Australia (20 000km). See Australia.
2004 they did New Zealand (7 000km). See Australia.
2005 they did S.Africa (5 000km) and 2006 Asia (16 000km).
Dreaming off: Africa: going north to south; Asia: going Germany to Singapore or China.
04.02.2007 1st summary

1995 - ?
Ulrich ? (German)
Plan Around-The-World.
10.04.95  Last contact.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about him??

10.04.1995 - 06.05.1996 All British?
Clive Greenhough (Dr. of dispatch)  + Austin Vince (Maths teacher) + Gerald Vince (Railway Clerk) + Nick Stubley (Aircraft engineer) + Charles Penty (Journalist) + Bill ?? William Penty (French and Japanese teacher) (All British)
??? Wo was Mark Friend (Business Accountant)
Around-The-World. The group called themselvers "Enduro Mondo". Only Austin Vince and Cilve Greenhough and Charles Penty made it RTW 65.600 kms on SUZUKI DR 350s in 13 months.
Purpose: To motorcyle the longest distance on earth in the shorest time. They had a plan and wanted to ride 15 months.
Route: GB (London) - France - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Georgia - Aserbaidjan - Turkmenistan - Usbekistan - Kasachstan - Russia until Magadan - by air to Alaska (Anchorage) - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - boat to Colombia (Colon - Carthagena) - Equador - Peru - Chile - flight with Lufthansa from Santiago to Johannesburg in South Africa - Simbabwe - Zambia - Tansania - Kenia - Ehtiopia - Eritrea - boat to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah( - Saudia Arabia by bike ??? - JOrdan - Syria - Turkey - Bulgaria - Serbia - Hungary - Slowakia - Techoslowakei - Germany - Belgien - France - GB.
The Best: How to discover Russia all subjects. Austin in 2003: Being treated in USA / Los Angelos as famous mc-travellers for one week and therefore having enormous sex with a lot of girls.
The Worst: Stuck in Siberia in the Silov Gap.
Book: Mondo Enduro: Around the World Adventures on Two Wheels - 40 Countries in 405 Days", Austin Vince (1st information by Dr. Jaochaim Aurnhammer 01.04.2013).
10.04.1995 1st information
10.04.1995 Send a fax to a father of one of them in London with many RTW travellers who have done what they wanted to do. And I said that never a s
1998 Next information of them with their present address by Around-The-World-Traveller David Parkinson.
uch a big group who started succeeded with all riders.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows publications about them??
11.07.00 Listed under Chris Scotts website
24.01.2002 RTW Traveller Adrian Messmer informed me by email adittionally: They started with seven and two of them finally made the RTW: Clive and Austine. Adrian met them in Siberia.
Nearly the same team made another, but shorter RTW-tour in 2001 called Terra Circa
27.06.2003 I met Austin Vince at the 3rd motorcycle meeting of horizonsunlimited. There he showed the video of Terra circa. I told Austin the story that I got information of their tour 10.04.1995 and send them a fax of all the RTW travellers who had done what they wanted to do. And asked them to pass by in Aachen. He told me that there still exists a film on which he has this long fax in his hand having been very surprised that there is a man who knows all this already.
20.08.2003 Next request for update to Austin Vince on my birtday

Reinhard Poetsch bei seiner Motorrad-Weltumrundung in Australien ab 1995. - Reinhard Poetsch bei seiner Schiffsweltumseglung ab 2003.

08.09.1995 - 12.09.2001
Reinhard Pötzsch (German, born in Bremen 26.08.1964)
+ Around-The-World. Reinhard rode solo Around-The-World 235.000 km with Yamaha Tenere XTZ 660 modell 1994. A part of the Americas with Elke Thape as a sozia.
Route: Europe (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria)- Asia (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia)- Australia (incl. Tasmania), New Zealand)- America-North (Alaska, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama)- America-South (Columbia, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana)- Africa (South Africa, Lesotho, Swasiland, Mocambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania ( incl Zansibar ), Kenia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti) - Asia (Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Turkey)- Europe (Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Germany).
Working breaks:
1. I left the bike in San Francisco to work in Hamburg , 01.08.1998.
2. I left the bike in Panama to work in the USA 03.-09.1999.
Transport of bike and biker:
1. Dacca, Bangladesh to Bangkok, Thailand by plane.
2. Singapore to Jakarta, Indonesia. Bike by ship, I flew.
3. Kupang, Indonesia to Darwin, Australia by plane.
4. Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. Bike by ship, Iflew. Than the same way back.
5. Darwin, Australia to Vancouver, Canada by plane.
6. Panama to Medellin, Columbia by plane.
7. Sao Paulo, Brazil to Cape Town South Africa by plane.
8. Djibouti to Yemen by small ship.
9. Sanaá, Yemen to Amman, Jordan by plane.
10. Igomenitsa, Greece to Brindisi, Italy by ferry
Purpose of travel: ?? My experience is that people who ask a question like that will not understand any answer anyway.
Grundsätzlich kann ich sagen, dass ich zwei Gruppen von Leuten getroffen habe. Der einen Gruppe kam die Frage nach dem warum eigentlich überhaupt nicht in den Sinn, sondern sie sahen in mir jemanden, der sich tatsächlich getraut hat zu realisieren, wovon auch sie geträumt haben oder immer noch träumen: die grosse Freiheit, Abenteuer, gewaltige Landschaften, andere Kulturen. Sich ein eigenes Bild von unserem Planeten zu machen anstatt nur auf Medienberichte zu vertrauen, aus dem Altag auszubrechen. - Und dann waren da die Leute, welche als erstes nach dem warum fragten und alle meine Argumente nicht gelten lassen wolten. Ich könne doch nicht einfach "nur" so reisen, man muß doch arbeiten, man muß doch eine Familie gründen, man muß sich doch um seine Eltern kümmern und überhaupt ist das alles viel zu gefährlich, man muß..muß...muß... Ein Deutscher, welchen ich in Indonesien traf, warf mir sogar vor, daß ich asozial sei, da ich mich dem "Generationenvertrag" entziehen würde, ich müsse schließlich durch meine Arbeit (Steuern) dafür sorgen das die Rentenkassen gefüllt werden.
Highlihts: The friendly people I have met all over the world. To realize that our planet is still a beautiful place even with all the disaster, wars, diseases and poverty.
The worst: Got the bike stolen in Bulgaria two weeks after I left Germany ( I found it back about two hours later in an backyard, so it was my lucky day as well). The track from Brazil into Guyana at the end of the rainy season.
1996/1997 1st information by RTW Jochen Hübener who met him 08.07.1996 in Darwin and rode until roadcross "Tennant Creek" 21.06.96 together with him.
22.11.2000 2nd information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske who met him near Villa Ortega / Cohahique in Chile Carrera Austral.
At this time Reinhard In 04.03.2000 Reinhard already has been 5 years "on the road" and has already been in all continents. He had aluboxes with stickers from Fjällräven.
14.03.2016 Reinhard wrote me: I caNOT come to the mc-meeting because I am on a world-circumnavigation with a ship Catamaran Runawaysince June 2013. Leider kann ich leider nicht zu dem Treffen kommen.  Zur Zeit warte ich an der Pazifikküste von Panama auf ein Wetterfenster um weiter zu den Galapagos Inseln zu segeln.
"In June 2013 I started my circumnavigation with Runaway in Greece. It was always my passion  to travel long term no  fixed timetable or itinerary. So if people ask me where I will be in a month, a year, or in 10 years, I really don`t know.  From 1995 to 2001 I traveled around the world with a motorcycle, my plan was to go around in  two years but I quickly realized that it makes no sense to rush from one place to the next. So the trip ended up lasting 6 years, 70 countries and 250.000 km. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I am using the same philosophy for my circumnavigation".
14.03.2016 B.T. ergänzt diese Seite. Und antwortet Reinhard.

(10.1995 ?) June or May 1997 - end of 1998.
Kari Valjakka (Finnish)

+ Around-The-World. He travelled with Africa twin 750, 91.000km. On tour: Europe, Asia, Australia, North America.
01.08.1998 1. Info von Renate Greulach und Gino Grimbacher.who met them on their tour Alaska-Tierrea del Fuego at the border of Alaska-Canada.
14.07.2001 Email to Gino for more information.
22.09.2001 Foto of Kari from Renate Greulach and Gino Grimbacher 06.02.2004 Next request
26.02.2005 Next info with details from Arto Rasimus
05.04.2006 1st request to Arto if he knows his webiste / address

1998 ca.: Marc Gutmann "on route" in ?´.- 2022.11.24: Marc Gutmann und Bernd Tesch. Treffen in Blankenheim nach langer Zeit (mit Monica RC).

01.04.1995 - 15.04.2000
Marc Gutmann (German, 14.07.1968)
+ Around-The-World. The Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA-business) Marc rode 111.000 kms in 5 continents through 56 countries with Suzuki DR 650. Marc in 2000 to Bernd Tesch: "This was only my first round". He wants to continue.
Purpose: ??
: Germany (Start directly from the Tesch-Travel-Treffen) - von Polen nach Argentinien auf einem alten Frachter - alle Länder Südamerikas (außer Guyanas und Chile) - der Kontinent der ihm zur zweiten Heimat wird (mentality of the people, beauty of nature) 1997: Alle Länder Mittelamerikas > und Mexiko - 1997: USA, statt auf direktem Weg nach L.A. "driftet" er durch die Begeisterung für die Nationalparks ab bis Miami.
1998: In der Regenzeit durch das sowieso depressive Japan (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku) - über Korea (train and bus) to China (by bicycle) - Australia, what he calls a "boring paradise" - by boat, bus, train through Brunei and Malaysia - he flew by plane and shiped the bike to Africa. 1999/2000: Cape of good hope to Cairo in 12 thrilling months Transafrica - Middle East - Europe (Cyprus - Greece and > Balkan in wintertime - Macedonia - Bulgaria (zweimal eingeschneit !) - Rumanien - Ungarn - Slowakei - Tschechien - Deutschland (Feuchtwangen).
The best: Africa. Visit of mountain Gorillas in Ruanda /Africa. South America: Lifestyle in Caribbean coast and Islands. Atmosphere of National Park "Badlands" in South Dakota. Asia: Long forgotten mountain roads and green scenery in Japan. Australia: Red outback roads in the flimmering heat. Middle East: Archeological site of Petra in Jordan. Europe: Monasteries in Cyprus.
The worst: On the way were definetely some bad moments, but looking back on the whole trip they are of no significance.
Usefultips for others: Don´t try to copy other mototcyle travels ! Find your own way! And bear in mind that traveling is not a competition
Books or publication: CD of the World-Tour 1995-2000. Foundation of company MANTAC for Foto- and Filmproduction. Slides shows.
Other travel-experiences: During his education he travelled a lot including many countries of Europe by bike.
1997 Slides-show about his part of South-America at the 19. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers.
1995, 1997, 2000, 2001 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
02.03.2015 Marc wrote: ich fahre immer noch motorrad auf mehreren kontinenten, aber eher weil ich dort lebe und im augenblick nicht mehr so sehr zum reisen. Habe ein motorrad in der dominikanischen Republik und eines in nizza (Frankreich) und ein kleines in murnau (Deutschland). je nachdem wo ich mich gerade mit meiner Frau und meinen Toechtern 6 monate und 4 jahre aufhalte...
02.03.2015: Request for 3 best fotos, a digital map, and a star-portrait from today!
24.11.2022: Marc called my from Viersen (Germany) travelling with his life-woman Monika form Venezuela. They met alreaday 1997 in Venezuela. In the meantime Monika lives in Geramny and has the German passport! - We met in Blankenheim and had a great new time together.
I asked Marc and Monika to send me within a week the five best fotos an a map of the tour RTW for this block.
B.T.: Marc started his world-tour in 1995 on a Tesch-Treffen and finished it again on a Tesch-Treffen in 2000.

02.04.1995 - 24.05.1996
Adrian Messmer (Swiss, born 1969) and and Martin Ernst (Swiss, born 1968)
+ Around-The-World. Adrinan and Martin rode with two HONDA Africa Twin XRV750  63.500 kms through 26 countries and 4 continents.
Adrian rode all tours including the others ones below with one motorcycle HONDA Africa Twin: 135.000 kms in 50 different countries on 5 continents.
Route: Switzerland (Zuerich) - Lichtenstein - Austria - Hungary - Romania - Moldovia - Ukraine - Russia (transsiberia until Magadan) - by plane to Anchorage - Alaska - Canada (Yukon, British Colombia, Alberta) - USA (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada,
California) - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama (Colon) - Colombia (by boat from Colon to Cartagena in Clombia) - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Arhentina (Ushuaia) - Brazil (Rio) - Germany (by plane to Frankfurt) - Switzerland (Zuerich).
Purpose of Travel: Being one of the first to reach Magadan in North eastern Siberia overland after the breakdown of the former U.S.S.R.
Trying to ride around the globe, having fun, meeting people and experiencing plenty of adventures.
The best: Being completely on our own on the lonely desperate road between Yakutsk and Magadan. Siberia and it's people are great!
The worst: We got involved into a mafia incident in the town of Gornoi-Altaisk in the middle of the Altai mountains in Siberia. We were confronted with being killed in case of refusing to pay 700 US $. We refused pretending not to have this money and survived
Usefultips for others:
Their airlines-sponsor for motorcycle transport worldwide. They recommend them highly:
Try to make the effort to leran some Russian. This helped a lot in this particular situation, but also in many others. It is aloa more fun to enjoy the hospitality of the Russians if speaking some words in their language.
The flight was with Aeroflot (Petersburg - Magadan - Anchorage - Seattle. This flight is NOT available anymore. Aeroflot asked at this time 3.5 US $ / kilo. The dollar was very cheap at this time. The price in total was for two mcs: 440 Kg including 1 flights for pesons-tickets ca. 2800 EURO). Alternativ you could fly with Alaska Airlines. The Norwegian ferry from Panama (Colon) to Colombia (Cartagena) existed only 1994 - 1997).
Book: Around-The-World: "Strasse nach Ost". Only 40 copies.
Earlier experiences: Several journeys: 1993 to Portugal / Spain. - Morocco, Irland, England, Norwegian (North Cape)
Later experiences: 1997: Ireland / England. 1998: Morocco. 1998: Denmark - Sweden - Norway (North Cape) - Finland. 27.01.2000 - 02.04.2000 Transafrica with Carlo Casentieri.
Book: Transafica still in work in 2002.
Earlier experiences: Several journeys to Portugal - Spain - Morocco, Irland, England, Norwegen (North Cape). rund zum Nordkapp.
1994 / 95 First contact.
15.09.96 First new info by Sabine Junker / MDR.
B.T.: Adrian and Martin were the first Swiss to reach Magadan by motorcycle overland. And one of the very first who rode through Moldovia.
Adrian: My knowledge is that we were the third who arrived overland in Magadan. The Russians at the airport in Magadan told us: There have been a Norwegian and a French team bevor.

16.04 1995 - 18.04.2001
16.04 1995 - 28.03.1996: Australia and 22.06.1999 - 18.04.2001 Canada to Japan
Tsuyosh Kobayashi (Japan, born 12.06.1971)
> Yohsi in Japan when he met up again with Siwss RTW Bruno Blum.

+ Around The World. "Yoshi" swowed up on 22. TTTreffen in 04.2000 after Yoshi made 48.000 km and got the price for the longest distance coming just from Alaska - Tierra del Fuego to the Mc-meeting in time. Yoshi travelled by HONDA Africa Twin 750 (1998).
Purpose of travel: I wanted to make sure ,,the earth is round or not"?
Route: North America (Canada - Alaska - Usa - Mexico - Guatemara - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - South America (Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina) - Europe (Germany - Austria - Slovenia - Italy - France - Spain - Andorra) - Africa (Morocco) - Europe (Portugal - ?? Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Bosnia - Kroatie - Greece - Turkey) - Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Thailand - Colombia - Japan).
The worst: A car accident in Iran with little money.
The Best: Many people helped Yoshi when he had this accident in Iran. I had to go back home,,,,
Book or publication: none.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Bernd Teschs web site and friends.
Earlier experiences: 16.04 1995 - 28.03.1996: By motorcycle Australia 12 months with YAMAHA XT600 and HONDA NX650. 1998: Thailand Laos with SUZUKI DR 650 one month.
28.06.01 1st request for summary.
14.06.01 2nd request for his summary. Today I got his picture with the rain shoes I gaave him as a gift because he always had cold / wet feet : "They worke very good !"!
14.06.01 2nd request for his summary. Today I got his picture!
15.02.2002 last contact.

Sjaak Lucassen in Egypt (Foto Copyright).

Sjaak Lucassen. 53. Tesch-Travel-Treffen in Belgium. Foto B.T.

23.05.1995 - 30.05.1998
Sjaak Lucassen (Dutch, born 02.10.1961) and dutch
- Not Around-The-World but to the other end of the World and back. Sjaak rode solo with a HONDA CBR 900 RR Fireblade road bike 160.000 kilometers within 3 years.
Purpose of your travel: I like to drive a bike, feel freedom and see the world.
Route: Europe ( Across Russia ) to Asia ( Russia - with a passenger boat into Japan – shipped the bike and flew myself to Thailand– Malaysia –
Indonesia island hopping down from Sumatra to Timor – with the bike in a small plain to Australia (Darwin– shipped the bike to N.Z.) – shipped to Asia (Bangladesh – India – Nepal – Pakistan – Iran – Turkey – Syria – Jordan – Disneyland ) – Africa ( Egypt – by plane to Eritrea – Ethiopia – on to South Africa ) – by plane to Europe ( Italy – from there back to the Netherlands ).
The best: Russian hospitality, New Zeelands nature, Nepalian Himalaya.
The worst: Going back home
Book or publication (about your tour): Articles in Belgian Motoren & Toerisme.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Just follow your heart.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Touring Australia for 4,5 months and 38.000km in winter ‘92/'93
12.07.1998 1. Info by Stichin Global Travel Information.
1999 1st contact. We had a long telephone call. Sjaak plans to leave in 2000 again with his Fireblad
Info: 10 articles in Mc-Magazine Motoren en Toerisme since october 1998 and a contract for a book.
27.12.2001 1st info by Dafne de Jong: He is "on the road" again with a YAMAHA R1. He publishes in Motor and in MotoPort Magazine.
09.03.2004 Dr. -Ing. Markus Grave, chief-group of BMW, informed me about an article in Riders Magazine in USA which he will send me.
17.-19.04.2009 Sjaak came first time to the 51th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen in Malmedy.
04.05.2009 Last update.

Jörg Icks (German)
- Plan Around-The-World. Mit BMW R 100 GS (Bj. 90), 28.000 km ab ca. 01.10.95 über Atlantik-Route nach Dakar - Capetown ca. 8-10 Monate. Dann mit preiswertestem Schiff in irgendeinen anderen Continent. Geld für die Reise ca. DM 40.000.

11.1995 - ?
Iris Henrichs and Jochen   (German)
Plan Around-The-World. Because they had an accident they stopped.

< 1995 - ca. 1997
Philippe Rahmani (French)
+ Around-The-World. 2 Jahre um die Welt. Ist durch China gefahren. Spricht englisch. Ab 03/92 bis Capetown bis 04.94 zurück: Transafrika - Somalia - Jemen - Asien - Australien - China - GUS - Magadan - Alaska-Feuerland. Staatsempfang bei Mitterand. Mit BMW R 100 GS, gestellt von BMW. Vorher bei Moto-Revue Journalist.
05.05.95 Erste Info von Peter Schmiede
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

Jochen Hübener in Africa.

