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Around-The-World by Motorcycle
= Il giro del mondo al moto (Italian) = La Vuelta del Mundo al moto (Spanish) = Autour du monde avec une moto = Lune de Miel (French) = Rond de Wereld met de motor (Dutch) = Motorcylist kör totalt "runt jorden" (Swedish) = Svetovni popotnik na motociklu (Slovenian) = Trotamundos (Latine) = Motorrad-Weltumrunder (German)
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Copyright Bernd Tesch.Motorcycle-WORLD-Travel-Expert. It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the book in work "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-Travels Around-The-World. ISBN  3-9800099-8-x.
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstr. 31. 52152 Simmerath-Hammer / EIFEL / Germany. Tel : 0049 (0)2473-938686. email: berndtesch (ad)  homepage

First and largest summary in internet and in literature at all about "Around-The-World by Motorcycle". The detailed stories you will find in my in work being book.

I would be grateful if you could help to keep this update ! So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Pardon. Will be corricated and updated with more Around-The-World-Travellers in future. If you find yourself inside or any lack of information please inform me! Bernd Tesch has been working in this field "Around The World" since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the World-Around-Travellers to get contact / information. Since 1985 fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). In 1999-2000 I visited famaous Mc-Travllers in Australia. In october 2000 I saw Alberto Granada, best mc-travel-friend of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in CUBA. Many of  Motorcycle Travellers Around-The-World have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. In 1998 there have been 20 within 300 participants. In 2000 11 of them. Nobody knows more World-Around-Travellers in person than Bernd Tesch. I own the largest archive of World-Around-Travellers: 10 file-boxes full packed (90 cm wide).

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-World-Around-Travels. All books about "Around-The-World" by motorcycle which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" = Motorcycle-Adventure-Tours (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. € 19.90). I own all this books in all languages.

If you are a World-Around-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

YOUR summary: PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE-BLOCK  in THIS STYLE in English. Copy this and overwrite it with your namw / details:

01.10.2011 - 27.10.2012
Sven Müller (German, born-date??)  and Susan Smith (British, born-date??) your http://www.???
Solo Around the World with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Sven rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL. Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
Purpose: ?? To find out...
The best:
I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...
Earlier motorcyle-travel-expereinces::....

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me since 1970 worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this high level. This internet-list had to be done in many days but too quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the information and a lot in my language.
At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of information in internet or literature. Bernd Tesch

Around-The-World by Motorcycle
Do you know this in other languages?
Rond de Wereld met de motor (Dutch)
Maailman ympäri
Autour du monde avec une moto Lune de Miel
Motorrad-Weltumrunder (German)
Il giro del mondo al moto (Italian)
Kotambola ja Mokili Mo Bimba

Dookola swiata na motorze
Svetovni popotnik na motociklu
La Vuelta del Mundo al moto
Jorden rund pa motorcykel (Swedish)

1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). In 1999-2000 I visited famaous Mc-Travllers in Australia. In october 2000 I saw Alberto Granada, best mc-travel-friend of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in CUBA. Many of  Motorcycle Travellers Around-The-World have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. In 1998 there have been 20 within 300 participants. In 2000 11 of them. Nobody knows more World-Around-Travellers in person than Bernd Tesch. I own the largest archive of World-Around-Travellers: 10 file-boxes full packed (90 cm wide). To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-World-Around-Travels. All books about "Around-The-World" by motorcycle which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" = Motorcycle-Adventure-Tours (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages. If there is shown "Book:" under the traveller and you want to read / order this you can check if it is still available: >> >> German or English version >> Bestelliste or order. If you find this book there you can order it. I offer about 200 international available Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books for sale.
Definitions "Around-The-World by motorcycle":

I have had many discussions what you can call a Motorcycle-Tour "Around-The-World". There does not exist only ONE definition. This defintion has changed many times by time since 1912 / 3, because the motorcycles who were availbale and the conditions of the known / unknown roads and their infrastructure with water / food / petrol. Some riders thing that you must have done it in ONE tour. Others thing that you must have been in each continent. American Jim Rogers things that you must have crossed each continent in one tour (covered 6 continents). Australian David McGonical visited all seven continents (including Antarctica) AND all time-tones with his motorcycle what he did in 1998 !
Ted Simon wrote me during his second RTW tour by mc: I would say that the ideal Round The World by motorcycle would require that the rider and the machine stay together for the whole journey, that the journey is made as one journey, and not as a series of trips, that the distance travelled overland by bike would be at least twice if not three times as long as the distance travelled by other means, that the rider and the bike must cross, at least once, every line of longitude or of latitude (depending on whether it's an east-west or north-south event) and finally that they, the rider and bike, end up at the same place where they started
Guinness Book for example would not recognize anything that was not one vehicle and one rider and one continuous trip Information by Jim Rogers).
Bernd Tesch thinks that we all should be very tolerant to each other: The earliest Motorcycle-Travellers had quite different conditions like Clancy in 1912 -13. And although British Martyn Swain rode 4,5 years "in the world" he did not make it in total missing an easy last part. But I think the minimum definition is that "the person and the bike/s of this person must have both gone around-the-world". I even think it is interesting to know who planned to ride Around-The-World, and started but did not finish it for different reasons... If you are a World-Around-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

Organisation by Bernd (Tesch):
April 2003: "25th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels". To my anniversary I invite all Motorcycle-World-Around-Travellers wordlwide already since 1999. Would be wonderful to see you if you are one ! If you are a Mc-WA-Traveller and promise to come it will be marked here in internet under your name ! TRY hard to be there in Germany / Belgium.
26 complete Around-The-World mc-travellesr have been on the Tesch-meeting within 300 participants
April 2008: "30th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels".
April 2013: "35th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels".

