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After 44 years - on 18th.09.2014 - I decided to stop my researches on: "How were all continents discovered 1885-2014 by motorcycle-travellers?" The reason is that I have been sitting with all my passion behind the computers and reading books and articles for years day and night to come to the knowledge of these sites.
I am still full of other ideas including some travels. Also I want to move a bit more for my health instead of sitting too long behind the computer.

You can use all information for yourself. If you use infos and fotos for any other reason like publications please know, that there is still Copyright on all of it by myself and others.

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Summaries in Internet about "Women-Motorcycle-Travels".
1970: Start of first collections of women-motorcycle-travels.
1978-until today: B.T. met many famous motorcycle-traveller-women on the yearly mc-travller-meeting for world-travellers. More than 10.000 visitors
1985-today: B.T. visited many famous motorcycle-traveller-women in many countries.
.02.1998: A part of this you find under NEWS already published in intetnet since 02.1998.
28.05.2000: Start of this site with summaries in internet
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Bernd Tesch has been working in this field since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the Women-Motorcycle-Travellers to get contact / informations. Later Fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). Many of  Women-Motorcycle-Travellers have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. In 1998 there have been 20 Around-The-World within one women (Elsbeth Bearth, GB). In total there have been always 300 participants. I suppose that nobody knows more long distance Women-Motorcycle-Travellers in person than Bernd Tesch.

I own the largest archive of  Women-Motorcycle-Travellers: 6 file-boxes full packed (60 cm wide). I wrote more than 300 letters. The book will be a summary of most of the huge long distance tours by women by motorcycle worldwide: Solo, with a partner in two bikes or one and with sidecars. But there will be inside as well some "normal" stories of vacations. So far I summarised about 25 stories. If you are interested to publish YOUR story about YOUR tour/ tours please contact me. Most important is that I get at first and good view like the block below. For the book it is as important that you send me the 3-10 BEST pictures of  "YOU and The Motorcycle on th road". One of this must be a good portrait of your face.

In 02.1998 I started in internet to publish views and short informations about Women-World-Travellers (see:> >NEWS). This collection was published 28th of may 2000 first time. In future you will can buy the stories at first in German written when it will be published here. It will work like this: I will publish some stories and copy them. Time by time I will add them so the manuscript will grow slowly. Finally there will be a book. If you are interested to buy those stories as a copy so far please write me an email.

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen" = Women-Motorcycle-Travels. So far I have All books about "Women-Motorcycle-Travels" which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" = Motorcycle-Adventure-Tours (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages.

If there is shown "Book:" under the traveller and you want to read / order this you can check if it is still available:
> > German or English version >>Bestelliste or order. If you find this book there you can order it. I offer about 200 international available Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books for sale.

If you are a Woman-Motorcycle-Traveller or plan to travel for a long distance tour or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures. If you know historical Women-Motorcycle-Travels it would be great that you could inform me !!

PlEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE in the SAME STYLE in English and then full information:

01.10.2011 - 27.10.2012
Angela Mueller (German, born ??)   your http://www.???
Solo Around Germany with BMW R 100 GS. 20.000 kms. She rode together with Peter Mayer (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
Purpose of travel: ??
The best: ?? I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: ??? I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others: ???...
Book or publication (about your tour):???...

This collection is not complete at all. I know hundreds of more women tours, but could not make it in time to publish them so far. Will be continued. Please give me your view of YOUR Motorcycle-Tour !

Women-Motorcycle-Travels / Adventures worldwide

<< 08.12.2003 Never Too Late. This picture full of humor was send to me by Frank Kordewiner from Canada. I am searching the designer or person with the copyright. Do you know this ? It is so wonderful humorous !

Do you plan a journey or have already experience? You can talk with 300 high experienced Motorcycle-Travellers who rode all continents so far on the yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers. End of April in Belgium / border Germany.

All the great Women -Motorcycle-Travellers who rode / ride Around-The-World are not ALL included here
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Women book with bicycles see her:



Berta Benz war die erste Frau, die ein motorisiertes Fahrzeug 1888 fuhr. Sie war die Frau von Karl Benz und fuhr 100 km bis Stuttgart. Erste Frauen-Fernfahrt.


Magret Vaentine Le Long
First woman who crossed America by bicycle.
23.11.1998 1. Info: Geschichte ist im Buch von Prof. Dr. Lessing aufgeschrieben.
18.11.2001 Request for more info to Prof. Dr. Lessing.

Anny Londonderry (American)
+ Around-The-World by bicycle. She made a bet of  US $ 10.000 that she could circle the world by bicyle starting without any money and come home with Mark 40.000.
Book: ?
09.08.2000 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing in his book new edited book: Horstmann, Heinrich: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". ISBN 3-931965-06-6.
Erhard Lessing: The first known tour Around-The-World  by bicycle by a woman.



Alice Muriel + Charles Norris Williamson.
Book in English: The Motor Maid Auto-Reise in 1909. Verlag vermutlich: A.L.Burt Company N.Y. in 1910 oder
vom Verlag BiblioBazaarLife in 2008. ISBN. 978-0-554-26307-6.
Offensichtlich wohl im INternet als "Gutenberg-Projekt" als ebook kostenlos herunterzuladen unter:
Car-travel with a sixty-horse-power motor car.

Mrs. Harry Humphreys (British)
America. She planned a World-Around-Tour with 85.000 miles visiting each capital of the world in two years. First known motorcycle-tour by a woman.
At 31.08.1913 she made her first step crossing solo the cross-country distance from San Francisco to New York.
At this time this is possibly the longest ride of a woman. And the first crossing by a woman west-east of America for sure.
1994 First information by Melissa Piersson.
13.07.2000 I never could find more information than a short publication in New York times. Does anyone know more about her?? Earlier address? Publication??
B.T.: At this time this is possibly the longest ride of a woman. And the first crossing by a woman west-east of America for sure. And for sure the first published plan ro ride solo around the world.


>1922´s - 1930
"Aloha Wanderwell". Born "Idris Galcia Hall" (13.10.1906 in Winnipeg - 04.06.1996 in Newport Beach, California)
The World's Most Traveled Girl.
Sasha Disco: Here is a link to more info on Aloha and her travels (I have also come across reports on Aloha in German motorcycling magazines from the 1920s).  Their expedition was mainly by car, but some of the travel was done on motorcycle. You can also contact the estate directly:
0506.01.2011 1st information by Saha Disco.

Aloha Wanderwell was born Idris Galcia Hall on October 13, 1906 in Winnipeg, the daughter of British Army reservist Herbert Hall and Margaret Headley Hall. After her father was killed in action at Ypres in June 1917, her mother moved Idris and her younger sister to Europe. As the Great War drew to a close, Idris was enrolled in a convent school in France.

Devastated by the death of her father, young Idris displayed a restless spirit and was constantly at odds with her superiors at the convent school, who tried in vain to transform the 6 foot tall self-described "tomboy” into a proper young lady. Instead, inspired by the fantastic tales she read in her father's beloved collection of boyhood books, Idris dreamed of travel, adventure, and intrigue in far-flung corners of the globe.

In 1922, when she was 16, an advertisement in the Riviera edition of the Paris Herald caught her eye:

"Brains, Beauty & Breeches – World Tour Offer For Lucky Young Woman…. Wanted to join an expedition…Asia, Africa…."

Young Idris could not resist this stirring call to adventure, and she applied for the position as secretary and driver for an ambitious around-the–world expedition led by the self-styled "Captain” Walter Wanderwell, in actuality a Polish national named Valerian Johannes Piecynski. A former seafarer, world class hiker and traveler who had been briefly jailed in the US as a spy during the war. Wanderwell (known to compatriots as "Cap”), had begun the expedition in 1919 as an effort to promote world peace and the League of Nations. Founding an organization he called the Work Around the World Educational Club (WAWEC), Walter and his then-wife Nell set out on what was billed as an "million dollar wager endurance race.” Nell and Walter led competing teams on world tour expeditions, ostensibly to see which team could log the most miles, funding their travels through the sale of souvenir pamphlets, speaking engagements, and screenings of motion picture films they shot and edited on the road.

By 1922, when Idris answered the ad in the Paris Herald, Walter and Nell had long gone their separate ways. Nell's team was still touring in the US, and Walter, winding his way through Europe in a customized Model T Ford, was desperately in need of a new crewmember fluent in French. Upon meeting the eager teenager, he was immediately struck by her charisma and adventurous spirit, welcomed her to the crew, and he christened her with a new stage name: "Aloha Wanderwell.”

Aloha quickly became the focal point, the star of the Wanderwell Expedition. Adapting easily to the rigors of life on the road, Aloha found herself filling a dizzying array of job descriptions: actress, photographer, cinematographer, driver, seamstress, laundress, film editor, vaudeville performer, salesperson, interpreter, negotiator, mechanic.... and any other chores that might be assigned by the often tyrannical Captain Wanderwell.

It was a most grueling adventure, carrying the wide-eyed Aloha through 43 countries on four continents. The expedition journeyed through France and its battlefields…swept through Italy just as Mussolini and the Fascisti were consolidating their power… braved food riots and hostile mobs in Germany, a country then reeling from the harsh reparations demanded by the victorious allies of World War I…camped at the foot of the Great Sphinx in Egypt's Valley of the Kings… drove into Palestine, where the Jews were attempting to build a new nation… across the arid lands of India, towing the Model Ts across rivers by water buffalo…Aloha traversed the highlands of Portuguese East Africa, and nearly died of thirst in the Sudanese desert….disguised herself as a man and prayed in Mecca… hunted elephants in Indo-China, became a confidante of Chinese bandits, and was even granted the title of "Honorary Colonel” in the Red Army of Siberia… and hob-nobbed with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks during a visit to Hollywood.

Along the way Aloha fell in love with Captain Wanderwell – who was not yet divorced from his first wife, Nell; in fact, upon their arrival in the United States, Walter himself was brought in for questioning on charges of "white slavery,” which turned out to be a ploy by Nell to force a more favorable divorce settlement. Eventually, Aloha and Walter married in California during the American leg of their expedition. They had two children, Nile and Valri.

By 1929, when they had concluded their initial trek across the globe and released their documentary WITH CAR AND CAMERA AROUND THE WORLD, the Wanderwells had become internationally acclaimed explorers. Their initial expedition was followed by an even more extraordinary adventure deep in the Mata Grosso region of the Amazon basin, when their plane went down in the uncharted jungle and Aloha had to remain behind with an indigenous tribe while Walter slowly made his way back to civilization to secure replacement parts, a trek that took several months. The ever-resourceful Aloha charmed the natives, continued filming, and carefully documented their lives. Her film, FLIGHT TO THE STONE AGE BOROROS, was the earliest filmed record of the Bororo tribe and stands today as an important anthropological resource within the Smithsonian Institute's Human Studies Archive.

After returning to the United States in 1931, the Wanderwells made plans for future expeditions, future films…. but their ambitions were cut short by tragedy and scandal. In December, 1932, the Captain was shot and killed by an unknown assailant on the couple's 110' yacht, "The Carma,” in Long Beach, California. Under intense media scrutiny a suspect was tried and acquitted… and Wanderwell's murder remains one of the most famous unsolved crimes on the West Coast.

After the scandal died down, Aloha married Walter Baker in 1933, a former cameraman with WAWEC. As Aloha Baker, working closely with her new husband, she continued her travels and went on to have a long and distinguished career as an explorer, documentary filmmaker, and lecturer - with her notoriety as "Aloha Wanderwell, The World's Most Traveled Girl” a compelling echo from a not-too-distant past when a woman could scarcely dream of a life without borders. In her later years Aloha carefully tended to her priceless collection of films, photos, journals and artifacts from her travels, and arranged for much of her work to be preserved in various museums and educational institutions throughout the United States.

Aloha passed away in Newport Beach, California, June 4, 1996.
Quotes About Aloha

A Mr. Fawcett, English, presented another poem. Here's verse 14:
So here's to the cute little auto
And the very best to the crew
And as for the maiden ‘Aloha'
No doubt if you only knew
That Hawaiian for ‘Love' is ‘Aloha'
You'd want to go along too.

"Germany, the Polish plains, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Turkey were nxt in the route, and then over the arid plains of India, when Aloha Wanderwell, plucky wife of the captain, proved the first woman to accomplish the feat by auto."

"Crosses Africa On Motor."
- Los Angeles Times (1886-Current file) 14 Nov. 1926, page G10. ProQuest Historical Newspapers The Los Angeles Times (1881-1986)

"Aloha Wanderwell took command of the new unit and is the first woman to have driven a car from Paris to Peking and the first to girdle the globe by auto south of the Himalayas."

"Mute Lady In Silent Drama."
- Los Angeles Times (1886-Current file) 27 Apr 1926, page 13. ProQuest Historical Newspapers The Los Angeles Times (1881-1986)

"Mrs Wanderwell is leading an odd expedition through the back country of Indo-China, en route from Singapore to Calcutta…. Scornful of hardships and often short of funds to buy food for herself and three tattered men companions, she nevertheless has managed to penetrate many hundreds of miles into the interior…."

"MRS. WANDERWELL IN INDIA :Widow of Slain Adventurer Reported Leading an Expedition."
- New York Times (1923-Current file)  7  Jul 1936, ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851 – 2006)

First girl to drive around the world~first across India, also Cape Town to the Nile.
First woman to fly Brazil's Mato Grosso. Member Women's International Association of Aviators Lady Drummond Hay, President.
Call To Adventure! New York: Robert M. McBride and Co., 1939 .

See below under 1928 as well !

15.11.1924 - 03.07.1925
Frau Delingette und ihr Mann, ein Armeekapitän (French)
Trans-Africa by car. Erste Auto - Durchquerung Afrikas durch den Franzosen , seine Frau, einen Mechaniker Bonnaure (und später einem jungen Afrikaner). Sie starteten als eines der vier Autos Renault in Colomb Béchar, durchquerten die Sahara und erreichten Save in Westafrika in fast sieben Tagen. In Niamey trennten sie sich und fuhren alleine bis Cape Town. Die größten Schwierigkeiten waren die 129 Brücken, die neu errichtet oder repariert werden mußten.
Route: Algerien (Colomb Béchar) - Dahomey (Save in in Westafrika) - Dikoa - Zinder nördlich um den Tchadsee (Mao) - Fort Lamy - Rort Archambault - Bangui - Stanleyville -  Kampala - Nairobi (03.19925) - Arusha - Iringa - Abercom - Elisabethville - Kashitu - Lusaka - Livingstone  (Iringa - Livingstone war das schlechteste Wegstück der ganzen Reise) - Wankie - Bulawajo - Mafeking - Johannesburg - Kimberley - Cape Town.
Noch im gleichen Jahr macht sich erneut eine Expedition auf den Weg, um den schwarzen Kontinent zu bereisen. Am 15. November startet die Gruppe erneut in Colomb-Béchar, und auch dieses Mal ist es ein Wettlauf gegen die Konkurrenz von Citroen. Diese Expedition startete bereits am 28. Oktober zur mittlerweile legendären Croisière Noire. Doch auch dieses Mal hat RENAULT die Nase vorn, schon nach zehn Tagen erreicht man das erste Zwischenziel am Niger, Citroen braucht dafür ganze 23 Tage. Bei dem Team von RENAULT ist dieses Mal ein Armeekapitän, ein gewisser Delingette, mit dabei. Auch seine Frau und ein Mechaniker begleiten den Offizier. Dieser verfolgt ein ganz anderes Ziel als Estienne, er will Afrika von Nord nach Süd durchqueren. In den 1920er-Jahren ist Afrika aber noch keineswegs vollständig erforscht, es gibt noch sehr viele weiße Flecken auf der afrikanischen Karte. Ein äußerst waghalsiges Unternehmen, Louis RENAULT ist skeptisch. Er stellt das Fahrzeug und den Treibstoff. Die übrigen Kosten gehen zu Lasten der todesmutigen Abenteurer. Eine Nord-Süd-Durchquerung, noch dazu alleine, ist in diesen Tagen ein Himmelfahrtskommando. Estienne versucht die Drei zu überzeugen, doch besser an der Mission Gradis-Franchet, die Cotonou in Benin am Atlantik zum Ziel hat, teilzunehmen, jedoch ohne Erfolg. In Gao am Niger trennen sich die Delingettes und begeben sich auf ihre gefährliche Reise. Delingette schafft das Unmögliche: Am 4. Juli 1925 erreichen die Drei Abenteurer Kapstadt, die Teilmannschaft von Citroen kommt erst einen guten Monat später an!
B.T: Die erste Durchquerung Afrikas per Fahrzeug mit einer Frau.

25.05.1927 - 19.07.1929
Reise-Bericht. Reise-Video. Welt-Reise.
Clairenore (Clärenore) Stinnes (geb. ca. 1901. gest. 1990) und Axel Söderstrom (Geb. 24.12.1893. Gest. 1976)
+ Around-The-World by car 49244 Fahrkilometer . Clärenore Stinnes war schon mit 25-26 in ca. 1925/6,  Europas erfolgreichste Rennfahrerin. Ohne Unterstützung der Stinnes Company und gegen den Widerstand ihrer Familie begab Clärenore sich am 25.05.1927 von Frankfurt am Main auf eine Auto-Welt-Reise, die niemand vor ihr auf dieser Strecke unternommen hatte.
 Zwei Jahre lang reiste sie mit ihrem Adler-Automobil "Eagle" um die Welt. Begleitet wurde sie von dem schwedischen Kameramann Carl-Axel-Söderström. Sie hatte diesen verheirateten Mann ausgewählt, um "fraulich" unbehelligt die Reise zu überstehen. Später heiratete sie ihn... In einem zweiten, größeren Adler-Wagen (Auto-Nr. IT 11882, 35 PS) fuhren zwei Mechaniker mit, die Benzin und Ersatzteile mitführten.
Route: Deutschland -   - Bulgarien - Türkei - Beirut (Syrien) - Irak (Damaskus) - Persien - Ukraine - Russland (20.08.) - Baikalsee als 1. Auto über Baikalsee in die Mongolei (Ulan Bator) - durch Gobi-Wüste bis Peking - Japan - Iran - Peru - Argentinien - über peruanische Cordilleren - Nord - Amerika (San Franzisko - New York) - Frankreich (Le Havre) - Deutschland (Berlin) - Stockholm.
Von Frankfurt / Main bis Honolulu: 25.05.1927 - 25.05.1928. 1. Jahr: 20.885 Fahrkilometer.
Von Honolulu bis Los Angeles: 26.05.1928- 05.03.1929. 9,5 Monate 6.775 Fakrkilometer.
Von Los Angeles bis New York: 06.03.1929- 28.05.1929. 2,5 Monate 17.409 Fakrkilometer.
Von New York bis Stockholm: 29.05.1929- 19.07.1929. 1Monat und 20 Tage. 4175 Fahrkilometer.