Ca. 01.01.1995 - 27.11.1996
Jochen Hübener (German)
+ Around-The-World. Solo mit BMW R 100 GS 52.000 km in 445 Tagen durch 4 Kontinente bzw. 15 Länder. Costs about DM 50,00-60,00 DM per day. Totally about 35.000 DM on the road plus transport costs DM 24.475.
The best:  Besuch vieler Sehenswürdigkeiten, "die jeder im Leben einmal sehen möchte". Viele Specials wie die Befahrung des Karakorum Highways in Pakistan bis zur chinesischen Grenze durch eine 8000er Bergwelt bei Kälte und schwindelnden Abhängen. Eine ausführliche Video-Show einer Hochzeit in Pakistan. Tempel, Sonnenuntergänge, Pässe, Schlangenbeschwörung, Wüsten, Dschungel, Krokodilfarm, Riesenbäume, Trauminseln, Route 66.
Route: Germany (Berlin) - Austria - Slowenia - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan (Karakorum) - India - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia backpacking - Australia - Islands (Tahiti, Moorea. Bora Bora backpacking) - USA - flew to GB, Motorcycle by ship from USA - Germany (Hamburg) - backpacking from GB to Germany (Bernd Tesch said hallohhhhh to Jochen at train station Aachen - Berlin).
Earlier experiences: Trans-Afrika vorher in 3 normalen Urlauben.
26.11.96 Party zwecks Beendigung der Weltumrundung bei Bernd Tesch in Zweifall.
Video in VHS "Mit dem Motorrad um die Welt"
Video in VHS "Afrika per Motorrad, Unimog und Rucksackt"
1993, 199?, 199?, 2000, 2001 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
B.T.: Hübener, Jochen A.  Trans-Africa   World-A-Round
The studied German economist Jochen has 25 years of travel-experience. Bevore his world-a-round-tour he crossed Africa in three normal vacations. In Africa he turned over with his BMW with 120 kms/h. After this he wrote me that possibly the strong Tesch-Alu-Boxes and Tesch-Rack (Tesch-Travel-Taschen with TTTräger) saved his life. Before he started his world-a-round-tour he wanted to buy new boxes after all his fall downs in Aftica. I garantied him that the old ones will make the tour. They did.
About 15 people were waiting here in Zweifall to give a secret from Bernd Tesch prepared good-bye-party for Jochen, but he did not show up. He was one day late to start... Being on his wold-tour Jochen send me a desperated fax. For the next part in USA Jochen needed the money of the deposit of the Carnet de Passage. The German automobil club ADAC refused, because the motorcycle has to be back in Germany. After two hours I had organised here in Germany that Jochen will get his money back. Jochen would like to ride again around the world. Then with more time.
Jochen produced an excellent video in German language "Mit dem Motorrad um die Welt (Around-The-World with a Motorcycle)". 120 minutes VHS-Video. Jochen rode solo with a BMW R 100 GS  52.000 kms in 445 days through four  continents in  15 countries. First you get a nine minutes quick around trip. Then you follow is way chronogically through the countries and continents. He visted many sightseeings, which many want to see in their live. Many specials like the ride of the Karakorum Highways in Pakistan until the Chinese border through the mountain-world of mountains up to 8000 ms. A detailed video-show of a marriage in Pakistan. Tempels, subsets, passes, snails. Deserts, djungels, a farm with crocodils, huge trees, islands to dream off, Route 66. And always he met other motorcycles "on the road". A documentation of the world with very good quality of video with fitting music.
14.-16.04.00 "22nd Tesch-Meeting for World-Travellers". Jochen will kindly give a slide-show and report about his world-a-round-tour.

Fotos from Anindja Chakravorty.

1995. Motorrad-Freunde empfangen Weltumrunder beim Aachener Globetrotter-Shop von BT.
Li >re: BMW-Fan Dr.-Ing. Markus Grave (Foto), ?, Ranjan Bharati, Anindya Chakravorty, BT.

09.01.1995 - 06.07.1995
Anindya Chakravorty (Anindy, Andy, India, born 20th.07.1969  and Ranjan Bharti (India, born 28th.06.1972)
+ Around-The-World. The Indian engineers circled the world on ONE in India made motorcycle Shogun (108.2 ccm, 1 zylinder).
Fuel-tank for only 150 kms. They covered 19 countries and 36,000 kilometers in 240 days around the globe.
Purpose of travel: AIDS awareness & Peace.
Route: Asia (India- Singapore) - Australia - New Zealand - North-America (US - Canada) - Europe (UK - Netherlands - Belgium - Germany - Luxembourg - Switzerland - Germany - Spain - France - Portugal- Spain - France- Switzerland). The last part from Germany to India they had to fly because as Indians they could not ride through Pakistan.
The best: In Australia people are very helpful of motorcyclist. Once stuck with a puncture in the middle of the Australian dessert in the dead of the night women with babies gone alone too stopped for giving us head light to work on the puncture! 
The worst: In US in the Southern City of Atlanta we were asking for directions for a black guy and his girlfriend walking on the side walk when he pulled a gun on us.
Publications: None. But set up a bike rental and tours business in India which is no 1 in the country now.  &
Earlier experience: Have been all over India before starting on the world trip.


06.07.1995: They were guests of Bernd Tesch in Zweifall while snowing.
05.01.2003 1st request for update
16.08.2007 First email about his family "Alina, Abhyudita & Devangana & Andy behind the camera" with a picture of 6-days old
24.07.2011 4th request for update
29.01.2013 Last update with foto.
15.09.2015 Anindya donated the bike to the transport Museum in Delhi last month.
04.05.2016 A very emotional day today as I hand over the keys to Ms. Ragini (museum curator) of the world tour motorcycle (TVS Suzuki Shogun) which had taken us (Ranjan Bharti & me) around the world in 1995 to its rightful resting place at Mr. Tarun Thakral's wonderful Heritage Transport Museum in Taoru, Gurgaon.
30.01.2020: I found this on Anindyas facebook-site:

On the 25th Anniversary of two young men from a small town in India to have gone around the world on a 109cc motorcycle I thank the countless people who have come together around 19 countries and 36000 kms around the world to make a dream come true. And to the 'nay-sayers' including Guinness Book of World Records who said no and 400 people we meet in the months of preparations that said.. "What? Two people around the world on a 100cc moped? No way.. not possible!" (We printed a small book/souvenier where we have printed out the reactions of the few vehement nay sayers) To the cops who didn't give us a ticket when they caught us riding on the expressways of the world (too low powered) or stopped in front of the White house in Washington to take a picture to the mother and child who stopped to save our lives in the middle of the Australian dessert when we had a puncture.. to the biker Nuno Machado from Portugal who towed using the jeans we wore in middle of at that time bandit infested Spain when we had our piston meltdown in the engine..who found me on Facebook 20yrs the hundreds of people who opened the doors of their houses to host us... to TVS motors, AIR India & SAIL who sponsored us, motorcycle writer and multiple times globe traveler Bernd Tesch & Patricia Govers-Tesch who gave us shelter in their house in Aachen, Germany and put our used spare rear wheel sprocket in their Motorcycle shop cum museum in Aachen to Tarun Thakral who kept the world tour motorcycle in the Heritage Transport Museum near New Delhi as a national treasure and to my brother in Indranil Chakravorty who bailed us out anywhere we were stuck for want of funds and to my parents Nidhir Chakravortyorty and Sharmila Chakravorty from a small Mera Jamshedpur city in India who believed in their sons' impossible dream.
On the 25th Anniversary of the epic trip I fold my hands in prayer to the Universe for a humble thank you to make an impossible dream come true.

B.T. They were the first Indians who circled the world on ONE bike
. AND for sure the ones on ONE bike which was so small that even one person could sit not comfortale on such a tour.
Only 108,2 cccm.

??.05.1995 - ??.05.1999
Jacolien Meijering and Frank Roskam (Dutch)
+ Around-The-World. They rode RTW on two Aprilias Pegaso in 4 years.
Route: Europe (NL) - North-America - Central-America - South-America - New Zealand - Australia - travelled backpacking through SE-Asia (Thailand ?) - flew to India - rode their bike back to Europe (NL).
01.11.1998 1. Info by Peter Forwood here1998 in Zweifall / Germany.
27.12.2001 2nd info by Dafne and Rob de Jong. Know them in person.

05.09.1995 - 30.08.1996 First solo RTW tour
Theo Gielen (Belgian, born 02.01.1957) and
+ Around-The-World. Theo rode solo 50.000 kms on his first tour on a old 500 BSA B31 350 ccm from 1950.
He left the bike in Pennsylvania in the house of friends for 5 years. On the websides more than 100 pictures and story from the first trip in flemisch (dutch) and English. The second trip will come.
Route: Europe (Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Germany - Switzwerland - Italy - Greece - Turkey) - Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia) - Australia - NZ - Notrh-America (USA - Mexico) - back to Europe (Belgium).
The best: Iran (The people make that country. Baluchistan (South-west Pakistan). Karakorum highway
The worst: The poor people in Pakistan, India and Indonesia.
Purpose of travel: See the world, riding an old motorcycle. Time to see the world - much more relax, a long stroke motorcycle gives relax riding. In Middle East and Asia traffic is more slowly.
11.2001: B.T.: The first Belgian mc-traveller Around-The-World was Marcel Lievens. Theo is the second one and the first RTW-traveller on a BSA.
About his second RTW tour see date
: 10.09.1999 - 16.07.2000 with the story of 30.000 km: Motorcycle-fun on a classic bike.

Igor Brezovar in ??

Igor Brezovar in Soutj Africa.

01.06.1995 - 18.08.2004
Igor Brezovar (born 25.5.1973 in Slowenia and my few ex-girls (Irena-AFRICA, Tamara-Australia, Veronika-ASIA, new girl friend Tana Pavloska):
- Around The World. Igor has travelled extensively by motorcycle BMW R1100GS. Although he rode much more than some of the RTW-travellers so far he has not jet completed to circle the world. But Igor plans to do this next.
Purpose of travel: people, music, natural, food, …adrenalin
Routes: 1. Trip around the Europe, 38.000 km in ca. 6 months: in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Roumania, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albánia, Greece, Turkie, Itali, Austria, Czezch Rep., Hungaria,Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Belguium, France, Spain, Andorra, Portugal.
2. Asia: Trip From Prague to India. 20.000 km in ca. 4 months: Cross Hungaria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India up to south and back to north.
3. Africa: Ca 60.000 km in 9 months: Syria, Jordania, Egypt, Lybia, Tunis, Moroco, - how to Mauretania ???, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroun, which route to Sudan ???, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tansania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa.
Australia: From Cape Town I shipped the motorbike to Australia (Perth). I rode ca. 18.000km in 3 months: Perth to Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns.
4. Asia:From Cairns I shipped the motorbike to Singapur. Ca. 17.000 km in 3 months. From Singapur I rode into Malaisia, Indonesia, Malaisia, Thailand, Burma ??? by motorcyle ???, Thailand, Laos, Kambodia, Vietnam, Kambodia, Thailand.
Plan when ??: Europe > Asia > Americas. My next trip: From Slovenia to Japan, cross Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldavie, Georgia, Arménia, Azerbajzan, Uzbekistán, Turkmenistán, Kazachstán, Tadjikistan, Kirgistan, Russia, Mongolia, Russia to Japan. Ca 4 months and 18.000 km. From Japan I try to send bike to Chile and continue my trip to Alaska.
The best: nature in Australia, animals, music and girls in africa, roads in Kambodia, food in Egypt, Sudanese and Iranes people………
The worst: Somalien bandits on the road from Ethiopia border to Nairobi.
Important useful informations for others: Every time keep the smile and have heart on the right hand!!!!! And of course all documents with you!!
Book or publication :... just in Czech and Slowenian language.
Earlier motorcyle-travel-experiences: I rode motorcycle, when I was 7 years old around my house…... After 10-30 years old village, city, country, republic, continent, WORLD.
16.08.2004 First contact
18.08.2004 Second request for update
18.03.2005 third request for update.
22.-24.04.2005 Visitor of the 27th. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers


1996 - ?
Sharon Thompson and Dave Thompson (Americans)
- Around-The-World ? Plan 1996 Around-The-World in 3 years with BMW R 100 GS (Dave) and Sharaon (R 80G/S)
Route: USA - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - El Salavador - Honduras - Nicaragua  Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Peru - Chile down to Tierra del Fuego - Argentina - Spain - Morocco - North again through Portugal - France - Belgium - Holland - Germany - Denmark - Sweden - Norway - up to Northe Cape - Finland - Sweden to Holland.
October 1999 - May 2000 I travelled: Holland - Belgium - France - Spain Morocco - Mauritania - Mali - Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast - flew motorcycle to Kenya - Kenya - Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Botswana - Namibia - South Africa.
17.01.95 Info von Marcus Grave..
1996 Dave visited Bernd Tesch in Aachen and bought hic aluboxes.
21.07.1999 being back after 18 months
14.07.2001 Asked for update by email.

< 1996
Adam Paul (British)
? Around-The-World.
19.03.96. Publication in Daily Mail, GB. Publication: "Around the world on a moped", page 25. Plan: Solo with Honda 85 ccm in 2 years from GB - Alaska - Feuerland and Wladiwostok - Cape of good hope.
07.09.96 Info von Richard Kuttler.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

Ca. 1996
Bärbel de Haas and Michael Müller (German)
? Plan Around-The-World.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??
14.07.2001 I phoned with Bärbels mother. They left again in 10.2000 to Southern Africa and will be back in september 2001 possibly.

??.??.1996 - ?
Robbie Marshall (British)
+ Around-The-World. A Round World Triumph. Diary of a one-man World-A-Round Tour by TRIUMPH Trophy 1200 ccm. At age of 45 Robbie gave up his advertising agency to spend a year travelling solo the world. 36.000 mile journey across six continents, seven deserts and four times over the equator. Shot in head by bandits in Ecuador, near death accident in India. All captured on video by a lone traveller on his fantastic adventure In this video he tells his personal story, shows a lot of shots during riding where you can see different road conditions, travel-conditions and landscapes. Only a few contacts with locals. A video to stimulate people what different lifes are to be seen on a trip World-A-Round. 50 mins.
13.05.95 Letter from Robbie, who gets my address from Dave Barr.
Video (in VHS) of Marshall, Robbie: Triumph Around The World. English.
The worst: After meeting his girl-friend in Asia to ride solo again.
06.02.2003 Book of Marshall, Robbie: Triumph Around The World. Verlag: The Tiger Bay Company Ltd. THe Small House. 40A Sussex Square, Brighton, BN2 5AD. Engl. Pounds 9,99.

Omar Mansour Alfardy. Foto (C). Giza in Eygpt.

Omar Mansour Alfardy. Fotos (C). Le: Cape Agulhas.  Ri: Anatolian mountains, Turkey in the cold.

1996 - 2013
Omar Mansour Alfardy (Egyptian (Alexandria, born on 24.07.1973)
- Plan Around-The-World.
Purpose: I am trying to go all over the world and spread the Arabian way of thinking. To know more about other cultures and other nations. To meet people from all over the world.
Routes: 1996 I started to travel around Egypt in Africa and made it almost everywhere. Ca. 8.000 km by bike with a SUZUKI GS 550.
2002 ( March to end of may) was my first trip out of Egypt on bike: Asia (Jordan - Syria) - Europe (Turkey - Greece - Italy - France). 13.000 km with a SUZUKI DR 800.
2003  Europe (France - Luxemburg - Belgium - Germany - Holland - France). 7.000 km bike with a Honda Africa Twin RDO-4.
2004 Europe (France - Italy - France). Ca. 5.000 km with Honda Africa Twin RDO-4.
2005 Europe (France- Spain - Portugal). Ca. 5.000 km with Honda Africa Twin RDO-4.
2007 North America (East Coast of USA from Vermont North to Florida South and back to New York). Ca. 9.000km with BMW GS650.
2009 (July 2009-January 2010) Africa (Transafrica: Cape Town - Alexandria (South Africa - Zimbabwe - Zambia- Tanzania - Kenya -Zanzibar - Ethiopia - Sudan - Egypt). 22.000 km Honda Africa Twin RDO-7.
2010 Africa. (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya). Part of a team "Ride for Africa from Switzerland to Swaziland". I made it to Kenya only. Ca. 6.000 km.
2012 (Dec-feb.) Africa (Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia -Kenya) following the nile 7.000 km on Honda Africa Twin RDO-7.
Highlights: There is alwyas new things every day. I love every place I go. My best place is earth planet.
The worst: When i had a big accident, I broke both legs and arm and had to stay in bed for 6 months. The funny thing was that it was 4 weeks after I made it from Cape town to Alexandria. And it was less than 2 kilometer away from my home
Earlier travels:
around Egypt
Book or publication (about your tour): check my face book page. Media file in the coming link!/media/set/?set=a.204191082962239.50933.175338992514115&type=3
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Travel travel travel the way you want. Better today than tomorrow because I believe tthat I will live only once in this life.
02.2012 First information about his tour vai facebook.
04.03.2013 Last summary so far.

1996 - 98
Freddie Morganjil
? Around-The-World. HOG tour. 18 countries. 38.000 miles.
23.12.1998 at night 03.00 o´clock  as an email-telegram.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

Bernardino Rosendo in 19??.

30.06.1996 - 10.09.1996
Bernardino Rosendo (= Cosi, Spanish, born 06.01.1963)
+ Around-The-World. "Cosi" (who has nine brothers and sisters) rode solo with a Cagiva Elefant 750E (Sponsored by Cagiva Ita/spain) Around-The-World in 70 days. 25.000 kms in total.
Route: Europe (Spain - (Madrid) - France - Italy (Visiting the Cagiva factory in Varesse) - Swizerland - Germany - from Düsserdolf I flew to America (USA (New York) - Canada - Alaska highway to Anchorage) - from Anchorage I flew to Asia (Russia (Magadan and to Vladivostock. I rode from Siberia (Havara; Chita; Ulan Ude; Irkuts; Novosibirsk; Moscow)) - Europe (Belorussia - Poland - Cheq. Rep - Germany - France and back to Spain (Madrid)
Total days used: 69 days; 23 hours and 55 minutes "WORLD RECORD of a Spanish man!!" Until that day it was the first time that somebody did the trip around the world in only 70 days.
Purpose of the trip: I only had three months holiday and wanted to travel as much as possible to enjoy motorcycle riding and...... the world record came after when I finished my trip in 70 days and a journalist advised me that it was for the first time ever done.
Sponsored by: CAGIVA ITALY/SPAIN; Garibaldi; AGFA-GEVAERT; Ayuntamiento de Cadiz y de El Paso (La Palma Island, Canaries).
Mechanical Problems: Only in the Alaska Highway, after using very bad quality petrol (Unleade 88 octanes) the motor loose compretions due to the valves bases that were destroyed. In Anchorage I received the spare part from factory and no problems later at all. Take care of the low octanes unleaded petrol in Canada and USA.... it hate the valves and their bases!!!
08.03.1998 First information by Joerg Becker, who met him 07.1996 at Alaska Highway: Caviga Elefant 750 with a total defect of his motor. Joerg met him some days later in Anchorage.
Earlier experiences:
In 1982 I rode from Spain (Cadiz) to England (London) just to scape out from the Spanish military service on my Honda 125c.c.
01.04.1987 - 30.08.1987 Spain (Atlantic) - Japan (Pacific). Bernardino rode solo from Cádiz (Spain) to Tokio (Japan) with a Honda CB125X; four stroke, road model prepared, 125 c.c.. 20.000 kms in total during one way trip of 5 months.
03.10.1989 - 28.09.1990. Around South America - Ushuaia - Alaska - New York. "Cosi" rode solo his "Transamérica Expedition" with a Cagiva T4 350 E. 55.000 km in total in one year. Starting in Venezuela and finishing in USA.
17.04.2001 Asked from Joerg Becker more details by email.
22.10.2002 Email by Bernardino
31.10.2002 Got all information.
31.10.2002 Invitation about 25th Motorcycle Meeting for Worldtravellers.
11.12.2015 Asked for a foto in best quality of his tour for his blog. And asked his address because we drive to Germany > France > Spain > Portugal starting 10th.12.2015.
13.01.2015 Last summary.
06.10.2022 Bernardino Rosenda from Cadiz in Spain asked for information concerning Alu-boxes "Tesch-Travel-Tasche" for his motorcycle BMW R 1100 GS via facebook. He plans another Around-The-World tour in 80 days..

