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Important to read at first:

After 44 years - on 18th.09.2014 - I decided to stop my researches on: "How were all continents discovered 1885-2014 by motorcycle-travellers?" The reason is that I have been sitting with all my passion behind the computers and reading books and articles for years day and night to come to the knowledge of these sites.
I am still full of other ideas including some travels. Also I want to move a bit more for my health instead of sitting too long behind the computer.

You can use all information for yourself. If you use infos and fotos for any other reason like publications please know, that there is still Copyright on all of it by myself and others.

I am German. I did my best to write most in English. If I missed some ,,,,,,,,, please take some of these and put them on the right place (Churchill)!

Bye Bernd Tesch. Village Hammer in forest EIFEL / Germany / United Europe / Multiversum

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Overland to, in and around North -and South America by Motorcycle
Both Americas Motorcycle - Travels / Reisen / Adventures
Süd- + Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen
On this site you find summaries of travellers who have travelled already in South-America, just travelling ther or have the plan to travel S- and NA.

Alaska > Tierra Del Fuego (Southern tip of South America) + Tierra Del Fuego > Alaska
= Alaska-Feuerland  Motorrad-Reisen

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North- and South-America including other continents
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Panamericana = "Carretera Panamericana" = "Pan-American Highways" verbindet Alaska mit Feuerland.

Die “Panamericana” durchzieht 17 Staaten. Vier Klima- und fast alle Vegetationszonen der Erde. 30.000 Kilometer.
“Panamericana” insgesamt 48.000 Kilometer Schnellstraße. Längste Nord-Südverbindung 26.000 Kilometer. Längste Straße der Welt, mit 90-
Kilometer Unterbrechung zwischen Panama und Kolumbien. Der Isthmus von Darien ist ein undurchdringlicher, bergiger Urwald.

Satelitenbild von Nordamerika in 2014 mit Grenzen

Satelitenbild von Südamerika in 2014 mit Grenzen

If anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE in the SAME STYLE and format in English:

01.05.2011 - 27.1o.2013
Sven Müller (German)  your https://www.???
Sven rode solo South-America with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Or: Sven rode with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne)..
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:....
Book or publication (about your tour):... I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations. Bernd Tesch
Earlier experiences: ???
Add: If you like it would be very nice for the travellers who read this, if you can send already "on the road". And one portrait-foto of each person of the tour. Please do NOT send series of fotos of the tour.

Grösse von Süd-Amerika:
17.843.000 Quadratkilometern (Platz 4 bei der Rangliste der größten Kontinente: Asien, Afrika, Nord-Amerika, Süd-Amerika.
Bevölkerung von Süd-Amerika:
400 Millionen Menschen.

Klima-Tabellen in Süd-Amerika

Maps of South-America (for all continents)

Aktuelle Infos über Benzin-Preise, Übernachtungen, Fähren und Leuten die unterwegs sind mit allen möglichen Fahrzeugen: Joachim Kieser

Ich schrieb Joachim am 25.03.2014: Alaska-Feuerland Moto-Reisen 1952-heute:  
Seit 1970 sammle ich Infos über viele historische und aktuelle weltweite Motorrad-Reisen. Seit 1998 gibt es diese auf meiner website inklusive Hinweise zur Vorbereitung, Ausrüstung und Durchführung. Jährlich veranstalte ich ein Motorrad-Treffen für Motorrad-Weitreisende mit Panamerikana-Reisenden. - Fast alle Bücher über weltweite Motorrad-Reisen mit Alaska-Feuerland in  1910-heute. Gruss Bernd Tesch

Wie komme ich per Motorrad von Nord-Amerika (Panama) nach Süd-Amerika (Kolumbien) oder anders herum ?? Boot:

10 Billion-1499

America-Motorcycle-Travels = Amerika-Motorrad-Reisen
Overland to and in both Amerivas by Motorcycle

The overview

Most of historical and even more actuell views and stories about motorcycle-travels just start with the day when travellers begin their tour. Especially in "modern" websites, blogspots, facebook. Travellers offer their trip as a special one. Sometimes giving the impression that they are the first on "their route". Of course "each route" (if you make one 1 m in another direction..) is new and special and especially for the traveller. With many new adventures! But most of the time it is ignorance of the other travels on nearly the same route. Sometimes under complete other conditions.

But if you are involved longer in travels (my first was in 1955) and life you find out that the movement is the cause for progression. Atoms, molecules, people, motorcyles and big planets move. That is the reason here to start watching movements of motorcycle-travellers in the beginning.

x billion (= Milliarden) years ago. Multiversum.
What has been before the Urknall "Big Bang", which starts the existence of our universe??
An understandable and logical reasoning is that it has given other universe earlier and at the same besides our universe. So we are a part of the MULTIverse. The question of evidence is answered with the reply that there is too much space and time to travel there..

10-20 billion (= Millarden) years ago (Latest information say that the universe is 12.5 billion old).
The universe started to exist somehow by exploding a black hole in which all the energy was contrated.

10 - 4.5 billion years ago
The Sun and Earth were created. The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun.
There is and was always huge move in the universe. Possibly out of movement there was a change of gravity and magnetisme in the universe. This caused that parts where pressed on each other and then dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the gravity of the biggest part which IS the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circel around the sun. This growing took about 1 million years. All of the men / women who have been in satelits (astronauts) speak about the "blue planet earth" because about 70 % of the earth is water. Experts say :"Blue IS the desert colour of the sea". The sun is about 150 mio kms away from the earth. But the every moment changing sun influences the earth each moment by sending parts and energy to it.
Since this time when the earth was "born" the earth gives his inner heat from the middle (5-6000 °C) to the outside.
The next neighbour galaxie of the sun is the Galaxie of Andromeda-Nebel. The distance is 2 billion light years. 1 light second is 386.000 kms.

5 Milliarden
Getting colder the earth gets a solid crust.

4 billion years ago

Oxygen (Sauerstoff = O) did not exist. Oxygen came out of plants (= Stromatoliten, Bakterien, Einzeller) as a waste. Oxygen went up in the air and protected the earth against harmful Ozon. There was always enough H2 in the Air. So both connected to H2O which fall down on earth as water. This is the reason that now 2 / 3 auf the earth is full of water.

1-3 billion years ago
First signs of life on the earth. 
After the earth got colder the first cells grew in microbe "Archeos" (= das Ursprüngliche, the basic). The vision that the cells came by meteroits from other planets or developed on earth is not proved. Identical one-cells developed to more-cells. These animals specialised later into animals with head and tail and eyes. The gene organises everything of the specialisation from inside.

700.000 - 600.000 mio years ago
The earth probaly was a "total snowball". The beginning of the first Ice age 550 million years ago

630 mio years ago
After the first "Einzeller Stromatoliten" problay the first "Mehrzeller Euakara" came into the sea. The number of animals in the sea exploded then. The reasons were that the vulcanoes brought back the heat to the earth, snow and ice melted on the earth and the CO 2 from the vulcanoes in the air allowed the sun to bring more heat to the earth. The temperature changed from -50°C to + 50°C.

600 Mill:
Nachdem die Kruste aussen erkaltet ist, beginnt der Ur-Kontinent "Pangea" auf dem flüssigen Inneren langsam auseinander zu driften.
600 Mill: After the crust is cold outside, the primordial continent "Pangea" on the liquid inside slowly begins to drift apart.

400 mio years ago

Plants concered at first the earth. Before there was only life in the sea.

370 mio years ago
Out of fishes the first amphibien developed by getting legs. They discovered the mud-land.

320 mio years ago

Insects became wings.Today insects represent 50 % of the animals. Most are still ants.

250 Mill:
Der Ur-Kontinent Pangea hat sich geteilt in den Nord-Kontinent Laurasia und den Süd-Kontinent Gondwana
250 Mill: The Ur-continent Pangea has divided into the northern continent Laurasia and the southern continent of Gondwana

170 Mio years ago
The One-Piece-Continent Pangea (surrounded by the ocean called Panthalassa) separated in two big blocks
. The northern part was called Laurasis and included N-America, Europe Asia and the North Pole. The southern Part was called Gondwana and included Africa , South America , India , Anarctica and Australia .

160 Mio years ago
Madagasgar seperated from Africa and started there for his own development

150 Mill: Das Auseinanderdriften des Nord- und Süd-Kontinentes in einzelne große Landmassen dauert Millionen Jahre.
150 Mill: The drifting apart of the northern and southern continent in single large land masses takes millions of years.

150 mio years ago
First animals discovered the land
(carbs = Pfeilschwanzkrebse). The big "Dinosaurier" developed.

135 mio years ago
Trennung des ersten Gesamtkontinentes Pangea in den Nordteil Laurasia und den Südteil Gondwana.

100 mio years ago

Mit 100 Mio - 1 Mio wird der Zeitraum der "Erdgeschichte" im Lexikon angegeben, wo sich das Leben besonders entwickelt.

65 mio years ago
Nordamerika und Eurasien hängen noch zusammen, driften aber an den heutigen Alpen auseinander.

South America separates from Africa.

India has become detached from Africa and moving towards Eurasia.
Theory: In a total of another 500 million years ago, the majority of the Earth's land mass could be due to continental drift back together to push supercontinent "Pangea Ultima"

An asteroid killed all Dinosaurier and most animals in the whole world. The Dinosaurier have been in some continents.
From the southern part on earth (called Gondwanaland) Africa and India separated.

25.000 years ago
The "homo sapiens" exists.

13.000 years ago

in North-West-India between the rivers Indus and Sarawah a civilisation started. They had houses with three floors and flewing water in 8.000. This civilisation in India stopped about 1.500 before Christ for unknown reasons. Possibly a change of the climate was the reason. This was long before the Egypt civilisation.
Later the Indogerman people came from the north and the inhabitants went south.

1 million - 1800 BC Stone Age
1 million - 8000 BC Paleolithic
Primitive stone tools. Hunters, fishermen, collectors. 500,000 BC

8000 - 4000 BC Mesolithic
Stone tools as small devices, called "micro-Lite" (often only 2-3 cm tall) are characteristic of the Mesolithic period. Better hewn stone tools. Start of pottery. Livestock. Grain crops (barley). Pits to catch wild animals. Dog.

4000 - 1800 BC Neolithic
Very well worked stone tools. Often, ground and polished. Stone drill. Agriculture. (Gerste. wheat. Millet. Legumes. Flax). Loom. Spindle. Often decorated pottery (tape and Schnürkeramik)

6.000 years ago
In this time in the desert Sahara were growing plants. Human beings were making flour out of cereal with the "cereal-mill" like above. This "cereal-mill" was 7000 years before 1978 in the Neolithikum.
This was found by Dr. J.-Peter Frahm in march 1978 ca. 60 kms west of Djanet in Algeria in Erg d´Admer. J-P. was later biological professor at the university of Duisburg. He took part in one of my very first survival-trainigs in 1978. J-P. wanted to find out the daily "menu" of the stone-human-beeings.

Approx. 750-450 BC: "Early Iron Age"
The "Indo-Europeans" (or outside of Germany "Indo-Europeans" called) speak languages ​​that strongly match the vocabulary and form of education: From the Indians to the Germans.
The ethnic group speaks an Indo-European language of the Celts.
People mostly spread from east to north Arica Africa (Egypt and less via Spain) and Asia to Europe. From mountains of Caucasus thes moved to all sides like central Europe and China.

Die Geschichte der Panamerican. Von Pol zu Pol

Von Pol zu Pol: N-S- Gebirgszone (Rocky Mountains zu den Anden), die durch die Teilung der Urkontinente entstanden ist.

In N-Amerika erfolgt die Eroberung von Ost nach West auch durch Strassen- und Eisenbahnbau.

....Atzteken-Kultur in Mittel-Amerika
....Inka-Kultur in Süd-Amerika


1492 Der Spanier Kolumbus will westwärts Indien finden. Und landet auf den mittelamerikanischen Inseln. Weil er es für Indien hält, nennet er die Menschen "Indios".

1520 Der Spanier Hernán Cortés (1485-1547) landet in Mittel-Amerika und zerstört das Atzekenreich mit der Hauptstadt Tenochtitlán 1521.

> 1520 Danach folgt Schiff auf Schiff von Europa nach Süd-Amerika. Die Portugiesen und Spanier teilen Süd-Amerika unter sich auf. In Süd-Amerika konzentriert sich die portugiesische und spanische Besiedelung nur auf die Küstengebiete.

1800 Der Forschungsreisende Alexander von Humbold erkundet Süd-Amerika.

1900 Viele Staaten in Süd-Amerika sind noch nicht durch nennenswerte Strassen miteinander verbunden.

1923 Entschluss zum Bau der Panamericana
auf der "Fünften internationalen Konferenz der Amerikanischen Staaten in Santiago de Chile": Entschluss zum Bau der Panamericana als transkontinentales Streckennetz. Ziele der geplante Route "Handelsweg für Waren und Güter und auch der Idee des allgemeinen Friedens und der gemeinsamen friedlichen Ziele der Völker dienen. " Die Panamericana als Route der Völkerverständigung.

1925 Panamerikanischen Hochstraßenkongresses beschliesst Realisierung durch Ausbaupläne.

1929 Beschluss: Jeder Staat baut seinen Teil der PANAM selber
Erster Generalplan, dass jeder Staat, den das geplante Straßennetz durchziehen soll, seinen Teil der Panamericana eigenständig zu bauen hat, wobei wirtschaftlich stärkere Staten den schwächeren Staaten helfen sollten.
Während Nordamerika zu dieser Zeit schon lange über ein sehr gut ausgebautes Straßennetz verfügte, mussten in Südamerika erst viele geographische Widrigkeiten bewältigt werden - sumpfiges Dschungelgebiet, Wüstenzonen, Gebirge und reißende Flüsse stellten sich als natürliche Hindernisse dem Bauvorhaben in den Weg. Die moderne Wissenschaft und Technik der Straßenbaumeister kam erstaunlicherweise zu den gleichen Ergebnissen, die der Straßenbauweise der Ureinwohner Südamerikas schon vor tausenden von Jahren zu Grunde lag. So folgt die Panamericana streckenweise den alten Wegen, auf denen die Inkas ihr Reich durchzogen.

23.12.1936 Konvention über die "Carretera Panamericana" auf der Interamerikanischen Konferenz in Buenos Aires als größtes und bedeutungsvollstes Straßenbauwerk aller Zeiten beschlossen.

1930-40 Ausbau der PANAM in Nord- und Süd-Amerika
In N-Amerika werden 62 % der kommenden PanAm asphaltiert oder zur Allwetterstrasse ausgebaut. In S-Amerika waren schon 8.000 fertig.

09.03.1942  plus 8 Monate. Das US-Militär baut die "Alaska-Strasse (Alaska-Hihgway)" 1500 km (=2.500 km) von Canada (Dawson Creek) bis Alska (Fairbanks) aus, um USA mit Alska erstmalig zu verbinden.

1969  PANAM endet nach 60 km in Panama in Süd-Amerika.
Es fehlen noch 600 km Anschlusstrasse durchs Darien-Gap in Kolumbien.

2012 Es fehlen noch 90 km Aspahlt durch den Sumpf und Urwald des Darien-Gaps. Diesen Streckenabschnitt "technisch" zu bauen, dürfte heutzutage nicht das Problem sein. Auch die finanzielle Seite bekäme man sicher "in den Griff", auch wenn Colombis das nicht allein bezahlen würde / wollte. Die dort lebenden Indianer-Stämme in Colombia wollen das sicher nicht, dass man in ihren Lenbensraum eindringt. Man sagt auch, dass die Drogen-Schmuggler dieses Gebiet behalten wollen. Letztendlich ist das eine Frage der politischen Entscheidung.

Both Americas Motorcycle - Travels / Reisen / Adventures
Süd- + Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen

Alaska > Tierra Del Fuego (Southern tip of South America) + Tierra Del Fuego > Alaska
= Alaska-Feuerland  Motorrad-Reisen

Anmerkung zu Alaska-Feuerland Motorrad-Touren :

Die erste mir bekannte Motorrad-Reise "Alaska-Feuerland" wurde 1952-54 auf zwei Scootern von den Franzosen Michel le Clerc und Jean Claude Bois (Siehe "Clerc") unternommen. Jedoch wurde das "Darien Gap" umschifft. Birger Lövgren (Siehe "Lövgren") schaffte die Strecke von New York (USA) bis nach Feuerland 10-1958 bis 06-1959, wobei er als erster alleine das Darien Gap ohne Motorrad durchquerte. Somit war Danny Liska der erste, der die Strecke Alaska-Feuerland wirklich ganz mit dem Motorrad, bereist hat. Ausser dem "Darien Gap", welches er zu fuß und per Kanu durchquerte. Ob es jemanden gibt, der vorher die ganze Strecke mit dem Rucksack bereist hat, weiß ich nicht. Ed Culberson (Siehe "Culberson") hat die gesamte Strecke als erster ganz mit dem Motorrad in Nord- Südrichtung bereist. Der Norweger Helge Pedersen hat als erster die gesamte Strecke in Süd-Nordrichtung mit dem Motorrad durchreist.
(C) Bernd Tesch

Bernd Tesch has been working in this field since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the World-Around-Travellers to get contact / informations. Later Fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA, in 1999 / 2000 in Australia and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). Many of  famous South-America  Motorcycle Travellers have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. I own the largest archive of  Alasca-TIerra Del Fuego Mc-Travellers. It is very hard to find informations about the history: "North - to South travels by Motorcycle-Travellers". Do you know motorcycle-travellers bewteen 1900-1950 ??

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Alaska-Feuerland". All books about "Alakca-Tierrea del Fuego" which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages.

If there is shown "Book:" under the traveller and you want to read / order this you can check if it is still available: > > German / English version > Bestelliste or > Order. If you find this book there you can order it. I offer about 200 international available Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books for sale.

If you are a "Alaska to TIerra Del Fuego" Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know any one who is not listed here: Please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

PLEASE give me at first YOUR complete view like this EXAMPLE in the SAME STYLE and format in English:

01.10.2010 - 27.10.2012
Sven Müller (German)   your http://www.???
+ South-America solo with a BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Rode with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
Purpose of travel: ???
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:....
Book or publication (about your tour):..???.

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations.

Bernd Tesch

This collection just have started. Will be continued. Please give me your view of  YOUR Motorcycle-Tour !

Both Americas Motorcycle - Travels / Reisen / Adventures
Süd- + Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen

Alaska > Tierra Del Fuego(Southern tip of South America) + Tierra Del Fuego > Alaska
= Alaska-Feuerland  Motorrad-Reisen

In 2005 the community of "Freihandelszone (no tax between American countries" will start. This means 800 million people and 34 countries are united in North-, Central and South-America.

10 billion-1899

Geschichte / History:

Both Americas Motorcycle - Travels / Reisen / Adventures

Süd- + Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen

Alaska > Tierra Del Fuego(Southern tip of South America) + Tierra Del Fuego > Alaska
= Alaska-Feuerland  Motorrad-Reisen

10-20 billion (= Millarden) years ago
The universe started to exist somehow.

4.5 billion years ago
The Sun and Earth were created. The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun. Possibly out of change of gravity in the universe it was caused that dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the biggest part which is the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circle around the sun. All of the men / women who have been in satelits speak about the "blue planet earth" because about 70 % of the earth is water.

1 billion years ago
First signs of life on the earth.

25.000 years ago
The "homo sapiens" exists.

Ca. 16.000 - 8.000
Deutsch: Für die Frage, wie die ersten Menschen nach Nord-, Mittel- und Süd-Amerika kamen, gibt es drei Theorien mit jeweilgen Beweisen:

1. Mit Booten fuhren die Menschen von Asien entlang der Küste - Behringstrasse entlang der Westküste N-Amerikas bis nach S-Amerika.
2. Europäer kamen über den Atlantik nach N-Amerika.
3. Die Klobis-Menschen wanderten zu Fuß über die Behringstrasse ein und besiedelten N- und S-Amerika.

vor 16.000
zu 1. Mit Booten fuhren die Menschen von Asien entlang der Küste - Behringstrasse entlang der Westküste N-Amerikas bis nach S-Amerika.
Diese Theorie geht davon aus, daß die Menschen an der Küste alles hatten, was sie brauchten: Wasser und Nahrung auch durch Tiere. Man geht davon aus, daß Menschen schon seit 45.000 Jahren Netze bauen konnten, mit denen sie auch an Land Fallen bauen konnten ohne beim Fang z.B. gefährlicher Großtiere dabei zu sein. Kaum Beweise.

16.000 - 13.000
zu 2. Europäer kamen über den Atlantik nach N-Amerika.
Diese Theorie geht davon aus, daß die Menschen über den Atlantik nach N-Amerika kamen und von dort aus N- und S-Amerika besiedelten. Zu dieser Eiszeit waren große Wassermassen der Meere an den Polen und deren weiten Kappen durch Eis gebunden. Der Meeresspiegel soll ca. 130 m niedriger gewesen sein. Es bestand eine Landbrücke zwischen Asien und S-Amerika bei der Behringstrase+.
Im Museo Nacionale vo Rio de Janeiro / Brasilien befindet sich der "älteste Menschenschädel (?)" von N- und S-Amerika. Die Frau "Lusia" wurde 1 Stunde südlich von Rio de Janeiro gefunden. Ihr Schädel soll 13.-14.000 Jahre alt sein.
Am Amazos gibt es eine Höhle, in der Felszeichnungen von ca. 13.000 sind. Dieses sind die ältesten Höhlenzeichnungen von ganz Amerika.
Diese Menschen waren vom Skelett völlig verschieden von den in Amerika gefundenen Klobis-Menschen. Sie haben eher die Ähnlichkeit von Skeletten von Afrika oder Australien.

zu 3. Die Klobis-Menschen wanderten zu Fuß über die Behringstrasse ein und besiedelten N- und S-Amerika.
Diese Theorie geht davon aus, daß die Menschen nach dem Ende der Eiszeit vor 8.000 Jahren von Asien über die Behringstrasse über die zurückgegangenen Eismassen im Norden von N-Amerika nach N- und S- Amerika einwanderten. Der Name "Klobis" jommt von einer Fundstätte der "ersten Menschen N-Amerikas (?)" in New Mexico ca. vor 8.000 Jahren. Nach dieser Theorie haben sich in wenigen Jahrhunderten die Menschen bis nach Feuerland ausgebreitet. Die Klobis-Kultur umfaßte die Herstellung von Steinwerkzeugen wie Pfeilspitzen aus Feuerstein.

B.T.: Diese Informationen über den letzten Stand der Frühgeschichte der Menschen Amerikas stammen wesentlich aus einem TV-ZDF-Film am 28.10.2001. Danach sollte der in N-Amerika gefundene "Klobis-Mensch und die Klobis-Kultur" der älteste Mensch von ganz Amerika sein. Nach den Funden von "Lusia" in S-Amerika dürfte diese Theorie aber hinfällig sein. Im Film wurde angemerkt, daß die Kenntnisse von S-Amerika in N-Amerika kaum zur Kenntnis genommen werden.

First Motorcycle (called Motor - Rad) from Gottlieb Daimler
1 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 264 ccm. 0,5 PS (0,37 kw). Max 12 km/Std.

Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebrand and Alois Wolfmüller found the first Motorcycle-Fabric.
Until 1896 they build more than 1000 Motorcycles: Wassergekühlter 2 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 1488 ccm. 2,5 PS (1,85 kw). Ca. 40 km/h. Glührohrzündanlage.

Aubert, Hans-Joachim + Mueller-Moewes, Ulf PANAMERICANA 1988/89 Autoreise Verlag Frederking + Thaler, München, 1989 (1943) Amerika

To find the earliest Motorcycle-Travellers  in North- and even South America is very hard. I tried this many years. If you have any infomations about these I would be very grateful for informations. See the solo continents itself.

25.05.1927 - 19.07.1929 Auto-Weltumrundung
Reise-Bericht. Reise-Video. Welt-Reise. Vermutlich erste Auto-Reise durch Süd-Amerika
Clairenore (Clärenore) Stinnes (Geb. ca. 1901. Gest. 1990) und Axel Söderstrom (Geb. 24.12.1893. Gest. 1976).
Clärenore un Axel umrunden die Welt mit 49.244 Fahrkilometer in 25 Monaten.
„Im Auto durch zwei Welten“
Clärenore Stinnes war schon mit 25-26 in ca. 1925/6  Europas erfolgreichste Rennfahrerin. Ohne Unterstützung der Stinnes Company und gegen den Widerstand ihrer Familie begab Clärenore sich am 25.05.1927 von Frankfurt am Main auf eine Auto-Welt-Reise, die niemand vor ihr auf dieser Strecke unternommen hatte.
     Zwei Jahre lang reiste sie mit ihrem Adler-Automobil "Eagle" um die Welt. Begleitet wurde sie von dem schwedischen Kameramann Carl-Axel-Söderström. Sie hatte diesen verheirateten Mann ausgewählt, um "fraulich" unbehelligt die Reise zu überstehen. Später heiratete sie ihn... In einem zweiten, größeren Adler-Wagen (Auto-Nr. IT 11882, 35 PS) fuhren zwei Mechaniker mit, die Benzin und Ersatzteile mitführten.
Idee: Claenore lebte in Berlin. Sie wurde gebeten Fahrzeuge in Russland zu testen - was sie auch erfolgreich tat. So kam sie auf die Idee, die Welt zu umrunden. Als großer Vorteil erwies sich auch die Tatsache, dass sie in Berlin viele Diplomaten gekannt hat.
Sie starteten mit einem LKW mit vorräten und Ersatzteilen. Und einem normalen PKW von Adler.
     RouteEuropa (Deutschland -   - Bulgarien - Türkei ) - Asien (Beirut (Syrien) - Irak (Damaskus) - Persien - Ukraine - Russland (20.08.) -  als erstes Auto über Baikalsee in die Mongolei (Ulan Bator) - durch Gobi-Wüste bis Peking - Japan - Iran) - Süd-Amerika (Peru - Argentinien - über peruanische Cordilleren) - Nord - Amerika (San Franzisko - New York) - Europa (Frankreich (Le Havre) - Deutschland (Berlin)).
Von Frankfurt / Main bis Honolulu: 25.05.1927 - 25.05.1928. 1. Jahr: 20.885 Fahrkilometer.
Von Honolulu bis Los Angeles: 26.05.1928- 05.03.1929. 9,5 Monate 6.775 Fakrkilometer.
Von Los Angeles bis New York: 06.03.1929- 28.05.1929. 2,5 Monate 17.409 Fakrkilometer.
Von New York bis Stockholm: 29.05.1929- 19.07.1929. 1Monat und 20 Tage. 4175 Fahrkilometer.

     Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg gingen die Kopien des Original Kino-Films verloren. Der Original-Film war ein 35 mm Schwarz-Weiß-Film. Diesen aber hatte Clärenore ins schwedische Exil gerettet.
Es existiert ein Video. Werner Cooper versprach mir am 07.06.1993 das Video mitzubringen. Werner Cooper hat sie persönlich gekannt.
Verlag für Video: Tri Star. Werner K. Kupper. Hamburg. Deutschland. + O. Video.

Reise-Bericht. Reise-Video. Welt-Reise.
Stinnes, Clairenore (Clärenore) (geb. ca. 1900??? gest. 1990)
Buch: Im Auto durch zwei Welten. 27 Kapitel. 266 S. 95 Lichtbilder. 2 Routenkarten. Hardcover. 23 cm x 17 B.
Verlag: Verlag von Reimar Hobbing. Berlin. 1929.
+ O. DM 280,00

Clärenore's Stinnes - Söderström (Gest. 1976)
Söderströms Phototagebuch 1927-29. Die erste Autofahrt einer Frau um die Welt.
Basierend auf 4 Tagebuecher von Carl-Axel Söderström, ihr damaliger Kameramann und spaeterer Ehemann.
Hrsg. von M. Kuball und Clärenore Stinnes-Söderström. 247 S. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. OPp.
Verlag: Krüger. Frankfurt/Main. 1981.- O. 24.12.1994 Erste Info.

Reise-Bericht. Reise-Video. Welt-Reise.
Clairenore (Clärenore) Stinnes
Buch-Neuauflage: Im Auto durch zwei Welten
Christine Unger hat eine Ausgabe von 1996 von Clärenore Stinnes Reisebericht.
Verlag: ProMedia Verlag. 39,90 DM.

Originalfilm: Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg gingen die Kopien des Original Kino-Films verloren. Der Original-Film war ein 35 mm Schwarz-Weiß-Film. Diesen aber hatte Clärenore ins schwedische Exil gerettet.
Original-Buch: Stinnes, Clairenore (Clärenore) "Im Auto durch zwei Welten". Reise-Bericht. Reise-Video. Welt-Reise. 27 Kapitel. 266 S. 95 Lichtbilder. 2 Routenkarten. Hardcover. 23 cm x 17 B. Verlag: Verlag von Reimar Hobbing. Berlin. 1929. + O.
Buch: Stinnes - Söderström. Söderströms Phototagebuch 1927-29. Die erste Autofahrt einer Frau um die Welt. Hrsg. von M. Kuball und Clärenore Stinnes-Söderström. 247 S. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. OPp. Verlag: Krüger. Frankfurt/Main. 1981.
Video: "Im Auto durch zwei Welten"
07.06.1993 Video von Werner Cooper (Kupper) persönlich bei Beinem Besuch bekommen. Werner Cooper hat sie persönlich gekannt.
Verlag für Video: Tri Star. Werner K. Kupper. Hamburg. Deutschland.
Buch: Stinnes, Clairenore (Clärenore) "Im Auto durch zwei Welten". Neuauflage 1996. Verlag: ProMedia Verlag. 39,90 DM.
22 Feb 2008 Willem-Jan Markerink wrote: aber nun scheint es sogar eine Neuauflage des Films zu geben!
Und weiter geht es, sogar mit Ausschnitt vom 1931-Film!....:)) (excerpt from 1931!)
(und der Film selber scheint im Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv zu lagern, nur um einiges kuerzer als die Orginal-Fassung....:(( - l/2007/01/msg00328.html
PS: saemtliche Buch/Film/Video-Referenzen von diese und andere gleichartige Reisen sind in dieses Uebersicht auf meine Homepage vermerkt:
Aber eine Kopie des Original-Films, ohne Mongelei (mit Mongolei....:)), hoffe ich auch noch mal finden zu koennen....
(wer eins hat, oder weiss woher: her damit!....;))
B.T: Die erste Weltumrundung einer Frau am Steuer eines Autos.
23.02.2008 Letzte Bearbeitung.
27.02.2012 Tel. 0611-3081763 - 04.02.2012. mi + do 10-17.00 + Sa+So 12.00-17.00. Frau Klein.

Helen Richardson Coyle- The Road to Montevideo A Single Woman's One-Year Bicycle Adventure in South America, 1941-1942.

Boucher, Henry > Barbey, Daniel NEW YORK - PATAGONIE 1947/48 Autoreise?    
1 Barbey, Daniel, + Boucher, Henry   NEW YORK - PATAGONIE   1947-48 Ed. J. Peyronnet. Paris. 1950  America.    


1950 ca.

Autoreise Raspail, Jean + Andrieu, Philippe    TERRE DE FEU - ALASKA 1951 Ed. Rene Juillard. Paris. 1952 America.    

03.1952 - 04.1955
Joan McDonald and Keith (New Zealand)
+ Around-The-World. Lune de Miel en motocyclettes. From the wedding bells round the world. In 3 years Around-The-World with two motorcycles Jawa CZ 125 ccm: 03/1952 through 40 countries.
Route: NZ - Australien (Sydney - Melbourne) - Asien (Ceylon - Indien (Bombay - Delhi)- Pakistan (Lahore) - Afghanistan (Kabul) - Persien (Meshed) - Irak (Bagdad) - Israel (Jerusalem) - Jordanien) - Afrika ( Ägypten (Cairo)- Libyen (Tobruk) - Tunesien (Tunis) - Algerien (Alger) - Marokko (Tanger)) - Europa (Spanien - Frankreich (Marseille) - Italien (Milano) - Österreich (Wien) - Tschechoslowakei (Prag) - Deutschland - Belgien - NL - Frankreich (Paris) - GB (London, 15.04.1953. 20.000 miles, 13 months, 762 pounds) - Portugal - South America (Argentinien - Bolivien - Peru - Equador - Kolumbien (by a small coffee-boat in one day and one night during heavy rain from Buenaventura to Panama because there was no connecting road to Panama) - North America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexiko - Cuba - USA - Canada).
Their plate-numbers were: BMU 250 amd 251. I think they were sponsored by "Motokov" in Prague.
03.08.1996 First information by Jean-Paul Schulz in France. He had a French publication about them.
22.05.200I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??
17.03.2005 B.T. got a DIN A 3 poster with them dated 14th.01.1954 out of "The Motor Cycle" (I suppose the English mc-magazine)
03.04.2005 I research in internet shows only to my website
30.12.2005 I got a series of publications by Evald Bengtsson in Sweden:
30.04.1953 One page in "The Motor Cycle". page 537 "on the four winds with a picture
26.11.1953 First publication in "Motor Cyling" New Zealand > Afghanistan (Kabul)
03.12.1953 Second publication in "Motor Cyling" Afghanistan (Kabul) > GB (London)
19.08.1954 Next publication in "Motor Cyling" South America
09.12.1954 Next publication in "Motor Cyling" Peru - Colombia - Panama

Jean-Claude Bois and Michel Le Clerc (French) in Buenos Aires.

25.07.1952 - 04.06.1954
Jean-Claude Bois (* ?. +2007?) + and Michel Le Clerc (French)
+ North- and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. Jean Claude and Michel rode with Lambretta - scooters: 62.000 kms. Außerdem 39.000 km mit Flugzeugen und ca. 15.000 km mit Schiffen. Jean Claude und Michel fuhren auf 2 Lambretta-Rollern AGF, 125 ccm als erste Motorrad-Fahrer die Route Alaska-Feuerland Route, wobei sie das Darien-Gap umschifften.Sie haben 3 erste Landübergänge mit Motor Rollern geschafft : Mexiko - Guatemala, Costa Rica-Panama und auf Feuerland Lago Fagnano-Ushuaia. In Bolivien haben sie den ersten Höhen-Weltrekord für Roller aufgestellt : 5300 m über dem Meeresspiegel.
Route: USA - Kanada - Alaska bis zum Polarkreis - Mexiko - Guatemala - Costa Rica - Panama - Kolumbien - Ekuador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinien - Patagonien - Feuerland - Uruguay und Brasilien.
The Worst: On the last day of their travel all their eight orignal films have been stolen. This was even worst because the profession of Jean Claude was a film-maker.
Book: La Grande echappée. Les trois Ameriques en scooter. Deutsch : Die Große Etappe. Die 3 Amerikas: (Nord, Mittel, Süd) auf Rollern. (French 1955).
Book in German: Die große Spritztour (German edition 1955. As paperback in 1956).
10.01.1988 Bernd Tesch phoned with Jean Claude.
15.10.1992 (40 years after his travel) Jean Claude visited Bernd Tesch in Aachen
1998 Patricia and I tried to see the real French mc-pioneer Jean-Claude Bois in South of France again. Jean - Claude was not at home and his neighbours had not seen him for weeks. I wanted to stay at least in his small village for a coffee - time in a nice restaurant to get an impression what makes a French mc-pioneer to travel out of his small village for such a big tour. Nobody of the neighbours we met knew something about his great trip. Finally I left a short letter saying him that we would love to have met him and asked him to give me his new address. I know that Jean - Claude would have given us a good welcome.
1999 Jean Claude wrote me that he is living in Paris now. In 1999 Jean Claude died. NO Motorcycle Magazine published something about the death about this pioneer!!'08.04.1999: Jean Claude wrote me a nice letter. 30,rue F+elicie Dvi. 75016 Paris, T. 0142259062.
15.02.2023. I knew that his son is Andreé Bois. In the meantime his emai, does not work anymore. WHO knows Andrée amd his adreess in 15.02.2023 2023: ???? Old: Possibly in Paris: : Gemeinsamer Freund ugartig@
B.T.: The first tour Alaska - Tierra del Fuego with motorcycles / scooters.