Originalfilm: Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg gingen die Kopien des Original Kino-Films verloren. Der Original-Film war ein 35 mm Schwarz-Weiß-Film. Diesen aber hatte Clärenore ins schwedische Exil gerettet.
Original-Buch: Stinnes, Clairenore (Clärenore) "Im Auto durch zwei Welten". Reise-Bericht. Reise-Video. Welt-Reise. 27 Kapitel. 266 S. 95 Lichtbilder. 2 Routenkarten. Hardcover. 23 cm x 17 B. Verlag: Verlag von Reimar Hobbing. Berlin. 1929. + O.
Buch: Stinnes - Söderström. Söderströms Phototagebuch 1927-29. Die erste Autofahrt einer Frau um die Welt. Hrsg. von M. Kuball und Clärenore Stinnes-Söderström. 247 S. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. OPp. Verlag: Krüger. Frankfurt/Main. 1981.
Video: "Im Auto durch zwei Welten"
07.06.1993 Video von Werner Cooper (Kupper) persönlich bei Beinem Besuch bekommen. Werner Cooper hat sie persönlich gekannt.
Verlag für Video: Tri Star. Werner K. Kupper. Hamburg. Deutschland.
Buch: Stinnes, Clairenore (Clärenore) "Im Auto durch zwei Welten". Neuauflage 1996. Verlag: ProMedia Verlag. 39,90 DM.
22 Feb 2008 Willem-Jan Markerink wrote: aber nun scheint es sogar eine Neuauflage des Films zu geben!
Und weiter geht es, sogar mit Ausschnitt vom 1931-Film!....:)) (excerpt from 1931!)
(und der Film selber scheint im Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv zu lagern, nur um einiges kuerzer als die Orginal-Fassung....:(( - l/2007/01/msg00328.html
PS: saemtliche Buch/Film/Video-Referenzen von diese und andere gleichartige Reisen sind in dieses Uebersicht auf meine Homepage vermerkt:
Aber eine Kopie des Original-Films, ohne Mongelei (mit Mongolei....:)), hoffe ich auch noch mal finden zu koennen....
(wer eins hat, oder weiss woher: her damit!....;))
B.T: Die erste Weltumrundung einer Frau am Steuer eines Autos.
23.02.2008 Letzte Bearbeitung.

1928 WAWEC (Work Around the World Educational Club)
Aloha Wanderwell Weltwanderung. Die Idee des Clubs ist es, dass Leute bis 21 Mitglied werden können, die sich während der Reise durch legale körperliche oder gesitige Arbeit verdienen oder monatlich 1000 US $ Beutrag zahlen müssen. Das Zeil ist eine Zukunftsordnung der FRiedesnfreude in allen Völkern und vor allem eine Hoffnung der Jugend.
Der Amerianer Wanderwell kauft ein Auto Ford für US $ 50, baut es um und fährt los. Aber es ist schwierig Mitglieder zu finden. In Nizza trift er auf eine Frau, die mitreist. Eine Reise durch Frankreich - Spanien bringt genügend Geld für einen zweiten Ford-Wagen. So geht es über Deutschland - Polen - Rumänien - Bulgarien - Türkei - Syrien - Arabien - Persien - Indien China - Mandschurei - Wladiwostok. ÜBer all wird für den Gedanken der Völkervertändigung geworben und durch aufgenommene Filme bei anderen Völkern Verständnis verbreitet.
Nach dieser Reise will man Afrika Nord-Süd mit den beiden Ford-Autos durchqueren. Über diese Reise ist B.T. noch nichts bekannt. In Ägaypten kauft man eine India-Scout dazu. Die "Frau Aloha Wanderwell" reist auf dieser wohl mit bis Berlin.
06.01.2011 1st information by American Sasha Disko with a Scan out of "Das MOTORRAD 1928, S. 875".

Sophia Skorphil (German, Schwäbin). "Mit der BMW nach Dalmatien".
In 6 days Sophia and her sister rode 2013 km with her own BMR 63 with a Royal-Sport-Sidecar. That means a high average per day in those times. Both were married and their husbands normally would not allow o travel on a motorcycle without them. On the way they had to pay several times Maut.
Within four hours Sophia got he route and the Triptique´s (douane-documents) for SHS and Italy from the TOURING-Club.
Her final summary: There is nothing nicer than with "Lust und LIebe mit Ziel oder ohen Ziel die shcöne Welt zu schauen".
Purpose: from today to tomorrow with the sister.
Route: First day: Wien Laibach 417 km. Second day: Karlovac (Karlstadt) - Plittwitzer Lakes (called "Jugoslawien Swiss"). Third day: Knin visiting friends. Sebenico. Fourth day: Zara. In a storm "Bora" the front-tire broke. So now Sophia noticed her mistake to ride without a tire in reserve. In the rain and on the rim of the front wheel they rode 36 kms to Tijesno. The rim did not have any mistake then. Fifths day: They had to wait because the new tire had to be ordered in Spallato. He was delivered by motorcycle. Sixth´s day: To Sebenicio passing donkeys and cows on the "main road".
22.11.2006 1 st information by Sasha Disko
22.11.2006 Asked for a foto-copy or scan
29.05.2010 Next request for update
2011 1st information by Sasha Disco in NY. A report from BMW-Blätter 1930 Nr. 04.
06.01.2011 1st summary.


16.03.1931 - 22.01.1932
Justine Tibésar (Belgium)
Asia - Europe. The 22-years Belgium Justine rode solo 22.000 kms with a FN M 70 (350 ccm) from Vietnam (Saigon ) to France (Paris) - Belgium (Arlon). Arriving there she told that she had no idea of the mechanic of the motorcycle. She just trusted it.
Route: Exactly unknown so far. For sure via Burma - India.
B.T. First Woman riding overland Asia - Europe at all. First Motorcycle riding Asia - Europe.
21.07.2000 I do NOT know more many details. WHO knows more, may be addresses of her relations and the original publication?
20.10.2001 Siehe Tesch-Buch-Entwurf: "Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen".

Miss Rene Lees and (British) and an American girl
Around-The-Word ?  Miss Rene planned with an American girl (who already rode Califonia to New York) togehter to circle the world on a American big-twin which she purchased in Japan.
26.02.1931 Short publication with picture as an announcement in THE MOTORCYLE, page 318.

Hanni Köhler
Fräulein Hanni planned to ride in India and return via Persia - Asia Minor and the Balkans.
26.03.1931 Short publication with a picture as an announcement in THE MOTORCYCLE. NO book !

1934/ 1936
Theresa Wallach  (born 30.04.1909 - 30.04.1999) and Miss Blenkitron (both British)
2x Transafrica London - Capetown and back    See North-America as well.
1934 Theesa rode with Miss Blenkitron  London - Capetown: 14.000 miles in 8 months on a side-car with a trailer behind. Because "Blenk" got Malaria in Johannesburg Theresa went back solo.
In German: Die beiden Brittinnen Miss Blenkiron und Miss Theresa Wallach erreichen nach 14.000 Meilen und 8 Monaten von London aus Capetown. Sie fuhren auf einem Gespann Panther "Redwing" (1 - Zylinder, 600 ccm) - Gespann mit einem 2 m langen Schlafanhänger. Da Miss Wallach in Johannesburg auf der Rückreise krank wurde, fuhr Miss Blenkiron solo bis London zurück. Route: Alger - Ain Salah - Kano - Belgisch Congo - Uganda - Kenia - Süd - Afrika.
1997 fand ich Theresa Wallach und hatte mir ihr brieflichen Kontakt. Sie arbeitete bis 1999 an dem 1. Buch über ihre legendäre Transafrika-Tour. In 1999 starb sie mit 90.
1997 I found Theresa Wallach being 88.
08.10.98 A next letter to Theresa Wallach. She just published the second edition of "Easy Motorcycle Riding"!  Since 20 years I know that the British Theresa Wallach is one of the real women travel pioneers.1997 I found Theresa in USA and I was really happy to recieve her first letter in July 1998 with the folowing informations: After the WW.2  Theresa rode in North-America for 2,5 years and 32.000 miles with a Norton, having had 18 different jobs like riding horses with cowboys and trecking west with Indians Routee 66 to pay her mc-trip. After she stopped importing British motorcycles in USA she founded  a "Motorcycle Research Riding School". In 1972 she published a book "EASY MOTORCYCLE RIDING" of which she sold 200.000 copies. 1998 she just finished writing two new books: "Motorcycling for Business and Leisure" (TRUE-and-TRIED" informations) and "THE RUGGED ROAD of AFRICA". The last will be the first book about her famous mc-tour 1934 Transafrica.
In 11.1998 I got the second edition of  "Easy Motorcycle Riding", the ABC for riders not so much for long distance travellers. ! 17.05.1999: I got a letter from Wesley Warren Brown, that Theresa died of liver cancer on her 90th birthday. Tears were coming to my eyes that this woman-pioneer of motorcycling and especially motorcycle travelling died before she finished her book about her great TRANSAFRICA-TOUR.
21.10.01 I got the information form USA that her book "THE RUGGED ROAD of AFRICA" is published in GB. Panther Publishing, 10 Lime Avenue, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1DP.
15.11.01 I tried by many, many letters to different persons to get the information, what happened with Theresas manuscript, the fotos and old articles of her mc-travels.Finally I got the information that all is stored in Arizona State University Foundation. The boos - Mr. Rodney L. Houts - has been very unfriendly and not helpul from the start until his last email. In this he forbit me to contact him again.

Met Madame Antoinet (French)
Algeria. 1406 km en moto, plus de 308 camion 1949. Mit einer Motebecane B 45 S (oder 5 ?), 1948. 1-Zyl. 4 temps, 125 ccm.
Route: In Algeria: Ouargla - Touggourt - El Golea.

Lucky Lady (American plane with America pilots)
02.03.1949  The first aeroplane circled the world. It got several times fuel in the air. The US-Bomber B 50.


22.04.1950 ?
Mary Morris and Beri (American)
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publicatinos about them??

Ca. 1952
Brenda Collins (England, Kent)
North-America. The journalist Brenda rode a 16.000 kms long tour through North-America with a BSA-Bantam.
Route: GB - USA - Canada - Mexico.
25th.04.2001 1st information by Hugo Wilson´s book: Das Lexikon vom Motorrad, page 37.
25.04.2001 I do not know more details. Who knows more, her earlier/present address or publications about her??
08.12.2003 Not to find in internet.

03.1952 - 04.1955
Joan McDonald and Keith (Canadian?)
Around-The-World. Lune de Miel en motocyclettes.
Rode 3 years Around-The-World with two motorcycles Jawa CZ 125 ccm: 03/1952 though 40 countries.
Route: Australien - Ceylon - Indien - Pakistan - Afghanistan - Persien - Irak - Jordanien - Ägypten - Libyen - Tunesien - Algerien - Marokko - Spanien - Frankreich - Italien - Österreich - Tschechoslowakei - Deutschland - Belgien - NL - GB - Portugal - Argentinien - Bolivien - Peru - Equador - Kolumbien - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexiko - Cuba - USA - Canada.
03.08.96 First information by Jean-Paul Schulz.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

09.1952 - 1956
Diether H. Ebelerwith a unknown woman (name unknown)
Around-The-World. 54.000 kms (and 44.000 kms with ship and aeroplane). 42 countries in 4 continents with a Gräfin on a Hoffmann-Vespa-Scooter with a trailer.
Route: Europa - Ägypten (nach 5 Monaten) - Sudan - Beirut - Bagdad - Persischer Golf - Pakistan - Indien - nach vier Jahren El Paso - USA - Mexico.
Book: Randnotizen eines Weltenbummlers.
05.11.00 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them?? Who owns the book?

ca. 1954
Cassiers (Belgian)
Route: Rund ums Mittelmeer: 18 000 km. Herr und Frau Cassiers, Antwerpen, mit einer belgischen FN 350 ccm S.V.
08.12.03 archive of Ward Cassiers for the period just after the war (53).

15.07.1956 - 09.09.1959
Cesare Battaglini (Italian)
+ Around-The-World. He started with two women: Rita van de Werde (Dutch from Amsterm got homethick in Central America) and Felicitas Hauch (German from Berlin, got Yellow Fever in Indonesia and flew home) by two scooter Lambretta 150 D. 160.000 kms.
Route: Italy - .. Indochina - Indonesia - China - Australia - New Caledonia - New Zealand - Polinesia - North America - South America - Africa - Italy.
Book: "Ceylon. India. Oriente Misterioso ed Africa esplorati col mio scooter".
1999 1 st information by Costatino Frontalini
13.08.2000 I do not own the book. Who owns the book or sells it? Who knows the present address of  Cesare Battaglini?

Maureen Towlerand Nora Traynor (Britsh ?)
- Around-The-World ?. The two lady riders plan to cirle the world on Norton (?) Model 50s. They reaches Calcutta.
Route: GB - MIddle East - India (Calcutta) - ?
16.10.1958 Published in British Motorcycle "Motor Cycling", page 771, as a short information without picture.
20.12.2005 1st information to B.T. by Evald Bengsston from Sweden
30.12.2005 Foto-copy under Towler in file "Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen".
30.12.2005 Who knows more and their addresses? Or other publications ? Or fotos of them ?


07.1973 - 11.1973
Anne-France Dautheville (French)
+ Around-The-World. The journalist and writer Anne-France ist the first women who rode solo around the world on a bike somehow. 3 continents and 20.000 kms with a Kawasaki (125 ccm).
Books: World-Tour: Et j'ai suivi le vent (in French). German translation: Der Wind war mein Begleiter. Solo France-Pakistan-France in 1972 with Moto Guzzi 750: Une demoiselle sur une Moto (in French). 1982 South America: La Piste de l'or. German translation: Wohin der Wind mich trieb (Start 19.03.1981 21.000 kms through 8 South American countries).
1998 Anne-France refused to Bernd Tesch in France although I saw her. She does not want to have to do anything with mc-travels of her earlier life.

1974 - 1984
Veronique Biales and Charles Basta (Batham) (Australians)
Around-The-World. With a HONDA Goldwing and a trailer behind around the world. 1975 England. 1976 North-America. 1977 Central America. 1978 South America. 1980 Africa. 1981 Europe Middle East. 1982 Indian Sub Continent. 1983 S.E. Asia. 1984 Australia.

02.1974 - 10.1974
Linda Bootherstone (England, born 21.11.1945)
Transafrica: Tangiers-Capetown. Linda rode solo on a 1957 R 50 BMW. Stayed in Durban until may 1975 working in Durban in a mc-shop and then from Capetwon to GB. Started alone. Bike broke down before Tam - with a Tuareg-truck with two different trucks to Kano in Nigeria. Suspension units came from GB . Travelled with a guy on a 175 HONDA to Zaire (Kisangani) - with a couple in a LR to Kigali - alone to Mombasa and Nairobi - together wit a Combi-van to Zambia - with another girl on the back to  Rhodesia - to Pretoria with another mc-traveller - alone to Durban - Capetown alone.
Route: Morocco - Algeria (Tam) - Niger (Agadez) - Nigeria (Kano) - Chad (Dlamena) - CAR (Bangui) - Zaire (Bangassou - Kisangani) - Rwanda (Kigali) - Tanzania - Kenya - Tanzania (Mombasa) - Zambia - Botswana - Rhodesia (worked in an office in Salisbury two months) - S. Africa.  Do not no my miles because speedometer never works and I am not interested how many.
The best:  Meeting people, other travellers, other way of life.
The worst: Breakdowns all over. Had Malaria and Dysenterie. Dampers blue out "first MCN´s Bike birds".  Linda found a fellow traveller on a honda 175. She put two gallons of fuel in her panniers. ThIs was much eaisier by the fact that my leathers, overtrousers and other clothes wer stolen from my tent. The rainy season started in Zaire and it rained every night and the weight of water brought her tent down.
1975 Linda returned by ship to Capetown and toured in Namibia. Working in Windhoek for a year as secretary and Touring Nambia.
1977 Linda took her bike back from South Africa to Australia and stayed there until 1988
B.T.: Linda is a  long-distance Woman Traveller: Australia Trans-Africa. America. Spain
The British woman Linda went to Australia when she was 20 in ca. 1965, circled Australia with two other woman, crossed Africa to Capetown, rode USA East-West, rode already 1969 to Moscow by bike and later to Odessa in Ukraine. When Linda visited us in July 1998 in Zweifall she made 700 kms on her old BMW from Stuttgart during rain in one turn. Then she had to sleep first. We had a wounderful talk and open fire with her selfmade songs "Far away friends" with her guitar and whistle. She is living now 30 kms north of Gibraltar in the mountains (address: Castillejos. Castillejar de la Frontera. 11350 Cadiz. Spain. Mobil telephone. 0034 669 456 705. Casa Linda. email: and offers 6 beds for mc-travellers and others for living. It is a good stop over for mc-travellers going to or coming back from Africa!