05.03.1996 - ca. 2001?
Han van Loon and Karliens Springer (Dutch)
- Plan Around-The-World. With two YAMAHA XT 600 Teneres (1984) Han (U-boat captain: "you see more on land than under water!") and Karliens (Hebamme and Stewardess) want to circle the world. Until 14th.02.01 they have travelled almost 200.000 kms and from these 150.000 km on the bikes. The rest backpacking or by car.
Route: Holland - overland to India by bikes - from India to Singapore by plane - backpacking through Indonesia - China (1,5 years) - by motorcycles Australia / Tasmania  - New Zealand by car (1 year) - North- and Central-America by bikes (1 year) - South America by bikes to Ushuaia (1 year) - by riverboats on Amazone in Peru and Brazil - Africa (South-Africa - East-Africa - Sudan - Egypt) - Europe. They will be home in a couple of monthsc.Antarctica by boat
28th of may1999. 1st information by Ralf Paaske and Petra Schommer.
14.02.2001 1st contact
18.04.2002 2nd request for update

20.04.1996 - 13.04.1998
Freddie Piscina
+ Around-The-World. I rode a 1987 FLHTP, Electra Glide Harley Davidson with a trailer in tow only until Calif. I completed 4 continents and 18 countries not counting the ones I didn't ride the bike in.
Route: USA - Australia - Asia (ingapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan) - Africa (Egypt) - Europe (Cyprus - Turkey - Greece - Italy - France - Monaco - Spain - Gibraltar - Portugal).
The best: To meet Mother Theresa in Calcutta in her residence. To meet & stay up in Dharmasala with the Dalai Lama for 9 days. Getting to see the Pope in Rome. To spend Christmas eve in manger square in Bethlehem.
Now on the route 26.06.2001 - ?: USA (NYCity) - Alaska (North to Prudhoe Bay/ Deadhorse) on the FLHTP Harley Davidson. 15.04.2001 1st information by
27.04.2001 first email send

N. S. Radovcic (British)
? Plan Around-The-World.
26.01.96 Asked for a prospect for setting up a Mc-World-Around-Tour.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

08.1996 - ?
Harry Ger(r)itz (Dutch)
? Plan Around-The-World. For two years with his girlfriend on a BMW R 100 GS.
12.06.1998 1st contact

30.08.1996 - 06.12.1996
Thomas Junker and Steffen Müller (German)
+ Around-The-World. Both travelled with two sponsored BMW 1100 GS in 99 days Around The World. Their proceeding was always published in TV MDR.
After this tour they made a race from Alaska to Ushuaia and Antartica: Northpole - Southpole.
Book: Plan was cancelled.

05.10.1996 - 10.1997
Vincent Stokes (British)
- Plan Around-The-World.

Birgit Schuienemann in 2000 in UK. Sam Manicom in 2010 in Vietnam. Birgit in Peru-desert in 1997. Sam in Colombia in 1997.

02.02.1991 - 09-09-1996 Sams Solo-Trip
09.09.1996 - 2001 Sam and Birgits tour together Africa, South-, Central- and North-America.
Birgit Schünemann (German, born 15.11.1964) and Sam Manicom ( Born 04.6.1959. Congo, West Africa. British Citizen)
+ Around-The-World 200,000 miles. BMW 1991 R80GS. Sam 4 years solo. Sam 4 years with girlfriend Birgit Schunemann (BMW R60/5).
Purpose of trip: To do something wild. To ride a bike. To learn. To have fun.
Route: Europe (GB - France - Italy - Greece (Athens)) - Africa (to Egypt (Alexandria) by ferry. Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenya - Uganda - Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Botswana - Namibia - South Africa). Durban to Australia (Sydney) by cargo ship. Australia - N.Z. - Indonesia - Singapore (cargo ship for bike Darwin to Singapore and me fly) - Malaysia - Thailand - (cargo bike Penang to Madras, me train, fly and train via Bangkok and Calcutta) - India - Nepal - Pakistan - Iran - Turkey - Bulgaria - Romania - Hungary - Austria - Germany - Switzerland - Czech Rep. - Germany - Holland - Belgium - England.
(Hello Mum). Birgit and I fly, bikes by ship to Kenya (Mombasa), Kenya to South Africa. Cape Town to Argentina (Buenos Aires by cruise liner) - Argentina - Chile - Peru - Bolivia - Ecuador - Colombia (fly to Panama) - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Canada - USA and finally (maybe) the UK in 2000.
The best: Best people...almost everywhere. Maddest country... India. Best asphalt...New Zealand. Best dirt roads... Chile and Namibia. The wildest sights... the tribes people and the animals in Africa. Best beaches... Zanzibar and Malaysia. Meeting Birgit in N.Z. changed the trip and my life. To summarise the The best... It was the total eye opening diversity of the world that got to me and the amazing kindness of the people in this world.
The worst moments: Malaria, Dengue Fever, Dysentry, 3 slipped discs, 17 bone breaks (including my jaw which was really hard as I couldn't talk!!). 6 weeks (and 6 bottles of rum) to get bike out of the port of Madras. 3 times arrested in Africa.
Sponsors: Avon Tyres, Hein Gerike, Balino, DHL, Lindeman Engineering.
Mechanical Backup: Bob Porecha motorcycles-London.
Next? A brick tent?
Publication: Now 4 adventure motorcycle travel books - Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns (South and Central America), and Tortillas to Totems (North America). Top buy via his website. Personally signed if you wish this.
Tips to fellow travellers: Travel very light. Allow plenty of time. Remember the lessons of yesterday, plan the future but LIVE THE DAY! Treat each person you meet as an individual. Be flexible and learn that, every time something goes wrong, there is a new adventure just about to start. Greet each day with a smile!
In 1996 I had contact contact by letter with Birgit.
25.09.1999 Mc-World-Around-Traveller Rudi Kretschmer met Sam and Birgit in USA (Death Valley).
04.02.01 Sams first summary.
04.2001 Participants of the 23rd Meeting for Mc-WORLD-Travellers.
07.2003 Patricia and Bernd visited Birgit and Sam in their home in England in Exter. They gave us a very personal welcome for two days.
25.07.2011 Asked again for the best foto with the bike. And a portrait of both.
31.08.2011 Last update.
B.T.: At least Sam is the RTW traveller who had most broken bones during the trip !

Foto B.T.: 30.04.1999 in Hammer / Germany

19?? in Africa (Kenia??). Foto Peter Forwood (C).

2014: Total route of Kay and Peter Forwood.

03rd.02.1996 - 31st.10.2011
Kay Forwood (Australian, 16.02.1952) and Peter Forwood (Australian,18.03.1953)
+ Around-The-World. Kay and Peter rode together around the world from 1996 - 2011, on one 1994 Harley-Davidson Electraglide Classic covering 587,000 km in 192 United Nations Member countries plus the Vatican City and many non independant countries like Taiwan, Palestine etc.
Purpose of travel: The idea was to visit as many United Nations Recognised countries as possible, and as of the 7th of Oct 2008 their motorcycle became the first vehicle to have been ridden in all 192 United Nations Countries that existed at that time., The reason for us to travel was to experience new things. Each day we rode to new places that we had never seen before and experienced something we had never experienced before. This cannot be achieved by living in one place.
The Best: Is waking up every day and not knowing what lies ahead, what the road will be like, where we will eat, where we will stay the night, will the bike break down or will it rain or be sunny. The unknown. The extreme mood swings of highs to lows we experienced in the one day as it unfolded to challenge, delight or annoy us. 
The Worst: Is having a deadline, a time we had to be somewhere, pushed on by comitments or the weather. 
On the road: In these years they returned to Australia each year for a couple of months to visit family and regroup for the next section.  The aim was to try and visit as many countries as possible on the SAME
In April 1998 and Nov 1998 Kay and Peter visited Bernd Tesch personally and participated in the 20th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. They have a short reportage about the meeting with two pictures in their homepage about their tour.
Future: After visiting all the United Nation Countries of the world Kay and Peter continued travelling, returning to places they had previously enjoyed to meet up again with friends. In Apr 2009 they returned to Germany and again visited Bernd Tesch personally and presented at the 31st Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers, relaxing as guests at their home afterwards. As the world continues to create new United Nations Member Countries, (South Sudan the most recent) Kay and Peters thoughts are to have their Harley-Davidson Motorcycle visit these new member nations into the foreseeable and long term future well after they might be able to ride it their themselves. That would be a wonderful and fitting future for such a motorcycle that has experienced so much already.
Peter informed B.T. that there were 247 countries in 3 categories in the world according to Rand McNally atlas. Then there were 191 totally independent countries at all (before new countries were founded)
10.04.1998 1. Info by Jörn Materne
10.04.1998 Participant of the 20th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. They have a short reportage about the meeting with two pictures in their homepage about their tour.
04.1998 and 01.11.98 Kay and Peter visited Patricia and Bernd Tesch personally.
10.1998 they have covered hrough Asia - India sub continent, Asia minor, the Balkans, Western and Southern Europe. Peter has "chaufeured" (his job now)  Kay around 57.000 of those kms.
10.1998 47 countries and 97.000 kms since leaving Australia.
01.11.1998 Kay and Peter are relaxing in our sofa now hoping that we possibly don´t make a fire outside, because it is only + 6°C outside. But I tried to warm them up with so far two Schnaps. Charlie Miller from Australia, who is on the road since 14 months so far they met by accident in London again (04.1997 in Delhi / India before). So he is relaxing here as well.
06.10.1999 Peter and Kay with Charlie Miller are "on the road" again from North-Africa (Libya) via Turkey - Middle East - through the Ex-Sowjetunion to Moscow. "We had a great time in Libya last trip and all of the Middle East before heading up through Georgia - Ukraine - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Russia - Estland -Lettland - Litauen. And then down through all of the countries of Eastern Europe. On this tour they rode  down a part with Motorcycle Travellers Anke Eggengoor and Jan Lucas  until Turkey and flew back from there until 11.04.2000 to Australia.
05.06.2000 6th section finisihed:  "We lived out of for 1079 days in over 90 countries on four continents and 200.000 km of carrying two people for almost all of its life".
12.04.2001 Leaving Africa after almost 70.000 kms, 15 months, 41 different countries and 67 border crossings it is great to be out of Africa.
17.11.2003 Out of a general email: After the 10th anniversary of HD in the USA we are back in Australia. The motorcycle, back in Sydney Australia, was only available to us four days ago and since then we have carried out repairs and organised to head off on the around Australia trip. It is planned to travel Australia (seventeen years since we last travelled here with our children in a small bus) till September next year before heading overseas again starting with the world's youngest country, East Timor, and hopefully visiting the remaining 48 countries of the world that we haven't managed to see yet, taking probably the next five years in stages. Just a thought, plans do change.
17.12.2003 Asked for update.
11.11.2006 Asked again for update. Kay and Peter wrote me that there are 19 of the 193 countries that make up the world where the motorcycle has not been ridden.
26.02.2009 Kay and Peter announced their coming to the 51st. Tesch-Travel-Treffen 17th.-19th.04.2009 in Malmedy / Belgium already in 2008 to B.T. But the final coming to Amsterdam (08.04.2009) was announced 26.02.2009. If they make the clearing of the motorcycle in Germany they will be at the meeting and offer a 30 minutes digi-show with an overview about their total tour. It was the first digi-show after they finished their tour in february.
??.07.2011 Kay and Peter visited us for one day. It was always as good as we have seen yesterday. They will continue 6 months each year and build a fire-protected house on their new bought 10 ha land in Australia. One memory of this meeting. Peter said us that they have managed to ride the total world just with maps without GPS. Now they bought a GPS "Tom Tom". Peter: Much more easy to cross London with a GPS....! - B.T. got a German product of a GPS by his kids. Because two did not work very well we bought a "Tom Tom" following recomendation of Peter Forwood!
03.09.2014 BT. asked for the end-update.
18.12.2014 Last update.

01.04.1996 - ca. 1999
Carlos Juliano Cardozo + Marcia Cardozo Garcia (Brazilian)
- Around-The-World with a stop. R1100 GS
Carlos Juliano and Marcia wanted to circle the world with a BMW R 1100 GS. They rode long distances in North- and South-America, in South- and East Africa, Europe and a part of Asia. In Bombay in India Carlos got a shock by the Indian culture and stopped the planned Round-The-World tour. Between the tours they always went back to Brazil to earn money for the next tour.
1996: Kauf des Mopeds in USA und Fahrt durch Kanada Mexiko,... nach Brasilien. 35.000 km. 17 Länder.
Danach Aufenthalt 6 Monate zuhause in Sao Paulo.Die Reisen fanden mit Unterbrechungen statt. Die Unterbrechungen wurden zum Gelderwerb in Brasilien genutzt.
03.1997 - 05.1997 mit R1100 GS in ca. 4 Ländern im südl. Afrika 15.300 km. Rep. Südafrika, Mosambik, Namibia, Tansania, Kenia, Athen, London. Dort haben sie das Moto für die nächste Reise abgestellt. Siehe Bericht von denen in brasil. Zeitschrift  "Duas Rodas" 10/97, S. 265
1998: Im Jahr darauf: Besuch von Mittel- und Nordeuropa (London, Nordkap,...) 18.000 km, 15 Länder, in 2 Monaten.
1999: Letzter Teil der Reise: Nach 1 Jahr: Letzter Teil der Reise: Lissabon (Portugal), Spanien, Frankreich, Italien, Schweiz, Österreich, Ungarn, Rumänien, Bulgarien, Türkei, Syrien, Libanon.Von Beirut mit dem Flugzeug nach Bombay.
Hier Weltumrundung abgebrochen im Jahre 1998. Die arabischen Länder haben Carlos nicht gefallen (Essen, Hygiene). In Bombay hat Carlos Juliano nach meiner Meinung einen Kulturschock bekommen. Sie haben dort nur einige wenige Tage verbracht. Er hat die dortigen Verhältnisse jedoch nicht verkraftet, obwohl sie in einem 3-Sterne-Hotel logierten. Mir gegenüber erklärte er, daß die hygienischen Verhältnisse, so viele arme Menschen auf der Straße leben, Bettler,... er nicht ertragen konnte. Die fürchterliche Bürokratie verärgerte ihn ebenfalls. Ein Schlüsselerlebnis: Vor dem Hotel aß ein Kind und ein Hund dasselbe Essen! Sein Moped hat er beim Zoll stehen lassen. Er will nie mehr dahin zurück ! Inzwischen haben die beiden ein kleines Kind und betreiben jetzt in Sao Paulo direkt beim Flughafen Congonhas das Restaurant "happy hour". Adresse: Rua Otavio Tarquini de Sousa 105, Sao Paulo-Campo Belo. Tel. 011/535-5718. Nachdem sie Amerika, Afrika, Europa und Asien erfahren haben machen sie derzeit keine Reisen mehr und haben auch kein Moped. Über alle 4 Reisen wurde in einer Zeitschrift ausführlich berichtet. Bernd Tesch hat diese Artikel vorliegen.
27.10.2000 1st information by Martin Schaal

07.04.1996 - 07.10.2000
Manfred Schulze (German aus Geisenheim)
+ Around-The-World by horse. Manfred circled the world with two horses and came back with a young one from the mother as well. In this 4,5 years Manfred moved 19 months riding the horses. From the whole distance of 17.459 kms on land he rode his horses 14.059 kms. 3,400 kms the horses tarvelled in front of a planwaggon. In 1997 he visited already Mongolia when a TV-camera-team made a wonderful film about Mongolia. At this time Manfred was travelling 40-50 kms/day.
His planned route so far: Germany - Mongolia - China - Japan - Canada.
TV-Film Mongolia by Peter Weiner. Hessischer Rundfunk. 1997. Send 03.11.200 in ARD-TV.
06.03.2001 The horse rider Sabine Türk finally made the first contact with Manfred onthe horse-fair "Equiptana" in Essen / Germany.
Book 2001: "Mit zwei Pferden um die Welt". ISBN 3-00-00-7492-9.
Does anyone know more about "circling the world by horse??"
B.T.: A rarity to circle the world by horse. Manfred seems to be the first one who circled the world by horses.

09.1996 - 09.1998
Claudio Foiera (Swiss)
+ Around-The-World. With BMW R 100 GS PD.
Route: Schweiz - Italien - Griechenland - Türkei - Iran - Pakistan - including Karakorum until  China - India - Nepal - by plane to Bangkok - Nord- und Südthailand - Malysia - Singapur - West-Australien - Nord-Australien - Zentral-Australien - Süd-Australien - Südliches Ost-Australien - Argentinien - Patagonien - Feuerland - Chile - Bolivien - Peru - Ecuador - Kolumbien - Venezuela - Holland - Deutschland - Schweiz.
02.12.95 Claudio visited Bernd Tesch.
14.07.2001 Asked for more details by email.

Miho Kawakami and Tadoa vsisited Patricia and Bernd Tesch in Zweifall/Germany. 09.1998 Ri: Torsten Müller.

08.11.1996 - ca. 04.1999
Miho Kawakami and Tadoa (Japan)
- Plan Around-The-World. Both wanted to circle the world. Tadao rides a BMW R 100 GS. Miho a HONDA XR 250.
Route: ?
Tadao stopped in South America because his bike broke down.
1998 1st Inormation by Thorsten Müller.
091998 Miho and Tadao were personal guest of Bernd Tesch.
21.09.1998 A nice "thank you" letter with a report from a Japanese newspaper
14.07.2001 Asked for an update with their route
15.10.2014 Asked again for an update with their route!

1998. 20th Meeting for Motorcycle-World-Travellers. Le: B.T. ri Rob de Jong.

21.11.1996 - 27.10.2001
Dafne de Jong and Rob de (Dutch, born 1953)
+ Around-The-World 2 times. "Ride-on Worldtour". They rode 250.000 kms with Yamaha EZS 900 and sidecar Squire like Richard and Mopsa English. Startet with 30.000 Gulden.
Travel-Idea: Their own project is called "The World on a Children's Drawing". The idea is to gather money for children in the whole world. Children should paint about their life and what they think about the whole world and their future. Dafne is playing violine and Rob plays mouthorange. By this they try to collect money for a child-fund: "Ride on childfund".
: Europe (1996) - South America (1997) - Central America - North-America (20 States) - Africa (1998, West-Africa, Ghana - by ship to South Africa (Capetown) - by motorcycle Transafrica to Cairo (South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zambia - Malawi - Tansania - Uganda - Kenya - Ethiopia - Sudan (via Gedaref - Khartoum - Atbara - Wadi Halfa) - by ferry boat to Egypt (Aswan along the Nile and Red sea in convoi to Cairo - Sinai) - Asia ( Jordan - Syria - Turkey (Istanbul, 19.09.1999, where they were just after the earth quake) - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal (here they celebrated the millenium) - motorcycle by ship to Australia (Freemantle) and they flew - motorcyle by ship to North-America (L.A.) - they flew to NZ and rode two solo bikes (XT 600 and XJ 600 from NZ Motorcycle Rentals) - they were sponsored by Air NZ to fly to NAmerica (L.A.) - then they rode up to Alaska - Canada (Inuvik, NT) - back to L.A. - Mexico. Here in Tampico they made their first full circle.
North America (Mexico - USA (L.A:)) - Asia (sponsored by P&ONedlloyd they shipped the sidecar to Japan (Tokyo) and they flew to Tokyo - by ferry from Fushiki to Russia (Vladivostok) - Lake Baikal - Transiberia - Irbit - Ufa - Volgograd - Urkaine - Europe (Romania - Hungary - Slovakia - Austria - Check Rep. - Germany - Austria - Italy - France - Spain - France - UK - Belgium - Germany - Holland).
Earlier experiences: Rob 1986 in Australien mit Honda XL 250, 3 Monate, 15.000 km. GUS 1993 Dafne und Rob NL - Nordkap - GUS - Moskau - Finnland - NL, 2 Monate, km 9.000.
10.12.1993 Personal guest of Bernd Tesch at the GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE with cake and tea.
26.03.1994 Participant of the 16th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 1994.
19.09.1999 10th newsletter coming from Istanbul
05.2001 Waiting in Japan for Russian Visa.
25.10.2001 After 5 years they are back in Germany. Bernd Tesch gave a welcome-party for them.
27.03.2002 The story of our world tour goes on, but is not half as nice to read as were our road reports. After 5 months the storm in our heads has eased, but the silence that is there now is not too nice either. Coming back home has been like crossing a border every day. One can be rather nice, the other can take two days (or three weeks) and be very stressful.
B.T.: After an information-talk with Bernd Tesch in Zweifall/Germany with a fire-party they left 21.11.1996 Holland - by ship with their selfmade sidecar to Chile - Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) in January 1997 - travelled South-America south-north - were sponsored by Colombian company Cafe Universal going from Barranquilla to Panama in June 1997 - travelled through Central America into Mexico - through 20 states of the USA to Nova Scotia in Canada (October 1997) - in January 1998 they put their sidecar aboard a freightliner and sailed the Atlantic Ocean going to Guinee Bissau in West Africa - travelled West Africa and found our way over land blocked due to political unrest in Nigeria - shipped over from Ghana to Capetown in May 1998 - travelled through South Africa and worked in Bloemfontein - started to ride up from South Africa to Egypt in November 1998. Rode to Windhoek/Nambia to see Bernd Teschs mc-friends Arndt and Constance Asmus 04.01.1999 who where in USA.  Situation north of Kenia is still uncertain..
14.07.1999 Rob en Dafne arrived in Cairo coming from East Africa. In Aswan/Egypt they got the Egypt-mc-plate-Nr. ASWAN No.1. They are the first motorcyle to travel overland from Ethiopia through Sudan into Egypt after the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The North-South route is wide open again. The ferry from Aswan/Sudan is going and the captain very willing and helpfull to take motorcycles on board. Even our sidecar, which did not fit through the door was not a problem. We detached the sidecar from the motorcycle, after which it was carried on board. In Egypt you will get an Egyptian motorcycle-numberplate.
B.T. 25.10.01 : Their records: They rode about 250.000 kms with a sidecar twice Around-The-World and made two circles. No sidecar rode such a long distance RTW with a couple. Dafne rode half of it: No woman rode 125.000 kms RTW. A Dutch newspaper published their stories for 5 years and payed them for their work. The first Dutch couple who rode RTW with a sidecar in all continents without Antarctica.