2023.02.15: Dear President / Vice President and Chief of worldwide Early Mc-Lambretta-Travels in France, > from Bernd Tesch (*1941) in Germany. EIFEL. village 52152 Simmerath-Hammer. Grünentalstrasse 31. Tel. 0049-2473-938686 (database with 12.000 mc-travels. +

Do you know the email, tel or address of Andrée Bois?? He ist the son of the very famous father Jean-Claude Bois: Jean-Claude rode with French Michel Le Clerc North and South America by scooter Lambretta 1952-1954 as the VERY FIRST ones! They wrote a book. Jean Claude visited me in Aachen (Aix la Chapelle in Germany in 1992). > You find a good summary ot their Americas-Expedition here under date 1952: > Please answer ina any case. MERCI. > I am an expert for discovering all continents by motorcyles since 1883-2023
Be email to the Lambrett Club of France --------

Berney, H.-M. DE LA TERRE DE FEU A LA TERRE DE GLACE. Autoreise. Artikel in TOURING, francais, Bern.12. 11. 1953 -17. 10. 1957
07.01.2019: 1st information by Rudolf von Bergen. 36 Fortsetzungen.!! In Französisch!

1954-1956 (California on April 9, 1956.
Helen (Armstrong) Schreider and Frank Schreider were explorers in the mid 20th century, known for traveling by amphibious jeep. National Geographic hired them after their first independent journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego (1954-56). They were the first people to travel the length of the Americas solely by means of their own power. They completed six additional expeditions through National Geographic, working freelance at first and later as foreign editorial staff, for fifteen years, from 1956 to 1970. They worked as a team and lived for periods of time in about 50 countries on five continents. Helen and Frank Schreider were known for their ability to write, photograph and film within the cultures they visited. They wrote three books, six major articles for National Geographic, and contributed to nine other books. They also made three separate nationwide speaking tours with their films.
2019.01.04: Ausführliche Dokumentation ihrer Werke in:
They wrote three books, six major articles for National Geographic, and contributed to nine other books. They also made three separate nationwide speaking tours with their films.

21.06.1954 - 23.01.1956 (back in California on April 9, 1956).
Route: Alaska (Circle, Alaska, the northern-most town in North America), and they’d travel to the end of Argentina to Ushuaia on the island of Tierra del Fuego, the world's southern-most town. This would be a journey of 20,000 miles.[3]
Alaska (Circle, Alaska, the northern-most town in North America) - arriving in California a couple of weeks later where they continued to work on the rehabilitation of the amphibious jeep. [4] Months later, christened with a Coke bottle, “La Tortuga,” the two-and-a-half ton turtle was born. The craft was successfully launched in a calm bay in Los Angeles – making front-page news in the Los Angeles Times. [5] [6].
On January 1, 1955 they began the next phase of their journey.[7] At the southern end of Mexico the highway gave way to 200 miles of oxcart tracks through thick jungle.[8] Navigating this tangle of trees, vines, boulders and mud, with the help of local people and their machetes, they finally reached the wall of mountains in Costa Rica that had blocked them four years earlier when the came form South America. This time They turned to the coastline to go by sea but there was no calm bay to enter the ocean. They had to launch from the beach into twenty-foot waves, nearly ending their journey before it truly began.[9].
La Tortuga proved to be seaworthy and they entered the Pacific on four occasions and survived four terrifying days in rough ocean water. They were then misled by a friendly fisherman to go inland on a small river to a supposed road, which turned out to be not a road but a railroad. In desperation, they drove 35 miles on the railroad, bouncing along the ties, which almost destroyed La Tortuga. Somehow they survived, got themselves to Panama City where it took Frank six weeks (and considerable expense) to repair La Tortuga.[10].
On May 11 they passed through the Panama Canal, but this was an adventure in itself, with La Tortuga looking like a minnow beside the huge ships.[11] [12] [13] [14] The officer in charge of the Panama Canal Zone, Admiral Miles, tried in vain to dissuade them from entering the Caribbean. In parting, the admiral said that if they made it through the Caribbean to South America and Tierra del Fuego, he would recommend Frank to the Explorers Club.[15] [16]

After the Panama Canal they survived a perilous 300-mile journey on the Caribbean. To escape violent storms they sought refuge on islands inhabited by the San Blas Indians. Initially, these isolated people thought La Tortuga was a sea monster, but upon seeing the Schreiders and Dinah, they treated them with great hospitality.[17] Finally they arrived on dry land in Colombia after a month at sea.[18] [19]

From Colombia they continued through Ecuador,[20] and while in Peru took La Tortuga all the way to the remote ruins of Machu Picchu, where they found it deserted but for themselves.[21] [22] Afterwards, often with no roads to speak of, they traversed Bolivia to Chile, where La Tortuga sailed 50 miles across three interconnected lakes to get to Argentina and proceed to its southern tip.[23] [24]

La Tortuga.
La Tortuga crossing Lake Todos los Santos, at the base of Mount Osorno in Chile.

They then crossed the treacherous Strait of Magellan and finally landed on Tierra del Fuego.

La Tortuga crew at Ushuaia.
La Tortuga, Frank, Helen and Dinah at Ushuaia.

From the beach where they landed, a road building crew struggled to help them push and pull La Tortuga through an unfinished road to Ushuaia, finally reaching their goal on January 23, 1956. La Tortuga was the first vehicle to ever arrive on the island on its own power, for which it was issued an Ushuaia license plate #1. Only then were they able to reassure their families and friends back home that they survived their journey.[25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] Fortuitously, a few days later, an officer of the Argentine Navy invited them, along with the battered Tortuga, to board a freighter for Buenos Aires, and eventually they arrived back home in California on April 9, 1956.[31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36]

Frank started writing about their travels while on board the ship and within a few months he completed their book 20,000 Miles South, which Doubleday published in 1957.[37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] In addition to their Doubleday contract, they also sold the story to Saturday Evening Post, which ran a five-week serial on their adventure.[44]

During their travels, in addition to photographs, they filmed their journey on a 16 mm Bolex camera. After editing the film on their return, they were booked on a speaking tour throughout the US and parts of Canada. They would stand on stage (with Dinah of course) speaking on microphones, narrating the journey live, while the film played behind them.[45] At one of the first such events at Constitution Hall in Washington DC, Dr. Melville Bell Grosvenor approached them and asked them to work for National Geographic. He wanted them to do more amphibious jeep expeditions to foreign lands.

After their presentation at Constitution Hall, the nationally syndicated columnist, Ed Koterba wrote that “all other travel settings on the surface of this earth must be anti-climactic after the Schreider voyage” and that their amphibious jeep, “La Tortuga,” should be placed in the Smithsonian Museum “right along with the Spirit of St. Louis and other dramatic symbols of ‘famous firsts.’”[46]

It should be noted that shortly after the Schreiders successfully completed their journey, Admiral Milton Miles of the US Navy recommended Frank to the Explorers Club, and on September 17, 1956 Frank was inducted as a member.[47]




Between Alaska-Tierra del Fuego
Martin Schliesser (1929-2008)
was a film-maker, an adventurer. He started to South-Amerika with an UNIMOG as a test-drive in Peru. In 2012 ?? his son Jochen Schliessler tried to follow his ways. B.T. saw a part of the TV-film in ca. march-april 2013.
Martin Schliessler wirkte an vielen Natur- und Expeditionsfilmen mit, so unter anderem an Im Schatten des Karakorum als zweiter Kameramann, der mit dem Goldenen Bären ausgezeichnet wurde. Vor allem wurde er bekannt durch seine Reisen nach esAlaska[3], wo er bis in die 1970er Jahre Filme über den Aufbau der Pipeline, Eskimos, Tiere, Goldsucher und zeitgenössische Rituale festhielt. Als er 1974 mit dem Flugzeug dort abstürzte, überlebte er unverletzt und filmte die Tage bis zu seiner Rettung. Einer seiner Höhepunkte dort war die Besteigung des Mount McKinley mit Bergsteiger Ray Genet im Jahr 1967, bei dem sie aber kurz vor dem Erreichen der Spitze abbrachen. Im Jahre 1979 siedelte er mit seiner Familie nach Vancouver in Kanada über und war zuletzt künstlerisch tätig, indem er seine Erlebnisse in Form von Bildhauerei darstellte. Eine Krankheit zerstörte sein Sprachorgan und er starb zurückgezogen im Jahre 2008, nachdem er drei Jahre zuvor sich nochmals für eine Dokumentation von Wolfram Giese und seinem Sohn Jochen zur Verfügung stellte.
Publikation: Buch + O: Martin Schliessler. Auf Verwehten Spuren. Geschichten und Daten der ersten Entdeckungen der Amerikas.
Amerika wird entdeckt. Der Autor reist einige Wege der Entdecker in N- und S-Amerika nach. Verlag: Lizenzausg. Europäische Bildungsgemeinschaft. Umschau Breidenstein. Frankf/Main.Germany.1984. 1st edition. TR. America North. America South. German.
282. Colour. SW 9. Hardcover. 24,5 x 17, 5. Von Heinz Jansen 2017 gekauft. Sehr schön optisches Layout innen. +O-

Ernst Wiese ( Karte der "Fastkomplett-Umrundung von Afrika".(Copyright ?). Zugesandt von Bernd Tuchen. 1955-1956 Transamercas. 1961-62: Transafrica.

09.1955-ca.05.1956 (vorher 1930-1940 (+1961-1970))
Ernst Wiese (Born 1904, Austrian - ??-??.19??) with Marianne Thal (Born ca. ??.??.1938)
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Ernst drove with a FORD M 17.
Ernst Wiese became a famous traveller. The Austrian engineer started already in his early years.
1923 Man hatte erstmalig in den Amerikas ernsthaft über die PANAM diskutiert.
1936 Man hatte sich auf den Streckenverlauf in beiden Amerikas geeinigt.
In his book he said that he tried to ride the whole length of the PANAM of both Americas three times:
In the 1930ies his five-year-old-car broke down. The second world war put an end to the second one. Finally he suceeded in 1955-56
1942: Ing. Ernst Wiese (Wien). Von der Biskaya zum Eismeer (
1954 Daimler Benz in Germany produced new the Mercedes Benz 180 Diesel.

09.1955-ca.05.1956: + PANAMERICANA. Alaska-Cape Horn. 11.000 miles in 8 months with a Mercedes 180 Diesel, called Ponton. He was accompined by a 17-year old woman named Marianne Thal (born 1938) from München (?). She just finished as a student a photographer school. End of april 1956 they reached the Magellanstrasse.
1955 ? (-1965): Panamerikana-Book by Ernst Wiese: Rollbahn Amerika. Mit dem Auto von Alaska nach Feuerland (Gebundene Ausgabe). Herta Leigsnerig Verlag, ohne Druckdatum (ca.1956). ASIN: B002LNDVA0. Es gibt eine Ausgabe 1965 (von BT am 26.04.2013 bestellt).
1958 kam der Dokumentarfilm "Traumstraße der Welt" von Hans Domnick and Margrit Domnick (German. Filmproduzent. Born 31.05.1909)- Er löste ein wahres Panamericana-Fieber aus.
1959: Book by Ernst Wiese: Asien. Reisebeschreibung B 112.677. "Quer durch". "Österreichisch- Deutsche Transasienexpedition. Photos. Marianne Thal. Kt.-Skizzen: Hella Mayrhofer. Wien: Herat Leigsnering Verlag. 1959J. 189 S., 8.
Die Reise war mit einem Ford-Taunus RTW. Aber das Buch heißt "Quer durch. Deutsch-Österreichische Transasienexpedition". Sie dauerte in 1957-1958 ca. 9 Monate. 43.000 km.
Route: Europa (Österreich -...)- Asien (Türkei (Istanbul- Ankara- Antakya) - Syrien (Crak) - Libanon (Beirut) - Syrien (Damaskus) - Jordanien (Amman) - Israel (Jerash)- Jordanien (Amman) - Irak (Bagdad) - Iran (Teheran - Mesched) - Afghanistan (Herat- Farah - Kandahar- Kabul- Sarobi) - Pakistan (Peschawar )- Indien (Delhi- Agra - Benares - Kalkutta - nach Norden...- per Schiff von Indien nach Burma (Rangun - Mandalay - Loilem) - Thailand (bis 1939 = Siam mit Siamesen. Bangkok) - Kambodscha (Angkor) - Süd-Vietnam (Saigon - Hue) - Rückfahrt durch Nord-Amerika (USA) - Europa.
1960 Book: Ernst Wiese. Photographs by Marianne Thal. From Alaska to Cape Horn. Hardcover. Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd. London. He rode with an American woman-journalist (name unknown). But until now (25.04.2013) B.T. could not find out more about this tour.
1961-1962: + Circled nearly Africa. Ernst drove with a FORD M 17. 60.000 km im Ford M 17 um Afrika: Motorjournalist und Schriftsteller Ernst Wiese und die Münchener Fotografin Marianne Thal mit einem serienmäßigen Ford Taunus 17 M aus Köln. Die 13 Monate dauernde Expedition steckte voller Abenteuer. Ernst Wiese berichtet hier über das letzte Erlebnis der Fahrt im Sudan. 978-0709103769: 10.000 miles Arabia. English. Hale- 1968.
2007: Book: In a German book from the author Bernd Tuchen in 2007 about the German car Ford M 17 you find one article in German with the subject: Ernst Wiese rode 60.000 km Around Africa 1961-62. ISBN 978-3-933474-45-2. Publisher Verlag-Dr-Faustus. Germany. -
20.04.2013 First information about the tour by sidecar 1930-40 from Dr. Joachim Aurnhammer
20.04.2013 Joachim nach der Quelle der Information gefragt.
21.04.2013 Joachim Aurnhammer: bei Google "Wiese" und "Panamericana" ein. Klick das 2. Resultat "Der Mann der härter war als ein Ponton - Wir sind Helden - Magazin ..." an. ( Im Kapitel "Von der Traumstraße gepackt findest Du die Info.
20.04.2013 Sidecar- ChR-Martin Franitza nach seiner Kenntnis über diese Reise gefragt.
21.04.2013 Martin Franitza von sidecar-traveller kennt diese Reise nicht.
22.04.2013 Ed Youngblood in USA danach gefragt, da ja eine amerikanische Journalistin dabei war.
24.04.2013 Bernd Tuchen send me some info. He does not know anymore about the living place of Ernst Wiese and his family in Austria.

Reise-Bericht. Nord-Amerika. Süd-Amerika. 1960.
Siegfried Martin (German) Winter
"Mit 600 Kubik durch beide Amerika".
Siegfried wanderte nach dem ersten Weltkrieg nach Argentinien aus. Mit 65, 1958, machte er eine Solo-Reise mit Schreibmaschine durch Süd- und Nord-Amerika mit einer langen BMW-Isetta: 50.123 km in 357 Tagen, davon 44 Ruhetage mit dem Fahrzeug. 218 S. 221 S. 21 cm H x 13 B. Hardcover.
Strecke: Argentinien (Buenos Aires) - Chile - Peru - Equador - Kolumbien -(Medellin - Catagena) - mit Schiff nach Costa Rica (Puntarenas) - ganz Mittelamerika Entlang der PAN AM bis Mexico (City) an der Küste bis USA (San Francisco - Seattle - Canada (Jasper) - USA (bis New York).
Verlag: Buch von Brockhaus. Wiesbaden. 1960.
24.04.96 Erste Info von Norbert Lüdke. Besitzt dieses Buch nicht.
30.04.96 Elke Reher gebeten das Buch rauszusuchen.
14.08.96 Info von Elke Reher. In DB Deutsche Bibliographie 1956-60 nachgewiesen.
08.09.96 Erhalten über TH Bibliothek durch Malik . MA 641.
21.10.02 1st information by Michael Schulze who owns the book double.
- O.

1957(8 ?)- 1962 Auto-Reise PANAM Die ganz genauen Daten der Reisen sind B.T. unbekannt.
Hans Domnick (German. Filmproduzent. Born 31.05.1909 in Greifswald. Died 06.02.1985 in San Diego, California, USA ) and Margrit Domnick (German)
+ Alaska- Mittelamerika- Chile- Argentinien. PANAM
Purpose: Film herstellen. 120.000 km gefahren. In neun Monaten haben sie in Nord-Amerika gefilmt. Ca. 2,5 Jahre in Süd-Amerika. Nachträglich sind sie noch einmal von Guatemala bis Panama gereist, um die Film "Traumstrasse" ganz dokumentieren zu können. . Von Allaska- Mexico sind sie mit eine Strassenkreuzer "Station-car" mit angehängtem Wohnwagen gereist. In N-Amerika war der größte Teil asphaltiert. Für Süd-Amerika haben sie sich einen großen Strassenkreuzer "Buick-Electra" ausgewählt. Er war ein Kabriolet zum Filmen aus dem Auto, hatte 350 PS, Klimaanlage, Alarmanalge und eine gepanzerten Boden. Er liess sich hydraulisch anheben. Route: "Traumstraße der Welt" - das ist die "Panamericana", die längste + faszinierendste Straße der Welt, die den amerikanischen Doppelkontinent vom nördlichen bis zum südlichen Polarkreis durchzieht. Sie sind nicht bis Feuerland gereist, weil das mit einem Strassenkreuzer damals wohl nicht möglich war. Sie sind die "PANAM" weiter über Argentinien und Brasilien gereist.
Publications: Sie haben nicht nur eine damals preisgekrönte Dokumentation gedreht, sondern zuletzt auch noch einen tollen Bildband produziert.,
29.08.1958 Filmpremiere in Germany von "Traumstrasse der Welt", Teil 1. Nord-Amerika.
28.09.1962 Filmpremiere in Germany von "Traumstrasse der Welt", Teil 2 mit 2.600 m Film als "Natur-Erbauungsfilm".
25 000 Meter Zelluloid belichtete das filmende Ehepaar Hans und Margrit Domnick auf zweieinhalbjähriger 100 000-Kilometer-Fahrt durch Südamerika, vornehmlich auf der Panamerikanischen Straße, die für sie damals in Venezuela beginnt, an der Westküste des Kontinents entlang führt, von Chile (Osorno) und dann durch Argentinien und Brasilien bis an die Ostküste führt.
1968 Filmpremiere in Germany von "Traumstrasseer Welt" als einem Film, wohl as Zusammenschnitt beider Filme.
Die Filme liefen auch im Ausland. Schweden: Den fantastiska vägen - En drömresa. International (englischer Titel): Dream Road of the World. Italien: L'ottava meraviglia del mondo. Frankreich: La route fantastique. Finnland: Unelmatie
1969 Buch-Text-Bildband. Hans Domnick. "Traumstrasse der Welt". Auf der Panamricana durch Nord- und Südamerika. Hardcover. List Verlag. 139 S. >1 kg.
09.02.2012 1st information by Michael Schröder, Motorrad-Presse
16.02.2012 Buch erhalten von "Antiquariat Plenter" in Leer für € 10,00
17.02.2012 Zusammenfassung von Bernd Tesch, der das Buch und auch das Internet als Quellen benutzt hat.

10.1958 - 06.1959
Dr. Birger Lövgren (Swedish)
North - and South-America. USA-Ushuaia. While Birger was making his doctor in mathematics in New York in 1957 had the idea to travel to South-America with a Swedish Husquarna (225 ccm, 125 kg, Silver Arrow) from Utica (USA) to Ushuaia. From Capitana (Panama) he crossed "Darien Gap" by a canoe with three paid Cuna-Indians later Choco-Indians. The motorcycle he shipped from Panama to Colombia. Everybody before thought that you can only cross the Darien-Gap with an armed expedition.
Route: New York (USA) - New Orleans - Mexico City (Mexiko) - Guatemala - San Salvador - Tegucigalpa (Honduras) - Managua (Nicaragua) - San Jose (Costa Rica) - Panama - zu Fuß und mit Kanus durchs Darien Gap - Turbo (5 weeks to croass Darien-Gap by feet, Kolumbien) - Bogota - Guayaquil (Equador) - Lima (Peru) - La Paz (Bolivien) - Buenos Aires (Argentinien) - Ushuaia.
Book: Bland vralapor och djungelindianer Med motorcykel och machete frän New York till Eldslandet (Swedish, 1960). Blandt Broeleaber og jungleindianere (Swedish). Med motorcykel og machete fra New York til Ildlandet (Danish, 1961). Brant Brölaper og Jungelindianere (Norwegian, 1961). Mölyapinoita ja viidakkointiaaneja (Finish, 1961).Among Jungle Indians (English, 1962). Parmi les singes hurleurs et les Indiens de la jungle (French, 1965)
1994 1st conract by letter.
B.T.: Birger is the first Motorcycle-Traveller starting in North-America, Central-America and crossing South America including travelling through the Darein-Gap.

1959 - 08.1961
Danny Liska (American)
North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. Danny rode with a BMW R 60 the Panam in total (and many routes aside): 32.000 kms. His "motorcycle love affair" started already with 16 years riding a Harley Davidson from 1936. After one year travelling in North-America Danny shipped his motorcycle from Panama to Medellin (Colombia). But he wanted to travel the whole distance Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. So he crossed the Darien-Gap (130 kms) by the help of Cuna- und Choco- Indians with canoes and by walking.
He left his Motorcycle in Ushuia and rode it back in 1963 to North-America.
Route: Alaska - Tierre Del Fuego (arrived 08.1961). Die kürzeste Verbindung vom "Artic Circle" bis Feuerland ist ca. 20.000 miles (32.000 km). Danny fuhr 65.000 miles (104.000 km). Wenn das "Darien Gap" als Straße fertig wäre, würde die kürzeste Verbindung "Panama Ushuaia" 7.360 miles (11.716 km) sein.
Backroute: Uruguay - Paraguay - Brasil - North-America.
Book: Two wheels to adventure. Alaska to Argentina by motorcycle (English, 1990, 762 pages).
Dos Ruedas a la Aventura (Spanish, 1995).
B.T.: Danny Liskas 95.000 miles Reise entlang der PAN AM ist im Guinessbuch unter "motorcycle facts and feats" festgehalten. The first overland journey from Alaska to Argentina including Darien-Gap without Motorcycle.
Im September 1963 startete Danny von Hamburg aus mit einer von BMW R 60, "Nordkap-Capetown" in 18 Monaten.
Amerika und Deutschland jeweils halb sponserten seine BMW R 60 um vom Nordkap bis nach Capetown zu fahren. Mit einem Schiff fuhr er von dort nach Boston (USA) zurück. Von hier fuhr er ab Dezember 1964 durch bittere Kälte nach Nebraska zurück. Über diese Reise hat Danny ein Buch geschrieben, daß aber bis in 2000 noch nicht publiziert wurde. Danny ist bereits verstorben, aber seine Frau will das Buch in 2001 noch publizieren.

< 1963
Manfred Schubert
Honey Moon. From Alaska to Patagonia. Vermutlich ist das ein Buch.

Alaska-Tierra del Fuego
Ernst Wiese (??.??.1904- 29.03.2010 ??)
German expedition in a Mercedes Benz 180 diesel, inspired by a previous film about a newly completed road from north to south America, resulting in the book "Rollbahn Amerika. Mit dem Auto von Alaska nach Feuerland", Ernst Wiese, 1963, Verlag Herta Leigsnering - Wien, 230 pages with 24 pictures. Ohne Druckdatum: 1950er, 1955.
Publisher: London, R. Hale
Date of Publication: 1960
Binding: hardcover. Edition: 1st Edition. :

Artikel: Der Mann, der härter war als ein Ponton.
Mit einem Ponton-Mercedes durch Amerika . GANZ Amerika: eine Tour ein Höllenritt, eine Expedition für Menschen von härtestem Schrot und Korn. Wiese zog es wirklich in die Welt und er verdiente sich als Reporter mit Reiseberichten ein Auskommen: Naher Osten, USA. Zentralamerika zu einer Zeit, als man in seiner Heimat Österreich noch von zwei Wochen Zelten am Wolfgangssee träumte. Maschinenbau-Diplom-Ing.

Von der Traumstraße gepackt
Vor 1955 attackierte er die Panamericana zweimal, ein erstes Mal in den Dreißigern, mit Motorrad und einer amerikanischen Journalistin im Beiwagen; ein zweites Mal mitten im Weltkrieg - da fiel er als Angehöriger der Achsenmächte prompt in die Hände der US-Spionageabwehr und durfte erst nach monatelanger Haft zurück in die Heimat.

Die Traumstraße ließ ihn nicht los. In der Hinsicht war er nicht der einzige, das Projekt einer Autostraße, die beide amerikanische Teilkontinente in von Süden nach Norden durchzieht, ist fast so alt wie das Auto selbst. Die Idee wurde 1923 zum ersten Mal ernsthaft diskutiert, 1936 hatte man sich auf den Streckenverlauf geeinigt. Die Straße ist bis heute nicht vollendet – noch immer klafft eine Lücke zwischen Panama und Kolumbien – wenngleich deutlich besser ausgebaut als vor 50 Jahren. Anfang der Fünfziger wurde die Straße in Europa bekannt durch die Carrera Panamericana, ein Straßenrennen, das dem mexikanischen Streckenabschnitt folgte. 1958 kam der Dokumentarfilm "Traumstraße der Welt" in die westdeutschen Kinos und löste ein wahres Panamericana-Fieber aus.

Vier Jahre zuvor war Ernst Wiese nicht mehr der Jüngste, er wollte es aber einfach nochmal wissen. Sein dritter Versuch sollte klappen und ihn unter die erlesenen Ränge der Gusseisernen befördern, die tatsächlich die Piste in ihrer ganzen Länge befahren.

Das es ihm gelang, verdankte er seiner eigenen Unerschütterlichkeit und der seines Autos. Daimler-Benz hatte jüngst den neuen Mercedes Typ 180 herausgebracht, den wir heute als Ponton kennen. Seit 1954 als Diesel erhältlich, somit auch noch extrem wirtschaftlich. Erich Wiese sprach in Untertürkheim vor, erläuterte sein Vorhaben - und erhielt tatsächlich einen fabrikneuen Mercedes 180D, als Leihgabe zum Zwecke einer Expedition über geschätzte 50.000 unwegsame Kilometer.

Allein das ist erstaunlich. Noch befremdlicher allerdings, wie Wiese das Auto für die lange Strecke vorbereitete: so gut wie nicht. Der schwierigste Part der Reisevorbereitung (neben der Visabeschaffung) war die Gepäckaufteilung. Er hatte nämlich eine junge blonde Fotografin kennengelernt, die die Fotos zu seiner Reportage beitragen wollte. Die junge Dame packte ein mobiles Fotolabor ein und natürlich Winter-, Sommer- und Abendgarderobe. Wiese selbst legte neben seiner Schreibmaschine ein Tonbandgerät bereit, das sich mit einem massiven Vorschaltgerät an die Bordelektrik anschließen ließ, sowie ein Paar Riffelbleche aus Alu, falls sich der Mercedes im Sand festführe.

Klare Prioriäten

Das ergab einen Gepäckhaufen, der ungefähr so schwer war wie das Auto selbst. Eindeutig zuviel. Die Fotografin bestand auf Labor und Abendkleid, Wiese auf Tonband und Riffelblech - einzig die dicken Wintersachen schienen verzichtbar, da man laut Reiseplan kaltes Wetter vermeiden würde. Und Ersatzteile für das Auto ließ man auch daheim – der Wagen war ja schließlich brandneu.

Natürlich erwiesen sich Fotolabor und Tonband als toter Ballast: Das Labor blieb unbenutzbar, da sich kaum ein Hotelzimmer ausreichend abdunkeln ließ, das Tonband saugte die Autobatterie leer bevor man zwei Worte aufsprechen konnte. Dafür gerieten die zwei tapferen Weltenbummler in einen Wintereinbruch, kaum dass sie die Grenze nach Kanada überschritten hatten ...

Schon zuvor, beim Ausschiffen in New York Ende September 1955 bemerkten sie einen weiteren schweren logistischen Fehler: den Dieselmotor. Diesel war in New York kaum zu haben - und nicht nur dort. Auch später in Zentralamerika oder den Anden hätten sie wohl problemlos Benzin haben können, aber Diesel war kaum verbreitet.

Ein Winter ohne Windschutzscheibe
Zunächst jedoch kam der kanadische Winter, völlig unplanmäßig verfrüht. Die zwei packten sich in die gesamte Sommerkleidung, die ihre Koffer hergaben, um nicht allzusehr zu frieren. Das ließ sich verkraften - bis mitten im Schneesturm, bei minus zehn Grad die Windschutzscheibe zersprang. Nach einer fürchterlichen Nacht unter dünnen Decken fanden sie eine kleine Forschungsstation am Straßenrand, wo man ihnen ein Stück Sperrholz in den Scheibenrahmen flickte, mit zwei notdürftig verglasten Sehschlitzen.

Hinter diesem Bretterverhau fuhren sie bibbernd aber unverdrossen weiter bis nach Fairbanks in Alaska, dem eigentlichen Startpunkt der Panamericana. Dort gab es außer Schnee nur Fisch - kein Obst, kein Gemüse, kein Stück Plexiglas und schon gar keine Ponton-Scheibe. Also fuhren sie südwärts, auf der Traumstraße der Welt, und spähten durch die Sehschlitze in den Schnee ... das fanden erst einige kalifornische State Trooper bedenklich, die ihnen eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 40 km/h verordneten. Da aber hatten Ernst Wiese und seine Marianne das Schlimmste bereits hinter sich: In San Francisco war der Herbst mild und in der örtlichen Mercedes-Benz-Niederlassung lag eine Windschutzscheibe bereit.

Bekanntschaft mit der Alptraumstraße
Die zwei waren tief beeindruckt von dem Geflecht der Freeways in Los Angeles (sowas gab es in Europa nicht), und nicht minder berührt, als sie einige Tage später eine Passhöhe erklommen und vor sich das Lichtermeer von Mexiko-Stadt vor sich ausgebreitet fanden. Vor dem Grenzübergang nach Guatemala nahmen mexikanische Straßenkinder zwei Reifenventile als Geisel; die Ponton-Fahrer mussten bei jedem Grenzübertritt in den nächsten zentralamerikanischen Kleinstaat Schmiergeld bluten und feierten schließlich ein unfestliches Weihnachtsfest in Managua, Hauptstadt von Nicaragua.

In Costa Rica setzte Wiese sich in den Kopf, auf eigener Achse den Kraterrand des Vulkans Irazu zu erklimmen - ein Feldweg führte hinauf, und irgendwie kam der Ponton auch oben an. Auf dem Abstieg aber setzte ein mahlendes Geräusch an der Hinterachse ein, das auch nicht wieder weggehen wollte - bis das Differential krachend blockierte. So verbrachte das Paar den Jahresbeginn in einem Dorf am Ende der Welt, in der Hoffnung auf einen Satz Zahnräder aus Managua ...

Zwei Tage für zehn Kilometer
Als der Ponton wieder lief, mussten die Abenteurer entdecken, wie es wirklich um die Panamericana bestellt war: Von einer durchgehenden Straße konnte keine Rede sein. Sie mussten ihr Auto auf Schmalspur- bahnen und Fischkutter verladen - um schließlich vor der Grenze von Panama auf eine eingestürzte Brücke zu stoßen. Die einzige Ausweichmöglichkeit bot ein zehn Kilometer langer Sandstrand am Golf von Mexiko. Nix Traumstrand: Zehn Kilometer lockerer Sand können sehr sehr lang sein. Für diese Strecke brauchten sie zwei volle Tage, und ohne die Sandbretter würde der Ponton heute noch dort feststecken.

In Panama-Stadt mussten sie sich erneut einschiffen, um nach Kolumbien zu gelangen. Dort zumindest war ein besseres Fortkommen, und von Guerilla oder Drogenkartellen wusste noch niemand etwas. Beim Aufstieg in die Anden begann der Ponton Kühlwasser zu saufen - Wiese ließ zweimal den Kühler wechseln, bis man ihn in Bogota auf die Idee brachte, die Zylinderkopfdichtung zu prüfen.

Bis ans Ende der Welt – und drüber hinaus
Das war Ernst Wiese: unerschütterlich. Frostnächte in 4000 Metern Höhe, Schlammpfühle statt Straßen im Dschungel von Ecuador, Steinschlag auf chilenischen Schotterpisten, der schließlich die Ölwanne durchlöcherte - Wiese dachte nicht ans Aufgeben. An der Ölwanne wäre der Ponton kurz vor Feuerland beinahe verstorben, die Wanne war einfach nicht ausgelegt für die Mörderstraßen, auf denen man sich damals zum Südzipfel des Kontinents bewegte.

Ende April 1956 erreichten sie schließlich die Magellanstraße und damit tatsächlich das andere Ende der Panamericana. Das Ende der Reise war das nicht: Ein Schiff nach Europa wartete auf sie, aber 3000 km weit im Norden, in Buenos Aires ... Der Ponton schaffte es tatsächlich auf eigener Achse, obwohl er am Ende weich war, durchgetrommelt von den unsäglichsten Pisten der westlichen Hemisphäre.

Ernst Wiese und seine Begleiterin waren auch weich, aber nur ein bisschen. Als sie drei Wochen später von Bord gingen, schmiedeten sie schon Pläne für die nächste Expedition: diesmal nach Asien, und mit einem Ford Taunus.

Publication in Motorcycle 31.01.1963

1956 ca.

Wiese Ernst Rollbahn Amerika. Mit dem Auto von Alaska nach Feuerland Herta Leigsnerig Verlag, ohne Druckdatum (ca.1956) 1956 1956 Deutsch Amerika N + S - Ford Taunus ? H x ? B

1963 - 196?
Alaska-Tierra del Fuego
Juan Jose Degratti (??.??.19??- ??.??.196?)
- Juan planned to ride Alaska-Tiertra Del Fuego. His Matchless twin was fitted with a radio. He checked in in Texas. He calls his ride a "jaunt"
Publication in Motorcycle 31.01.1963
Appr. 200. First information By Evald Bengsston


Dear Carlos A. Caggiani (Uruguay, Born 1940 in Montevideo)
+ North-America, South America, Europe. Carlos rode solo with a motorcycle Indian 1947 in three continents in two years. He publsihed books in 2009 in Spanish and 2010 in English.
Purpose: ??
Route: `??
The best: ??

