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After 44 years - on 18th.09.2014 - I decided to stop my researches on: "How were all continents discovered 1885-2014 by motorcycle-travellers?" The reason is that I have been sitting with all my passion behind the computers and reading books and articles for years day and night to come to the knowledge of these sites.
I am still full of other ideas including some travels. Also I want to move a bit more for my health instead of sitting too long behind the computer.

You can use all information for yourself. If you use infos and fotos for any other reason like publications please know, that there is still Copyright on all of it by myself and others.

I am German. I did my best to write most in English. If I missed some ,,,,,,,,, please take some of these and put them on the right place (Churchill)!

Bye Bernd Tesch. Village Hammer in forest EIFEL / Germany / United Europe / Multiversum

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Overland to, in and around South-America by Motorcycle
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South-America - Motorcycle - Travels / Reisen / Adventures
Süd-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen

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If you are a South-America-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE in the SAME STYLE and format in English:

01.05.2009 - 27.10.2010
Sven Müller (German)  your http://www.???
Sven rode solo South-America with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Or: Sven rode with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne)..
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:....
Book or publication (about your tour):... I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations. Bernd Tesch
Earlier experiences: ???
Add: If you like it would be very nice for the travellers who read this, if you can send:
"on the road". And one portrait-foto of each person of the tour. Please do NOT send series of fotos of the tour.

Klima-Tabellen in Süd-Amerika
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Maps of South-America (for all continents)
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Overland to, in and around South-America by Motorcycle
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You can talk yearly ones with 250 high experienced Motorcycle-Travellers who rode all continents so far: All the great Motorcycle-Travellers who rode / ride Around-The-World and possibly crossed this continent as well are not included here.
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Satelitenbild von Südamerika. Quelle leider unbekannt.



To find the earliest Motorcycle-Travellers  in South America is very hard. I tried this many years. If you have any infomations about these I would be very grateful for informations. On this site you find only the one who travelled ONLY in Souith-America. You find more under South- and North-America. And in "Around-The-World".

18.03.1981 - ??
Reise-Bericht. Süd-Amerika. 1982.
Anne-France Dautheville 

La Piste de l'or
Deutsch : Die Gold-Piste. 330 S. 43 SW-Fotos. Französisch.
Verlag: Librairie Plon. Paris. Frankreich. 1982. ISBN 2-259-00917-4. FF 70 (1982)

Deutsche Übersetzung:

Dautheville, Anne-France
Wohin der Wind mich trieb

Eine Frau erobert mit Mut, Charme und Motorrad den südamerikanischen Kontinent. 21.000 km Abenteuer, vor denen die meisten Männer kapitulieren würden.
     Am 18.03.1981 startet die 37-jährige französische Journalistin Anne-France alleine auf einer Honda XL 250, fährt durch 8 südamerikanische Staaten und schildert mit genauer Beobachtung und zeitweilig schönen Gedanken über das Reisen allgemein, ihre persönlichen Erlebnisse.
     Strecke : Kolumbien (Bogota) - Equador (Quito) - Peru (Lima) - Bolivien (Titicacasee) - Argentinien (Buenos Aires) - Uruguay - Paraguay - Brasilien (Belem) - per Schiff von Belem nach Manaus - per Flugzeug von Manaus nach Leticia. 287 S. Keine Fotos. 1 Streckenskizze.
Verlag: Scherz Verlag. Bern. Schweiz. 1983. Bibliothek.
Taschenbuch-Ausgabe mit dem selben Titel. 352 S. 1 Streckenskizze
Verlag: Gustav-Lübbe Verlag. Bergisch Gladbach. 1986. ISBN 3-404-10749-7. Bastei-Lübbe-Taschenbuch: Band 10749. Bibliothek.
DM 7,80 (1986).

(C). Karte mit Route von Elmar Gritschke und Klaus Schwenk.- Indianertanz beim Karnelval in Oruro.

(C) Foto Klaus Schwenk. Li: Elmar Gritschke auf R60/6. BMW R 65 in Chile bergauf auf den Osorno in der Lava.

(C. 1981) Elmar Gritschke und Klaus Schwenk in 1982 und 2011.