Jong de, Rob and Dafne - from the Netherlands, on Round the World Tour called "Ride-on World Tour" and
The Dutch Dafne and Rob have a project which is called "The World on a Children's Drawing", to connect children world wide by exchanging their drawings. They left Holland on 21 Nov '96 to start their travels on their modified EZS/Yamaha XJ900 in Chile, South America; were in Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) in Jan '97 - shipped around the Darien Gap (sponsored by Cafe Universal de Colombia) to
Panama in June '97 and travelled up north to Eastern USA and Canada (Nova Scotia); In Jan '98 they and their sidecar sailed the Atlantic Ocean onboard a freightliner (sponsored by OAL), going to Guinee Bissau in West Africa - travelled West Africa and found their way over land blocked due to political unrest in Nigeria - shipped Ghana-Capetown in May 1998 (sponsored by South African Airways) - travelled South Africa and worked 2,5 months in Bloemfontein - left South Africa in Nov '98 to travel North to Cairo - travelled through North Kenya and Ethiopia and were stuck at Sudanese border for 5 days - their sidecar had to be taken off their Yamaha to fit in the ferry, crossing Lake Nasser from Wadi Halfa (Sudan) to Aswan (Egypt) - arrived in Cairo in July '99. Left Africa in Aug '99 - travelled through Jordan, Syria and Turkey - just missed the earthquake near Istanbul - travelled 5 weeks through Iran - entered Pakistan 2 weeks after military coup - entered India in Nov '99 - New Year 2000 in Kathmandu, Nepal - shipped from India (Mumbai) to Australia in Mar '00 (Good service from Buhariwala & sons). Travelled Australia - overhauled their Yamaha engine after 175.000 heavy kms, sponsored by Yamaha Holland and Yamaha Australia - shipped their sidecar to USA in Jun '00 - drove 2 solo bikes around New Zealand (sponsored by New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals and by Air New Zealand) - arrived in Los Angeles in Aug '00. Travelled through Western USA and Canada up to Inuvik (Sept '00) and around Alaska - then headed South to make Full Circle in Tampico - Mexico (27 Jan '01) - Worked in Los Angeles. Shipped and flew to Tokyo in Mar/April '01 (Sponsored by P&O Nedlloyd) - were welcomed warmly by Yamaha Motor Company Japan and Mr. Yoshida san, who travelled around the world in '65-'68 on a Yamaha YDS-3. Sailed to Vladivostok on ferry in June '01, together with Austrian Lorenz and Patrick - are travelling Siberia and Russia - heading back to Europe - will meet Bernd Tesch again in Zweifall after 5 years on the road.

Foto: Conny and Peter Theuwissen in 2009

17.12.1996 - 23.11.2000
Peter Theuwissen (Dutch, born ?? ) http://www.under construction... ??
+ Around-The-World.  Peter (born 1961, architect) rode solo in 4 years around the world on a BMW R80GS 1991. 165.000 kms through 50 countries in five 5 continents.
Preparation: 96.000 km incl. Asia-journey: Rotterdam-Kathmandu (18.000 km)
Around The World: All continents, 165.000 km. 50 countries. Africa (1997), South America (1998), Centr.+ North America (1999). Australia+Asia (2000).
Route: The Netherlands (Rotterdam) - Cote d´Ivoire (Abidjan) 16.200 km - bike by container ship to South Africa (Durban) - Durban - Kenya (Nairobi) 12.900 km - Kenya (Nairobi) - South Africa (Cape Town) 11.600 km - bike by cont. ship to Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Buenos Aires to Ushuaia 5.500 km - Ushuaia to Bolivia (La Paz) 12.400 km - La Paz to Colombia (Cartagena) 17.000 km - by sailingyacht to Panama (Colon) - Colon to Mexico City 8.700 km - Mexico City to Canada (Vancouver) 10.500 km - Vancouver to Alaska (Prudoe Bay) 7.200 km - Prudoe Bay to USA (Los Angeles) 18.100 km - bike by cont. ship to Australia - Sydney to Sydney 19.500 km - bike by cont. ship to Japan - Japan (Tokyo-Tokyo) 9.100 km in 3 months - by ferry to Russia - Vladivostok to Rotterdam 16.400 km in 3 months.
The best: South America, Alaska, Russian people.
Worst: Electrical problems bike, flooding in Australia.
Books: website upcoming
Helpful Tips: Do your own thing!
Earlier expieriences:"Test-Tour": 96.000 km incl. Asia-journey: Rotterdam-Kathmandu (18.000 km).
06.10.1992 1st contact
21.07.1998 Info by Dave Thompson "on th road"
14.-16.04.2000 Peter kindly gave a slides-report on the "23thth Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers".
20.02.2003 Peter: Yes I like to come to your 25th Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers 11.-13.04.2003. But right know I am restoring my R80GS after 300.000 km......... I hope the bike is ready in 6 weeks from now.
This weekend I talked with my friends Rob and Dafne on the Motorshow in Utrecht, and yesterday I went to Udo & Harald Lamers to see their Asia slides and video, very good to see them again after 2 years....... For me its time to start preparing for my next trip. I like to go next winter to Lybia and Egypt.
07.04.2008 Peter is shipping the bikes (still the same R80GS, 2x) to Chile, this month april 2008. We will ride them in Chile/Argentina & Bolivia this summer (3 months). many greetings, Peter Theuwissen (& Conny Wedda)
08.04.2008 Asked for update this blog and a new one about the new tour.
23.04.2009 Asked for update this blog ? and to add a new about South-America !
B.T.: Peter is one of the few Dutch RTW Travellers.


1997 - ?
Michel Verheem (Dutch)
? Plan Around-The-World. Living in Australia. Plan: 1997 with BMW R 1100 GS Around-The-World.
14.07.2001 Asked for update by email.

1997 - 2000
Anja Koziara and Andrej  (Polish)
? Plan Around-The-World.
02.10.96 Visited me on IFMA-fair in Cologne and wrote me many letters before they started.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

1997 - ?
"Charly" Charles Miller (Australian)
? Around-The-World. "On the road". Retired. With BMW R 100 GS von Australien - Indien - Europa - D - Plan GB dann USA - Alaska - Feuerland. Charly rode through a lot of GUS countries with Kay and Peter Forwood togehter an will continue travelling.
13.08.98 1. Info by Werner Zwick, who met him in Germany. He gave him my address. He wanted to contact me.
1998 Charly was personal guest of Bernd Tesch.
1999: Participant of the 21st Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
2001: Participant of the 23rd Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.

19th.06.1997 - 10th.12.2002
Bernada Pulko (= Benka, Slovenian, born 15.05.1967, profession: masseuse, registered nurse, B.A. of Biology) 
+ Around-The-World.
Benka rode with the motorcycle of her choice: BMW F650 (1996) start/end point of the trip: Ptuj, Slovenia trip duration: 2000 days. Distance ridden: 180.016 km in 5,5 years.
Purpose of travel:
Believe in Yourself & Kickstart the World
North America, South America, Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe.
Book: "Po Zemlji okoli Sonca";
Slovene language; published by Undara Studio (2003); sold out. English book will be available soon. Details see
Recent achievements:
*acknowledged in Guinness Book of World Records 2005 for the journey as the longest solo motorcycle ride by a woman. 
* Slovene Woman of the Year 2003.
In five and a half years her path has crossed over 70 countries and territories: Slovenia, Italy, Canada, United States of America, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Antarctica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, China, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates, South African Republic, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and all republics of former Yugoslavia, including Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.

She has changed 19 tires, had four flats, was poisoned in the Amazon Jungle of Venezuela, survived riding in chaotic India (3 traffic accidents in one single day), and celebrated a birthday with Hillary Clinton. She managed to get her motorcycle to the coldest, windiest, driest and the highest continents of all - Antarctica. She illegally rode her bike into China, cracked her head in Ecuador, and spent some time adventuring around the hospital. In Pakistan, she got married for her bike and survived some perilous countries by munching on grass hopers, scorpions, hamsters, and dogs. She was the first woman in history who alone, on two wheels, rode across Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to travel alone, nor drive any vehicle.

With practically no funds, she collected enough ideas, products, and money for her "Around the World  Circling the Sun" project. Thousands of hours of laugher and worries, surprises and pain, loneliness and thoughts will be summarized in a forthcoming  second book about her journey . This is being her job while re-acclimating to the sedentary life in her still favourite country, Slovenia. She lectures extensively, exhibits her artwork, works as writer and photographer, and still rides her motorcycle.

02.1997 First contact with Benka. "I am Benka from Slowenia calling from New York. Judy Kenndey from WHITEHORSE PRESS gave me your address as the expert for Motorcycle-World-Travellers". Benka called me for a long time, speaking quick and a lot. "I can call free of charge from a school here". She told me that she already feels beeing "on the road" since years. This although she took the decision to make this tour at night five months before: "I am going to become 30 in May, I must do it now". At this moment she had no idea of motorcycles, no equipment, no money, but the suspension: "There is no problem I cannot solve". She flew off 30 days after her decision for the tour and had organised all in day and night work: Sponsors for a motorcycle, equipment and financial solution of the tour. Half os Slowenia already knows her by radio and atricles before she started. Benka makes a high active impression so far. She informs 16 radios and 8 neswpapers weekly about her activities: With laptopcomputer, modem, email, homepage, mikrofon at her helmet and with a mincassete: "The best thoughts are coming while driving".Benka is a high dynamic person; but too much hectic is a bad omen for a planed World-Around-Tour in all seven continents.
07.10.1999 Benka is now riding in Australia. I introduced her to experienced traveller Geoff Kingsmill in Alice Springs whom she met.
24.01.2000 Patricia and I met Benka in Australia. Benka: "I got 4.500 emails, but learned in the meantime more to live than to work".
02.04.2000 Benka is now in Japan and trying to get the permissions to enter China Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. I send her an email with all the help I could offer.
Sent: Wednesday, December 11th.12.2002 10:39 AM
One More Day To Go

"Best" Benka, > From Bernd (Tesch): it was VERY nice to give me a last email the last day "-1" to your special friends and an honor to belong to them. Remember: You gave me long telefon call in february 1997 from the USA before you even really started. I accompanied you ALL the way what you sometimes even could not know. Because you could not read all what is in my soul. Finally we met in Australia for "20 minutes": Better than never ! Now you are at home ! Somehow you must be happy..... as well !!! Bye Bernd
I want to share a little, happy news today with you.
15.05.2003 The Guinness Book of World Records just approved all of my three record attempts.
- first continuous solo motorcycle ride around the world that included all seven continents;
- the longest (time and distance wise) motorcycle journey done by woman and
- first female who crossed Saudi Arabia on a motorcycle alone.
Much of you have helped in one way or the other so we have a pleasure to share it today. My deep gratitude to all of for your support and courage. The mission is completed. Love to all, Benka
Slovene world traveler Benka Pulko has been awarded a Guinness World Record for her 2000-day motorcycle journey around the globe. Benka’s trip has been officially recognized as the longest solo female motorcycle journey in both duration and distance as well as the first ever continuous solo motorcycle journey to take in all seven continents. She was the first female rider to cross Saudi Arabia on her own motorbike, alone. Benka traveled 180,016 kilometers (111,856 miles) around the world on her motorcycle over the course of 2000 days.Ms. Pulko started her journey on June 19, 1997, from her hometown of Ptuj, Slovenia. After riding her motorcycle from Europe to North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, and Africa and visiting 69 countries along the way, she returned home on December 10th, 2002. As per Guinness Circumnavigation rules Benka passed through two antipodes along her route, the cities of Quenca, Ecuador and, on the other side of the planet, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The entire trip was completed on the same motorcycle, a red 1996 BMW F-650. About her incredible adventure Pulko says, “It was wonderful and rewarding, and at the same time the most demanding experience of my life.”One of the most challenging aspects of Benka’s endeavor was her successful effort to transport her motorcycle to Antarctica. She first rode to Ushuaia, Argentina, at the southernmost tip of South America. Then she convinced a sightseeing boat captain to take her and her bike to the frozen continent. On January 7th, 1999, both Benka and her motorcycle touched down on the Antarctic Peninsula, a feat never before accomplished by any globe-riding motorcyclist.“I got in contact with Guinness in the spring of 1997, and found nothing similar had ever been done,” says Pulko. “Many people had already circled the globe by motorcycle, but none had visited Antarctica along the way. Getting the official recognition now is a nice way to finish this long lasting project.”In the six months since Pulko completed her ride, she has spent time putting her life back in order after almost six years on the road. On the question of how she has accustomed to life at home she smiles and adds that she has not had time to do so. At the moment she is writing a book on her adventures, due to be released this fall.
25th.-27th.04.2007 Benka will offer a slides-show on te 50th Gobetrotter-Meeting from Bernd Tesch in Malmedy.
B.T.: So far no women rode solo for "so long and so far and never solo through Saudi Arabia". I hope Benka will keep her promise once to offer a slide-show on my Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers. 
26.5.2019 Benka answered a facebook-message from me to her in 2012. She is now loving in Montana, USA. WIKI informed me. Her husband is Keith Carr (not the president of Slowenis as BT thought (she makes everythind possible what normally is unpossible).

02.02.1997 - ???
Mike Poelman (American)
- Plan Around-The-World. "On the road". With BMW 1100 after his wife died of cancer in 1986. Open end.
His motto: No Plan - no Upset. A gipsy. After his wife died of cancer in 1986 to ride with a motorcycle A-Round-The-World was no question for him. In 35 years he made 150.000 miles especially through all American States and Canadian Provinces. He wants to reach each continent in the most northern and southern point.
Route: USA (California) - Mexico - Canada - GB (Scotland) - F - Spain - Portugal - Marocco - Italy - Austria - Switzerland - Germany (thought of a nice girl ? and had an accident in Bingen) - Denmark - Sweden (?) - Norway - Chec - Hungary - ?.  So far 56.000 kms. Plan: Turkey - Greece - Lebon - Israel -Egypt - Transafrica - and ?
05.10.97 Erste Info von Marlene Kochanek und Stefan mit Foto.
30.05.98 Mike visits Bernd Tesch with Stefan in Zweifall/Germany.
29.10.98 Mike ist zurück in USA but wants to continue. Info von Kimberley.
16.06.01 Leaving for Central & South America. This will be an extended trip. You can keep in touch by checking my page out at, member name "polecat".

1999. Tiffany Coates in Africa.

07.08.1997 - 09.03.1999 GB > Australia
10.03.1999 - 23.12.1999 Africa (Capetown to GB)
24.06.2002 - 12.07.2003 Americas
Tiffany Coates (British, born 15.01.1967) with Becky Lincoln, (British, 05.01.1971) and with Maggie Dunleavy (Irish, born 21.10.1965)
+ Around The World. The Youth Worker and Self Defence Teacher Tiffany and Becky (works for an Aid Agency) started as a trip only to India, riding on "Thelma", a BMW R 80 GS (1991). But the trip ended much later in Australia from where Becky returned to GB. Tiffany went on from Capetown with Maggie Dunleavy (works for a Housing Association) through Africa back to GB. Tiffany wants to continue next: Alaska - Tierre del Fuego leaving 15.06.2002.
Route: In Europe 6.000 kms (UK - Belguim - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey). In Asia 11.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India. Thelma shipped from Chennai (Madras) to Bangkok in Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore. Thelma shipped from Singapore to Perth in Australia. In Australia 6.000 kms (Perth - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney). Thelma shipped from Sydney to Cape Town, South Africa. Becky returned to England to got to university, another friend was persuaded to fly out and join me for the journey home. Maggie Dunleavy. In Africa 27.000 kms (South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Mozambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Kenya - Ethiopia - Sudan - Egypt - Israel). We then took the ferry from Halfa (Israel) to Venice (Italy). In Europe again 2.500 kms (Italy - France - UK).
Purpose: The decision to travel by motorcycle was because we wanted an alternative to flying and the excitement of travelling by bike appealed to us - the freedom that it offers as a method of travel is unrivalled. Originally it had just been an idea to travel to India overland by motorbike for the pure enjoyment of travelling.
The best: In Asia Pakistan was definitely the highlight, the stunning landscape along the Karakoram Highway and the friendliness of the people. In Africa, the hospitality of the people in Sudan and also swimming with 30 dolphins off the coast of Zanzibar.
The Worst: Bad accident in the sand in Namibia, Tiffany was knocked unconscious and there was noone around to help.
Book/Publication: None yet, but I want to write a book based on our journals.
Useful Information: Go with an open mind and a smile. We found our intercom was essential, it makes communicating on the bike so much easier, and we always had lots to talk about.
Extra notes: Becky and I were unusual in that we had never ridden motorbikes before when we had the idea to ride one to India. We did some training and got our licenses, bought a second-hand BMW, had a couple of mechanics lessons and then set off - all this preparation and planning done in less than six months. We took 5 months to get to India - our target, and after travelling there for 3 months, realized that we'd had such good fun on the bike that we didn't want to stop. And so our trip to India turned into an Around-The-World journey lasting 2 years. Having travelled across Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa we are now back in the UK, trying to get our BMW fixed up and also trying to get sponsorship for the final trip from Alaska to Chile. We found we were a novelty to everyone we met because we were two women travelling by motorbike without a man. We always shared the riding, and it's so comfortable on the back of the BMW that we used to fall asleep. It wasn't the easiest bike to ride as we were on tiptoes to reach the ground- but we soon learnt how to balance the weight and it was the best bike for the job even getting us through the rivers in Ethiopia which came up to the petrol tank.
03.2001 1st contact.
15.11.01 Plans to travel the fifths continent - the Americas - with Irish Maggie and Thelma in june 2002
12.04.2002 Plan to attend your meeting next year - if I am in Europe.
18.09.2003 I am now returned from my travels - completed Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego and then up to Venezuela in 13 months. This was my fifth continent and so I have now completed an Around the World Journey on my BMW R80GS. As featured on your website. I will be in Europe in April 2004 - and I am asking if you would like me to do a presentation and a talk about my travels at the 26th Travellers' Meeting??
I met many Germans on this recent journey and I have told them to go to your next meeting. Perhaps I will get the opportunity to meet up with some of them again.

Tiffany's Travels through the Americas
24.06.2002 - 12.07.2003
Tiffany Coates (British) This time I did most of the journey on my own.
Purpose: To ride across the American continent from its most northerly point to the most southern.
Route: Canada, Alaska, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia. In total 58 000kms.
Started in Vancouver, Canada and rode north to Anchorage (4000 kms), where McInerney, Siobhan (Australia) joined me for two weeks, we rode up to Dead Horse - the most northerly point on the whole continent of America that can be reached by road (dirt track).
Siobhan flew back out of Anchorage and I took the ferry from southern Alaska to Bellingham, Washington State (USA) - just south of Vancouver - a four and a half days ferry trip where I was camped in my tent on the deck.
Southwards to San Francisco and my friend's mother joined me on Thelma - Cohn, Janet (USA) - she is 62 years old and NEVER been on a motorcycle - joined me for 4200 kms to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.
In Guatemala, Dunleavy, Maggie (Ireland) joined me for one month to travel through Central America to Panama.
Thelma was flown from Panama City to Quito in Ecuador. Joined a four-day Caravana - 1000 kms off-road with Enduro riders through the mountains, jungles and beaches of Ecuador.
I rode southwards and reached Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego on 01.02.2003 - lots of champagne celebrations. It was 30 000kms from Dead Horse.
Then once more northwards - the Atlantic Coast, three months in Brazil, a five day boat up the Amazon to Manaus, then through the jungle to Venezuela, a short trip to Colombia before flying home from Caracas.
The best: The mountains and glaciers of both Alaska and Patagonia and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia - the world's largest salt flat and an incredible experience to ride across it.
The worst: The wind in Patagonia - up to 200kph and it blew Thelma over her side-stand- while I could only watch helplessly.
14.01.2004 Next request for update
16th.-18th.04.2003 "Tiffany (Coates) gave slides-show "Around the World" on the 26th Meeting for World-Travellers.
B.T. 23rd.04.2001: This is the longest Motorcycel-Travel ever been made by two women on ONE bike. It could be the first RTW tour by two women on ONE bike ! As well there is no RTW tour made by two women on two motorbikes so far. Maggie is the first Irish women who crossed Africa by bike

Arto Rasimus in desert.