The worst: ??
Earlier mc-tours: ?

ISBN 1-4-5378-537-x. Carlos A. Caggiani. Tracks und Horizonts. 26 countries. S- + N-America + Europe in 1964-66. English language.
ISBN 978-1448649986. Huellas y Horizontes. 26 paises e una motocicleta. S- + N-America + Europa.
12.08.2012 First information by Uwe Illgner (German expert for Indian motorcycles)
10.04.2014 Found . Send an email to Carlos via website and facebook.
I would like to promote your motorcycle-travel-books on But I need more details like pages, maps, size, publisher of each book...This is the worlds largest collection of real 1450 mc-travel-books 1910-2014 in all languages. - In you see the conquer of all continents 1887-2014 by motorcycles. - Mit Indian 1964-66. USA. Ingenieria de una estafa.

Ende November 1970 - März 1974 (Planned was only one year)
Dr. Dieter Kühnel (German, born ??.??.19?? )
+ Around-The-World. With a BMW (R 60/5. 600 ccm) 3 continents, 13 countries. ca. 103.000 kms in 3 years, 3 months and three days
Route: Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Celebes, Molukken, Irian Jaya bis Papua Neuguinea.
Route: Deutschland - Österreich - Ungarn - Rumänien - Bulgarien - Türkei - Iran - Afghanistan - Pakistan - Indien - Ceylon - Sikkim - Nepal - von Kalkutta (Indien) über Rangun (Burma) bis Thailand (Bangkok) per Rucksack - Laos - Thailand - Kambodscha - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapure - Borneo - Brunei - Singapure - Sumatra - Java - Celebes  - Molukken - Irian Jaya - Papua - Neuguinea - Australien (Sydney) - Übergearbeitet von Neuseeland durch den Panama Kanal bis North America Philadelphia (USA) - quer durch Mexiko - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - mit Flugzeug nach South America in Baranquilla (Kolumbien) - Venezuela - Kolumbien - Equador - Peru - Bolivien - Argentinien - Chile - Argentinien - Uruguay - Argentinien - Paraguay - bis Brasilien - mit Schiff entlang der afrikanischen Küste von Angola bis Ghana - mit Motorrad Cote d'Ivoire - Mali - Obervolta - Ghana - Togo - Dahomey - Nigeria - Kamerun - mit Flugzeug nach Paris (Frankreich). Die Welt-Karte von Dieters Reise ist bisher so unveröffentlicht. Er zeichnete sie dankenswerterweise für dieses Buch.
03.03.1992: Dieter visited Bernd Tesch in Zweifall.
Books: Rätselhaftes Indien. Von Burma durch die Inselwelt Südostasiens.

Braumann, Franz STRASSE DER ABENTEUER TRANSAMAZONICA 1970 ? Bau der Transamazonica Loewes-Verlag, Bayreuth, 1977 Amerika



1971. Appr.34.000 km south > north with two Laverda sportbikes and a Fiat for luggage and the photograph Renato Calo.- Book from 2018.

Start: Ushuaia.- Still snow in Chile.

On the road north.- Massimo Bertuzzi Borgognoni (left) made the total length to Alaska! Steve Snider from USA to Alaska.

​​Jean-Louis Olive (*28.05.1957 in Marseille, France)

19.05.1971 (departure from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia).
1st.06.1971: Official raid departure from Ushuaia - 27.09.1971: Arrival at the end in Anchorage, Alaska.
Massimo Bertuzzi Borgognoni (Italian. *26.08.1944. +??.??.20??), Filippo Falzoni Gallerani (Italian. *15.07.1951., Renato Calo (Italian. born ??.??19??. Steve Snider (American, USA, from Fresno California to Anchorage, replacing Filippo Falzoni Gallerani after an accident. Born ??.??.19??).
+ South-America, Central America, North America: Massimo Bertuzzi Borgognoni and Filippo Falzoni Gallerani rode two Laverda 750 SF sportbikes motorcycles. Renato Calo drove a Fiat 125S for the luggage and was the photographer of the raid. Steve Snider replaced Filippo Falzoni after a heavy accident in California. He repaired the damaged Laverda and rode it from Fresno California to Anchorage.
Purpose of travel: Adventure
Route: Buenos-Aires - Ushuaia - Bariloce, Santiago, Atacama desert, Arica, Arequipa, Cuzco, Peru (Machu-Picchu, Lima, Guayaquil), Panama, San Jose, Guatemala city, Mexico- USA (Los Angeles, Yosemite Park, Fresno, San Francisco, Vancouver), Dawson Creek, Tok Junction, Anchorage.
The best: The successfull adventure in spite of a only one month preparation in Italy and the Laverda being sportbikes which had never been tested for such a long trip. The personal achievement. The human adventure and all the meeting with local peoples. The discovery of history, culture and nature all over the trip, especially in South America.
The worst: The terrible accident of Filippo Falzoni in California (crash in front of a truck). Heavily injured, he had to give up and came to hospital for many months.   
Book or publication: Book "Raid Tierra del Fuego - Alaska, 34.000 km by motorbike in 1971". Published january 2018 in english, french or italian. 160 pages, A5 size, 155 pictures.
Earlier experiences of the riders: ??
Earlier experiences of the writer of the book: Jean-Louis Olive.
- 1972, I was 15 years old, I did a tour around Europe with a small moped Motobecane 49cc: Marseille (France), the Alps, Geneva (Switzerland), Interlaken (Switzerland), Munchen (Germany), Innsbruck (Austria), Venezia (Italy), Pisa (Italy), Genova (Italy), Marseille (France)
- 1973: I was 16 years old and just got my motorcycle riding licence, I started a trip from Marseille to Marocco with a Yamaha 125 AS3 but crashed near the Spanish border and had to give up.
- 1974: At 17 years old and a Kawasaki 350 S2 (3cylinder 2 stroke), I travelled from Marseille (France) to Marocco and Algeria. I went as south as possible in the Sahara desert (Reggane) but couldn't go on due to the poor fuel autonomy of my bike (in spite of additional tanks). Back to France across Spain. It was then one of the longest trip done with such a 2 stroke motorcycle.
- Various European trips (still motorbikes) in 1975 and 1976, then left France to a world Tour on a govt ship in 1978 until 1980.
- 1983: Sahara desert with a Land Rover 88 SW.
- 20 years spent overseas (Guyana, Caribbean islands), all covered with my vintage Laverda motorcycles.
Publication: "Raid Tierra del Fuego - Alaska" done in 1971 with two Laverda 750 SF. 160 pages, 28 euros.
Available january 2018 in english, french and italian.
Das neue Buch "RAID TIERRA DEL FUEGO - ALASKA" wurde 1971 mit zwei Laverda 750 SF gemacht. 160 Seiten, 28 Euro.
Verfügbar im Januar 2018 in Englisch, französisch und Italienisch.
14.05.2018: First request by Jean-Louis for contact via facebook.
14.05.2018: First personal answer from BT by f. I asked for reply. May be:
16.05.2018 : First very good summary by Jean-Louis Olive.
17.05.2018: Last summary above by BT.
23.05.2018: Got a handsigned wonderful designed book with so many pictures underlined with a sentence including the whole story form Jean-Louis Olive. It took the freelance journalist Jean Louis 20 years to finish all his researches for the research and writing this book.
The only rdie who covered the whole distance from south to north Massimo Bertuzzi Borgognoni passed away before the writing of this book.

Ludmilla Tüting (Geb. ca. 15.05.1946 in Hagen) und Dieter Krauss.
+ Alaska-Tierra del Fuego-Brasilia. "Die Traumstasse der Welt": In 18 Monaten 50.000 km mit VW-Bus (Gesamte VW-Bus-Reise um die Welt: September 1968- Mai 1972). Globetrotter Broschüre. DIN A 5. 69 S. Loseblattsammlung über die bereisten Staaten gelocht und geheftet. Infos über jeden Staat. Jeweils kurze Übersicht aus ihrer Sicht. Währung. Beinzinkosten. Botschaftsadresse. Karten. Angaben über Strecken und Städte. - Keine persönlichen Schilderungen und Erlebnisse. Keine Foto-Sammlung. Die genaue Angabe, wann die eigene Reise "Alaska-Feuerland" stattgefunden hat, fehlt. Man startete in Germany (Hagen) zu dritt. Da die Kombination nicht funktionierte stieg ein Mann in Istanbul aus. Anfänglich war die Broschüre mit Schreibmaschine geschrieben.
Diese Blattsammlung wurde später überarbeitet und als Handbuch für Globetrotter Band 04 der Reihe: Globetrotter schreiben für Globetrotter herausgegeben.
Route der gesamten Reise und insbesondere des Teiles „Alaska-Feuerland“ : ?? country-by country
Reisepartner: Dieter Krauss.
Das South American Handbook (South American Travel Guide) existierte damals schon in englischer Sprache.
+ Original 1. Auflage August 1972. Im Büchlein steht: Stand 1972-1973.
Publication: von Dieter Krauss 1. Auflage. 2003: Mit dem Auto Einmal um die ganze Welt. Greiner, Remshalden-Grunbach. ISBN-10: 3935383290.
ISBN-13: 9783935383295
Publication: 25.01.2003 von CHRISTEL BURGHOFF und EDITH KRESTA in
"Jg. Mann, 26. J., startet im Herbst 1968 mit VW-Bus nach Indien. Einem praktischen und selbstständ. Mädel ist gegen geringe Unkostenbeteiligung Mitfahrt geboten. Zuschr. unter Z. 14860 an StZ."
"Mit dieser Anzeige in der Stuttgarter Zeitung vom Juni/Juli 1968 begann das eigentliche Leben der Ludmilla Tüting. Sie ging mit dem jungen Mann auf Reisen und kam erst vier Jahre später zurück. On the road - unterwegs. Von Pakistan nach Indien, über Australien nach Kanada, Kolumbien, Brasilien und schließlich Afrika - aus der 21-jährigen Zeitungsdrückerin war eine Globetrotterin geworden.
Innerhalb von drei Wochen fetzte sie nach ihrer Rückkehr aus Tagebuchaufzeichnungen den Reiseführer "Von Alaska bis Feuerland" auf Matrizen und verkaufte diesen im Selbstverlag, sage und schreibe siebzigtausendmal. Der erste alternative Reiseführer wurde ein Bestseller. Er erschien zu einer Zeit, als Globetrotterkreise ihren Sehnsüchten nach Wildheit, Ruhe, Einfachheit und Unkultiviertheit hinterher reisten und sich ihre heißesten Tipps noch per Mund-zu-Ohr-Propaganda zuflüsterten. Aus dieser Szene entwickelte sich der alternative Tourismus - auch als Bestandteil einer neuen Subkultur."
20.05.2012 B.T. Dieses ist eine bewußte Unwahrheit von Ludmilla Tüting im Interview. Sie wußte seit Jahren, dass der "Afrika-Führer für Selbstfahrer" von Bernd Tesch bereits Ende 1971 erschien. - Auch die Auflagenzahl erscheint mir erheblich übertrieben.
Von Panama Guatemala 1971 > Alaska Sommer 1971-72 Argentinien.
18.05.2012 Dieter Krauss zu Bernd Tesch: Die Idee, einen Reiseführer Alaska-Feuerland zu schreiben, stammt von mir. Darüber kam es zum Streit mit Ludmilla Tüting und der Trennung. Sie bekam den Text, er die Fotos. 1. Auflage von Alaska-Feuerland kam im August 1972.
Ludmilla hatte 20 DM beim Start der Reise. Sie sind zusammen mit ca. DM 7.000 gestartet und mit 7.000 DM zurück gekommen.

??.09.1968 - ??.05.1972
Ludmilla Tüting (Geb. ca. 15.05.1946 in Hagen) und Dieter Krauss (Geb. 28.07.1942)
+ Around-The-World
. Ludmilla und Dieter umrundeten die Welt in einem VW-Bus (Genauer Typ??) mit 120.000 Kilometer in vier Jahren.
Purpose of travel:
Dieter hatte ein Freundin, die er heiraten wollte, aber noch vorher mit ihr eine große Reise machen wollte. Die Eltern des Mädchens verhinderten das. So war die Reise zwar fertig vorbereitet und geplant, aber plötzlich ohne Partnerin. Daher schaltete Dieter im Juni/Juli 1968 eine Anzeige in der Stuttgarter Zeitung (StZ):
"Jg. Mann, 26. J., startet im Herbst 1968 mit VW-Bus nach Indien. Einem praktischen und selbstständ. Mädel ist gegen geringe Unkostenbeteiligung Mitfahrt geboten. Zuschr. unter Z. 14860 an StZ.". Auf diese antworteten einige, aber die 21-jährige Ludmilla war sofort bereit, mitzufahren. Ludmilla besaß DM 20,00. Auf der gesamten 4-jährigen Reise waren Ludmilla und Dieter "Ein Herz und eine Seele".
Route: Germany (Hagen) - ?? - Pakistan - ?? Indien - ?? - Australien - ?? Panama - ?? - Kanada - ?? Panama mit Schiff nach Süd-Amerika (Kolumbien - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivien - Argentinien (keine VW-Werkstatt damals, deshalb nicht nach Ushuaia, sondern weit vor Punta Arena zurück) daher zurück bis - Uruguay - Paraguay - Brasilien) - nach Afrika (Abidjan -??) - Germany.
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Important useful informations for others:....??
Damals waren waren einige wenige auf der Strecke Alaska-Feuerland unterwegs. Dieter hat keine Adressen von diesen.
Er kennt keine früheren KFZ-Reisen Alaska-Feuerland.
Rundum haben sie keine Motorrad-Reisenden gesehen außer in N-Amerika (Name unbekannt).
Book or publication (about your tour): Dieter Krauss: Mit dem Auto einmal um die ganze Welt. Taschenbuch.198 S. 1.Auflage 2003. Verlag: Bernhard Albert Greiner. Remshalden-Grunbach. ISBN-10: 3935383290. ISBN-13: 9783935383295 € 17,50. (2. Aufl. Oktober 2003). Deutsch. 23,6 H x 16,6 B x 1,2 cm H.
Viele Probleme musste Krauss bei diesem Abenteuer bewältigen. Bürgerkrieg, Krankheiten, Geldknappheit. Technische Schwierigkeiten. Lebendige Erzählungen, viele Fotos. Man wird in der Zeit zurück versetzt und um die Welt transportiert.
2012: 3. Auflage kommt unverändert.
Infos 2012 von Dieter: Dieter war vor der Weltreise seit 1960 schon ein erfahrener Traveller (siehe unten): 1968-1972 umrundete Dieter Krauss in einem VW-Bus die Erde. Doch erst viele Jahre später kam seine Geschichte als Buch raus, weil das Leben ihn vorher forderte.
Nach der Reise hatte er einen Auftrag, über Mexiko in Mexiko zu schreiben, aber der Verlag ging während dieser Zeit in Konkurs. Dieter blieb in Mexiko und heiratete. Zwei Kinder. Seine Frau ist leider jung verstorben. Es gibt ein Buch über Mexiko, was seine große Liebe war. Daher kam das Buch über die VW-Bus-Weltreise erst 2003.
Book: Zucker für Chicago. Taschenbuch. 251 S. Bernhard Albert Greiner. Auflage. 1.Aufl. 02.05.2005. ISBN-10: 3935383258. ISBN-13: 978-3935383257.
Earlier experiences:
??.09.1960- mit Kumpel und Motorrad Victoria- Bergmeister 2 ZYL V-Form. mit Beiwagen. Germany - Turkey - Syrien - mit Schiff nach Cairo - Libyen. In Tobruk versagte das Motorrad. Per LKW mit Motorrad nach Tripolis. Dort Motorrad 2 Jahre stehen lassen. Danach dort verschrottet.
1964 Nach Indien -und zurück getrampt.
1966 Von Portugal per Schiff nach Angola (Luanda). Von dort getrampt nach Süd-Afrika. Zurück über die westliche Route in Afrika: Süd-Afrika -Rhodesien - Malawi - ??- Äthiopien - Egypt - Germany.
1968 - 1972 Weltreise per VW-Bus..
2012 Dieter ist jetzt 4-5 Monate pro Jahr in Europa unterwegs.
Dieter Krauss Pfarrweg 32. 73630 Renshalden 24 km südlich von Stuttgart

Nicholas Crane
Book: Cycling in Europe.  Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset: Oxford Illustrated Press, 1984.  {12554354}
Hibell, Ian (1934-2008) and Clinton Trowbridge.  Into the remote places.  London: Robinson Books, 1984.  {11818771}
In the 1970’s he completes three bicycle journeys, the first from Tierra Del Fuego, Chile,  to Circle City, Alaska; the second from North Cape, Norway to Cape Town, South Africa; and the third Lima, Peru to Recife, Brazil.  He went alone on the second journey, never able to connect with another rider, and with companions on the first and third. Hibell
averaged 6,000 miles a year for 40 years.  Tragically, he died in August, 2008, in Greece, the victim of a hit and run driver.

Book: 3471773126 Hans Domnick.Traumstrasse der Welt. .Auf der Panamericana durch Nord- und Südamerika. List. Süddeutscher. München. Germany.1972. 30.Tausend. TR. German. America North. America South. USA. Mexico. Guatamala. El Salvador. Honduras. Nicaragua. Costa Rica. Panama. Venezuela. Colombia. Peru. Chile. Argentina. Uruguay. Brasil. Auto. Car. 162 S.. 136 Colour. 2 maps.
Hardcover, 34,5 H x 24,5 B.

Herbert Erich
Richenzhagen (geb. 1942)
+ Nord- und Süd-Amerika. Keep on Tracking! 56.000 Amerika-km im Motorradsattel.
Der Bauingenieur Herbert hatte mit verschiedenen Motorrädern ab 1960 zahlreiche Motorrad-Reisen unternommen. Nach einem 2-jährigen Aufenthalt im Entwicklungsdienst in Tanzania drängte es ihn einmal wieder nach einer größeren Reise. Deshalb startete er mit Fritz Hähnlein auf zwei BMW R 75/5 im Mai 1973 zu einer geplanten  Reise durch Nord-Amerika. Da weder Geld und Zeit reichten, wurde schließlich daraus eine Fahrt durch Nord- und Süd-Amerika. In einem sehr detaillierten Ablaufbericht erzählt Herbert alle Begebenheiten und Empfindungen, so daß man, auch durch die vielen Fotos, alles miterleben kann.
Strecke : Nord-Amerika (USA - Canada - USA - Mexiko - Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama) - Süd-Amerika (Kolumbien - Equador - Peru - Bolivien - Weiter durch Argentinien - Chile - Argentinien - Paraguay - Brasilien) - Europa (Frankreich - Deutschland). 39 Kapitel. 364 S. 443 SW-Fotos nach Farbdias. 1 Titelzeichnung. 8 Landkarten. Manuskriptdatum 31.11.1974.
Einzige Kopie des unveröffentlichten Originals ist im Besitz von Bernd Tesch. Herbert sucht noch einen Verleger.

Zu Herberts Besuche : Nach seiner Reise besuchte mich Herbert ca. 1976 und bot mir an, sein Manuskript als Buch herauszugeben. Leider war ich finanziell dazu nicht in der Lage, obwohl ich das gerne übernommen hätte. Am 30.07.1991 besuchte mich Herbert anläßlich der Herstellung dieses Buches noch einmal und stellte mir dankenswerter Weise sein Manuskript mit extrem vielen Fotos als Kopie für meine Bibliothek zur Verfügung.

Ian Hibell in Peru.


Ian Hibell (British. 06.01.1934 - 23.08.2008) - a Carradice legend.
Ian left a secure job in Devon in 1963. He spent nearly 40 years bicycling in various parts of the world, accomplishing many firsts in cycling.
He was one of the great cycle tourists in the world. He achieved many records in cycling.
He became the first to cycle from the south of South America to the north of North America: Cape Horn to Alaska and completed it in 1973.
He became also the first to cycle the Darien Gap in Panama 100 miles, which is the missing link in the Pan-American Highway, 100 miles of swamp with no roads.
His other adventures include cycling from Norway to the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa and from Bangkok to Vladivostok all thrillingly recounted in his book “Into the remote places” published in 1984. Hibell co-authored a book entitled Into the Remote Places (with Clinton Trowbridge) [2] documenting his travels.
He also designed some of his own gear, including front and rear luggage racks.[4]
He went on to ride the equivalent of ten times round the equator, covering 6,000 miles a year.

WIKIPEDIA. Vladivostok.[7].
"Water, Sand & Ice" (PDF). Adventure Cyclist Magazine. Retrieved 28 November 2008. /
"Ian Hibell". The Economist. 11 September 2008.
Cycle touring legend Ian Hibell killed in Greece". BikeRadar. Retrieved 4 September 2008:
he world famous rugged-terrain cyclist, adventurer, photojournalist and lecturer gained a taste for travelling during his R.A.F. service in the 1950’s. So in 1963, determined to see more of the world, he left Brixham, Devon, to explore some of the most wild and inaccessible places on Earth. He pushed, dragged or carried his bike from the fringes of the Antarctica to the jungles of the Amazon, from the Artic to the remoter islands of Indonesia. This drew the attention of the international media. A guest on the BBC television ‘Globetrotter’ series, and ‘Blue Peter’, he was honoured by the League of American Wheelmen and by the CTC for his ‘trail-blazing' tenacity. He was invited to address the Yale University and lectured on both sides of the Atlantic. He became the first man to cycle the Darien Gap in Panama, and the first to cycle from the top to the bottom of the American continent. He went from Norway to the Cape of Good Hope and from Bangkok to Vladivostok, wheeling or walking every inch of the way. Naturally there are many extraordinary stories to tell, so many people and places, so many miles. Chased by an elephant, sniffed by a lion, jailed and shot at. More friendly confrontations led to hospitality by such as an Eskimo princess, a Dyak headman in Borneo, African chiefs and missionaries. Ian Hibell carried on cycle-touring for the rest of his life......

2020.01.30: 1st information by John Weiss. Wikipedia..Internet. National library Germany.

Book-Cover of te book which the mother published in a small number . Scan kindly of John Weiss.

Book: 978-3033016989. Hibell (*1934 +2008 in an accident bicycle-truck in Greece at 74 age).The Legend of Ian Hibell.
Crossed at first the Darien Gap before 1973. Many records in cycling including the first to cycle from the south of South America to the north of North America - Cape Horn to Alaska – completed in 1973. CellSonic Ltd. 2008?. 1st edtion.

09.06.1974 - 01.04.1975
Keith Jackson (1955-1976)
+ Keith rode solo Alaska-Tierra del Fuego totally. 18.000 miles in 9 months by bicycle including the 300-mile stretch of jungle connecting Panama and Columbia. He mentions taking a boat ride of a little over 10 kilometers. He had to walk and to carry his bicycle many times in the Darien-Gap. After weeks of gearing up, waiting and negotiating with several guides to take him through the jungle, Keith picked up his heavy bicycle and loaded it onto his back, carrying the massive beast for several weeks before finally hitting pavement once again in northern Columbia. This is probably the most interesting and impressive part of Keith’s entire journey.

Keith died when he was at home on a motorcycle and hit a car in front of him which stopped too suddenly. Keith send all informations home by each sort of paper. None get lost. His mother published the book much later. And wrote a touching forward.
Publication: (+D). Book. Keith’s incredible journey.  Winston-Salem. NC: Mr. Binkley’s Printery, 1984.  {11769969}. A Record Breaking Bike Tour From Alaska To Argentina. Day-by-day journal. 155 pp
The trip was done in the shortest known period of time – approximately nine months.
He was the only person known to have gone through the three hundred miles of dense jungle, known as the Darién Gap, instead of
going around it or flying over it. And this was the longest solo trip by bicycle ever recorded – 18,000 miles.

29.01.2020: 1st information out of the book from Duncan R. Jamieson.
29.01.2020: 1st request to John Weiss if he owns the book and can answer the ?? .     
30.01.2020. Scan of bookcover from John Weiss. Dates of journey from John Weiss who owns the book.
BT in 2020.01.30: ?? For me it is not clear if he made the Dartien-Gap with or without the normally needed Indian-guides??
I have necer heard that somebody made it without guides from differnt Indians there.

??.10.1974 - ??.01.1975
Fritz B. Busch (German, 02.05.1922 in Erfurt - 05.08.2010)
+ Alaska-Feuerland mit Golf und VW-Bus T2. 30.000 (25.000 ???) km Testfahrt mit seinem Team und zwei 70 PS Gölfen (nebst einem T2 Bulli) der ersten Produktionsmonate.
Purpose: Testfahrt.
Route: ??? Die genaue Staatenfolge ???? - ???- Argentinien (Ushuaia).
Alaska (Fairbanks) - Canada - USA - Mexiko - Guatemala - Honduras oder El Salvador ( das kann man auf der Karte leider nicht erkennen) - Nicaragua, Costa Rica - Panama - per Schiff nach Süd-Amerika (Kolumbien - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinien (Ushuaia).
Nonstop von Alaska nach Feuerland.
Mit einem selbstgebauten Dieselauto erreichte er nach eigenen Angaben Geschwindigkeiten um 300 Kilometer pro Stunde. Und Fritz B. Busch entwickelte vor gut 45 Jahren einen Vorläufer der heutigen Familienvans. Sein „fam“ hatte allerdings keinen Erfolg.
Publication: Fritz B. Busch und Frank Müller-May. "Auto Abenteuer. Alaska-Feuerland". Broschiert: 128 Seiten. Verlag: Copress; Auflage: N.-A. (Februar 1990). Deutsch. ISBN-10: 3767900912. ISBN-13: 978-3767900912
23.05.2012 Anfrage an Anka Busch mit der Bitte um Beantwortung der ??
Info: Fritz B. Busch war ein vielseitig interessierter und engagierter Mann: Werbeleiter, Kriminalassistent, Kriegsberichterstatter, Grafiker, Chauffeur, Gebrauchtwagenhändler. Und schließlich auch bezahlter Testfahrer und Reisender.
1925 Busch bekam ein Dreirad geschenkt, dass heute im Museum steht.
1958 Busch schrieb für Magazine wie „Auto, Motor und Sport“ oder „Motor Klassik“. Seine Bücher erreichten Millionenauflagen.
Ca. 1968 Autotester und Journalist.
1973 gründete Busch das Oldtimer-Museum in Wolfegg. Fritz B. Busch war jedoch nicht nur Sammler und Journalist, sondern auch Tüftler.
1998 wurde das Museum erweitert. Seit 1998 arbeitete Buschs Tochter Anka im Museum mit.
2006 übernahm Anka Busch schließlich als Geschäftsführerin die Verantwortung.
2012 Besucher können mehr als 200 Oldtimer, Motorräder, Traktoren und Wohnmobile bewundern.
Mit selbst gebauten Autos stellte Busch Weltrekorde auf, für das Magazin „Stern“ fuhr er in einem Golf der ersten Generation

John Pitt (Canadian)
+ Alaska-Tierra del Fuego. Ed Culberson wrote: An artikel of the Canadian John Pitt in the Motorcycle-Magazin Cycle "The Long Tour" motivated pushed me even more to ride Alaska-Tierra del Fuego including Darien Gap. John has been 64 years in 1975 and rode Alaska - Tierra del Fuego but not the Darien Gap.
2015.11.27th. Bernd Tesch tried to get a copy of this articel "The Long Tour" of John Pitt in the "Motorcycle-Magazin Cycle" many years: Unsuccessfully. So - if YOU own this article or can find a copy for me - I would be very grateful. B.T. is now 74,4 years young.

3879436924 Busch Fritz B. + Frank Müller-May Auto-Abenteuer Alaska-Feuerland. Der Große Test. Mit dem Auto von Alaska nach Feuerland. Copress. München. Germany. 1975. 1st edition. TR. German. America North. America South. Canada. USA. Mexico. Guatamala. El Salvador. Nicaragua. Honduras. Costa Rica. Panama. Colombia. Equador. Peru. Bolivia. Chile. Argentina. VW Golf. VW Transporter. 130. Colour. SW. 1. Hardcover. 26,5 x 21,5.

1976 ? - 1978
Kristina Griffith (Vietnamese) and with her husband ?
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego - Spain -Scotland.
From NA to London - overland to India - Africa -
22.11.2000 1st infromation by Ralf Paaske and Petra Schommer. They have a letter with all details. 06.1998 - 04.2000 McLean, Ken (Scottish) http://www.??
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
30.01.01 Send first email and asked for his block.
19.05.01 Send second email and asked for his block.


Leosch Schimanek. li > re: 1998 auf dem Berg Queen Bess (3298 m, im Süden von British Columbia), den Leosch mit einem Freund erobert hat.

12.1977 - 12.1979 Zu fuss - per Auto - per Zug - per Boot
Leosch Schimanek (Geb. 19.04.1946),Tscheche) + 2 Monate zurück nach Lima
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. In 2 Jahren bewältigte Leosch solo diese Reise.
Amerika kennen lernen.
The best: Cuna-Indianer. Galapagos. Patagonien.
The worst: In Medelline in Kolumbien wurde er mit seinem Rucksack auf dem Rücken von zwei Kolumbianern mit Messern überfallen. Da er mit dem Rücken zur Wand stand holte er seine Machete raus. Die Angreifer flohen. (Mündlich erzählt 14.02.2012)
Publications: Vom Eismeer nach Feuerland. Auf abenteuerlicher Reise durch den amerikanischen Kontinent.
Ungekürzte Lizenzausg.
1986. 243 S. Hardcover. 23 cm H. Text auf dem Buchrücken: Amerika - Tausende und Abertausende haben den Kontinent besucht, nur wenige haben ihn jedoch wirklich kennengelernt. Einer davon ist Leosch Schimanek. Über zwei Jahre war er unterwegs und durchquerte den Erdteil von Norden nach Süden - zu Fuß, per Anhalter, als »Hobo« auf Güterzügen oder aber als Passagier auf Marihuana-Schmugglerbooten. Und immer wieder drängte ihn sein Entdeckergeist, dem Unbekannten auf einsamen Pfaden entgegenzutreten. Auf diese Weise gelangte er zu vier verschiedenen Indianerstämmen. Sie ließen ihn teilhaben an ihrem Leben, an ihren Sitten und Gebräuchen . . . Eine moderne Abenteuergeschichte, in spannenden Episoden erzählt und mit zahlreichen Aufnahmen dokumentarisch bebildert. - ISBN 9783761703632. Hardcover. Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2001 bei Verlag Badenia.
Verschiene Verlage: Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Club, o.J. (© 1986). Lizenzausgabe für die Buchclubs 1986 (1986). Stuttgart: Union Verlag (1986). Karlsruhe: Badenia (2001). Wien: Buchgemeinschaft Donauland, Gütersloh : Bertelsmann-Club (1991).
Other travels: Leosch hat eine ganze Reihe anderer Reisen in Alska, Canada, Australien, Neuzeeland gemacht. Darüber gibt es Bücher in Tschecischer und teilweise deutscher Sprache. Siehe: Leosch besitzt noch Bücher vom Badenia Verlag in deutscher Sprache über die Reise "Alaska-Feuerland" und würde diese gerne verkaufen. Man kann diese bereits via seiner website bestellen. Auslieferung durch Deutschland.
09.02.2012 1st information by Michael Schröder, Motorrad-Presse. "der in den 80iger Jahren unter anderem zu Fuß von Alaska bis Feuerland marschiert ist".
09.02.2012 Bestellt bei Amazon.
13.02.2012 Leosch rief mich aus CZ an. Wird meine ?? beantworten.
13.02.2012 Erneutes email von B.T. an Leosch.
14.02.2012 Zweites Telefonat von Leosch mit B.T. Dabei beantwortet er viele obere Fragen (Purpose, The best, the Worst und die genauen Reisedaten !!), die nicht im Buch stehen. Die erbetenen Fotos werden noch vom Sohn geschickt. Dieser spricht auch deutsch und englisch. Leosch besitzt keinen Computer und wohnt am Rande des Riesengebirges in der CZ . Sehr sympathischer Mann.

1979 - 1982
Georges Gouron (French, born 28.10.1944) http://www.??
+ USA - Mexico - Bolivia - Mexico. Bought a new Suzuki GT 750 end of 1978. In September we flew to San Francisco (USA) and rode down California to Mexico. In Guadalajara I joined with Patrick who was coming from Canada with his Honda 750 and we travelled together. We did a grand tour of Mexico then went to Belice. Got stuck for 2 weeks in Belice City thanks to the flood. Eventually we managed to ride and waddle through to reach the border with Guatemala. At the border I checked the oil. Gosh it was a paste ! So I changed it before we continued through mud to Tikal (Took us more than one hour for the last 4 km). People there got excited. They were stuck since 10 days and thought the road was reopened. But when they saw our bikes covered in mud they just sigh ! But Tikal was just worse the trouble. More mud was waiting for us before geaching Guatemala City. Went to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, etc . then passed into Salvador then in civil war. We pulled up the French flag to show we were not yankees otherwise we would have been shot. In town we were many times accosted by groups of tough people thinking we were American but we always talked our way out and often had drink with them once they understood their mistake. From Salvador to Honduras then Nicaragua also in civil war. In Granada we spent a good hour before convincing a young guy armed with a machine gun that we were not yankees and had nothing to do with them. Reluctantly he let us go but it was touch and go. Costa Rica was a relief then we rode to Panama through a deluge. From Panama we flew the bikes to Quito. Went down to Guayaquil where an earthquake shook us out of bed in the middle of the night. No damage for us or the bikes. Left Guayaquil for Peru, rode down the coast then up the Andes to Huaraz (fantastic scenery) down to the coast again and to Lima. Up the Andes to La Oroya (alt 4887m) and from there to Cuzco along the Andes. It was still the wet season and the dirt road was mud. It was slow going with lots of falls. The brakes were blocked by the mud so sometimes the falls were voultary, to avoid a greater fall down the Andes ! But we reached Cuzco where Patrick's Honda packed up. No parts in town nor in Lima neither in Bolivia. A general bought his bike so we split. Patrick continued by bus and I still with my Suzuki which was working perfectly. So we met at prearranged places. In La Paz (Bolivia) we saw that we could not go much further because money. So we started the trip back to Mexico. From there Patrick went back to Canada. I stayed a bout a year in Mexico, working in a hotel then sold the bike which had developed some problems and with the money went back by bus or hitchiking to Bolivia. Then flew back to Australia on the last day of my visa.
The best : Too many. In fact the whole trip.
The worst (at the time, now one of the best memory): The scary moment in Nicaragua. The ride to Tikal and the ride through the muddy Andes
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges


David Baynams route with MZ Supa 5 in the Americas. Alcan Highway, British Colombia.

David Baynams route with MZ Supa 5 in N-America.

