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01.10.2011 - 27.10.2012
Sven Müller (German, born-date??)  and Susan Smith (British, born-date??) your http://www.???
Solo Around the World with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Sven rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL. Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
Purpose: ?? To find out...
The best:
I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...
Earlier motorcyle-travel-expereinces::....

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me since 1970 worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this high level. This internet-list had to be done in many days but too quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the information and a lot in my language.
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Around-The-World by Motorcycle
(Summarises by year of start)

1971 - 2000 Georges Gouron (French, born 28.10.1944) www.??
+ Around The World.
Georges Gouron (French, born 28.10.1944)
Around Australia and Tasmania. I went to Australia in 1970. In 1971 with a friend I rode a 650 BSA Lightning from Sydney to Cairns through the interior. First discovery of the Australian landscape and the harshness of the sun in the bush. My friend made the mistake to wear shorts one day. Next one he was so burnt he could not climb on the bike ! Luckily I was not so foolish, even in those days, to ride a motorcycle wearing shorts ! In 1972 I left Sydney with an old car and drove to Darwin picking up a french guy (Patrick) in Queensland. From Cairns we went inland as far as Charleville where we got stuck a few days due to a flood. Resumed the trip through a grasshopers cloud then past giant termite mounds. Hit a bull on the road before reaching Darwin. Then we hitchiked from Darwin down to Perth where we bought a VW beetle and rode to Adelaide across the Nullarbor Plain. From Adelaide up to Alice Springs and Mt Isa. Got lost between Mt Isa and the Birdsville track. Down the Birdsville track to Adelaide and on to Melbourne where we arrived after one year of traveling. 1974 saw Patrick and I riding around Tasmania, a motorcycle haven.
Highlights: In those days the roads were still dirt ! Finding our way back to the Birdsville track thanks to a ranch owner !
The worst: Getting lost between Mt Isa and the Birdsville track !
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges
1975 - 1977
Georges Gouron (French, born 28.10.1944) www.??
France - India - Singapore - Australia. Went back from Australia to France by boat in 1975. Took my girlfriend and her Suzuki GT 250 as well as my Suzuki GT 750 (2 stroke watercooled) with me. We toured Europe on both bikes. Then I crashed mine on a roundabout by a foggy night. Worked in a banque, bought another Suzuki GT 750. In 1976 we shipped back the 250 and decided to go back overland with the 750. Got enough 2 stroke oil to last me the trip and we left France in April 1976. We had snow in Italy, snow in Greece and even snow in Turkey. Istambul is a great place. We travelled east through Cappadocia, a beautiful part of Turkey with stunning landscapes. We were warned by travellers than further east kids were pretty rough, asking for cigarettes and throwing stones at vehicles. Soon we got the treatment. Having been warned, each time I saw kids waving by the roadside. I would slow down to first gear, put my blinkers and pretend to stop, but instead I would give full throttle and charge at them. They scattered and by the time they threw their stones I was out of reach. It worked well. From Turkey to Iran where we crashed into a garbage truck. Went to court, did not said a word and won the case ! The driver not only had to pay for the repair but also to lodge us in his house until it was ready ! Then it was Afghanistan. Broke down before Kandahar. Got a lift in town where the local mechanice had to manufacture new shaft bearing himself. Meanwhile we had tea and haschich everyday until the bike was ready. Great country and great people. Through the Kyber pass to Pakistan then to India. Down to Madras where we shipped to Singapore and shipped again to Perth. Got to Perth in time, the hand made bearing had done their jobs. They were replaced by original ones and we rode across the Nullarbor (now all bitumen) to Melbourne.
Voilà HIGHLIGHTS: Cappadocia in Turkey. Afghanistan
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges
1979 - 1982
Georges Gouron (French, born 28.10.1944) www.??
USA - Mexicio - Bolivia - Mexico. Bought a new Suzuki GT 750 end of 1978. In September we flew to San Francisco (USA) and rode down California to Mexico. In Guadalajara I joined with Patrick who was coming from Canada with his Honda 750 and we travelled together. We did a grand tour of Mexico then went to Belice. Got stuck for 2 weeks in Belice City thanks to the flood. Eventually we managed to ride and waddle through to reach the border with Guatemala. At the border I checked the oil. Gosh it was a paste ! So I changed it before we continued through mud to Tikal (Took us more than one hour for the last 4 km). People there got excited. They were stuck since 10 days and thought the road was reopened. But when they saw our bikes covered in mud they just sigh ! But Tikal was just worse the trouble. More mud was waiting for us before geaching Guatemala City. Went to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, etc . then passed into Salvador then in civil war. We pulled up the French flag to show we were not yankees otherwise we would have been shot. In town we were many times accosted by groups of tough people thinking we were American but we always talked