Facts and philosophical thoughts of the world
28th.05.2001 send as a copy to me by my GLOBETROTTER-Friend Christa and Heinz Jansen from Bangkok: Wenn wir die ganze Menschheit auf ein Dorf von 100 Einwohner reduzieren würden, aber auf die Proportionen aller bestehenden Völker achten würden, wäre dieses Dorf so zusammengestellt:
If you would reduce the whole inhabitants of the world to one village of 100 people, but would take the proportions of the peolpe of the world, this village would have this inhabitants:

57 Asiaten (Asians
21 Europäer (Europens)
14 Amerikaner (Americans Nord and South)
  8 Afrikaner (Africans)
52 wären Frauen (Women)
48 wären Männer (Men)
70 Nicht-Weiße (Non-Whites)
30 Weiße (Whites)
70 nicht Christen (Not Christians)
30 Christen (Christians)
89 heterosexuelle
11 homosexuelle
  6 Personen würden 59% des gesamten Weltreichtums besitzen und alle 6 Personen kämen aus den USA. 6 persons (=Americans) would own 59 % of the wealthy of the whole world
80 hätten keine ausreichenden Wohnverhältnisse (do not have enough space to live)
70 wären Analphabeten (cannot read and write)
50 wären unterernährt (do not have enough food)
  1 würde sterben (would die)
  2 würden geboren (would be born)
  1 hätte einen PC (owns a PC)
  1 (nur einer) hätte einen akademischen Abschluss (only one has an academic study finished). Wenn man die Welt aus dieser Sicht betrachtet, wird jedem klar, dass das Bedürfnis nach Zusammengehörigkeit, Verständnis, Akzeptanz und Bildung notwendig ist. Denkt auch darüber nach.

   Falls Du heute Morgen gesund und nicht krank aufgewacht bist, bist Du glücklicher als 1 Million Menschen, welche die nächste Woche nicht erleben werden.
   Falls Du nie einen Kampf des Krieges erlebt hast, nie die Einsamkeit durch Gefangenschaft, die Agonie des Gequälten, oder Hunger gespürt hast, dann bist Du glücklicher als 500 Millionen Menschen der Welt.
   Falls Du in die Kirche gehen kannst, ohne die Angst, dass Dir gedroht wird, dass man Dich verhaftet oder Dich umbringt, bist Du glücklicher als 3 Milliarden Menschen der Welt.
   Falls sich in Deinem Kühlschrank Essen befindet, Du angezogen bist, ein Dach über dem Kopf hast und ein Bett zum hinlegen, bist Du reicher als 75% der Einwohner dieser Welt.
   Falls Du ein Konto bei der Bank hast, etwas Geld im Portemonnaie und etwas Kleingeld in einer kleinen Schachtel, gehörst Du zu 8% der wohlhabenden Menschen auf dieser Welt.
   Falls Du diese Nachricht liest, bist Du doppelt gesegnet worden, denn 1. Jemand hat an Dich gedacht und 2. Du gehörst nicht zu den 2 Milliarden Menschen die nicht lesen können. Und... Du hast einen PC!

Einer hat irgendwann mal gesagt: Liebt, als hätte euch noch nie jemand verletzt. Tanzt, als würde niemand zuschauen. Singt, als würde keiner zuhören. Lebt, als wäre das Paradies auf der Erde.
Dies ist die internationale Woche der Freundschaft. Kopiere diesen Text und schicke ihn als Mail an alle, die Du Freunde nennst. Wenn Du sie nicht weiter schickst, wird nichts passieren. Wenn Du sie weiter schickst wirst Du von jemandem ein Lächeln erwerben.

Alles Gute in der Freundschaftswoche

How many countries does the World have?
To answer this question exactly is difficult because this changes many times in the earlier years. I never could read a publication about this. Have you seen one?
Emilio Scotto informed me: The 172 countries that were in the world in 1985 now in 1998 are 215.
1998:Peter Forwood informed me that there are 247 countries in 3 categories in the world according to Rand McNally atlas. There are 191 totally independent countries at all.
2001: The German leading book "Fischer Alamach 2001" says: 193 countries
26.02.2002 This information came kindly by Emil and Liliana Schmid: Die UNO ( hat 189 unabhängige Länder als Mitglieder; hinzukommen die Nichtmitglieder: Schweiz (!), Taiwan und der Vatikan, das macht ein Total von 192 Länder. Die Guinness Publishing rechnet mit gleich vielen und zählt noch 65 unabhängige Territorien dazu, macht ein Gesamttotal von 257. Der Fischer Weltalmanach hält sich sonst auch an die obige Regelung, mit Ausnahme, dass er die West-Sahara als unabhängiges Land markiert - was sie aber nicht ist, weil sie von Marokko besetzt wird.
11.11.2006: Peter Forwood: There are 19 of the 193 countries that make up the world where the motorcycle of Kay and Peter Forwood has not been ridden by the travellers.
2011: Bernd Tesch: Thee are now 194 countries. The new one is South-Sudan !!

Guinness führt die West-Sahara unter den anderen 65 auf, was logischer erscheint. Zuzüglich zur UNO-Mitgliederliste gibt die UN noch eine Länderliste ( heraus, die insgesamt 231 Namen aufführt, also neben den 192 unabhängigen noch 39 abhängige Länder (siehe beiliegende Excel-Liste <UNO-Länder>).
Gemäss BBC ( wird East Timor am 20.05.2002 unabhängig, sodass die eine Zahl auf 193 und die andere auf 64 wechseln wird (das Gesamttotal von 257 bleibt vorderhand konstant)

Es gibt noch eine andere Liste von einem amerikanischen „Traveler-Club“ (, welche 314 Länder aufführt. Generell kann man sagen, dass sowohl Guinness wie auch Fischer mehr oder weniger bei der Länderdefinition schauen, ob die Bewohner eigene Pässe haben, und vielfach spielt auch eigenes Geld dabei eine Rolle (Pässe typisch: Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man). Der Club nimmt hingegen noch Inselgruppen dazu, die eigentlich in den unabhängigen Ländern integriert sind, d.h. weder eigene Pässe noch eigenes Geld haben (typisch: Kanarische Inseln, Madeira, Azoren). Ich füge beiliegend in einer Excel-Tabelle „Länder“ die Guinness-Liste an, wobei die Farbenmarkierung (=Kontinente) meine „Kreation“ ist (die Abkürzungen gemäss ISO 3166 entsprechen den heutigen „Internet“- Abkürzungen, welche 239 verschiedene Länder aufführt (= - siehe auch angefügte Liste <Country names ISO3166-1> in htm. In einer weiteren Doc-Liste <Travelerscenturyclub> befinden sich die Ländernamen des Clubs.