11.06.1978 - ??.04.1979 ?? by Motorcycle.
David Baynam (British. Born ??.??.19?? in ?? ) no website
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. In 10 months David rode by motorcycle MZ Supa5 appr. 48.000 miles (= 86,400 km) (solo?).
After14 years, 25 motorcycles and  a quarter-million miles through Australasia, Africa and Europe before, it was quite routine to organize my Iong anticipated journey of a ride from the furthest north-west point of Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the bottom end of the world in Argentina.
Route: A trip 48,000 miles long,
The best: ?.
The worst:I?
Publications: Motorcycle Sport, September  1979. Pp 474.
Earlier mc-rides in: ?
Useful tips for others: ? Apr. 1976 a 35,000 mile joumey from Scandinavia's Arctic Circle to Cape Town.

Original article:
Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. In Motorcycle Sport, September  1979. Pp 474.
A long trip 48,000 miles long, to be reasonably precise David Baynam 10 months by German motorcycle MZ  Supa 5.

  After 14 years, 25 motorcycles and a quarter-million miles through Australasia, Africa and Europe, it was quite routine to organize my Iong anticipated journey of a ride from the furthest north-west point of Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the bottom end of the world in Argentina.
Basically, the two prime considerations are preparation of machine and documentation for ensuing border crossing. Dealing first with a suitable bike, that could be relied upon over extremes of climates and terrain, plumped for the latest top-of-the-range model  from the East German MZ factory. Having completely satisfied myself as to the durability of the motorccyle 250 MZ a year previous, after completing a 35,000 mile joumey from Scandinavia's Arctic Circle to Cape Town.
I was happy to take delivery of.the latest Supa 5 model with five gears and a slihght increase in power. The only alterations were to lower compression a mite by fitting an extra head gasket, reduce gearing with a one-tooth smaller gearbox sprocket and retard the ignition by a       few degrees.
  To carry the lightweight camping equipment -down sleeping bag, one/two man nylon tent, Optimus petrol stove, change of clothes and scant supply of other basic needs - I fitted a large Craven top box on to a strengthened Craven carrier and a large Corona  tank bag which featured a clear plastic top for displaying maps. Inside the carrier frame I marle a plywood box which could hold six quarts/litres of oil - sufficient for 5„000 miles! The spares deemed necessary, such as front and rear,. inner tube „ points, condensers, plugs. chain. cables bulh, il seals wheel bearing ignition switch and coil fuses, spokes, handlebar lever, piston, rings. gasket set, petrol tap and assortment of nuts ad bolts, were all fitted inside side panel, headlamp and the tool compartment of the dualseat. The comprehensive MZ tool kit, which includes pump and puncture outfit, was supplemented with a Mole-type adjustable spanner and a selection of sockets and a wrench.  
  For protection from the elements I selected a Belstaff 500 two-piece suit, as it was both light and comfortable, a good-quality open-face helmet and clear visor, a balaclava, and waterproof rubber overboots which could be easy pulled over a comfortable pair of ordinary walking shoes or boots. To further the weather protection I fitted the latest Craven Cutter handlebar fairing and a pair of rather ugly' but very effective genuine MZ leg shields. So far so good, and cost to date bad amounted to English pounds 300- as a Ietter to  the MZ factory in Zschopau (DDR) had brought forth the loan of a nice new shiny red Supa 5,

Page 475 (S. 2):
Now cominig to the relatively unexpensive business of the bureaucratic side of present-day travel with a motor vehicle. Getting a six-months visa for the USA was made easier upon production of a letter from employers (in USA), assuring me of work upon returning to England, a letter from my  bank manager. showng sufficient fund for the duration of the of the visit Engl. Pounds 1000. Addresses of friends  in the USA offering accommodation, and finally, a return ticket. Or equivalent or "miscellaneous charges order. Innoculations were as per normal though before  entering Latin America "Gamaglobulin" is useful  preventation against hepatitis
   All that to one side. Next came the documents. For the easy import and export of vehicles in Latin Amenca a carnet·should be obtained from either the AA or RAC, who can also supply the necessary international driving licence and vehicle registration certiticate.  A worldwide insurance policy can be obtained from the larger insurance brokers, but is quite expensive at around Engl. Pounds a week . For me a new passport was required, as about 20 countries were planned to he visited.                                                              

Foto: Contrast. In the 15,000 fee high Andes   of     Peru

All that was left was to arrange passage for the MZ and myself to the Big Apple -New York. Pan Am provided the answer with a cargo flight for the crated MZ at ? S4p a kilo and a pack age deal for me costing Engl. Pounds 65. Getting the crate to the Pan-Am cargo terminal in Heathrow brought quite a shock as my heavyweight carpentry horoughness in crating up the MZ meant that I had to pay nearly as much for the box (with the mc insode), as the MZ, Engl. Pounds 150 in all.
After all the time and running around organizing this package, it was a nice feeling on 11.Jun.1978. having cleared Customs gr  ?    Put the slightly dismantled MZ on the ground of Uncle Sam. I  was  riding  over  the the Washington Bndge at 2 am and heading for destiny unknown.
  Where first? As good friends were only 800 miles reached West in Goshen, Indiana (USA), it was there I reached after 1,5 days. The first night out on the night on th road was typical of hundreds of nights that low. As dusk feil, and a reasonably was found, and a reasonable quit wood was found, and a small meal cooked up on the petrol stove. It´s norminally foo much of a chore to stop and to eat out and during the day and often as cheap enjoy a sit-down and rest. There (S. 2.2 >) are   many   subtle  differences between petrol service  stations in  the USA and the  UK . In Europe  we think  we are paying too much for petrol, but so also  do  the Americans.  I however, was quite  happy to pay 35p a gallon. Then comes the unlimitcd supply of coffee and huge, reasonably priced meals. A visit to the 'loo" finds the light-switches operating upside down to us and some really strange tap con rols on  the basins.
   Out on the motorway -sorry„ Interstate - the  50 mph speed limit  now enforced in  the States causes many occasions of  bunching  up. Much nicer in every respect to travel in a more leisurely fashion on the small r route roads that pass through some very attractive countryside and  smaller towns. Always nice to  see  good friends again and especially to call in on Mark Blosser in Indiana who„ along with his brother Dan ,   had   been   met   two   years   previous in Kenya, when they were completing their trip on XL 350 Hondas from Bangladesh across India and the Far East, then right down the eastern side of Africa to Cape Town. before shipping back   to the USA.

S. 2.3:

04.07.2018: 1st information by Roger Bibbings in GB via the request below to Bernd Tesch. He wants to track down David Baynam
- I am trying to track down David Baynam who completed a 48,000 mile journey in N and S America in the late seventies on a pretty standard MZ TS250. He toured the USA and then rode from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego with no real issues other than a broken gearbox return spring. There is a write up of his epic trip in Motor Cycle Sport September 1979 (pp 474, 475, 476 and 503).
- What happened to him afterwards? Is he still with us? A web search shows that the friend Mark Blosser from Indiana, who he mentions in the article, retired from TWR in 2012 (see
Mark and his wife were missionaries. (After studying electrical technology at LeTourneau University, Mark introduced new crop varieties in Bangladesh and then embarked with his older brother on a 10-month, 25,000-mile motorcycle journey making a gigantic arc from South Asia to the tip of South Africa.) I have sent and enquiry to Mark via TWR.
- It might be good to re-print David’s story and to track him down if he is still alive. His pioneering journey and use of a 250 rather than a bigger bike, was years ahead of today’s globetrotting adventure motorcyclists who have rediscovered the advantages of travelling on smaller bikes. His trip deserves to be remembered.
04.07.2018: First answer to Roger Bibbings that I have never herad of David Baynam so far. I will try to contact Georges Gouron.
If anyone can help please contact Bernd Tesch.
23.07.2018 Four Scan-copy Davids story as a Scan from:
Roz Williamson. VMCC Library Team. Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited. Allen House. Wetmore Road. Burton on Trent. Staffordshire. DE14 1TR. Tel: Office 00 44 (0) 1283 540557. Email: . Website: .Online Shop:
05.11.2023: Henrik Fabien informs me, that David Baynam at least in 2019 still active was:
Möglicherweise ist das hier auch seine Facebook Seite:
05.11.2023: message to fim in facebook: 05.11.2023: Best David (Baynam) in GB, > from Bernd (Tesch, :1941. Germany): Are YOU the person I am searching since many years to get your article in Motor Cycle Sport September 1979 (pp 474, 475, 476 and 503). ??? > I am a motorcycle-travel expert and have published, all I know about your solo Trans-Amerika tour in 1978 here: Please anwser in any way. THANKS so much: with a big hug Bernd (Tesch, 82,3 years)




01.11.1981 - 31.03.1983
Christian Dick (German, born 02.04.1955)
+ North -, Central - and South-America.
Christian rode solo with a HONDA XL 500 S Enduro from North - America (20.000 kms in 5 months) over Cental-America (5.000 kms in 2 months) to South-America (25.000 kms in 9 months). In total about 55.000 kms in 17 months (including six weeks "on the water").
Route: Germany (Heidelberg) - USA (Boston) - Canada (Vancouver). From there generally the route Panamericana: USA (Westcoast) - Mexico (Baha California, Mexico City) - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. With a plane to Columbia (Bogota) - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Argentina- Chile (Puerto Mont) - Argentina - Paraguay - Brasil.
Purpose of travel: Fullfilling a long dream after my studies in Heidelberg. Looking for adventures. Meeting the people of the world.
The best: - Towns like Vancouver, San Francisco, Quito, La Paz, Rio de Janeiro. - The absolute different landscapes in the various countries. - The hospitality in almost all countries all over America. - Got hit by a bullet in Mexico (near Oaxaca) into my but. 10 days hospital. - Tour into the Bolivian jungle with 3 Bavarians on their bikes (Christoph del Bondio, Alfred and Thomas Müller) to visit the old German adventurer Hans Ertl (80 years), who (was ?) living near Concepcion. - Transport of the motorcycles in small boats through the Bolivian jungle because the roads were muddy and not to pass. - From Rio de Janeiro with a ship (Luxeryliner "MS Astor" back to Europe (Genua) as a simple worker in the mashine-room. Free of charge for me and the bike and with DM 500,00 money for my work. And a temperamental love affair with a German Stewardess Maren.
The worst: The shot into my best part (see above).
Publication: Partial discription in PS, The Motorcycle News, No.12 / 1985.
Useful information and tips for others: Too long ago. But, don´t prepare so much, just start your dream. A lot comes different as you have ever thougth.
1985 Christian gave kindly a slides-show at the Tesch-Mc-Meeting.
1985,1999, 2001, 2003 visitor of The Tesch-Mc-Meeting. Christian rode and tool car for a BMW R 100/7 220.000 kms.
04.2000 22 MFT Christian Dick hat vor 15 Jahren einen Dia-Vortag auf dem TTTreffen gehalten. Nord-, Mittel- und Süd-Amerika und hat sich seitdem nie mehr gemeldet. Das Fernweh hat ihn aber nie mehr verlassen !
04.2001 Out of his memory Christian told me that at this time he met the following Mc-travellers on his total way: 5 in NA, 2 in Central-A und 10 in SA.
04.04.2005: Glaube mir, ich - der BMW-Fahrer mit jetzt vielleicht 600.000 km auf dem Buckel - träume jetzt mit 50 Jahren immer noch von der Welt mit ihren vielen unentdeckten Gegenden, die ich eigentlich alle noch sehen möchte. In diesem Sinne herzliche Grüße von einem Deiner "Jünger" Christian Dick.
21.06.2013 Christian wird zur persönlichen Feier Sommersonnenwendfeier nach Hammer kommen.
16.02.2016 Christian taucht in facebook auf!
05.11.2023: Next request for three best photos

1981-1982 ca.
Reise-Bericht. Nord-Amerika. Süd-Amerika. 1984.
Roland Gerth
Buch: Panamericana. 70.000 km rechts und links der Traumstrasse..
Eine abenteuerliche Reise 2-jährige Reise durch Nord - und Südamerika mit einem als Wohnmobil umgebauten VW-Bus. 180 S.
Verlag: SYRO-Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH. Göttingen. Deutschland. 1. Aufl. 1984. ISBN 3-921885-04-3.
+ O.

3921885043 Gerth Roland Panamericana. Traumstraße der Welt. 70.000 km rechts und links der Traumstraße der Welt. SYRO-Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH. Göttingen. Germany. 1984. 1st edition. (Band 29 der Reihe SYRO-Individualreiseführer). TR. German. America North. America South. Colombia. Ecuador. Peru. Bolivia etc. VW-Bus 180. 20 SW. Ill. 1. Softcover. 18 x 12,5.

Reise-Bericht. Süd-Amerika.
Ludwig Eisenböck. Panamerikana 1983
+ Solo Alaska-Feuerland: Bericht eines als Buch vorgesehenen, aber nicht erschienenen, sehr individuellen Tagebuches über eine fast totale Rundreise um Süd-Amerika mit einer BMW R 80 G/S, von Ostersonntag 1983 an. Die Reise führte durch Kolumbien, Equador, Peru, Chile, Argentinien, Brasilien und Venezuela. Die Fahrt durch Nord- und Süd- Amerika dauerte 1,5 Jahre. Interessant ist auch der tabellarische Versuch, für eine  Tour Alaska-Feuerland „die ideale Reisezeit" herauszufinden. Es gibt diese nicht ! - Das Manuskript beinhaltet den Reiseteil durch Süd-Amerika. Die Aufzeichnungen von Nord-Amerika kamen in Equador abhanden. 159 S. Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Eisenböck. Herrsching.

Nino Lazzeri (Luxembourg)
+ Solo Alaska-Feuerland: 12 Monate. 45.000 km (Der humorvollste Vortrag auf 48 TTTreffen 1978-2006)
10.-11.02.1984 Dia-Vortrag auf dem  6. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 110 Teilnehmer.
Nino hat 1984 auf dem 7. Tesch- Travel- Treffen einen Dia- Vortrag über seine Reise "Alaska- Feuerland, 1983, 7 Monate, 35.00 km" gehalten. Dieser Vortrag ist uns wegen Ninos Humors unvergessen. Einmal vom Motorrad- Reise- Bazillus angesteckt fuhr Nino wieder los: 22.08.86- 01.09.87 mit einer BMW  R 80 G/S, 38.000 km.
B.T.: Es war mit Sicherheit der humorvollste Vortrag von 1978-2011. Vielleicht sogar der beste Dia-Vortrag.

Reise-Bericht. Nord-Amerika. Süd-Amerika. 1983.
Dietmar H. Melzer
Die Traumstraße mit dem Wohnmobil.
Eine abenteuerliche Reise durch Nord - und Südamerika mit einem als Wohnmobil umgebauten VW-Bus. 28 Kapitel. 192 S.
Verlag: Dietmar Melzer Verlag. Friedrichshafen (Bodensee). Deutschland. 1. Aufl. 1983. ISBN 3-924026-00-9.
+ O.


9783926424013 Ruppel Thomas Amazonas - Feuerland - Alaska. Zwei Jahre mit dem VW-Bus auf der Traumstrasse der Welt . Thomas Ruppel. Ehrenkirchen. Germany. 1988. 1st edition. TR = RB. Deutsch. German. America South. America. North. - Car. VW-Bus. 272. Hardcover

3-505-09004-2 Aubert Hans-J. und Ulf-E. Müller Panamericana. Zwei Jahre auf der Traumstrasse der Welt Frans Schneider Verlag GmbH. München. Germany. 1984. 1st edition. TR. German. America. North-, Middle- and South. - VW-Bus 224. SW. 2. Hardcover 19 x 13. -

4388816142388 Aubert Hans + Ulf Müller-Moewes Panamericana. Zwei Jahre auf der Traumstraße der Welt. Sonderausgabe Weltbild. Augsburg. Gen. Frederking & Thaler. München. Germany. 1988. 1st edition. TR. German. America North + South. - Auto. 226. SW. 31 Colour. 1. Hardcover. 19,5 x 13.

1988 - 1989
Helmar Büchel (German from Kassel)
The journalist Helmar rode 65.000 kms with a BMW R 80 G/S PD from Alaska via Colombia to Tierra del Fuego in one year. In SAmerica 12.000 kms.
Publication: MOTORRAD 05.1989 about the part of South America


03.10.1989 - 28.09.1990
Bernardino Rosendo (= Cosi, Spanish, born 06.01.1963)
+ Around South America - Ushuaia - Alaska - New York. "Cosi" rode solo his "Transamérica Expedition" with a Cagiva T4 350 E. (Sponsored by Cagiva Italy and spanish dealers). 55.000 km in total in one year. Starting in Venezuela and finishing in USA.
Route: Spain - "Cosi" and his motorcycle by ship to South America - one stop of 36 hours in the Dominique Republic - by motorcycle from Venezuela (port of La Guaira) - Brazil (Boavista; "Transamazonica road" Manaus; Humaita; Portovelho; Brasilia; Rio de Janeiro) - Paraguay - Uruguay - Argentina (Buenos Aires; Neuquen; Comodoro Rivadavia; Rio Gallegos and Ushuaia); After Perito Moreno Clacier National Park, I crossed the Andes) - to Chile (and followed North the Austral Road till Puerto Montt; Santiago; Antofagasta) - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Panama - boat to Costa Rica from Cartagena de Indias to Puerto Limón - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska (Polar Circle) and then all the way to New York where I finish the trip. I send the motorcycle to Spain by boat and myself back by plane
Purpose of the trip: Enjoy motorcycle driving; landscapes; People; life.
Comments: A wonderfull trip full of nature; incredible panorama lanscapes and very nice and honest people always trying to help. No problems at all !!!
Sponsored by : CAGIVA ITALY/SPAIN; Transatlantica Spanish Lines; AGFA-GEVAERT; Garibaldi; Junta de Andalucia; Patronato Prov. de Cadiz;
Published many reports in spanish newspaper and spanish speaking countries; 14 chapter monthly in Solo Moto (Motorcycle Magazine) and in other magazines.

17.10.1989 - 11.10.1990
Petra Ketelsen (Swiss) and Thomas Sbampato
+ North - and Central-America with Kawasaki KLR 650. 50.000 kms.
Route: Florida - Kalifornien - Panama - Florida mit einigen Abstechern in verschiedene Nationalparks wie Arches, Grand Canyon, Bryce usw.
Our The best: Dass wir am Ende der Reise uns so gut verstanden, daß wir beschlossen zusammenzubleiben und heirateten.
The worst: Wir gerieten in Nicaragua zwischen die Fronten der Contras und den Sandinisten. Schüsse, Schreie, Tote, Kampfhelikopter. Das wir aus der Situation lebend herauskamen war absoluter Zufall.


22.10.1991 - 22.09.1994
Christian Tokowha (New Zealand, Maori)
+ Solo Tierra del Fuego to Alaska in 4 months with ??.
Purpose of your travel: ??
Route: ??
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Book publication : ??
Useful information and TIPS for others: ??
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:
21.07.2005 First contact with Maori Christian from NZ on Claudias Party.
28.07.2005 1st request for update
17.06.2010 Next request for update please plus 1 Foto
27.02.2012 Last request.

01.05.1992 - 28.03.1994

Christian Frei (German)
+ North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. The webmaster Christain rode solo Alaska - Tierra de Fuego. 67.000 kms in 22 months with YAMAHA XT TENERE 600.
Route: USA - Canada (up to Fairbanks) - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinia (Ushuaia) - back to Chile Antofagaster - Santiago) - Argentina (Buenos Aires) - by plane back to Germany.
Earlier travels: Türkei, Tunesien, Europa.
Highlights: Alaska. Guatemala. Costa-Rica. Altiplano - Bolivia. The feeling to be independend.
The Worst: 6 months of McDonald food. Street bandits Belize - City. Break of chain on the Altiplano in Bolivia. Stolen camera and equipment in Equador (Quito).
09.02.2012 Found the website by accident:

3892610886 Jung Roland E. Panamericana. In 424 Tagen vom ewigen Eis Alaskas über den Äquator in die Wildnis Feuerlands. Artcolor. Hamm. Germany. 1992. 2nd edition. TR. German. America North + South. - - 144. Colour. 1. Hardcover. 22,5 x 24,5. - Jansen, Heinz. PG. Yes. No.

ca. 1993 + 5 months
Peter Ruch (Swiss, Motor-Journalist)
+ North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. 25.000 km in 5 months through 12 countries.
Book: Ruch + Peter Panamericana. Mit dem Motorrad von Alaska bis Feuerland Motorbuch Verag, Stuttgart. Germany. 1994 TR. Americas North-+South America YAMAHA Tenere 166, Hard 1st German edition 21 H x 14,5 B 3-613-01596-x € 24,90 Motorbuch Verlag 1994.04.19 915
10.10.2004 Who knows his address?

17.10.1993 - 04.11.1996
Petra (Ketelsen, heute Sbampato) and Thomas Sbampato (Swiss)
+ North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. 120.000 km. Drei Jahre lang erforschten der freischaffende Fotograf  Thomy und die Lehrerin und Schriftstellerin Petra mit einer BMW R 100 GS den amerikanischen Kontinent und hielten Dia-Vorträge.
Route: Alle Länder Amerikas bis auf die drei Guayanas.
The best: Die Leute am Wegesrand, die uns  in scheinbar ausweglosen Situationen immer wieder neuen Mut gaben und weiterhalfen.
The worst: Es gab einige schlimme Situationen, aber der Überfall nachts in unserem Zimmer in Mexiko, wo ich beinahe mein rechtes Auge verlor, gehörte bestimmt zu den schlimmsten Erlebnissen. Mein Schneidezahn wackelt heute noch davon.
Book or Publikation: Magazine wie das Globetrotter-Magazin Schweiz. Motorradmagazin Schweiz. Gegen hundert Tageszeitungen in der Schweiz und Süddeutschland. In der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2000 erscheint die Reportage im MOTORRAD- Magazin Deutschland.
Info: Zwei CD´s und eine CD - ROM  Feuerland - Alaska. Die CD-ROM ist mit Wort, Bild und Musik.  Buch von Petra geplant. Bestellbar bei Thomas Sbampato.
02.2000 1st Info by MOTORRAD 4/2000
31.05.2000 1st contact

B.T.: Vermutlich längste Alaska-Feuerland-Tour.

1994 - 1997
The Norwegian ferry from Panama (Colon) to Colombia (Cartagena) existed only 1994 - 1997.

1994 - 1995
Giorgio Bettinelli (Italian)
+ Alaska-Ushuaia. Giorgio wrote a book about his Vespa trip from Rome to Saigon in 1992-1993. He also did Alaska - Tierra del Fuego in Vespa 1994-1995. He has done other trips all on a Vespa but I have no other specifics. Il Raid Mototuristico means The Mototurism Raid, I can not explain it.
27.06.2002 1st information by George Migliorelli being "on the road" RTW
27.06.2002 1st request for update from Carlo Nuzzo and Carlo Muttoni.

1994-95. This guy travelled as well south on a rare route from Bolivia to Paraguay.

09.08.1994 - 01.08.1995
Peter Petersen (Danish. born ?)
+ Canada - Tierra del Fuego. With a BMW R 100 GS the 200,5 (!) meters long computer-expert Peter  rode solo 60.000 kms.
Route: Canada - USA - ?? - Argentina.
He was always smiling and laughing as loud as ten together from his height. I thought then nobody will dare to tuch this strong real person because of both. He was travelling like a vagabond without plans.
Already then the computer-expert was connected with a lot of mc-travellers worldwide by email.
The best:
I made this trip it widened my horizon on so many levels.
The worst: ???
B.T.: 1994 I met Peter in California. The always smiling / laughing Peter travels like a vagabond without plan.
Participant of the Mc-Meeting for WORLD-Travellers 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000 in Germany.


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01.02.1995 – 01.03.1996
Norbert Blank (German, 29.03.1965) and Wiltrud Moises (German, 29.09.1964)
+ Middle- and Southamerika
. Wiltrud and Norbert rode from Texas to Chile (Fireland, Ushuaia) on a on a WASP-BMW with sidecar: “Ein Jahr – Drei Räder” oder “Un año en tres ruedas”.
Purpose of your travel: Seeing our great world, their people, mentalitys and cultures. Meeting adventure.
Route: 22.000km ON- / OFFRoad: North America (Houston/Texas/USA - Mexiko – Guatemala – Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica – Panama - from Panama (Colon) to Colombia (Cartagena) in 24 hours by ship) – Colombia – Venezuela – Brasil– Bolivia - Chile – Argentina.
The best: Diving with wales in Argentina, climbing anden-mountains, kajaking in chiles “bio bio” river, crossing the “Amazonas” on a motorbike with sidecar, the great friendly people, seeing our fantastic world and a lot of time to enjoy everything.
The worst: Robbery in Costa Rica, broken leg in the nowhere of Amazonas.
Book publication : “Die größten Motorrad ABENTEUER”, Bruckmann Verlag, ISBN 3 7654 4151 1
Magazin publication : Motorrad Abenteuer (Bruckmann verlag, Germany), Motorrad Magazin (Austria, Sport Verlag Wien)
Useful information and TIPS for others: all see on
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Crossing Turkey and Greece in 1988. Crossing Algerian Sahara in 1991. Crossing Ecuador in 2002.
Info: Zu deiner Frage: Der Outdoortrainer Norbert Blank veranstaltet unter anderem Wildwasser-Kajak-Abenteuer-Reisen nach Ecuador (Dieser mein Trip wurde vom Magazin “National Geographic” in seiner Sonderausgabe “Adventure” zu einem der 50 größten Abenteuer der Welt gekürt !). Dann bike, klettere, paddle, skie ich durch die Welt – zum Fotografieren und Leiten von Buisness orientierten Outdoor-Trainings.

01.04.1995 - ca. 01.1996
Marc Gutmann (German)
+ South-America. Around-The-World. Marc planned 6,5 months. After 9 months he returned with his SUZUKI DR 650 after 25.000 kms (off-road ca. 7000 kms). Marc rode in many curves through SA and visited 9 different countries. Because he did not want to be in South America within a day he and his bike shipped with Polish Ocean Lines from Danzig (Polan) to Argentina (Buenos Aires).
Purpose: He visited  many SOS-children villages in SA.
01.-02.04.1995 Participant of the 17. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Marc started his tour here.
30.-31.03.1996 Participant of the 18. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. He gave a slides-show: "Süd-Amerika".
14.-16.04.2000 Participant of the 22. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Marc finished his tour here.
2001 plan: Another great tour!


Foto Gerald Bauer: Meeting on the road with Gustavo (-> ) in Costa Rica

Foto Gerald Bauer: Wale Watching in Canada

27.03.1996 - open
Gerald Bauer (German, born 02.02.1963)
- Panamericana in parts.
Gerald travels solo HIS "Panamericana" in parts.
Purpose of your travel: I am curious ...
After I got some motorbike travel experiences 1990 in Greece and 1994 on Corse Island and my first contact to an enduro (Honda AX1 250 ccs) in the north of Thailand with 5000 km in four weeks 1993, the invitation of a friend to the U.S. fascinated my imagination.
Initial journey (U.S. Southwest, 27.03.1996 to 08.06.1996, R100GS, bike from Texas ): He had to buy a bike for me and so I could make a tour on a BMW R100GS through the rough south west of the U.S. in spring 1996 with some 12.000 km and 12 weeks of time.
Journey number zero (Alasca/Canada/No-One, 22.07.1998 to 03.09.1998, NX650, Germany-U.S.-Germany by plane): In the beginning of 1998 I have read a short message in my bike magazin "Tourenfahrer": < Alaska with your own bike> and that person has just the same area phone code.
So I have enjoyed the Alaskian and Canadian highways on my Honda Dominator NX650 (about 12000 km in just 6 weeks) all down to San Francisco together with Helmut B. .
On this tour we met Gerd Stock, who asked me on the Tesch Traveller Meeting in 1999, if I would like to acompagny him on his Panamericana ( That was not possible for me, but I tried to meet him up in South America .
First journey (South-America I, 25.03.2001 to 27.05.2001, XT600, shipped Bremen-Valparaiso): I was too late for this meeting, when I started my South America in Chili end of march 2001. Together with Werner Zwick (who I also met on a Tesch Traveller Meeting) I rode on Yamaha XT600 to Cusco in Peru.
Second + third journey (South-America II, 06.03.2002 to 06.04.2002, XT600; South-America III, 22.09.2002 to 21.10.2002, XT600): On a second tour I returned to Chili in spring 2002 and discovered northwest Argentina in autumn of the same year.
Fourth journey (South-America IV, 05.04.2003 to 01.06.2003, XT600): This journey brought me in contact with masses of sand and gravel. Without the help of Frank B., Wolfgang H. and Werner B. I would not have had the energy to stand through all this rough roads.
We crossed the long way through the Atacama desert (Antofagasta de la Sierra road), kept beside the Bolivian border from San Pedro de Atacama to the Ollague vulcano, dived the Salar de Uyuni, searched the (not existing road) to Independencia, overlived the Camino del Muerte (just before they opened the new road), got sea sick on the up and down of the Peruan Andes, checked all detours of Ecuador and missed the equator monument on the first hit. But I reached the equator in Ecuador in late spring of 2003.
So I experienced the South America (Panamericana) in etappes, like Werner and before him Gerd and Ellen did. They got the experiences and I traveled the easy way with their informations.
Fifths journey (South-/Central-/North-America V, 06.01.2005 to 08.04.2005, XT600): After I worked for vacacions and over hours, in january of 2005 I could start with the next part of my Panamericana. On this tour I saw lovely Columbia , crossed the Darien gap by plane ( Bogota to Panama-City) and rode all Central America just to the Mexican border. Then my time run out and I have had to hurry up for reaching the U.S. in Texas, where I have relatives.
On 8th of April I was back to Germany, after 40.000 km and all together nine month of traveling in five parts over the last years.
My XT is fit for new challenges, she may surprise me again, when I get new vacacions (not before 2006)...
Sixth journey (North-America VI, 08.06.2006 to 23.07.2006, XT600): On the sixth part of the actual tour I missed my old trails twice. From Texas I crossed the Great Plains, experienced some Rocky Mountains (N.P. in Colorado ), loved the colourful Yellowstone N.P. and danced with the Blackfeet on their tribal convention. Crossing the border to Canada I changed the saddle and tried to ride a horse. That worked as long as I looked into the same direction, the horse liked to go to :-)
Seventh journey (Canada/US VII, 20.05.2009 to 18.06.2009, XT600): This part should prepare travelling together with my friend on this single XT600. Therefore the sight seeing was limited to some spots like Crater Lake and Jasper national park, accompanied by staying on the Tynda Rally of Eric and Gail in Oregon. I was surprised to see a US without long straight roads. Winding tracks through forests, hills or mountains, beside rivers and lakes my XT600 was rolling on, all in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by snow capped peaks and vulcanos.
The Eight journey (Canada/US VIII, 25.07.2009 to 14.08.2009, XT600 and Dany): Two on one motorcycle, three big bags made this possible and the XT600 kept easy going on a round trip from Alberta through British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Washington, Idaho and Montana back to Alberta. One highlight was the MRT- Canada Rally near Nelson, the other all the big animals, which liked to see us: the "canadian girl" XT 600, Dany and me. Jasper, Banff, Glaciers, Bears, Columbia River, Cascades, a desert  town, Vancouver city, Calgary tower, gigantomaniac West Edmonton Mall in 4400 km were a great experience together.
Nineth journey (Canada/Alaska IX, 23.06.2010 - 05.08.2010, XT600): Alaska does not wave with polar lights during the summer, because they can't be seen during the nearly 24 hours of daylight :-(
Arno acompanied me nearly all the way across the Polar Circle to Inuvik, on the Alaska Hwy, through Fairbanks, up to the Yukon Bridge on the Dalton Hwy, during strong rain and fog into the Denali N.P. and back to B.C..
On this trip I enjoyed the midnight sun, the flight to Tuktoyaktuk in the Pingo N.P., some wild life (buffalo, moose, coyote, wolf, black bear, grizzley ... mosquito), great glacier views and landscapes, sunny and rainy days, my second MRT-Canada Rally, lots of gravel. My XT did not like the gravel, it got a hole in the head lamp and a break down of the kick start. 11500 km in just 6 weeks is no lazy vacation any more, that was hard work with long riding days.
Tenth journey (Trans-Canada X, 28.07.2014 - 30.08.2014, Transalp XL600H): Should be a XT, but it's piston was not moving in the cylinder after four years of storageElse plan B was: buying an old lady (Honda Transalp build 1987) and going on the road at once. But not without trying a whole tin of WD-40 around the XT's piston, which was moveable 24 hours later. Next time the Yamaha will run again, I hope. With the Transalp and some friends I went to the MRT Canada rally at Nelson (B.C.) first. From there I was just heading east through the plains of the last praerie grass lands to the Great Lakes around the mid of the continent. With the lakes the forests started, from which I believed, that they where already gone due to the white man conquering the east and transforming them into fields. But the forests are still there, acompagning and leading me to the Atlantic Ocean, where I fulfilled a dream: watching whales.
Planned eleventh journey
 in 201?: I have the first ideas, but nothing to tell in this state of the ideas.

Some information about me: German, 02.02.1963, about 1,70 m tall, like to talk and I am always looking for other travellers for my etappes, which I have to fit in my regular anual vacacion times.
Highlights: Nearly all people, which I met, were friendly and helpful to me. Even if they have poor money and properties, but they are some content with their lifes. The landscapes and the flora/fauna are fascinating all over the world, when I have the chance to see them in nature and not captured or damaged by humans.
The worst: I have had some difficulties (with the bike, with the borders ...), but I have no "worst" !
Book or publication (about your tour): ???
Useful informations and TIPS for others: take parts for repairing a hole in the tire, all other problems could be solved with the help of nice people, every problem can be fixed or overwhelmed somewhere, somehow, sometime
Further Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:
Thailand (North, 25.03.1993 to 13.05.1993, with 4 weeks AX1, rental bike);
Thailand (North, 05.11.1993 to 28.11.1993, with 1 week AX1, rental bike);
Corsica (19.09.1994 to 03.10.1994, NX650);
Marokko (27.02.2000 to 17.03.2000, NX650, guided tour with Toyota for the luggage);
Mallorca (26.12.2010 to 06.01.2011, XT660 rental bike);
Norway "Nordkap" (17.06.2011 to 09.07.2011, NTV650 "Revere");
Cypress (27.12.2011 to 07.01.2012, XR250 rental bike);
Toscana (18.09. to 30.09.2012, XT600Z "Tenere");2
Madeira (25.12.2012 to 04.01.2013, F650 single cyl. rental bike);
Namibia (11.08.2013 to 27.08.2013, XT660 rental bike, guided tour with luggage car);

30.04.2002 1st information. Gerald has been three times on the TTTreffen.
19.03.2008 last update.
12.05.2010 Last update
10.08.2011 Next request for update
27.08.2011 Last update
20.03.2014 Last update: Very good and helpful!
07.04.2015 Last update.