our way out and often had drink with them once they understood their mistake. From Salvador to Honduras then Nicaragua also in civil war. In Granada we spent a good hour before convincing a young guy armed with a machine gun that we were not yankees and had nothing to do with them. Reluctantly he let us go but it was touch and go. Costa Rica was a relief then we rode to Panama through a deluge. From Panama we flew the bikes to Quito. Went down to Guayaquil where an earthquake shook us out of bed in the middle of the night. No damage for us or the bikes. Left Guayaquil for Peru, rode down the coast then up the Andes to Huaraz (fantastic scenery) down to the coast again and to Lima. Up the Andes to La Oroya (alt 4887m) and from there to Cuzco along the Andes. It was still the wet season and the dirt road was mud. It was slow going with lots of falls. The brakes were blocked by the mud so sometimes the falls were voultary, to avoid a greater fall down the Andes ! But we reached Cuzco where Patrick's Honda packed up. No parts in town nor in Lima neither in Bolivia. A general bought his bike so we split. Patrick continued by bus and I still with my Suzuki which was working perfectly. So we met at prearranged places. In La Paz (Bolivia) we saw that we could not go much further because money. So we started the trip back to Mexico. From there Patrick went back to Canada. I stayed a bout a year in Mexico, working in a hotel then sold the bike which had developed some problems and with the money went back by bus or hitchiking to Bolivia. Then flew back to Australia on the last day of my visa.
HIGHLIGHTS : Too many. In fact the whole trip.
THE WORSE (at the time, now one of the best memory): The scary moment in Nicaragua. The ride to Tikal and the ride through the muddy Andes
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges
July 1999 - July 2000
Georges Gouron (now French / Australian, still born in France 28/10/1944, just getting older all the time)
North- Central- and Around South America. email :
Georges toured solo with bis bike a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION caalled "Ozzie" from Australia by plane to USA - Mexico - Belice - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica and Panama - by plane to Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina (Usuaiha) - Chile - Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Paraguay - Argentina - Brazil - Venezuela - by flight to GB - Scotland - GB - Holland, Belgium, Germany - Austria, Switzerland - Austria, Switzerland.
Back in Australia joined the Public Service ! Bought various bikes then the greatest of them all in 1988: a Yamaha XJ 900 with which I covered 205.000 kms trouble free. In 1998 I decided it was time to shake the cobwebs from the Public Service. So I bought a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION and in 1999 I retired from the Public service. I flew Ozzie (my bike) to L.A in USA where I joined her right away and we rode together to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde Nat Park before heading down to Mexico. At the border I meet with Pete, Phil and Lucas, 3 nice American riders. We'll ride together till Guadalajara. They then turn back and I keep going on through Mexico, Belice, Guatemala (now the road to Tikal is paved !). In Antigua met Ralf and Petra at the Post office. Then I go down to Lake Atitlan, a gem. Then it is down to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Panama I fly the bike to Quito in Equador, then myself to Quito ! Surprise ! Ozzie is not there ! Bastard have not send it yet. It was due to come by Continental Airlines (DO NOT USE THAT AIRLINE). After a week of furious calls they eventually send it. Unfortunately the volcano in Quito start to erupt. Flight are diverted to Guayaquil. Another week pass and Ozzie is still stuck in Guayaquil. Enough is enough. I pack up, catch the night bus to Guayaquil and go to the airport. I start the paper works to clear the bike (it's 09h00) when I see 4 people coming in, helmet in hands. 2 of them are Petra and Ralf, the other 2 are Renate and Gino. So we all clear our bikes together and are out by 16h00. I go back to Quito with everybody than Renate. Gino and I decide to travel together, Petra and Ralf being faster. So down it is to Peru, up a shit road to Huaraz, down a good one to the coast, Lima, Nazca, Cuzco, La Paz in Bolivia. Up to 5200m, crossing the Chilian border at 4667 m and down in Arica Chile in 150 km of descent. Through the Chilian desert to Puerto Montt, across to Argentina, windy Patagonia, cold Tierra del Fuego and lousy roads down to Ushuaia where we meet again with Petra and Ralf, Mark, Uwe and a few others and we all greet the New Year in Ushuaia. Then it's back to Chili and the glacier Perito Moreno, back to windy Patagonia up Argentina to Buenos Aires. Uwe leaves us. Renate and Gino go to Rio via Iguazu Falls and back to Germany. Mark and I go to Uruguay. Mark leaves from Montevideo to England. I'm back by myself across Paraguay, Argentina again, Iguazu falls, Brazil (I reach Rio on Carnaval day) up to Belem. Ozzie and I take a river boat to Manaus and back on the road to Caracas in Venezuela from where we fly to London. After a few days with Mark (thank you ) since I live in the South of France I take the short way through Wales and Scotland then Holland, Belgium, Germany where I'm welcomed by Renate and Gino (Thanks guys), Austria, Switzerland and then down South to France where I'm bored !
HIGHLIGHTS : the whole trip
Sorry mate Bernd: I'm afraid i've been a bit long but it's easy to get carried away
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges

15.05.1970 - 05.01.1971
Doughlas Hill (born 28.08.1934, Oakland, CA, USA) and girl friend Barbara R. Dorsey (CA, USA).
? Around-The-World. Both routes with two BMWR 75/5. They were both life-enhancing and life changing.
Started from Berkeley on a 1970 BMW R75/5. Drove to east coast of USA, where we embarked on a Yugoslav freighter that was scheduled to go to Tangier, Morocco in 9 days. It actually went to Marseille in 37 days. From there we travelled to Spain, crossed at Algcerias to Tangier, Morocco, travelled through that country for about one month, then through Algeria to Tunisia, there we took a ferry which went to Naples, Italy. Cross the Italian peninsula, and from Brindisi took another ferry to Corfu, Greece. Then another ferry to Athens, and finally another ferry to Haifa, Israel. We had friends living in Jerusalem, so spent some time there, and sold the bike to a Canadian couple and flew back. Didn't try to ship bike because of an East Coast of the US dock strike, and didn't go further because at that time the Indians/Pakistanis were fighting over their shared border.
Route: USA (California, Berkeley to the East Coast) - by freighter to Europe (France, Marseille - Spain) - Africa (Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia) - by ferry to Europe (Italy - Greece)  - Israel. Bike was sold.

15.05.1973 - 10.12.1973
Doughlas Hill (born 28.08.1934, Oakland, CA, USA) and girl friend Barbara R. Dorsey (CA, USA).
Route: Flew from USA (San Francisco) - to Europe (Germany, München. Bought a new BMW R 75 (factory delivery) in Munich - Austria - Yugoslavia - Greece - Turkey) - Asia (Iran - Afghanistan - Pakistan - India - Nepal - India). Shipped the bike bike back from India (Calcutta) via Bankok to Tokyo to USA (California, San Francisco).
Highlights: The religiosity of India, the scenery in Kashmir, Varanasi for the rituals of the Hindu religion. The people we met, both fellow travellers and natives; some remarkable experiences.
The worst: Being unable to leave Kabul, Afghanistan, because they had a coup d'etat, tossing out King Mohammed (who is back now, after the US incursion). Borders were closed, and it is VERY difficult to stay healthy in Afghanistan - getting clean food and water is very dicey.
Tip: Be sure your home base is covered while you are away; have trusted accountant / lawyer who can disburse money for your bills, etc, and deal with whatever happens.
Book / publication: No.
Useful tips: On the first trip, the BMW had California plate; this would have been difficult in some countries at that time starting with Turkey. Getting the new bike in Germany, and acquiring a "carnet de passage" from the Deutche Automobil Club, and having a registration book in several languages, was a great help.
Earlier experiences: These trips were taken after Barbara and I had travelled together from California up to British Columbia (via the coast route, highway.
06.03.2000 First letter. Intends to take another long trip like this in a couple of years.
21.02.2002 Just bought a BMW R 1150 RT (2002): "I am getting wanderlust BIG TIME".
23.02.2002 "I'll seriously consider coming to Belgium to the "25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers" aapril 2003".
B.T.: In an additional letter I found out that Barbara and Doughlas did not marry. In 1971-73 Doughlas met only some Aussies in Yugoslavia, and a German chap in Afghanistan (who was on his way back home from Nepal by bike). He does not have the names. In 1973 the eastern 40 miles or so of Turkey on the GT road were gravel; other than that, it was all paved roads - some a lot better than others, obviously.

< 1973
Rosdail J. Hart

Book. Bicycle: - Biking Alone Around the World. Africa, New Zealand and Australia. 1973. OUT OF PRINT. ISBN: 0682475416

07.1973 - 11.1973
Anne-France Dautheville (French)
+ Around-The-World. .
Books: World-Tour: Et j'ai suivi le vent (in French). German translation: Der Wind war mein Begleiter. Solo France-Pakistan-France in 1972 with Moto Guzzi 750: Une demoiselle sur une Moto (in French). 1982 South America: La Piste de l'or. German translation: Wohin der Wind mich trieb (Start 19.03.1981 21.000 kms through 8 South American countries).
1998 Anne-France refused to meet Bernd Tesch in France although I saw her in person in her garden. She does not want to have to do anything with mc-travels of her earlier life anymore.
B.T: The journalist and writer Anne-France ist the first women who rode solo around the world on a bike somehow. 3 continents and 20.000 kms with a Kawasaki (125 ccm)

Clement Salvadori in 2009 in in Arizona – in the Hualapai Indian Reservation on the only road which goes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
Right: Clement in 1973 fixing a flat near the Banihal Tunnel on the road to Indian Kashmir.

05.09.1973 - 01.03.1975
Clement Salvadori (American, born 20th.01.1940 in Potsdam, New York, USA)  no www.
+ Around-The-World. Clement rode solo on a BMW R 75/5 ca. 72.000 kms in 5 five continents in 26 different countries.
Route: From Europe on a long hippyway to India. Europe (Italy (Rom) - Greece - Turkey) Asia (Iran - Afghanistan - Pakistan - India - Nepal - India) - by ship to Africa (Kenya (Mombassa) - Tanzania - Zambia - Botswana - Rhodesia (before it became Zimbabwe) - South Africa - by ship to Australia (Western Australia - across the Nullabor Plain , up to Ayers Rock, to Queensland and Sydney - by ship to New Zealand) - by ship to North-America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA). In California Clement sold his BMW R75/5  and bought a low mileage BMW R60/5. Back to Mexico - there he stayed 15 months. Since may 30, 1976 Clement head north: USA - Canada - Alasca - back Canada - USA (Massachusetts).
Highlights: The culture and history and beauty of Afghanistan. Being shown New Zealand by Motorcycling author Barry Crump.
The Worst: A crash in Zambia. Apartheid in South Africa.
Other countries Clement has ridden in, since beginning in 1956:
Andorra, Austria, Bahamas, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Crotaia, Czech Pep., Finland, France,  Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Nethelands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tiber / China, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yugloslawia.
Clement is a very high experienced and wellknown American-Mc-TRAVEL-Journalist.
Book: Motorcycle Journeys Through Baja.
Book: Motorcycle Journeys Through California.
Book: 2009, 101 Road Tales
1994 Bernd Tesch visited Clement and "Sue" Susan in USA. Clement: "It was a marvellous trip. I was a fortune human being to do this".
1994 Clement wanted to make a 60 days trip around the world, just for fun. But: He cannot leave his 5 cats alone for so long time...
04.2003 Promised in 2000 to be a participant of the 25thTesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 2003..
30th.03.2011 Clement send two fotos.