23.10.2003 Aussenminister Fischer (der müßte es eigentlich wissen !!) sprach im TV von 190 Staaten
19.03.2005 Peter Forwood informed me: United Nations recognised countries: currently 191 countries

How many people does the World have?
2001 about 1,2 billion (Milliarden) in the industrial countries
2001 about 4,9 billion (Milliarden) in the not industrial countries
2001 about 6,1 billion (Milliarden) in the world
2050 about 1,2 billion (Milliarden) in the industrial countries (UN supposes this)
2050 about 8,2 billion (Milliarden) in the not industrial countries (UN supposes this)
2050 about 9,4 billion (Milliarden) in the world (UN supposes this)

Around-The-World by Motorcycle
Summarises by year of start.

A foto in the Motorcycle Museum "Time on Wheels" about a mc-traveller. Around-The-World by motorcycle.
American farmer-son Stanley Sieja. During his military time he set the plan to circle the world by motorcycle. Stanley travelled 30 yeras by land, water /a book) and by air.
31.10,2017 First information by Motorcycle Museum "Time on Wheels" . No excat time so far when thsi was.


Rund um die Welt (names unknown. British)
+ Around-The-World. In 80 Wochen mit 2 BSA-Gespannen.
Published in Classic Motorcycle. May 1991.
Info von Ernst Leverkus.
22.05.2000: Who knows more details or their names or their  present address or the publication ?
31.08.2011: Nobody answered me so far. Who owns the Motorcycle-magazine "Classic Motorcycle. May 1991" ??? And could scan this articvle to me. Or summarise it for this website ??

Dave Barr always active.

??.09.1991 - 05.1994
Dave Barr (American, born ??)
+ Around-The-World. An 83.000 Mile (132.800 km) Adventure Around-The-World in 3,5 years solo on a 1972  1200cc Harley Davidson Wide Glide! Daves phantastic, unbelievable adventures world-around-tour as a double amputee man on a Harley Davidson. Dave reached all the real corners of the world including China, Mongolia  to Russia across the Gobi desert, Siberia, to Moscow and on to Murmansk. In all countries he wanted to support the people that were disabled and also show them what they can do - if they want.
Purpose of the tour: ??
Only one detail: No motorcycle-traveller managed before to ride from Singapore through China (picture on the Tiananiman Square with mc !) and Mongoliai to Russia (Murmansk) !
Route: Country by country...???
Earlier or later experiences: In another mc-tour Dave was the first who rode from the Atlantic (France) to the Pacific (Russia, Vladiwostok) in total including the Amur-River area: in wintertime  December-6-1996 to March-24-1997.
1981 Land mine explosion in later "Namibia",
10.-12.12.1996 Dave has been three times a personal guest of Bernd Tesch in Zweifall. He wrote one of the best compliments I ever got in my guest-book: "You are the Intelligence-Center of Motorcycle-World-Travellers".
Books: Riding The Edge (1995. In English). Riding The Ice (1998. In English)
11.03.2003 Dave: I am sorry that I will not be in attendance at your 25th Meeting for WORLD-Travellers. I hope for you all goes well with the big 25th meeting, what ever you do stay well and good things to you both.
24.03.2013 Request for better fotos.
B.T. 18.11.2003: Out of my knowledge Dave is the first person who rode Around-The-World on a two wheel Harley Davidson.
31.08.2011: No: The first one was in 1924-25 already: Sven Oluf Heiberg (see my website)

Ken Skuse "Tex Star" (British)
- ? Plan Around-The-World. Plant Weltreise. 30.11.91. Engländer.
22.05.2000 He visited me sometimes. I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

05.03.1991 - 05.05.1994
Michael Pearson (British)
+ Around-The-World. Michael ist ein gut aussehender Mann, der immer ein wenig schelmisch lacht und eher zurückhaltend ist.
Route: GB (Hull) - Osteuropa - Griechenland - per Schiff nach Ägypten - Jordanien - Saudi Arabien - Dubai - per Schiff nach Pakistan (Karatschi) - Indien - Nepal - Indien - von Madras  per Schiff nach Singapure - Malaysia - Australien (4 Monate) - Nord-Amerika (3 Monate) - Panama - Süd-Amerika - Süd-Afrika - Kenia - Äthiopien - Sudan - Ägypten (Alexandria) - Tunesien - Italien - Türkei - GB. GB-Australien: 1 Jahr. NA und SA: 1 Jahr.
Michael Pearson kennt noch einen Welt-Umrunder aus GB: Conan. Will mir Addresse mitteilen!
11.03.93 Info von Ian Ball.
Participant of the 18th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1996.
Book: Wrote a book and is searching a publisher.


< 1992 - ca. 1998
Klaus Peter von Ohlen (German, born 19??)
+ Around-The-World. 6 years Around-The-World. 4,5 years by Motorcycle. 180.000 kms.
20.03.1994  1st contact.
1996 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers
29.10.97 Publikation über ihn in MOTORRAD von Rolf Henniges.

1992 - ca. 1994
Henrik Andersen (Danish, born 19??)
+ Around-The-World.
Route: Europe - Asia - North-America - South-America - Australia - Africa - Europe.
B.T.: Henrik was the first West-European I know who reached Vladiwostok (about june / july 1992) by himself without Russian guides after the Sowjetunion was cancelled.