1997. Chile. Astrid Griep mit SUZUKI DR 350. So, wie wir Astrid alle kennen: Hübsch. Immer lächelnd. Bescheiden und zufrieden mit wenig. Eine "ideale" Reisebegleiterin.

26.05.1996 - 04.12.1998
Astrid Griep (born 1969) and Daniel Duwe (born 1971, both Germans). Astrids homepage demnächst..
+ Alaska - Tierrad del Fuego. Astrid (Suzuki DR 350) and Daniel (Honda Transalp) rode 21 months and 60.000 kms (shortest distance Alaska - Tierre del Fuego ca. 17.000 km).
Purpose of travel: Curiosity for other countries and how the people live there.
: North America (USA (Anchorage) - Canada - West of USA - Mexico - Guatemala. Here we celebrated our first christmas. In Honduras we stayed the next 3 months: Holiday form travelling. Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. We crossed exactly after one year the canal of Panama - by plane to South America (Colombia (Bogota) - through the Andes south to Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina. Christmas 1997 we reached Ushuaia. The end of a dream !
The best: The people and the endless nature in Alaska and Kanada, the beauty of Western USA, the beautiful caribean coast in Mexico, the Andes with the volcanos, altiplano, saltlakes and of course reaching Tierra del Fuego after 60.000 km.
The Worst: A crash with a cow in the dschungel of Bolivia. Yeah - 2 weeks before I crashed into Daniels motorbike because of the beautiful scenery of the Andes.
Earlier experiences: Backpacking through Brasil, Mexiko, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand. Transafrica by motorcycle.
Useful tips to others: Don´t take too many things with you, you can buy almost everything everywhere. It is much nicer to travel light.
I paid about DM 20.000 (ca. 10.000 Euro) for this fun. All included like shipping the bike to Alaska, the flight from Panama City to Bogotá and the transport back from Argentina (Buenos Aires) to Germany (Hamburg). I never counted all in different positions like flights, fuel, food... But notice that a joureney with two persons is much cheaper than solo. Alaska, Kanada and USA have been cheaper than we thought. We camped wild and cooked by ourself. For the N(ationl)P(arks)s we had the Pass "Golden Eagle" for one time paying US $ 25. We did not need a "carnet de passage" and no visa. In Nicaragua we paid instead ca. US $ 20. At the borders all was always correct. On sunday we had to pay extra fees at the border of Mexiko - Guatemala.
05.1998 Personal visit of Astrid: I was astonished to hear how easy she managed Alasca - Tierra dle Fuego on her 350 ccm. She belongs to the few women who dare everything and is always positive thinking. It is wonderful to listen to Astrid.
Astrid is planing again to travel with her 350ccm SUZUKI. Who wants to travel next with her?
2001: Astrid has been more than three times at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen: 1995, 1996, 1997.
09.04.2010 B.T. asked for an update and the best foto.
02.2013 Asked for update and especially the best 3 fotos.
B.T.: Astrid is a very intelligent-humores and sweet-femine woman. She is a very experienced traveller and always waiting for the next tour... now studying in North of Germany.

25.01.1997 - 04.07.1997
Dr. Clodoaldo Braga, Turbay (Brasilian) or
+ North- and South-America. The medicine doctor Clodoaldo and Marcos rode on Suzuki DR 800 S Big. In 72 days 34.000 kms through 15 countries.His summaries: "This is our world".
Route: Brasilien - Bolivien - Peru - Equador - Kolumbien - Panam - Costa Rica - San Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska.
The best: Macchu Picchu (Peru), Cartagena ( Colombia), and the ultimate city of the Earth before the North Pole reacheable by road: Prudohe Bay. But the real challenge is the road between Cuzco (Peru) and Nazca ( Peru). On this road, the word adventure reaches a meaning that only really hard drivers are entitled to answer. Extremelly dangerous, extremely beautiful. Canadá has the most beautifuls roads of the Earth, doubtelessly. And the Yukon has the appeal to our thirst of adventure, and the answer to this call.
Book 1998: Alaska-Além Do Circulo Polar Ártico (in Portuguese. Titel in English means "Alaska-Beyond The Polar Article Circle").
B.T.: There are very few Brasilans riding that long distances in the Americas.

01.07.1997 - 25.02.1998
Werner Bausenhart, Ph.D. (German living in Canada) DM 38,90  http://www.???
+ "8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle." North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. 47,543miles (=76.069 kms).
The German Werner (60, living in Canada) rode around North and South America after he retired. He wrote a book with a day-to-day account of a trip by BMW R 100 GSPD from Ontario, Canada, to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) to Ushuaia
(Tierra del Fuego, Argentina), and back to Canada. It gives an insight into matters specific to motorcycle adventure
travel: the documents required, the maintenance of the bike, road and riding conditions as they affect the motorcyclist, border crossings, transporting the bike by air freight, and accommodation and security for bike and rider. An appendix lists exact distances, and the names of secure campgrounds and hotels. The travelogue includes conversations with many of the fellow travellers Bausenhart met along the route. The book also touches on more personal questions. How does the family-oriented traveller obtain a leave of absence from a significant other who hates motorcycles? How does one overcome one's own fear of the unknown? The writer demonstrates that anyone with a strong desire to do so can indulge in motorcycle adventure travel. All that is required is a reliable
motorcycle, a bit of money, and a lot of time. Appendix: Route with kms, camping places and hotels.
Tour North America:  01.07.1997 - 21.08.97 28,864 Miles. Canada - U.S.A (Alaska) - Canada - U.S.A (Oregon - California) - Mexico - U.S.A (Texas - Florida - New York) - Canada.
Tour: South America: 20.10.1997-02.02.1998. 37,038 miles. Canada - U.S.A - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador -
Honduras - Nicaragua- Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Venezuela - Brazil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia.
Tour: Central America and Mexico: 03.02.98 - 25.02.98. 47,543-37,090 =10.453 miles Panama - Costa Rica -
Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - U.S.A - Canada.
English. 240 pp. 23 b +w fotos, 1 map. 47,543miles (= 76.069 km)".
The best: End of the road in Alaska. End of the road on Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Riding in the Andes.
The worst: Rain, rain, rain, thanks to El Niño.
Book in 2000: This private published book is available from Werner or Bernd Tesch: "8 Around the Americas on a Motorcycle."
1 July, 1997 - 6 April,1998:
1991 BMW R100 GSPD  Around North and South America in a figure eight. 76,407 km.  Ottawa, Canada - Winnipeg - Dawson Creek - Fairbanks -  Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) - Vancouver - USA -San    Francisco - Mexico City - Panama to Colombia by air with bike -  Venezuela - Brazil - Ushuaia (Argentina; end of the road) - Punta    Arenas
(Chile) - Bolivia - Peru - Colombia by air with bike to  Panama - Belize - Mexico - USA - Key West (Florida) - Ottawa,  Canada.


19.05.1998 - 09.02.2000
Julia Grau (born 1971) and Walter Mueller (born 1965. Both Germans from Feuchtwangen in Bavaria)

+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego - Spain - Germany. Julia and Walter rode 90.000 kms in 20 months through 17 countries with two BMW R 100 GS PD.
Route: By aeroplane to Canada (Toronto) - Alaska - Canada - USA west coast - USA east coast - USA westcoast - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - by plane to Colombia (Bogota) - Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Bolivia - Brasil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Ushuaia - Chile - by plane back to Germany.
Purpose of travel: Just for fun as a tourist.
The best: Nationalparks of USA. Bears. Ruins in Mexico. Salar de Uyuni. Perrito Moreno Ice-Mountain. Amazonas. Lake area of Chile.
The Worst
: Police of Brasil. Border of Hondura.
Tipps for others: Make your own experiene. Don´t take care too much of the influence of others.
Earlier experiences: 4 weeks Morocco. 4 weeks Turkey. 4 weeks Greece.
21.01.2001 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
30.01.2001 Send first email and asked for their block
03.06.2001 1st contact.
17.06.2010 Next request for update

07.07.1998 + 9 months
Dan Hilgert (German, born ???)
+ Alaska - Feuerland.
In 9 months Dan rode solo and in a group 55.000 km with a BMW R 100 GS from Alaska to Usuhaia.
19.09.2003 1st contact by letter offering me his manusript "Soutbound", Erlebnisse auf dem langen Weg von Alaska nach Feuerland.
21.09.2003 1st request by postcard. Send so far no email.
20.02.2006 Dan informend me about the book and wants to come to the Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers.
03.03.2006 2nd request for update
04.05.2014 3rd and last request

Eva and Ralf in front of Glacier Merito Moreno.

Eva Schöner-Löther (German, 01.03.1961) and Ralf Löther (German born 20.12.1964) :
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Eva and Ralf (better known as RalEva) rode 63.000 km with 2 Yamaha XT 600 Ténéré (1 VJ).
Route: Anchorage to Buenos Aires
Countries: USA - Canada - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Brasil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile. We flew with the bikes from Düsseldorf to Anchorage. Also over the Darien Gap, from Panama City (Panama) to Bogota ( Colombia). Back to Europe we took a plane and shipped the bikes to Hamburg
Purpose of Travel: We want to travel around the world, step by step, with our motorcycles
The best: We did this trip trip together and still loving each other! Most of the people were very friendly and hospitable. The „feeling" to be free.
The worst: Eva got Borreliose in Brasil, but with the help of Internet we got the information about this sickness. And Eva took enough Antibiotika for the real time, to get cured! The Police in Brasil wanted US $ 1.000 from us, because, in their eyes, we did a traffic-mistake
Important useful informations for others:
Book or publication (about your tour): Π

Fotos von Reinhard Poetsch: Elke Thape 1999 "on route" in Peru

xx.12.1998 - xx.03.1999 and xx.11.1999 - xx.04.2000
Elke Thape (German)
+ North - Central- and South-America. Sozia-Rider on Yamaha Tenere XTZ 660 (see Trip Reinhard Poetzsch Around-The-World)
Route: North-America ( USA ( Florida ) - Mexico  - Guatemala - Belize  - Costa Rica  - Panama  - South-America (Columbia  - Ecuador   - Peru  - Bolivia  - Chile   - Argentina -  (Cartagena - Ushuaia - El Chaiten by bus and hitch hiked Carretera Austral, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil)
Purpose of travel: Love
The best: Every new experience and person on the way, travelling together
The worst: End of riding together in El Chaiten / Argentina
Useful tip: Bring little
Previous experiences: Rode own motorbikes and have been Sozia-rider for years in Europe , travelled 77+countries by motorbike, car, sailboat, plane, container ship, train, hiked, bicycled...
Plan / search: Would love to go on more adventures with someone, especially ride more through Africa, Russia and joining countries , Mongolia, Asia... sail the world with someone... and other journeys.... Who loves to ride / sail / travel with me ?
06.04.2007 First summary from Elke. Living / working in USA (Nantucket, MA) at this times.
13.04.2007 last summary
14.03.2013 Foto.

15.12.1998 - ??.04.2003
Helmut Mazur (German, born ??.??.19??) no website
+ Tierra del Fuego -Alaska. Helmut rode solo with a BMR R 100 GS PD and Tesch-Travel-Taschen from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska and rode ??? km.
Purpose of your travel: ?
Route : Germany (Wiggenbach im Allgäu) - ?? - Russia (Danzig). With a Polish freightboat (Polish Ocean Lines ??. Price ??? ) via Atlantic in 1 months to Spain - South America (Brazil - Uruguay - Argentina (Buenos Aires) - by motorcycle overland to Chile to visit relations. South to Tierra del Fuego - on the side of the Atlantic in Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Chile (Santiago de Chile) - back to Tierra del Fuego - Bolivia - Peru (Lago Titicaca) - Ecuador (Guayaquil) - flight to Galapagos Inseln - Colombia - Venezuela (Merida - Quer durch Venezuela bis zur "Gran Sabana", an der Grenze zu Brasilien und Guayana - Richtung Norden und an der venezulanischen und kolumbianischen Karibikküste bis nach Barranquilla) - by freighplane to Panama (Panama ciity) - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico) - by plane when ???? back to Germany for half a year - by plane when ??? Germany - Mexico. By motorcycle all over Mexico - USA (Phoenix - southwest - along the Rocky Mountains to Canada (Vancouver). With a ferry to Vancouver Island and from the north with a secons ferry to Skagway in Alaska. In Alaska I rode on all tamac-roads and up to Prudoe Bay, the most northern point. Back alonf the Rockies through Canada to the USA (Yellowstone National Park). Along the American- Canadian border besides the great lakes to Washington D.C. late autumn 2002. I left the motorcycle there and flew in the winter 20002-2003 to Brasilia. By bus and ship around Brasilia. Back to USA and sale of the motorcycle in Washington D.C. By plane back to Europe (Amsterdam - Germany) in april 2003
The best: ???
The worst: ??
Book or publication (about your tour): ??
My useful informations and TIPS for others: ??
My earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: ??
28.07.2009 Erste Info darüber bei Gespräch mit Helmut, der eine Overland-Tour in 2012 nach Indien und weiter ? mit einer BMW R 80 G/S plant.03.11.2009 1 st summary in German
04.11.2009 1 st request for summary- Helmut: Most important Tesch-Tipp: Please add einen Ölkühler to the 80 G/S.


Jan Freeman and ? (English)

+ Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. In 14 months we rode 60000km.
Purpose: ??
Route: Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego via Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa - Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile and Argentina. It was not the most direct route you could do! This was on the GS and anF650.
I have many pictures from my trips but they are all slides. It was great to hear from you as Ihave heard much about you from the German bike riders we have met over the years.
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful information for others: ??
If you want any more information on any of this please contact me .
I hope you will keep in touch.
Best wishes, Ian Freeman
18.05.2010 All Jan Freeman-information stored so far under ASIA homepage
18.05.2010 Next request for update and the best foto of travellers with the mc

2005. Brasilien. Staat Minas Gerais. Zwischen Biribiri und Diamentina. Zwischen Biribiri und Ouro Preto im Osten (bei Belo Horizonte), gibt es eine ganze Reihe von Bergbaustädten. Erster Ort frei von alten Minen, die sich fast bis nach Belo Horizonte ziehen. Foto Max Dietrich.

17.12.1998 - 29.11.2005
Margrit Dietrich (Schweizerin, born 1937) und Max Dietrich (Schweizer,  born 1938)
+ Alaska-Feuerland. Realisierung ihrer Pensionsträume durch eine Langzeitreise "7 Jahre mit nach eigenen Plänen umgebautem UNIMOG 2450 L"BAT" ("Bloody Army Truck“) durch Süd- und Nord-Amerika". Umbau durch Fa. Unicat. Eine Spezialfirma für Expeditionsfahrzeuge. Nord- und Zentralamerika waren 96'000 Km und Südamerika 79'000 Km. Vermutlich keine beeindruckenden Zahlen für Schnellreisende. Aber, wir hatten keinen Plan, nicht einmal eine Route. Wir wussten welche Länder wir besuchen wollten. Das war alles. Wo es und gefiel blieben wir und wo nicht fuhren wir weiter.
Purpose of travel: Reisen ohne anzukommen.
Route: 17.12.1998 Verschiffen des Unimogs nach North America (Portsmouth, Virginia - USA, Canada und Baja California bis 2002 - Mexico, zentrales Hochland, Chiapas und Yucatan - Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Verschiffen von Costa Rica, Puerto Caldera nach South America (Ecuador - Esmeraldas - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile, Nord - Argentina, Nord - Argentina, Carretera 40 - Argentina Süd - Tierra del Fuego - Chile Süd - Argentina Nord - Uruguay - Brazil Süd - Argentina Nord - Paraguay - Brazil, West, Nord - Argentina, Buenos Aires) - Rüchfahrt mit Grimaldi und Unimog nach Europe (Hamburg, Ankunft 29.11.2005)
The best: Natur, Land und Leute Lateinamerikas.
The worst: Abschied von Lateinamerika
Useful Information: South American Handbook von Footprint war besser als alles andere.
Earlier experiences: Nein. Früher hatten wir eine eigene Firma, die erst einmal aufgebaut und dann verkauft werden musste. Wir waren immer wieder auf Reisen. Max' erste richtige Reise war mit 15 Jahren per Anhalter durch Deutschland. Aber Langzeitreisen waren immer ein Traum.
Publication (ausser website): Keine sonstigen Publikationen.
Info: Der UNIMOG ist ein 6-Zyl. Turbo-Diesel, hat 6x6-Rad-Antrieb, wobei die zwei Hinterachsen permanent angetrieben werden. 8-Gang Getriebe mit Arbeitsgängen und Halbgängen, insgesamt 32 Gänge. Durchgang zur Fahrerkabine. Einbruchsichere Fenster und Oberlichter. 990 LIter Diesel-Tanks. Den Unimog gibt es noch, ein Amerikaner aus Arizona hat ihn 2010 gekauft.
05.05.2006 1st info via
07.05.2006 1st request for update
27.02.2012 2nd long request for update
19.03.2012 3rd request
21.03.2012 First summary with fotos.
29.03.2012 Next request for Update.
01.04.2012 Last update

Andi Comes (German)
+ Canada - Usuhaia. Vorstellung von "Special Guests" auf der Bühne: Andi Comes schrieb mir am 10.03.1999 hinten auf einem Foto von sich: "Nach 6 Monaten von Calgary/Canada hier in Ushuaia/Südspitze von Süd-Amerika nach 26.000 km angekommen. Mein Flug ab Buenos Aires geht 25./26.03.99 und mache mich dann flott auf den Weg nach Malmedy".
04.04.2005 2nd request for update bei Andi Comes und Christian Dick

15.06.1999 – 15.02.2000
Renate Greulach (German, born 26.02.1951) and Gino Grimbacher (German/USA, born 08.05.1956)
+ Alaska- Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland). We rode on one bike BMW R100 GS PD in 8 months from Vancouver/Canada (we have been earlier in Alaska by bike) to Ushuaia in South-America (43. 000 km). Originally we planed to be on the road for 1-1.5 years and wanted to travel USA, Mexico, Central- and South-America, South Africa, southern and eastern Part of Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Renate (responsible for employee-accounts in a large company) prefers to sit on the back of my (Gino) bike (seaman, driving instructor). I (Gino) have been 9 times at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen and since 1995 we travel with Tesch-Travel-Boxes and the special designed frame. Gino: after all the boxes went through, they are still in good condition and protected our legs perfectly after an accident in Chile. We would never travel without them. According to good info from Bernd Tesch and his famous Bernd-Tesch-Treffen we where able to meet several travellers (German & British) in Guatemala (Antigua) and Peru (Cuzco). Dec. 28th, 1999 we reached healthy and happy Ushuaia for the great second "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting". After a great celebration (Millenium) with old and new friends we headed North to Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). 15.02.2000 for 2 reasons we finished our trip in Rio de Janeiro and flew (including their bike) back to Germany.
Purpose to return: 1st reason was: too many good impressions on our 8 months trip, which first have to been overthought before continuing. 2nd: the health condition of my (Gino) mother.
Route : Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvadore - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama (we and the bike by plane to) Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Brazil - we and the bike flew back to Germany by plane.
Purpose of Travel: After having gone twice around the world on freighters (ships) I (Gino) want to travel overland with Renate.
The best
: To know other nations, other people, different cultures and living and dealing with " Mother Nature ".
The worst: NONE, because whenever it looked like a problem is coming up, there was always someone who gave us help and/or hospitality, so that the problem turned into a good and great experience.
Useful Information: Going to the yearly "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting" in Germany and take the chance to use "Bernd's Individual Consulting" which safes you lots of money during your trip.
Earlier experiences: Gino Grimbacher started 1974 with little motorcycle trips around Germany (20 000km) on a DKW 200.
1980 - 1994 he toured in several trips around Europe (60 000km) between North Cape - Marocco and between Ireland - Czechoslovakia on a BMW R80/7.
Renate Greulach and Gino Grimbacher together:
1995 - 1998: In 1995 they bought a BMW R100 GS PD in New York ( USA ) and travelled both on this bike 35.000 km around North-America , Canada and Alaska . See North-America.
Dreaming off: going to S.Africa , Australia , New Zeeland and Asia ( Russia )

??.08.1999 - ??.11.2000
Kerstin Käppel (German, born ???) and Benno Grell (German, born ???)
+ N- and S-America. Kerstin and Benno intended to travel one year. Finnaly they travelled two years with two BMW R 100 GS. Ca 53.000 km in the Americas and ca. 35.000 km in Africa (see there).
Purpose of travel: A lot. It is fascinating to be "on the road".
Route: S-America (Chile - Argentinia (Ushuaia) - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Equador) - N-America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - USA - Germany.
The best: ??
The worst: ??

Useful tips for others: ??
Earlier mc-expriences: ??
Later mc-experiences: ??

31.10.01 1st summary from S-Africa. Kerstin and Benno have been 8 times since 1999 at the "Tesch-Travel-Treffen". While they have been in Sudan / Ethiopia some friends emailed to me that they are afraid that they are lost. So B.T. emailed them as well but never got an answer until today from SAfrica.
05.04.02 2nd request for update.
16.03.2004 3rd request for update
05.04.2005 4th request !!!
09.04.2010 5th request after I heard that they are traveling since two years in Australia already.

Maurice Brooks
- Plan Alaska -Tierra del Fuego

27.04.1999 The American Maurice (I suppose retired) just send me a picture with his bike telling me that he is "on the road" since 1999 and does not have any permant address anymore.
29.05.01 Who knows more about him now??

Jan Freeman and ? (English)
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. For 14 months we rode on the GS and an F650  60.000 km from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. It was not the most direct route you could do!
Route: Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina.
12.09.2000 1st contact

21.03.1999 - 25.09.2001
Martina Seip-Goethals (German, 1965) und Lieven Goethals (Belgian, 1965)
+ Feuerland - Alaska. Dipl.-Volkswirtin Martina (solo with BMW R 100 GS PD) and Dipl.-Informatiker Lieven (BMW sidecar from Horst Ulrich Fernreisegespanne) rode together 57.000 kms in three parts in 18 months from Ushuaia - to Alaska. Martina and Lieven were accompanied by their big dog Tinka all the way.
Purpose: To know the world. To do what you want to do each minute.
Route: South-America (Argentinien, Chile, Bolivien, Peru, Ecuador) - Central-America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatamala, Belize, Mexiko) - North-America (USA, Kanada, "Alaska").
The best: Lovely people. Incredible landscapes. Tinkas patience. She always new what happend in the moment.
The worst: Death of company-traveller Petra. She fall down from a bridge.
Useful tips for others: ??
Earlier big travels: 1991-1992: 1 year to India, half year as backbacker in southeastasia. - 1988: North Africa - East Africa.
06.2001 Publication in MOTORRAD: Tinkas Reise. About their 8 months in South America.
17.10.2001 Letter from them with foto-copy. Which I answered and asked for their block.
05.12.2001 Second request.
07.10.2015 Last request for answer to ?? and a foto.
B.T.: I thing no dog rode on a sidecar the total length of the Panamericana. And I don´t know a a couple who rode with a solo-motorcycle and a sidecar togehther the PANAM.

Ralf Paaske and Petra Schommer cooking. Ri: "Pitufos" back home.

2000. Ankunft in Feuerland. Fotos Ralf Paaske (C).

29.05.1999 - 29.05.2000
Petra Schommer (German, born 1965 und Ralf Paaske (German, born ??.??.19??)
+ North - and South-America. Alaska-Ushuaia. In one year the stewardess Petra and cook Ralf rode with one BMW R 80 GS Basic Alaska-Tierra del Fuego and Europe 62.400 kms.
The best: Riding in Peru though the Andes. Meeting the people on the road. Millenium meeting of 38 Motorcycle-World-Travellers in Ushuaia 1999-2000. To travel by motorcycle PITUFO. Boundless freedom while travelling.
The worst:
Nothing !
Route in total: Germany - by plane to Canada (Vancouver) - Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina / Usuaia arriving 19.12.1999 after 45.313 kms and celebrating the millenium there with the largest group of 38 Motorcycle-World-Travellers. By ship to Antartica. By Swiss Air from Chile Santiago to Spain / Barcelona. By motorcyle Spain - Portugal - Andorra - France - Italy - Slowenia - Austria - Liechtenstein - Switzerland - France - Luxembourg - Belgium - Germany (Zweifall - Aachen). 
1989 first contact of Bernd Tesch with Petra and Ralf in Aachen (Germany).
28.05.2000 B.T. gave a welcome-party after one year in Zweifall for them.
06.-08.04.2000 B.T.: Petra and Ralf  give a sliceshow on the 23rd Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
25.02.2013 Last update with fotos.

15.06.1999 - 15.02.2000
Renate Greulach and Gino Grimbacher (Gino: German / USA, born 08.05.1956. Renate: German, born 26.02.1951)
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Both rode on one bike BMW R100 GS PD in 8 months from Canada (Vancouver, they have been earlier in Alaska by bike) to Ushuaia in South-America (43. 000 km). Originally they planed to be on the road for 1-1.5 years and wanted to travel USA, Mexico, Central- and South-America, South Africa, southern and eastern Part of Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Renate (responsible for employee-accounts in a large company) prefers to sit on the back of Gino's bike (seaman, driving instructor). Gino has been 9 times at Tesch-Travel-Treffen and since 1995 they travel with Tesch-Travel-Boxes and the special designed frame. Gino: after all they went through, they are still in good condition and protected our legs perfectly after an accident in Chile. We would never travel without them.According to good info from B.Tesch and his famous Bernd-Tesch-Treffen they where able to meet several travellers (German & British) in Guatemala (Antigua) and Peru (Cuzco). Dec. 28th, 1999 they reached healthy and happy Ushuaia for the great second "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting". After a great celebration (Millenium) with old and new friends they headed North to Rio de Brasil (Janeiro). 15.02.2000 for 2 reasons they finished their trip in Rio de Janeiro and flew (including their bike) back to Germany. 1st reason was : too many good impressions on their 8 months trip, which first have to been overthought before continuing. 2nd: the health condition of Ginos mother.
Route: Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvadore - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama (we and the bike by plane to) Ecquador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Brazil - we and the bike flewback to Germany by plane.
Purpose of Travel: After having gone twice around the world on freighters (ships) now Gino trys to travel overland with Renate.
The best
: To know other nations, other people, different cultures and living and dealing with " Mother Nature ".
The worst: NONE, because whenever it looked like a problem is coming up, there was always someone who gave us help and/or hospitality, so that the problem turned into a good and great experience.
Useful Information: Going to the yearly "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting" in Germany and take the chance to use "Bernd's Individual Consulting" which safes you lots of money during your trip.
Earlier experiences: Gino Grimbacher started 1974 with little motorcycle trips around Germany on a DKW 200. 1980 - 1994 he toured in several 4-5 week-trips around Europe (North Cape - Marocco and Ireland - Czechoslovakia) on a BMW R80 (appr. 60 000 km).
Renate Greulach and Gino Grimbacher together: 1995 - 1998: They bought a BMW R100 GS PD in USA (New York) in 1995 and travelled both on this bike 35.000 km around North-America on 4 tours in 6 months (4 trips 1995-1998)in North-America and Canada and Alaska.
Route: New York, New Orleans, El Paso, Chicago, Dawson City, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Calgary and Vancouver.The trips lasted each year 5-7 weeks. They stored the bike by friends or BMW-dealers, flew back to Germany and continued the following year from there.
11.07.01 Email.

July 1999 - July 2000
Georges Gouron (now French / Australian, still born in France 28.10.1944, just getting older all the time)
+ North- Central- and Around South America. Georges toured solo with bis bike a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION caalled "Ozzie" from Australia by plane to USA - Mexico - Belice - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica and Panama - by plane to Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina (Usuaiha) - Chile - Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Paraguay - Argentina - Brazil - Venezuela - by flight to GB - Scotland - GB - Holland, Belgium, Germany - Austria, Switzerland - Austria, Switzerland.
Back in Australia joined the Public Service ! Bought various bikes then the greatest of them all in 1988: a Yamaha XJ 900 with which I covered 205.000 kms trouble free. In 1998 I decided it was time to shake the cobwebs from the Public Service. So I bought a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION and in 1999 I retired from the Public service. I flew Ozzie (my bike) to L.A in USA where I joined her right away and we rode together to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde Nat Park before heading down to Mexico. At the border I meet with Pete, Phil and Lucas, 3 nice American riders. We'll ride together till Guadalajara. They then turn back and I keep going on through Mexico, Belice, Guatemala (now the road to Tikal is paved !). In Antigua met Ralf and Petra at the Post office. Then I go down to Lake Atitlan, a gem. Then it is down to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Panama I fly the bike to Quito in Equador, then myself to Quito ! Surprise ! Ozzie is not there ! Bastard have not send it yet. It was due to come by Continental Airlines (DO NOT USE THAT AIRLINE). After a week of furious calls they eventually send it. Unfortunately the volcano in Quito start to erupt. Flight are diverted to Guayaquil. Another week pass and Ozzie is still stuck in Guayaquil. Enough is enough. I pack up, catch the night bus to Guayaquil and go to the airport. I start the paper works to clear the bike (it's 09h00) when I see 4 people coming in, helmet in hands. 2 of them are Petra and Ralf, the other 2 are Renate and Gino. So we all clear our bikes together and are out by 16h00. I go back to Quito with everybody than Renate. Gino and I decide to travel together, Petra and Ralf being faster. So down it is to Peru, up a shit road to Huaraz, down a good one to the coast, Lima, Nazca, Cuzco, La Paz in Bolivia. Up to 5200m, crossing the Chilian border at 4667 m and down in Arica Chile in 150 km of descent. Through the Chilian desert to Puerto Montt, across to Argentina, windy Patagonia, cold Tierra del Fuego and lousy roads down to Ushuaia where we meet again with Petra and Ralf, Mark, Uwe and a few others and we all greet the New Year in Ushuaia. Then it's back to Chili and the glacier Perito Moreno, back to windy Patagonia up Argentina to Buenos Aires. Uwe leaves us. Renate and Gino go to Rio via Iguazu Falls and back to Germany. Mark and I go to Uruguay. Mark leaves from Montevideo to England. I'm back by myself across Paraguay, Argentina again, Iguazu falls, Brazil (I reach Rio on Carnaval day) up to Belem. Ozzie and I take a river boat to Manaus and back on the road to Caracas in Venezuela from where we fly to London. After a few days with Mark (thank you ) since I live in the South of France I take the short way through Wales and Scotland then Holland, Belgium, Germany where I'm welcomed by Renate and Gino (Thanks guys), Austria, Switzerland and then down South to France where I'm bored !
The best : the whole trip
Sorry mate Bernd: I'm afraid i've been a bit long but it's easy to get carried away
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges


??.??.2000 - ??.??.2000
Dr. Stephen Rasmussen (American, born ??) .
Alaska -Tierra del Fuego. "Tip to Tip 2000". Sthephen rode solo from USA (San Francisco to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) and then down to Argentina (TDF). Then back to USA (Miami, Florida and home to California). How many km?? and different countries??t
He used a 1987 Honda XL for Alaska part of trip and a 1990 Honda XL600: NO complaints! Perfect for off-highway travel with 6 gallon gas tank.Honda Transalp 600 for the rest. Transalp: Only one small electrical problem.......wished I had a larger gas tank.
Best part: 3 months stay in Costa Rica and all of South America
Purpose of travel: ???
Route: Country by country. ??
Worst part: Getting sick in Peru
Useful tips for others: ??
Book or publication about your tour: ??
06 07.2002 1st emai from Stephen
06 07.2002 1st request for update.

01.05.2000 - 04.03.2001
Gerd Stock (German)
+ Alaska-Feuerland. Gerd rode solo 51.000 kms in 10 months: Healthy, without an accident and no puncture. He was planning the total distance Alaska to South-America in 1 year with BMW R 1100 GS. From Alaska to Ushuaia I rode through so many differnt landscapes and zones of culture that it never bothered me. It was a wonderful feeling after such a long time to reach Ushuaia. I loved the road to Ushuaia but Usuhaia was also ways the southern point I wanted to reach. In Hostal I met Volkmar, Chris, Tilo and Katharina again, whom I met on the road many times. With some I rode together for parts. So we celebrated our southern end !
Route: USA (New York 16.5.2000) - Kanada - USA - Mexiko - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa-Rica - Panama (Airplane to Quito) - Equador - Peru - Bolivien - Chile - Argentinien (Tierra del Fuego - Buenos Aires 30.3.2001).
Purpose of Travel: Visit other countries and culture and for fun.
The best: National Parks USA. Small cities and Maja Ruins in Mexiko. Atmosphere in Belize. Tikal in Guatemala. Lago de Nicaragua. Volcano Cotopaxi and Galapagos in Equador. Cuzco and Machu Pichu in Peru. Volcano Potosi and Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. San Pedro de Atacama, Carretera Austral and Torres del Paine N.P. in Chile. Fitz Roy and Ushuaia in Argentina
The Worst: No, no problems with the bike and no banditos and most time friendly people. The worst was that the time was too short.
Useful Tips for others:
Start and enjoy it, Southamerica is great and a good place for traveling. You don't need a carnet, only a international licence.
Earlier experiences so far:
Europe (Alps, Corsika. Romania). North-America (Alaska, Canada, West-coast). Asia (Ladakh. Karakorum Highway by bicycle). China: Desert Gobi, North Tibet with Yamaha XT 225. This was a very first organised tour. New Zealand by bicycle.
16.04.2000 Participant of the 22nd Meeting for Mororcycle-WORLD-Travellers.
06.-08.04.2001 Participant of the 23rd Meeting for Mororcycle-WORLD-Travellers.

15.05.2000 - ca.15.05.2001
Lars Spittel und Tini Hering (Germans) ?
- Plan Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Both riding on ONE  HONDA Africa Twin.
Route: USA - Canada - Alaska - Peru - all the way to Panama. GENAUER!
The best: Im Moment sind wir in Peru unterwegs auf einsamen Bergpisten. Herrliche Landschaften, nette Menschen und teilweise extrem holprige Strassen. Geil. Besonders haben uns die einsamen Pisten in Kanada und Alaska gefallen, sowie die Gastfreundschaft in allen Laendern unserer Reise.
Purpose of Travel: ??
The worst: ???....
Book or publication (about your tour): ....... ??
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....??

08.2000 - 08.2001
Ellen Spencer and Manou Emringer(Luxembourg)
+ Plan Around The World. At first: Alaska to Argentina. Plan to ride for one year 2000-2001 with two motorcycles (Africa Twin and Transalp) Around The World.
Planned Route (flexible!): 08.2000-01.2001: Alaska to Argentina . They reached Chile in 12.2000. - 01.2001-02.2001: Ivory Coast to Luxembourg - 03.2001: New Zealand (on rental bikes) -  04.-08.2001 Luxembourg - Turkey - Central Asia - Norway - Luxembourg
03.2000: Manou visited Bernd Tesch in Zweifall. I suppose they cannot do all the way in this too short time.
See their summary under "Around the world".