10.11.1981 - 15.08.1982
Elmar Gritschke
(born 01.10.1958) and Klaus Schwenk (born 24.01.1962)
+ South-America. The students Elmar and Klaus planned to stay 3 months in South America with 2 BMWs (R60/6 und R 65). But the tour finally was 9,5 Months and 35.000 km. The reasons that we extended the tour were that we enjoyed the time in South America, the journey was much cheaper than expected and we had not obligation at home. Elmar had finished his education and Klaus started his study again.
Purpose of tour: Just to have fun, see something new, learn about different people & mentalities.
Route: Europe (Germany (Frankfurt- Crossing the Alpes just before the snow (november 1981) - Italy (Genoa).) - We took the cruise line Frederico C from Europe to South-America. The ship-journey was the best way to calm down from the study and get the first contacts on the ship with people living in South America. Brazil was the first stop of our ship in South America. Arriving in Rio de Janeiro at mid night on a warm summer night (November = summer in South America) was the first highlight of our journey. Then the ship went on to Argentina (Buenos Aires) and and arrived there 01.12.1981. We used the "Carnet de Passage" to cross the border with our bikes. It just took some time but besides this we had no problems to take our bikes cross the border of the other countries. We stayed one week in Buenos Aires. After a week we flew by plane ( see map) to the Iguazu waterfalls. Don’t miss this unique natural spectacle ! From Iguazu back to Buenos Aires by plane. Here we started the trip through Argentina going along the east coast down to Villa Gesell. From there we crossed the Pampa to San Carlos de Bariloche at the food of the Andes. Staying a day on a hacienda was the first time we experienced the difference of live in South America compared to Europe. Christmas with 35°C was the next new experience for us. From Bariloche we went to Chile. The first unpaved roads! Next stops Conception and Puerto Mont. Looking at the buildings you could see the German influence from the time when the German emigrants came to this region. New Year’s Eve we spent in a small town called Ensenada at the bottom of the volcano Osorno. We tried to “conquer” the volcano with our bikes… the lava stopped us. From the South of Chile we rode to Villarica, Temuco and Santiago de Chile. Despite of the military dictatorship Santiago was city crowded with very friendly young people. From Santiago we went back to Argentina. Mendoza (Best vine in whole South America), San Juan, La Rioja. In Cachi we had a very good assado (= barbecue) at the police station. The baker from the town was playing the tango on his accordion. We spent the night in the prison cell of the police station. - Unpaved roads lead over Salta to the Bolivian border. Mountains gleamed in spectacular colors. Great! After the Bolivian border the unpaved road was climbing higher and higher. It’s a feeling like riding on a motor-assisted bicycle with 250 kg of weight. Potosi (the silver town), Sucre (the capital of Bolivia), Cochabamba, Oruro (great carnival festivity), La Paz (highest seat of a government in the world) were the next stops of our journey. Close to La Paz we rode to the Chacaltaya the highest point of our trip. From 4000 m we made a daytrip down to the tropical area of the Yungas. Two different worlds in one day. Passing the lake Titicaca including the visit of the Urus (swimming reed islands) we entered Peru and the Inca culture. Several times we went from the Highland down to the coast an back. Tacna, Arequipa, Juliaca, Cuzco, Nazca, Ayacucho, Huancyo, Lima were places where we stopped. From Cusco we took the train to kilometer 88. From there we had a 4 days hike to Machu Picchu. One of the highlights of the journey! From Lima we took the Panamerican Highway to Ecuador. We crossed the equator and came to the most northern point of our trip. The landscape of Ecuador was great. In Ecuador we decided to go to Brazil. The shortest way to come from Ecuador with motorcycles to Brazil leads over Peru and Bolivia. So we went back to Peru and Bolivia. The only possible way to get from Santa Cruz in Bolivia to Brazil was using a train. We checked in on a freight train. Due to the heavy rain in the last week the track bed was very soaked. With an average speed of 30 km/h the train started the ride to Brazil. In the middle of the night the train stopped abruptly. We had a look outside our wagon but we didn’t see anything because of the dark night. So we continued to sleep. Next morning when we awoke we saw what happened… Part of the train was derailed. Petrol and gas carrying wagon were laying around. We waited the whole day. In the evening the rest of the train was pulled back to the train station in Santa Cruz. After some days, when a deviation was built, we started again and entered Brazil. Compared to Bolvia Brazil was a good developed country. Most of the time fine paved roads. In Brazil we visited Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and its capital Belo Horizonte, Bahia Salvador (very nice colonial town) and Rio de Janeiro. Back to Sao Paulo we sold our bikes and flew back via USA.
The best: Staying together 9,5 month without any conflict. The whole journey was one of the best experience we ever had. We would never miss this time.  
The worst: Nothing!
Publication: Dia-Vortrag auf dem 25.-26.09.82   5. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 99 Teilnehmer
Later mc-tours:
1984 Klaus travelled again through South America (Partly by bike (Brazil), partly by bus / train (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru)).
14.05.1984 – 15.10.1984 USA – Mexico (Klaus Schwenk, )
12.08.2011 first request to Elmar !
26.08.2011 Next request to Elmar and Klaus
13.08.2011 Elmar schrieb an B.T.: Du hattest uns mit Hans Kreuselberg zusammengebracht. Für ihn hatten wir den Mototeil geschrieben in seinem Globetrotter-Reiseführer über S-A geschrieben. Natürlich habe ich noch sein handsigniertes Exemplar.
Mit cousin Klaus Schwenk haben wir nach ca. 20 Jahren wieder angefangen, zusammen mit dem Moto wegzufahren. Es ist wie früher. Alles passt, automatisch. Meist ohne große Worte. Wir sind heute nur noch unterwegs im näheren Europa. Wir tuckern mit R 80 ST und R 100 RS oder Gespann R80 herum, alle mit um die 100.000 km. Natürlich auch über Assietta, Tende, Ligurische etc. Sundgau, Schweizer Jura, Venetien, Molise, Umbrien, Pyrenäen, Cevennen. Meist, fast schon aus Gewohnheit, immer mit Schottereinlagen. Aber selbst im Schwarzwald fahre ich Dir: 20 km kleine Landstr.- 20 Km landwirtschaftliche Nebenwege und 20 (!) km Schotter. Egal, es muss ja nur Spaß machen und schön sein. Also, der Reisehunger ist immer noch da.  Nur die Ziele sind halt aus beruflichen und familiären Gründen mehr in die Nähe gerückt.
Fast unvergessen auch Dein Laden im Kornelimünster. Überall chaotisch übervoll, aber voll praxisnah, annähernd gut war nur Lauche+Maas. Die Därrs waren für uns schon damals zu kommerziell. Noch heute habe ich Artikel von Dir im Reisegebrauch. Deine Motokoffer sind kein Vergleich zu den Modekoffern und Massenartikeln von Touratech. Alles andere sind nur modische Alu- oder Plastikhüllen.
28.08.2011 First summary by Klaus Schwenk.
29.08.2011 Next request for update.
10.09.2011 Last summary

1982/ 1983
3 Bavarians on their bikes (Christoph del Bondio, Alfred and Thomas Müller).
In Bolivia they travelled together with Christian Dick, who rode in North- and South-America (see his blog their).
18 monatige Motorradreise (Yamaha XT550) durch Südamerika, Besteigung von 8 Sechstausendern im Alpinstil, 3. Platz bei der bolivianischen Moto Cross Meisterschaft.
1980 / 81:
10 monatige Motorradreise (Yamaha XT500) durch den nahen Osten.
Wüstendurchquerungen in Israel und Ägypten. Leiter der israelischen Skischule am Mt. Hermon.
29.11.2006 I asked Christoph Del Bondio again to write a short summary for the history for this website several times. Unfortunately he always said that he does not have the time. This is "very special" because I took a lot of my time to inform him before he started - many hours free of charge in 198182. - He even promised me then - before the tour - to inform me with a short summary. And he promised to publish my name and address in the reports of motorcycle-magazin. But he forgot all this. Very unpolite..

Eine spanische Expedition versucht mit Trial-Motorrädern auf 6800 m Höhe aufzusteigen.
Quelle: MRS Motorrad Reisen Sport 09.1984.

Kurt Glück und Rosemeier. Buch: Herumtreiber auf dem Amazonas. Rosensteins. Vertrieb Sachsenhagen. 166 S. Hardcover. DM 19,80.

Reise-Bericht. Süd-Amerika.
Ludwig Eisenböck. Panamerikana 1983
Bericht eines als Buch vorgesehenen, aber nicht erschienenen, sehr individuellen Tagebuches über eine fast totale Rundreise um Süd-Amerika mit einer BMW R 80 G/S, von Ostersonntag 1983 an. Die Reise führte durch Kolumbien, Equador, Peru, Chile, Argentinien, Brasilien und Venezuela. Die Fahrt durch Nord- und Süd- Amerika dauerte 1,5 Jahre. Interessant ist auch der tabellarische Versuch, für eine  Tour Alaska-Feuerland „die ideale Reisezeit" herauszufinden. Es gibt diese nicht ! - Das Manuskript beinhaltet den Reiseteil durch Süd-Amerika. Die Aufzeichnungen von Nord-Amerika kamen in Equador abhanden. 159 S.
Ludwig Eisenböck. Herrsching.