< 1992
Jean Claude Charras (French, born 19??)
? Around-The-World. Could not proof if he circled the world in total.
1st info by Englebert Boos.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

< 1992
Marcel Lievens (Belgian, born 19??)
+ Around-The-World. Crossed all continents North-South.
Info: Many publications in Dutch Motorcycle Magazines.
1992: 1st contact with Marcel, who wanted to give a slide-show this year but did not show up.

Ca. 1992 - 93
Heinrich Jensen (Henrik) and Conny Müllhold (Danish)
+ Around-The-World. Brother of Ove Jensen (1980 -81) circeld the world nearly on the same route with Conny.

1981 - 2005
Nick Sanders (British) and
+++ Went 5 times Around-The-World. Once per cycle and then four times by motorcyles.
??.02.1981 - ??.??.1981:
1st time:
Around-The-World by bicycle or motorcycle ?:
13.609 miles in 138 days. Guiness -.Record. Fastest circumnavigation by bike. It came out.
??.07.1985 -??.??.?? :
1st time:Around-The-World by bicycle or motorcycle ? 79 Guiness-record again. The details like above please
15.02.1992 - 04.09.1992:
1st time: Around-The-World by motorcycle: With Royal Enfield. 500 cc Bullet. 38.000 miles.
18.04.1997 - 08.06.1997:
3rd time:Around-The-World by motorcycle:
World-Record: In 20 days of only riding with his bike Triumph Daytona Nick covered 19.930 miles and slept only two hours a night . The total tour was 31 days.
15.01.2002 - 07.06.2002:
4th time:Around-The-World by motorcycle:
Nick rode solo RTW with a YAMAHA R1, 900 ccm, 17.300 miles.
Visit at Bernd Tesch. 05.08.2002 - 06. 11.2002
5th time: Around-The-World by motorcycle with 21 riders:
he plan was to ride RTW 25.000 miles with 24 riders. In reality Nick guided 22 including himself Around-The-World with motorcycles. And Elspeth Beard with a car as well.
??.??.2005 - ??.??.2005 New world-record.
19 19 days Around-The-World
Publications: Video: Fastest man Around-The-World. The video showes his race through jungles, deserts, mountaines and big cities with all the TV-shows

08.09.1993 1st info out of Australien Motorcycle news.
1993 Bernd Tesch visted Nick Sanders.
1998 Bernd Tesch was invited to Nicks marriage in GB
24.02.2002 Nick answered me from Australia: I am biking solo around the world to check out my route to take 24 riders around the world in August. I am full will all 24 riders. I go around the world 5th time leaving London on May 25th.
24.02.2002 Yes I promise to come to your 25th Meeting in April 2003. I WILL BE THERE. I WILL BE THERE. I WILL BE THERE.
15.01.2002 - 07.06.2002 Visit at Bernd Tesch. YAMAHA R1, 900 ccm, 17.300 miles.
B.T.: A very friendly, experienced, hospital and intelligent man. Time-record Around-The-World. He is biking Around-The-World like others go to the toilet.

Ca. 11.02.1992 - ca. 12.1994
Denise Fierz and Erich Fierze  (Swiss)
? Around-The-World. With two BMW R 80 GS 1992.

07.06.1992 - 03.06.1995
Atsuko Kumata (Japanese female) and Hiroaki Takahashi (Japanese male)
+ Around The World. I (Atsuko, 33 years) rode around the world including 5 continents using a HONDA CT 110 together all the way with Hiroaki (30 years) who also ride a HONDA CT 110.
Route: Europe 20.000 kms (U.K. - Norway - Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Germany - Poland - Slovakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Greece - Italy - France - Monaco - Spain) - Africa 30.000 kms (Morocco - Western Sahara - Mauritania - Senegal - Mali - Burkina Faso - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon - Central Africa - Zaire - Uganda - Kenya - Tanzania - Malawi - Mozambique - Zimbabwe - Botswana - Namibia - South Africa). Motorcycle was sent by aeroplane to Istanbul, Turkey. I flew to Istanbul, Turkey. Asia 10.000 kms (Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Fremantle, Australia. I flew to Thailand, took a train to Malaysia and then flew to Perth, Australia. Australia 10.000 kms (Fremantle - West Coast - Perth - Gunbarrel Highway to Ayers Rock - Adelaide - Melbourne). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America 15.000kms (Argentina - Chile - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia). Motorcycle was sent by aeroplane to Colon, Panama. I flew to Colon, Panama. Central America 10.000 kms (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico) - North America 10.000 kms (U.S.A. - Canada - Alaska). Motorcycle was sent by ship to Tokyo Japan. I flew home to Japan.
The best: North Cape in Norway, Sahara Desert in Africa, Karakoram Highway in Pakistan, Gunbarrel Highway to Ayers Rock in Australia, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia in South America.
The worst: Bilharzia and Malaria in Africa. Political problems in Zaire, Africa.
Book or publication: Series of articles in "Garrrr" magazine (Japan). Special feature in "Tabi" magazine (Japan).
Useful information and Tips for others: Small reliable motorcycle is good for travelling.
08.01.2001 1st contact by email
See as well 09.05.1999 - 03.11.2000 SECOND JOURNEY