??.10.2000 - ??.07.2001
Carola Dietler and Reto Scheller (Swiss)
Möchte dieses jahr gerne wieder mal an Dein Treffen kommen ! von okt. 2000 - juli 2001 bin ich uebrigens mit meiner freundin und einer alten africa twin 650 49'000 km von buenos aires-feuerland-alaska gefahren!
14.03.02 1st information
14.03.01 1st request for update

15.11.2000 - 15.04.2001
Oliver Dross (German, born 06.06.1968 )
+ Argentina - USA. In 5 months Oliver rode 45.000 km solo from Tierra del Fuego to USA. Within this where 15.000 km of dirt roads
Purpose of travel: Get away. See things, have time to float and wonder, learn Spanish, climb mountains
Route: By containership from Belgium to Argentina (Buenos Aires). Through all the western countries of South and Central America on a Africa Twin RD 0?. WHICH COUNTRIES please in words ??? Jointed Michael Schwamborn from Ecuador to Nicaragua. I flew back with the bike from San Francisco to Köln.
The best: Patagonian Mountains. Argentinean girls. Remote valleys full of Inca remains and rainforest in Eastern Peru. Colombia, exclusively for us, no tourism > This sentence even I do NOT understand. Please clear...... And Nicaragua, a quiet place, full of authentic smiles.
The Africa Twin was great although too heavy and it calls too much attention. The only defect was a broken speedometer cable 400 km before the end of the trip....
The worst: A false taxi in Peru.... What happened ??
Book or publication : Book:"Ritt auf dem Nashorn", "500 Tage zwischen Feuerland und Mexiko":
Earlier experiences of big motorcycle-Tours: 3 months South West USA 1992, Morocco 1995
10.11.01 1st information by Michael Schwammborn.
09.10.2003 1st contact by email and 1sr request for update.
10.10. 1st update and 2nd request for update.

Buch von Oliver Dross: "Ritt auf dem Nashorn": "500 Tage zwischen Feuerland und Mexiko". 13 Kaptitel. 289 S. 2 Karten. 12 Farb-, 35 Schwarzweißfotos. Paperback
20 x 14 cm Farbeinband kaschiert . Verlag: Dross, Oliver (Selbstverlag). 1 Auflage Juni 2003, Books on Demand.Oilivers (33) Motivation war klar umrissen: Nach einer dreimonatigen Motorradtour 1992 in South West USA und einem Marokko-Trip 1995 musste diese Reise "intensiver sein": Wegfahren, Dinge sehen, Zeit haben - um sich treiben zu lassen und Vieles zu bewundern . Berge besteigen und Spanisch lernen: So "ritt" er solo sein Nashorn, eine Africa Twin RD 07, 5 Monate von Argentinien bis USA. In den 45.000 km waren immerhin 15.000 km Piste mit einem Motorrad, das ihm zu schwer war, aber gut durchhielt.
Es war November, in der Biskaya war Sturm und das Containerschiff, das den Autor und sein Motorrad nach Südamerika bringen sollte, trieb beschädigt in der Dünung. Es hätte ein ruhiger Auftakt zu einer langen Riese werden sollen... Wochen später, der Atlantik war nun überquert, begann die eigentliche Fahrt von Feuerland nach Mexiko: 500 Tage mal auf, meist neben der Panamerikana, der "Traumstraße der Welt", voller Abenteuer und intensiver Begegnungen mit den Menschen Lateinamerikas, spannend und einfühlsam beschrieben.
Über den Atlantik per Fähre nach Argentinien (Buenos Aires). Windige Weihnacht auf dem Wege und ein Fünf-Sterne-Hotel in Feuerland (Ushuaia). Nordwärts durch Südpatagonien mit Sturz im Sturm. Zwischen Eis und Granit. Sturm im Paradies. Sonne in der Hölle. Die Carretera Austral: Chiles wilder Süden. Nordpatagonien : Emotionaler Salto. Die Taufe des Nashorns. Ein Blick in die Hölle. Zentral- und Nordchile: Santiago de Chile. Offener Himmel. Durch die Wüste Atacama. Bolivien und Südperu: Die Hölle der Friedensstadt. Das Zentrum der Welt. Tag und Nacht auf einer Gebirgspiste. Auf einem Vulkan. In die Hochanden: Das weiße Gebirge. Perus Norden: Inka-Gold. Das Tal der Träume. Piranha im Magen. Krokodil in der Hand. Ekuador nach Kolumbien : Freundlicher Empfang in Ekuador. Tanz auf dem Vulkan. Kolumbien, das Reich des Bösen. Von gefährlichen Frauen und harmlosen Guerilleros. Schach auf viertausend Metern Höhe. Licht und Schatten in Bogotá. Hindernisse vor Mittelamerika. Panama und Costa Rica: Vier Deutsche im Paradies. Von Nicaragua nach Belize: Die Putas von Nicaragua. Nachhilfekurs in Korruption. Bananenrepublik Honduras. Antigua Guatemala. Ein totes Kind. Von den Bergen ins Maya-Tiefland; Menschenopfer auf einer Mayapyramide. Durch Mexiko: Knackende Wirbel und ein unterbrochener Liebesakt. Mayas, wo ist eure Kultur geblieben? Die Kunst des Reisens. Alte Freunde. Die Faszination der Leere. Zum "Tortilla Vorhang".

Foto Michael Schwamborn. He met American RTW Traveller Mariola Cichon in Panama 11.2001: "The nicest mc-travel-woman I met so far"

19.12.2000 - 26.06.2002
Michael Schwamborn (German, born 19.01.1964) Einen Teil der Reise findest Du in
+ Tierra del Fuego - Alaska and a part of Africa.
The physics Michael rode from Tierra de Fuego (Argentina) to Fairbanks (Alaska), on a Yamaha TT 350 - called Oveja Negra- 35.000 kms (to Mexico) and 57.000 kms to Fairbanks. In S-America he rode with Jeanette Sabus for nine months. In North-America with physics Oliver so far.
Route: Germany (Cologne) - bike Yamaha TT 350 by boat to Santiago de Chile - Michael by plane from Santiago de Chile to Argentina (Tierra de Fuego) - by bike Chile - Argentinia (many times crosses Chile - Argentina because of the nice passes) - Bolivia - Peru - until Ecuador (Quito) together with Jeanette Sabus who rode a Kawasaki KLR 250 - from Colombia (Bogota) with plane to Panama - to Mexico together with Oliver Dross (German) who rides a Honda Africa Twin. Distance Santiago-Mexico: 35 000 kms. Panama - Costa Rica - ..Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska by bike. Plan with a ship back to Spain.
Purpose of travel: Get to know countries. Meeting people.
The best: Climbing the Andes
The worst: Deep mud after a strong rainy-season near laguna Uyuni (Bolivia).
Book or publication (about your tour): no
Useful informations and TIPS for others: A light Motor-Bike with little lugagge is not only good for women
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: 1989 Rumania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Egypt, with a Yamaha XT 250 (6 months). 1997 Australia (East Cost), with a Yamaha TT 250 (2 months)
06.11.01 1st information by Jo Deleker and Birgit Pütz.
10.11.01 1st conatct.
27.-28.09.2002 Michael visited B.T. with Mariola accompining her to Spain.
30.10.2006 request for next update.
14.04.2008 request for next update of website and..

Foto Lew Waterman. With Achi and dog Punky



Andrea Mueller and Bernie Zoebeli (Swiss)
- Plan South- and North America with two BMW R 80G/S.
15.04.2001 1st information by

2001 ??
Marco de Ambrogio
RTW traveller Manou Emringer met Marco in Finland.
Route: Alaska - Ushuaia and dann Japan - Northcape - Italy with BMW F650.
28.01.2002 1st information by Manou Emringer.
28.01.01 1st request for update.

03.05.2001 - 14.04.2003
Lew Waterman (American, born-1937) and Punky, a Yorkshire Terrier (American, born-1994) and parts with his wife Achi
+ North and South America. Man and dog Around the Americas on a KLR650 48.000 mls. Punky rode tandem (usually on top of the tank bag) with Lew Waterman (American) who rode a Kawasaki KLR650.
Route: North America 23,000 mls (S. Florida, USA via the Trans America Trail off road - Canada - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska - Tucson, Arizona - Copper Canyon in Mexico to Tapachula) - Central America 2,000 mls (Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama). I flew with bike and dog from Panama City, Panama - Bogota, Colombia) - South America 23,000 mls (Bogota, Colombia - Ecuador - Peru, where on January 30, 2002, I met a lovely senorita, Achi Rodriguez (Peruvian, born 1969), stopped for 9 months and married after which Achi joined Punky and I on the bike to Honeymoon tour 2,000 mls around Peru to Lake Titicaca and Bolivia. Together, on October 14, 2002, we resumed the tour to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and finished the tour of South America - (Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Uruguay - Paraguay - Brazil). After Carnaval, we all flew back with the bike from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Miami, Florida, USA May 14, 2003.
The best: Getting off the sofa in retirement to make a long-time dream come true and experience the two-wheeled adventure of my life to the ends of the world with my best friend, Punky; meeting and marrying Achi Rodriguez; Iguazu Falls, Ushuaia, nature and riding a motorcycle like I'd stolen it until I had enough; meeting Peter and Kay Forwood, Greg Frazier, Grant Johnson, Ted Simon, Ricardo Rocco Paz, Mariola Cichon and Tiffany Coates, some of the worlds most reknowned RTW riders and all those other friendly and helpful folks all over the Americas, especially the riders.
The worst: A failure to communicate in Spanish resulted in a broken ankle in Colombia, when two Colombians came to my aid and lifted the downed moto off my leg/foot.
Important useful information for others: Plan and execute ( has all the information you need)
Book or publication : Before It's Too Late: The Moto Adventures of Punky and Lew (unpublished, so far)
Earlier motorcyle-travel-expereinces: None. Owned numerous bikes when I was younger and always had the dream to ride the Americas.
B.T.: Lew informed me that his dog Punky, is now the motorcycle-ridingest dog in the world. He now has about 60,000 miles riding to his credit. Since our Americas Motopaseo, Punky has ridden from east to west and back across the United States as well as thousands of more interstate miles. My wife, Achi, and I rode from eastern USA through Mexico and back last spring.
The only book I know concerning a long distance mc-tour is from: Thomas, Peggy Iris. Ride in the Sun. An account of an adventurous English girl from Liverpool, who started in spring 1950 and toured 14.000 miles across Canada, the USA, Mexiko back to USA and from there by ship to Denmark on the motor-cycle B.S.A. Bantam 125 ccm. She started spring 1950, accompanied by her Airdale puppy (Welpe) called "Matelot" (Gefährte) with $ US 60 in her pocket. In English. Verlag: Hodder & Stoughton. London. Großbritannien. 1954. Bibliothek.
27.10.2006 1st summary

25.07.2001 - June 2002
Jochen Polak (German, born 02.06.1977) und Thomas Ochsenkuehn (German, born 03.07.1977)
Canada - Tierra del Fuego.
We startet with two especially equipped Honda NX650/Dominator (1997) together with Peter Kleinhans (German, born 02.02.1978) in a Van, because he is handicaped since a motorcycle accident a few jears ago.
Route: Canada (Vancouver - Fairbanks - Edmonton) - USA (Seattle - San Fransisco - Flaggstaff - San Diego - La Paz) - Mexico DF - San Cristobal. There we got stock for two months, because of a broken spring in the gearbox. Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Ecuador........Tierra del Fuego. Plan end of april 2002 in Ushuaia.
Purpose of travel: Trying to get in the Bernd-Tesch-List as the joungest Panamerican-Highway-Travellers by Bike (Jochen).
The best: Still beeing friends after 7 months smelling the bike boots of the travel-partner
The worst: Seeing Peter going home after his car broke down in Matzatlan, and definetly the breakdown of the bike in Ocosingo
Book or publication:
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Please write for any questions.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Crossing the Brenner with 50 cm snow on our practicing tour at easter 2001
15.02.2002 1st information by Michael Schwamborn. He met both in Guatemala.
21.01.2002 1st answer

ca. 01.09.2001 - ca. 15.10.2001
Nicklas Alcock (British)
Alaska-Patagonia Express. Nick and a friend try "a worldrecord attempt" with two HONDA Africa Twin RD 07. 15.000 miles to Usuhaia..
ca. 01.07.2001 1st contact. Bought 4 Tesch-Travel-Tasche 4.
13.07.01 email asking for their block-view.

10.2001 + ca. 6 months
Rolf Walkowiak and Markus (another mc-traveller) (Germans)  http://www. in progess
Plan North- and South-America. Rolf (45) plans to cross the Americas and to fullfill his wish.
04.12.2000 1st contact


31.01.2002 - end of august 2002
Tina Jokisch (German, born 1973) and Jeremy Andrews (New Zealander, born 1967) and Philipp Jokisch (German, born 1970)
Buenos Aires - Tierra del Fuego - Alaska. Sister Tina and brother Philipp and Jeremy plan to ride both Americas on three BMWs.
Route: Philipp and Tina by plane with Iberia from Germany (Duesseldorf) via Spain (Madrid) to Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Jeremy with Quantas from New Zealand (Auckland) to Buenos Aires. Motorcycles by ship from Belgium (Antwerp) with I.P.T.S. (check forum
on our website for information) to Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Ushuaia - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Equador - Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska (10.07.02 Deadhorse) - Prudhoe Bay - Anchorage.
Purpose of travel: Jumping off the treadmill to find out what life's really all about..
The best: ?
The worst: ?
Book or publication (about your tour): Planned
Useful informations and TIPS for others: 14.5 m3 have been ca. Euro 2000 all inclusive. This means inclusive all local costs in Buenos Aires. I can highly recommend everyone to book this in advance because here in Buenos Aires all is very corrupt. This menas in parctise that you can pay easily US$ 750 as well. When considering shipping the bike, speaking Spanish is a definite advantage as hardly anybody speaks English in Buenos Aires and bring plenty of patience.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: ?
24.11.2001 Father Winfried Jokisch and Philipp took part in my Traveller-Survival-Training.
21.01.2002 1st email about the tour from Buenos Aires.
22.01.2002 2nd request for update.

04.05.2002 - ca. 04.05.2003
Susanne Jungkeit (Susi, born 29.08.1978) and Claudia Lendle (Claudy, 31.03.1978, both Germans)
Plan Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Susi (HONDA Afrika Twin) and Claudy (BMW 650 GS) intend to travel for a long time.
Purpose of travel: To meet other people and cultures.
Route: Germany by plane to Canada (Vancouver) - USA - Mexico - ?
B.T.: I have never heard that two women started together for a long trip trough N- and S- America and succeed to reach Tierra del Fuego.
15.02.2001 1st contact
28.07.2001 Personal visit.
09.07.2002 1st email from USA.

10.03.2002 – März/April 2003
Ricarda Selbach (German, 23.12.67) and Torsten Broszonn (German, born 15.01.67)
Ricarda and Torsten plan to ride Middle and South Ameriva. We flew our two identical BMW F650GS (with some modifications, e.g. bigger tank) to San José in Costa Rica.
Route: First we rode north to Nicaragua, then back to Costa Rica and further south to Panamá. Probably we fly or boattrip from Panamá-City to Ecuador. Peru – Bolivia – Brasilia (Pantanal) – Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Uruguay - Brasilia (Rio de Janeiro). Bikes by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Hamburg.
Purpose of travel: Leben - Life - La vida, get to know Southamerica, different views of experience of life
The best: We want to experience people, habits, maxims and traditons, see nicest places of the different countries
The worst: Riding 3 km on a loose sandy beach with all equipment - had three falls
Book or publication (about your tour): still thinking of
Useful informations and TIPS for others: have a look on the homepage under "tipps & links"
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: just some
15.03.02 1st information by Stefan Thiel
15.03.02 1st request for update
22.04.02 1st update

15.05.2002 + 1 year
Ralph Rauh (German) and Jürgen Antonuecci (Italian-German)
- Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. The German lorry driver Ralph (HONDA CS 600 LM) and Jürgen (SUZUKI DR 650) plan to travel for one year Alaska - Tierra del Fuego.
Route: Canada - Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. Nun versuchen wir seit 1 woche einen platz fuer die treuen mopeds und uns zu bekommen, aber wegen eines vulkanausbruches ist der flughafen in quito geschlossen. Preis pro ticket nach Quito ca. 515 - 575 dollar. Columbien ist momentan nicht zu empfehlen.
Die mopeds (xl 600 honda und dr 650 suzuki) haben jetzt 36.000 km mehr auf dem tacho. Ersatzteile wie reifen und kettensatz sind hier sehr schwer zu bekommen, da hier vorwiegend mopeds mit 250 cm laufen.
1989 Ralph was participant of the TTTrefen
13.11.2001 1st contact from Panama
07.02.2004 2nd request for update.

Ing und Wolfgang Schwarzenböck.

12.06.2002 - 28.02.2003
Inge Schwarzenböck (German, 02. 02.1963) and Wolfgang Schwarzenböck (German, 10. 11.1961)
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Inge rode on a HONDA NX 250 (12 years old) with Wolfgang on a YAMAHA XT 500 (20 years old, 140.000 km before starting) 50.000 km on the whole trip.
Purpose of travel: Put down our work and feel free as a bird
Route: Bikes and persons by plane to Canada (Vancouver) - USA (Alaska) - Canada (Inuvik) - USA (Yellowstone NP - Oregon - San Francisco - Death Valley - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Tucson) - Mexico (Puerto Vallarta - Acapulco - Yucatan) - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - by plane to Quito (Ecuador) - Peru - Chile (Atacama desert - Santiago de Chile - Puerto Montt - Carretera Austral) - Argentina (Rio Gallegos - Calafate) - Chile (Torres del Paine - Terra del fuego) - Argentina (Buenos Aires). Bikes by ship to Hamburg. We flew to Florida bought a 800 Dollar-Van and drove through the United States for 10 weeks.
The best: National parks in USA (Bryce Canyon), Isla Magdalena (Punta Arenas) with thousand of penguins.
Best: New friendships and very poor but neverless kindly persons in all countries.
The worst: Police control with big weapons in Peru, they have stolen our water-bottle.
Information and tips: Have a look in the book, there a thousand reasons for don´t doing but only one (the best) to do the same trip: life is so short.
Book of publication: Juli 2004, "Abenteuer Amerika" ISBN 3-86516-063-8
Earlier motorcycle experiences: Tours through most countries in Europe and Turkey.
16.09.2002 1st information by writing in my guestbook.
16.09.2002 1st request for update
17.02.2004 Got the requested summary first time.
26.03.2013 Asked for fotos with better quality.

24.06.2002 - 01.08.2003
Tiffany Coates (British)
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Riding with Dunleavy, Maggie (Ireland) for Central America and a range of other friends including McInerney, Siobhan (Australia) and Cohn, Janet (USA).
I usually ride with someone else and we ride on "Thelma" - my BMW R80GS (1992).
Route: The current trip involves shipping Thelma to Vancouver in Canada , riding north to Dead Horse in Alaska and then setting off on the long ride south to Chile . North America 11.000 kms ( Canada , Alaska , USA ). Central America 10.000kms ( Mexico , Guatemala , Honduras , Nicaragua , Costa Rica , Panama ) Ship to Ecuador . South America 27.000 kms ( Ecuador , Peru , Chile , Argentina , Paraguay , Brazil , Venezuela , Colombia . Shipped home from Caracas in Venzuela to London.
14.01.2003 next request for update
16.-18th.04.2004 Tiffany will offer a full-report about her Around-The-World-Tour with women on the pillion at the 26th. Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers. See her total overview in her block under Around-The-World
18.05.2010 Last update

10.2002 ~ Feb 2005
Jo-Anne Smith (Canadian. born 25.10.1962)
+ Canada - Ushuaia. Jo-Anne rode 54,796 km solo through The 3 Americas (North, Central and
South) on a 1997 BMW F650.
Purpose of your travel: To ride to the "end of the world" ; to join the club.
Route: From British Columbia, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Brasil - Uruguay - Chile: Oct 2002 ~ Feb 2005
22months of travel = 10 month break to work and visit family.
Highlights: saving a high-speed slide by slapping my foot down;
bodysurfing with dolfins;
The worst: realizing the threads inside the sump drain plug were stripped
(by BMW Bogota).
Book or publication :
Useful informations and TIPS for others: follow your intuition.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:...8 months [Sept 1989 ~ Apr 1990] on a '84 Honda XL600R: Western Canada, USA, Mexico; 3 months [Jun 1990 ~Aug 1990] as pillion passenger and sometimes pilot of an '81 BMW R80G/S: Vancouver B.C. to Inuvik Yukon to Prudoe Alaska to Sturgis South Dakota; 10 weeks [Dec 1999 ~ Feb 2000] as pillion passenger (pilot: Glynn Roberts) on '84 R100RT across Europe to Israel and Egypt, Western Desert to meet the 'Paris-Dakar-Cairo' , side trip out to Siwa (Lybian border). More than 13 punctures!!
1991 B.T. met Jo-Anne in GB
2005.04.08 1st summary

01.02.2003 plus 1-2 years
Claas Linnewedel (German, born 1980)
- Buenos Aires - Tierra del Fuego - Alaska and Australia or Afrikca. Claas plans to ride solo with a KTM LC 4. But Claas is looking for other travellers to travel with him. With the ship from Hamburg to Buenos Aires.On the motorcycle Buenos Aires - Tierra del Fuego - Alaska and Australia or Africa
Purpose of travel: To see what the world has to offer, mind expansion, experience for life, enjoying living outdoor, meeting different people, freedom, experience different cultures, many other things.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Small tour from Germany through Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and back.
27.11.02 1st contact
29.11.02 1st request for update.

30.04.2003 - 12.02.2004
Lois Pryce (British, born January 13th 1973)
+ Alaska (Anchorage) - Argentina (Tierra del Fuego).Lois rode solo ?? kms on a Yamaha XT225 from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina in 10 months.
Purpose: FUN! 
Route: Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America (can't remember the order but map in book), Colombia (without bike) Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina. 
The best: entering Mexico, also Argentina.
The worst: Honduras
Publication: Lois on the Loose
05.08.2011 1st request to Lois for update this blog and best foto of this tour of her and the mc.
15.08.2011 1st summary
15.08.2011 2nd request for update
12.09.2011 Fotos from Lois
15.08.2011 3rd request for update
19.09.2011 More dates
19.09.2011 4th request

01.04.2003 - 28.03.2004 (?? 18.06.2004 - 17.06.2005 ??)
Boudewijn Rooseboom (Dutch, 19.09.1976)
+ Tierra del Fuego -Alaska. I rode from Fireland (South Argentina) to Alaska doing a total of 43.250 km, 15 countries in 11 months on a BMW R1100GS.
Purpose of your travel: Just the adventure! Including culture, sceenary, people, food, etc.
Route: Argentina (Buenos Aires - Bariloche - Ushuaia - Buenos Aires) - Brazil (Iguazu (waterfalls) - Rio de Janeiro) - Bolivia (Corumba - Uyuni - La Paz) - Peru (Cusco - Lima) - Equador (Quito) - Colombia (Bogota - Cartagena - by boat into Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala (G. City) - Belize - back to Guatemala - Mexico (Peurto Escondido - Mexico City) - up north taking the west coast of the states ending in Canada (Vancouver) and making the final (cold) ride into Alaska.
The best: Rio de Janeiro for the fun and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia for the sceenary.
The worst: The road between the border of Brazil into Bolivia and on to Santa Cruz. Impossible to get through.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Feel free to email me for any questions.
Publication: 21.-24.10.2004 My bike (and the documnetary I shot) will be screened on the Dutch motorcycle fair "motorexpo (motorray)" in Holland.
21.09.2004 1st information by Boudewijn: I did once apply for some solid alu cases for my Fireland-Alaska trip. I eventualy finished the trip with a set of BMW adventure cases but hereby tell you that for the next trip I'll make sure to get yours fitted.
22.09.2004 last update

18.08.2003 - ??
Kevin & Julia Sanders (UK)
- Plan Trans Americas Guinness World Record. Julia and Kevin,
"... the Globebusters new look website is now fully launched. Packed with pictures, route maps, preparation info about the trans Americas Guinness World Motorcycle Record, you can follow the challenges we encounter through the news reports and photo gallery.
The aim is to smash the existing record by more than ten days. Log on and see if we make it! Kevin & Julia Sanders ".
If it were just a case of riding the bike, it would not be as tough (really!). What makes the ride more difficult is documenting it all in accordance with the stringent regulations that Guinness set down. The paperwork is key. If you cannot prove what you have done to Guinness, then there is no record. If you mislay your documents half way through the record, then give up, because you don't have the proof.Here is summary of the Guinness rules for these rides:
Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle
Minimum 18,000 riding miles.
Minimum 24,900 miles in total.
Travel in the same direction (you cannot go back on yourself).
Cross two anti-podal points (opposite points on the globe).
Time flying between land points is not counted. Trans-Americas Journey by Motorcycle
Route must leave Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and arrive Ushuaia, Argentina (or vice versa).
Time runs from leaving Alaska until arrival at Ushuaia, which includes time taken to organise crossing over the Darien Gap.
For the records:
Route must be checked by Guinness prior to setting off.
Same rider, same bike throughout.
No traffic offences.
Maintain detailed log book – every time you stop, record location, date, time, mileage and when you start, record the date and time of starting.
Photographic and video evidence of journey.
Two witnesses each day to sign the log book.
Two independent witnesses of local standing to verify the whole evidence of the journey prior to submission to Guinness.


01.04.2004 - >01.04.2005
Gijs Walenkamp (Durch, born 19.10.1975, living in Germany in 2002) no website yet
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Dutch engineer Gijs plans to ride solo from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego with a Kawasaki KLR 650.
Purpose of travel: Fun. Meeting the interesting people. Travelling.
Route: Panamericana
06.2002 1st contact
29.09.2002 Gijs viseted Bernd Tesch for recommendation.

Katja und Martin Wickert. left above with horse 2005 in Rio Grande. Right above 2005 in near Salta, Agentina. - Main foto 2004 in USA, Monument Valley.

24.04.2004 - 06.01.2006
Katja Wickert (German, born 1978) and Martin Wickert (German, born 1976)
+ Canada-Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. We rode 70.000 kms in 21 months through 14 countries with two Honda Africa Twin RD 0? - Claudia Metz and Klaus Schubert motivated them during a slideshow in 2000.
Purpose of travel: Learn from other cultures, meet different people, for adventure and for fun.
Route: Bikes by Boat from Europe to North America. From Hamburg to Montreal, Hermann Weber Spedition, about 250 Euro per Bike in extra wood-boxes. -By airplane to North America (Canada (Montreal) - by bikes to Alaska - Canada - USA west coast - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama) - motorcycles and persons by plane (700 Dollar per bike and 350 per person) to South America (Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina – Ushuaia - Buenos Aires) persons and bikes by plane (Lufthansa about 1000 Euro per bike) ) back to Europe (Germany).
The best: meeting so many different and interesting people, in harmony with nature, Canada, Mexico and Argentina, Nationalparks of USA, Wildlife, Ruins in Mexico, Salar de Uyuni, Perrito Moreno Glacier, Lake area of Chile.
The Worst: nothing, even the police was friendly, and there where always friendly and helpful people.
Info: We travelled through exciting landscapes, met so great people, had a lot of invitations, felt the real freedom and enjoyed the wildlife. We had a lot of adventures. In the beginning we had sometimes unpleasant feelings, when a bear sniffling by our tent and we were on our own on a campground. One morning we woke up in snow during the Canadian-Summer. We paddled the Yukon. In Peru we walked with horses up to old ruins, hiked in Guatemala over 4000 meters and were altitude-sick, had an heat stroke in Central America and camped in USA and Peru in minus 15 Degrees. The most important thing on our trip were the people, they helped us, inspired us and brought us joy. This journey changed our way of thinking and teached us to live in harmony with nature. - We made 22.000 fotos.
Tips for others: Make your own experience. Set a date and tell friends and family. Stay as long as you can.
Earlier experiences: Scandinavia, Italy.
28.01.2008-2010 Where participants in 2008 and 2010 on the mc-meeting for world-travellers "Tesch-Travel-Treffen".
28.01.2010 1st request or a summary of their tour. Arbeiten wohl bei TOURATECH
29.04.2011 2nd request via Corinna Ziebarth as
05.04.2014 3rd and last request for update.
15.04.2014 First summary with fotos. Asked for update. Last update.

18.06.2004 - 17.06.2005 (estimated return from Buenos Aires was the first plan)
Gabriela Seidl (Austrian, 17.12.1974) and Roland Franze (Austrian, 15.05.1973) and Suesanita (Indonesian / Norwegian, born 1980)
- Alaska-Patagonia with 2 motorbikes (BMW R100GS)
Purpose of travel: a lot of fun, broaden my mind
Route: From Vancouver to Alaska, back to Vancouver, Westcoast USA, Mexico, Central America, from Panama to Ecuador by ferryboat, Bolivia, Peru, Xmas with a friend in Chile, Patagonia, Buenos Aires - back to Europe or solo further to Capetown (Depends of my traveling expenses...)
Bikes will be send by seefreight from Austria (Vienna) - Germany Hamburg/Bremerhaven - Vancouver in KW20/2004 Flight.
The best: To learn from other Cultures, collect new impressions, feel to be alive!
The worst so far: Would be, if I had to go home!
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: only Europe by motorbike (Norway, Rumania, Korsika...)
Important info: Important infos you will get on your trip - just start, take it easy and don´t forget to smile! There are friends all over the world!
21.04.2004 Last update.
23.03.2006 Next info from America
23.03.2006 1st request for update
23.03.2006 Next info from Bolivia / La Paz in South America
whats happened... Together with Gabriela, I travelled 7 months till Mexico and Cuba - she could not continue travelling to Central America and flew to Santiago de Chile. where we should meet each other a few months later. But it took me too much time (im still not there) and finally, after 4 months travelling solo in Central America, I flew to Sant. d.Ch. for a few days, to say good bye to her before she went back to Austria.
I sailed 2 weeks with my bike on board of a 70ft vessel from Panama to Catagena/Colombia. On board I met a sweet Indonesian/Norwegean girl - her name is Suesanita (26years). She was travelling 1,5 years in Southamerica before she started working on this vessel. We travelled together 7 wonderful months through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, before she went back to Norway, to start a new work.
We will see each other probably in november this year, to continue travelling together.
In the meantime, I will guide motorcycle tours in Bolivia and I will also travel solo for some month.
24.03.2006 last update from Bolivia


Sabrina Kochmann (German, born ??) and Oliver Fischer (German, born ??)
+ Alaska-Feuerland. The student Sabrina and self employee Oliver plan a ride north > south in one year.
31.03.2005 1st info
04.04.2005 1st request for update.
22.04.2005 1st visit of 27. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers

01.05.2005 - ??
Frank Reichel (German, born 01.12.1966)
- North- Cenrral- and South-America. Frank plans to ride solo with solo Around North- Central- and South-America with bikes he will buy in USA. At the moment he rides a chopper Honda VT1100. The bike is running great and Frank will ride it about 20.000 km in USA. Further he plans to visit Canada. In August he wants to visit the Sturgisbike week and after that he sales his chopper to buy an enduro for traveling through Central- and South-America. Frank wants to visit a friend in Brasilia.
Purpose of your travel: Learnig how it is to live in other parts of the world. Fun and meeting the best boys and girls.
Route: Europe (by plane to Miami in USA) - North-Amerika (USA (Miami - New Orleans - NYork) - Canada (Montreal - Vancouver) - USA (San Francisco - Las Vegas - Sturgis Bikeweek). In Central- America Frank plans 8000 km: Mexiko - Guatemala (25.11.2005) - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. Southamerica 12.000 km (Columbia - Equador - Chile - Uruguay - Brasilia)
The best: I wanted to find myself and making a new start in my life. And ??
The worst: ??
Earlier experiences: ???
13.05.2005 1st update
15.05.2005 2nd request for update
25.11.2005 Email from Guatemala
25.11.2005 Answer to Guatemala

(C) Fotos "Luna" in South-America 2006. B.T.: Beide "Süss".

09.05.2005 - 05.02.2007
Henriette aka "LUNA" Gstoehl (Austrian, born 24th.04.1976)
+ North-, Central-and South-America. Henriette aka LUNA is riding trip with her Royal Enfield Bullet 500es. The trip was planned an open end journey, but now her sister gave a great reason to return home - she is expecting her first baby in feb. 2007.
She started in New York and crossed at first the continent east-west and then she rode south. Relaxed and enjoying she explored in the Enfield speed country after country, culture after culture and let the different live style open her eyes and feel the world. All the repairs and maintenance she does herself (sometimes she gets an offer of prof. help)
She started in New York and crossed at first the continent east-west and then she went south. Relaxed and enjoying she explore d in the Enfield speed country after country, culture after culture and let the different live style open her eyes and feel the world. All the repairs and maintenance she did more or less herself (sometimes she gets an offer of prof. help)
Purpose of your travel: To live in the HERE and NOW and enjoy TO BE !!!
Route : Flew to North-America: New York/USA, bought the bike in Pennsylvania/USA. Rode the canadian side of the great lakes. Travelled the great Plaines /USA. Visited the world famous Sturgis and at the rocky mountains up north back to Canada. She was part of the biggest west canadian Harley Davidson meeting 2005 and won the trophy for the best metric tourer. Rode as far north as Jasper NP and then more or less only south.
Central-America: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica to Panama (06.2006 after nearly 30.000 km (= 18.500mls) she fixed her bike).

South-America: If you travel in style (good looking bike) you also need to cross the Darien Gap in style. After 2 month of searching for an opportunity, she finaly found a boat to go thru the panama canal to Maracaibo/Venezuela. Great riding in Brazil (Manaus) and with another boat to Porto Velho. Panatanal, Paraguay, Uruguay and the reached Buenos Aires where a big surprise have been waiting for her: Fotoshooting with the famous Poderosa from the movie 'the motorcycle diary' of El Che Guevara!!!! ('the motorcycle diary' is a movie which was popular in fall 2004 it tells the story of 'el che' and his friend which have been traveling in south america on a norton 500 from in 1951. It changed his mind and opend his eyes!)
: Meeting all those great and wonderful people, see the awesome nature and live it!!! Experience the beeing and riding with open end for a while!!
The worst: Will be to get really sick or injured!
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: If you have a dream - live it! For specific questions check out this web, have a look at her blog or write her a personal e-mail.
Earlier Experiences of bigger Motorcycle-Tours: Royal Enfield trip in the land of the Bullets - India/Western Ghats at the Tsunami time 2004. A few 1000 km in Thailand on a little Honda in 2001.
13.06.2006 1st information by "Luna"
21.12.2006 Last update
27.-29.04.2007 Visited the 29th. Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers and offered her slides-show.

march 2008 Luna rode solo in the Philippines
04.03.2008 1st request for her overview from this trip Philippines
29.05.2010 Next request for update the America-blog
29.05.2010 1st request for her Plan-blog Mongolia (see NEWS) in 2010.
30.05.2010 Die Konditormeisterin "Luna" ist inzwischen auch "Geschäftsführerin einer Konditorei geworden" und hat mit ihren Trüffel-Pralinen gerade letzten Monat internationale Preise gewonnen! Seit September 2009 unterrichtet sie an der Landesberufsschule für Konditoren.