17.09.1973 - 01.03.1981
Ken Gawenda (American /Australian dual citizen)  www. ???
+ Around-The-World. Ken rode 216.000 kms solo and with a variety of other bikes and passengers on a BMW R 60/5 through 4 different continents in 40 different countries.
Route: North America (USA (Detroit, Michigan)) - flew to Europe (Germany and bought a BMW R60/5 - southeast to Turkey (Istanbul)) - Asia (Iran -  Afghanistan - Pakistan - India with sidetrips to Kashmir and Nepal - from India (Madras (Chennai)) by ship to Malaysia (Penang) - Singapore - by ship to Australia (Fremantle/Perth in Western Australia). There he worked for a while to recuperate his fortunes, and then continued east to Sydney by ship to North-America (Panama - rode north through Central America to the USA - Canada.  Six months later he headed south again, riding to riding to Mexico then back to the US - shipping the bike to Australia via New Zealand over South America (Venezuela - Columbia - Ecuador - Peru, and crossing the Andes into Bolivia. At Riberalta he put himself and his bike on a barge being pushed down the Rio Madeira, a tributary of the Amazon River, but unfortunately his barge sank, with the R60/5 still on board). That was the end of that trip.
Ken eventually emigrated to Australia, where he is now the Learning Facilitator at the Matilda Bay Brewing Company in Perth, married, children,  and several motorcycles on which he has traversed much of the Australian outback.
Highlights: Meeting the Dalai Lama in Mcleod Gange. Riding through the Kyber Pass. Himilayas. Andes.
The Worst: Losing the bike in the Rio Mamore in Bolivia.
Book: No
Ken and Clement met in Teheran Iran in October of 1973 and rode together through Afganistan to India and Nepal. Clem went to Africa and I went to Malaysia in South East Asia and took a boat from Singapore to Perth W. Australia arriving in late January 1974.  Clem turned up in Perth around May or June and stayed at my place for a few weeks. We parted ways again and I continued working until August 1974 and then headed over to Sydney and caught a boat to Panama.  Arrived in Panama in November and rode up through Central America to Mexico. It was still too cold so I went back to Guatemala and
accidently met Clem in Guatemala City in January 1975.  We rode together until we crossed into the US a month or so later.
And rode back to the US together.
14.08.2000 1st information by Clement Salvadori
08.02.2001 Kenneth will try to join the 25th Meeting for Mc-WORLD-Travellers in april 2003

1987-2001 Ted Simons book in German: "Jupiters Fahrt". - His book: 1998 Ted "Riding High". USA-edition.
1996.11.22 in Netherlands / Amsterdam at the presentation of his Dutch edition of his book "Jupiters Travel".

1998: Tesch-Travel-Treffen. Ted Simon in Germany Monschau.
Ri: Tesch-Travel-Treffen 2004.04.22 in Belgium / Malmedy.

04.2006: Tesch-Travel-Treffen. Ted stellt sein Buch der zweiten Weltumrundung erstmalig vor: Dreaming of Jupiter.
Ri: 04.2007: Tesch-Travel-Treffen. (B.T. Dunja Brodowsky-Zimmermann. Patricia Govers-Tesch. Ted Simon.

06.10.1973 - 15.08.1977
Ted Simon (British, born 01.05.1930)
+ Around-The-World. Four years through five continents on a Triumph (2 Zylinder. Model Tiger-100-P). A marvellous reading adventure. He rode ca. 100.800 km (60.647 road miles, 78.302 total distance), four years and fourty-five countries around the world. He came back 30 pounds lighter. Beim Fahren bewegen sich seine Gedanken zwischen Kontemplation, Fehler der Vergangenheit zu finden und Spekulation über Gefahren der Zukunft. Die Triumph steht heute im "Alfred Herbert Museum" in Coventry, Großbritannien.
Books: The most sold books of a Wold-Around-Tour by motorcycle: 300.000 copies. Jupiter's Travels (translated in 5 other languages). German edition: Jupiter's Reisen. Jupiters Fahrt (German edition 1983). French edition: Les Voyages de Jupiter.
Italian edition: I Viaggi di Jupiter. Spanish edition: Los Viajes de Jupiter. Dutch edition: Jupiters Reizen (1996). American editions: Jupiter's Travels (1980 and 1996).
After he came home: Riding High (English edition). Die Fahrt des Lebens. Vom Unterwegssein und Ankommen (German edition 1985). Riding Home (American edition). Terugkeer van Jupiter (Dutch edition 1999).
28.10.1991 Bernd Teschs first contact with Ted.
1994 Bernd Tesch visited Ted in USA.
1995 Partcipant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 3 times since 1995.
02.10.2000 Ted visits Bernd Tesch again.
01.2001: Ted is planning a new mc-tour Round-The-World jorney to compare it with his tour in the seventies.  You can read here more later.
13.07.2001 Ted is in East Africa on the way to South Africa.
10.04.2013 Ted does not answer my emails any more being 82.
24.09.2019: Patricia and Bernd visited Ted Simon in Aspiran, France.