Ca. 1975 - 85
Ann Parsons und Peter Parsons (British)
Africa. Ann (im Beiwagen) und Ing. Peter  fahren ihre erste Afrikareise 1975 auf einer Ural M 66.
Route: London - Frankreich - Spanien - Marokko - Algerien - Niger - Nigeria - Obervolta - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Cameroun (9000 km).
11.06.99 Info von Martin Franitza: Erste Reise der Parsons war 1975. Eine Zusammenfassung der Reisen findest Du in M-G 3/89.
Die zweite Afrikareise auf einer Dnepr MT 9.
Route: London - per Schiff nach Senegal - Mali - Obervolta - Cameroun - Zentralafrikanische Rep. - Zaire - Tanzania - Kenya (11.000 km).
Sie machten überall gute Erfahrungen mit all den russischen Gespannen.
Im Buch von Martin Franitza erwähnt.
Ca. 1980 1st contact by letter to them.

17.04.1980 - 01.10.1981
Chrestine Hermansen (now Kohls) and Ove Jensen (Danish)
Around-The-World = Jorden rundt. Chrestine (called "Stinne", 22) and Ove (25) circled the world on ONE BMW R 90 (= Bimmer). 81.936 kms. 29 countries in 1,5 yeras. In 1983 they got the Guinnes Book Record circling the world first time on ONE bike.
Route: Denmark - Holland - Deutschland - Osteuropa - Asien - Australien - Neuseeland - USA (visiting 36 States) - Mexico - Canada (7 States) - Europe - Denmark.
1980: Both visted me in  "on the road" in Kornelimünster in my shop.
1991: I visited Chrestine and Ove in Danmark.

1981 - 1997
Claudia Metz und Klaus Schubert (Germans)
Around-The-World. 252.000 kms in allen continents. It was planned to travel overland to Japan 10 months. They came back to Cologne after 16 years. The kept the World-Record in long time travelling by motorcycle until 1997.
With two YAMAHA XT 500. Nur noch die beiden Rahmen, Getriebegehäuse, 1 Spiegel, 1 Felge und beide Lampen original.. Ihre Fahrt finanzierten sie durch Fotos und Artikel unterwegs. Das deutsche Motorrad-Magazin TOURENFAHRER hat eine Reihe von Artikeln publiziert mit einzigartigen phantastischen Fotos und wundervollen "crasy ideas": Sie segelten mit dem Wind in Süd-Amerika mit beiden verbundenen XTs und bauten ein eigenes Dschungelboot "Yuma", daß sie mit einer XT antrieben. Hiermit eroberten sie den Amazonas River und kamen schließlich auf dem Rhein damit zurück. Sie haben fast alles unterwegs erlebt. Höhepunkten und Tiefpunkte der "Planet EARTH Expedition".
1981 1st visit of Claudia und Klaus In Aachen.
Book in German (1999): "Abgefahren - In 16 Jahren um die Welt".


06.01.1981 - 25.05.82
Patricia Govers und Nik de Nijs
Africa. Plan Nederland - Capetown. Die Niederländer fahren jeder auf einer Yamaha XT 500.
Route: NL - Cairo - Khartoum. Nik brach sich bei einem Sturz in der nubischen Wüste das Bein. Patricia organisierte Hilfe: Transport mit Landrover nach Shendi, mit Frachtzug nach Khartoum, Unterkunft besorgen. Sie arbeitet 9 Monate in Khartoum in der NL - Botschaft für den Unterhalt beider, während das Bein von Nik ausheilt. Hier treffen Alfred Reetz und Bernd Tesch beide wieder. Im Westen des Nil fahren sie dann eine nie von Motorrad - Travellern vorher befahrene Route über Wau - Juba - Nairobi. Patricia und Nik fliegen zurück, da es politisch kein Durchkommen durch Tanzania gibt. Nik fährt später mit einem Freund von Ostafrika bis Capetown (Am 22.11.1996 treffen Patricia und Bernd T. sich erstmalig nach 15 Jahren wieder. Seit 1997 wohnen wir zusammen).


Patricia Govers Jugoslawische Küste

Patricia in Montenegro. After this expereinece she never wanted to ride in winter time again.

Patricia Govers:
Auf meiner 2-jährigen Motorrad-Tour per YAMAHA XT 500 Holland - Cairo - Ostafrika habe ich festgestellt, daß Frauen dasselbe können wie Männer. Manchmal mehr. Als mein damaliger Mann Nik sich in der einsamen nubischen Wüste einen mehrfach Beinbruch zuzog, habe ich die ganze Rettungsaktion alleine organisiert: Hilfe geholt: Frachtzug gestoppt, Krankenhaus, Wohnung und Job zum Geldverdienen gesucht. Mein Selbstvertrauen ist dadurch gewaltig gewachsen: Ich kann alles, wenn ich muß oder will !

Patricia liebt Motorrad-Reisen: Im Sudan bei Feuer und Wasserfurt
Während die Männer sich vor der Reise ausschließlich mit der praktischen Organisation und Motorrad-Technik beschäftigen, habe ich als Frau auch über Angst, was mich unterwegs erwartet, und über Hygiene nachgedacht. Ich hätte gerne vorher mehr darüber gelesen, welche Erfahrungen andere Frauen gemacht haben. Deshalb begrüße ich die Idee von Bernd Tesch, in einem Buch "Frauen-Motorrad Reisen" Erfahrungen darüber anzubieten. Das Buch soll von den großen Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen der Welt erzählen. Beim nächsten Mal würde ich ein schönes Kleid mitnehmen, um in großen Städten und bei Einladungen nicht nur in den Motorrad-Klamotten aufzutauchen. Ebenfalls würde ich vorher einen Erste Hilfe Kurs machen, um besser gerüstet zu sein. Das Beste war, was ich alles über mich und andere Kulturen gelernt habe. Das Schlechteste waren zu viele km pro Tag.

Mechthild Bilfingerund Rudolf
Trans-Africa: N-W-E-South. BRD - Capetown. 1,5 Jahre fuhren beide  "ohne Motorrad - Probleme" auf einer Yamaha XT 500 zusammen!
Route: Germany - Algeria (Hoggar-Route) - Niger - Douala - Zaire (Kinshasa) - mit Schiff bis Kisangani - Goma - Kigali - Capetown.

1982 - 2001
Barbara Jaeger (German, born 1959)
Barbara is a fan of riding her motorcycle in general daily to her work and a woman globetrotter as well.
1981 Bought the HONDA CX 500.
04.1982 Made her license-driving.
05.40.01 Interview with following publication in German mc-magazine MOTORRAD about Barbara and that she made, who rode over 146.000 kms with one mototcycle HOND CX 500.
18.03.01 Barbara rode 225.692 with her HONDA CX 500 and additionally 36.992 km with her BMW K11000 RS. Daaly to work by motorcycle. Her coldest ride was 200 km with -12°C. In one year they were off by motorcycle 44 weekends.
19.11.1993 Her now husband Mario asked her to marry her: He put a paper on the wind-shield of teh motorcycle: Would yo finally marry me after 12,5 years?. Barbara: YES ! The rode back 200 kms with snow and minus 12°C.
1992 2 times Austria - Italy - France - Swiss - Germany - Denmark with HONDA CX 500.
1983 Holland - Denmark - 3 days Reading Festival (by plane)
1984 Sweden - Norwegian - 14 days. France 14 days with HONDA CX 500..
1986 Austria Speedway Assen. Denmark 14 days.
I still have to write all her tours until 2001 each year by motorcycle...
2001 Six times visitor of the Tesch-Meeting for World-Travellers. Always 650 km to ride.

20.08.1982 - ? 1987
Mopsa and Richard (British) Englishish
Around-The-World with a Motorcycle and Sidecar. With one Triumph Thunderbird 650 ccm with a light special sidcar Squire box out of fiberglas. 4,5 years (planned was 3 years) through 60 countries. 90.000 miles (144.000 km).
Bernd Tesch visited them in 1993 in England.
Route: Europa. Afrika. Nord-Amerika. Süd-Amerika. Asien. Australien. Welt-Reise.
Book: Full circle.

1982. Elspeth Beard in GB before leaving. Ri: Elspeth Beard in Australia.

Elspeth Beard back in GB in 1984.

2009. Elspeth got as a present to her 50th birthday from B.T. an old frame in Liege-stil with a foto from common Australian-Mc-Travel-Friends Gail and Peter Forwood. They just became the first human beings having visited all 193 countries of the World with their Harley-Davidson.

2009. Elspeth Beards old water-tower. As an architect she rebuild this tower and got a lot of awards.

28.09.1982 - ca. 29.11.1984
Elspeth Beard (British, born 28th.april 1959)
+ Around-The-World. Whilst half way through her architecture studies, Elspeth left her native London and rode 48,000 miles (77,000kms) around the world, solo on a BMW R 60/6.
Route: Europe (Great Britain) by plane to North America (New York to Los Angles via Mexico) > by plane to New Zealand, Australia (Sydney, Cairns, Alice Springs, Perth) > by ship to Asia (bike sent by ship to Singapore whilst travelling on foot through Indonesia) Singapore by motorcycle to Malaysia, Thailand, back to Malaysia ship to India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran) > Europe (Greece, Turkey, Europe, UK.) 
Highlights: Nepal , getting out of India and arriving home.
The Worst: Trying to get out of India , travelling through Iran during the war, being constantly ill, accident in Australia.
Book: Elspeth is planning to wirte a book someday. 
1994 Bernd Tesch has been searching Elspeth for years and found and visited her finally in 1994 in GB near London. She is a pilot and wanted to circle the world by a two-person aeroplane then with her son Tom. But she could not afford to buy a plane and to fly around the world. So she flew to Australia for some months and flew in Australia herself long distances. The architect Elspeth is an extraordinary woman. Because she has seen a lot Elspeth did not want to live in a normal house. So she bought a water tower on top of the hills in Surrey UK and spent seven years converting the water tower which has six floors inside. For this building she got several architectural awards. On the walls inside going up you would see a lot of pictures about her world-tour.
1994, 1996, 2000, 2005, 2006. Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers including her slides-show: "A girl wants to know the world. Solo around the world":
Diavortrag ab 14.00 Uhr   Elspeth Beard: "A girl wants to know the world. Solo around the world". 28.09.1982-29.11.1984, 48.000 miles (76.800 km). Because Elspeth already liked travelling with her BMW R60/6 at the age of 23 years she decided 1982 to make a SOLO-world-tour. She did not want to be 60 years and nothing having done out of her life. To prepare the "trip" she toured solo 1980 in 3 months through Europe and she crossed America 1981 west-east by motorcycle.
Being 23 and with her mc-experience Elspeth started 1982 for a two years solo motorcycle trip: North America- Australia- Asia- Europe. The next plan of the architect and pilot Elspeth would like to fly solo around the world.
It took me ( Bernd Tesch ) about 4 years to find the British motorcycle-world-tourer Elspeth, who is one of the only four girls of the world, who went SOLO around the world by mc.
08.08.1998 Elspeth wrote me "I took your advise - Bernd - to write my own book now, but I do not know when it will be finished".
1999 I got too little answers from Elspeth but could find out: She wanted to travel solo for three months in South America by Motorcycle, but her Motorcycle did not arrive there. So she travelled backpacking: "I defintely go back to SA". She is still continueing her book and wants to sell her selfbuild water-tower near London.
05.08.2002 - 06. 11.2002 + Around-The-World by car with 22 riders. British RTW-traveller Nick Sanders circled the world his fifth time. This time Elspeth organised and managed the tour guiding 22 mc-travellers after ca. 25,000 miles around the world. Including USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Turkey, Europe including Morocco.   
Elspeth Beard accompioned this RTW-tour driving the back-up van. When I met Nick Sanders in 2004 he said: Without the good help / soul of Elspeth we would not have succeeded.
21.03.2006 Last update.
19th.12.2006 Asked Paul Blezard to overwork the blog above.
01.05.2007 Another version of Paul Blezards article on Elspeth is now here:

03.05.2007 Asked Elspeth to visit the 50th. Globetrotter Meeting 25th.-27th.04.2008
05.05.2006 Send this version to Paul for update by Elspeth.
Elspeth is just back from another tour accompiniging Around-The-World traveller Nick Sanders in Morocco.
2008 Elspeth and Paul toured in South America by mc...
2009.04.25 Patricia and Bernd T. visited Elspeth and Paul in the water-tower in GB because of her 50th birthday
05.05.2009 Request for update to Elspeth.
B.T. 05.2001: The architect Elsbeth is one of the five women Bernd Tesch knows who circled solo the world.
B.T. 10.12.2002: The architect Elsbeth is one of the six women Bernd Tesch knows who circled solo the world.
B.T. 2004: There is another Japanese woman trying to circle solo the world.

12.02.2013 Paul Blezard has just re-written Elspeths story for Overland Magazine. .
The first half of the story appeared in Overland Magazine No.3:
The second half of the story appeared in Overland Magazine No.4:
12.02.2013 Asked for Update and the very best three fotos.
13.03.2013 Last summary with fotos first time.

26.10.1982 - 28.10.1983
Noriko Suenaga (today Muraki, Japanese)
Somehow Around-The-World.
Die Motivation für ihre Reise war heraus aus diesem kleinen Inselstaat Japan zu gehen und selber die großen Kontinente entlang der Wege zu sehen und zu fühlen. - Das beste an der Reise war genügend Zeit zum Denken zu haben, ein Buch zu schreiben und ein Jahr nicht zu arbeiten. Die schönste Natur fand Noriko im Westen der USA und an der adriatischen Küste in Jugoslawien. Ihre besten Freunde fand sie in Deutschland. Das interessanteste Land und der schönste Sonnenuntergang waren in Indien. Die schönsten Dünen fand sie in Tunesien (Nahibu Desert). Die wildesten Tiere sah sie in Australien. Die USA war am komfortabelsten zum Reisen. Die freundlichsten Leute waren in Brasilien. Die schönste Stadt war Rio de Janeiro. Die Länder, die sie wieder besuchen möchte, sind Indien und Tunesien.
Route: Mit HONDA XL 250 Paris-Dakar in Japan Niigata - Tokyo) - per Schiff Australien (Sydney - quer von Ost nach West-Australien bis Perth. In der Mitte von Australien war ihr Motorrad kaputt. Deshalb kaufte sie eine Kawasaki Z 650 und fuhr damit nach Perth) - per Flugzeug nach Singapure - mit Motorrad durch Malaysia - in Indien erlaubte man ihr nicht ihr Motorrad einzuführen, deshalb flog sie nach Europa - Türkei - Tunesien - Europa - in  Holland kaufte sie sich eine Harley Davidson, mit der sie per Schiff nach USA. Von West nach Ost mit KAWASAKI Z 440. Von L.A. nach Brasilien. In Brasilien mit HONDA XL 250 - Japan.
Book: Fly the Earth (in Japanese).
1992 1st Info von Volker Lenzner, Transcyclist. Japan.
1995 After 3 years of hard search I found her.
11.08.98 1. E-Mail from Noriko. She did not touch a mc since 13 years. Since april 1999 she is living in Mexico with her daughter. "I really loved my motorcycle and it was my everything".
2000 Noriko is now living with her daughter in Mexico

1982 ??
Women & Motorcycling

Ed Youngblood was a driving force behind the creation of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation in 1982, and the opening of the Motorcycle Heritage Museum in 1990 (later to be expanded and renamed The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in 1999). One of the exhibits presented at the grand opening of the Motorcycle Heritage Museum was “Women & Motorcycling,” honoring American motorcycling’s great female pioneers, from 1907 to the present era. In 2000, Youngblood was invited to update the Women & Motorcycling Exhibit for a national conference on women and motorcycling that was to take place thatWomen's Exhibit year. For this task he invited motorcycle journalist Kim Barlag to serve as co-curator. Redesigned as a traveling exhibit, Women & Motorcycling has since appeared in more than 15 cities, including motorcycling’s largest annual gatherings at Daytona Beach and Sturgis.

Visit the Museum Site

Emy Woodburn and David with daughter Mattea (8 in 1997) (Australians)
Australia - Asia - Europe - Trans-Africa - North America.
In 1997 already since 14 years "On the road". Since 8,5 years with their daughter Matten..
29.09.97 Treffen. Info von Jochen Henrichs: "Lebt um die Welt"
03.10.97 Bernd Tesch met them at Claudia Giese´s birtday in and good-bye-party of  Dirk Erker in Duisburg.
Participant of the Tesch-Globetrotter-Meeting in 1997.
07.2000 They are now resting for some years in USA.

15.05.1983 - 2000
Tania Brown and Keith Kimber(British)
Around The World.Planned to ride Around-The-World 4 years. British Tania (Administrator with degree in linguistics) and Keith (Electronics Engineer are riding since 18 years and have the world-record. Rode several times Around-The-World.i
Route: Europe (GB) - Asia - Australia - North and South-America - Africa GB - .. Caribian Islands for a long time .. ALL their documents have been stolen in january 1999. Vancouver - Russia (starting from Vladiwostok in june) to Europe (GB - Spain).
So far they rode 220.000 kms by motorcycle and 250.00 kms total including sailing distance in 99 countries.
The best: The whole tour has been the highlight of our life! But we especially remember riding 1000 kms  through the Andes in Argentina looking for a clear pass, past incredible mountain scenery. Sscuba diving to 64 meters in the Red Sea with so much sealife, including sharks, it was like being in an aquarium. Flying over tiny islands in the Caribbean in a friend's plane and getting married in Gibraltar!" Their philosophical thought about the very LONG tour: "Freedom is very hard to give up"! They realised to pay the costs for their 17 year long journey by selling their photos and articles to magazines. Since the German Claudia Metz and Klaus Schubert came back in 03.1997 after 16 years of World-Mc-Travelling Tania and Keith now have the world-record in long-time motorcycle travelling.
15.02.1993 1st Info by World-Around-Traveller Paul Pratt.