10.07.1997 - 23.10.1999 (832 days)
Arto Rasimus (Finnish, born 02.07.1965)
+ Around-The-World: "El Viaje = The tour". Arto rode solo Around-The-World with Suzuki DR800. 44 countries visited on my tour: Europe, shortly Middle East, Africa, South America, USA, 80.000 kms on the road.
He bought the tour bike on the same day when tour started, due to Finnish tax laws.
Purpose of travel: To learn about the nations and cultures and meet different people.
Arto got the tour idea in summer 1990 when he saw a world map on wall. He made a rough route plan in just five minutes. He bought his first motorcycle as late as 1996 (one year before start). Only MC travel experience before world tour got in summer 1996, when Arto travelled one week with DR750 in Scandinavia: Finland, Norway and Sweden. Purpose was to get experience for the planned world tour.
Route: Europe (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey) - Asia (Syria, Lebanon) - Europe (Greece, Italy, France, Spain) - Africa (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, by plane ?? to South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia) - by plane ??? to South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) - by plane to North America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, USA.
Route in graphical form can be found at:
The best: Freedom. Sun. Friendship of people in many countries, still lasting friendships. Arto met his wife in Bolivia. Now they have a baby boy, born in 07.03.2004!
The worst: Some traffic accidents. One deadly ??? traffic accident in Morocco. Traffic also in Spain sucks.
First aid (CPR ???) situation on roadside in Italy. The person had had an heart attack.
Important useful informations for others: Most important things to have are the enthusiasm and curiosity for travel and learn new things.
The better language skills before tour, the better. English, French and Spanish are most important languages according to my experience. Detailed plans can be left at home. Traffic is definetely the most dangerous thing to consider, not robbery nor violence.
Book or publication:
No books. Just some articles were published on local newspapers, in Finland and Brazil too.
A couple of short TV-programs made about tour in Brazil.
Earlier motorcyle-experiences: Very first ride on bike happened in 1988, 10 kms with borrowed Kawasaki Z650.
1998 1st Info by Keijo Virtanen. This site contains about 300 photos
22.02.2006 last update: In the first place my route plan (made in 1990), had about the same countries that I finally did 7 years later.
But, during the tour, my plans changed and I wanted to do whole AWT. I would have done it, but money was problem. I met my wife Lizbeth in Bolivia, so I decided to give up traveling. I'm still dreaming of motorcycle tours. I own the same bike.

09.1997 -  02.2000
Stamatis Miligos (Greek)
+ Around-The-World. Stamatis rode solo in two years on a HONDA XR 125 (which he bought in 1994 in USA) covering 127.000 kms.
Route: Greece (Athens) - Italy (Venice) - East Europe - Russia (Siberia - Vladiwostok) - Alaska - Mexico - Central America - Brasil - Argentina - Tierra del Fuego - Chile - Peru - Bolivia - Paraguay - Argentina - Brasil - Greece (Athens).
17.09.2000 1st informatrion by Martin Schaal.
02.2000 Publication: Duas Rodos. Nr. 253.
26.09.2000 B.T: This is the first Greek I know who rode Around-The-World.
26.09.2000 Who of you knows his address? Who knows him?

15.11.1997 - ??.05.2002
Giorgio Bettinelli (Italian, Rome. Born ??. Died 2008 of food poison in ??)
+ Around-The-World. Girgio rode 144.000 km in 1000 days during 42 months through five continents. His reportages were totally published in Tuttomoto.
Route: Ushuaia (Terra del Fuego) through 5 continents and finish in Hobart, Tasmania last may. This adventure is
just one of the many others from George: Roma- Siagon; George prefer long distance raid. Online, you can read (but download is a little bit difficult) the last part of the raid on the Tuttomoto website, following the links you find at the end of this article. It's a short story about it is, very inspiring for all the people that love Vespa and like this adventouros way of riding. For sure George doesn't like all inclusive trips and I think that many of us would like to have his enormous baggage of human experiences.
30.07.1992-1993: Giorgio wrote a book about his Vespa trip from Rome to Saigon in 1992-1993 18.000 miles and 7,5 months: "In Vespa da Roma a Saigon"
10.05.1994 (Anchorage). He also did Alaska - Tierra del Fuego in Vespa 1994-1995. He has done other trips all on a Vespa but I have no other specifics. "Il Raid Mototuristico" means "The Mototurism Raid". I can not explain it.
Earlier experiences: Giorgio said that he has been a wanderer for ever. With 14 he hitchiked from Italy (Milano) to Denmark (Copenhagen). After his study of Ancient Literature he took off a year and travelled to India.
27.06.2002 1st information by George Migliorelli being "on the road" RTW
30.06.2002 Asked Giovanni Carlo Nuzzu (who knows him very well) to find out his address or email.
19.02.2003 1st contact with Giorgio Bettinelli: Visitor of the "25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers" with the main subject "Around The World".
11.-13.04.2005 Dear Bernd, thank you for your mail and the invitation for the 11th-13th april meeting in Belgium. I will be very pleased to come, and ride my "Worldwide Odyssey Vespa" over there. There will be plenty of time to talk about our previous and next trips, our books and so on. I'm really looking foreward to meet you and your friends, to disscuss future programs and having some of the world famous belgium beers.
Giogio and his wife Yapei (who lives in 2011 in Jingghon in China) have been vistors of the Motorcycle Meeting for World-TRavellers with hsi Vespa.
30.07.2005 The 30th of july I will be leaving for a new trip, which will take 4 years or more and will be through all the 194 countries in the world. I can hardly wait!! Please, keep in contact and let me know what I have to bring with me: slides, books, pictures ect. Meet you soon. Giorgio.
19.02.2000 1st request for update to Giorgio.
28.05.2011 Dutch Franco & Nicky (Bangkok-Amsterdam) wrote me about Giortgio, a friend of him.,
30.05.2011 Request to Franco & Nicky to sned me a foto of Girgio and to give me the contact to his wife Yapei, who lives in Jingghon China.

29.11.1997 - 25.03.1999
Peter Gerrits (Dutch, born 27.08.1969)
- Around the World. Peter rode solo Around the World through Asia with YAMAHA XJ 600 56.000 km for 16 months.
Route: Europe (Germany - Austria - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Bhutan (as far as I know I’m the first one who get in Bhutan official with motor-bike. In Butan I was hit by a truck and the frame broke in 8 placese) - Nepal. Bike and I flew by plane to Thailand, Bangkok. And from there I drove through whole Lao’s, and tried to get the bike into Vietnam but the customs didn’t let the bike in and travelled by backpack through Vietnam. Then I rode to Malaysia and Singapore and shipped the bike to New Zealand and then to Australia.
Purpose of travel: Fun. Travelling and learn other cultures and countries.
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of Iran people. And of couse the people in Bhutan where the government made a exception to let me in with the motor-bike.
The worst: My motor-bike accident with a truck in Bhutan (with destroyed my Bike almost totally) so I didn’t go to the festival to see the king of Bhutan.
Book or publication: Dutch motorcycle magazine Moto73 on Feb. 2002.
Useful information and TIPS for others: ....
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:Hole Europe...
27.12.2001 First info by Dafne and Rob de Jong. Found him by internet. They know him in person.
27.12.2001 Homepage of Eric and Gail Haws listed: PETER GERRITS. (Page 163). We met Peter in New Zealand. He has travelled around the world.
20.01.2002 1st answer from Peter
B.T.: Peter writes that he is the first foreign Motorcycle-Traveller who has been in Bhutan with a bike.


Helmut Klein (German)
? Plan Around-The-World. 1998 Plan World-Around-Tour 2-3 years with an African Twin XRV. RD
03.06.1997 98 1st contact.
14.07.2001 Spoke to his answering machine.

1998 - ?
Thomas Bruck with Doro   www.??
? Plan Around-The-World. Thomas made a 38 liter fuel-tank for his Suzuki himself.
Route: Germany - Iran - Pakistan - India - Sri Lanka - India (bad accident) - Nepal - by plane Bangkok (200 $ US) - Thailand (build a new steel-fuel-tank 28 l in Thailand) - Kambodscha - Vietnam - Laos - Thailand (from Bangkok to Perth by ship, 150 US $) - Australia (6 months) - by plane to NZ (Auckland) for 180 US $ - North-Ameica via Fiji. So far 60.000 kms.
1998 Partcipants of the Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers.
14.07.201 Asked for more infomation by email.
Abgespeichert unter Moweltre: BeBruckThomas000807

Plan 1998
Franz X. Ziegler (German)
? Plan a tour "Around-The-World" via Siberia 9 months.

Patrick Garrod (British)
? Plan Around-The-World. Patrick planned a tour Around-The-World.

??.07.1998 until ca. ??.may 2000
Manfred G., (German)
- Plan Around-The-World ? With Yamaha XJ 900 F (1985, already 100.000 kms).
12.03.98 1. information by World-Around-Traveller Peter Stumm.
Participant of the 20th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1998.
22.04.1998: Manfred visited Bernd Tesch for recommendation.The German Manfred is an early retired leader of a workshop.
When I asked him WHY he wanted to circle the world? he answered: "What should I do else?"
Planned Route: D - Italien - Sp - F - NL - GB - IRL - CAN - USA - AUS - NZ.
At 20.02.1999 Herbert Heine phoned me up. He met him at my "20. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 17.04.1998" and saw Manfreds bike in 1998 in New Zealand.
01.04.2000 Manfred wanted to finish his Motorcycle-World-Travel at the 22nd Meeting for World-Travellers but could not get a boat for his bike in time...
08.09.2005 Next request for update:
20.09.2005 After a very unpolite letter this man I stopped the contact. So I could not find out if he circled the world in total.

1998 - + 7 years ?
"Pluto" John Hyland (American)  old website:
? Plan Around-The-World. Pluto is travelling on a Harley-Davidson sidecar paying his trip by tatooing.
Route: USA - Europe - Marocco - Mauretania - Ghana - shipped to South Africa.....
John "Pluto" Hyland is an Irish artist, writer, poet, philosopher, electronic technician, world traveler, electro-mechanical engineering technician, heavy equipment and mortorcycle mechanic, and all round 'jack-of-all-trades'. His art, travels and exploits have been the subject of several newspaper and magazine articles. He has also been a guest on a number of radio and television shows internationally. He has worked in artistic assistance to the props department on several episodes of Warner Bros', "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues," series starring David Carridine. Pluto was also featured in the one hour, "Tattoos: Love 'em or Leave 'em" segment of The Shirly Show, and the Body Art documentary, "The Human Canvas". He was the exclusive guest artist for eight weeks at the "Body Art" Exhibit at the Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia. Pluto is an extra-miler member of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), a member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG), the United Sidecar Association and the International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers. He is also the research and developement and technical assistance specialist for Ural Australia. Mr. Hyland pens monthly articles for several publications, and is currentley working on several book projects,a two evening Ural technical seminar, an oral poetry/storytelling performance, and an anti-drug/positive attitudes presentation for students.
01.11.1998 1st Info by Peter Forwood.
19.11.2002 2nd info by Stephen Wiggings, Ural Australia

1998 - ?
Seiji Nakai and Harumi Nakai (Japanese)
? Around-The-World ? I (Kenji) rode in Patagonia. At Usuaia I met my friend Seiji who are travelling for 5 years around the world with Honda.
05.08.1999 First info by Kenji Mizuno.
19.06.2002 Valeria Mitani informed me that they saw both in Switzerland. Asked for email.
18.03.2004 Kurt Meyer and Harumi Meyer-Higashi in Switzerland informed me that those persons above a different from them and real exists.
06.04.2004 Next request to Kenji Mizuno

04.05.1998 - 27.08.1998 and further on may 2002- ?
Hubert Steinhauser (German, 09.05.1964)
- Plan Around-The-World.
< Hubert in Mongolia with horse-festival

Plan Route Weltumrundung:
D - GUS - Mongolei - China (by plane) - Alaska-Feuerland etc. 1 year with YAMAHA XT 600 E.
29.01.98 Erstes Telefonat.
06.02.98 Hubert came to me for intensive recommendation. Especially he wanted to travel through GUS-countries where he has been before this time by motorcycle. With my help he managed to get all the complicated visas finally. For his YAMAHAXT 600 E he bought "Tesch-Travel-Träger (=rack)" and "Tesch-Travel-Taschen (= alu boxes)"
18.08.1998  He made it without any serious problems solo to Wladiwostok (18.08.) in Russia. Having a trip their with Russian motorcycle friends he had a bad accident 20.08. He woke up in the hospital and supposes today that somebody must have kicked him from the back. His spine was broken although he wear a back-protector. At 27.08.98 a jet came from ADAC Germany to fly him back from Wladiwostok to a German Unfallklinik.
09.1998 Hubert gave me a first call.
1999: After 4 months having been in hospital because he could not move and go Hubert is in a good psychologigal mood (what many persons do not understand) and wants to continue his Mc-World-Trip from Wladiwostok to Asia and North-America after he is recovered possibly in 2000.
08.99 The German journalist Erwin Thoma infromed me that Huberts Bike is still in Vladiwostok. He saw it.
14.06.2000 Teilnehmer des 22. Moto-Fernreise-Treffens 2000. Will später wieder weiter fahren.
24.11.2001 Hubert came for next recomendation for his next part from Wladiwostok in may 2002.
24.02.2004 BMW R 100 GS. MOBEC (von Manfred Beck). Seitenwagen mit Duo-Drive. Ca € 25.000 € (BMW war darin mit € 5.000). 2/3 von Versicherung bekommen. Bis syrische Grenze. Motorrad in Griechenland gestohlen worden (20.01.2003 in Xanthi).

04.06.1998 - 01.03.2000
Seizo Ohashi (Japanese, born 16.03.1967) no website
+ Around The World. Seizo rode solo around the world in 18 months with a Suzuki DR250XC ( fuel tank of Honda XL600 and Krauser bags ) and visited 53 countries. 120.000km.
Route : America ( Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil, Venezuela . By air to Europe (Holland ). 62.871 km.
Europe ( Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, CH, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey ). 27.036 km.
Asia ( Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal ). By air to Australia ). 7.546km.
Australia 22.547 km.
Purpose of travel : To find a beautiful wife! But unfortunately failed !!!
The best : Nice people in all over the world and nice girls in south America!!!
The worst : Ass problem in Manaus, Brasil.
Tips : Stop every 2hours, if not........
Next trip : Russia, Centralasia, Middleeast, Africa. During the first trip I skipped almost all the African countries (except Morocco), so on my next trip I'd like to go to Africa and visit those countries that I missed.
Book or publication ????????????????
17.07.03 First contact.
17.07.03First answer.

08.1998 - ? 4 years
Kit Kemsley and Brian (American)
? Plan Around-The-World.
Route: First Alaska - Ushuaia. Kit with modified BMW R64 more to a GS. Brian with BMW 100 GS. Kit broke her arm on the way. So they bought a van and reached Ushuaia 04.1999. Not sure if they will continue.

19.12.1998 - 01.04.2000
Klaus Demel (28.10.1960, German)
Around-The-World. Kaus rode solo on a Caviga Elefant 750 70.000 kms (without flights) in his biggest tour in 14 months.
1982 to 1984: First trips with my Honda CX 500 to many countries in Europe (France, Greek, Turky, Italy ect.) all together 60.000 kms with no problems on the bike although many kilometers on dirt road in Turkey.
25.08.1986 - 03.08.1987 Big long trip with my girlfriend on my Yamaha Tenere 600.Germany - Ausstria - Jugoslavia - Greece - by boat to Israel - Egypt - by boat over lake Aswan to Sudan (Wadi Halfa). There we got no fuel and we had to use the train to Atbara. On a very hard trip (no road or track) we came to Kharthoum. We intended to go to Kenia but the way through Sudan to Central Africa was too hard for two riders on one bike. So we changed the route and used a ferry from Port Sudan to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. We crossed Saudi in two days to Jemen. This is one of the interesting countries. From Jemen (Sana) we took a flight with the bike to Kenya (Nairobi). Africa is different from all other continents and a special experence. We had an easy travel over Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia (at this time bombbbs and aattacks) - Zimbabwe (Vic. Falls) - South Africa - Lesotho (very good !) - South Africa . Flight with bike from Johanesburg) to Germany. 40.000 kms in 12 months with 3.000 US $ each.
12.12.1990 - 18.01.1991: Algeria (Algerie - Djanet - Hogar - Tamnrasset -Gardaia)
20.12.1991 - 15.01.1992: Algeria (Deb Deb - EL Golea - Reggane)
16.04.1996 - 30.04.1996 + 10.05.1997 - 10.06.1997 Marroko (great in April and Mai),
04.08.1996 - 12.09.1996: In summer (hot) 6 weeks from Germany overland to Pakistan, One of my best experences (Himalaya, Hindukusch, Babusapass).
02.12.1995 - 10.01.1996 Ethiopia and Eritrea one of the greatest trips.
18.12.1998 - 31.03.2000 Route: Germany - Italy - by ferry Italy (Genua) -–Tunis - Libya (Ghadames to Sabha. A great experience. 6 days we saw nobody). After a visit Um el Mar I road solo to Akakus Mountains, one of the greatest stones in the world. I made a 3 days roundtrip. Egypt (diving in the Red Sea) - ferry to Jordan (Taba Aqaba). The best in Jordan: Wadi Ram and Petra. The climate was verry cold in this wintertime an a had a dream of warm climate in Asia. –So I flew with the bike from Jordan to Singapore. By bike Malysia - Thailand with a little island hopping to relax - Flight with bike from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - Australia (Perth). In 3 months Perth - Darwin (via Kimberleys great!) - Alice Springs - Cairns - Sydney. From Sydney I wanted to fligh to India, but India had trouble in this time with Pakistan. So I flew with bike to Argentina (Buenos Aires). From BA six months through South America. The best time in my life! In Brasil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina very nice people. I visited: The Iguasu Falls, Matchu Pitchu, Salar de Uyuni, La Paz, Moreno Gletscher, Altiplano, Lago Titicaca, Curratera Austral.
Purpose of travel: I can`t sit at home.
The worst: Arrest in Teheran. Crash in West Australia.
Book or publication: My travel book: "Einfach-losfahren!".
Useful informations and tips for others: Read my book or ask me.


Cuan Mulcahy (South African)
Plan Around-The-World. "On the road". The South African is riding a HONDA Africa Twin 750 and crossed Africa.
11.07.00 First information by Chris Scotts website

Plan 1999
Bernd Pflüger (German)
? Around-The-World in some different steps.

1999 or 2000
Dirk Zeller (German)
? Plan Around-The-World. With a friend.
1998. Participant of the 20th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.

??.??.1999 (exact date?) - still going in 22.02.2009 and 24.03.2011 and 24.07.2011 and 02.11.2012 in Luxembourg
Ian Coates (British, Hebden Bridge , Yorkshire England , born 05th.05.1943) website ??
- Plan Around-The-World. Left England in 1999 to ride my 1992 Honda African Twin "Around The World" and still going. If you want more information you can google Ian Coates and Ian Coates Brazil.
Purpose of your travel:
The purpose of Ian's travel is to see as much as the World as possible and to ride my motorbike around every country in the World.
Route: Ian's travel routes have included Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Shetland Islands, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Galapagos Islands, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, the entire country of Australia, New Zealand (north and south Island), and too many others to list. The travel has included 60 different countries so far.
USA (20.02.2009) -
Highlights : The best highlight of my travels was getting out of the Sudan after being lost in the desert.
The worst: The worst thing that has ever happened in my travels around the world was getting lost in the Sudan Desert for 10 days .....
Book or publication (about your tour): ....... No book or publication yet
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: ...
2000 Ian was a participant of the 22 nd Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers in Malmedy / Belgium. But at this time I had no information that he has the plan to circle the world.
21.03.2008 First info by Ian Coates from "on the road".
21.03.2008 First request for update
26.03.2008 Second request.
28.03.2008 Third request to Dee Albrecht in USA for update
22.02.2009 Fourth request to now USA.
24.03.2011 Ian answered and asked em to google I "Ian Coates HOND". I did thid but just found videos but I never found a good view.
24.03.2011 Fifth request for update.