01.06.2005 - 01.07.2006
Petra Dehmel (German. Born 28.03.1972) and Frank Oerke (German. Born 01.0719.66 / )
- Plan Transamericana.
Petra and Klaus plan to ride one year or bit more about km 55,000. At first they will ride with two persons on a BMW R 1150 GS. If it does NOT work they will change to two bikes.
Purpose of your travel: Meeting nice people, stay in the nature, have a good time.
Route: Flying to Canada (Vancouver) and starting to our trip on the pan-am. Going up to Alaska and down again to Canada, USA-West, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South-America (Panama, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina).
Book or publication (about your tour): .......
The best: ??
The worst: ??

Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Different tours all around Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic etc.)
03.03.2005 1st request for update
09.03.2005 Last update.


the ship "Stahlratte" transports the first motorcycle from Panama (San Blas) to Colombia (Cartagena). It was a dutch mc-traveller called "Paul"with his Moto Guzzi.
16.04.2013 "Ludwig " wrote me that they do not know how many years they will make this transports. Possibly 2-3 years.
There was another boat called "fritz the cat" which sank in 2012. Now ther is another new boat for the transport of motorcycles. The boat is not billed like a ferry.

Peter Gebhard ( ) ist mit Autos gefahren. Hielt einen Dia-Vortrag in Aachen.


01.04.2007 - 01.04.2008 (or longer)
Katharina Scharweber (German, 08.01.1974) and Stefan Kessler (German, 10.04.1969). Webiste is coming
- Plan Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. Katharina (Kawasaki KLE 500) and Stefan (HONDA XL600V TRANSALP) plan to travel one year or more.
Travel-Theme: child and hers housing
Route: From Europe we will ship the bikes to Southwest Alaska in North-America. By bikes to Canada, USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile.
Highlights: architecture, nature, people and live
Book or publication : In progress is a coffee-table book baout the route with the theme: child and hers housing.
Useful information’s and TIPS for others: Later
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: East Europe (Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian and back.
18.04.2006 1st summary by Katharina
18.04.2006 1st request for update.
21.04.2006 Participants of the 28th Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers.

Karen Rusch (German, 1960) und Goetz Stahlschmidt (German, 04.07.1960). No website
+ South-America (and North America): continuing part 1 (before see 05.12.2006 - 11.06.2007 )
With two BMW F 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz rode 2.500 km in 2 (yes: just two!) different countries.
Purpose of travel:
Extending temporary import of the bikes which we had left in Buenos Aires.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe . Maximum 10.000 km a trip. Goetz rode alone Berlin > Northcape > Lake Baikal > Berlin , 26.500 km, in 2003. Karen and Goetz rode together Berlin - Central Asia - Berlin , 25.000 km, in 2004 (Search in this website). Russia and Mongolia 2005, 17.500 km. A weel circle in Europe filling gaps (Moldovia) in 2006, 10.000 km, 18.500 km South America 2006/2007
Route : leaving Buenos Aires (BA) via Rio de la Plata to Uruguay, up the coast, heading NW crossing river Uruguay riding down back to BA crossing Riover Paraná
The best: this time just a broken racket frame. The thermal baths in NW Uruguay.
The worst: we had to go back within 3 weeks, sigh
Book or publication: none
29.02.2008 Last summary

20.05.2008 - 14.09.2008 Part 3
Karen Rusch (German, 1960) und Goetz Stahlschmidt (German, 1960). No website
+ South-America (and North America): With two BMW F 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz rode 15.000 km in eight different countries.
Purpose of travel:
continuing the tour
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe. Maximum 10.000 km a trip. Goetz rode alone Berlin > Northcape > Lake Baikal >Berlin, 26.500 km, in 2003. Karen and Goetz rode together Berlin - Central Asia - Berlin, 25.000 km, in 2004 (Search in this website). Russia and Mongolia 2005, 17.500 km. A wee circle in Europe filling gaps (Moldovia) in 2006, 10.000 km. 18.500 km South America 2006/2007. 2.500 km in SA November 2007.
Route : leaving Buenos Aires (BA) via Rio de la Plata to Montevideo, Uruguay, straight thru to Brasil, back to the coast up to Rio de Janeiro, back to Foz do Iguazu, crossing Paraguay, crossing NW Argentina via Andes to northern Chile, crossing into Bolivia to eastern flatlands, crossing Andes back westward to Lake Titicaca, into Peru, Cuzco, Nasca, Lima.
The best: Rio, Foz, Salar de Uyun.
The worst: dustroad Trinidad to Coroico, Bolivia (Karen). Two nights no sleep (Goetz) due to height sickness.
Book or publication: none
10.2008 First good summary.

06.11.2008 - 28.11.2008
Karen Rusch (German, 1960) und Stahlschmidt, Goetz (German, 1960). No website
+ South-America (and North America): With two 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz rode 2.500 km in two different countries.
Purpose of travel:
continuing the tour, fleeing from the harsh peruvian importation laws.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe. Maximum 10.000 km a trip.
Search in this website for Asia and South America. Some more 10 thousands k´s
Route : Lima to Quito via Cordillera Blanca
The best: new fuel pump for bike Goetz. It took us from Rio to Lima or some 12.000 km (YES!) to figure out the fault. No mecanic in SA was able to do so. Arriving in Quito and
The worst: we nearly lost one bike in Cordillera Blanca. Just bruises on the human side. Physically spoken. The psycological damage is still to be evaluated.
Book or publication: none.
12.2008 First good summary.

06.05.2009 – 24.08.2009
Karen Rusch (German, born 1960) und Goetz Stahlschmidt (German, born 1960). No website
+ South-America and North America: part 5
Karen and Goetz rode with two BMW F 650 GS Dakar 12.500 km in twelf different countries.
Purpose of travel:
Continueing our tour from south america to north america. No exact goals.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe. Maximum 10.000 km a trip. Search in this website for Asia and South America. Some more 10 thousands km´s
Route: South America (Quito, Ecuador - Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela) - North America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, to Houston, USA).
Special route-infos: Crossing the Darien Gap by road impossible: Sumpf-mud. Crossing with vintage sailboat Stahlratte Kolumbien > Panama mit einem Zweimastsegler mit Stahlrumpf aus dem Jahre 1903: Stahlratte ( ).
The best: Galapagos and Amazonia. Not too many probs with the bikes.
The worst: Karen´s eye infection made us return from Texas to Berlin.
Book or publication: none.
31.08.2009 First and updatet information

15.06.2010 – 16.08.2010
Karen Rusch (German, 1960) und  Stahlschmidt, Goetz (German, 1960). No website
+ (South-America) and North America: part 6
With two BMW F 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz rode about 17.000 km in USA and Canada.
Purpose of travel:
continuing the tour.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe. Maximum 10.000 km a trip in Europe.
Further trips in asia and the americas. Distances are getting longer. Have a look at this website
Route: Houston, USA, going up north via Colorado, Wyoming (Yellowstone Park) to Canada.
Sticking to the Rockies heading for Dawson Creek there entering Alaska Highway. In Whitehorse leaving AK highway entering
Klondike highway to Dawson City. Trip to Inuvik and back.
Had to backtrack down to Whitehorse again due to floodings of Top of the World highway.
Back on the Alaska highway further on to Fairbanks, Alaska .
Trip to Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay and back.
Down to Anchorage and Homer, doing the alaskan loop. On the way back possible to ride Top of the world highway
in Yukon territory towards Dawson City.
Going down the whole Klondike Highway to Skagway.
Ferry from Skagway, AK, USA, to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.
Reason: the western route down the rockies (Cassier Highway) was closed becoz of  forest fires.
So we could enjoy the "Inner Passage" thru the Islands  of SE Alaska, the so called panhandle of Alaska.
Stored the bikes in a Ski resort in east of Seattle, Washington, USA.
The best: Riding on. Few technical probs. Wildlife wild an live! Lots of light nthe north
The worst: little time this year in comparison to other years. Bikes are getting old (135.000 to 140.000 on the clock)
Has someone ever changed a hub because of being worn out?
Book or publication: none.

Karen Rusch und Götz Stahlschmidt auf ihrer Tour Alska-Feuerland in Etappen. 2011 in Beartooth Pass Wyoming, USA, Juli 2011.

29.06.2011 – 05.08.2011
Karen Rusch (German, 04.07.1960) und  Goetz Stahlschmidt (German, 1960). No website
+ (South-America) and North America: part 7. With two BMW F 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz rode about 9.000 km in USA and Canada.
Purpose of travel:
continuing the tour.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe. Further trips in asia and the americas. Total distance around 200.000 km
Route: Seattle USA, crossing the Rockies east, thru Idaho, Wyoming (Yellowstone Park) back to Montana  down to the Prairie. -> South Dakota (Little Big Horn, Black Hills,) Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan
Crossing St Lawrence into Ontario, Canada. Going to Quebec crossing St Lawrence again southbound to New Brunswick.
Stored the bikes in a barn Nova Scotia, Canada.
The best: Riding on. Few technical probs. Nice views. Figured out how to fix a hubJ
The worst: little time this year in comparison to other years.
Book or publication: none.
15.08.2011 Last summary.

06.07.2012 – 02.08.2012
Karen Rusch (German, 1960) und  Stahlschmidt, Goetz (German, 1960). No website
+ (South-America) and North America: part 8
With two BMW F 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz rode about 5.000 km in Canada.
Purpose of travel:
continuing the tour.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe. Further trips in asia and the americas. total distance around 200.000 km
Route: Gore, Nova Scotia, doing an eight loop on Nova Scotia to Northern Sidney, Ferry to New Foundland Port aux Basques, way up to L`anse aux Meadow looking for Vikings, east to Cape Spear, easternmost place in the Americas, back to Novia Scotia via Argentia
Stored the bikes in the same barn in Gore, Nova Scotia, Canada.
The best: Riding on. Nice views. Very nice people in New Foundland. Hope to be back next year to go for Labrador
The worst: even less time this year in comparison to other years.
Book or publication: none.
06.08.2012 Last summary

15.06.2010 – 15.08.2010 plan
Karen Rusch (German, 1960) und Goetz Stahlschmidt (German, 1960). No website Americas: part 6
- Tierra del Fuego to Alaska in steps. With two BMW F 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz will ride some 10.000 up to 15.000 in two different countries.
Purpose of travel:
continuing the tour.
Route: See part 1- part 5 in Tesch´s website under SouthAmerica. so far. North-America (Houston, USA, going up norh and getting somewhere)
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Together nearly all over Europe. Maximum 10.000 km a trip.
Search this website for Asia and South America. Some more 10 thousands km´s.
The best: riding on.
The worst: we´ll see.
Book or publication: none.
12.06.2010 First summary.
17.06.2010 1st answer: Please send the very best picture of you both with the motorcycles

28.06.2017- 25.09.2017
Rusch, Karen (German, 1960) und  Stahlschmidt, Goetz (German, 1960). No website
The Americas: part 12, the last lap
After leaving the Americas the trip becomes a trip around the world.
With two BMW F 650 GS Dakar Karen and Goetz rode about 4.000 km from Denver, USA to Los Angeles, USA
Purpose of travel: gotta get the Americas done.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:
Together nearly all over Europe. Further trips in Asia and the Americas. Total distance together meanwhile around 270.000 km.
Route in the USA:
We leave Denver for good, cross Yellowstone National Park third and last time before heading into Idaho, the High Plains. From there down across Nevada into California. Organizing a shipping from Los Angeles takes us ages. We change our route for shipping three times:From Tokyo, Japan,  to Darwin, Australia, to Sidney, Australia, and to Auckland, New Zealand. This is definitely a very long story… We hand the bikes over to the  logistic company in Los Angeles, USA,  July 17th 2017. And we picked them up in Auckland, New Zealand, September 11th 2017. Purple route is a trip with a Ford Mustang for some dayss.

We leave California for Hawai, our last state in the USA.
Pacific Route: After having realized the ship with our motorcycles will sort of never arrive within the estimated time we have to kill some time. We take it easy and start our island hopping. First step is Hawai, USA. Second island is Kiritimati, Kiribati.Third island is Viti Levu, FijiFourth island is Upolu, Samoa. Fifth Island is New Zealand, where we pick up the bikes 56 days after having them handed over in Los Angeles. We got  eight days left in New Zealand, do a short trip with the bikes, organize a storage and fly back to Berlin with a little stopover in Singapore

The best: No accidents. Pacific Islands.
Getting the idea: Where is Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia??
The worst: missing the bike for 8 weeks, we have to leave Samoa.
Book or publication: none.
02.02.2018: Information from Goetz by email.


Carola Möller in Süd-Amerika 2008
In Bolivia

Carola auf Ihrer großen Reise.

01.12.2007- ??.07?.2011
Carola Möller (German, born 17.03.1978) (website abgeschaltet, verkaufbar über Carola)
+ South-North-America. Carola rode solo with YAMAHA XT600. 13.02.2009: so far 35.000 kms. 17.06.2010: so far 65.000 kms.
First 3 months with Ralf Geister on a KTM 640.
Route: Europe (Bike by ship from Hamburg in Germany to Buenos Aires in Argentina by shipping-line Hamburg-Süd for € 800,00. Myself by plane from Hamburg to Buenos Aires) - South America (by motorcycle Argentina (B.A. - Ushuaia) - Chile - Brasil - Bolivia - Peru - Equador - Colombia). With a saleboat from Colombia (Cartagena) to North America (Panama - by motorcycle to Costa Rica. 11.11.2008. Having a break from travelling and living and working in Costa Rica as a waitress april 2009 - may 2009. May 2009- june 2009 little work experience in Jordan and july 2009- September 2009 back in good old Germany. September 2009 back to Costa Rica and back on the road up north. Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - Mexico - USA.
After 20 years and more than 20.000 km my little "Zebra" XT died in death valley in USA. So I decided to fly to Australia without the bike. Since march 2010 in Australia working and trying to to settle down on the other side of the world. Since july 2011 back in Germany working and planning the next trip. Short visit to middle east without the bike. The original plan to reach Alaska by motorcycle end of march was cancelled.
Purpose of travel: Explore other cultures, enough time for myelf.
The best: Meeting amazing people. Local people and traveller from all over the world.
The worst: nothing so far.
Info: Compared to my first travell 8 months through Africa it is quite easy to travel in Southamerica. Bordercrossings are easy, no "Carnet de Passage". And the landscape changes from jungle to desert and everything in between. Now in Centralamerica it is a bit more difficult to cross borders. More time, more money.
Important useful information for others: Dont plan your trip forever.... just start. Thats the hardest part. The rest you will figure out!
Earlier experiences: 5 weeks by mc to France/Spain (thats all) in 1999. South Africa 03.10.2000 - 28.05.2001.
31.07.2001: Carola wrote: I hope to meet you next to thank you in person, Bernd: Without the inspiration I got at your Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers I would never got the idea to travel through Africa. For this I want to take you in my arms again.
12.02.2009 1st summary
13.02.2009 1st request for Update
28.02.2009 Last update and foto.
17.06.2010 Next request for Update.
18.06.2010 Next update from Australia
02.11.2011 Next update and offer for a slides-show at the "53. Tesch-Travel-Treffen 20.04.-22.04.2012 in Malmedy"

Vulcano Cotopaxi. Ecuador. Copyright by Dirk Dahmer,

li > re: Karte mit Kreuzen (es soll noch eine besser Karte kommen). Die Fahrer (re: Dirk Dahmer). (C) Dirk Dahmer,

20.05.2008 - 26.09.2009 Auto-ReiseAlaska - Feuerland. 
Torsten Schmitz (born 03.05.1979) und Dirk Dahmer (Born 03.08.1971)
 + Alaska - Feuerland.  Panamericana im alten grünen VW Käfer. Von .
Dirk and Torsten drove from Alaska to Tierra de Fuego in a 1952 Beetle/ 52 000 km  free of accidents
Route: North America (USA (Seattle/Washington), Canada, Deadhorse/Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama - South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ushuaia, Buenos Aires/Argentina)
Purpose of Travel: To drive a very long trip in an old car.
The best: found a lot of friends.
The worst: Dirk: being away from my girlfriend Jasmin
Important useful informations for others: Don´t make plans, be spontaneous!
Book or publication (about your tour): Calendar, available:
Ealier other big travel-experiences: Torsten: living one year in Australia, Dirk: crossing Australia west to east by car.
02.2012 Erste info im internet gefunden.
23.02.2012 1st summary.
26.02.2012 Erbitte Foto als Datei.jpg . Du kannst den Dauerkalender gerne kostenfrei bei mir bewerben. Und eine Karte mit Route.
27.02.2012 Dirk: Eine Karte von der Route habe ich leider noch nicht fertig, aber das Logo unserer Reise macht ganz gut deutlich wo wir lang gefahren sind. Habe das Logo sowie die gewünschten Bilder in besserer Auflösung an diese email angehängt. Okay, gerne kannst Du die Bilder im Rahmen Deines Vortrages und auf deiner Internetseite nutzen, wenn du eine Urhebernennung sowie Verlinkung zu unserer Seite machst. Das wäre natürlich super, ich  würde mich sehr drüber freuen!
Vielleicht kannst Du ja auch die Peru-Aktion auf Deiner Seite verlinken? Das Programa Sociala Yanachaga ermöglicht Kindern und Jugendlichen den Zugang zu Bildung und Ausbildung, für Mädchen und Jungen, um ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zu führen. Schau mal


Alaska - Argentina (Feuerland). Willi rode solo
37.000 km in 7 months Alaska to Argentina with Yamaha XT660R and alu-boxes Tesch-Travel-Tasche 7.

27.07.2009 - 01.03.2010 so far
Hans Willi Wohn (German, birthday 1948)
Alaska - Argentina (Feuerland). Willi rode solo 37.000 km in 7 months with a motorcycle Yamaha XT660R from Alaska to Argentina.
I travelled solo from Montreal, Canada via Alaska and Ushuaia, Terra del Fuego, Argentinasolo to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Then he had an accident. Riding 120 km / hour the front fender brokea nd blocked the front whee. Willi flew over the bike.
Purpose of your travel: I 've never been in Latin America before. It was time to close that gap. In order to see the difference I began in Northern America.
Route: Canada - Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico via Baja California - Guatemala - San Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - (Brasil, without my motorbike) - Germany.
I brought my bike (Yami) by ship from Hamburg to Montreal and sent it back to Hamburg by ship too from Buenos Aires. I took an airplane from Frankfurt / Germany and Sao Paulo / Brasils respectively. Yami and me overcame the Darien gap by plane from Panama City to Bogota / Colombia.
Highlights: I wanted to get in contact to local people, to learn something about their life / mentality; I got it !
Montreal; an amazing city (many thanks to Rob and friends).
Transcanada Highway between Dawson Creek and Alaska - on enough speed is it like a roller coaster.
The inside passage between Skagway / Alaska and Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, Canada.
Alicia and Vicente in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico; a lovely, courtesy and impressiv couple; they've been my hosts for 2 weeks.
Palenque, Mexico and its Maya pyramides.
The hospitality of the Guiterez family in Ica / Peru after my accident.
Machu Picchu / Peru.
Uyuni and the salt flats at the Altiplano / Bolivia.
Glacier Pius XI / Chile
Iguazu Falls / Argentina and Brasil
The worst: I returned to Germany / Europe. My motorbike dropped me on the road at 120 km/h because the front fender broke and blocked the front wheel. It turned over the forewheel axle, well, flying is sometimes not the best.
Book or publication: Book? Perharps later, but why? If you are interested in more details first have a look at my blog >< (mostly written in german) or get in contact to me via website.
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: A lot, I guess.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Germany - Spain (Taragona) - Germany. Germany - Isle of Man - Wales - Scotland - Germany.
18.04.2010 Info: Dein Beitrag, Bernd, waren die robusten und reparierbaren Alutaschen, sowie der Tipp mit dem Schaffell als Sitzunterlage. Damit waren auch lange Tagestrips von mehr als 13 Stunden schmerzfrei zu bewältigen. Mein Hintern ist nun zart wie ein abgehangenes Steak. Vielen Dank! Liebe Grüsse an alle Teilnehmer des Treffens. Plant nicht zu lange / detailliert, es kommt eh anders! Macht einfach. Los, haut ab!

01.06.2009 - ??.06.2010 - not in a rush
Lutz Bekel (German, born 25th.02.1970) no website
- Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.
Lutz plans to ride solo from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego with his a BMW R 1150 GS. I'm guessing there will be some 50.000 kms more on the clock by the time I reach Ushuaia some day in 2010.
To be honest. I have no planing details. The only thing i can tell you is that i will ship my bike with "In Time" from Bremerhaven to Halifax. For me I found a very decent oneway flight with "Condor" to Halifax from Frankfurt for € 240,00.
Purpose of your travel: It's about time to do something different. Last time is ten years ago. I stopped dreaming and decided to do something (again).
Route : I will arrive in Halifax/Canada 1st of June 2009. From there heading west towards Winnipeg. No border hopping into USA. To save my ninety days. From there on slightly going north towards Yukon and Alaska. This time I might skip the Rocky Mountains. I did them on my last trip.
Highlights : Will be Baja California , The Andes, and of course Patagonia
The worst: I'm really nervous about how to get my bike for a decent price around the Darien Gap, beside i hardly speak spanish.
Book or publication (about your tour): sorry no publications
My useful informations and TIPS for others: If you might have the chance to do the Cabout Trail in Nova Scotia , do it anti clock wise. This way you are closer to the ocean.
My earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: 25.07.1999 - 20.08.2000 North America trip on a BMW F650. Started in Toronto, east towards Nova Scotia, down south to Key West, west to L.A. al the way up north to Alaska, back through the Rockies. Crossing the prairies towards Winnipeg, and on tp of those Great Lakes back to Toronto. 4.4038 km, three rear tyres, two front tyres, one flat tyre short before Whitehorse/Yukon, 3 Chains (one wasn't a x-ring)
14.04.2009 1 st summary
15.04.2009 1 st request for update
15.04.2009 Last update
09.09.2009 Jetzt website
17.06.2010 2nd request for update

12.01.2010 - 11.05.2010
Ingolf Fischer (German, born 1951)
- Plan Central- and South-America in many parts.Geplant ist eine Motorradreise mit einer Kawasaki KLR650 kreuz und quer durch
Mexico, eventuell noch durch Belize und Guatemala. Dann möcht ich das Motorrad dort für die nächste Reiseetappe stehen lassen, die von Oktober 2010 bis März 2011 durch die nächsten Länder Mittelamerikas Richtung Panama führen soll. Auf die Art möcht ich in den nächsten vier Jahren sukzessive ganz Südamerika unter die Räder nehmen. An den üblichen Reiseführer "Highlights" bin ich weniger interessiert und auch den üblichen Touristen- und Backpackerrouten möchte ich weitgehendst aus dem Weg gehen. Mich interessieren Land und Leute, d.h. Lebensumstände, Lebensart
und Kultur wesentlich mehr.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: 1972 mit vier Freunden in einem VW-Buss durch: Österreich, Yugoslawien, Griechenland, Türkei (Mittelmeerküste), Syrien, Libanon, Jordanien, Irak, Iran, Afghanistan, Iran (Kaspisches Meer), Türkei (Schwarzmeerküste), Bulgarien, Rumänien, Ungarn, Österreich. Dauer der Reise 6 Monate.
1974 mit einer Honda CB750 Four, Sozia und Campinggepäck über Österreich und Yugoslawien in die Türkei bis südlich von Kusadasi (Karine). Dauer: 1 Monat.
12.10.2009 1st summary

30.11.2013: "Swinde" Wiederhold arrived after 99 km up-and-downs and 9 hours solo cycling in the EIFEL-mountains in the dark in Hammer / EIFEL to visit Patricia Govers-Tesch and Bernd T. After 38.000 kms in the Americas she covered ca. 5000 km more from Portugal to Germany / Hammer. So in total she cycled 43.000 kms by her own within 3 years. Swinde will be home at 07th.12.2013 in Kaarst / Neuß. Everybody is welcome her. Do not forget a big present for her!! Fotos and design by B.T.

14.12.2010 + 3 years -07.12.2013
Swinde Wiederhold (German, born 05.02.1988)
+  Ushuaia-Alaska. Ex-police-woman Swinde travelled solo Ushuaia to Alaska by bicycle: 38.000 kms in 2,5 years. Touring-bike "Rotor" from Leipzig with 15 kg. Ca. 35 kg luggage. After 38.000 kms in the Americas she covered ca. 5000 km more from Portugal to Germany / Hammer. So in total she cycled 43.000 kms by her own within 3 years
Purpose of your travel: To learn about cultures, languages, to get a different view of the world. Not only by media!
Route: Argentina (Start 19.12.2010: Flight form Europe (Germany) to South America (Chile - Argentina (Ushuaia) - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia) - by ship with a private Katamaran to North America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras- El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Canada - Alaska (Prudoe Bay. Arrived: mid august 2013)).
Because she did not want to stopa "at once" she flew to Europe (Portugal - Spain - France - Luxembourg - Germany) and ccyled fromm Portugal to Germayn more tha 5.000 kms.
Highlights: Landscape: Peru and Bolivia. People: Mexico (Stayed 3,5 months). Nothing was stolen. No attacks.
The worst: Sometimes the traffic in some countries.
Book or publication: Canada and.... website. Facebook. Swinde wrote a diary.
My useful information and TIPS for others: Travel slow.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: By mc 3 weeks. No bicycle experience before.
16.04.2011 First informaton by her father Tillmann Wiederhold. He wrote: Meine Tochter Swinde kann ich allerdings nicht mitbringen, da sie gerade mit Ihrem Fahrrad den Pass des mit 6.962 m höchsten Berges Amerikas, des CERRO ACONCAGUA bei einer Passhöhe von ca 4.000 m befährt ( Christo Redentor Pass). Zurück sein wird sie etwa in 2 Jahren, wenn sie die Strecke vom südlichsten Punkt Amerikas, Ushuaia in Feuerland (Argentinien) bis Alaska bewältigt haben wird. Mit ihren gerade 23 Jahren wird sie dann die jüngste Frau sein, die alleine diese Strecke mit dem Fahrrad gefahren sein wird (rund 30.000 km).
29.04.2011 Tillmann will be a participant of the 53rd Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers.
12.11.2013 Erstes E-Mail von "Swinde-Tochter", sie in Kaarst beim Empfang zu besuchen.
12.11.2013 Erstes E-mail an "Swinde"-Tochter, sie möge sich einmal melden.
30.11.-01.12.2013 Personal visit in Hammer at Patricia and Bernd Tesch. I asked "Swinde" to offer a speach and foto-sho at 03rd.05.2014 i Malmedy at the 56th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen. INteresting is to know that "Swinde" originally wanted to travel by motorcycle. But because of lack of knowledge of motorcycle-technique and money she decided to travel solo by bicycle.



30.07.2011 - 30.06.2012
Doris Ziemek (German, may be 45).
+ Alaska-Feuerland. Doris road with two other persons in N-America and solo in South-America. 53.000 kms (by bike) in 11 months on a BMW F 650 GS from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.
Route: Alaska - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Belize Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama (
13. - 31.01.2012 - by ship "Stahlratte" to Colombia - Ecuador - Galapagaos Islands - Peru Chile - Bolivia - Chile (Pataginia) - Argentina (Mendoza) - Europe.
04.05.2013 Doris showed up unprebooked on the 55th. TTTreffen = mc-meeting for world-travellers in Malmedy / Belgium. I gave her a welcome and she stayed. It came out that she - a German teacher - road solo the Panamerikana by mc. I asked her to summarise her tour for this website. She did not know this site and possibly thought that she was the first doing the length. May be that is the reason not to summrise here her tour.
25.01.2014 - I tried several time
s to motivate Doris for a summary here. Still waiting.

Lisa Böhm auf "Testfahrt" mit HONDA Transalp XL600V alle Baujahre, TOURATECH-Träger und Tesch-Travel-Tasche 6 normal (Auspuffseite) und Tesch-Travel-Tasche 6 breiter (Nichtauspuffseite). (C) Foto Timo Kuhnke.

- Plan Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. The old plan was Central and South America. Now they want to extend the journey and travel Alaska-Tierra del Fuego possibly in 2011.
Lisa Böhm (German, born 04.04.1989, Paramedic. Hobbies: Softball, travelling,  mountains, skiing, philosophizing) and Timo Kuhnke (German, born 22.12.1975, Fire Fighter. Hobbies: except motorbiking- diving, hiking, volleyball, snowboarding, swimming)
- Central and S-America. Lisa (HONDA PD 06 Transalp 1996) and Timo (HONDA RD 07 1993) plan to ride through 15 countries in 6 months- beginning Mexico, Veracruz and ending in Argentina, Buenos Aires.
Purpose: Travel for travels sake.
Route: We will ship the bike from Europe (Germany, Bremerhaven) to Mexico -Mexico (Veracruz) - Belize (Turneffe Atoll?) - Guatemala (Tikal, Guatemala city, stay at a friend´s house) - El Salvador ??? - Honduras - Nicaragua (Corn island?) - Costa Rica (arrival would be perfect at Timo´s birthday) - Panama (going with ship Stahlratte? from San Blas, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia probably at 3rd Jan. until 6th Jan) - Colombia - Venezuela ??? - Ecuador (Quito AND Galapagos islands round about 2 weeks) - Peru (Lima, Cuzco, Macchu Picchu, Titicacalake) - Bolivia (La Paz, Sala de Uyuni) - Paraguay - Argentina (Buenos Aires) last 2 countries along the Parana river
Highlights: Galapagos
The worst: no more money, no more bikes, no more kidney...
My useful informations and TIPS for others: ask again after journey :)
My earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: None that big: 9 month in NZ as a backpacker. Timo has been in the Alps a few times and in Korsika by mc. And as a backpacker half of the world.
11.08.2011 Last summary personally here on personal recommendation. Asked for two fotos.
31.08.2011 Another request for two portrait-fotos and later the best foto with both on bikes "on route".
28.09.2011 Now they want to extend the tour and travel one year in total the whole length of both Americas. The tour was not done.
2013 Both started 5 weeks from Germany (Köln) to Africa nach Afrika gefahren. Route: France (Ardeche) - Spain (Gibraltar) - Morocco- Algeria (Sahara) and back. LIsa broke a bone in her leg. War ne richtig coole Tour!
02.2015 Lisa and Timo split up. And the tour did not happen although everyhing was prepared.
Anyhow they toured Morocco!


2013. Carmen and Michael in Boliva on saltsee Salar de Uyuni.

2013. Carmen Ruppach and Michael Skubowius in Argentina. Ushuaia. End of the Transamerica-Tour.

13.06.2012 - 13.01.2013
Carmen Ruppach (German) and Michael Skubowius (German, 04.03.1974)
+ Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. We rode from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego with two BMW F650 GS. Our total mileage was 52.000 km ( includes several visits to national parks and sight seeing and also driving from Vancouver where we shipped our bikes to Cooldfoot, Alaska ).
Purpose of our travel: Fun, adventure, meeting nice people and visiting a lot of nice places and riding our bikes
Route: Shipped the bikes via airline Air Belin for € 1495 each from Europe to North America (Vancouver, Vancouver - Alaska - (back to) Canada - USA ( Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California ) - Mexico ( Baja California, Mainland ) - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - shipping of bikes via "Stahlratte" to South America (Columbia - Columbia - Ecuador - Peru - Chile - Argentina - Chile - Ushuaia - back to Chile (Valparaiso) - shipped the bikes back to Europe (Germany).
Highlights: Beautiful landscape and 24hr daylight in Alaska, national parks in the USA, nice landscape in Guatemala and Columbia, nice off road driving in Ecuador, great food and wine in Argentina and the most important thing: Meeting very nice and helpful people everywhere.
The worst: Not much bad things, but maybe getting sick because of bad food in Baja California, Mexico. …and that I lost one of my panniers in Argentina (including a laptop!), but I have to admit that the pannier was broken before in a small accident. ( …and it was not a Tesch pannier ;-) Book or publication: Just our website.
My useful information and tips for others: We started with too many gear on our bikes ( less is more! ) and we underestimated the cost of maintenance and repairing the bikes.
My earlier experiences of big motorcycle tours: None, we did our license just in 2011 and just did one trip through parts of Europe ( Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia ) as a kind of test trip for the big panamericana trip.
2012 Visitor of the 54th. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers.
2012 Visitor of the 54th. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers.
23.03.2013 First summary.
23.03.2013 First request for update.
23.03.2013 First answer.
23.03.2013 Second request for better fotos and ??
24.03.2013 Request to Carmen for her solo-tour
24.03.2013 Carmen has a new blog: Carmen wanted to travel in the second part of her journey as a backpacker: Mein Plan fuer den zweiten Teil der Reise ist mit Bus, Bahn und was auch immer bis nach Catagena (Kolumbien) zurueck zu reisen, um die gesamte Reise mit einer Segeltour durch die Karibik ueber Jamaika und Kuba abzuschliessen. Soweit der Plan :-)

Kleines Foto: Frühstück auf dem Bonneville-Salzsee in Utah. Bild mit Regenbogen: Auf dem Dalton-Highway in Alaska Richtung Prudhoe Bay

Desert: Paracas-Nationalpark in Peru. Fotos Mathias Heerwagen (C).

05.06.2012 - 26.02.2013
Mathias Heerwagen (German, 02.05.1982)    Blog:
+ Alaska-Tierra Del Fuego. Panamericana / Pan-American-Highway from Alaska (Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay) to Argentina (Ushuaia). Mathias rode solo in 9 months, 55.000 km, 15 countries with a Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré Worldcrosser
Purpose of your travel: Because I always wanted to ride the Panamericana from Top to Bottom :-)
Route: Europe ( I shipped the bike from Frankfurt to Anchorage with with Yusen Logistics/FedEx for 1550 €) - North America (Alaska- Canada - USA (Lower 48) - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama) - I shipped the bike from Panama to South America with with Girag Air Cargo for 900 US-$ to (Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Argentina - Chile. I shipped the bike back from Santiago de Chile to Germany with Ultramar/Lufthansa for 1900 US$.
Highlights: National Parks in the United States. Diving in Mexico. Riding in Ecuador. Off-road-tracks in Peru...
The worst: Nothing really bad happened to me.
Book or publication:
My useful informations and TIPS for others: Don't plan too much in advance. Don't carry a lot of tools with you. Don't carry tires - you can get them in most bigger cities. Check the prices for air-cargo - sometimes it's even cheaper than sea-freight.
My earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: I did some tours in Europe – Croatia, France, Spain, but nothing really “big”.
04.2012 Besucher des Tesch-Travel-Treffens.
10.02.2013 Angekommen in Usuaia bat mir Mathias Heerwagen freundlicherweise einen Vortrag für das 55. TTTreffen 03.05.2013 an.
11.02.2013 Bitte um Zusammenfassung der Reise.
14.02.2013 Erste Zusammenfassung.
14.02.2013 Zweite Bitte um Update.
07.03.2013 Last summary.
29.01.2014 Bernd-Frage: War die km-Menge in der Zeit o.k. oder zu viel? Was würdest Du – nach Deiner Erfahrung – einem Nachfahrer raten für diese Zeit.  Mathias-Antwort: Ich bin mit Jochen Stümges auch in Kontakt. Meine gefahrenen 55.000 Kilometer waren in den neun Monaten gut machbar, weniger Zeit würde ich aber nicht empfehlen. Ich habe immer mal ein paar Tage oder eine Woche Pause gemacht - das passt schon. Im Schnitt waren es rund 200 bis 300 Kilometer am Tag, ab und zu auch mal viel mehr, wenn es denn sein musste oder eine langweilige Etappe anstand.
29.01.2014 Würde gerne eine Vortrag auf dem 56. TTT. in 2014 halten.
02.-04.05.2014 Mathias Heerwagen hält einen Vortrag
2014. Matthias hat ein Buch geschrieben. Um ein Beleg-EXemplar gebeten. DANKE!