13.06.1992 - 13.08.1992
Volker Briel (German, born 1953) and Peter Stumm (Germans) Peters homepage:
+ Around-The-World in 60 days on the the same general way of  Robert Sexe (1926, 5,5 months) 66 years later with two YAMAHA XT 660.
Purpose of the tour: ??
In this time it was nearly unpossible to cross Russia without Russian leaders. So both were very astonished when Alfred Reetz and Bernd Tesch passed them east of  Moscow near Kasan. Unfortunately they did not have time to stay a night with us in the woods although we knew each other and we were the first mc-travellers they met at all on this trip so far.
Route: Deutschland (Mühlheim ab per PKW, Motorrad auf Hänger - Frankreich (ab Paris 13.06.1992) - Belgien - Polen - Russland - (Moskau - Wladiwostok (an 03.07.1992) - Japan - USA - England - Frankreich - Deutschland (an Mühlheim 13.08.92).
Peter has been many times participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Publications: Video by Volker Briel: Rund um die Welt.
Useful Tips for others: ??
Earlier big mc-tours: ??
B.T.: First Germans who reached Wladiwostok by Motorcycle.
26.-27.03.1994 Volker has been once a participant of the 16. Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers and gave a slide-skow.
Peter Stumm: Peter build up "KARAWANE": Motorcycle tours in the area of "Ruhrpott" and slides-shows about worldwide tours by car,  backbacking and motorcycle. See Peters homepage:
17.01.2013 Tel. with Volker who is now involved in "canoe-tours with 20 persons". In 2012 he became the world-champion.
17.01.2012 Request to Volker for update of this blog and to send the very best foto with the two motorcycles on the road
13.03.2014 Request to Peter for update of this blog and to send the very best foto with the two motorcycles on the road

03.10.1992 - 03.08.1993
Motorcyle exhibition in France: "Motos de l´aventure". Expo moto fotos. In La Manufacture. Musee de láuto rue Creuze. F-86100 Chatellerault. Tel. 0033-49210346. At least the pictures of the french RTW-Traveller Robert Sexé have been there. It is unkwon to me if there have been pictures of other RTW travellers.
08.11.01 Name of English speaking director?
Who was the organiser?
Where are the pictures?
Is there any list / brochure about the pictures?
Current Address of Jean-Paul Schulz?
Book of Robert Sexé still available?

Foto: JF Lagrot and Isabelle Proteau in 1990 in Chile

??.??.1992 - ??-??1995
Jean-Francois Lagrot and his wife Isabelle Proteau (French)
+ Around-The-World. In German: Die Veterinärärzte Isabelle und Jean-Francois unternehmen mehrere Motorrad-Reisen nach ihrem Studienabschluß: 1986 Algier - Dakar (Jean-Claude und ein Freund). 1987- 88  Dakar-Capetown. 1990 rund um Süd-Amerika. Schließlich als Folge ihrer Entdeckungen und dem Leben "on the road" als Nomaden 1992-95 eine Weltreise mit zwei YAMAHA XTZ 660 in 3,5 Jahren with ca. 100.000 kms.
Ihr Thema aller Reisen ist jeweils das Aufspüren und Fotografieren von kaum mehr bekannten Tieren, deren Bestand gefährdet ist: Afrikanische Okapis, Java und Nepal Rhinozeros, Tasmanischer Teufel, Baumkängeruh in Papua, Miniantilope bei den Pygmäen, Fossa und Lemurs auf Madagaskar, Gelada Affen von Äthiopien, seltene Chamäleons, Australische Wombat, Malaiische Babirussa (Schweinehirsch). Roter Ibis und Zebus in Französisch Guyana, leatherback turtle (Schildkröte), Jaguar, Tapir.
1998: Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch visited Isabelle and Francois in France.
1999 they left again for a tour "Around-The-World " with their young child by Toyota Landcruiser.
Books: In English: On the trail of UNUSUAL ANIMALS in Danger of extinction (=  Auf den Spuren von ungewöhnlichen Tieren, die vom Aussterben bedroht sind). In French: À La Recherche des Animaux Insolites en voie de Disparition. Text-Fotoband ist eine Augenweide durch die Tieraufnahmen und übersichtlichen Erläuterungen.
In English: The French veterinary-doctors Jean-Francois and Isabelle have travelled a lot on mcs in Africa and around South-America before they circumnavigated the world with two XTZ 660 in 3,5 years. In 39 months between 1992-95 they rode about 100.000 kms. Because they are both veterinary doctors they tried to find, to watch and fotograph animals who are seldom to be seen. So finally their book in English is called "On the Trail of UNUSUAL ANIMALS in Danger of Extinction" or in French "À La Recherce des Animaux Insolites en voie de Disparition" (In German: Auf den Spuren von ungewöhnlichen Tieren, die vom Aussterben bedroht sind). Book available from Tesch in French or in English for €29,90 plus postage.
My valuation: A wonderful foto-text book (127 p, 156 fantastic colour-pictures, 22,5 x 30 cm) with excellent fotos about the trip and very unknown animals in a high professional layout combined with worth reading stories. Therefore it belongs to the best mc-TRAVEL-books at all and the only one about those unknown animals.
B.T.: I had already a good feeling of Isabelle and Jean-Francois having exchanged letters and calls before. But they made a real highlight inviting us there personally. Patricia and I liked our visit there near Nice in France 07.98 very much. They gave us a wonderful welcome in their home. Isabelle: "All our memories come back through your visit".  I liked to watch Isabelle taking care of her young daughter Julie. She was always very friendly to her and never abused with her although children are sometimes sinewy. Jean-Claude: "She must have been as nice on the road in difficult situations". When we finally left sitting on the motorcycle with the running motor already Isabelles last sentence was: "If you don´t find a place tonight come back". I am sure we would have another wonderful hours together ! They plan to start again 1999 with a four wheel drive car with their tiny child. Since then Isabelle wants to continue working as a veterianary doctor. Jean-Franvois wants to fit in the business of organising and guiding mc-travels there.
13.11.2001 We did not hear anything from them being on another world-tour with the family in a landcruiser. They are real travellers...
20.01.2006 After having lost them a few years because of changing address and knowing that they have travelled in the meantime I heard that they are just leaving to Africa / Cameroons for another animal-research project.


Plan 1993 - 1994
Kurt Frankhauser (Swiss)
? Plan Around-The-World
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows him, his present address or publications about him??

1993 ?
Fiona Fraser and Martin (Swedish?)
? Around-The-World
Ca. 1993 Info von Bent Ellingsen.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows him, his present address or publications about them??