Ca. 1984 - 85
Romana Seruga and Zvone (Slovenians).
Around The World  with two SUZUKI. 152.000 kms. 35 months.
Book: In Slovenian in 1986: Potovanje k ljudem (z motorjem prek obeh Amerik. In German: Reisen zu Leuten mit dem Motorrad. In English: Travel to the people with a motorcycle about the American part).
1988: Zvone and his wife Romana rode Transafrica on one BMW R 100 GS  in 1988
1992: Ca. 1st contact
17.04.2000: Zvonne wrote me that he published 5 more books and made a TV-Film out of his later Transafrica Tour. He is a journalist and made a living out of it. In 1996 he and his wife and a five years old doughter finished one year backpacking trip around the world. But the bike? You know, you don't simply forget it and that's, why I better sold it five years ago. It doesn't work well with two kids. But, of course - a bike will be back! And mc journeys as well, hopefully. My kids just need couple of more years.

January 1985 - June 1985
Marlène Goffin (belge) née à Matadi Zaire le 28/09/1956.
Europe - Africa. Six months solo with Yamaha 600 Ténéré 12.000kms Belgium - Israel - Egypt - Sudan -Zaire.
De 6 mois de Janvier à juin 1985. De Liège à Matadi au (Zaire) Congo. En solitaire. Sur moto Yamaha 600 Ténéré
Plus ou moins 12.000 kms en Afrique. En Europe vers la Grèce (entrée le 14/1/85). Traversée bateau entre Le Pirée et Aifa en Israel. En Afrique par Israel -(le Sinaï) - L'Egypte - le Soudan (12.02.1985) - La République Centre Afrique (30.03.1985) - le Congo / Zaire (11.4.1985) - Sortie du Zaire le 31.05.1985.
Retour en avion de Kinshasa à Bruxelles (la moto a été rapatriée par le même vol).

1987 - 2000
Doris Weber (German)
13 years Motorcycle-Travels in Europe and Tunisia mostly 4 weeks per tour by at first YAMAHA SR 500 and since 1989 with BMW R 80 G/S. In total TRAVEL 140.000 kms.Die Sprachwissenschaftelrin Doris reiste ab 21 fast jedes 4 Wochen in Europa und einmal nach Tunesien.
1987 - 2000 zwischendurch kleine Reisen zuerst mit YAMAHA SR 500 und ab 1989 mit BMW R 80 G/S
Routes: Frankreich / Elsaß, Vogesen. Schweiz. Alpen. Deutschland. Sie bevorzugt "verschlungene Wege", um "Hauptsache Landschaft und Straßen" zu erfahren - am liebsten in Laender, in denen sie die (oder eine) Sprache versteht, da sonst der Bezug zum Land und den Leuten fehlt. Das schraenkt aber natuerlich den Radius ein. 1994 und 1995 nahm Doris teil an einem Wochenendkurs mit Trial-Motorrädern nur für Frauen (organisiert von Fritz Horvath, Konstanz, im
Elsass), um mehr Erfahrung mit Schotter und schwierigem Gelände zu bekommen. 1989: Italien (Umbrien). 1991 England. 1992 Tunesien. 1993 Frankreich (Burgund. Auvergue). 1994 Griechenland. 1995 Südfrankreich. 1996 Slowenien, Kroatien. 1997 Italien (Toskana) - 1999 Italien (Sardinien). 2000 Slowakei - seit 1990 alle diese Reisen zusammen mit Freund Kai Beck auf BMW R 100 GS, die kuerzeren Reisen, z.B. jaehrlich in die Alpen, allein. Bei den groesseren Reisen jeweils etwa 3000 km, immer mit Zelt.
The best: curves in any country, to see and learn something about other possibilities to live.
The worst: not to "exist" in Tunesia (as a woman)
Book or publication (about your tour): articles in the "Rundbrief" of the women motorcycle club "Hexenring"

05.1987 - ca. 1990
Arlette Moore and Gary (American)
Around The World. Als Hochzeitsreise touren Arlette und Gary mit zwei Gold Wing um die Welt mit zwei Moto-Guzzi: 51.000 miles. 35 Länder. 05.1987- 2,5 years. Es war eine Kombination von: Ship, ride, ferry and fly. Sie verließen Charleston ohne richtige Pläne. Sie schliefen oft draußen, aber der beste Teil war andere Traveller und Einheimische zu treffen.
12.05.95 1. Letter from Gray answering the article of Clement Salvadori in Rider
Route: USA (ab Charleston, South Carolina) - GB (Isle of Man) - Norwegen (Nordcap) - Portugal (Dort überwintert) - Marokko - Tunesien - Italien - Jugoslawien - -Türkei - Griechenland - die Motorräder per Schiff nach Australien - Flug nach Indien (There they rented small bikes) - Nepal - Thailand - Motorräder von Australien nach New Zeeland - USA.
08.01.98 Information by Steve Attword.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present adress or publicatios about them??

11.09.1987 - 12.09.1990
Jo-Anne (American) and Glynn Roberts (British) + Around-The-World. 3 years Around-The-World with BMW. Glynn met Jo-Anne on his Around-The-World-Tour while she was travelling by herself by motorcycle.
The British shopkeeper Glynn always had motorcycles since he was 16. So when he had time and money he decided to go around-the-world with a BMW R 80 G/S 150.000 kms.
Route: From England to Australia he rode with Richard Attenborough (BMW R 65) - GB - France - Italy - Yugoslavia - Greece - Turkey - Greece - Egypt - Jordan - by ship to Pakistan (Karachi, at this time no chance of going overland to Iran for British people because of political reasons) - India - by cargo-ship from India (Madras) to Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - with a cargo-ferry to Australia (Darwin) - Alice Spings - Melbourne - Sydney (total in Australia 15 months, working for 5 months) - working for free transport to New Zealand (German Colombus Shipping lines) and USA (Harbour Long Beach at Los Angelos - New Orleans - St. Louis - Los Angelos) - Mexico (Mexico City, around Mexico) - USA (New Orleans - Key West - Atlanta (working for 5 weeks furniture restauration) - Chicago - Seattle) - Canada (Vancouver - Dawson City) - USA (Fairbanks - Prudoe Bay - Anchorage) - Canada - USA (New York) - England  (Manchester).
Purpose of travel: .....Because I can...
The best: Fast dirt roads. Taj Mahal. People.
The Worst: US$2000 repairs to the bike.
Useful tips for others:....just do it!
ca. 1993 1st Info von Roeland Herbert.
1992-2000 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 7 times .
In 1994 I visited Glynn and Canadian Jo-Anne in Nottingham for first time when I visited the 17 most famous British Motorcycle-Travellers. He was then a participant of the 1st British Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers in London. We have a good friendship.
07.-08.08. 98: The British World-Around-Traveller visited me with two Australian Motorcycle-Travellers Judy and Ian McDonald being "on tour" through Europe with two BMW 80 GS/ST. Ian is more of a collector of old British Bikes (owns six) than a traveller. Judy is a nice woman who always has travel-dreams. Bernd Tesch visited them in 12.1999.
18.10.1999 Glynn showed up with his BMW R 1100 GS and bought a rack and alumnium-panniers. He stayed for two days enjoying an open fire until 03.00 o´clock.
Ca. 1988 - 1999

Spring 1987 - 2000 and still going...
Susan Johnson and Grant (Canadians)
+ Around-The-World. Grant and Susan belong to the very LONG distance motorcycle travellers. They call themself "Horizons Unlimited".
Route: 02.1987 - 10.1987. Over 9 months of leisurely touring: North America (Canada (Vancouver BC) - USA - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua (during the Contra wars) - Costa Rica - Panama - back to Canada to make money for 2 years). 12.1989 - 04.1994 New Zealand and Australia (where they got Australian citizenship). 1992-1995 Without the bike to Fiji - Tahiti - Solomon Islands Asia (Singapore - Bali - Malaysia). 1994-1995 Singapore (where they lived for a year) Hong Kong and Macau. 1995 To the USA for a while to make money. May 1996 Europe (UK - Norway to Nordkapp - Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Netherlands - Germany - France - UK. October 1996 Europe (UK - France - Belgium - Spain - Gibraltar) - March 1997 Africa (Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - couldn't get through Sudan at the time so flew to Nairobi - Kenya - south to Tanzania - Malawi - Mozambique - Zimbabwe - Botswana - Namibia - South Africa (Capetown). December 1997 South America (Argentina - Tierra del Fuego - Antarctica by ship without the bike - Chile - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - flew from Bogota to North America (USA April 1998 (Miami) - Canada - Alaska - July/August 1998 - (Prudhoe Bay). In 1998 completing a round the world from North to South, touching the most southerly and most northerly reachable points by road.
The best: All the new friends we made on the way. Travellers and all the other people we met. Animals in Africa. Scenery everywhere.
Lowlights: Getting sick, several times... Contras stopping us with machine guns in Nicaragua to have a look at us.... Egyptian border crossings...
Book: Planned. Great website and monthly Newsletter for Motorcycle-World-Travellers since ca. 11.1999. You can get this free of charge asking him by email via his web-page at
Ca. 30.11.1998 1st contact
1999: Partcipant of the Tesch-Meeting for Motorcycle-World-Travellers.
27.08.2000 Currrently in UK, planning the next trip.
B.T.: They went  to the BMWMOA rally in Missoula Montana, where there were guests speakers about their Mc-World-Tour. They met the World-A-Round-Travellers Ted SIMON, Helge Pedersen and Greg Frazier in Ushuaia and others 24th.12.1997.
07.08.98 They finished their mc-World-Around-Tour having reached all North and south ends of Europe, Africa, South Amerika and North-America and have travelled in Australia and New Zealand as well. They wrote me that they circumnavigated the world North-South to be different and covered 39 countries in 5 continents and 98.000 kms.
They have ridden now twice around the world two up on the same motorcycle BMW. ............ No. one and a half. Canada to Panama, then back to Canada and to New Zealand, Australia and back to Canada, then UK. Almost but not quite I think. Then around the world - UK - Nordkapp - Gibraltar - Cape Agulhas - Ushuaia - Colombia - Miami - Alaska - Prudhoe Bay. Last sentence: "We´ll have a rest for a few days!"
26.-28.03.99: They gave a wonderful slide-show and a view about their 12 years of riding at the "21th Meeting for World-Travellers"

07.06.1988 - 17.08.1994
Catherine Germillac (French)
Long distance travel. North- and South-America. Australia. Long distance Travelling. The secretary wanted another live and planned to ride 1,5 years and came hom after 6 years. Since 1980 (being 18) Catherine worked and lived by her own and had no family. In 1986 she made her first mc-trip to Greece with her Yamaha 125 ccm. In 1986 Catherine read the book of  Ted Simon and was inspired to make a huge tour. "One highlight was to meet my hero Ted SIMON in San Francisco". She has been  4 years in SA (travelling 2 years, working 2 years). She rode 95.000 km on her Honda 250 called Desiree. "My bike is everthing, more important than a flat. Most important was my relation between the bike".
The best: She learned English, Spanish.
Route: Europe (France) - Canada - USA (until 05.89, about 15.000 kms ) - Mexico (until 07.89, about 5.000 kms) - Colombia (until 09.90. Working time 6 months: Translater for UN and a French teacher) - Equador (10.92, working time, tourguide on mountain bikes, Hotelmanager (1,5 y) - Peru (02.93) - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina (until 08.93, about 55.000 kms in SA) - Australia US (about 15.000 kms, 2 months waitress in a French restaurant - 08.94) - GB.
30.-31.03.1996 Participant of the 18. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. The gave a slides-show: "Transafrika".
B.T.: I have never heard before that a woman was "on the road" 6 years by herself.

< 1989
Diane Saint-Quentin (French ?)
Around The World. La Vuelta Al Mundo en un Ano. Die Französin Diane umrundet solo die Welt: 27 Jahre mit einer Yamaha XT 350, 36.000 km in 1 Jahr.
03.08.96 Erstmalig gesehen bei Jean-Paul-Schulz.
Who knows her present address? I could never find her although I tried hard! I do not own the publication in: Solo Moto. April 1989. pp. 66-72.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows her, her present address or publications about her??

1990 - 200?
Gail Haws and Eric (Americans)
Around-The-World. 1990 - 1998 First trip Around-The-World was East to West.  1998 - ?? on second trip Around-The-World North to South.
Summary of summary: Miles travelled in North America 150.000 miles. Miles travelled in rest of the world: 150.000 miles. TOTAL:  300.000 miles. Normal travel is on 1991 GS BMW. Always two up. Gail and Eric had 10 seriuos breakdowns in 10 diffrent countries. Places visited not visited by most around the world motorcyclists because they are out of somewhat out of their way: Iceland. Indonesia. New Zealand-3 times. Baltics- 2 times to Estonia, Lithuiana, and Latvia. Scotland and Ireland. Singapore (1996  200 miles). Tasmania.
Motorcycle Resume  Summary:
Three Trips to Russia:
1990  5000 miles Western Russia and Baltics.
1991  Siberia by Russian moto 3300 miles.
1992  Across All of Russia 7916 miles to Finland Guinesses Certificate for this trip.
Toured in Northern Europe four times:
1993  Finland to Iceland and back 8000 miles.
1994  Finland, Baltics, Poland Germany 2976 miles.
1998  Germany and France and Return 7000 miles.
1999  Germany to Ireland to Finland 8000 miles.
Toured Australia five times :
1995 4068 miles and again in
1995 5500 miles
1996 that year 3500 miles
1997 4500 miles
1998 Trip around the coast 18.000 miles
Toured New Zealand three times:
1993 4863 miles
1994 3876 miles
1998 3911 miles
Toured the US, Canada and Mexico many times
1990 - 2000. We live in the US and travel around the US only total 100,000 miles.
1994 + 1998   5000 miles in Mexico
1999  18.300 miles in Canada.
Toured Indonesia:
1996  5026 miles
Toured South America:
1998 10,000 miles in Chile and Argentina.
2000  3945 miles in Argentina and Bolivia

28.03.1990 -31.08.1992
Tabitha Estabrook and Jim Rogers (Americans)
Around The World by BMW R 100 G/S (Jim who "earned in the 70 ies by investements at Wallstreet in NY more money than he thought exists in the world) and BMW R 65 (Tabitha). In 22 months 19.766 km (miles??) on ferries and aeroplanes (65.067 miles) 160.000 kms . They started 14.06.90 in Wladiwostok and reached Brest 30.08.91 with Russian crews in company.
Route: All 6 continentes crossed. Guinessbook-Record. Dunquin to Tokyo. Tokyo to Dunquin. Dunquin - Capetown. Rounding the horn - Australia - SA + NA.
Book: Investment Biker. On the road with Jim Rogers (1994, English). (German edition)
Video: Crossing China with guides.
1994 Bernd Tesch meets lovely, intelligent Tabitha in NY.
1994 Bernd Tesch meets always high busy Jim in 1994 in Düsseldorf/Germany for an afternoon.
1999 Jim is "on the road again" with his special Expedition-Mercedes car for two persons with a trailer: 4-wheel-drive, 3-liter-turbo diesel, 5-gear-automatic-gear, US $ 500.000, called Millenium GLK. He is now on a luxury world-tour again with the woman Paige. They intend to travel with this car in three years.
22.05.2000: Who knows the present address of Tabitha??
10.2001 Found Tabithas address by help of German Andreas Brunlinghaus. I wrote a letter to her.

1990 - 93
Debra Attwood and Steve   (British)
Around The World by two Moto-Guzzi.
12.05.95 First Info by Gary Moore
Made a job of out it and is producer of CHILLI Heated Clothing.
Steve was a participant of the 21th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1999.

07.03.1990 - 04.05.91
Monika Vega (Brasilian)
Around-The-World. 83.500 kms in 444 days through 53 countries and all continents with HONDA MTX 125 ccm.
Monika: "From the taste of the conquest comes the savour of  victory"
Route: Italien (Milano) - Vatikan - Italien - Tunesien - Libyen - Ägypten - Jordanien - Iraq - Kuwait - Bahrain - U.A.E. - Indien - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Australien - Japan - U.S.A. - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua- Costa Rica - Panama - Venezuela - Kolumbien - Equador - Peru -Chile - Argentinien - Uruguay - Brasilien - Paraguay - Marokko - Spanien - Portugal - Spanien - Frankreich - Luxembourg - Belgien - England - Frankreich - Belgien - Holland - Deutschland - Dänemark - Schweden - Norwegen - Schweden - Finland - Sowjetunion - Polen - Chechoslowakei - Ungarn- Österreich - Lichtenstein -Schweiz - Italien (Milano).
Book: Planned since a long time.
07.1998: Bernd Tesch visited Monika
1998: B.T.: She is the first women who circled solo the world visiting five continents an is the Guiness Book.


Ca. 1992 - 93
Conny Müllhold and  Heinrich (Henrik) Jensen (Danish)
Around The World. Brother of Ove Jensen circeld the world nearly on the same route with Conny.