Hans Tholstrup in ??.

??.??.1974 - ??.??.1974  ? Around-The-World
Hans Tholstrup (Australian, born 08.11.1944 in Denmark)
+ Around-The-World ?.
Hans wanted to brake the record riding overland from ?? to  ?? with a BMW ???. What he did in ?? days. -
Route: ???? Great Britain - Belgium - France - Germany - Austria - Yugloslavia - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India. By ship to Australia (Perth - Sydney by motorcycle to the steps of the Opera.
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Publications: ??
Earlier mc-tours:
?? 1974 Around-The-World by BMW
1981: Hans bought a big fuel-tank from Bernd Tesch in Kornelimünster which BMW paid.
One such rider was Hans Tholstrup, born in Denmark but resident in Australia since 1965. Having already completed the fastest motorcycle circuit around the world in 1974 – also on a BMW – Tholstrup undertook a similar expedition with an R 80 G/S in 1981. This made him one of the first motorcycle globetrotters to place their trust in the G/S for such epic journeys.
20.12.2013 E-Mail from Hans
20.12.2013 Next request for datas and fotos to Hans

23.05.1981. A Dutch Newspaper.

Charles Batham. - The end o the RTW-tour in Sydney in Australia in 1985. Photos: ABC News. - Fairfax: Paul Matthews:

10.1975 - 1985
Charles Basta Batham (*1944. GB, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Australian as well) and Veronique Piales (*1958. In France)
+ Around-The-World.
Charles said after arriving in Australia he has broken a worldrecord: 90 countries in 10 years with a motorbike. The Guiness book does not accept this.
Route: With an early HONDA Goldwing and a trailer behind around the world. 1975 England. 1976 North-America. 1977 Central America. 1978 South America. 1980 Africa (South-North. Since South-Africa with a trailor). 1981 Europe (31.05.1981 in NL: 170.00 km. Plan in 2,5 years in Australia). Middle East. 1982 Indian Sub Continent. 1983 S.E. Asia. 1985 Australia.
13.07.2001: I do not have his address in Australia to know more details of his mc-tour Around-The-World. Who knows him?
13.11.2002: Request to Peter Thoeming. Does not know him.
22.11.2002: "Broome Trike Flights", based in Broome, North West Australia, and (supposedly) jointly run by Stuart Howe and Charles Batham. All infos above by Dorian Hanock in Saudia Arabia
10.06.2005: I still do not have his address in Australia. Who knows him ?
10.07.2005: Henrik Fuglsang met Charles in 1986 in Australia. But lost conatct with him. Met Charles in Sydney APR-Jun. He lived in subburb (NSW 2021) Paddington, as far as I remember Underwood street. Charles at that time running a "Rose-girl" business, where he organized girls to sell roses in various restaurants at evenings. The Goldwing was still parked in his backyard.
21.02.2011: After 20 years living in Australia, Broome working in trike-flight business Charles Batham flew via Malaysia to GB and then nine years unknown in Europe. He escaped because the ploice was seraching for him because of sexual attacks to young girls.
In Broome before he had bought a double bus from GB and used it as his home in Broome in Australia (Newspaper).
07.05.2018: Some News and link to the foto above by Rob van Driesum who met Charles and Veonique during his mc-tour Cairo-Capetown in 1980.
27.02.2020: A link send by Ian Cl.. says that he is in prison in Australia:
Out of this article are many details to see. Sherrie started a facebook-site to catch the refugee Charles Batham since 9 years from Australia. From the Washington police she got an answer that Charles Batham is still alive. He has now a new passport with the new name Charles Shannon.
27:02:2022. BT: The contend of my sites are about summaries of motorcycle-world-travellers. These persons are mostly very individuals. So I mostly want(ed) information and great photos of this motorcycle tour Around-The-World. If YOU can add one/some it would be great.
What it do not want is to critize any persons life. Just neutral information.


1975 - 1984
Walter J. Thompson
? Around-The-World. Picture 1975-81 and 1981-1984. Sponsored by Continental. Craven Equipmnet. Nikon. S & W. Vetter Fairing.
20.11.1998 First information by Eric Haws.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publicatinos about them??
24.07.01 Asked Eric for more information.