01.05.1999 - 20.08.2005
Mika Kuhn (German) and Daniela G. (Swiss)
+ Around-The-World. The building-engineer Mika traveled around the world in six years, three month and twenty days with Yamaha XT 600 Z Tenere a total of 251.000km. Damrais travelled parts with Mika.
Purpose of travel: In a letter 22.04.1999 Mika wrote to me: "I just want to travel, to have a puncture on the road, to enjoy the travel life, not to know where I will sleep next evening and what to eat. But it is not the fear not being able to manage the life here". I don't mind working, but I love travelling by mc.
The best:  Iran, Siberia and the Far East of Russia, Colombia, Japan
The worst: My *supreme brother* Simon Milward died on the road in Africa.
Earthquake in Istanbul, traffic in Pakistan and India, Customs  in Almaty / Kazakhstan
Book or publication (about your tour): TOURENFAHRER 12.2000. None more. But his website above.
Sponsor: Kedo GmbH Hamburg , Yamaha Motors ltd. Iwata Japan, and all the fantastic people that believed in me and my journey
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Never hurry and take care of your bike yourself
Earlier experiences: He has already been in Russia and North-America during his studies for 1 year 05.1992 - 04.1993 with a XT 600 K and HONDA XL 600 R. Only two days after he has been back in Germany sitting in a Biergarten seeing all this business guys with their suitcases he diceded to travel again. After he has finished his study of construction engineer he has worked since three years to save the necessary money. 1996: 1 year N + S-America.
Route: Germany (Bochum) - Belgium - The Netherlands - Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Finland - Estonia - Russia - Ukraine - by ferry Odessa to Istanbul - Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Jordan (27.09.99. So far 16.000 kms) - Syria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - India - by air from New Delhi to Almaty - Kazakhstan (22.05.00) - Russia - Mongolia - Russia - by ferry from Vladivostok to Fushiki - Japan - mc by ship to Port Klang, by plane to Kualar Lumpur - Malaysia - Thailand  (12.2000. In Bangkok Mika met Slowenien Mc-World-Tourer "Benka") - Laos - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Kambodscha - Thailand - Malaysia - mc by ship to Sydney, by air to Sydney - Australia (Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Perth).
Mid january 2002 with D. from Melbourne - Great Ocean Road - Snowy Mountains - Canberra (visit of Nat. Museum) - on the way to Sydney the shock absorber broke - after 10 months of Australia flight with Quantas to Argentina (Buenos Aires). Here great welcome by motorcycle club ¨Motoloquesea¨. In Buenos Aires D. bought a used Honda XR200R (2000) which was a big paper-job. Motorcycyle-Magazin Informoto will offer an artcile. YAMAHA-MOTORS Australia and Argentina supported Mike. Plan: Argentina (Bariloche) - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Equador.

Route: Bochum (Germany) - North Cape - Moscow - Odessa - Istanbul - Cairo - Aswan - Tehran - Islamabad - Goa - Katmandu - Almaty - Novosibirsk - Ulan Bator - Vladivostok - Tokyo - Bangkok - Ho Chi Minh City - Sydney - Darwin - Perth - Buenos Aires - Lima - Manaus - Bogota - Quito - Ushuaia - Sao Paulo - Tokyo - Juhsno Sakhalinsk - Vladivostok - Magadan - Sao Paulo - Asuncion - Rio - Belem - Paramaribo - Cartagena - Medellin - Caracas - Havana - Santo Domingo - Johannesburg - Cape Town - Dar Es Salaam - Bujumbura - Windhoek - Luanda - Libreville - Lome - Bamako - Dakar - Marakesh - Paris - Bochum

1996 - 1999 Mika was participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers three times.
11.10.98 Mika visited me after he met Marcel Kersten, Dutch World-Around-Traveller for recommendation. He intendsed to travel with a motorcycle leaving
05.1999 for 3-5 years starting in Germany. He showed me a huge plan travelling through all continents.
02.2001: So far 57.000 kms on the Tenere and 22 countries.
11.2001: So far 26 countries, 92.000km on the fantastic Yamaha Tenere
26.09.2002 The Swiss woman D. rode together with Mika 22.0000 kms from Argentina to Colombia all in South America. The bike was sold and she flew back to Switzerland.
26.-28.03.1999 Mika showed up the third time at the 21. Meeting for Mc-WORLD-Travellers.
01.05.1999 On his first touring day Around-The-World I gave a "good-bye-party - farewell party" for him. Then he left to North-Cape.
10.01.2002 Now under
10.01.2002 Ach ja, fast haette ich es vergessen, seit ich in Bochum am 01.05.1999 losgefahren bin habe ich jetzt die ersten 100.000 km auf der Tenere zurueckgelegt, die jetzt 145.200 km auf dem Tacho hat. Dabei bin ich durch 26 Laender auf drei Kontinenten, (Europa, Asien und Australien) gefahren. Ich schaetze ich habe noch 130.000 km vor mir in Suedamerika, Nordamerika und Afrika; aber ich werde euch auf dem Laufenden halten.
17.01.2003: vom Ende der Welt - Feuerland - Ushuaia - Argentinien 17. Januar 2003 - draussen regnet es und die Temperaturen sind unfreundlich kalt.
So, jetzt habe ich das Ende der Welt erreicht. Nach 3 Jahren, 8 Monaten und 17 Tagen - 140.000km auf der Tenere durch 34 Länder. Hier geht es nur mit dem Schiff weiter in die Anktarktis, und die Pinguine und Eisbären will ich dort nicht erschrecken, auch kann ich mir nicht vorstellen das Motorradfahren da Spass macht.
Hallo liebe Leute, von oben nach unten in Suedamerika in nur sechs Wochen. Von Medellin nach Ushuaia, 14.000km. Kaffeeplantagen, Bananenplantagen, Weinstoecke, die Anden in allen Farben, gruene, blaue, graue, schwarze und rosa Bergseen, Sandwuesten, Steinwuesten, Mondlandschaften, Pampa, Nadelwaelder, Wind und Wind, Lagerfeuer. Abgefahrener Hinterreifen, abgerissener Kettenschutz und abgesprungene Kette. Aber ich bin gestern angekommen !
In Quito, der Hauptstadt Equadors, traf ich Mark. Mark ist ein australischen Anwalt, der seinen Job hingeschmissen hat und sich in Mexico City eine zwanzig Jahre alte Yamaha Seca Vierzylinder 650 ccm gekauft hat. Da wir die gleiche Strecke und Zeitplanung (so schnell wie moeglich nach Sueden ...) hatten, beschlossen wir einige Tage zusammen zu fahren. Da Marks Yamaha keine Fahrzeugpapiere und nur eine Kaufquittung des Motorradladens in Mexico hat, war der Grenzuebertritt nach Peru nur nach einigen wohlplazierten US Dollarscheinen moeglich. Und ich spielte fuer einige Stunden den Motorradwachmann, waehrend Mark mit all den Beamten irgendwo die Sache verhandelte und mit einem breiten Lachen zurueck kam. Auch konnte ihn das Falschgeld, das er von einem Strassenwechseler bekommen hatte, nicht von dem breiten Laecheln abbringen. Abends zahlte er auch das Bier. Willkommen zurueck in Peru.
3 Tage in Kolumbien, 5 Tage in Equador, 7 Tage in Peru und 3 Tage in Nordchile - bevor ich Salta in Nordargentinien erreicht hatte und die eigentliche Reiseabschnitt fuer mich began. Die Anden immer auf der rechten Seite ging es ueber einige staubige Pisten und viel Asphalt weiter gen Sueden. Weihnachten habe ich bei taeglich 400 - 500km auf der Strasse und abends alleine am Lagerfeuer mit rotem Wein aus dem Tetra Pak (0.50 Euro die Box) verbracht.
In San Carlos de Bariloche habe ich ins neue Jahr getrunken. Die Careterra Austral ging es in Chile weiter gen Sueden - tolle Landschaft und eine gute Piste. Die vielen Motorradreisenden die ich dort getroffen habe verraten wie sich dies schon rumgesprochen hat. Ueber die Ruta 40 in Argentinien ging es gegen den Wind an weiter nach Sueden. Lange Fahrtage und Abends Wein aus dem Karton bestimmten die Tage.
So, jetzt habe ich das Ende der Welt erreicht. Nach 3 Jahren, 8 Monaten und 17 Tagen - 140.000km auf der Tenere durch 34 Laender. Hier geht es nur mit dem Schiff weiter in die Anktarktis, und die Pinguine und Eisbaeren will ich dort nicht erschrecken, auch kann ich mir nicht vorstellen das Motorradfahren da Spass macht.
Es wird Zeit an die lange Rueckreise zu denken. Der Plan ist heute: Brasilien, Japan, Sibirien, Brasilien, die Guianas, Kolumbien (?), die Karibik (?) - Kuba (?), Nordamerika (???), Afrika von unten nach oben entlang der Westkueste, Bochum. Wie ihr seht sind noch einige Umwege eingeplant, aber die grobe Richtung zurueck nach Bochum laesst sich hoffentlich erkennen.
Sicherlich habt Ihr euch gefragt, wieso diese Eile nach Ushuaia zu kommen von Medellin. Die Antwort ist einfach, D. wird Anfang Februar fuer einen Monat nach Sao Paulo kommen, und ich werde sie natuerlich am Flughafen abholen. Bin schon ganz nervoes, schliesslich haben wir uns dann fuenf Monate nicht gesehen. Und einen Teil der Strecke kannte ich ja schon, konnte also ruhigen Gewissens z.B. an den Linien von Nasca vorbeifahren ohne zu halten. Auch wollte ich hier im Sommer, also jetzt, reisen - da die Temperaturen sonst noch unfreundlicher waeren.
Zwei Tage werde ich hierbleiben bevor es die 5.000km nach Sao Paulo gen Norden geht, wohl nur auf Asphalt und viel durch die argentinische Pampa. Und morgen werde ich mir seit langem wieder mal ein Museum ansehen.
10.03.2003 Mika from Argentina: Niklas (Geiger) und Bernd, sehr gute Idee fuer die Posta in Azul eine Sammlung auf dem Treffen zu machen. Niklas, wie du gesehen hast, habe ich eine Spendenbox in der posta aufgehaengt, damit Pollo nicht jeden biker einzeln um eine Spende bitten muss. Im November könnte ich nach Azul fahren und Jorge die gesammelten Spenden persoenlich uebergeben. Auch werde ich ihm dann eine Woche oder helfen, um einige Umbauten, Verbesserungen mit dem Geld fuer die neue Saison 2003/04 zu machen.
19.03.2003 Mika in south of Brazil: Der Tacho zeigt jetzt fast 200.000km und die 12kg Ersatzteile waren dringend noetig. The YAMAHA is the second time in total parts for renewing.
02.04. 2004 hallo Bernd, zum treffen wuensche ich dir alles gute, auch dieses jahr werde ich nicht kommen, da ich immer noch unterwegs bin (z.Zt. in Medellin Kolumbien) und gerade die verschiffung der tenere nach kuba organisiere. in dezember 2003 hatte ich das gesammelte geld fuer die posta in azul an Jorge (pollo) uebergeben. ein deutscher biker - ich denke er heisst Rafael - hatte ein foto gemacht und wollte es an dich weiterleiten. also viel spass beim treffen und gruss hassta pronto. mika
11.-13.04.2003 Mika wrote me kindly that he cannot come to the "25th Motorcycle Meeting fro World-Travellers"
20.08.2005 Mika und D. schon vor dem 20.07.2005 erfolgreich Afrika durchquert und planen ab Samstag, 20.08.2005 mit Freunden zurück zur Heimat nach Bochum reisen .
20.08.2005 Mika und D. schon vor dem 20.07.2005 erfolgreich Afrika durchquert und planen ab Samstag, 20.08.2005 mit Freunden zurück zur Heimat nach Bochum reisen.
20.07.2005 1st request for update
19.08.2005 2005 I met Mika after 6 years first time in good condition on a motorcycle-camping-place D´n Toerstop near Venlo in Melderslo / NL. There were about 20 people to stay with them the last night. Next day they ride togehther to Bochum, his home-address in a convoi with 18 bikes.
Most important was that I met first time Swiss D.(28). With her short hair this very friendly and nice looking woman looked as if she was constructed for a long distance tour. They met in Vietnam when D. travelled by backpacking. She travelled from 02.2001 on the backseat of Mika. Finally in some periods 60.000 kms in South America, Africa and Europe by herself on a SUZUKI DR 350 together with Mika. D. promised me her overview.
20.08.2005 1st request to D. for update. She promised me to send an overview of HER parts.
30.09.2005 Last upadte
16.10.2006 D will not keep her promise.

Vitus Benderoth (German)
17.04.99 1st conatct
26.03.99 First Info by World-Around-Traveller Bruno Blum.
22.07.2000 Any details? New Addresses? Have only the old one. Who knows him?
24.02.2002 2nd information by Email and Liliana Schmid
24.02.2002 1st request for update

Metka Blasko and Uros  (Slowenian)
? Plan Around-The-World. "On the road".
Route so far: Europe - Africa - South-America.
1999 first contact.

Carol Duval and Ken (Australians)
- Plan Around-The-World. "On the road".
Route so far: Australia - USA - Europe - Transafrica.
14.03.1999 First contact.
1998 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1998 and private guests of Bernd Tesch.
01.03.2003 "Unfortunately we can not attend the 25th Motorcycle Meeting as we are back in Austraila and busy working and saving for our next trip"
01.03.2003 2nd request for update
12.11.2003 3rd request for upadte. Next week Ken will have a new heart valve.

04.08.1999 - 21.12.2001
Anke Eggengoor (Dutch, born 25.07.1968) and Jan-Bernd Lucas (German,born 21.07.1965)
+ Plan Around-The-World. Both enigeneers (Dipl.Ing. FH) circled the world with 73.000 kms through 22 countries in 4 continents always riding east.
Plan 1999: 2 years with two  BMW R 1100 GS.
Plan 12.2000: another 1,5 years.
Route: Germany (Loeningen, close to Bremen) overland to India / Nepal. By Thai Airways with motorcyle from Kathmandu to Bangkok. Managed to enter Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with there own bikes! Then Malaysia - Singapore - in Australia since 07.2000 - in Germany 12.2000 to Dezember 2001. NZ, back to Austraila - Canada - Alaska - USA (Seattle to Orlando/Florida). By plane via Island to GB - by ferry to NL and back home in Loeningen/Germany 21.12.2001 03.30 o´clock in the morning.
?? in Germany 12.2000 to february 2001.
Motivation: to meet other people, cultures and distances.
The best: the hole asia
The Worst: Ankes accident in Australia
Useful tips for others: workout the information sources and don't prepare to much
Earlier Mc-Experiences: All over europe and some trips to Marokko.
Book / Pubication: homepage
1998 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Got the motivation and idea to ride around the world on this meeting.
June 1998: They came for recommendation hours
30.06.1999 They stopped working at Bayer The collegues spend them a digital-camera, so that they can send a lot of pictures from the whole world. They are still working ca. 10-12 hours a day the preparing (Comment of B.T.: They had "only" a year to prepare the tour...)
10.1999 Both are now on their world-tour direction to India. The first part they rode together with experienced Australian Kay and Peter Forwood.They have a lot contact with mc-travellers from the Tesch-mc-meeting
2000: Very seldom I get informations from them by email.
2008: Anke wrote me finally that a lot has changed last years: Two kids
B. T. First Europe-Asia-overlanders who entered Vietnam with own bikes, which Bernd Tesch knows.

Erwin THoma in??

14. 04.1999 - 20.06.2001
Erwin Thoma (German, born 19.08.1964)
+ Around-The-World. Erwin circled solo the world with BMW R 1100 GS in 26 months. 4 continents. 90.000 kms.
Route: Europe - Asia 16.000 kms: Germany (Berlin) - Poland - Belo Russia - Russia. Bike and I by plane from Vladivostok to USA (Seattle) with Aeroflot. North-America 23.000 kms: USA (Seattle) - Canada (Arctic Circle) - West Coast USA - Mexico. Central America 16.000 km Guatemala: Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. By airplane from Panama City to Columbia (Bogota), bike by cargo airplaine. South America 30.000 km: Columbia - Peru - Bolivia - Argentinia - Chile - Argentinia - Tierra del Fuego - Brasil - Uruguay - Paraguay -Brasil (Sao Paulo). Sao Paulo - Spain (Madrid) by airplane, bike by cargo airplaine. Europe 5.000 km: Spain - Andorra - France - Switzerland - Germany.
Purpose of travel: To learn from other people and meet nice people
The best: Helpfull people all over.
The worst: Someone tried to burn the bike in Buenos Aires.
Book or publication: Articles in the regional magazines of Syburger Verlag. Article about Canada in mc-magazine "motorrad, reisen und sport", articles in "Moto Sport Schweiz", articles in English at and at http://www.tynda.?. More articles and a book will be published.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Leave your way of thinking about the "normality" at home and take passport, creditcard and bathing shoes with you and you are fine. Most people all over the world are ok.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: 1991: 3 months Monate with Jawa 250 ccm 2-stroke India - Germany.
1991 6 months with Kawasaki 125 ccm Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore .
1993 3 months with MZ 250 ccm Germany - Ukraine Halbinsel Krim . Germany mit einer MZ ETZ 301,Ukraine,
1999 2 months with 175er Baschod Zweitakter Saigon - Hanoi (Vietnam)
- Northcape with BMW R 100/7. Germany - Sicilia with Moto Guzzi 850 California.
10.12.2012 Request for best fotos for his blog.
03.05.2012 Erwin plans to take part at the "55. Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers".
B.T.: Erwin is the first German I know who rode Transrussia including along the swamps of the Amur-River in summer.

09.05.1999 - 03.11.2000 SECOND JOURNEY
Atsuko Kumata (Japanese female and Australian resident) and Myles Nott (Australian male)
+ Around The World (see as well tour 07.06.1992 - 03.06.1995 ). Europe - Russia - Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. I (Myles, 40 years) rode from Western Europe, across Russia to Alaska and then North, Central and South America by YAMAHA TT 350 1998 model together all the way with Kumata (36 years) who rode a YAMAHA TT 350.
Route: Europe 6.880 kms (Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - France - Switzerland - Italy - Liechtenstein - Austria - Czech - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia) - Russia 15.000 kms (West, St. Petersburg - East, Magadan). I flew to Anchorage, Alaska with the motorcycle. North America 12.100 kms (Alaska - Canada - U.S.A.) - Mexico 7.360 kms - Central America 5.900 kms (Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama). Motorcycle was sent by aeroplane to Bogota, Colombia. I flew to Bogota, Colombia. South America 25.340 kms (Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Uruguay - Paraguay - Brazil - Venezuela - Guyana). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Rotterdam then Melbourne, Australia. I flew home to Australia.
The best: Far Eastern Russia: Siberia in the snow. Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and Lago Colorado on the way to the Chile border.
The worst: Frost bite in Russia. Atsuko's head-on collision with car in Guyana.
Book or publication: Not yet
Useful infromation for others: Less weight of motorcycle and gear makes travelling less difficult.
08.01.2001 1st contact by email
We also know about 10 Japanese people who have > motorcycled around the world.
See as well tour 04.03.1990 - 03.10.1993 FIRST JOURNEY

21.05.1999 (Morocco) - Original itinerary was 15 months. Now extended to 2-3 years. - 06.08.2003 (New York)
Erin Ratay & Chris (Americans)
+ Around-The-World. "On the road". Chris (BMW R 100 GS, a Cosmetic Display Salesman) and Erin (BMW F 650, Career Counselor)
Route: USA - Morocco - 6 months Europe  (Spain - Portugal - Germany - Netherlands (Amsterdam) - Denmark - Norway - Germany - Transdanubia Rally (Munich /Germany to Budapest /Hungary) - Bulgaria - Romania - Greece -Turkey - Israel - Egypt - plane to India - 3 months India - Nepal - plane to Thailand - 6 months SE Asia:  Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Malaysia - Singapore - plans: by boat to Australia -  6-10 months Australia - New Zealand - 6-10 months South America.
"We quit our jobs, sold our apartment and other possesions in New York City, and packed what was left on the two bikes.  We're learning a lot along the way, and looking forward to what's around the next bend".
The best: Morocco, Norway, Turkey, Nepal, and Cambodia.
The worst: Customs in both Egypt and India.
Earlier or later mc-travel-experiences: ??
10.07.1999. 1st information by Stefan Brandt.
Ca. 07.1999 1st contact.
04.2003. Their answer to my invitation to the "25th Meeting for World-Travellers" with the main subject "Around-The-World": "If we're in the area in 2003, we'd love to come by".
28.08.2003 Guiness Record
19.03.2009 I copied this out of their website: Our Around-the-World tour, a motorcycle adventure on two BMW bikes that took more than four years (1999-2003) and covered 50 countries on six continents, while riding 101,322 miles (163,061 kms).
At the end of our journey, we discovered we nearly doubled the record for Longest Motorcycle Ride (Team), and Guinness World Records ® has awarded us the new record.
19.03.2009 Next request for update
18.03.2014 .Next request for update. AND the three ebst fotos persons with motorcycle "on the road" for this blog