??.02.1984 - ??.10.1984 für 9 Monate von Santiago de Chile bis New York ( Studienreise )
Günter Schöfer (German, born ??)
+ Chile > USA mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln in 9 Monaten.
Route: Chile.Bolivien. Peru Kolumbien. Equador. Kolumbien. Salvador. Gutemala. Belize. Mexiko. USA. Als Student hatte ich das Glück, ein verlängertes Urlaubssemester“ einzulegen zum Zwecke eines Auslandspraktikums. Das Praktikum geriet kurz, aber die Reise um so länger. Bis in die Atacama kam ich mit Trampen gut voran. Aber nach über 36 Std am Straßenrand in der Wüste, fuhr ich ab da mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln. Sind billig und kommen „zuverlässig“ ans Ziel.
Habe in Calama in Chille einen Laverdafahrer kennengelernt mit dem ich dann einige Zeit zusammen unterwegs war. Gemeinsam überlebten wir das so ziemlich schlimmste in meinem Leben. Von Arica ( Hafenstadt im Norden Chiles ) in nur 6 Stunden in den Parke Lauca 4600m ü NN. Aklimatisieren brauchten wir nicht, waren ja schließlich keine Weicheier. Oben angekommen ging es uns so dreckig, dass wir nicht die Kraft hatten mit der Laverda wieder zurück zu fahren. Verbrachten die Nacht am See und dachten wir müssten sterben. Am nächsten Tag wenige super schöne Bilder geschossen. Wir konnten aber die Schönheit nicht genießen, uns ging es nur dreckig. Weiter nach Bolivien. So ziemlich alle Sehenswürdigkeiten angeschaut und dazu noch durch die langen Busfahrten gute Einblicke in die Kultur bekommen. Ich war „hautnah“ dabei als in dunkelster Nacht bei voller Fahrt ein Vorderreifen des Busses platzte und der sturzbetrunkene Fahrer das Gefährt super unter Kontrolle hielt. Inkatrail von La Paz nach Corroico und mit MuertoMorales Buss die Todesstrecke nach La Paz zurück. Von Bolivien nach Peru. Wieder Inca Trail, Machu Pichu und vieles vieles mehr gemacht. Beindruckend waren aber meine studienbedingten Aufenthalte in Entwicklungshilfeprojekten. Leider fing ich mir eine schwere Malaria, Typhus, Hepatitis, Brucelose und andere Krankheiten ein. Musste dann ganz schnell nach Kolumbien fahren ( Buss ) zu einem befreundeten Arzt in Cali. Mit über 40 Fieber durch Equador nach Cali / Colombia. Dort nach zwei Wochen Intensivtherapie wieder für mein Praktikum. Super Land, wenn auch nicht ganz ungefährlich. Kamen auch in eine Schießerei zwischen Militärs und Guerillias. Flug nach Salvador. In Gutemala sind die Tikal Tempelanlagen ein Muss. Coole Tage in Belize. Entspannung dann in der Nähe von Cancun in Mexiko. Damals gab es kaum Hotelburgen, wohnten in einem schnuckligen Hotel in der „ Altstadt“. Die verschiedenen Tempelanlagen und Museen angeschaut. Strand war nie mein Ding aber im Bus mit den Leuten durchs Land fahren. Die letzten zwei Wochen in den USA / North Carolina. Super nette Menschen getroffen die meine Vorurteile gegenüber Amerikanern ( bei uns in Giessen stationierte GI´s ) widerlegten. Reisen verbindet und bringt uns Menschen näher. Wenn Kulturunterschiede als Bereicherung empfunden werden und nicht als trennend, dann sind wir auf dem richtigen Weg.
Highlights: Atacama Wüste, Machu Pichu, Inca Trails, etc. etc. … Was aber wäre all dies ohne diese tollen Latinos. Die Bewahrung! Ich bin weder beraubt noch überfallen worden. Die 9 Monate haben mich all inkl. damals 7000,- DM gekostet. Unübertreffbare Kosten-Nutzen-Relation. Beste Investition meines Lebens. Prägende Erfahrungen, die mich in den folgenden Jahren noch öfters ins Ausland getrieben haben.
The Worst: Höhenkrankheit, div. andere Krankheiten. Totale Durchsuchung nach Drogen am Frankfurter Flughafen. Das alles wurde getoppt durch den nicht zu bemerkenden Ausfall der Kamera. 50% der Filme waren schwarz.
Fazit: Super Trip aber nie wieder so viele Kulturkreise auf einer Reise verbinden. Ich stumpfte im Laufe der Zeit ab. Ein Overkill durch ständige Superlative.
Zukunftspläne: Mit dem Mopped 3 Monate durch Chile und Argentinien wenn die Familie es zulässt.
27.04.2010 Lasrt summary.
30.04.2010 Günter ist Besucher des 52. TTTreffens

Ca. 1984 - 1987
Lothar and N. Schmidt (German)
+ Around in South America. 3 years with a Mercedes Bus 306 D through 24 contries of Africa - North-America and a complete round in South America.
Publlication: Tours 2.1987.
: "Abenteuer Unterwegs".

> 1984
Alfred Müller (German)
+ Trans-South-America. Ritt ans Ende der Welt
Publication: Motor Reisen und Sport 15.1984: 62.000 km von Venezuela (Caracas) ans Ende der Welt

14.06.1985 - 30.12.1985
Patrick Burny
+ Around South America. Der Belgier Patrick fuhr vom 14.06.-30.12.1985 mit einem Honda-Trike 250 ccm 32.500 eine komplette Runde in Süd-Amerika. Strecke : Venezuela (Caracas) - Brasilien (Manaus - Belem per Schiff - Brasilia - Salvador - Rio Grande) - Uruguay (Montevideo) - Argentinien - (Buenos Aires) - Chile (Santiago) - Bolivien (La Paz) - Peru (Lima) - Equador (Quito) - Kolumbien (Bogota) - Venezuela (Caracas).
Reise-Führer. Reise-Bericht. Süd-Amerika. 1986. Burny, Patrick L'Amerique du sud sur trois Roues. Deutsch : Süd-Amerika auf drei Rädern. 216 S. 25 SW-Fotos. 12 Kartenskizzen. 11 SW-Skizzen. 21,5 cm x 15. Verlag: Selbstverlag. Patrick Burny. Chastre. Belgien. Published 01/1986. BF 400 (1992).