??.??.1993 - ??.??.1997
Roland Lord (Sweden)
+ Around-The-World. Roland rode 4 years with YAMAHA XTZ 660.
Route: Europe (Sweden - Germany - The Czech Republic - Austria - Slovakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria -  Turkey) - Asia (Syria - Jordan) - Africa (Egypt) -  By plane ??? Why did you not travel overland ? Visa-problems??)  to Asia (India - Nepal - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Myanmar (by Motorcycle ???? just entering or crossing??? by plane??) - Indonesia - Australia - New Zeeland - Fiji - Cook Islands - North America (USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - South America (Colombia - Ecuador (and the Galapagos) - Peru - Bolivia - Chili - Argentina - Uruguay - Brazil - Paraguay - from Argentina by plane / ship??? to Africa (South Africa - Swaziland -  Zimbabwe - Namibia - Botswana - Mozambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - Ethiopia - Eritrea - Asia (Saudi Arabia - Jordan again - Israel - by boat to Europe (Greece - Macedonia - Italy - San Marino - France - Monaco - Spain - Andorra - England - Belgium - Luxemburg - The Netherlands - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia - Finland - Sweden ??.
Roland financed the trip by help from 22 sponsors and I was working as a journalist for newspapers, magazines, Swedish television and radio. Pretty much all the publications were made in Swedish.
The best: ????
The worst: ????
07.03.98 First Info von Marcel Kersten, who met him 30.12.1996 in Zimbabwe. Both rode back togehter from Kenia to Europe.
29.07.2000 Roland is trying to test a new VOLVO 2002 on another world-tour. If  he succees he will start in ca. 2002 with a Dutch who is living now in Essen-B. as a second person.

Chris Scott (British) Adventure Motorbiking Handbook. Website & Tours
Sahara Overland Book, Wesbite & Tours
- Did NOT ride Around-The-World.But published a book about those tours: The Adventure Motorbiking Handbook.
Motorcycle-World-Travel. The for sure in English written most informative guide about worldwide motorcycle-tours. Practicalities: In 12 chapters many information concerning planning and outfitting the person and bike (170 pp). Continental Route Outlines: Information about Africa. Asia. Central & South America. Australia (79 pp). Tales from the saddle: Nine stories about Sahara. Australia. Patagonia. Iceland. Central Africa. Round the World. UK to India. (80 pp). Appendix: Useful addresses and websites.
10.2000 A German edition will be available.

> 1993
David Scott (British? American?)
? Around-The-World. Will mit Harley 1993 um die Welt fahren. War 06.93 in Moskau.
17.06.94 Zeitungsbericht erhalten von Martina und Gottfried Schillings.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows him, his present address or publications about him??

The WorldWideWeb www. was opened for the general public from a Research-Center Kern in Switzerland. Before a British man called Tim Berners-Lee tried to find a structure how to store and combine all informations like in his head. Then he found the idea that everybody should add his informations to the WEB.

ca. 05.1993 - ? ca. 10.1993
Raphael Smith (25) and Thomas Fuller (Americans)
- Plan Around-The-World. Stepson of Robert Fulton (see there) who circled the world in 1932. Was on a World-Around-Tour and died because of an accident with a lorry in Bulgaria.
1993 Raphael and Thomas visited Bernd Tesch in Aachen.

1993: Carlo Muttoni in mountain tops in Alaska.

1995: Carlo Muttoni in Australia. Ri: 1996: Carlo Muttoni on top of Karakorum Highway in 1996, just at the border between Pakistan and China.

11.06.1993 - 23.09.1997
Carlo Muttoni (born 13.02.1963, Italian, US-resident)
+ Around The World. The art director in advertising Carlo in Milan (Italy) rode solo around the world on a motorcycle with BMW R 100 GS Paris/Dakar (1993 modified).Total route on five continents: 140.000 kms in 52 months. Starting in New York City because , arriving in Vicenza (Italy) back to the roots.
Route: Notrh AMerica (New York) - The Americas from Alaska to Feuerland - Buenos Aires - Easter Island - Polinesia - New Zealand - Australia - Singapore to Nepal, India (Himalaya and Karakorum) - Pakistan - Turkey - Middle East - Africa from Egypt to Cape Town and back to Italy.
Purpose of travel: a geographical survey for demonstrating the globe flatness.
The best: Best bike roads: Alaska, Bolivia, New Zealand, Malawi. Best climbs in the Andes. Most beautiful women in Buenos Aires. Best beer in Australia. Best BMW mechanics: everywhere but in Sturgis (South Dakota). Best of the best: scubadiving in Exmouth (Western Australia).
The worst: Amoeba in South America. Civil war in Pakistan.
Book or publication (not published yet. I'm working on it).
Tips: to fellow travellers: Travel Light. Do not hurry. Drink a lot.
28.01.01 1st contact with help from Sam Manicom
2002 My plan is to cross Africa with a vintage 1967 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. I am looking for sponsor and working on a business plan. Departure is planned for March 2002 arrival in South Africa in July. THis plan was cancelled because there was no sponsor....
19.04.2003 Carlo is not sure if he makes it to the "25th Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers 11.-13.04.03" but will try his best...
23.03.2013 Last request for answering and update.
26.03.2013 Carlo: have been browsing your website and got inspiration and a bit of nostalgia from pictures and atmosphere and other world travellers. What I like the most is the simplicity of heart of so many people who don't make a big fuzz but keep a low profile about their feat. It's heartwarming, really, to feel part of this community. And we all have to thank you and Patricia for having made this web on wheels.
18.03.2014 Carlo: thank you for your kind email. I am happy to know you are doing well and that the MC world traveller meeting is still on. World Travellers are lone wolves in their bones but very soft in their heart and it's great they have an opportunity to meet and share stories in front of a bonfire. It's always a good thing to put your own adventure in perspective with other travelers and learn from people of different culture, temper and skills. I can't be part of the happy crowd but I wanted to drop a line to say hello to you and Patricia. My heart is scattered around the world and one bit will always stay with you and Patricia.