01.08.1999 - ?
Chris Bright (British)
- Plan Around-The-World. The teacher Chris is riding solo on a 1989 BMW R100GS.
Original planned route: Ship UK- NY - Canada - Alaska - Canada - USA-West - Mexico - Central America  - Panama - fly to Colombia - PanAm  (incl. Amazon) - Tierra del Fuego - ship to Australia - Visiting Sydney - Olympics - Red Centre - Northern Territories - ship to Singapore - (Dez. 2000?) - South East Asia - Thailand - China and Tibet (if possible) - Iran - Turkey - Europe /late 2001 - Tesch - GB.
Done routes:
25.08.1999 Got the first email from him in France (Paris), where he is hanging out in a famous cafe where Lenin, Trotzky and Ernest Hemingway have been. After 3 hours of sleep the scholl-teacher Chris started in England (Birmingham) finally.
25 08.1999 - 17.03.2000 London - Cairo - Cape Town 28.500 km.
25.05.2000 - 24.03.2001 New York - Arctic Circle (Alaska) - Tierra del Fuego 46.500 km.
Wants to drive London - Kathmandu in the second half of 2001.
So, there we are. 2 and a half years, a few borders, 65000 miles on 2 bikes,
1800 U.S. gallons of fuel, 5 front tyres, 11 back tyres, 5 shock absorbers,
1 bike expired (in Brazil: but now reincarnated), the other one nearly so,
hit/kicked 6 dogs (killed 1), 1 sheep (killed it: that was the big African
crash), 1 chicken (stunned), a half eaten cheese sandwich, 2 big bangs (in
both of which I was very very luck), lots of grey hair, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so
many broken hearts (yeh right, my a*se), many new friends made, more fun
than I could have imagined, a life lived… and now it’s all over.... Chris Bright, how does it feel? For the answer you'll have to buy me a beer.
Don’t you feel sorry for me? I wouldn’t for you, if roles were reversed.The future is unclear: In the very short term: 'Enlighten young minds (Oh
Great Teacher, teach us all you know) and then... I have a few cleverly
crafted cunning stunts to conjured up.The tour to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego was fun
( I managed to banish a few demons from last
time round. Enjoyed riding the KLR650 so much, on a whim, I bought one and
parked it in Argentina! Yet another excuse to return to my favourite
continent.If you visit
you can read what I and others thought of certain events concerning Goaty.
You really will have to buy me many beers if you want me to talk about this
1997, 1998, 2000, 2001. Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers

01.09.1999 - 18.05.2003
Liam McCabe (North Ireland, Belfast born 31.07.1968)
+ Around-The-World. Liam rode Around-the-World on Honda Africa Twin. In total ? kms through ? continents through ? different countries.
First email to Bernd Tesch: I got a message from the riders in Melbourne. In the moment I'm in the middle of a RTW. From the start of my trip I heard of you from the likes of  Mika Kuhn, Chris Bright  and Jan Lucas. I was wondering do you know of any other Irish persons who have completed a RTW. Plans have already been made to met up at one of your rallies on return to Europe. 65.000 km in New Zealand in december 2001.
Route: Europe (Ireland - France - Italy - Greece - Turkey) - Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - airfreight to Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Malaysia - seafreight to Australia (I worked in Melbourne for one year. Adelaide - Ayres rock via Oodnadata track - Cairns - returning to Sydney - Melbourne - sea freight again to New Zewland - South America (2/2/02 Bike Arrived in Chile (Valpo) - Chile: going south criss crossing the border of Chile and Argentina until Ruta 40. Then to Ushuia. Argentina . Returning north by boat to Puerto Montt and to BA - Chile: Santiago to Atacama, and return to Argentina to cross the border to Bolivia.30/5/02 - Peru - Ecuador - Columbia - North America (Panama - Costarica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala Belieze - Mexico - USA - by plane ? to Europe (Germany- Holland - England - Return North Ireland (Belfast).
Purpose of Travel: To Get out of Belfast.
The best: Karakorum Highway.
Worst: The road to Ankor Wat. Cambodia
Useful tips for others: Fit aloud horn, and stay in India till you go mad, only then will you enjoy it. .
07.12.2001 1st request for summary
13.01.2001 1st contact

13.05.02 Mika Kuhn met the Irish RTW traveller Liam Mc Cabe 4th time in 4 different continents.
03.10.02 "I have turned 34 years old, 100,000 km and 3 years en route, had my first puncture, rode the (or so its said) highest road in the world at 5059 m, crossed the Equator and shaved my head. Now I am in Equador.
28.02.2002 Liam: "Hoping to make it to the 25th Motorcycle Meeting for WORLD-Travellers in april. I have just crossed into the US and am in LA now"
16.05.2003 Liam in his last email to all: I look forward to meeting the friends I met on this trip again.I owe a lot of thank you cards to people for making life that bit easier over the past 4 years.The people that let me stay in their houses (and camp in the back garden)while I shipped the bike from one continent to the other.The ones that taught me how to change wheel bearings and tires,or put notes on the bike welcoming me to their country.I also met some great People on Bikes riding round the world ,I now have friendships that will give me a Texan style phone bill. If your still on the road Good luck and enjoy everyday. My rear shock is being repaired and so all that is left is the last 2-3 days ride to Belfast.To do a lap of honor would be a nice way to finish off,but its not going to happen.I won’t say “all good things must come to an end” as that’s the view of a defeatist.No end,just change,(not looking forward to the change mind you). Ok,the balls burst,time to go home,get a job,think positive and plan the next trip. Hasta la Victoria Siempre. Liam.
10.06.2003 Next request for final update

10.09.1999 - 16.07.2000 Second RTW tour with Christel
Christel Schrijvers (Belgian, born 19.06.1964) and Theo Gielen (Belgian, born 02.01.1957).
++ Around-The-World two times. Theo and Christel rode 30.000 kms mainly togehter on of the same BSA B31. But as well on a SUZUKI 250 in New Zealnd. And Christel rode on an Enfiled from India to Europe.
Route: Europe (Belgium. Christel and I flew to USA, got the bike after 5 years, maintenance of tyres, chain, battery, oilchange) - North America (across the USA - Mexico - USA (all with 2 on the BSA)) - we shipped the BSA from L.A. to Australia (Melbourne) anf flew to Australia and got across it on the BSA, saw Ayers Rock, and over the endless Nullarbor plains to Perth. We shipped the bike from Perth to India (Bombay). We flew to NZ. NZ on a SUZUKI 250 with 2 on one bike - we flew grom NZ to Singapore and took a bus to just over the border of Malaysia and got from the local old motorcycle club on a BSA 350, B31 to tour around. But a green one instead of a red one like ours - we flew to India and got our BSA. In India we bought an Enfield for Christel - from here Christel rode her owm bike back to Europe while Theo rode his BSA back - Pakistan - Iran - Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypte - Israel and Palestina -on a boat back to Europe (Cyprus - Rhodos - Greece - Italy - France - Belgium).
The best: Syria (the people)
The worst: Israel. The life of Palestinians in refrugeecamps on what you easy can call a dump in the Gazastrip. The structureral violence from Israelians against Palestinians.
Useful tips for other travellers and why to take an old BSA?:
The story in the webside is written for the members of old motorcycle-clubs. So it is not that normaly travel-story with all the travel-info. After Mexico (1996) I return to USA: Yes on the same BSA, with 2 and all lugguage: speed about 40-50 miles or 60 to 80 km : Why so slowly ? Time to see the world much more relax. A long stroke motorcycle gives relax riding. In Middle East and Asia traffic is more slowly. Some other reasons to take that old bike: I restored by myself, so you know your motorcyle untill the last nut and bold. If you restore your bike by yourself, the border between object (motorcycle or even what kind of technologie) and subject (the person who goes into it) becomes vage, goes away. Easy to repair. Everywhere in the world parts to find (BSA B31 was a populair model, lot of parts from BSA M20 are the same. 126.000 BSA M20 were build for the second worldwar only! Still in used in many countries as daily transport, or as collector-item. Clubs for old motorcycles all over the world, even Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia. Not in Jordain, because only the police, army, tourists and the king are allowed to ride a motorcyle in that country, but the are till mountains (piles) of old BSA's. => see pictures on the webside! A 350 cc is small, so easy to handle, I met people with 'big' modern bikes, with lots off luggage, very heavy, what make traveling on bad roads very dangerous In many countries. The average local bike there is a 100 or 125 cc. The old bike gives another impression to people. Some remember the time they where young. In other places you don't come over as a rich western kid.
03.08.2000 + 10.10.2000 Info by American Aaron Winchester
06.02.2001 first contact
19.03.2003 Theo: Bernd, again this year impossible to joint the 25th Meeting for Motorcycle WORLD-travellers in april. Sorry for that. By the way, on the first weekend of may we are organising a rally, I will send you some imformation. Greetings Theo BSA worldtraveller and Christel.
11.2001: B.T.: Theo is the first Belgian mc-traveller Around-The-World who rode two times RTW. Christel is the first Belgian mc-traveller who rode RTW. She is the first woman worldwide who rode a part on different bikes and sometimes as a pillion rider and a solo rider. About Theos first RTW-tour see date: 05.09.1995 - 30.08.1996 a short summary above or much more in his homepage


2000 in Asia, Pakistan, Karakorum Highway. Jacqui Fourneaux.

Left: 2000 in Asia. Pakistan after the truck-accident.- Ri: 2006 in New Zealand. Village Enfield.

2000. Asia, Kashmir.- 2003. Asia- Malaysia. Transport to Australia.

2001. Asia. Pakistan. Islamabad.

2002. Asia Malaysia.- Right: 2016. Boockcover.

03.2000 - 03.2007
Jacqui Furneaux (British. *18.03.1950)  Living in Bristol in GB. + World-Tour. I travelled 56.500 kilometres on my beloved motorbike Royal Enfield. From Chennai, India to Bristol, England through twenty countries on a 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet bought new in Chennai. For the first four years rode with Dutchman 'Hendrikus'. Got dumped in Australia. Henceforth rode happily solo for another three years until arriving in the UK somewhat bewildered and finding it extremely difficult to be 'normal' again.
Purpose Travel: Fell in love with the  motorcycling Dutchman met whilst I was backpacking in India. I had already fallen in love with the travelling life and had gained my motorcycle license as a young mother during a hot summer in England. So when he asked me to buy my own Enfield and join him, I jumped at the chance, combining my love of travel, love of him and love of motorcycling.
Route: My journey lasted for seven years. (I was enjoying myself!) The Enfield and I travelled through: Asia (India- Nepal- Pakistan- Thailand- Cambodia- Malaysia- Indonesia (solo)- East Timor (solo))- Australia (solo New Zealand)- South America (Ecuador- Colombia)- North America ( Panama- Costa Rica- Nicaragua- Honduras- Guatemala- Mexico- U.S.- Canada)- Europe (United Kingdom).
The worst: I embarked on two voyages (why I did it twice, is hard to understand) with the Enfield on small yachts. One was from Malaysia to Indonesia. It was supposed to be an idyllic trip to Australia but, in fear of my life, I got away when we stopped in Jakarta. Then I did the same thing in Colombia by putting myself and the bike in the hands of another deranged skipper who threatened to throw my Enfield overboard as an anchor! I broke my leg in Pakistan but the incident was nowhere near as bad as those two voyages!
Book or publication: When I finally settled down enough to sit and write, I wrote a book which was published in 2017. It is called "HIT THE ROAD, JAC!  SEVEN YEARS, TWENTY COUNTRIES, NO PLAN", as a book and as an E-book.
I have written many articles for various motorcycle magazines (Overland Magazine, Motorcycle Sport and Leisure etc.)
I am very grateful to my family; all the people I met along the way; to Horizons Unlimited, the website for motorcycle travellers; and to my other fun and supportive family in the world of motorcycle travel.
Earlier experiences: I was 50 years of age when I bought my Enfield but I'd had many motorbikes before that. They were all Japanese so I had to really learn how to ride a motorbike when I bought the Enfield. I've had it all... a fulfilling career as a nurse all my life and as a mother of my two fabulous daughters. I am blessed with a sense of curiosity and an interest in people. My parents did not restrict me in any way and did not try to scare me with be carefuls. 
Information: I still have my Royal Enfield. It is my only means of transport.
2018: 1st iformation by British woman Linda Bick in Australia..
30.03.2018 First summary.
30.03.2018 First request for update
08.03.2018 Second request for update.
12.04.2018 Third request to answer all the ?

Andre Corpuz (USA)
- Plan Around-The-World. André is a very high active person having listed all names and infos of the Millenium-Meeting in his homepages.
Route will follow next.
13.04.2000 1st email from André

03.08.2000 - 12.12.2002
Sara Down (British, born 16.02.1963) and Chris Jagger, (British, born 18.05.1958)
+ Around-The-World. After 2 years 4 months away, 45,000 miles, 32 countries, 6 punctures and 2 broken bones, we finally rolled off the ferry on 12th December with one BMW R 100 GS into the cold damp fog of Dover in Great Britain !!
Purpose of travel: ......experience, challenge, adventure, etc, etc.......
: GB - France - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - then airfreight to Thailand (Bangkok) - Malaysia - then airfreight KL to Austalia (Perth, Accross Aus. via Gunbarrel route) - then airfreight from Sydney via Japan to West Coast, U.S.A. (San Francisco) -  Mexico - Guatamala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - then airfreight to South America (Ecuador (Quito) - Peru - Bolivia - Argentina). In August 2002 we flew from Argentina (Buenos Aires) to Africa (South Africa (Cape Town). From there it was a fairly swift journey up through Southern and East Africa to Kenya: Swaziland - Botswana - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya. At that stage, instead of braving the uncertainties of the Sahara, Egypt and the Middle East, we went to the beach for a month!! We then flew back to Europe (Paris) from Kenya (Nairobi) having had a week's stopover in Ethiopia.
So that's it - our travels are over and now comes the hard part - finding homes, getting jobs and paying off the debts. Given that it's taken us 3 weeks to let you know we're home, it may be some time before we're sorted!
The best: Definately the Karakorum
The worst: Hanging around waiting for broken bones to heal, first in Pakistan then Australia
Useful tips for others: Always airfreight because, nine times out of ten, shipping will cost you more in the long run, with wasted time and money waiting for the ship to arrive/crate to be unloaded/paperwork etc, etc.
11.-13.04.2003: Plan to visit the "25th Tesch-Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" which has the main subject then: "Around-The-World" by motorcycle.

Simon Milward "on the road".

01.01.2000 + planned 21 months. Now extented another year - ended by accident in Mali 04th.03.2005
Simon Milward (British, born - 28.01.1965 - 04.03.2005. Kayes, Africa) FEMA General Secretary
- Plan Around-The-World. "Was on the road". The General Secretary of  FEMA (European Motorcycle Ass. in Brussels) plan´s "Milward´s Millenium Motorcycle Ride". Wants to raise funds for humanitarian aid:  "medicines sans Frontieres (Ärzte ohne Grenzen)" and "Riders for health". Selfmade Motorcycyle "Overlander" by John T. in GB.: 1-zyl. Rotax-motor. 600 ccm.
Planned Route: WESTERN EUROPE 1: UK - Belgium - France - Spain - Portugal - Spain. AFRICA 1: Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - MIDDLE EAST: Jordan - Saudi Arabia. UAE. Flew to India. Plan: SOUTH & EAST ASIA 1: Pakistan - India - Nepal - India - AUSTRALIA - SOUTH & EAST ASIA 2: Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Laos - China - Mongolia - Russia (to Vladivostok) - Japan. AMERICAS: Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatamala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - AFRICA 2: South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Malawi - Zambia - Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - DRC - CAR - Cameroon - Nigeria - Benin - Togo - Ghana - Burkina Faso - Mali - Mauritania - Western Sahara - Morocco. WESTERN EUROPE 2: All, time & money permitting.
Route done so far: UK - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Tunisia - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - UAE - flew to - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Singapore - Malaysia - Indonesia - Australia - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Philippines - Japan - Russia (Vlad to Magadan) - USA (Alaska) - Canada - USA - Canada - USA.
09.09.2002 Left to go: Mexico (from Oct 02), Central & South America and Africa.
Simon and Bernd Tesch met at first at INTERMOT1998 in München
12.1998 1. info by Ralph Wuestefeld.
1999 Simon got free recommendation for some hours in Zweifall / Germany by Bernd Tesch, who is his "information-sponsor". I told Simon that he will not make all the planned countries because of  political difficulties and lack of time.
1999 Participant of the 21th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers
20.02.2003 Simon wrote: Dear Bernd, the jolly best of wishes for the 25th Meeting. Sorry I can't join you, too busy dawdling through Central america and falling in love and suchlike. The best beach in the world is at Monterrico in Pacific Guatemala. I propose it for a Tesch meeting. We can all stay at the hotel of Osama Bin Laden, otherise known as Pete, who looks just like you Bernd!
22.02.03 Milward will finish his tour in two more years now...
08.03.2005 Dutch Around-The-World Traveller Rob and and Dafne de Jong (who met him in Japan) informed me that Simon unfortunenatly died in Africa / Mali. More information via his website.1.01.2000.
05th.08.2018: In the train my neighbour were Craig-Carey-Clinch and his wife. He was a friend of Simon Milward (British, *28.01.1965). Simon was a British Motorcycle-Traveller who came to me in 1999 for recommendation to Germany for his planned tour Around-The-World starting 01.01.2000. He was “The General Secretary of FEMA (Federal European Motorcycle Ass. in Brussels). I still remember very well that we had a very long talk and finally many beer-drinks. Simon wanted to circle the world in 21 months. I tried desperately to make clear that he needs at least two years to follow his planned route or has to make another plan. Patricia, Simon and I had a wonderful evening at another festival. Simon build his selfmade Motorcycle by ‘Craig Carey-Clinch with Simon Milward’s John T. Overlander in 2014 in GB with 1-zyl. Rotax-motor. 600 ccm. Being “on the road” he extended his The tour RTW ended tragically by an accident in Mali on 04th.03.2005. He possibly overtook a lorry with too high speed in Mali. My alu-boxes could not protect him. Simon raised funds for humanitarian aid: Medicines sans Frontieres (Ärzte ohne Grenzen)" and Riders for health. Simon’s work led to the foundation of the charity Motorcycle Outreach which Barbara and Craig-Clinch manage, along with Simon’s brother and his mum.

Tom Thornburg (American)
? Plan Around-The-World.

01.03.2000 09:00 o´clock - 20.03.2000 10.54 o´clock
Dr. Bertrand Piccardand Brian Jones
+ Around-The-World by baloon. Both were the first pilots who circled the world by a baloon: 40.814 kms in 19 days. The flew sometimes very high (10.000 m) and quick (160 kms/h).
Route (not known in total): Switzerland - Maroc - Algeria - Sudan - Saudi Arabia - Oman - China - Pazifik - SAmerika -
B.T: First flight RTW with a baloon.

25.03.2000 - 2004
Ricardo Rocco (Equador, born ?) (and  Cesar Marabowen ?)
- Plan Around-The-World. Around the world for Peace, and also promote drug abuse prevention and to get humanitarian help for the children of the street in my home country.
"On the road in South America".
25.03.2000 - 28.08.2000: Rode a 96 Yamaha 750 Super Tenere, 5 months, 33.000 km.
With Honda (1997) 650 Dominator to Tierra del Fuego and Bolivia, 5 months, 22.000 km.
Jan - March 2001: With Matt Stackpole, XR 400 and Ed Tarleton XR 600 from Colorado USA Quito, Ushuaia, Buenos Aires.
June, July Aug. 2001, Buenos Aires, La Paz, Quito, alone.
Planned route: Southamerica (Equador - Brazil .... Equador) : Done 2002. Europe end 2002/2003 - Africa 2003/2004 Asia - Australia 2004 - North and Central America. The Southamerican stage covered Colombia - Venezuela - Brasil - Paraguay - Argentina - Uruguay - Chile - Bolivia - Peru and back to Ecuador. The European stage will be done during spring - summer 2002 The African stage will begin by the end os 2002, hopefully joining the Paris-Dakar rally and end in Southafrica.
The best: Good friends all over South America. Have a large list of contacts, people that like to welcome motorcycle travelers. Will share.
The worst:
Having to say goodbye to all those good friends, kidnapped by the guerrilla..
Tips: Success: 99% preparation, 1% luck.
Other experiences: I have 29 years of experience riding bikes, street, motocross and desert racing in California during my college years, riding from California to Ecuador through Central America in 1986, travelling all over the United States in 1997, and hundreds of rides in the Ecuadorian Andes, Coastal and Amazonian regions. I´ve worked as a motorocycle tour guide and had an off road tours company.
08.07.99 First info by David McGonical.
23.08.2000 Ricardo is searching a suitable partner for the African and European stages
07.02.2002 Ricardo Rocco completed 60.000 km in a total of 10 months, traveling in South America, during the first part of Around the World for Peace and against drug abuse. The Ecuadorian motorcyclist is preparing to depart, next April, towards Central and North America to reach Alaska and complete the second stage of the motorcycle world tour.