05.01.1976 - 30.11.1979: 1st Around-The-World
10.1996 - 29.06.1999: 2nd Around-The-World
David McGonigal and Trevor Ockenden (Australians)
+ + Two times Around-The-World. 1st tour: David with YAMAHA RD 350 and Trevor with HONDA CB 500/4.
First route: Australia (Sydney) - Singapure (by ship ?) - Thailand - flew the bikes to Kalkutta ind India - Nepal - Kashmir  - Pakistan - Afghanistan - Iran - Turkey - Europe - Ireland (Dublin) - by air to N.Y. - Canada (Vancouver) - Australia.
McGonigal, Lynn and David (Australians)
2nd tour: With a BMW R 1100 RT. Lynn rode parts of it together with David.
Route: David and Lynn rode: Chile (Santiago) - Argentina (Ushuaia) - Antartic Peninsula (Espranza Base) - back by ship to Argentina (Ushuiaia) -  Brazil (Rio - Recife) - Chile (Santigao) - Equador - by air to Panama - Alaska (Dalton Highway Artic shore) - and then ?? - Vancouver - Vladiwostok - Polen - Germany - France - Spain -.Morocco. - Europe - North Cape - North Africa - Iceland US - Australia - Pacific Islands - New Zealand - Australia.
Book: Plans a book.
1961 - 1963  ?. Earliest tours?
28.08.97 First Info by Werner Zwick
30.08.98 David visited Bernd Tesch in Germany.
29.06.1999 Bernd Tesch was the FIRST who get information about his world-around-tour through seven continents and all time zones.
12.1999 Lynn and David gave a wonderful party for the Mc-Travellers Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch in Sydney / Australia.A short time later they moved to a ship staying on a ship for some months which takes tourist to Antartica. They gave lectures to them. Aditionnaly they will write a book about Antartica.
B.T. : David owns the World-Record being the first motorcycle traveller in 29.06.1999 having ridden by motorcycle all seven continents and all time zones.

< december 1977
Terry Mentzler (Australia ?)
+ Around-The-World. Solo on a HONDA XL 250 around the world
Route: Australia (Sydney - Perth) - by boat to Asia (Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand  (Bangkok, 5800 kms since Sydney) - to Calcutta by plane - India - Afghanistan - Iran) - Europe (Yugloslavia - Italy - France - London) - USA (Boston - St. Louis - Long Beach, California) - Tahiti - Australia (Sydney).
09.1978 1st publication in MOTORCYCLIST
1992  1st informatin and copies by Mopsa and Richard English.

??.01.1977 - ??.10.1980
Peter Thoeming (German born 26.01.1947, naturalised Australian, and Peter Rae (Irish)
+ Around-The-World. 2,5 years. Travel-stories out of: England. Irland. Europa (von Peter Rae). Sydney-Singapure. Südost-Asien. Nepal und Indien. Von Pakistan bis zur Türkei. Großbritannien - Spanien. Von Marokko nach Spanien. Von Sizilien nach Griechenland. Athen - London - Dublin (Die Guinness Brauerei war das Ziel). Dazu dann die Fahrt durch Europa, Nordafrika, die Tuerkei und Osteuropa mit seiner zukuenftigen Frau Anne auf einer Yamaha XS1100. Kreuz und quer durch USA von Küste zu Küste (von Peter Thoeming, mit Freund Charlie Carter [Sydney-Dublin] auf einer Honda XL 250)
Peter Rae, Herausgeber des Magazins "Motorcycle Rider" und Peter Thoeming, Redakteur and owner des australischen  Motorrad-Magazins "Australian Road Rider", der website "" und der woechentlichen Zeitungstory Motorcycle Weekly, erzählen und beweisen, daß die Barrieren zwischen Einheimischen und Motorrad-Fahrern viel kleiner sind als bei Auto-Fahrern, und mögliche Freundschaften einfacher sind.
Book: Motorcycle Touring. A guide for hardened explorer and novice alike. (English.1982). Australia (2001).
Highlights: Afghanistan, der Himalaya,
The Worst: Krankheit in Kashmir und Grenzen.
Book: Motorcycle Touring. A guide for hardened explorer and novice alike. (English. 1982)
14.09.1991 Started to search for Peter.
30.08.1998 David McGonical gave me his address in Australia.
12.1999 I visited Peter in Sydney / Australia and before Charlie Carter in Alice Springs.
06.07.2017 Asked Charlie Cater to overwork tis blog.