Reise-Bericht. Süd-Amerika.
Sybille Holdener (16.08.1955) und Florian Schlumpf
(geb. Sybille 01.05.1959)
Mit OPTIBRUMM durch Südamerika.
Mit einem Eigenbaumotorrad „Optibrumm“ (Motor von Cagiva 175 ccm; Vorderschwinge und Kardan von BMW 250 ccm; Rest Eigenbau) und einer Honda 125 ccm 1983/4 durch 8 Länder Südamerikas.
Strecke : Kolumbien - Equador - Peru - Bolivien - Argentinien - Chile - Argentinien - Paraguay - Brasilien. 1986. 188 S. 182 SW-Fotos. 8 Kartenskizzen mit Strecke.
Verlag: Optibrumm-Buch und Verlag (Eigenverlag). Kriens. Schweiz. 1. Aufl. 1985.  2. Aufl. 1986.
Bezug: Florian Schlumpf. Dorfstr. 10. CH-7324 Vilters Schweiz oder bei Tesch in Stolberg-Zweifall.
DM 20,00 (1992)
(Adresse bis 1993: Ganischastr. T 1. CH-8890 Flums).+D. 30.05.2004.
Zu Florians Buch :
Florian ist selbständiger Maschineningenieur, ein  1 Mannbetrieb für Spezialmaschinenbau. 1991 hat er ein patentiertes Planetengetriebe für Fahrräder entwickelt. Leider hat er keine Zeit mehr zum Motorrad-Fahren. Die vielen Erlebnisse der Süd-Amerika-Tour haben ihn sehr geprägt. Er möchte auf einer nächsten Tour nicht mehr als gut ausgerüsteter Tourist fotografierend und nur konsumierend durch Länder der dritten Welt fahren als jemand, der überall als „reich“ angesehen wird. Lieber würde er mit einem Velo reisen, weil der Abstand zu den Leuten noch kleiner ist und die körperliche Leistung gefordert wird. Eine andere Vorstellung von Florian ist es, vielleicht als Entwicklungshelfer an einem Ort zu leben, um die Menschen besser kennenzulernen als beim reinen Durchfahren.

12.11.1989 -10.05.1990
Ute König und Michael Schröder (Germans)
+ Chile. Argentina. Michael rode with BMW R 80 G/S in five months 22.000 kms (7.000 kms off-road) in the south of Chile and Argentina for DM 5.500.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: ??
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Publication: Motorrad-TOUREN 02.1991
Earlier experiences: ??
Publication: + Motorrad-TOUREN 02.1991
1991 Slides-show Tesch-Travel-Treffen
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05.09.1990 - 20.02.1991
Peter Fischer (German) and Britt Hilkermeier no www.
First motorbike tour to South America 10.000 kms with Britt (Yamaha XT 500) on Kawasaki KLR 650 ( Peter). Peter sails from Hamburg to Buenos Aires on a merchant containership of  shippingline Hamburg-Süd with the 2 bikes on board. Women are not allowed on bord. So Britt has to take the plane to Argentina.
Route: Argentina (Buenos Aires - Cordoba - San Luis) - Chile (Mendoza - the Chilian lake district) - Argentina (Perinsula Valdez - Azul - Buenos Aires). Peter went back to Germany on the merchant ship "Cap Polonio". Britt took the plane.
The best: The friendly people and the national parks in Argentina.
The worst: 3 weeks on a merchant ship cleaning every part of the ship.
10.10.1992 - 25.04.1993
Peter Fischer (German) Britt Hilkermeier and Rainer Helmke
Second motorbike tour to South America ca. 20.000 kms. With Rainer ( Yamaha XT 600) and Britt (sozia from Peter on KLR 650). The 3 friends by plane, the bike by ship.
Route: Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Chile (Carreterra Austral - Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) - Argentina (via Ruta 40 - to
Mendoza - San Luis - Buenos Aires): By plane to Germany, the bikes by ship.
The best: The mountains at Cordoba and San Luis provinz.
The worst: The wind in south Patagonia.
23.10.1993 - 10.01.1996
Peter Fischer (German) and Britt Hilkermeier
Third motorbike tour to South America ca. 50.000 kms. Riding to the south of Argentina and Chile on KLR 650 cracking the
120.000 km with the original engine. Living and working as a mechanic in San Martin de los Andes in Chile (northern Patagonia) for 1 year. Staying in Argentina (Buenos Aires at Plaza Cycles) and working 3 months as an motorbike mechanic.
Route: Argentina (Riding the Pampa) in wintertime - Chile (northern an southern part, riding 3 times the Carraterra Austral) - Bolivia (Gran Chaco) - Brasil (south) - the bike by containership with Hamburg-Süd to Germany. Back to Germany in july 1994 ??? flying to Buenos Aires, the bikes on ship.
The best: Bolivia (La Paz and Titicaca lake) knowing better the Patagonian National Parks.
The worst: Got 3 days in Argentina in jail in Mendoza after a crash with a pedestrian.
03.1996/97 - 1997/98
Peter Fischer (German)
Fourth motorbike tour on Honda Transalp in South America ca. 20.000 kms. Tourguide for the motorbike Travel Company
"Edelweiss Bike Travel". 7 tours in Chile and Argentina (Tour of the Andes. Santiago de Chile. Puerto Varas. Bariloche. Argentina. Mendoza. Santiago de Chile).
Private Route: Comming from Chile crossing the big salt lake Uyuni - Bolivia going north, crossing other salt lakes - Bolivia (to La Paz).
The best: The people in the streets were prout to see travelers on scooters. We were very welcome in every place.
The worst: The European bikers on there traveling super bikes did not even like to speak with scooter riders.
??.1996/97 - ??.1997/98
Peter Fischer (German)
Fifths tour with Rainer Helmke and Frank Buettner to the south of  Chile ( Carreterra Austral) and Argentina.
Which motorbikes ?? kms ??
The best: ??
The worst: ??
??.04.1999 - ??.08.1999
Peter Fischer (German)
Sixth motorbike tour on Honda Transalp in South America ca. 20.000 kms.
Route: Argentina (Buenos Aires) - to the South of Chile (Pucon) - Argentina (Cordoba - San Luis - Neuquen - Bariloche
- Temuco Chile - (Santiago de Chile) - Argentina (La Rioja - Tucuman - Salta. Here I worked with my friends fom "Movietrack" 4x4 Raids for 2 months - Paraguay (Asuncion - Iguazu) - Uruguay (Montevideo) - Argentina (Buenos Aires).
November 1999
Peter Fischer (German)
Ca.7000 kms in 4 weeks with dealers from Vespa Germany. Organizing and guiding tour throug 5 countries in Latinamerica on Vespa Hexagon 180 cc scooters.
Route: Argentina - Chile - Paraguay - Uruguay - Brasil - Buenos Aires - Santiago - Asuncion - Foz do Iguazu - Montevideo.
Dezember 1999
Peter Fischer (German)
Opening a bike shop and pension in Temuco Chile. 600 km in the south of  Santiago de Chile. Instructor for BMW Chile and Argentina. Showing the people what you can do with a BMW motorbike. Organizing roadshows in Chile. Trips with European tourist on bikes in the south of Chile.

Abfahrtdatum ??- Endedatum ???
Was soll ich mit dieser alleinstehenden Angabe ???: Work as a Tourguide for Pancho Villa Moto Tours.
Route: Valparaiso ( Chile ) to Ushuaia and back.
The best: ??
The worst: ??