1992 - 95
Isabelle Proteau and  Jean-Francois (French)
Around The World. Die Veterinärärzte Isabelle und Jean-Francois unternehmen mehrere Motorrad-Reisen nach ihrem Studienabschluß: 1986 Algier - Dakar (Jean-Claude und ein Freund). 1987- 88  Dakar-Capetown. 1990 rund um Süd-Amerika. Schließlich als Folge ihrer Entdeckungen und dem Leben "on the road" als Nomaden 1992-95 eine Weltreise mit zwei YAMAHA XTZ 660.
Ihr Thema aller Reisen ist jeweils das Aufspüren und Fotografieren von kaum mehr bekannten Tieren, deren Bestand gefährdet ist: Afrikanische Okapis, Java und Nepal Rhinozeros, Tasmanischer Teufel, Baumkängeruh in Papua, Miniantilope bei den Pygmäen, Fossa und Lemurs auf Madagaskar, Gelada Affen von Äthiopien, seltene Chamäleons, Australische Wombat, Malaiische Babirussa (Schweinehirsch). Roter Ibis und Zebus in Französisch Guyana, leatherback turtle (Schildkröte), Jaguar, Tapir.
1998: Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch visited Isabelle and Francois in France.
1999 they left again for a tour "Around-The-World " with their young child by Toyota Landcruiser.
Books: In English: On the trail of UNUSUAL ANIMALS in Danger of extinction (=  Auf den Spuren von ungewöhnlichen Tieren, die vom Aussterben bedroht sind). In French: À La Recherche des Animaux Insolites en voie de Disparition. Text-Fotoband ist eine Augenweide durch die Tieraufnahmen und übersichtlichen Erläuterungen

Ca. 11.02.1992 - ca. 12.1994
Denise Fierz and Erich  (Swiss)
Plan: Weltreise mit 2 BMW R 80 GS 1992.

07.06.1992 - 03.06.1995
Atsuko Kumata (Japanese female) and Hiroaki Takahashi (Japanese male)
+ Around The World. I (Atsuko, 33 years) rode around the world including 5 continents using a HONDA CT 110 together all the way with Hiroaki (30 years) who also ride a HONDA CT 110.
Route: Europe 20.000 kms (U.K. - Norway - Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Germany - Poland - Slovakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Greece - Italy - France - Monaco - Spain) - Africa 30.000 kms (Morocco - Western Sahara - Mauritania - Senegal - Mali - Burkina Faso - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon - Central Africa - Zaire - Uganda - Kenya - Tanzania - Malawi - Mozambique - Zimbabwe - Botswana - Namibia - South Africa). Motorcycle was sent by aeroplane to Istanbul, Turkey. I flew to Istanbul, Turkey. Asia 10.000 kms (Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Fremantle, Australia. I flew to Thailand, took a train to Malaysia and then flew to Perth, Australia. Australia 10.000 kms (Fremantle - West Coast - Perth - Gunbarrel Highway to Ayers Rock - Adelaide - Melbourne). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America 15.000kms (Argentina - Chile - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia). Motorcycle was sent by aeroplane to Colon, Panama. I flew to Colon, Panama. Central America 10.000 kms (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico) - North America 10.000 kms (U.S.A. - Canada - Alaska). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Tokyo Japan. I flew home to Japan.
The best: North Cape in Norway, Sahara Desert in Africa, Karakoram Highway in Pakistan, Gunbarrel Highway to Ayers Rock in Australia, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia in South America.
The worst: Bilharzia and Malaria in Africa. Political problems in Zaire, Africa.
Book or publication: Series of articles in "Garrrr" magazine (Japan). Special feature in "Tabi" magazine (Japan).
Useful information and Tips for others: Small reliable motorcycle is good for travelling.
08.01.2001 1st contact by email
See as well 09.05.1999 - 03.11.2000 SECOND JOURNEY

21.08.1992 - ca. 21.04.95
Lucia Fuchs and Gerhard Iten (Swiss)
Not complety Around The World. With a Dnepr-sidecar .
Route: Europa - Asia - Australien - New Zealand. 60.000 kms.
Strecke: Schweiz - Italien - mit der Fähre in die über Griechenland in die Türkei - Iran - Pakistan - China - Indien - Australien - Neuseeland .
Book: Speichenbruch und Motorschaden. Vom Abenteuer einer Dnepr-Weltreise

1993 ?
Fiona Fraser and Martin  (Swedish?)
Around-The-World. Ca. 1993 Info von Bent Ellingsen.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows him, his present address or publications about them??

17.10.1993 - 20.03.1995
Astrid Griep(born 1969) and Daniel Duwe (born 1971, both Germans) Astrids homepage demnächst:..
+ Transafrica. Astrid and Daniel rode on one Honda Transalp 41.000 km through Africa.
Route: Europe (Germany - Spain) - by ferry to Africa (Morocco - the Sahara we crossed in company with Swiss car-salers - Mauretania - Mali - Cote d´Ivoire - Ghana. Because there has been a revolution in Togo at this time the border was closed. So we had to ride a "little round of 700 km" via Burkina Faso - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon - Central Africa - Zaire - arriving in Rwanda in march 1994. Because of a visit of friends we left bike and equipment in Rwanda and hitchhiked to Kenia. From here we flew home to Germany to earn money in summer. A short time later after we left Rwanda the war started there. It is bad that we lost all of our our bike and equipmenet there. But comparing this with the war there this was not important. In october 1994 we flew with another used Honda Transalp to Kenia to continue. Tansania - Malawi - Mocambique - Zimbabwe (Rafting on the Zambesi-River!!!) - Namibia - South Africa (Capetown).
Purpose of travel: Adventure, visiting other cultures, see diffrent countries
The best: Crossing the Sahara, driving through Zaire, diving-course in Malawi, Rafting on the Zambesi-River, driving through the deserted Kaokoveld in Namibia, reaching Capetown after 41.000 km!
The Worst: Corruption in Westafrika, especially in Zaire
Earlier experiences: Backpacking through Brasil, Mexiko, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand. See her next trip Alasca - Tierra del Fuego under Americas\NorthSouthAmerica
Useful tips to others:
Don´t ask too many questions before you leave the first time. Jjust do it ! It is easier then you imagine back home
05.1998 Personal visit of Astrid visited. I was astonished to hear how easy she managed Alasca - Tierra dle Fuego on her 350 ccm. She belongs to the few women who dare everything and is always positive thinking. It is wonderful to listen to Astrid.
planing again with her 350ccm SUZUKI. Who wants to travel next with her?
2001: Astrid has been more than three times at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen: 1995, 1996, 1997.
B.T.: Astrid is a very intelligent-humores and sweet-femine woman. She is a very experienced traveller and always waiting for the next tour...

1995 - ?
Sharon Thompson and Dave (Americans)
Around The World. Plan 1996 Around-The-World in 3 years with BMW R 100 GS (Dave) and Sharaon (R 80G/S)
Route: USA - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - El Salavador - Honduras - Nicaragua  Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Peru - Chile down to Tierra del Fuego - Argentina - Spain - Morocco - North again through Portugal - France - Belgium - Holland - Germany - Denmark - Sweden - Norway - up to Nord Kap - Finland - Sweden to Holland.
17.01.95 Info von Marcus Grave..
1996 Dave visited Bernd Tesch in Aachen.
21.07.1999 being back after 18 months
09.1999 Plan: With R100GS through Africa.

1995 + 1998 + 2000
Carla King
Carla King is a travel and technology writer who tours the world by motorcycle and writes about it in realtime for an Internet audience. Her series of  three journeys; the 1995 American Borders dispatches from the saddle of a Ural sidecar
motorcycle, the 1998 China Road dispatches riding a Chang Jiang, and the year 2000's Indian Sunset dispatches using a Royal Enfield Bullet. At present she is working on a print book about these journeys. Visit her site and sign up for her mailing list to be informed of the book's publication and other news.
King, Carla  USA
NORTH AMERICA. USA.  The 1995 American Borders dispatches remain an Internet classic. The first in a series of three
motorcycle journeys chronicled on the Internet, Carla King created this groundbreaking work as she traversed the United States borders with Canada and Mexico on a Ural motorcycle, sending in her dispatches from gas stations and campgrounds along North America's backroads.
King, Carla  CHINA
ASIA. The second in a series of motorcycle journeys document on the Internet, in 1998 Carla King traversed Northern China on a Chang Jiang motorcycle, alone and illegally, with faulty maps and little command of the language. From her first night on the road in a trucker's brothel, to her arrival at the Labrang Monastery at the Tibetan Border, this trip gives readers a unique look at life along China's backroads.
King, Carla  INDIA
ASIA. The third and final in a series of motorcycle journeys documented on the Internet, Indian Sunset was created in the Year 2000 as Carla King rode a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle through Southern India, beginning in the streets of Madras and traveling to a series of colorful South Indian temples, ashrams, and pilgrimage sites. Follow her journey through sacred Tamil Nadu, through the jungles of Kerala, to the hippie havens of Goa, the high-tech city of Bangalore, and beyond.

17.06.1995 - 24.09.1995  100 days
Dee Gagnon (American)
USA. The woman Dee  (35) rode solo over the backroads of  U.S.A. for 100 days, on her 1986 Honda Interceptor 500, covering more than 17,000 miles.
Route: Dee explored, ate and slept (usually camping) in 38 States, with no planned agenda. The adventures she encountered, obstacles overcome, and fine people she met along the way inspired her to share her story with others, by writing a book, published July 2000.
The best: Ten of the same questions were asked everywhere she went.  Number One question was "Aren't you afraid?"  Others were, "All by yourself ? What if you break down? What do you for work, that you can just take off this way?" and the dumbest "You rode it all the way here?" The worst part: Crashing DeeTours
Book: "Dee Tours". Publisher. Pegasus Publishing. USA. Ssoftbound, 6 x 9 inches, 464 hefty pages with color and b/w photos, jam packed full of adventures. Takes the reader on a journey of road and spirit.  Unique observations about life, the world around us, and the strength of a woman, who thinks of herself as just the girl next door. The book is only available from Dee.

21.08.2000 First information by Dal Smile.

25.09.1995 - 12.05.1997
Daniela Drechsel and Gerd Offergeld
Transafrica somehow. The plummer Gerd (BMW R 80 G/S) and the civil-engineer Daniela (DR 350) rode 14.000 km with BMW and SUZUKI DR 350 28.000 kms.
Route: Germany (Aachen) - Luxembourg - France - Spain - Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal - Gambia - Senegal - Guinea (Conakry). In Guinea Gerd was hit by a truck and the mc was destroyed. They flew to South Africa. Here Gerd bought there a DR 350. South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Mocambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Rwanda - Uganda - Kenia. Both sold  their DR 350 and flew back to Germany.
The best: Desert of  Mauretania. Capetown - Elisabeth most besides the official road. North of  Namibia. North of Mocambique to Malawi.
The Worst: Accident in Guinea.
1978 1st contact
1994 / 5 visitor of  Tesch-Mc-Meeting

??.11.1995 - ??
Iris Henrichs and Jochen   (German)
Plan Around-The-World. They planned to circle the world. Because they had an accident they stopped.

Renate Kleinhenz (German)
Solo overland by bike Germany - India - by plane to Thailand / Bankok. Lived there for a while.
Was already in 1996 in Laos.
07.2000 Information by herself and Daniel Vetter.
07.2000 Lives now in China teaching there.

Ca. 1996 -
Han (?) Springer and Karlins (Dutch)
Around The World ? "On the road". With two YAMAHA XT 600 Tenere.
Route: Holland - overland to India - from India to Singapur backpacking through Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia - New Zealand - by motorcycle Australia / Tasmania  - from Canada overland to South America / Ushuaia. Next Africa.
28th of may. 1st information by Ralf Paaske and Petra Schommer.

11.02.1996 - 2003
Kay Forwood and Peter (Australian).
Plan Around The World. "On the road". With one Harley Davidson Electraglide. They plan to continue travelling by motorcycle until 2003 together and then to go to the 100th anniversary of production of Harley Davidson. In this years they are returning to Australia in intervalls of 6-12 months with interruptions of 2 months. They are trying to visit as many countries as possible on the SAME bike. They will visit each country in Europe. From Italy to North Africa - Middle East - as many as possible Ex-Russian countries. 1999 Turkey and Africa. They plan to continue travelling by motorcycle until 2003 (Seven years together).
Route: In october 98 they have covered 47 countries and 97.000 kms since leaving Australia through Asia minor - India sub continent, Asia minor, the Balkans, Western and Southern Europe. Peter has "chaufeured" (his job now)  Kay around 57.000 of those kms. From july 98: Netherlands to Scandinavia - Nordkapp - from Norway / Bergen to Faroe Islands - Iceland back to Norway/Bergen - overland to GB -Ireland - GB - B - Germany. Future: They will visit each country in Europe. From Italy to North Africa - Middle East - as many as possible Ex-Russian countries. Since 1999 Turkey and Africa.
Peter informed me that there are 247 countries in 3 categories in the world according to Rand McNally atlas. There are 202 totally independent countries at all.
10.04.98 1. Info by Jörn Materne
04.98 and 01.11.98 Kay and Peter visited Bernd Tesch personally.
Participant of the 20th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1998.

19.03.1996 - 29.07.1997
Anette Bovin (Swedish) no http://www.
Europe - Asia - Australia. Anette (28) and her ex (Ola Bovin) rode on one BMW R 80 GS  50.000 kms. Both shared riding the bike.
Route: Sweden - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Rumania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - India. By plane from New Dehli to Bankok. Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Malaysia. We shipped the bike from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia because it was cheaper than in Singapore. So from Darwin in Australia down to Brisbane and flying back to Frankfurt.
Route: Sweden - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Rumania - Bulgaria -
The best: Hospitalty in Iran and the wild and amazing scenery in Pakistan.
The Worst: That must be the crazy driving in India. Still suffers from nightmares about TATA-truck drivers.

26.05.1996 - 04.12.1998
Astrid Griep (born 1969) and Daniel Duwe (born 1971, both Germans). Astrids homepage:
+ Alaska - Tierrad del Fuego. Astrid with a Suzuki DR 350 and Daniel with a Honda Transalp rode 60.000 km.
Route: North America (USA (Anchorage) - Canada - West of USA - Mexico - Guatemala. Here we celebrated our first christmas. In Honduras we stayed the next 3 months: Holiday form travelling. Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. We crossed exactly after one year the canal of Panama - by plane to South America (Colombia (Bogota) - through the Andes south to Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina. Christmas 1997 we reached Ushuaia. The end of a dream !
Purpose of travel: Curiosity for other countries and how the people live there.
The best: The people and the endless nature in Alaska and Kanada, the beauty of Western USA, the beautiful caribean coast in Mexico, the Andes with the volcanos, altiplano, saltlakes and of course reaching Tierra del Fuego after 60.000 km.
The Worst: A crash with a cow in the dschungel of Bolivia. Yeah - 2 weeks before I crashed into Daniels motorbike because of the beautiful scenery of the Andes.
Earlier experiences: Backpacking through Brasil, Mexiko, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand. Transafrica.
Useful tips to others: Don´t take too many things with you, you can buy almost everything everywhere. It is much nicer to travel light.
2001: Astrid has been more than three times at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen: 1995, 1996, 1997.
B.T.: Astrid is a very intelligent-humores and sweet-femine woman. She is a very experienced traveller and always waiting for the next tour...

02.11.(ab Garmisch) -  03.11.96 an Tunis -  Tibesti -  15.12.97 (an Douala)
Tina Müllerund Hans Ostler (German)
Afrika. Die für viele Jahre durch die politischen, auch kriegerischen Auseinandersetzungen gesperrte Nord - Süd - Verbindung Tunesien -  Libyen - Cameroun haben die beiden erstmalig gemeistert. Die Idee kam Tina nachdem Klaus Därr das Tibesti mit einem Mercedes Geländewagen bereist hatte und die Reisen in Algerien durch die inneren politischen Auseinandersetzungen (Islamisierung) ohne militärische Sicherheitsbegleitung nicht mehr möglich sind. Heinz Holzmann war 1975/76 der erste Motorrad - Fahrer im Tchad. Tina und Hans sind die ersten, die Nord - Süd mit dem Motorrad gefahren sind, wobei Tina die gesamte Strecke auf dem Motorrad gefahren ist. Ein Begleitfahrzeug ist notwendig, weil es auf ca. 2500 km keine gesicherte Versorgung gibt. Die Fahrt eines solo fahrenden Motorrad - Travellers auf dieser Verbindung steht noch aus.
B.T.: Tina is the first motorcycle I know at all who rode by bike this route North-West-Afrika.

10.1996 - 29.06.1999: 2nd Around-The-World
Lynn McGonical and David (Australians)
Around The World. 2nd tour of David. Lynn rode parts of it by her own: With a BMW R 1100 RT. Lynn rode parts of it together with David.
Route: David and Lynn rode: Chile (Santiago) - Argentina (Ushuaia) - Antartic Peninsula (Espranza Base) - back by ship to Argentina (Ushuiaia) -  Brazil (Rio - Recife) - Chile (Santigao) - Equador - by air to Panama - Alaska (Dalton Highway Artic shore) - and then ?? - Vancouver - Vladiwostok - Polen - Germany - France - Spain -.Morocco. - Europe - North Cape - North Africa - Iceland US - Australia - Pacific Islands - New Zealand - Australia.
Book: Plans a book.
28.08.97 First Info by Werner Zwick
30.08.98 David visited Bernd Tesch in Germany.
29.06.1999 Bernd Tesch was the FIRST who get information about his world-around-tour through seven continents and all time zones.
12.1999 Lynn and David gave a wonderful party for the Mc-Travellers Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch in Sydney / Australia.

08.11.1996 - ca. 04.1999
Miho Kawakami und Tadoa (Japan)
Nearly Around The World. Both wanted to circle the world. Tadao rides a BMW R 100 GS. Miho a HONDA XR 250.
Route: ?  Tadao stopped in South America because his bike broke down.
21.09.98 Brief mit Bericht aus japanischer Zeitung plus netter Dankesbrief.
1998 1st Inormation by Thorsten Müller.
09.98 Miho and Tadao were personal guest of Bernd Tesch.