1978. Charlie Carter. Pakistan. Khyber Pass (Foto Peter Thoeming).

2005.01.17. Australia. Rubicon Valley "2nd Motorcycle-Meeting TTT for World-Travellers (Fotos BT).

??.02.1978 - ??.10.1979
Dr. Charlie Carter
(*26.08.1946, Quirindi, NSW Australia. BSc. PhD (Syd)).
+ Around-The-World. Solo Around the World on a 1974 Honda XL 250 - single cylinder 4 stroke. Travelled with Peter Thoeming from Sydney to Dublin. ”For a pint of Guinness”. Then alone in Europe and North America back to Australia. In total 50,000 km. .
Route: Australia (Sydney- Melbourne- Adelaide- Albany- Perth) = 6,500 km. Ship from Perth to Asia (Singapore. By bike to Malasia (Kuantan- Penang)- Thailand (Bankok- Chiang Mai- back to Bankok) = 5,000 km by bike! - Flew self and bike to Nepal (Kathmandu- Pokhara)- India (Ghorakpur- Varanasi- Agra- Delhi- Chandigarh- Srinagar- Amritsar)- Pakistan (Lahore- Islamabad- Peshawar)- Afghanistan (change to right hand site of road)- Khyber Pass- Jalabad- Kabul- Bamiyan (the Budhas) Kandahar- Herat) -Iran (Mashhad- Gorgan- Tehran- Tabriz- Maku- Bazargan)- Turkey (Dogubayazit- Erzurum- Trabzon- Unye- Ankara- Goreme- Mersin- Silifke- Kas- Izmir- Istanbul). Asia !3,000 km by bike. Europe (Greece- Jugoslavia (as it was then)- Italy- Switzerland- Germany- Holland- Belgium- France- England (( back to left hand site) of the road) Wales, Ireland. Guinness Brewery. Europe 6,500 km.
Then alone Europe (Scotland- Denmark- Sweden- England- France- Italy- Spain- France- England- Isle of Man (1979, ‘Millenium Year’ TT Races). England = 7,000 km. Then bike on ship from Europe (England (Liverpool) to North-America (Canada (Montreal). Charlie flew London to USA (New York) - by plane to Canada ((back to left hand site)-  Montreal- Toronto- Niagara Falls- USA (NY State- Pennsylvania- Ohio- Kentucky- Tennessee- Alabama- Mississippi- Louisiana- Texas- New Mexico- Colorado- Utah- Arizona- Nevada- California). In North America 12,000 km. - Bike on ship from North-America (Los Angeles)- to Australia (Sydney). Charlie flew. In North America 12,000 km. - Bike on ship from North-America (Los Angeles)- to Australia (Sydney). Charlie flew.
Purpose:  Stage 1: “A pint of Guiness Beer”.  Stage 2:  Returning home.
The best:  Nepal. India: the Taj Mahal. Afghanistan and the Bamiyan Buddhas (now destroyed). Turkey: Goreme. Denmark: Copenhagen. England: The Isle of Man TT races. USA: Warren Pennsylvania. New Orleans. Yosemite National Park.  
The worst: Collision with my travelling companion Thoeming in Malaysia.- My trip was chronicled in the Sydney University Motorcycle Club Newsletter. In the North American section in Two Wheels Motorcycle Magazine (Aus)
Earlier motorcyle travel experience:  I had toured extensively in South Eastern Australia (on the XL), raced, and competed in Enduros (at club level).
Usefuk tips: A smaller, simple, easy to maintain bike has a lot of advantages. Much of the journey will be on bad roads, with poor fuel, and limited services.
1999: I visited Dr. Charlie in Australia in Alice Springs.
2005.01: Charlie came all the way down from Alice Springs 2.300 kms to the "2nd Motorcacle Meeting for World-Travellers" in Rubicon Valley (VIC) near Melbourne..
11.07.2017 Charlie sent me this great written summary.

Le > re: Dave and Emy Woodburn. And daughter Mattea Woodburn, married Foy in 2010. All fotos archive Mattea.

10.1977 - 2000
Emy Woodburn (Philippine, ??.??.1961, born-name ??) and David Woodburn (Australian, ??.??.1955) with daughter Mattea (born ??.??.1988 in ??. Australian)
? Around-The-World. Since 14 years "On the road". Since 8,5 years (in 1997) with their child Mattea.
Route: In total unknown. Rode several times Australia - Asia - Europe. America West-East. Canada. Now in America.
1990-1993  Traveled  between Australia and Philippines, through Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.
1993-1996  Traveled  between England and India three times. Summers in Europe/Winters Asia. (Germany, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Iran, Paskitan, India etc.)
1997 -  Traveled  through Europe and  Scandinavia
1998-1999 Traveled through Africa starting in Morrocco and down the West Coast, through the middle Democratique Republic of Congo (right before their Civil war broke out) and then down the South east side. Stayed in South Africa for a few months.
Sept 1999- Flew bike and family over to Florida.USA
2000-2006- Florida USA
2006-2010-now- Georgia, USA David now owns a bike shop and works on BMWs and old  British bikes and holds Tech Days twice a year. Has built guest rooms in his garage for travelers.
Book: Mattea would like to write one.
The Worst: ??
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ??
Earlier / later experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: ...??
29.09.97 Treffen. Info von Jochen Henrichs: "Lebt um die Welt"
03.10.97 Bernd Tesch met them at Claudia Giese´s birtday in and good-bye-party of  Dirk Erker in Duisburg.
1997: Participant of the Tesch-Globetrotter-Meeting in Malmedy.
07.2000 Now resting in North America.
27.10.2007 Mattea has married to Foy in 2010 and moved to Florida, West Palm Beach.  And B.T. is happy that she keeps contact. The parents live in Roopville in Georgia.
28.10.2010 Asked for next update
30.12.2012 Asked for next update


Walter Stolle.
Bicycle-Book: The world beneath my bicycle wheels. Round the world - 18 years, 400,000 miles & 159 countries. 1978. ISBN-10: 0720710707

< 1978
Jean-Paul Amelunge (Amelin) et Lauert Pflegelatte (French).
? Around-The-World. Not sure if they circled the whole world.
22.07.2000. Who knows more about them? Addresses, publications?