Peter lived in Spain (Catalunia). He guided 4 tours for BMW Motorrad in Argentina and Chile with how many persons???. And what kind of bikes ?
Route: Bariloche to Ushuaia and the best of the Andes in the south of Chile and Argentina. Route more detailed please ??
The best: to come back every summer to Argentina and Chile.
The worst: at the very first tour we had to wait up to 7 hours at the border to leave Argentina with argentine licence motorbikes, because of paperwork. After every tour we had to bring the support jeep back to Bariloche because of paperwork..


Peter lived in Germany. Working for the BMW-Fahrertraining in the BMW-Enduropark in Hechlingen/Germany as an instructor.
In charge of the Endurotours from BMW Fahrertraining in Argentina and Chile

Abfahrdatum ?? - Endedatum..???
private clients on BMW´s and Landrover asks me to organize a 4 week tour from Valparaiso to Ushuaia, 1 t class Hotels, like Llao Llao in Bariloche. shipping the bikes and the Landi from Munich to Valparaiso and back from Ushuaia with Hamburg Süd Shipping Line. 5000km.
The best: to see how the clients enjoy the trip and my work in organizing everything. To stay in such nice and good hotels..
The worst: I had to eat too much good meat in Argentina.
Back from Ushuaia to Santiago de Chile on Bike. 5000km. A lot of strong winds at ruta 40 in Patagonia . On one day it was impossible to ride the bike on gravel.
B.T.: Peter is one of the most experienced Mc-Travellers in South America since 1990. He lived in Chile (Temuco, ca. 700 kms south of Santiago de Chile along routa 40). He offered there acommendation, had a repair-workshop for motorcycles and sold motorcycle equipment. So he was an important address for Mc-Travellers travelling this area.
09.02.2006 His friend Edgardo Schneider Reinike has the shop in Temuco now. Phone: 045 212775 mail: Edgardo speaks Spanish,German and English.
09.2000 I met Peter at the Motorcycle-Travel-Meeting in Gieboldehausen first time
End of Peter Fischer´s tours in S-America

13.03.2014 Next request for update inkl. Fotos

11.02.1990 - 27.08.1990
Hendrik Kühne und Michel Obertin (Luxembourg)
Michel with YAMAHA XT 250 and Hendrik with YAMAHA XT 500 rode 18.000 kms through South America. They saw 9 Motorcycle-Travellers in 6,5 months.
Route: Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Ushuaia - Chile (Santiago) - Argentina - Bolivia - Peru (Machu Picchu) - Bolivia - Brazil - Argentina - (Buenos - Aires).
Publication: + REVUE

Dia-Vortrag auf dem 13 Motorrad-Fernreise-Treffen 1991 ab 19.00 Uhr :
Hendrik Kühne (Aus Luxemburg): "Süd- Amerika- Rundtour".
Vom 11.02.89-27.08. erfüllten sich Micky Obertin auf einer Yamaha XT 250 und Hendrik auf einer Yamaha XT 500 den Traum einer 18.000 km Rundtour: Argentinien- Chile- Bolivien- Peru- Brasilien- Uruguay. In 6,5 Monaten trafen sie 9 Motorrad- Fahrer, darunter keinen Deutschen. Besonders bravös ist Mickys Motorrad- Tour, da sie vorher nur 1000 km auf einem Motorrad gesessen hat.


Rainer Seidel (German, born 01.06.55)
+ South-America 11 countries. Within 20 months Rainer rode 67.500 Km in South -America with a Honda 750 Africa Twin.
Purpose of travel: ???
Route: Venezuela - Colombia/Panama - Equador - Peru - Chile - Bolivia - Brasil - Paraguay - Argentina - and back tThrough which countires ??? to Brasil again.
The best: ??.
The worst: ??
Book or publication : ??
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ??

21.10.1992 - 28.06.1993
Peter Krämer (born 05.01.1961)
+ South-America south-north. The German self employed geograph Peter (BMW R 100 GS) and Kurt Klöser (Kawasaki KLR 650) rode 19.764 motorbike kms through Southamerica.
Route: Argentina (Buenos Aires, Ushuaia) - Chile (Paine National Park, Arica, Potosi) Bolivia (La Paz) - Peru (Machu Picchu) - Bolivia (La Paz) - Brasil (Porto Velho, Manaus, Gran Sabana) - Venezuela (Caracas). From here by bus: Brasil (Merid) - Colombia - Equador - Galappagos Islands - Ecuador. By plane to Brasil (Manaus. By ship to Belem. By bus to Recife. By plane home.
Purpose of travel: Like to travel.
The best: Many different, but nothing special.
The worst: Was there something?
Book or publication : "Südamerika", Selbstverlag.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: In 2001 it is too long to offer actuell informations.
B.T.: Peter - always being very modest - called me once that he has his book ready about South America and wanted to print only 100 books. But I recommended him to print 500 books after I helped him a little bit to organise the sale. His in German written book "Südamerika" (40 b&w-fotos. 246 pp. 6 route-maps) is his personal story with all his feelings, what he saw and about what he was thinking while travelling riding with a companion and meeting the inhabitans. But the book includes as well tips for sightseing, routes and sleeping places. Finally a love-story. Peter has travelled as well by by ship, bus, railway.
Peter has been several times at the Tesch-Mc-Meeting" and my private guest. I know that in his mind still is the secret plan to write a book about his earlier African-Mc-Tour...
07.03.1998 In the Mc-Magazine MOTORRAD the book was published.
20.08.2011 Peter Krämer and his Chinese wife visited me to my 70th birthday.
11.09.2012 Um Fotos gebeten.

01.04.1995 - ca. 01.1996
Marc Gutmann (German)
+ South-America. Around-The-World. Marc planned 6,5 months. After 9 months he returned with his SUZUKI DR 650 after 25.000 kms (off-road ca. 7000 kms). Marc rode in many curves through SA and visited 9 different countries. Because he did not want to be in South America within a day he and his bike shipped with Polish Ocean Lines from Danzig (Polan) to Argentina (Buenos Aires).
Purpose: He visited  many SOS-children villages in SA.
01.-02.04.1995 Participant of the 17. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Marc started his tour here.
30.-31.03.1996 Participant of the 18. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. He gave a slides-show: "Süd-Amerika".
14.-16.04.2000 Participant of the 22. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Marc finished his tour here.
2001 plan: Another great tour!