< 1994
Karl Huchtmann (German)
+ Around-The-World. Circled the world with BMW. I own a report from him.
14.07.2001 I did not have time to summarise it.

02.- 04.1994
Markus Honauer (German)
- Plan Around-The-World. Started for a planned World-Around-Tour 1,5-2 years with Yamaha 1000. After 6 weeks his motor was defect. So he stopped the tour because of lack of money and rode only 3.5 months most in Africa.

Markus Schmidt. 53 Tesch-Travel-Treffen. Foto B.T. Markus Schmidt in Canada.

02.04.1994 - 02.07.1996
Markus Schmidt (German, born 28.12.1967. and Christopher Hirt (German, born 27.11.1976),
+ Around-The-World. The super-fotograf Markus and motorcycle-mechanic Chris circled the world in 26 months with two YAMAHA XT 600 and rode 102.500 kms. Markus spend DM 26.000. The first piston still worked up to km 196.300 in Germany.
Markus and Chris rode 20.000 kms in 3,5 months through Ukraine, Russia, Kasachstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgistan, Kasachstan, Russia and through Siberia to Vladivostok. The ex-Sowjetunions and  Russians where very friendly people, no problems with safety, and amazing beautiful citys like Samarkand, Buchara and Kiva at the ancient Silkroad in Usbekistan. Somtimes even the 55 liter fueltank is useful. From Vladivostok they flew together with the bikes to Alaska (Anchorage) with ALASKA AIRLINES, and loved the huge supermarkets there. Supermarkets are like heaven after Ex-Sowjet-countries. They made "holiday" for one month in Alaska after hard travelling before. In wintertime (november and december) through Canada and the USA through a lot of snow in the Rockys, less on Baya California. South through Central America. With the ferry (great food and drinks) to Columbia where the customs controled their luggage by drug-dogs. Columbia and Venezuela are beautiful. South through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia (very beautiful), Chile (go to Paso San Franzisco and Carretera Austra) and Argentinia to Patagonia (cold in Spring, snow). North to Buenos Aires. After 20 months they still had money and time. So they shipped bikes to South Africa, Capetown, and flew there. Through sandy north of  Namibia, Botswana (hallo elephants), up north to Kenia, Ethiopia (birr, birr they asked fro some money) to Eritrea. By ferry through Red Sea to Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. After two days in Jiddah next ferry to Egypt. Two weeks "holiday" on the western oasis route and Luxor back home via Sinai - Israle - Greece - Italy - Switzerland - Germany.
Route: Europe (Germany - Austria - Hungary) - Asia via GUS (Vladiwostok) - North America (Alaska - Tierra del Fuego) - Africa (Transafrica from Capetown to Eritrea - Egypt) - Europe (Germany).
Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 8 times 1993 - 2003.
11.-13.04..2003 Participant of the 25th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers
1997 Slides-Show about the tour "Around-The-World"
26.04.2008 Slides-show about the tour "Around-The-World".

(14)15.04.1994 - 02.10.1995
Franz-Joseph Wagner and Jürgen Weickel and Thomas Krimm (Germans)
+ Around-The-World. Franz-Joseph rode with BMW R 100 R GS : Welt-Reise 18 Monate ab 14.04.94 mit Franz-Josef Wagner .
1994 + 1998: Franz-Joseph was participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers

02.05.1994 - ca. ??.04.1998
Bruno Blum (Swiss, born ??)
+ Around-The-World. Bruno rode solo 130.000 kms with YAMAHA TT 600.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: Schweiz - Österreich -Tchechei - Polen - Belarussland - Russland - Mongolei - China (Beijing - Xian - alte Seidenstraße) - Pakistan - Indien - Nepal - Banglades - Flug nach Bangkok - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapur - Australien - Neuseeland - USA - Kanada - USA - Mexiko - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Kolumbien - Equador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinien (Rosario - Ignazu Wasserfälle) - Brasilien (Rio de Janeiro)
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful tips for others: ??

1999, 2000, 2001 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
Earlier mc-travels: Frühere Reisen durch Europa, drei mehrmonatige Reisen nach Nord-Afrika. Eine 8 monatige Reise von Tunis nach Capetown.
Book: Since 1999 Bruno is searching for a publisher for his already written book.
25.07.2011 Next request for update.

08.05.1994 - 10.11.1994
Uli Lenz and Norbert Braun (Uli: German, born 26.09.1962)
+ Around-The-World. Both circled the world with two Moto-GUZZI California 2 with sidecars (Ural) 30.000 kms.
Route: Germany - Poland - Lituenia - Belo Russia - Russia - Kasachstan - Russia (Siberia) - Mongolia (border Bornholm-Tal) - China (border Erenhot) - after a few hundred kms they have been arrested for three weeks. Finally the police escorted them to Beijing - Beijing by plane to N-America (L-A.). The motorcycle was shipped to L.A. USA - Nort of Canada - back to the USA (to NewYork) - Uli and his bike flew back to Germany (Frankfurt).
Purpose of travel: The technican Uli and the taxi-driver Norbert decided 1992 in moscow to ride to the Chinese GREAT WALL.l
Mongolia and China story: We tried to cross the border in TASCHANTA (Altai mountains, Siberia) to Mongolia, but it's not an international borderstation. So we had to ride back to Novosibirsk and then to the BAIKAL sea. Next border station is KJACHTA, but it's also no international borderstation. So we rode to NAUSCHKI to cross the border by train. From the border to ULAANBATAAR (capital city,Mongolia) - SAISAND - GOBI desert - BORNHOLM-TAL (border,Mongolia) - ERENHOT(border, China). On our way to BEJING we were arrested because we rode through a forbidden area. Finally the police escorted us to TANGU harbour (BEJING), to ship our bikes to the USA.
The worst: Five broken sidecar axles
Book or publications: bikers live 5/1994. The part with Hardy Schneider as far as the Baikal-Sea. No further publication.
Other experiences: Tour to NORTH CAPE in JANUARY 1998 (8500km)
16.03.98 Info von Hardy Schneider. Hardy (stopped in Siberia) und die beiden sind über Sibirien mit zwei Guzzi-Gespannen California II. um die Welt gefahren.
1999 Uli was participant of the Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers but did not tell me that he had circled the world because B.T. was so busy.