22.11.1996 - 26.10.2001
Dafne de Jong and Rob de Jong (Dutch)
+ Around-The-World. "Ride-on Worldtour". With Yamaha EZS 900 and sidecar Squire like Richard and Mopsa English. Startet with 30.000 Gulden.
Route: Europe - South America  - Central America - North-America (20 States) - Transafrica to Cairo ( South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zambia - Tansania - Kenya - Ethiopia - Sudan (via Gedaref - Kahrtoum - Shendi - Wadi Walfa) - by ferry boat to Egypt (along the Nile to Cairo - Sinai) - Jordan - Syria - Turkey (Istanbul, 19.09.1999, where they were witness of an earth crake) - overland to India (1999)- Australia - Asia - North America - Japan - try Transrussia - still "on the road". -
Travel-Idea: Their own project is called "The World on a Children's Drawing". The idea is to gather money for children in the whole world. Children should paint about their life and what they think about the whole world and their future.  Dafne is playing violine and Rob plays mouthorange. By this they try to collect money for a child-fund: "Ride on childfund".
Bisherige Erfahrung: Rob 1986 in Australien mit Honda XL 250, 3 Monate, 15.000 km. GUS 1993 Dafne und Rob NL - Nordkap - GUS - Moskau - Finnland - NL, 2 Monate, km 9.000.
10.12.93 Personal guest of Bernd Tesch
26.03.94 Participant of the 16th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 1994.
19.09.1999 10th newsletter coming from Istanbul
05.2001 Waiting in Japan for Russian Visa.
25.10.01 After 5 years they are back in Germany. Bernd Tesch gave a welcome-party for them.
19.10.01 Asked them for an update of their block
B.T.: After an information-talk with Bernd Tesch in Zweifall/Germany with a fire-party they left 21.11.1996 Holland - by ship with their selfmade sidecar to Chile - Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) in January 1997 - travelled South-America south-north - were sponsored by Colombian company Cafe Universal going from Barranquilla to Panama in June 1997 - travelled through Central America into Mexico - through 20 states of the USA to Nova Scotia in Canada (October 1997) - in January 1998 they put their sidecar aboard a freightliner and sailed the Atlantic Ocean going to Guinee Bissau in West Africa - travelled West Africa and found our way over land blocked due to political unrest in Nigeria - shipped over from Ghana to Capetown in May 1998 - travelled through South Africa and worked in Bloemfontein - started to ride up from South Africa to Egypt in November 1998. Rode to Windhoek/Nambia to see Bernd Teschs mc-friends Arndt and Constance Asmus 04.01.99 who where in USA.  Situation north of Kenia is still uncertain..
14.07.1999 Rob en Dafne arrived in Cairo coming from East Africa. In Aswan/Egypt they got the Egypt-mc-plate-Nr. ASWAN No.1. They are the first motorcyle to travel overland from Ethiopia through Sudan into Egypt after the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The North-South route is wide open again. The ferry from Aswan/Sudan is going and the captain very willing and helpfull to take motorcycles on board. Even our sidecar, which did not fit through the door was not a problem. We detached the sidecar from the motorcycle, after which it was carried on board. In Egypt you will get an Egyptian motorcycle-numberplate.
B.T. 25.10.01 : Their records: They rode about 250.000 kms with a sidecar Around-The-World. No sidecar rode such a long distance RTW with a couple. Dafne rode half of it: No woman rode 125.000 kms RTW. A Dutch newspaper wrote 5 years payed stories about them. The first Dutch couple who rode RTW with a sidecar in all continents.

??.??.1996 - ??.??.1996
Stephanie Decurnex (Swiss-Canadian)
America. Ride from Nelson, BC, Canada to Mexico and back in two weeks. Rode with Jason Martin on a Kawasaki ZX11 for over 10.000 kms.
Route: Nelson - Portland - Reno - San Francisco - Los Angeles - San Luis Obispo - Carlsbad - Tijuana - Ensenada - Carlsbad - Las Vegas - Salt Lake City - Montana - Idaho - Nelson
The best: the rides at Disneyland and travelling with Jay.
The worst: Killing a deer half an hour away from home and destroying the
01.2000 B.T. met her in Australia.
15.04.2000 Partcipant of the "22nd Meeting for World-Travellers".

Plan 1997 - 2000
Anja Koziara and Andrej  (Polish)
Around The World ?
02.10.96 Visited me on IFMA-fair in Cologne and wrote me many letters before they started.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present adress or publicatios about them??

Jacollen Meijering and Frank (Dutch)
They travel on two Aprilias.
Route: Europe (NL) - South-America - Australia - now travelling backpacking through Asia - NL. Have been travelling for 2 years. They stayed with Peter Forwood in Australia.
01.11.1998 1. Info by Peter Forwood here

19.06.1997 - 10.12.2002
Bernada Pulko (= Benka, Slovenian, born 15.05.1967, profession: masseuse, registered nurse, B.A. of Biology) 
+ Around-The-World. Benka rode with the motorcycle of her choice: BMW F650 (1996) start/end point of the trip: Ptuj, Slovenia trip duration: 2000 days. Distance ridden: 180.016 km.
North America, South America, Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe.
Book: "Po Zemlji okoli Sonca";
Slovene language; published by Undara Studio (2003); sold out. English book will be available soon. Stayed tuned. For details see
Rrecent achievements:
*acknowledged in Guinness Book of World Records 2005 for the journey as the longest solo motorcycle ride by a woman. 
* Slovene Woman of the Year 2003.
In five and a half years her path has crossed over 70 countries and territories: Slovenia, Italy, Canada, United States of America, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Antarctica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, China, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates, South African Republic, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and all republics of former Yugoslavia, including Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.

She has changed 19 tires, had four flats, was poisoned in the Amazon Jungle of Venezuela, survived riding in chaotic India (3 traffic accidents in one single day), and celebrated a birthday with Hillary Clinton. She managed to get her motorcycle to the coldest, windiest, driest and the highest continents of all - Antarctica. She illegally rode her bike into China, cracked her head in Ecuador, and spent some time adventuring around the hospital. In Pakistan, she got married for her bike and survived some perilous countries by munching on grass hopers, scorpions, hamsters, and dogs. She was the first woman in history who alone, on two wheels, rode across Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to travel alone, nor drive any vehicle.

With practically no funds, she collected enough ideas, products, and money for her "Around the World  Circling the Sun" project. Thousands of hours of laugher and worries, surprises and pain, loneliness and thoughts will be summarized in a forthcoming  second book about her journey . This is being her job while re-acclimating to the sedentary life in her still favourite country, Slovenia. She lectures extensively, exhibits her artwork, works as writer and photographer, and still rides her motorcycle.

02.1997 First contact with Benka. "I am Benka from Slowenia calling from New York. Judy Kenndey from WHITEHORSE PRESS gave me your address as the expert for Motorcycle-World-Travellers". Benka called me for a long time, speaking quick and a lot. "I can call free of charge from a school here". She told me that she already feels beeing "on the road" since years. This although she took the decision to make this tour at night five months before: "I am going to become 30 in May, I must do it now". At this moment she had no idea of motorcycles, no equipment, no money, but the suspension: "There is no problem I cannot solve". She flew off 30 days after her decision for the tour and had organised all in day and night work: Sponsors for a motorcycle, equipment and financial solution of the tour. Half os Slowenia already knows her by radio and atricles before she started. Benka makes a high active impression so far. She informs 16 radios and 8 neswpapers weekly about her activities: With laptopcomputer, modem, email, homepage, mikrofon at her helmet and with a mincassete: "The best thoughts are coming while driving".Benka is a high dynamic person; but too much hectic is a bad omen for a planed World-Around-Tour in all seven continents.
07.10.1999 Benka is now riding in Australia. I introduced her to experienced traveller Geoff Kingsmill in Alice Springs whom she met.
24.01.2000 Patricia and I met Benka in Australia. Benka: "I got 4.500 emails, but learned in the meantime more to live than to work".
02.04.2000 Benka is now in Japan and trying to get the permissions to enter China Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. I send her an email with all the help I could offer.
Sent: Wednesday, December 11th.12.2002 10:39 AM
One More Day To Go

"Best" Benka, > From Bernd (Tesch): it was VERY nice to give me a last email the last day "-1" to your special friends and an honor to belong to them. Remember: You gave me long telefon call in february 1997 from the USA before you even really started. I accompanied you ALL the way what you sometimes even could not know. Because you could not read all what is in my soul. Finally we met in Australia for "20 minutes": Better than never ! Now you are at home ! Somehow you must be happy..... as well !!! Bye Bernd
I want to share a little, happy news today with you.
15.05.2003 The Guinness Book of World Records just approved all of my three record attempts.
- first continuous solo motorcycle ride around the world that included all seven continents;
- the longest (time and distance wise) motorcycle journey done by woman and
- first female who crossed Saudi Arabia on a motorcycle alone.
Much of you have helped in one way or the other so we have a pleasure to share it today. My deep gratitude to all of for your support and courage. The mission is completed. Love to all, Benka
Slovene world traveler Benka Pulko has been awarded a Guinness World Record for her 2000-day motorcycle journey around the globe. Benka’s trip has been officially recognized as the longest solo female motorcycle journey in both duration and distance as well as the first ever continuous solo motorcycle journey to take in all seven continents. She was the first female rider to cross Saudi Arabia on her own motorbike, alone. Benka traveled 180,016 kilometers (111,856 miles) around the world on her motorcycle over the course of 2000 days.Ms. Pulko started her journey on June 19, 1997, from her hometown of Ptuj, Slovenia. After riding her motorcycle from Europe to North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, and Africa and visiting 69 countries along the way, she returned home on December 10th, 2002. As per Guinness Circumnavigation rules Benka passed through two antipodes along her route, the cities of Quenca, Ecuador and, on the other side of the planet, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The entire trip was completed on the same motorcycle, a red 1996 BMW F-650. About her incredible adventure Pulko says, “It was wonderful and rewarding, and at the same time the most demanding experience of my life.”One of the most challenging aspects of Benka’s endeavor was her successful effort to transport her motorcycle to Antarctica. She first rode to Ushuaia, Argentina, at the southernmost tip of South America. Then she convinced a sightseeing boat captain to take her and her bike to the frozen continent. On January 7th, 1999, both Benka and her motorcycle touched down on the Antarctic Peninsula, a feat never before accomplished by any globe-riding motorcyclist.“I got in contact with Guinness in the spring of 1997, and found nothing similar had ever been done,” says Pulko. “Many people had already circled the globe by motorcycle, but none had visited Antarctica along the way. Getting the official recognition now is a nice way to finish this long lasting project.”In the six months since Pulko completed her ride, she has spent time putting her life back in order after almost six years on the road. On the question of how she has accustomed to life at home she smiles and adds that she has not had time to do so. At the moment she is writing a book on her adventures, due to be released this fall.
B.T.: So far no women rode solo for so long and so far and never solo through Saudi Arabia. 

01.05.1997 - 16.06.1998

Lisa Schibisch and Christian Frei
Transafrica: Capetown - Cairo. The webmaster Christian and his girlfriend Lisa rode 39.000 kms in 13 months Capetown - Cairo - Germany with  two YAMAHA XT 600 E.
Route: Souht Africa (Capetown) - Swaziland - South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Simbabwe - Mocambique - Malawi - Tansania - Kenia - Uganda - Kenia - Ethiopia - Eritrea (Asmara  - boat to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) and by boat to Egypt (Suez) - Israel - Jordania - Israel - Greece - Turkey - Italy -Switzerland - Germany (Bottrop).
Earlier rides: Türkei, Tunesien, Europa, Alaska-Feuerland
Highlihts: Namibia. Mocambique. Ttanzania (Zanzibar). Eritrea. Especially to meet wild animals in nature.
The Worst: Too high prices in Nationalparks. Samburus, who attacked us with as speer and stones. Children in Ethiopia, who tried to jump in front of the motorcycle and threw stones. Dangerous minitaxis and goats and animals on the road. Traffic in big cities (Cairo, Kampala).

21.07.1997 - 11.12.1997
Connie Stambush (American)
Asia: India. A 1997 solo trip around the entire coast of India on a 1996 Enfield Bullet 350 cc. 11.061.9 kms in five months. My first motorcycle-tour.
Route: The Sub-Continent counter-clockwise: New Delhi - desert of Rajasthan - over to the boarder of Pakistan - across the Rann of Kachchh in Gujarat - around the knob of Gujarat - down the Maharashtra coast along the Arabian Sea -  Bollywood - continuing along the coast into Goa - Karnataka - Kerala - Lakshadweep Sea - until the bottom tip of India, where three waters come together  (Indian Ocean, Lakshadweep Sea, Bay of Bengal) - up the east coast - Rameswaram (the closest Indian land point to Sri Lanka) - Pondicherry - Madras in Tamil Nadu -  - Andra Pradesh - Orissa - West Bengal for Diwali and Kali Puja - Bihar's Bodh Gaya - across Uttar Pradesh - New Delhi.
The best: Everything between New Delhi 21.7.97 and New Delhi 11.12.97.
The people and their constant help and teaching. A better understanding of myself and others. Watching my motorcycle be put on a small, rickety boat by three wiry, little Indian men, then floated across the Ganges to safety on
the other side.
The worst: Losing my control, getting mad, and chasing a man down a dark alley. All the drivers in India. The oppressive heat and constant bugs early  in the morning at at dusk. Motorcycle accident running into a boy with a bicycle.
Book: Writing a book.
B.T. 21.08.2000 The only mc-travel along the entire coast made from a woman I know.

07.08.1997 - 20.12.1999
Tiffany Coates (British, born 15.01.1967) with Becky Lincoln (British, 05.01.1971)
Plan totally Around The World. Started as a trip to India, riding on "Thelma", a BMW R 80 GS (1991)
Route: In Europe 6.000 kms (UK - Belguim - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey). In Asia 11.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India. Thelma shipped from Chennai (Madras) to Bangkok in Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore. Thelma shipped from Singapore to Perth in Australia. In Australia 6.000 kms (Perth - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney). Thelma shipped from Sydney to Cape Town, South Africa. Becky returned to England to got to university, another friend was persuaded to fly out and join me for the journey home. Maggie Dunleavy (Irish, 21.10.1965). In Africa 27.000 kms (South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Mozambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Kenya - Ethiopia - Sudan - Egypt - Israel). We then took the ferry from Halfa (Israel) to Venice (Italy). In Europe again 2.500 kms (Italy - France - UK).
Purpose: Originally it had just been an idea to travel to India overland by motorbike for the pure enjoyment of travelling.
The best: In Asia Pakistan was definitely the highlight, the stunning landscape along the Karakoram Highway and the friendliness of the people. In Africa, the hospitality of the people in Sudan and also swimming with 30 dolphins off the coast of Zanzibar.
The Worst: Bad accident in the sand in Namibia, Tiffany was knocked unconscious and there was noone around to help. Book/Publication: None yet, but I want to write a book based on our journals.
Useful Information: Go with an open mind and a smile. We found our intercom was essential, it makes communicating on the bike so much easier, and we always had lots to talk about.
Extra notes: Becky and I were unusual in that we had never ridden motorbikes before when we had the idea to ride one to India. We did some training and got our licenses, bought a second-hand BMW, had a couple of mechanics lessons and then set off - all this preparation and planning done in less than six months. We took 5 months to get to India - our target, and after travelling there for 3 months, realized that we'd had such good fun on the bike that we didn't want to stop. And so our trip to India turned into an around the World journey lasting 2 years. Having travelled across Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa we are now back in the UK, trying to get our BMW fixed up and also trying to get sponsorship for the final trip from Alaska to Chile. We found we were a novelty to everyone we met because we were two women travelling by motorbike without a man. We always shared the riding, and it's so comfortable on the back of the BMW that we used to fall asleep. It wasn't the easiest bike to ride as we were on tiptoes to reach the ground- but we soon learnt how to balance the weight and it was the best bike for the job even getting us through the rivers in Ethiopia which came up to the petrol tank.
03.2001 1st contact.
B.T. 23rd.04.2001: This is the longest Motorcycel Travel ever been made by two women on ONE bike. It could be the first RTW tour by two women on ONE bike !

Jacollen Meijering and Frank (Dutch)
Plan Around-The-World. They travel on two Aprilias.
Route: Start in South - America - Australia - now travelling back through Asia - NL. Have been travelling for 2 years. They stayed with Peter Forwood in Australia.
01.11.1998 1. Info by Peter Forwood here

< 1998
Carola Ostrika and Volker Kunz (Germans)
Around-The-World ? 3 Jahre und 4 Monate. Offer a slide-show: Mit XT 500, dann BMW GS PD und BMW 1100 GS unterwegs.
31.03.98 1. Info von Andreas Müller.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present adress or publicatios about them??

Birgit Schünemann (German) and Sam Manicon (British)
Around-The-World ? Sam is since 7 years on the road. The last two years with Birgit. Both ride BMWs.
In 1996 / 7 I had contact contact by letter with Birgit. In 25.09.1999 Mc-World-Around-Traveller Rudi Kretschmer met Sam and Birgit in USA (Death Valley). Both want to ride to Alaska.
06.04.2001 Birgit and Sam were on the 23rd Meeting for Mc-WORLD-Travellers.

08.1998 - ? 4 years
Kit Kemsley and Brian (American)
Alaska - Ushuaia. Route: First Kit with modified BMW R64 more to a GS. Brian with BMW 100 GS. Kit broke her arm on the way. So they bought a van and reached Ushuaia 04.1999. Not sure if they will continue

Fotos von Reinhard Poetsch: Elke Thape 1999 "on route" in ???