1995 ca.
Peter Krämer (born ??)
Buch „Südamerika“  von Peter Krämer  DM 34,00. Mit Motorrad, Schiff , Bus und Eisenbahn von Feuerland bis zur Karibik. Der begeisterte Motorrad-Reisende Peter hat „seine Geschichte“ aufgeschrieben. Was er sah, empfand, worüber er nachgedacht hat, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Routen - und Übernachtungen, Motorrad-Transport, Gespräche mit Menschen. Das Buch vermittelt jemand einen hervorragenden Eindruck, was jemand auf einer Süd-Amerika-Reise erwartet. Auch seine Liebesgeschichte mit einer Brasilianerin.....Ich hatte nach dem Lesen das Gefühl, einmal dorthin fahren zu sollen. 40 SW-Fotos. 246 S. 6 Streckenkarten.

Eine Buchbesprechung von Bernd Tesch von Peter Krämer´s Buch: SÜDAMERIKA

Mit Motorrad, Schiff, Bus und Eisenbahn von Feuerland bis zur Karibik

     Als Peter Krämer (32) mich anrief, um mir zu sagen, daß er ein Buch über seine achtmonatige Reise mit 30.000 km in Südamerika fertig habe und nicht einmal seine Eltern von der Entstehung seines Buches von 246 Seiten und 6 Karten erfahren hätten, war ich baff. Dieser auffällig ruhige Individualist und Selfmademann hatte nicht nur seine Transkontinent-Tour bewältigt.
     Auf der 4500 km seitenwindigen Reise von Buenos Aires nach Süden „wird das Motorrad bald automatisch gesteuert und der Kopf kann sein eigenes Leben führen. Eine mediative Art des Fahrens“. Kleine Personalprobleme sorgen bald für Abwechslung: Der Geologe Peter möchte nur an romantischen Plätzen rasten, sein Reisepartner, der Ingenieur Kurt Klöser, immer in regelmäßigen Abständen. Während Peter in einem preiswerten Hotel befürchtet, daß die kleinen Holzwürmer gerade in dieser Nacht die Decke zum Einstürzen bringen, erfreut er sich am nächsten Tage nahe Valdez über die großen Meerestiere wie Walmütter mit ihren Kälbern und Seeelefanten. Estancias unterwegs zeigen übergroße Penisse an den Toren als Zeichen des Frauenmangels und versteinerte Bäume bei Sarmiento erzählen von 65 Mio. Jahren. Peters BMW R 100  GS und Kurts Kawasaki KLR 650 finden den Weg durch die waldlose Steppe und Schnee bis zu Feuerlands südlichstem Punkt und dann nördlich zu dem Moreno-Gletscher und Cerro Torre im Süden Argentiniens. Südamerika bietet Gegensätze: Staubige, schier endlose Erdstraßen in der  regenlosen Atacama-Wüste Chiles, kurvenreiche Schotterstraßen über fast 5000 m hohe Andenpässe, Vulkane in Bolivien, Schlammpisten in den Regenwäldern des Amazonas- und Orinoco-Beckens, weiße Strände der Karabik, von Manaus aus mit Schiffen den Amazonas abwärts bis zur Mündung, hektische Millionenstädte und idyllische Ortee an der brasilianischen Küste,  Riesenschildkröten  auf den Galapagosinseln. Welch ein Kontinent ! Die Reise endete mit der Gewißheit, daß Peter noch mehr von Südamerika erlebt hätte, wenn er mehr spanisch und portugiesisch gesprochen hätte.
     Ein kurzweilig sehr schön zu lesendes Buch, das mir das Reisen in Südamerika und den Traveller und Mensch Peter sehr nahe brachte. Die Individualität des Buches im Selbstverlag wird verstärkt durch viele allgemeine Gedanken zum Reisen in fremden Ländern, Nachdenken über die Verhältnisse und die meist unberechtigten Medienberichte in Deutschland über das gefährliche Südamerika ohne Hinweis auf liebenswerte Menschen, persönliche Fragen nach dem Sinn des Lebens und dem versuchten - mißglückten Ausbruch, dem gleichbleibenden Arbeitsleben zu Hause für immer zu entfliehen, der Hoffnung auf eine positive Veränderung durch die Reise, manche Fehlerchen beim Rechtschreiben und ein „Happy End“ mit seiner brasilianischen Freundin Mariene. 246 Seiten. 40 Fotos. 1 Übersichtliche Streckenkarte. 5 Detailkarten. Paperback (17 cm  B x 24 H). DM 34,90. SFR 28,90. ÖS 255,00. $ US 24,90. ISBN 3-00-001097-1. Published 12/1996. Auflage / prints: only 500.
Selbstverlag / Selfpublisher und Bezug / Supplier : Peter Krämer. Frankfurter Str. 69. D-63303 Dreieich. Germany.
+ D 30.05.2004

26.12.1995 - 31.01.1996.
Dr. Clodoaldo Turbay Braga (Brasilian) or
South-America. Four Brasilians like Clodoaldo (Cagiva 90) and Iga, Dalton, Helio ( all with BMW R 1100 GS) rode 14.754 kms in 33 days to the southern point of the planet an somehow a huge round in South-America.
Route: Brasilien (Curtiba) - Argentinien - Chile - Argentinien (Ushuaia) - Chile - Argentinien - Uruguay - Brasilien.
Book: Caminhos da Grande Cordilheira (in Portuguese. Titel in German: "Mit dem Moto zu den "Grande Cordilheira (Anden)".


15.10.1996 - 03.12.1996
Montani (Peruvian, born 11.08.1976) and Daniel Scheidel (German, born 29.04.1959)
+ Peru - Brasil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Peru.
Angela and Daniel rode together 9500 kms on one HONDA Africa Twin 750.
Purpose: Fun an wildlife (fotografing)
Route: Peru (Lima - Cuzco - Puerto Maldonado) - Brasil (Brasileia - Rio Branco - Porto Velho - Cuiaba - Pantanal - Iguazu) - Paraguay (Ciudad del Este - Asuncion) - Argentina (Resistencia - Salta - San Antonio de los Cobres) - Chile (San Pedro de Atacama - Arica) - Peru (Tacna - Lima)
The best: Pantanal and San Pedro de Atacama (geysires de el tatio)
The worst: Crashing down (Angela broke her arm) a collapsing wooden bridge in the pantanal
Usefull information: Trip should be done one month earlier, since the rainy season had already begun (deep mud between puerto maldonado and brasileia
Other experioences: A lot of other trips in southern south america, like buenos aires to tierra del fuego, chile: carretera austral to parque nacional torres del paine, from buenso aires via uruguay and rio de janeiro to recife, peru/bolivia/argentina: tacna - arica- cochabamba - chapare - santa cruz - jujuy - buenos aires
1981, 1982, 2001, 2003, 2005 participant of the Tesch-Motorcycle Meetings for World-Travellers
2001 Geschäftsführer der IHKammer in Argentinien, Buenos Aires.