06.07.1994 - ca. 03.1995
Masakazu Okudaira (Japan)
? Plan Around-The-World. With SUZUKI DR 200.
Route: Japan - California - Panamerikana ganz - Europa - Nordkap-Sizilien - Griechenland - Türkei - Plan: Iran - Pakistan - Indien - Nepal - Thailand - Singapur - Japan.
20.12.94 Jörg Ilmenau hat ihn unterwegs getroffen und mich telefonisch informiert.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

10.1994 - ?
Peter Theis (German, born 19??)
? Around-The-World ? with a BMW 1100 GS.
Ca. 1994 hat mich Peter einmal angerufen
15.03.98 Peter rief mich an. Er wußte vom Schweizer Daniel Vetter, daß ich die Information über die Einreise nach Indonesien suche.
Route: D - Motorrad nach Bangkok geflogen - Einreise wurde verweigert - er mußte das Motorrad wieder ausführen (?) über Singapur (?) - zweimal rund um Australien gefahren - Singapur - Vancouver - Nord-Amerika - Mittel-Amerika - Panama - Peru - von dort aus wollte Peter einfach nicht weiter und hatte Sehnsucht nach Thailand - so fuhr er zurück mit der damaligen Fähre nach Panama - dort mit Aeroflot mit Mascine geflogen nach Irland - Berlin - 14 Tage später Motorrad von Hamburg nach Singapur verschifft.
1995 nach Laos ca. 1997 von Laos nach Vietnam - ca. 04 1997 nach Kambodscha, dort einmal rund ums Land gefahren. 1997 in China gewesen: Von Laos zur chinesischen Grenze ausgereist - an der chinesichen Grenze unfreundlich zurückgewiesen worden - dann in Laos beim Transportministerium die Papiere geholt, die jeder LKW braucht. Darin stand, daß man bei der nächsten Stadt sich eine Genehmigung zur Weiterreise holen muß - damit hat man ihn ohne chinesiches Nummernschild und ohne chinesischen Führerschein reingelassen - er ist aber nicht dorthin gefahren, sondern einfach so weiter in China gefahren - bei der Ausreise aus China an der selben Grenze wurden seine Papiere einfach abgestempelt.
Plan: Thailand - Pakistan - Iran nach Europa or China - Kasachstan - Europe.
Since 1997 Peter has been 7 times in Kambodscha
14.07.2001 asked by email for more information.

13.12.1994 - ?
Daniel Vetter (Swiss, born 1967)
- Plan Around-The-World. Daniel is a very experienced traveller by backpack, car and motorcycle. Daniel travels solo or with friends "from the road". Always searching for the smallest roads. Daniel is travelling with much time and rode 100.000 kms in the first 3 years and covered 24 countries. Since 1998 he setteled down for "a while" in Bangkok and makes mc-travels from there: by now more than 30.000 kms in Thailand and neighbour countries. Crossed 6 times Cambodia. 2 times Vietnam (From Hanoi to Saigon). 4 times Laos with thousands of km gravel. Malaysia (3 months). 2 times Burma by plane.
Plan: Sumatra - Sulawesi - USA - Canada - Alaska - South America or Switzerland.
His Travel-History: 5 other travels each of 6-8 months in USA, Australia / New Zeland by car. By car South East Asia- South America- Central-America. India / China / Mongolia / Transiberia.
His travel-history: 5 previous journeys each of 6-8 months; in USA, Australia / New Zeland by car. South East Asia, South America, Central-America / Caribean, India / Sri Lanka / China / Mongolia / Transiberia by backpack.
Future plans: Sumatra - Sulawesi - USA - Canada - Alaska, maybe South America, - Switzerland.
Route: Switzerland - Italy - Sicilia - Tunesia (6 weeks) - Lybia - Egypt (2,5 months) - Jordan - Israel (without bike due to epensive stamp and insurance) - Syria - Libanon - Turkey (2 months) - 3 Greek Islands - Iran (6 weeks) - Pakistan (3 coldest months) - India (13 months to Indian border - 5,5 months in India in the  north,  incl. Spiti, Ladakh, Kashmir. In 1995 the border were opened to the "Northeastern Hillstates": Tripura (19 different hilltribes), Meghalaya and Azzam. Mizoram and Manipur were still illegal but police/army let him in) - Bangladesh (4 weeks), Bhutan (10 km) - Tibet (no bike) - Nepal - by plane to Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Kambodia - Malaysia - Singapur - Myanmar/Burma (by plane). 130.000+ kms with BMW R 80 G/S 1986 (40 liter fuel tank, White Power suspension, Daerr aluboxes, Goetz tankbag).
1994: 1st contact.
24.02.98 First information "on the road" by W. Henke / Indonesia.
22.07.2000 Several years since 1994 on a World-Around-Tour. Specialist for Asia mc-tours.
22.07.2000 several years since 1994 on a World-Around-Tour. Many contacts for Overland / Asia mc-travels, supplies travelers with infos. More excursions in Asia for next few years planed.

2001 - 2004 click here

1970 Start of search of Travellers Around-The-World by motorcycle.
1992 - 1994 More intensive search because of my book "Motorrad Abenteuer Touren" in work by phone, fax and personal visits.
1995 - 1997 First tries to find and contact RTW-Travllers and Motorcycle-Travellers by email.
1998 Start of my website. Not knowing what will come out of it in future.
02.1998: A part of this information you found already under > > German or Engl. version > News
28.05.2000: Start of this collection first time in internet under > > German or Engl. version > continents > world > by motorcycle.
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