06.04.2000 + next 15 years
Verna Norris and Jim Seavey (Americans)
- Plan Around-The-World Slowly. Jim (age 55 in 2000) and Verna (age 48) ride two BMW R1150GS's. Their objective is to move slowly and live in the various cultures they encouter.
Route: Ireland, UK, Holand, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, USA, Spain to date. Next will be more of Europe (next 5
years or so. Then, on to Africa or Iran to India. Ideally we hope things change in the next few years so we can go through  China.
29.10.2000 1st information by Dr. Markus Grave
01.12.2000 1st contact

< 22.05.2000
- Plan Around-The-World. "On the road". He wrote something about his first step in Austraila.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publicatios about them??
27.08.00 Grant Johnson: The riders name is Gordon Chase, he is not currently travelling, and is in USA. I don't think he finished, and his plans are not set yet for continuing. He's the one we thought had gone missing in Asia!

30.05.2000 - ca. ??? 07.08.2000
Helge Pedersen (Norwegian)
+ First guided tour Around-The-World. Motorcycles has to be in Seattle no later than May 1st 2000. Container with bikes is shipped to Japan. We fly to Japan around June 10th 2000. Approximately 1 week of motorcycle riding in Japan. Ferry to China with bikes. Approximately 2 weeks of motorcycle riding in China. We will enter Russia and Siberia just East of Lake Baikal. From there we will head due east for the Black Sea. The tour ends in Munchen, Germany. To complete the circle you will have to cross the USA by your self or together with other members of the group. Frank and I will be responsible to get you safely with your bike from Seattle to Munchen. Estimated time from Seattle to arrival in Munchen is 60 days. A rough estimate of the cost of the journey is US$ 15,000. We will limit the group to be about 15 motorcycles.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: ??
The Best: ???
The Worst: ??
Helge took part in the 20th BMW-Meeting for Motorcycles.
Publications: Book: "10 Ar pa 2 Hjul" (in Norwegian). Book: 10 years on two wheels: "Around-The-World in 10 years (English) "
17.03.2003 1st request for update

Alex Jomarron (American)
? Plan Around-The-World. Chicago. Illinois. USA.
29.03.98 First Email. Plans a Mc-RTW.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

< 07.2000 - ?
Fernando S. Valsesia
? Plan Around-The-World.
20.07.2000 First information by Eric Haws, who had Fernando as a visitor.  Fernado is making a "World-Tour". More info
on our website at
18.03.2002 Asked Eric for update or email.
19.03.2002 1st email to Fernando

12.08.2000 - ?
Martina van Bevern and Michael Höppner (German) and
- Plan Around-The-World.
13.02.2000 Both plan 2000 an unlimited mc-tour Around-The-World with two YAMAHA XT 600 E.
Plan-Route: Europe (Germany - Italy - Greece - Turkey) - Asia (Syria - Jordania ..) - Africa (Egypt) - Asia (overland to India). There they will plan there the next step.
1999 They have been visiting Bernd Tesch for recommendation and ordered "Tesch-Tavel-Träger" and "Tesch-Travel-Taschen".
2000, 2001 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 2000.
22.08.2000 Michael and Martina: "Already after 2200 kms we would never miss your sheep-skins on our saddles"
09.01.2001 From Egypt they flew to Ethiopia and send their bikes to Djibouti in 12.2000. Tina had a mc-accident 30.12.2000 and broke her leg in Ethiopia. So they came back in beginning of  january 2001 to Germany. They plan to ride on in about 6 months.
21.02.2001 With 19 nails and a big plate in Martinas knee they decided to go on in July 2001 by a Landcruiser Bj 45 to the Amricas.

10.08.2000 - 11.08.2001
Ellen Spencer (13.08.1967 American) and  Manou Emringer (15.09.1970, Luxembourg)
+ Nearly Around-The-World. Both rode 58.500 kms in one year with two motorcycles (Africa Twin and Transalp) nearly Around The World.
Planned Route (flexible!): 08.-01.2001: Alaska to Argentina - 01.2001- 02.2001: Ivory Coast to Luxembourg -
Change of Route-Plan: 01.2001-03.2001: Ghana to Luxembourg.  04.-08.2001 Luxembourg - Turkey - Central Asia - Norway - Luxembourg (arrived here 11.08.01 after 58.000 kms.
Route : Europe (Luxembourg - Germany - Czech Rep. Slovakia - Hungary - Poland - ??? - Luxembourg). North America 10.700 kms (Alaska - Canada - USA) - Mexico and Central America 7.500 kms - South America 11.800 km (Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile (until here in total 26.000 kms) - Argentina (Usuhaia, 20.12.2000, Antarctica - Buenos Aires) - Africa 6.300 kms (Ghana - Burkina Faso - Mali - Mauritania - Western Sahara - Morocco). 30.03.2001: Total so far 36.300 km. Europe (Turkey - Georgia - Azerbaijan) - Asia (Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Kyrghyztan - China on food - Kasakhstan - Russia - Europe (Norwegian - Sveden - Denmark - Germany - Luxembourg).
The best: The people, the roads and the wine. In hindsight, riding a flooded Peruvian dirtroad by night in pouring rain.
The worst: Riding a flooded Peruvian dirtroad by night in pouring rain.
Book or publication: Website Book came out in 2003: "One year on the road. Five continents by motorcycle".
Useful informations and TIPS for others: South American Handbook lists motorcycle mechanics for all major towns, very useful. Coins or small denomination bills of your home currency are often asked for for collection purposes, especially at borders.
This was the original before the tour in 2000 planned route:
03.2001: New Zealand (on rental bikes) -  04.-08.2001 Luxembourg - Turkey - Central Asia - Norway - Luxembourg
03.2000: Manou visited Bernd Tesch in Zweifall. I suppose they cannot do all the way in this too short time
This was the change of the route during the tour 2000 and 2001:
Next leg : 04.-08.2001 Spain - Turkey - Central Asia - Norway - Luxembourg (11.08.2001 after 58.500 kms)
12.-14.04.2002 Visit of the 24th Motorcycle-Meeting for WORLD-Travellers.
29.08.2003: The family (Father of Manou, sister of Manou, Ellen and Manou) willl fly to Moscow. From there by train to lake Baikal. By train to Ulan-Bator, von . From here one week with a horse in the desert Gobi. By train then to China (Beijing).
14.08.2005 Personal visit. Ellen celebrated her 38th birthday at Tesch´s house

15.09.2000 - ca. 01.08.2001
Torsten Schopbach (German)
+ Around-The-World. Torsten, who calls himself "Waldschrat" rode solo RTW for fun with a YAMAHA XT 600 K after he finished his Diplom of environmental planning. 54.000 km. 15 countries.
Route: Europe (Germany, Mainz) - by plane to Canada (Toronto - by bike to Vancouver) - USA (San Francisco) - bike by ship to Sydney, flight to Hawaii - Australia - Malaysia - Thailand - by ship / plane to India or Nepal - India - Pakistan - Iran -Turkey - Greece - Germany (Mainz).
Purpose of travel: Dream since youth. Inspired by Tesch-Travel-Treffen.
The best: Nature in Canada. Warmness / heartiness of people in poorer countries.
The worst: Surface of Americans. Chaos of traffic in India. Accident in Italy.
Useful for others: Do not plan ALLl beforehand but be godd informed. Most solutions will come "on the raod"
Ca. 1995 four times participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers until 2000.
27.07.2000 Spontanous "good bye" visit.
22.07.01 Torsten had a mc-accident in Italy: An Italian woman-car-driver hit him. The motorcycle was "kaputt". So Torsten had to come home by train. Finally HE is fine !
09.08.2001 He wanted to finish his world-tour at Bernd Tesch but he had this accident.
12.-14.04.2001 Torsten kindly gave a slides-show at the "24th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers".
Gedenkt des Elends! 1800 Dias, 40 Filme, 3 Hinter- und zwei Vorderreifen, 3000 Liter Sprit, 12 Liter Öl, 2 Liter Sonnenmilch, 3 Kettensätze, ....... , 200 Liter Kaffee und zwei neue Birnen für die Projektoren waren zur Herstellung des Vortrages notwendig.
25.02.2003 Torsten will participate the "25th meeting of Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" 11.-13.04.2003
19.03.2005 Auf seiner website ist ein Buch angekündigt als sofort lieferbar. Leider funktionieren die Felder zum Kontakt nicht.
20.03.2005 Ich erhielt sein signiertes Buch : Der Weg war das Ziel. 56.000 km. 14 Länder, 4 Kontinente - ein Abenteuer. ISBN 3-934772-55-2.

Possibly Stephan Solon in ??

04.07.2000 - 21.10.2001
Chenda Solon (12.07.1967) and Stephan Solon (born 20.05.1966) (British)  no www
+ Around-The-World. The couple townplaner Stephan (34) and social researcher Chenda (33) rode Around-The-World on ONE 6 year old Honda NTV650 (80.000 kms 10.02.2001). " After 16 months, 38.000miles = 60.000kms, loads of dodgey meals and hotels, being bitten by thousands of insects but generally having an incredibly good fun adventure, we have completed our journey around the world."
Route completed: Europe (Bike by ship from England to Kenya (Mombasa) - Africa 10.000 kms (Kenya (Mombasa) - Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Botswana - South Africa (Cape Town)).  South America 15.000 kms (Bike by plane to Argentina ( Buenos Aires) - Chile - Peru -  Equador.  Bike by plane from Guayaquil to Panama City. North America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Mexico - USA). Bike by plane from USA (Los Angeles) to Australia Sydney. 15.02.2001 in Australia (Sydney) - back ??.
Planned route: Australia. Asia  (Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Nepal - India (22.07.01) - Pakistan - Middle East - Iran - Europe (Turkey - Greece - Italy - Switzerland - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - France - UK).
Reasons for travelling: Curiosity and fun.
The best: Coming across a lion crossing the road in front of us in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania. Going on Safari in Tanzania. Meeting friends and family in South Africa. Friendly welcome in Argentina. Riding to the Altiplano in Peru on a brand new road. Talking to people everywhere.
The worst: Shipping delays and problems with the shipping line and Kenyan shipping agent which cost us 3 weeks in Mombasa. But at least we made lots of Kenyan friends. Coming across a car crash in Zambia (one person dead and one badly injured). Being "fined" US$ 80 for speeding by bent Argentine police at a control point on Ruta 12 (they asked for US$1000).
Useful information and Tips: Consult the Bulletin Board on Remember you often need the help of people you meet, and when everything is going wrong try to be positive. The last one is really difficult.  For airfreight between Cape Town and Buenos Aires, consult Delon Leo at Aireps (cargo agent for Malaysian Airlines): For airfreight between Los Angeles and Sydney consult Moses Posada of ETC International Freight Systems:
11.11.2000 1st information by Werner Zwick who met them in Bolivia.
16.11.2000 First answer by Stephan
14.10.2001 Last Infos: They gave me a kind call from Werner Zwick.
29.10.2001 It is seriously strange being in familiar places - but only when we take the time to think about it. When we're not thinking it's almost as if we never left. Very weird but we have the photos, suntans and, best of all, friends we made on the way, to prove we did it. Actually we don't have all the photos yet. Only 20 more rolls of film to develop but as this covers the trip from Nepal to here thats not so much. We got back on the 21st - last Sunday - and after enjoying nearly 16 months of warm weather the UK put on of its best displays of wet weather ever. The ride from Harwich to London took us through the deepest floods we have rode through on the entire trip! At least the ferry crossing from Hamburg was calm. As for the bike, it has now covered 68.000 miles = 115.000 kms but looks like its just been up the road to the shops. During the entire trip nothing ever went wrong with it and we only had 2 punctures, neither of which let all the air out of the tyre. They were both in the back tyre and we continued with the last one from Tehran to Switzerland before we decided we really needed to do something about it. Chendas pannier isn't waterproof anymore after I crashed it into a bollard in Turkey. It was nearly destroyed but being aluminium could be repaired with a rock, couple of hanners and some plastic metal. It got us safely home but really we would have preferred a Honda Transalp. Same engine but with suspension capable of getting us up some moderately rough roads. For the past week we have been extremely busy unpacking our house and facing up to the need to find a job in my case and returning to the old job in Chendas case.
2003 Stephan in 15.02.01: I hope to make the Tesch-Meeting in 2003.
10.03.2003: "We have a good reason NOT to come this year: On 23rd march we are expecting the birth of our first baby!! Everything is fine and we are looking forward to having a kid. Maybe we can come next year !.
24.03.2013 B.T. added a foto.

13.09.2000 - ?? Start RTW: April 2002
Monika Newbound and Simon (English) and
- Plan Around The World. Monika (born 1974, BMW 650 GS) and retired submarine Simon (born 1962, BMW R 1150 GS) plan A RTW tour. Before they made some "test-tours".
13.09.2000 - 22.09.2000 EUROPEAN TOUR BMWR1150GS
On their European leg Monika and Simon toured with BMW R 1150 GS 4.800 miles.
Route: England - France - Belgium - Germany - Czech Republic - Poland - Czech - Slovakia - Hungary - Austria - Germany - Lichtenstein - Switzerland - France - England. 4800 Miles.
Purpose of journey: To give my wife and me a taste of biking. To travel into Eastern Europe.
28.01.2001 - 18.03.2000 African Leg / SAHARA
On their African leg Simon toured with BMW R 1150 GS 6.500 miles.
Route: England - France - Spain - Gibraltar - Morocco - Gibraltar - Spain - England.
Purpose: To get a little feel of what it is going to be like on my world tour. To see how the bike handled in extreme conditions. To see how I handled the extreme conditions.
Publications: BMW BIKE MAGAZINE March 2001. July 2001.
05.2002 - ?
Plan Around The World. Simon (start with 40 and BMW R1150 GS) and Monika (start with 30 and BMW 650 GS)
Purpose of Travel: After 24 years working on submarines I feel I deserve it! Now my daughter has left home I now have the time and opportunity. It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and now in retirement I can do it. I have always wanted to travel across Russia and Siberia and if I make it that far it would be silly not to carry on.
Route: My aroundtheworldjourney takes me first across Russia and Siberia then onwards to Alaska or Seattle.
04.09.00 First information by Grant Johnson
23.01.01 1st contact by email
Purpose of Travel: After 24 years working on submarines I feel I deserve it! Now my daughter has left home we now have the time and opportunity. It is something we have wanted to do for a very long time and now in retirement I can do it. We have always wanted to travel across Russia and Siberia and if I make it that far it would be silly not to carry on.
Route: My aroundtheworldjourney takes me first across Russia and Siberia then onwards to Alaska or Seattle.
04.09.00 First information by Grant Johnson
23.01.01 1st contact by email

01.10.2000 - ??
Jan Lösche (German, born 1971) and Daniel Sakretz (German, born 1971)
- Plan Around The World. Jan (SUZUKI DR BIG 800) and Daniel (BMW R80 G/S) intended do ride around-the-world in 1 year. But they found out "on the road" that this is much too quick and cancelled the original plan. So they decided to travel slowlier and arrived in Bangkok after 8 months. Because Jan had an accident in India he is geeting short of money and will fly back to Germany to make some money and return. Daniel and Jan decided to separete in Bangkok.
Route: Germany -
Poland - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. They flew from Delhi in India to Bangkok without any help fo agents with Air India. They charged us for two guys and two bikes 53.000 Rs (= 1000$). The procedure was easy and we didn't need a crate!
The next steps should be (may be Laos and Camdodia) Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and finally Australia. From Australia or New Zealand we want fly to South Amerika.
Useful tips for others: Thailand does not accept the "Carnet de Passage" for the bike. Instead of this they put a big ugly stamp in your passport and make you sign a "goolie clause". This means that you have to leave the country within 30 days. If not you have to pay 500.000 Baht (25.000 DM). If you enter Thailand from Cambodia via a little border checkpoint in a village they acccept the "Carnet de passage".
Purpose of travel: Every day can be your last day! Enjoy!
The best: Karakorum Highway, Trekking in Nepal, Manali-Leh-Road
The worst: Indian traffic and indian curruption
Useful tipps for others: Not really, just do it !
Publication: Homepage

02.11.2000 - ca. 2004
Steve Raucher (South Africans, born 18.12.1975)
- Plan Around The World. The freelance computer consultans - the brotres Robert and Steve - left 6 weeks after they made decision to travel RTW. On BMW R1150 GS in four years.
Route: Leg 1 England - France - Germany- Switzerland - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepa - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Japan (to work) - Australia - New Zealand
Leg 2 - Fly myself and the bike to Chile. The Americas The planning of this is very shaky but here is what we know. Countries hoping to visit: Chile - Peru - Brazil - Argentina - Uruguay - Colombia - Venezuela (fly from Caracas to Panama) - Mexico - USA (LA to NY via the South) - Canada (may be Alaska)
Leg 3 - Europe/Middle East. Starting this section in London I hope to spend more time in Eastern Europe before making my way into Africa. Countries definitely to be visited: England - Spain - France - Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - Denmark - Norway - Finland - Sweden - Czech Republic - Hungary - Poland - Yugoslavia - Bulgaria - Macedonia - Greece - Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Israel - Egypt (then how do I get to Morocco?)
Leg 4 - Africa: It looks like the best way is from the west crossing Central Africa and going south via Kenya - Morocco - Mauritania - Mali; (a bit shaky from here!) Niger - Nigeria - C.A.R. - Uganda - Kenya - Mozambique - Zimbabwe - South Africa!! (the end!)
Purpose of travel: To see the world and experiennce new cultures and meet the locals whereve I go
The best: Getting detained by Iranian military. The roads and people of Laos.
The worst: Nothing so bad that I need to write it down.
Book or publication WWW.RAUCHERTOUR.COM
Useful informations and TIPS for others: See this link on my site for 1150GS modifications Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:... none
03.05.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
01.07.2001 First contact by email.
08.10.2001 1st answer and contact with Steve from Singapore

29.11.2000 - ??
Dan Walsh (England)
- Plan Around-The-World. Dan, UK journalist Ex-journalist of BIKE MAGAZIN, travelling somewhere on a fairly standard 2001 YAMAHA XT 600 E. The plan was to 'ride aorund the world', whatever that means. We'll see !
Route: Europe (England - France - Spain) - Africa (Morocco - Mauritania - Senegal - The Gambia - Guinea Bissau - Guinea Conakry - Mali (inc Timbukto) - Burkina Faso - Ghana (Accra). That's been 9.500 miles and five months.
The Future? Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya - and then I'll decide whether to continue to the Cape via Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia and skip across to BA or ship from Kenya to India. Further ahead than that would be guesswork. The best: Sunrise in the Sahara on Xmas Day, sunset over Timbukto on any day, Bissau city and all the incredible, fascinating, crazy, beautiful people I've met along the way.
Lowlights: Punctures, cops, corrugations. Is that alright?
Book: Dan Walsh. 978-0760336045 Endless Horizon. Motorbooks. 2009.02. TR. Around-The-World. 384 pp. 1st edition. 22,6 H x 17,8 B.  08th.01.2015 seen.
2003 his email does not work anymore. Would love to get his new email.

12.2000 - ?
Thaigo and Pedro (Brasilians) in work:
Both are just started to circle the world with tow SUZUKI DR 800..
02.12.2000 First information by Manou Emringer with Ellen Spencer seen in Peru
Pedro Guimarães Pereira aus Brazil schrieb am 16.Mai 2003 um 17:06 Uhr: Homepage:
Hallo! Mein name ist Pedro, und ich bin Brasilianer.
Mein Deutsch ist niecht gut, so ich musse in Englisch schreiben.
I am the first Brazilian to travel nonstop around the world on a motorcycle.
I've visited 63 countries and rolled some 145.000km.
It is a pleasure to visit your website.
Here's my website:
cheers,mates, and keep rolling! Um forte abraço, Pedro Henrique. Volta ao Mundo em Motocicleta. 1o Brasileiro.
06.02.2004 1st request for update


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1998 Start of my website. Not knowing what will come out of it in future.
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