Regis van de Walle (French)
+ Around-The-World in 80 days with a HONDA CB 400 N. 40.000 kms.
Mit einer Honda CB 400 N fährt Regis 1978 in 80 Tagen (56 Fahrtage) 40.000 km durch vier Kontinente um die Welt. Er folgt den Spuren der Romanfigur Phileas Fogg von Jules Verne (Phantastischer französischer Roman "In 80 Tagen um die Welt". 1873). Die Reise fängt gut an, aber allmählich sammelt Regis Verspätungen. Er soll genau zur Eröffnung der Motorradausstellung in Paris ankommen. Vor der Tür warten seine Freundin und Leute von Honda Frankreich. Und er kommt an, eine Viertelstunde, bevor es zu spät gewesen wäre!
Route: Frankreich (Paris) - England - per Flugzeug von London nach Panama - Costa Rica - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Rapid City - Canada - Alaska - mit Flugzeug über Tokyo nach - Indien - Pakistan - Iran - Türkei - Rumänien - Bulgarien - Jugoslawien - Italien - Frankreich - Spanien - Marokko - Algerien - Tunesien - Algerien - Marokko - Spanien - Frankreich (Paris).
Book: Le Tour du monde à moto en 80 jours. Deutsch : Die Tour um die Erde in 80 Tagen.

1979 - 1980
,Artur Buchholz und Heiner Maxfeld (Germans)
+ Around-The-World. With two Honda XL 250.
14.07.2000 1st contact. Artur called me.

04.1979 - ca. 1982
James Schmidt, (American)
? Around-The-World. Startet with SUZUKI T 500. Bought later YAMAHA XT 500. Rode possibly Around-The-World.
Route: In 1980 he was already 3 years "on the road": Nord - und Mittel-Amerika, umrundete als erster MOTORRADFAHRER Süd-Amerika, Fuhr von Kapstadt nach Kornelimünster und will mit einem Tesch-Tank (30 l) nach Asien und Australien.
1980  Capetown - Tanger. Der Amerikaner James K. Schmidt (ca. 47 Jahre) gestartet im April 1979 auf einer Suzuki T 500 in USA zu einer Motorrad-Weltreise. Dabei durchquert er Mittel-Amerika und fährt rund um Süd-Amerika - Santos (Brasilien) > South Africa (nach Capetown) - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Tansania - Kenia - Uganda - Zaire bis Kisangani - mit Schiff nach Kinshasa - dort 1 Jahr bei Amerikanern gearbeitet - Congo Brazzaville - Gabon - Cameroun - Nigeria - Benin - Togo - Ghana - Obervolta - Niger - Hoggar-Route - Alger - Marokko - Spanien - Portugal - France - Belgien - Nederland - BRD - planned to continue overland to India.
1980 War Gast beim 5. Moto-Fernreise-Treffen

14.08.1979 - 11.1980
Thomas Brück (German)
+ Around-The-World with YAMAHA XS 750. 70.000 kms.
Plan july 98 2-4 years with SUZUKI DR 650 SE and Doro (?) another World-Around-Tour
Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1998.

Travel two years late 1970ies:
(+D) Savage, Barbara. Miles from nowhere. Seattle: The Mountaineers, 1983.  {9830815}
 A modern classic.  With her husband Larry she spent two years bicycling around the world two years.  In her journal she shares the highs and lows as well as the wonder of life in the slow lane.  Tragically, she died from head injuries sustained in a bicycle-car accident
just before publication.

Rogerlio Castiner in 1991 ca.

Rogerlio Castinero Garcia. SCOOTERING September 1991. Issue 72, page 54.

ca. 1980 + 11 years - ? exactly years unknown... (who knows this ?)
Rogerlio Castinero Garcia
? Around The World. Has driven around the world on a Vespa.
11 years and 106 countries already with a 1961 Vespa with sidecar by a Spaniard.
Route: Europe. Austraila. Africa. The Middle East. Asia. North- and Central-Africa.
The article was written before he covered the Darien gap. He wanted to do that and then to follow South America to the South. Unknown if he maged the Darine Gap.
30.06.2002 1st information by Evald Bengtsson
01.07.2002 1st request for update.
23.03.2010 Next request to Ewald
29.12.2010. Information from the english SCOOTERING, issue 72, page 54. This magazine is from Sept 1991.
Vielleicht ist dieses eine falsch zugeordnete Information, denn in dem Artikel steht etwas von Heider und Sane, die wotl auhc auf ihrer Reise in Basra waren.
30.12.2010 Next try by Bernd Tesch to find something vie Without success.
30.12.2012 2nd Request to Kees Portanje. Do you know something more ? WHO knows more about this story especially if and when he crossed the Darien Gap??
05.01.2011 Found an attachment in a lost email of Evald Bengtsson with a one page article and a foto in not so good quality.
11.01.2011 Kess Portanje: No more information.

07.04.1980 - 01.10.1981
Chrestine Hermansen (born Kohls) and Ove Jensen (Danish)
+ Around-The-World = Jorden rundt. Chrestine (called "Stinne", 22) and Ove (25) circled the world on ONE BMW R 90 (= Bimmer). 81.936 kms. 29 countries in 1,5 years. In 1983 they got the Guinnes Book Record circling the world first time on ONE bike.
Route: Denmark - Holland - Deutschland - Osteuropa - Asien - Australien - Neuseeland - USA (visiting 36 States) - Mexico - Canada (7 States) - Europe - Denmark.
1980: Both visted me in  "on the road" in Kornelünster.
1991: I visited Chrestine and Ove in Danmark.
Ove was participant of the 7th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 20.-21.04.85  1985 and gave a sildes-show.
B.T.: As far as I know they are the first couple who rode RTW on one BMW.