??.12.1998 - ??.03.1999 and ??.11.1999 - ??.04.2000
Elke Thape (German, born 12.10.1964)
+ North - Central- and South-America. Sozia-Rider on Yamaha Tenere XTZ 660 (see Trip Reinhard Poetzsch Around-The-World)
Route: North-America ( USA ( Florida ) - Mexico  - Guatemala - Belize  - Costa Rica  - Panama  - South-America (Columbia  - Ecuador   - Peru  - Bolivia  - Chile   - Argentina -  (Cartagena - Ushuaia - El Chaiten by bus and hitch hiked Carretera Austral, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil)
Purpose of travel: Love
The best: Every new experience and person on the way, travelling together
The worst: End of riding together in El Chaiten / Argentina
Useful tip: Bring little
Previous experiences: Rode own motorbikes and have been Sozia-rider for years in Europe , travelled 77+countries by motorbike, car, sailboat, plane, container ship, train, hiked, bicycled...
Plan / search: Would love to go on more adventures with someone, especially ride more through Africa, Russia and joining countries , Mongolia, Asia... sail the world with someone... and other journeys.... Who loves to ride / sail / travel with me ?
06.04.2007 First summary from Elke. Living / working in USA (Nantucket, MA) at this times.
13.04.2007 last summary

09.05.1999 - 03.11.2000 SECOND JOURNEY
Atsuko Kumata (Japanese female and Australian resident) and Myles Nott (Australian male)
+ Around The World (see as well tour 07.06.1992 - 03.06.1995 ). Europe - Russia - Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. I (Myles, 40 years) rode from Western Europe, across Russia to Alaska and then North, Central and South America by YAMAHA TT 350 1998 model together all the way with Kumata (36 years) who rode a YAMAHA TT 350.
Route: Europe 6.880 kms (Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - France - Switzerland - Italy - Liechtenstein - Austria - Czech - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia) - Russia 15.000 kms (West, St. Petersburg - East, Magadan). I flew to Anchorage, Alaska with the motorcycle. North America 12.100 kms (Alaska - Canada - U.S.A.) - Mexico 7.360 kms - Central America 5.900 kms (Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama). Motorcycle was sent by aeroplane to Bogota, Colombia. I flew to Bogota, Colombia. South America 25.340 kms (Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Uruguay - Paraguay - Brazil - Venezuela - Guyana). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Rotterdam then Melbourne, Australia. I flew home to Australia.
The best: Far Eastern Russia: Siberia in the snow. Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and Lago Colorado on the way to the Chile border.
The worst: Frost bite in Russia. Atsuko's head-on collision with car in Guyana.
Book or publication: Not yet
Useful infromation for others: Less weight of motorcycle and gear makes travelling less difficult.
08.01.2001 1st contact by email
We also know about 10 Japanese people who have > motorcycled around the world.
See as well tour 04.03.1990 - 03.10.1993 FIRST JOURNEY

10.08.1999 - 16.03.2000
Dorith Mannes und Helmut Zitzlaff   no http://www.
Canada. USA. Mexico. Dorith (BMW F 650 ST) and Helmut (BMW R 80) rode 30.000 kms in 3 different countries.
Route: USA (N.Y.) - Canada (Montreal - Quebec - Prince Edward Island - New Foundland - Nova Scotia - USA - Niagara Falls - Toronto) - USA (Chigaco - Route 66 to Santa Monica - Death Valley - St. Diego) - Mexico (Baja California -
Mazantas - Playa Azul - Mexico City) - Cuba (5 weeks without motorcycle) - Mexico (Mexico City - Oaxaca - San Christobal de las Casas - Tapachula - Yukatan - Villahermosa) - USA (Texas - Miami) - by plane back to Germany.
The best: : Daytona Beach "Bike Week" with 500.000 bikers. Chiapas. Route 66.
The Worst: Topez in Mexico (road bumps). A theft at night out of the hotel room.
Earlier experiences: Before I (Dorith) got my own motorcycle-license I road with Helmut Zitlaff as a pillion rider a always six weeks in: Europe  Northafrica (Tunesia, Algeria, Morokko), Australia, Alaska, Canada, USA.  Our plan to ride with two motorcycles for one year in North America ended up  after 6 months.

Metka Blasko and Uros  (Slowenian)
Plan Around-The-World. "On the road"
Route: Europe - Africa -South - America. Want to continue to make a World-Around-Tour.
1999 first contact.

??.??.1999 - ??.??.1999
Stephanie Decurnex (Swiss-Canadian)
New Zealand. Solo ride around the North and South Islands of  New Zealand on a Honda NV400SP. 7000 kms.
Route: Auckland - Hamilton - Rotorua - Whakatane - up the east coast to Cape Reinga - down the west coast to Hamilton - Across to Napier - Wellington - Tauranga. On the south Island:  Nelson - Lewis Pass - Christchurch - Arthurs - Pass - Queenstown - Milford Sound - Mt Cook - Timaru and back up to Auckland.
Highlight: Seeing the most amazing sunsets in my life.
The worst: losing my sleeping pad (thermarest) and having to camp on the ground for the rest of my journey including Australia.
01.2000 B.T. met her in Australia.
15.04.2000 Partcipant of the "22nd Meeting for World-Travellers".

??.??.1999 - ??.??.2000
Stephanie Decurnex (Swiss-Canadian)
Australia. Solo ride around east and central Australia on a Honda CX500 for over 10.000 kms.
Route: Melbourne - Sydney - Byron Bay - Brisbane - Townsville - Mt Isa - Tennant Creek - Alice Springs - Uluru - Coober Peddy - Port Augusta - Adelaide - and the wonderful Great Ocean Road back to Melbourne.
Highlight: there were so many - diving at the Great Barrier Reef, camping without rain, meeting Bernd and Patricia of course... My favorite moments happened usually when I was alone and had moved away from the 'beaten track'
and surrounded by spectacular scenery. I call these nature's presents.
The worst: losing my keys in the middle of the Outback and having to unhook my battery every night and to hook it back up every morning until I reached civilization to get a copy cut !!

1999 - ca. 2001
Anke Eggengoor und Jan Lucas (German)
Plan Around The World. "On the road". Plan: 2 years with two  BMW R 1100 GS.
Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1998. Got the motivation and idea to ride around the world on this meeting.
Route: Germany overland to India / Nepal and then managed to enter Laos and Vietnam with there own bikes!
B.T.: First Europe-Asia-overlanders by motorcycles Bernd Tesch knows personally who entered Vietnam with own bikes !

03.03.1999 (SA, Capetown) - 18.06.2000 (Sweden, Stockholm)
Anette Bovin (Swedish)  no http://www.
Trans-Africa: Capetown - Cairo > Europe. Anette (31) rode solo on her SUZUKI DR 350 about  40.000 kms. Her originally plan was to travel 6-8 months but she came back after 15 months. Very broke...   because she would have liked to continue. "It was great !!! and really just positive travelling alone as a  female". I got to see "both sides".
Route: South Africa (Capetown) - Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africa - Malawi - Mocambique - Tanzania - (crossing the Rovuma river) - Zanzibar - Tanzania - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - Kenya (Nairobi - Marsabit) - Ethiopia (Moyale - Addis - circeled in Ethiopia - Galabit) - Sudan (Gedaref ? - Khartoum - Atbara - along the railway to Wadi Halfa in company with an English guy) - Egypt - by ferry from Egypt to Greece and Italy - through a freeeeezing cold Europe to Sweden  (Stockholm)... Anette did not ride back via Syria because of lack of money.
The best: Etiophia (for its culture, scenery and "GREAT" roads for the SUZUKI).  Sudan (lovely desert and  amazing people! They stuff you with brown beans...). Namibia and Mozambique!
The Worst: Beeing very thirsty and burning the tung on the boiling water I carried on the bike. Struggling with the bike in deep sand having to take lots of luggage off before I could manage to lift it. So...I guess I can not really complain!!!!!!
B.T.: I thing Anette "is the first woman at all, at least the first Swedish woman who rode most of the parts in Transafrica by her own without ONE friend". As far as I know "no women rode solo on a solo-bike that much in Africa". It is historical unknown (by missing dates so far) if  Theresa Wallach rode more kms on her historical ride England > Trans-Africa and back from Capetown to England in 1934/6 with her sidecar.

21.05.1999 - Original itinerary was 15 months. Now extended to 2-3 years.
Erin Ratay & Chris (Americans)
Plan Around The World. "On the road". Plan Around-The-World.  Chris (BMW R 100 GS, a Cosmetic Display Salesman) and Erin (BMW F 650, Career Counselor)
Route: USA - Morocco - 6 months Europe  (Spain - Portugal - Germany - Netherlands (Amsterdam) - Denmark - Norway - Germany - Transdanubia Rally (Munich /Germany to Budapest /Hungary) - Bulgaria - Romania - Greece -Turkey - Israel - Egypt - plane to India - 3 months India - Nepal - plane to Thailand - 6 months SE Asia:  Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Malaysia - Singapore - plans: by boat to Australia -  6-10 months Australia - New Zealand - 6-10 months South America.
"We quit our jobs, sold our apartment and other possesions in New York City, and packed what was left on the two bikes.  We're learning a lot along the way, and looking forward to what's around the next bend".
The best: Morocco, Norway, Turkey, Nepal, and Cambodia.
The worst: Customs in both Egypt and India.
10.07.1999. 1st information by Stefan Brandt.
Ca. 07.1999 1st contact.
04.2003. Their answer to my invitation to the "25th Meeting for World-Travellers" with the main subject "Around-The-World": "If we're in the area in 2003, we'd love to come bye".

10.08.1999 - 16.03.2000
Dorith Mannes and Helmut Z.  no http://www.
Canada - USA - Mexico. Dorith (BMW F 650 ST) and H. (BMW R 80) rode 30.000 kms in 3 different countries.
Route: USA (N.Y.) - Canada (Montreal - Quebec -  New Brunswick -  Prince Edward Island - New Foundland - Nova Scotia - Niagara Falls - Toronto) - USA (Chigaco - Route 66 to Santa Monica - Death Valley - St. Diego) - Mexico (Baja California - Los Mochis - Playa Azul - Mexico City) - Cuba (5 weeks without motorcycle) - Mexico (Mexico City - Mexican/Guatemalan border - Chiapas -Yucatan) - USA (Texas - Miamy) - by plane back to Germany.
The best: : Route 66. Chiapas. Daytona Beach "Bike Week" with 500.000 bikers.
The Worst: Topez in Mexico (road bumps).

25.10.1999 - 26.01.2000
Patricia Govers (Dutch) and  Bernd  Tesch (German)
Australia:  Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch are back 26th .01.2000 in Zweifall / Germany from a 3-months motorcycle-tour somehow around Australia (13.000 kms) and Tasmania (1000 kms). The two sponsored YAMAHA XT 600 E from BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA ( and email-address in Germany: did not have any problems. Bernd did not fall down, Patricia just made one test in soft mud off-road. It was the most luxury trip I ever made: No mc-problems/punctures. I could share all with the wonderful Dutch woman Patricia. Amazing how only 18 mio Australians can build such huge long good sealed roads AND keep the off-roads in excellent conditions as well. Never problem with orientation, to get petrol, water, food, to find accommodation. We spend 2,5 times more money than Bernd planned without a woman and with African/Russian money-scales. It was Bernds first long distance-tour with a woman and a motorcycle. So I had to sleep first time in a motel and to offer Patricia a shower more than all 6 weeks. We slept 70 % outdoor. We travelled through big cities, along empty beaches, through endless savannah, bush, deserts and rainforest. You find all this in ONE continent ! We liked the wild Koalas, Emus, cangeroos. Bernd even liked the scorpions and snakes we met. Patricia preferred to go in the tend at night after 3 scorpions. In 3 months we met about 15 Mc-Travellers. With four of them we celebrated chrismas at an open fire with the view on Ayers Rock. Patricia and I celebrated new year in the desert at Coward Springs, a hot spring on Oodnadatta-track with the milkyway in the sky. Unbelieveable wonderful. We flew like queen and king with inexpensive EMIRATES Airlines. One highlight for me was to visit the planned 25 addresses of motorcycle-travellers/specialist who could add important informations to my research "Conquer of Australia by motorcycle-TRAVELLERS 1900-2000". I will write about this in future in mc-magazines in Australia and here hopefully. These Australians mostly gave Patricia and me a very personal and heartly reception for what we are very grateful. (Am 22.11.1996 trifft Bernd Tesch Patricia ertsmalig wieder und wohnt seit 1997 mit ihr zusammen).

Sara Brown and Jagger (British)
Plan Around The World ? Both plan to circle the world with one BMW R 100 GS.
Route: GB-??? - Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-India-Nepal then airfreight to Bangkok-Malaysia-Singapore then seafreight to Perth.  Accross Aus. via Gunbarrel route, then airfreight to West Coast, U.S.A.  What happens next depends on how our money is lasting.  Hopefully we will continue south to Central and South America - Europe.
04.2003: Plan to visit the "25th Tesch-Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject then: "Around-The-World" by motorcycle.

??.01.2000 - 30.06.2001
Daniela Ruegsegger  (Swiss)
Cairo-Capetown. The Swiss office-worker Daniela (25) rode solo Switzerland - Cairo - Capetown with a YAMAHA XT 600 E. 33,000 kms.
Route: Switzerland - Italy - Tunisia - Libya - Sudan (1,5 months) - Ehitopia (2 months,  Gonder - Axum - Adigrat - Woldia - Lalibela - Bahir Dar - Addis Ababa - Arba Minch - Jinka - Lake Turkana) - Kenia (Nairobi) - Uganda - Rwanda - Tanzania - Mozambique - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africain.
Highlight: The whole trip was a "gebial experience!
20.07.1999 First contact with Daniela. 24.07.1999 Recommendation in Zweifall.
30.6.01 Cape Agulhas (suedlichster Punkt Afrikas)
01.7.01 Cape of Good Hope. Total ca.
24.06.2000 B.T.: There have been several woman riding Cairo-Capetown but as far as Bernd Tesch knows Daniela is the first woman riding solo the whole distance without flying a part of the route AND the woman who rode 18 months.

08.2000 - ?
Martina van Bevern and Michael Höppner
Plan Around The World ? 13.02.2000 Both plan 08.2000 an unlimited mc-tour Around-The-World with two YAMAHA XT 600 E.
Route: Germany to South Europe - Syria - Jordania - Egypt - overland to India. There they will plan there the next step.
1999 They have been visiting Bernd Tesch for recommendation and ordered "Tesch-Tavel-Träger" and "Tesch-Travel-Taschen".
2000 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers
05.2001 Martina had an accident in Ehtiopia. So they flew back. Because her leg was broken many times they want to sell the bikes and to continue by Toyota Landcruiser.

08.2000 - 08.2001
Ellen Spencer and Manou Emringer (Luxembourg)
+ Around The World somehow. Plan to ride for one year 2000-2001 with two motorcycles (Africa Twin and Transalp). Planned Route (flexible!): 08.2000-01.2001: Alaska to Argentina - 01.2001-02.2001: Ivory Coast to Luxembourg - 03.2001: New Zealand (on rental bikes) -  04.-08.2001 Luxembourg - Turkey - Central Asia - Norway - Luxembourg
03.2000: Manou visited Bernd Tesch in Zweifall. I suppose they cannot do all the way in this too short time.

03.10.2000 - 28.05.2001
Carola Moeller (German, born 17.03.78)
Carola rode solo around south of Africa on a XT 600. 25.000 kms.
Route: I took a flight to Cape Town (KLM) and my Bike came on a ship to Windhoek/Namibia.The first 4 Weeks travelling in an Unimog to Windhoek.With the Bike: Namibia (Opuwo - Lüderitz) - South Africa (Capetown - Durban) - Swaziland (Mbabane) - Mozambiqe (Maputo - Beira) - Zimbabwe (Kariba - Bulawayo) - Botswana (Maun) - Namibia (Caprivi) - Zambia (Livingstone - Chipata) - Malawi (Lilongwe - Nkhata Bay) - Tanzania (Mbeya - Zanzibar) - Kenia (Nairobi - Mombasa). Back to Amsterdam with KLM (me) and the Bike with DAS-airline (1500 DM).
Purpose of travel: Meet other cultures and to enjoy the live by travelling.
The best: People in Mozambiqe and Malawi
The worst: I got sick (I got an earinfektion) in Nairobi and was lying in bed for 2 weeks.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Not to plan everything if it's not nessecary. Makes Live easier.
Earlier Experiences: 5 weeksby mc to France/Spain (thats all).
1999 and 2000 Carola was participant of the Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers
31.07.01: Carola wrote: I hope to meet you next to thank you in person, Bernd: Without the inspiration I got at your Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers I would never got the idea to travel through Africa. For this I want to take you in my arms again.

??.12.2000 - ??.05.2002
Jeanette Sabus (German, birthday 27.09.1964) pandoras_tour
+ South-America. Jeanette  rode along the Andes in South America on a Kawasaki KLR 250, approx.  33.000  km. She has been living in Santiago de Chile for four years. She is sponsored by Goretex.
Purpose of your travel: to get to know the continent, its landscape, its people, their way of life and their culture  ... 
Route: South America ( Chile - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Venezuela - Colombia)
The best: Impossible to tell in a few words all the positive experience of the journey as a whole, the freedom. 
The worst: Hearing about the deadly accident of the fellow biker Klaus Mertmann in Peru. Always having to say good-bye to all the nice and friendly people we met on the road.
Next planned experience: crossing South-America by horse, starting in sept/oct '09 or later.  Route: Chile - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Venezuela. See Bernd Tesch´s website South-America for more details.  
26.06.2002 1st contact
26.06.2002 1st request for update
02.12.2006 2nd request for update
13.04.2008 3rd request for update


27.05.2001 - ?? Did not finish because the had a motorcycle-accident On the road
Mariola Cichon (born in Poland / American citizien)
- Plans solo Around-The-World.  Mariola (40 in 2001) from Chicago in USA left on the "First American Woman's Solo Motorcycle Journey Around the World". She rides a Kawasaki KLR650.
Route: I will ride form Chicago (Moab Utha - ..) to Alaska. Later I will travel through South and Central America, Australia and New Zealand. Southern part of Africa is next on the list. I will then continue to Asia and Europe. The northern parts of Africa will complete the journey. From there I will go back to the States. The journey is planned to take about 2-3 years.
The best: I am really looking forward to meeting people around the world. I am interested in other cultures as well as the beauty of the nature.