07.10.1997 - 25.04.1999
Martin Pohlmann (German)   no www.
+ Most of South America. The plummer-engineer and musican (trumpet) Martin rode solo 35.000 kms in 7 different countries in South America with BMW R 100 GS.
Route: Germany (send his mc with Big Bike Tours to) - Argentina - Paraguay - Uruguay - Argentina - Chile (Ushuaia) - Bolivia - Peru - Equador - both flew back from Quito by Air France to Germany (München).
The best: Lake-area Sala de Uyumi. Iguazu water falls. Valdez in Argentina. Moreno Ice. Atacama desert. Yungas (= mountains in the east of the Andes). Cusco. Steppe northwest of Argentina. Hospitallity in Argentina. Chile is best organised. Nicest people in Bolivia.
The Worst: Agressivity of people in Peru.
Publications. No.
11.-13.04.2003 6 times participant of the Tesch-Motorcycle-Traveller-Meetings

07.1997 - 08.1999
Keiji Mizuno
+ South-America. The Japanese Mc-Traveller Keiji rode solo with HONDA XLR 250 R.
Route: June 1997: Motorcyle send by ship from Japan to Chile (Varparaiso) - Peru (at Huaras I met Germany Rider Daniel Duwe (Transalp) and Astrid Griep (DR 350 R) - Ayacucho (I met Swiss rider Bluno Blum with TT600). I drove with Bruno:
Cusco - Arequipa - Puno - Chile (La Paz - Salar Uyuni - Laguna Colorado - Laguna Verde) - Peru (1997, Oct + Nov.
I backed to Peru. I went northern jungle,Yurimaguas) - In december 1997 I backed back to Japan for one month - Chile (1998 from 02.-05.1998 Patagonia) - at Usuhaia I met my friend Seiji and Harumi who are travelling for 5 years around the world with Honda. We drove together in Patagonia. In June 1998 I was looking for a job in Santiago) - Argentina (I passed northern Andes of Argentina) - Bolivia (I met with Seiji and Harumi again. We rode togehter Salar - Uyuni - L.Verde - Potosi - Sucre - Villamontes - Santa Cruz back to La Paz. In Sept. 1998 La Paz - Ulla Ulla N.P. - Puno - jungle part, Puerto Mardonado) - Brazil - I went Port Vello (Brazil) - 1998, Oct. I took ferry boat from Port Vellho to Manaus. Then I went Caracas (Venezuela) - 1998-9, Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. I was in Merida (Venezuela) - 1999, March: I went Quito,Equador. I met with Seiji and Harumi and Tadao and Miho who are Bernd Teschs friends - 1999, April. May: I went back to Lima. Then I went Pucallpa (Peru, in jungle) - I took ferry boat from Pucallpa to Belem (Brazil) - It was 16 days trip from up source of Amazon to end - 1999, May. June: Drive along the coast of Brazil from Belem to Sao Paulo - at Sao Paulo I met Tadao again - 1999, June. July: Drive from Sao Paulo - Foz do Iguazu - Asuncion - north of Argentina to Bolivia with Tadao - We rode from Salar Uyuni to L.Verde - then we arrived at Iquique (Chile). We tried to send Tadao´s BMW from there. 1999, Aug: I came back to La Paz alone - I´ll try to send motorcycle from Peru back to Japan.
1999 The Japanese Motorcycle-Traveller Tadao informed me from South-America that he met the Japanese Mc-Traveller Keiji being in La Paz.
B.T.: One of the longest South-America mc-travel I have heard from. May be the longest. ...

1. int. Tesch-Travel-Treffen 1997 in Ushuaia in  Süd-Amerika
Fotos in Süd-Amerika-Ordner oder 20 MFT
Die Welt ist groß, die der Motorrad-Traveller klein. Am 24.12.1997 trafen sich geplant 10 Motorrad-Fernreisende in Usuiaha, der südlichsten Stadt der Welt in Süd-Amerik geplant. Astrid Grieb und Daniel Duwe kamen pünktlich von Alaska an. Buch-Autor Dr. Gregory Frazier hatte 20.000 km Anfahrt von USA, Birgit Pütz und Jo Deleker und Andreas Hülsmann starten hier Trans-Südamerika bis Venezuela und die „homeless Susan und Grant Johnson aus Canada feierten hier während ihrer 10-jährigen  Motorrad-Tour Weihnachten. Und da sich acht vom Tesch-Moto-Fernreise-Treffen kannten, veranstalteten sie hier demonstativ das „1. Internationale „Tesch-Travel-Treffen„ (Schildaufschrift)„. Zusammenhalt ist angesagt !

16.06.1999 - 17.08.1999
Miroslav Blanarik (Slovak, 11.08.1974)
+ Argentina - Chile- Bolivia - Peru. Miro went alone through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru with no own means of transport, that means, hitching, buses, motorcyles and boats used.
Purpose of travel: making my childhood dream come true
Route: Buenos Aires (ARG) - Tierra del Fuego - Lago Argentino - Puerto Natales (CHL) - Puerto Mont - Santiago - Easter Island (rental Honda XL) - Santiago - Antofagasta - San Pedro del Atacama - Susques (ARG) - La Quiaca (BOL) - Potosi - Sucre - Potolo - Oruro - La Paz - Illimani, Condoriri (on two Jawa 350 to the base camps) - Titicaca lake - Cuzco (PER) - Ayacucho - Pucallpa - Iquitos (per boat).
The best: Climbing the Andes (Illimani ~6450m because of the altitude, Condiriri ~5900m because of the beatifull climb), visiting the Easter Island, taking the boat ride on the Rio Ucayali down to the Amazon basin
The worst: Lariam :-)
Ealier experiences: Some other travels like hiking and hitching in Finnish Lappland upto the North Cape (09/1998), snowmobiling in Finnish Lappland (02/1999), hiking and exploring southern Brasil (2000)...
Book or publication: private diary
(Foto -> Miro_Bolivien_Condoriri_768.jpg)

29.11.1999 - 05.04.2000
Karl-Heinz Asmuth (= Tango-Kalle, born 1952) (German)
+ Argentina. Chile. BMW F 650. Karl-Heinz rode solo Buenos Aires - Ushuaia - Santiago de Chile - Buenos Aires. 15.000 kms (9.000 kms asphalt, 6.000 kms dirt route).
Route: Buenos Aires via la routa tres to Ushuaia - Punta Arenas - Torres del Paine - glacier Perito Moreno - via la routa cuarenta to Chile Chico - Isla Chiloe - Puerto Montt - vulcan Villarica and vulcan Orsorno - San Martin del los Andes - Santiago de Chile - Mendoza - Cordoba -  Azul - Buenos Aires. There I took Tango lessons.
The best: The widness and the incredible light of Patagonia and the unbelievable landscape of the Andes. I am very impressed of the kindness and hospitalty in Argentina and Chile. Now I have a lot of new friends there. For myself I have found inner fredom and tranquillity.
Reasons for travelling: Motorcycling and dancing tango. In 1996 "Kalle" had several times a dream, that he should travel by motorcycle to Australia and South-America. This, although the computer-expert never wanted to ride a motorcycle. In 1997 he has been for some weeks in Argentina and Chile, dancing Tango with enthusiasm. Here he loved to meet the people there. His special wish is to ride off road in Carretera Austral/Chile. At 31st of december he will celebrate the millenium in Usuhaia.
25.06.99: Kalle visited Bernd Tesch for recommendation.