11.2001: German Michael Schwamborn met American RTW-Traveller Mariola Cichon (now with short hair) in Panama: "One of the nicest woman I met".

Publications: The itinerary from the journey will be posted and updated on There will also be articles in the Dual Sport News:
Tips: It takes a lot of preparations to get ready for such a journey. But the most important thing is to... just do it. Everything else will fall into its own place later. Just go!
Motto: The greatest risk is not taking any.
Ca. 08.2000 first contact before she started.
Ca. 16.11.2001 Mariola transferred North-America. German Michael Schwamborn met her in Panama with now short hair.
31.05.01 Mariolas first email "on the road". She wrote: "Definitely will try to get to your place "25th Meeting for Motorcyle World-Travellers" in 2003.

10.2002 - 01.2003
Govers, Patricia  (Dutch) and  Bernd  Tesch (German)
Plan South-America for three months..

22.12.2001 - ca. 17.03.2000
Weierich, Andrea (German, birthday 10.01.1971) your homepage www.???
Andrea plans to ride solo from Germany to Ghana with XT 500.
Route: Europe (Germany (Tübingen)) - France - Spain - by ferry from Almeria to Melilla Algeria - behind the Rif-Mountains towards the convoi through Morocco - Mauretanie - Senegal - The Gambia - Mali - Burkina Faso - Niger - Ghana. The bike will be send back to Germany - Andrea will fly back.
Purpose of travel: Gaining new experiences and to see The Gambia again
The best: ??Uebrigens ist diese Reise durch West-Afrika das beste, was mir je passiert ist! Und bislang hatte
ich als Frau ueberhaupt keine Probleme (toi, toi, toi). Nur Fahrtechnisch bin ich an meine Grenzen
gestossen (Strecke Kayes - Bafoulabe), aber das war zu erwarten.
The worst: ..... ??
Book or publication (about your tour): .......
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Nothing really big: 3 months in Skandinavia 1998 and 5 weeks in Scottland 2000.

04.2002 + a lot of time
Susanne Jungkeit (born 29.08.1978) and Claudia Lendle (31.03.1978, both Germans) http://www.??
Plan Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. With two HONDA Afrika Twins two girls want to start and travel for a long time.
Purpose of travel: To meet other people and cultures.
B.T.: I have never heard that two women started together for a long trip trough N- and S- America and succeed to reach Tierra del Fuego.
15.02.2001 1st contact
28.07.2001 Personal visit.

01.04.2002 - ?
Sibylle Salzmann (born 1975 Swiss) and Marco Meier (born 1973, Swiss)
- Plan Around The World. Sibylle and Marco have travelled already in Europe 80.000 kms with BMW R 1100 GS (Scandinavia, France, Italy, Spain, Greek, Turkey), Africa (Maroc) and Canada (BC). But their "travel bug" is not satisfied. So they plan with two BMW F-650 GS Dakar to circle the world open end.
Planned Route in 2001: Switzerland, Italy, Greek, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Lhadak, Nepal, Thailand, Tiger States, Australia.........?
Planned Route in 2002: Because of the situation in the region of Kashmir we changed the route now. The new planned route:
CH - Italy - Greek - Turkey - Georgia - Russia - Kazakhstan - Siberia (Wladiwostok) - Japan. Arriving in Japan, we look what we will do. We have open-end.
Purpose of Travel: Meeting other cultures/people. To break out of the safe live here. Adventures - and to ride a motorcycle every day!
2001 1st contact
03.01.2002 Asked for update of route.

04.06.2002 (departure) - ????
Valeria Milani (Italian, born 1969) and George Migliorelli (USA / Italian, born 1952)
- Plan Around-The-World. Plan to travel around-The-World. George with HONDA Africa Twin and Valeria a HONDA Transalp.
Planned route: Italy (Lucca) - ?? - Italy - Slovenia - Croatzia - Serbia - Bulgaria - Greece - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Vietnam - Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia - Australia.. etc
04.2000 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
01.03.2002 2nd request for update
Purpose of travel: Follow a dream which I (George) have had for twenty years. Religious follower of Ted Simon.
The best: Just beginning...
The worst: ...Getting the Carnet in Milan, Italy
Book or publication (about your tour): ...Motociclismo magazine will follow the rtw with a monthly box..
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ..Keep your head down and your tail up and do not let bureacracies stop you..
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: China, Africa, North Cape, Europe, Coast to Coast, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hawaii..

24.06.2002 - christmas.12.2002 ???? (exact date please !)
Tiffany Coates (British)
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Riding with Dunleavy, Maggie (Ireland) for Central America and a range of other friends including McInerney, Siobhan (Australia) and Cohn, Janet (USA).
I always ride with someone else and we ride on "Thelma" - my BMW R80GS (1992).
Route: The current trip involves shipping Thelma to Vancouver in Canada, riding north to Dead Horse in Alaska and then setting off on the long ride south to Chile. North America 11.000 kms (Canada, Alaska, USA). Central America 10.000kms (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) Ship to Ecuador. South America 15.000 kms (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina). And then Tiffany wants to spend 4 more months in South America before shipping home.
14.01.2003 next request for update
16.-18th.04.2004 Tiffany will offer a fil-report about her Around-The-World-Tour with women on the pillion at the 26th. Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers. See her total overview in her block under Around-The-World

10.2002 ~ Feb 2005
Jo-Anne Smith (Canadian. born 25.10.1962)
+ Canada - Ushuaia. Jo-Anne rode 54,796 km solo through The 3 Americas (North, Central and
South) on a 1997 BMW F650.
Purpose of your travel: To ride to the "end of the world" ; to join the club.
Route: From British Columbia, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Brasil - Uruguay - Chile: Oct 2002 ~ Feb 2005
22months of travel = 10 month break to work and visit family.
Highlights: saving a high-speed slide by slapping my foot down;
bodysurfing with dolfins;
The worst: realizing the threads inside the sump drain plug were stripped
(by BMW Bogota).
Book or publication :
Useful informations and TIPS for others: follow your intuition.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:...8 months [Sept 1989 ~ Apr 1990] on a '84 Honda XL600R: Western Canada, USA, Mexico; 3 months [Jun 1990 ~Aug 1990] as pillion passenger and sometimes pilot of an '81 BMW R80G/S: Vancouver B.C. to Inuvik Yukon to Prudoe Alaska to Sturgis South Dakota; 10 weeks [Dec 1999 ~ Feb 2000] as pillion passenger (pilot: Glynn Roberts) on '84 R100RT across Europe to Israel and Egypt, Western Desert to meet the 'Paris-Dakar-Cairo' , side trip out to Siwa (Lybian border). More than 13 punctures!!
1991 B.T. met Jo-Anne in GB
2005.04.08 1st summary

27.05.2004 - 13.06.2004
Corinna Ziebarth (German, 10.08.1977) and Michael Paetsch (German, 15.01.1967) and Lothar Bertels (German, 08.12.1966)
Michael's website tells the story completely and shows some pictures:
+"East Europe Tour". Corinna (BMW R1100GS), Michael (Yamaha XTZ850 Super Ténéré) and Lothar (KTM LC4) travelled about 6000km from Germany through Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakian, Czech. Republik and back to Germany.
Purpose of your travel: Holiday. Enlagement of the European Union on 01.05.2004. Advantage of Travelling by Motorcycle: Meet interesting people, landscape and languages.
Route: Germany (NRW - Hechlingen - Isny) - Italy (Schlanders) - Austria (Lienz (1.AWTET auf Camping Amlacher Hof)) - Slovenia (Bled - Ljubliana - Maribor - Ptuj) - Hungary (Baja) - Romania (Sibiu - Bukarest - Sinestre - Mamaia -Constanta - Valenii di Munte - Dirste bei Brasov - Bran) - Hungary (Baia de Cris - Kismaros) - Austria (Höburg/ Herzogenburg) - Czech. Rep. (Vimperk - Hracholusky) - Germany (Pockau - NRW: Duesseldorf/Wuppertal)
The best: Friendship of Romanian people, Landscape of Carpati, Cycling at the beach of Black Sea, Creation of our own Tour T-Shirt and Logo! This was my first trip to Romania and I was fascinated by friendly people, nature and landscape, and will travel to RO another time, because I like much woods and travel routes of Carpatii. But I don't like nonstop-rain as we had! We reached the coast of Black Sea hoping for sunshine and spending some days at the beach (and drying our baggage and tents), but the rain followed us. Unfortunately, we cancelled most of our trips cross country and cycling offroad due to bad wether.
The worst:
Flat tyre of Lothar's KTM near to Wiesbaden on 1st day. Defective thermostat of KTM LC4 in Maribor. Bad Weather every day (windy, cold, rain non-stop), bad roads in Romania. The motor chain of Michael's Yamaha teared, and 10 kilometers away from German boarder on last day of trip - Help by ADAC four hours later: Organising the Transport back to Wuppertal of Michael's Motorbike, because the chain damaged "Hinterradschwinge" also. He took a car from Chemnitz "sponsored" by ADACplus.
Book or publication
: none
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Avoid the main transit routes (radar/ control) and you will get much experience of people and culture. Tell us your questions at Bernd's Motorcycle Meeting in Malmedy or via E-Mail
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Slovenia & Croatia (12.09.-21.09.2003), Scandinavia (12.07.-02.08.2003), Italy from North to South & Sicilia, Suisse (31.08.-14.10.2001), Portugal, Spain, Andorra & France (23.07.-11.08.2000), BeNeLux (1998+99)
25.07.2004 1st summary from Corinna who has been at the Tesch-Mc-Meeting for Worldtravellers in 2004, 2003, 2002
27.07.2004 1st last update

(C) Fotos "Luna" in South-America 2006. B.T.: Beide "Süss".

09.05.2005 - 05.02.2007
Henriette aka "LUNA" Gstoehl (Austrian, born 24th.04.1976)
+ North-, Central-and South-America. Henriette aka LUNA is riding trip with her Royal Enfield Bullet 500es. The trip was planned an open end journey, but now her sister gave a great reason to return home - she is expecting her first baby in feb. 2007.
She started in New York and crossed first the continent east-west and now she is on the way south. Relaxed and enjoying she explores in the Enfield speed country after country, culture after culture and let the different live style open her eyes and feel the world. All the repairs and maintenance she does herself (sometimes she gets an offer of prof. help)
Purpose of your travel: To live in the HERE and NOW and enjoy TO BE !!!
Route : Flew to North-America: New York/USA, bought the bike in Pennsylvania/USA. Rode the canadian side of the great lakes. Travelled the great Plaines /USA. Visited the world famous Sturgis and at the rocky mountains up north back to Canada. She was part of the biggest west canadian Harley Davidson meeting 2005 and won the trophy for the best metric tourer. Rode as far north as Jasper NP and then more or less only south.
Central-America: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica to Panama (06.2006 after nearly 30.000 km (= 18.500mls) she fixed her bike).
South-America:If you travel in style (good looking bike) you also need to cross the Darien Gap in style. After 2 month of searching for an opportunity, she finaly found a boat to go thru the panama canal to Maracaibo/Venezuela. Great riding in Brazil (Manaus) and with another boat to Porto Velho. Panatanal, Paraguay, Uruguay and the reached Buenos Aires where a big surprise have been waiting for her: Fotoshooting with the famous PoderosaII from the movie 'the motorcycle diary' of El Che Guevara!!!! ('the motorcycle diary' is a movie which was popular in fall 2004 it tells the story of 'el che' and his friend which have been traveling in south america on a norton 500 from in 1951. It changed his mind and opend his eyes!)
Highlights : Meeting all those great and wonderful people, see the awesome nature and live it!!! Experience the beeing and riding with open end for a while!!
The worst: Will be to get really sick or injured!
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: If you have a dream - live it! For specific questions check out this web, have a look at her blog or write her a personal e-mail.
Earlier Experiences of bigger Motorcycle-Tours: Royal Enfield trip in the land of the Bullets - India/Western Ghats at the Tsunami time 2004. A few 1000 km in Thailand on a little Honda in 2001.
13.06.2006 1st information by "Luna"
21.12.2006 Last update
27.- 29.04.2007 Will visit the 29th. Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers and probably offera slides-show.

Foto: Ida Tin in the USA 2008

23.08.2007 - 21.05.2008  
Ida Tin (Danish, birthday 28.05.1979)
+ USA, South-West. Ida (Aprilia, Pegaso 660cc) rode solo in the South West of the USA, a desert trip mainly. 24.000 kms.
Purpose of your travel: An experiment into a mobile office. To see if I could travel and work at the same time
. Also an adventure trip alone. On the way I guided three Moto Mundo tours, one of them a women only tour in Arizona!
Route : I started out in San Francisco where I had my bike shipped to from Denmark. My journey took me through the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Washington.
Highlights : Riding in the desert and camping out in the huge landscapes. Meeting new interesting people all the time. The riding it self!
The worst:
 I wasn't prepared for the winter to be so cold with snow, dust storms, rain, frost and strong winds.
Book or publication: The Danish magazines/news papers Tourning Nyt, Bike (planned) and Den Blå Avis, Berligske and I am writing a book.  
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Dont ship over a bike to the USA, its too much hassel (especially getting it out of the US), rather buy and sell a bike here.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: With my parents and brother: South America, Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, former Soviet Union and Africa from Cape Town to Cairo. On my own, Mexico and Chile. With my travel agency, Mongolia, Vietnam and Cuba.
B.T: I met Hjalte (Tin) and his wife Nina (Rasmussen) and their kids Emil and Ida first time in 1990. Then I was visiting the most famous danish mc-travellers as Palle Huld and Joergensen and some more. At this time Nina and Hjalte were building their individual house as a mongolian "Jurte" themselves. All were living in two "Bauwagen". When I arrived in darkness already the parents invited me to join them. We were sitting around a round-wooden table with a central light. We were talking mostly in English. I was so happy to meet the kids as well: they stayed the whole evening with us and listened the stories out of the world. They have seen so much already.
In 19?? Hjalte, Emil and Ida Tin visited a "Tesch-Mc-Meeting for world-travellers" already.
2006 Patricia and Bernd T. met Ida in Copenhavn in Denmark. She was a lovely women already. I wish her ALL the best !
25.04.2008 Hjalte Tin, famous father of famous daughter visited the 50th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen 25.-27.04.2008. He told me that his daughter is riding since some months solo in USA.
29.04.2008 1st request to Ida
12.05.2008 1st good summary of lovely Ida.
B.T.: For sure Ida has many records already on her tours with her parents. Now she is trying to make a living out of her hobby being one part of her firm

Carola Möller in Süd-Amerika 2008

01.12.2007- 2010
Carola Möller (German, born 17.03.1978)
+ South-North-America Carola rides solo with YAMAHA XT600. 13.02.2009. Until 02.2009 so far 35.000 kms. First 3 month with Ralf Geister on a KTM 640.
Route: Europe (Bike by ship to Buenos Aires. Mysefl by plane from Hamburg to Buenos Aires) - South America (by motorcycle Argentina - Chile - Brasil - Bolivia - Peru - Equador - Colombia). With a saleboat from Colombia (Cartagena) to North America (Panama - by motorcycle to Costa Rica. 11.11.2008. Since dezember working in Costa Rica as a waitress. Plan by motorcycle to Alaska end of march.
Purpose of travel: Explore other cultures, enough time for myelf.
The best: Meeting amazing people. Local people and traveller from all over the world.
The worst: nothing so far.
Info:Compared to my first travell 8 months through Africa it is quite easy to travel in Southamerica. Bordercrossings are easy, no "Carnet de Passage". And the landscape changes from jungle to desert and everything in between. Now in Centralamerica it is a bit more difficult to cross borders. More time, more money.
Important useful information for others: Dont plan your trip forever.... just start. Thats the hardest part. The rest you will figure out!
Earlier experiences: 5 weeks by mc to France/Spain (thats all) in ?? 19??. 03.10.2000 - 28.05.2001 South Africa.
31.07.2001: Carola wrote: I hope to meet you next to thank you in person, Bernd: Without the inspiration I got at your Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers I would never got the idea to travel through Africa. For this I want to take you in my arms again.
12.02.2009 1st summary
13.02.2009 1st request for Update
28.02.2009 Last update and foto.

More dates, especially of their years are unknown so far. WHO knows more?? :

Christa Loenen Wassermann and Adrian and  (Canadian?)
Around-The-World. 3 years with BMW R/2.
Info von Hans Stoffregen.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present adress or publicatios about them??

Ina Stoffregen und Hans  (German)
Around-The-World. Now living in New Zealand.1994
Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.

Hope you liked this view. If  YOU WOMAN have done a big Motorcycle-Travel in whatever continent / country please inform me like the block above

Thanks says Bernd Tesch in Germany waiting for your report.

Copyright Bernd Tesch.
 It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the books in work "Süd-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = South-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-7 and "Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = North-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-9
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1889 Nellie Bly ed Elisabeth Bisland
1894 Annie Londonderry
1896 Margaret Valentine Le Long - da New York a San Francisco in bicicletta
1913 Humphreys Mrs. Harry - prima attraversa gli USA, da San Francisco a New York, per proseguire nel giro del mondo che doveva toccare tutte le capitali.
1916 Augusta e Adeline Van Buren attraversano gli Stati Uniti in moto, da New York a Los Angeles
1931/32 Tibesar Justine (Belgio) Saigon-Parigi solo in moto