Keith King in 2000 Torres del Paine in Chile (C).

(C). Keith King in 2000 map and "El Mano Del Desierto Chile".

??.02.2000 - ??.12.2000
Keith King (Guyana, born ??.??.19?? in ??) your http://www.???
+ South-America including Guyana. Keith rodo solo in South America an a HONDA XR600. 40.000 kms. 10 months.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: Uruguay - Argentina - South ?? - Chile (Atacam deserT - Peru - Bolivia - Paraguay - Brazil (Belem - sailing in 4 days the Amazon River by boat to Manaus) - Boa Vista) - Guyana (Lethem - next 600kms to Georgetown the capital, the road does NOT exist. Do Keith took the chance to ride with a truck -
The best: no punctures. And ??
The worst: ??
Book or publication
(about your tour):... ??
Important useful informations for others:....??
Earlier experiences: ???
14.12.2002 2nd request for update
23.03.2003 3rd request
29.11.2006 4th request
28.11.2011 5th and last request for answer
28.08.2011 1st answer and fotos.
08.09.2011 7th request
B.T.: The first who circled South America by car in total was Hans Kreuselberg 10.1973 - 02.1975 with 71.000 kms.
Only very few motorcycle have circled South America in total.

Foto: Jeanette Sabus mit Michael Schwammborn in Ecuador am Äquator.

??.12.2000 - ??.05.2002
Jeanette Sabus  (German, birthday 27.09.1964) pandoras_tour
+ South-America. Jeanette  rode along the Andes in South America on a Kawasaki KLR 250, approx.  33.000  km. She has been living in Santiago de Chile for four years. She is sponsored by Goretex.
Purpose of your travel: to get to know the continent, its landscape, its people, their way of life and their culture  ... 
Route: South America ( Chile - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Venezuela - Colombia)
The best: Impossible to tell in a few words all the positive experience of the journey as a whole, the freedom. 
The worst: Hearing about the deadly accident of the fellow biker Klaus Mertmann in Peru. Always having to say good-bye to all the nice and friendly people we met on the road.
Next planned experience: crossing South-America by horse, starting in sept/oct '09 or later. 
Route: Chile - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Venezuela.
See Bernd Tesch´s website South-America for more details.  
26.06.2002 1st contact
26.06.2002 1st request for update
02.12.2006 2nd request for update
13.04.2008 3rd request for update

03.12.2000 - 11.02.2001
Nicole Klingler and Schmidt Markus (Germans)
Plan Argentina and Chile. Markus (XT 600 E) and his girlfriend Nicole (TransAlp) will ride in SAmerica.
Route: Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego or not, they don't know, or to Chile Chico, the Carreterra Austral north, then Parque National Nahuel Huapi, Ruta Quarenta, Salta, to San Pedro de Atacama or not, and to Foz de Iguazu, or not. Actually they are on holiday and don't care, where they are when.... holiday.....
Useful informations and TIPS for others:  Bike Transport with Schenker Eurocargo, with crates (metall from motorcycle-dealers), Darmstadt-Buenos Aires costs DM 700 per Bike one way including freightinsurance. (600 without)

21.12.2000 - 31.01.2001
Kerstin Doose (German, born 1961) and M. and Wolle (German, born 1961)
+ Argentina and Chile.South America. Technical Writer Kerstin rode with a XT600K about 10.000km from Buenos Aires south along the ruta 3 to Ushuaia, then up north along ruta 40 to Santiago de Chile. One of many great experiences was learning Spanish language by talking with the people every day.
Route: Mc (Hellmanns, price ca. 3500 DM for 2 XT600) and person (Aerolineas Argentina, price ca. 1400 DM) with different planes from Germany to Argentina (Buenos Aires. By mc to Azul - Peninsula Valdez - Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego - Punta Arenas) - Chile (Torres del Paine - Glaciar Moreno - Lago B. Aires - Coihaique - Chaitèn - Puerto Montt - Osorno - Villarica - Lanin NP - Valparaiso - Santiago) - by different planes mc and persons back to Germany.
The best: Torres del Paine, lonesome roads
The worst: big cities
Important useful informations for others: The customs staff had a very helping hand for getting our bikes out of the customs; it was the only place we had to stamp our carnet de passage. The transport by plane for two XT600 (on one pallet) was a quite cheap transport alternative with a secure arrival date.
Book or publication : no.
Further experience: Dec. 2003 - Jan. 2004 travelling by myself through New Zealand. See more under site Australia

(C). Jo Deleker and Birgit Pütz in Chile.

(C) Jo Deleker and Birgit Pütz in Uruguay.

31.12.2000 - 07.01.2002
Birgit Pütz and Jo Deleker (Germans, born Birgit 1961, Jo 1959)
First S-America-tour:15.10.1997 - 01.05.1998. Computer-expert Birgit (BMW R 80 G/S) and Journalist Jo (Dominator) rode already (most of the time with Andreas Hülsmann, who wrote the book in German "Auszeit": 25.000 km in Süd-Amerika about this tour) in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.
Route: Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Tierra del Fuego/Ushuaia - Ruta Cuarenta - Carretera Austral - Santiago - Mendoza - Salta - Arica - Santiago.
The best: Lots of them
Book or publication: Motorcycle magazin MOTORRAD 20/98, 4/99, 4/2000.......
Useful informations and TIPS for others: to much to write here
Second S-America-tour:31.12.2000 - 01.07.2001 Birgit (SUZUKI DR 650 SE) and Jo (Honda Dominator) again plan to cross "a little bit" of South America  in six months.
Route: Germany (Mc by plane to Chile (Puenta Arenas). Both flew to Argentina (Buenos Aires and then to Ushuaia) - from Ushuaia they found a ship visiting the Antarctic. By mc from Ushuaia north through the Andes to Ecuador. From 65° South (Antarctica) to 0° (Ecuador): Ushuaia/Argentina- through Chile and Argentina up to Bolivia, then Peru and Ecuador.
The best: At least one per day
Reasons for travelling: Freedom. Real Living. Fun and whatsoever.


Copyright Bernd Tesch.
 It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the books in work "Süd-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = South-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-7 and "Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = North-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-9
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstr. 31, 52152 Simmerath-Hammer, Germany. Tel 0049(0)2473-938686. website:

contact: copy please

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