"Atze" Alexander Eischeid. Foto (C)

??.06.2013 - ??.??.2014 + 22 Monate
"Atze" Alexander Eischeid (*10.10.1977 in Köln. Tischlermeister).
- Mit Vespa "Elsi" (39 years old. Form post-office in Spain. Zweitakt-Motorroller mit 7,5 PS, 125 Kubikzentimetern Hubraum und 80 Kilometern pro Stunde): 120 kg Campingausrüstung, Klamotten und Ersatzteile. 22 Monate PANAMERICANA. Alaska-Feuerland. 71.000km, 8 Kolben und 2 Zylinder.
Purpose: Die Reise zelebrieren, Menschen kennenlernen war Eischeids Hauptziel: „Nicht Kilometer machen.“. „Ich will zeigen, dass die Welt nicht nur aus Terroristen und Idioten besteht.“ Diese Botschaft verbreitet der Kölner Tischlermeister mittlerweile in einem frisch erschienenen Buch, über seinen Internet-Blog und bei seinen Vorträgen
The best: ?
The worst: ?

Earlier experiences: ??
Useful tips for others: ?

Info: Dabei ging nicht alles glatt, und nicht alle Menschen waren nett. In Guatemala wurde Eischeid gleich zwei Mal kurz hintereinander von bewaffneten Räubern überfallen. Er verlor Wertsachen, aber nicht sein Leben. Auch nicht, als er zwei Mal heftig stürzte, bei 45 Grad das Death Valley in den USA durchquerte und beim Zelten in Kanada Besuch von einem Grizzly-Bären bekam. - Acht Kolben, zwei Zylinder, drei Bremstrommeln, fünf Satz Reifen und sehr viel Pflege waren nötig, um die eigentlich robuste "Elsi" in all der Zeit am Laufen zu halten.
16.05.2017. Tobias Christ. Kölner Stadtanzeiger. Kleiner Artikel.
25.11.2017: Book in . 978-3785725948 EischeidAleander. Vesparikana.Von Alaska bis Feuerland. Bastei-Lübbe. Germany. 1st edition.TR.German.America-North. America-South.-Vespa.384.Softcover.16,00.Tesch.
20.07.2020: Next information by Jochen Barnack!
20.07.2020: 1st summary by BT.
20.07.2022: Anfrage bei Alexander zwecks Update dieser Zusammenfassung mit den drei Star-Fotos seiner Reise und einer map.
21.07.2020: 20 Uhr: PANAMERICANA.
Mit der Vespa von Alaska bis Feuerland.



Le: Rob and B.T. in 1998 at the 40th. TTTreffen. - Ri: In 2009 at 51. TTTreffen. Dafne de Jong on the stage.

25.12.2013 Our Christmas guests: Rob de Jong. Monika Neumann. B.T. Patricia Govers-Tesch. Dafne de Jong. Foto (C) Monika Neumann.

08.2013 - 12.2013: 103 Tage
Dafne and Rob de Dong (Dutch)
+ Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. An organised tour from the very well experienced RTW-travellers Dafne and Rob de Jong.
Diary will be here:
24.07.2013 The summary will come.
24.07.2013 The summary will come.
29.01.2014 The summary will come. At least they were our guests at Christmas 24.12.2013.


Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014


So, jetzt sind wir wieder in Deutschland, meine treue Lisl und ich! Die Reise ist beendet. Mit vielen Vorurteilen oder Erwartungen habe ich sie begonnen, daß fast immer alles anders ist oder kommt habe ich täglich gelernt! Zum Beispiel habe ich schrecklich viel von korrupten und falschen Beamten gehört und erwartet - empfangen haben mich immer alle Zöllner oder Polizisten sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und korrekt!

Hier mal eine Statistik zur gesamten Reise:
Von der Landung in Anchorage bis zum Rückflug in Buenos Aires haben die Lisl und ich 43.738 km zurückgelegt und dabei 4 Satz Reifen verbraucht.  Start war am 15.8.2013 und Rückkehr am 12.2.2014, das sind insgesamt 181 Tage. Den höchsten Punkt unserer Reise haben wir in Bolivien an der Grenze zu Chile mit 4625 m passiert. Der heißeste Ort war San Antonio in Argentinien am 29.Januar 2014 mit 44 Grad! Der kälteste lag am 4.Oktober 2013 in den Bergen der Bahija California zwischen Ensenada und San Felipe mit -3,5 Grad; vor der Bäckerei in Tolhuin (Patagonien) am 21.Januar 2014 waren es lediglich -0,1 Grad. Die Anzahl der Regen, bzw. Sonnentage habe ich nicht gezählt, also es waren sozusagen unzählige Regentage! Viel zu viele! Aber da ich die Regentage immer mehr in Erinnerung behalte als die schönen Tage, würde ich mal schätzen "halbe-halbe". Dunkelster Punkt der Reise war mit Sicherheit Buenaventura in Kolumbien. Dort waren die Einheimischen so schwarz, wie ich es noch nie gesehen hatte. Ich auch - mit meinem ruß- und staubverschmierten Gesicht. Und letztendlich gab es in der ganzen Stadt wegen Stromausfall kein Licht, ganz besonders nicht in meinem fensterlosen Zimmer.
Krankheiten oder Unfälle? Ich habe 2 ordentliche Erkältungen in Mexico und Bolivien erwischt. Den Mopedsturz in Mexico habe ich unbeschadet überstanden, dafür bin ich drei mal zu Fuß auf den Straßen in ein Loch gestolpert und habe mir die Knie aufgeschlagen. Zweimal habe ich mir gegen Ende der Reise noch den Kopf ordentlich angeschlagen. Ansonsten topfit!
Die teuerste Übernachtung hatte ich in Panama, als ich spät in der Nacht mit dem Abschleppwagen angekommen bin; dort habe ich nur noch ein Hotel für 82 $ gefunden. Wenn ich mich nicht verrechnet habe, hat mich die ganze Reise knapp 17.000 € gekostet. Da ist alles drin - auch Flug und Mopedtransport, Impfungen und Versicherungen, Sprit und Essen, Reparaturen, Abschleppen, Karibikkreuzfahrt.... Irgendwo scheint immer Geld hergekommen zu sein (brave Firma!), denn meine Ersparnisse mußte ich kaum angreifen.
Die Anzahl der Grenzübergänge habe ich irgendwann nicht mehr gezählt. Wenn ich nachrechne müßten es etwa 20 gewesen sein. Dabei haben wir 14 Länder besucht. Am längsten haben wir uns wohl in USA (32) bzw. Argentinien (31) Tage aufgehalten, wobei "gefühlt" Mexico am längsten gedauert hat.

Was waren die Highlights bzw. was ist mir besonders in Erinnerung geblieben?
Sicher Mexico. In Mexico ist viel passiert. Abgesehen vom kältesten und zweitheißesten Punkt meiner Reise war es bestimmt auch die naßeste Ecke! Dort ist meine arme Lisl sozusagen ertrunken. In Mexico sind die letzten Folgen (Schwindel) unseres Unfalls vom März endgültig verschwunden, dafür haben die langen Leiden der Regenfälle begonnen. In Mexico habe ich die schlimmsten Ängste ausgestanden als ich mich in den Bergen der Bahija verloren glaubte und die tiefste Verzweiflung erlebt, als die Lisl tagelang nicht mehr laufen wollte. Zum ersten Mal in meinem ganzen Leben habe ich dort Heimweh verspürt. Ich habe ernsthaft über einen Abbruch der Reise nachgedacht.
Fragt Ihr mich nach dem schönsten Erlebnis, dann kann ich nicht antworten. DAS schönste Erlebnis gibt es nicht. Es gibt so viele positive Erfahrungen.... Natürlich die wunderbare, abwechslungsreiche Landschaft, das Gefühl von Freiheit und Ungezwungenheit.
Insbesondere aber auch die Begegnung mit Menschen, die mich berührt haben, werde ich nie mehr vergessen! Der Abschied von ihnen hat mich immer Tränen gekostet. Manche von ihnen werde ich vielleicht nie wieder sehen, manche vielleicht schon sehr bald wieder treffen. Auf Anhieb fallen mir da ein: Peter & Almuth; Scott & Sandee; Amanda & Kobus; Roberto & Matteo. Aber auch andere neue Freunde oder Weggenossen haben mir viel gegeben - ich werde ihnen immer dankbar sein! Allgemein habe ich sehr viel Gastfreundschaft erfahren. Das kenne ich auch schon von vielen anderen Reisen.
Phantastisch habe ich auch Eure Unterstützung erlebt, als ich in größter Verzweiflung in Mexico aufgeben wollte. Ihr habt mich motiviert und mir wie es nur geht geholfen! Ihr habt zum Gelingen dieser Reise viel beigetragen! Es ist so wertvoll, diese Anteilnahme zu erfahren - eines der schönsten Erlebnisse!
Ganz besonders stolz war ich auf mich, als ich bei Sturm in der Karibik die Seekrankheit besiegt habe, die mir schon mein ganzes Leben lang zu schaffen macht. Vor dieser Überfahrt hatte ich am meisten Bammel - schon vor der Abreise von zu Hause. ICH wurde NICHT seekrank!!! Schönste Erlebnisse sind vor allem auch die vielen (kleinen) Siege, die uns unsere Abenteuer bestehen ließen. Die Siege über scheinbar unlösbare Probleme, egal ob Seekrankheit, technische Störungen, Irrwege oder schwierigste Straßenverhältnisse. Applaus dafür am Ende der Welt - für meine Lisl und mich! Das hat mich sehr berührt und stolz gemacht!

Mit einem fröhlichen "bin wieder zu Hause!" möchte ich diesen Blog nun schließen. Teilweise habe ich hier sehr persönliche Gedanken von mir preisgegeben. Ich hab das bewußt getan! Ich habe selbst erlebt, wie gut es tut, wenn man von Anderen hört, daß es ihnen ähnlich ergeht. Dieser Blog war ein geeigneter Weg für mich, von meinen Erlebnissen aber auch Gedanken und Gefühlen auf dieser Reise zu erzählen.
Ob diese Reise "etwas mit mir gemacht" hat (wie mir prophezeit wurde), weiß ich noch nicht. Dazu muß ich erst ein wenig Abstand gewinnen. Außerdem können Andere das sicher besser beurteilen. Ich habe lediglich bemerkt, daß ich mich zu Beginn der Reise viel mehr mit mir selbst auseinandergesetzt habe als gegen Ende.
Bitte entschuldigt die vielen Rechtschreibfehler. Einige sind sicher echte Fehler, die anderen kommen durch widrige Umstände zustande: schnelles Arbeiten um Strom zu sparen; Tageslicht auf dem Bildschirm macht das Lesen unmöglich; Dunkelheit - keine Tasten zu finden; Sitzen im Zelt mit Laptop auf den Knien; komisches Touchpad, das die Maus immer wieder versteckt. Ein großes Lob und vielen Dank an Euch alle, liebe Leser! Ihr habt wirklich jeden Tag fleißig gelesen! Auch wenn vielleicht nicht immer Interessantes oder Schönes drin stand. Meine Statistik sagt, daß der Blog im Schnitt jeden Tag mehr als 70 mal aufgerufen wurde! Alle Achtung!!! In harten Zeiten habt Ihr zu mir gehalten und mich unterstützt - in schönen Zeiten habt Ihr mich fröhlich begleitet. Es wäre ein schönes Andenken für mich, wenn jeder von Euch im Kommentar noch seinen Namen hinterlassen würde. Danke!

ich werde ziemlich sicher eine Diashow zusammenstellen und sie ein paarmal vorführen. Wer über Zeit und Ort informiert werden möchte, darf auch seine E-Mailadresse hinterlassen.

03.06.2014 - Ca. ??.12.2014
Robert Josephs
 (German, born 22.11.1953)  and Andy Neupert (German, Leipzig, born 14.05.1961)
Robert (with BMW R 1150 GS Adventure) and Andy (with ??) plan to ride togehther Alaska > Ushuaia > North Chile - Germany app. 40.000 kms.
Route: Europe (... by ship ? to ) North-America (Alaska (Dead Horse Prudhoe Bay) - 21.11.2014 an Usuhaia geplant.- El Bolson 38.500 km at 09.11.2014)

11.2014 Robert wrote me that he rides Alaska-Tierra del Fuego with Andy ??. He is short before  Ushuaia. He knows me since 1980s an is from Aachen.
07.11.2014 B.T. askes for his overview-blog in Tesch-form.

08.11.2014 Robby writes back that his laptop broke down. And he will offer me this in Germany.
09.11.2014 Bernd akes to give at least the first sentences as an overview.
09.11.2014 Moment: 38.500 km in ca 160 Tagen macht: 240 km / jeden Tag ohne Pause.
09.11.2014 Last summary by Robert


2012 und 2013. Claudia Nagler and Mirko Nagler. Preparation time. Their plan was to travel with two Africa Twins....

2014: SUZUKI spend two SUZUKI 1000. And TOURATECH moified them. First test-tour in Germany.

03.05.2014 – open ca. 12-15 Monate
Claudia Nagler (German, 03.03.1981) and Mirko Nagler (German, born 18.01.1977) or
- Plan East-North-Central- America and South-America: Claudia (Honda Africa Twin RD07) und Mirko (Honda Africa Twin RD07 ) plan to ride ca. 56.000km with two bikes in 12-15 Monaten.. In winter 2012/2013 both will built up the older bikes.
Purpose: Gemeinnütziger christlicher Hintergrund – Selbstfindung.
Info: They planned to ride with two Honda Africa Twin RD07. So they renewed the bikes building up them from the frame to the last screw. After the bikes were ready SUZUKI offered them two new bikes which will be build up by SUZUKI and TOURATECH.
Route: Europe (Germany) - by ship, by plane ? to North America (USA (New York) – Canada – USA (Alaska – USA Westküste - Mexico) - Central-America - South America (… – Feuerland – Brasilien).
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Book or publication: .......folgen in 2015-2016
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:...   in Europe
19.11.2012 First information.
18.12.2012 First request for update by tel.
18.12.2012 Second request for update with two portraits at least
24.01.2013 Third request for update.
29.01.2014 Fourth request for update.
29.01.2014 Neuer Starttermin: 03.05.2014. Wir bekommen zwei neue Motorräder gestiftet (Suzuki). Die neuen Motorräder werden von Suzuki und Touratech umgebaut. Unsere Africa Twins konnten wir verkaufen. Unsere Bikes gehen am 27.04 zum Transport.

2013: Jochen Stümges travelling in Spain (Andalusien) with HONDA Africa-Twin RD 07 and "Tesch-Travel-Tasche 6".

"Tesch-Travel-Tisch". Tisch mit den Deckeln der Alu-Boxen "Tesch-Travel-Tasche". Foto Jochen Stümges. Gepostet 2013 in facebook.

2014.09. Jochen Stümges (C). Umfaller mit Tesch-Travel-Taschen in Nord-Amerika. Taschen blieben heil!


18.05.2014 - 06.12.2014 (Geplant war: plus 10-11 months)
Jochen Stümges (German, born 1962) Person: 
+ Alaska-Feuerland (Ushuaia). Jochen rode 40.500 km solo Vancouver- Prudoe Bay- Ushuaia with a HONDA XRV 750 Africa Twin RD 07 (1994, 80.000 kms already). Jochen planned in 10-11 months, 55.000- 60.000 kms.
He will travel back 3.500 km to Villa Kunterbunt in Chile to send his bike back to Germany.
Preparation: Jochen prefers to take his old motorcycle because he knows it and rode so much already with this bike. "I know my bike pretty well by now, I can fix most of it if necessary and all wearing parts are replaced or better one´s have been installed, so it´s in top shape".
A legendary bike for a legendary route!
He has renewed: Öhlins Federbein. Straffere Federn für die Gabel vorne. Unterdruck Benzinpumpe von Mikuni. K&N Luftfilter. Sitzbank neu gepolstert. Motocross Fußrasten von MotoBau. Scheinwerfer Gitter. Große Werkzeugrolle vorne am Motorschutz. Ein paar Halterungen an den Alu- Boxen "Tesch-Travel-Taschen" für Ersatzkanister und sonstigen Kram. Zur Vorsicht neuer Lima- Regler von Motek. Heizpatronen in den Lenkerenden. Die Alu- Koffer sind von Bernd Tesch und die Halter von Touratech. Wasserdichter Tankrucksack von Enduristan. Ein GPS mit NAVI Funktion. Garmin Montana 600 für die Städte und kleine Pisten mit vibrationsentkoppelter Halterung von Touratech. Sonst wie immer Karten. Außer einer 12V Steckdose alles serienmäßig. Wartungstechnisch alles auf null: Federbein und Gabel überholt. Ventile eingestellt. Vergaser synchronisiert. Bremsen- Kupplung- Radlager- Lenkkopflager- Zündkerzen- Batterie- Vergaser Ansaugstutzen Dichtung, Auspuffkrümmerdichtung- Kette und Ritzel neu. Bereifung Conti TKC 80, sind zwar nicht die langlebigsten, aber dafür doch mit besseren Offroad Eigenschaften als die meisten anderen Reifen.
Purpose: To have an unforgettable time, ride through incredible landscapes, meet all kind of interesting people and most important, I just want to do it and want to have fun!
Route: By plane Europe > North America (Canada/ Vancouver) - by ship via Inside Passage to Prince Rupert - by motorcycle going north to USA/ Alaska - Anchorage - Deadhorse - Prudhoe Bay - (most northern point) – from here going south all the way: Canada – USA/ California – Mexico- Baja California- Belize- Guatemala- Honduras- Nicaragua- Costa Rica- Panama (crossing the Darin Gap either by ship or by plane)- to South America (Columbia- Ecuador- Peru- Bolivia- Argentina- Chile- Ushuaia (most southern point)- going up north again to Buenos Aires/ Argentina) - back by plane to Europe.
I only have a broadly defined route, since I want to decide spontaneously where to go. Being able to drift along- and stop and spend some time in the most beautiful spots, this is my idea behind this journey, but eventually I want to arrive in Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia latest in April 2015.
The worst: I don´t know yet, but I am shure, everything will work out just fine!
The best: A lot...., will see after the trip.
B.T.: Wie ich sehe, gibt es eine erhebliche zeitliche Abweichung von dem Plan. WAS war der Grund????
Kam es Dir mehr auf das reine Fahren an? Oder hat Dir N-A oder S-A nicht gefallen?? Keine netten Leute unterwegs getroffen?? Keine netten Damen?
J: Mir reicht oftmals die Landschaft beim Fahren zum Glücklichsein. Habe mich in eine Dame verliebt.
Nette Leute habe ich ohne Ende getroffen. Am besten gefallen hat mir Kanada, Alaska, Montana und Kalifornien.
B.T.: Zum Motorrad: Nach meiner Meinung warst Du viel zu grobstollig. Und damit auch wackeliger auf der Strasse.Würdest Du Erstatzreifen noch einmal mitschleppen? In N-A bekommt man doch alles!
J: Die TKC fahren sich sehr gut auf der Straße , haben nur den Nachteil, dass sie schnell abgefahren sind, um die 6.000 km. Hätte ich die Heidenau K60 Scout von vornherein drauf gehabt (montiert in Anchorage/ Alaska), hätte ich keinen Ersatz mitgenommen, da die rund 20.000 km halten. Ich war auf dem Dalton Highway in die Prudhoe Bay und auf manch anderer Piste in Alaska und Kanada froh, offroad taugliche Reifen drauf zu haben, ebenso in Bolivien, würde daher in Zukunft nur noch Heidenau K60 Scout fahren.
B.T.: Du hast hinten optisch schöne Flaschen an die TTT geschraubt. Würdest Du das noch einmal machen? Oder Gewicht reduzieren?
J: An linke TTT hinten Plastik-Kanister: Wasser zum Kochen. Rechte TTT hinten: Größere Flasche: Wasser zum Trinken oder Kochen. Rechte, kleinere Flasche war für Olivenöl gedacht, habe sie aber für Rotwein benutzt. Eine der rechten Flaschen würde ich weglassen, aber sonst alles wie gehabt, hat sich bei mir bewährt
Ersatz Benzin hatte ich vorne an den TTT: 2 x 1.5 Liter (Fuel Friend). Habe ich öfters gebraucht.
B.T.: Du hast offensichtlich das braune Schafsfell von mir mitgenommen und gebraucht. War das eine große Sitz- und Schlafhilfe?
J: Schaffell war top zum Sitzen beim Fahren und Schlafen! Würde ich auf jeden Fall wieder mitnehmen!!
B.T.: Wie oft draussen wild geschlafen?
J: Wild sind ja auch die Camp sites in Canada und Alaska. Richtig wild gecampt mangels anderer Möglichkeiten habe ich rund 15 mal. Dann war ich froh, ein vernünftiges Zelt in der Pampa zu haben. Das erste mal im Zelt bin ich am Strand in der Nähe von Vancouver übrigens von der Flut überrascht worden und fast weggeschwommen.
B.T.: Waren die TTT bis zum Schluss o.k? Verbesserungen vorzuschlagen?
J: Die TTT haben wirklich eine Menge mitgemacht. Wirklich böse Pisten in Alaska, Kanada und Bolivien. Haben 3 Umfaller überstanden. Habe die rechte TTT wieder ausgebeult bekommen in Ushuaia. In die linke TTT ist auf der Fähre von der Baja California aufs Festland in einem Sturm ein Auto mit Kette reingerutscht: habe daher unten ein paar Beulen und die Rückleuchte war hin. Bin mit den Boxen sehr zufrieden, sie sind ausgereift!
J: Motorrad: Ich hatte trotz 20 Jahre alter Africa Twin mit mittlerweile über 120.000 km nur 2 Pannen, welche ich aber selber beheben konnte.
1. Stecker (altes AT Problem) vom Lima Regler geschmolzen, ca. 2 Stunden Arbeit, habe die Kabel direkt verbunden. 2. Am Ortseingangsschild von Ushuaia leckte der rechte Kühler, habe ihn ausgebaut und hartlöten lassen, alles wieder o.k. Sonst außer normaler Wartung wie alle 13.000 km neues Öl + Filter, Zündkerzen, Ventile einstellen und vor kurzem den mitgebrachten Kettensatz verbaut keinerlei Probleme.  
Publication: +
Earlier mc-tours: More at home on the water so far, crossing the North Atlantic three times on a sailing boat from the USA and Caribbian Islands to Germany. Travelling in Europe, Morocco, Australia and USA with car or MC.
03.05.2013 Participant of the 55th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen = Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers 
28.01.2014 First Summary
29.01.2014 Request for update. 
Bernd Tesch-Tipp: ca. 9-10 Monate für 55.000 km bedeutet: 6.111 km bis 5.500 km / Monat. Bedeutet: 197 km – 177 km / Tag. Das ist zwar machbar, aber eigentlich viel zu viel. Die „goldene Regel“ ist 250 km / Tag. Aber nach einer Woche mindestens einen ganzen Tag frei. Aber über einen so langen Zeitraum braucht man viel mehr freie Tage zwischen drin! Sieh Dir mal auf meinen Alaska-Feuerland-Seiten (und es gibt noch welche NUR für Nord- und NUR für Süd-Amerika) die bisher „gebrauchten Zeiten“ an. Mindestens 1 Jahr wäre ratsam – auch unter Berücksichtigung der Wetterverhältnisse!
29.01.2014 Jochen: Was die Reisezeit angeht, ich müsste eigentlich bis spätestens März/ April des Folgejahres in Ushuaia ankommen, um noch vernünftiges Wetter zu haben, daher das Zeitkonzept, früher kann ich in Alaska auch nicht fahren, habe das schon ausgereizt mit dem 17.05.2014, allerdings hätte ich auch notfalls 11 Monate Zeit, wie es denn kommt......und notfalls haue ich mal einen Tag “fahren “ rein, um dann wieder entspannter zu reisen!
31.01.2014 Jochen ändert seine Zeit auf 11 Monate Fahrzeit.
09.12.2014 Last update from S-A.
12.05.2022; Jochen Stümges (60) showed up on his yearly visit in Europe, He owns three App. in Hawaii, Island .... Das besteht aus zwei Vulkan-Inseln.

2013. France. (B.T.: Very modern: First foto in Tesch-website (since 1998) with a mc-traveller with a camera on his helmet).

04.06.2014 - xx.xx.2015
Ulrike Hahnel (German, 1985) and Stephan Hahnel (German, 1979) and
- Plan Alaska-Feuerland. Ulrike and Stephan want to travel for about one year with two Yamaha XT660Z Teneres through North and South America. 
Purpose: Live the fun of motor riding, enjoy nature, learn about other cultures and meet interesting people, get inspired, learn about life from another point of view.
Route: We will travel on hard-surface roads and offroad. Europe (by ship ??, plane ? ) to North-America (USA (Alaska) - Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama) - by ?? to South-America (Columbia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina).
The worst: We have some sorrows about the current situation in Mexico.
The best: We are looking for great nature and landscape (which one was the best, we can only tell after our trip)
Publication:, there will be a radio interview with Dom Radio Köln
Earlier mc-tours: Cologne-Nizza (Route des Grandes Alpes)
Info: Für den Motorradtransport können wir leider noch keine definitiven Angaben machen, das neue Angebot kommt erst in den nächsten Tagen. Wir verschicken mit Yusen Logistics, zwei Maschinen in einer selbstgebauten Holzkiste, Kosten insg. ca 2.500€ Deutschland-Alaska.
Zum Thema Hilfsprojekt:
"Reise und tue Gutes", das Motto der Stiftung für Helfer haben wir uns zu Herzen genommen und wollen während unserer Reise ein paar soziale Projekte unterstützen.
Durch die Projekte werden hauptsächlich Kinder- und Jugendbildung unterstützt. Gesammelte Geldspenden wandeln wir mit den Projektverantwortlichen vor
Ort gemeinsam in Sachspenden um (beispielsweise durch Kauf von Schulbüchern, Schulmaterialien usw.). Die Stiftung betreibt eine Datenbank mit jenen Projekten, an denen man sich beteiligen kann. Wir werden auch versuchen neue Projekte zu gewinnen.
03.04.2014 First summary.
05.04.2014 First request to answer the ??
09.04.2014 Last summary
02.-04.05.2014 Partcipants of the Tesch-Travel-Treffen in Malmedy / Belgium

2014.10.29 WICHTIG!
Es gibt seit gestern wieder eine Fähre Panama - Kolumbien und zurück. Der Preis ab 100 USD ist konkurenzlos. Hier der Link


Mike and Alanna Clear (British)

+ Alaska-Usuhaia. A honey journey with an Ural-sidecar 20.000 miles.
Purpose: "Going the distance". Making a film about marriages as well.
.. decided to do things in reverse. So they spend their first three years together, testing their marriage to destruction! They bought a 1930s styled URAL motorcycle and sidecar, shipped it to Alaska and then set their sights on Ushuaia, 20,000 miles away in Argentina. Rather brilliantly, the stress kicked in well before they left because they had a secondary mission: to make a serious documentary about what it takes to hold a relationship together – a project they cleverly called ‘Going The Distance’. En route they interviewed hundreds of couples (which in Mormon Utah comprised of considerably more than two people) and asked them what it took to make a marriage ‘work’. The resulting film is one of the most original and remarkable films of the last decade. An odyssey in the truest sense but more than that, a film that has absolutely no competition.
Colour video, 85 mins.
2.02.2016 Shown on the
11.02.2015 Asked by facebook under MIke Clear feo conract and dates of start and arriving.

I hope you liked reeding this. I am just waiting for YOUR email helping me to update: A LIFELONG job with passion.

Bernd Tesch in Germany


2018. Wim Driessen.

??.11.2019 - plus one year...
Wim Driessen (Dutch, 27.09.1968)
- Ushuaia-Alaska.
Wim plans solo from Ushuaia to Alaska with Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere.
Purpose of your travel: Fun. Meeting the best girls worldwide.
Route: Bike will be shipped in a container from Hamburg to Valparaiso,​ Chile.
First travel south to Ushuaia. Then ride north, without plans, route or time. But wanna visit friends in Rio​ de Janeiro and Sucre, Bolivia.
Highlights: I hope a lot! But freedom and meeting people for sure!
The worst: I don't know yet...
Book or publication: not sure yet
My useful information and TIPS for others: website This is a non-profit organisation for worldwide camingplaces
My earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: non
B.T: Wim has been 8 times a participant of the "Tesch-Travel-Treffen" for Motorcycle-World-Travellers in Malmedy / Belgium. Here he got the inspiration for his travel-plan.

25.01.2019: First information by Wim. First request by BT.
26.01.2016: First summary
26.01.2019: First request for update.
27.01.2019: Last update


Conny and Matthes on the Tesch-Travel-Meeting 18.04.2009

09.07.2020 - ??. 07.2021
Conny (??.??.19??. German. Teacher) and Matthias Storms (??.??.19??. German. Carpenter master)
- Alaska-Ushuaia. We are planing to ride with two motobikes (YAMAHA XTZ 660) the Panamericana.
Purpose of travel: Sabbatical year
Route: By plane from Germany (Frankfurt) to USA (Anchorage), maybe to Deadhorse. Riding: North America (South-Canada-
USA- Mexico- Belize- Guatemala- Honduras- Nicaragua- Costa Rica- Panama. Then possibly (because of th climate) by plane to
South America (Chile (Valparaiso)- By motorcycles: Argentina- Ushuaia and back north. We don´t know now what will happen and which
countries we will pass. It would be nice to travel through Bolivia-Peru-Ecuador.- Probably we ride back to Chile and fly back to Germany. THe motorcycles will be send by ship from there:
The best: Info will come.
The Worst: Info will come.
Earlier experiences: ?? Tanzania> South Africa
Info: ?? We send the motorcyles by agency IN TIME from Germany to Chile


1984: Conny and Matthes met first time in Bernds shop and drank the first tea together.
1989-2019: Both have been 27 times on the motorcycle Meeting. Always helping there to organise, transport beer and food (Matthes) and grill on saturday evening. WE are very grateful for this.- They belong to our very best travel-friends!!!
10.03.2020: First request.
11.03.2020: First summary.
11.03.2020: Request for update.
20.07.2020: Because of the Corona-Virus the had to stop their dream-tour. They will start 23rd.07.2020 for 10 days in Germany. 11.08.2020 the start four weeks to Island. Probably the will travel in Australia.

Summaries in progress:

WHO can help with more information / contact?

??.??.2000 (Startjahr) - ??.??.20.. /Ankunftsdatum)
Carlo de Simine (German, born ?)

+ Alaska - Feuerland - New York. Hallo Bernd, nach ueber 60 000 Km von Feuerland nach Alaska bin ich nun in New York dem Ende meiner Reise angekommen. Meine 18 Jahre alte G/S hat nun ueber 283 000 Km auf dem Tacho und ist ohne Probleme durchmarschiert. Nun versuche ich mich um den Ruecktransport zu kuemmern und waere Dir dankbar, wenn Du Informationen ueber Luftfracht-Seetransport fuer mich haettest oder mir einige Tipps geben koenntest. Im voraus vielen Dank. Bye Carlo aus N.Y.
Purpose of the tour: ??
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful tips for others: ??
Earlier mc-tours: ??
Route: Staat hinter Staat -
28.08.2003 1st information
28.08.2003 1st request for update. Carlo has been 6 times since 1988 until 2001 on the TTTreffen.
21.09.2003 2nd request for update
19.03.2008 3rd request
09.11.2014 4th request to answer the ??- And to send the two best fotos of Carlo with the bike on the road. 
07.04.2016 5th request

??-.??.19.. - ??.??.19..
René Angelino Miragaia
Brasil - Alasca. Yokon a última Fronteira. Siehe Bücherbesprechung.
ANGELINO, René Miragaia

"Yukon. A última frontera"
  ca. US $ 26,90. Portugiesisch.
Brasilien - Alaska - Brasilien.
TR + TG. "Die letzte Grenze". Der Anwalt "Gaia", ist seit 40 Jahren Künstler und geborener Abenteurer. Er ist 2 Millionen km durch mehr als 60 Länder gefahren. René arbeitet und verwirklicht seine Abenteuerwünsche. Seine 5-monatige Reise führte von Brasilien über Mittel-Amerika bis Alaska (25.000 km) und teilweise auf anderen Strecken zurück (35.000 km). 69 Kapitel. 311 S. 36 übersichtliche Kartenskizzen. 20 Farb-Fotos. Softcover.
21 cm H x 14 cm.
21.09.2003 Another request for update.

2000 Luuk, ?? (England) http://www.??
Alaska - Tierra del Fuego with HONDA 650 XL.
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske. Met him 04.03.2000.
30.01.01 Send first email and asked for his block.
19.05.01 Send second email and asked for his block.

Mit dem Bike von Alaska nach Feuerland
28.520 Kilometer, die im Sattel zurückgelegt wurden, werden auf vielen Seiten in Wort und Bild dokumentiert.

Der Abenteuerreiter – Mit Pferden von Feuerland bis Alaska 
14. Januar 2016 um 19:00 Uhr
Mit einer traumhaften und unvergleichlichen XXL-Expedition zu Pferd durchquert Günter Wamser den amerikanischen Kontinent von Feuerland bis Alaska. Am Ende sind nicht nur die Menschen, sondern auch "Pebelde" und "Gaucho" " Wamsers Criollo-Hengste " zu Freunden geworden. Mit ihnen startet er vor sagenhaften 20 Jahren an der Südspitze Argentiniens und reitet Richtung Norden, im Herbst 2013 erreicht er nach 30.000 Kilometern im Sattel schließlich sein Ziel: Alaska! Im Schritttempo entdeckt der Abenteuerreiter die kargen Steppen Patagoniens, die Bergwelt der Anden, die Tropen Mittelamerikas, die mächtigen Berge der Rocky Mountains und schafft es bis hinauf in die Weiten Kanadas und Alaskas. In seiner neuen Live-Reportage erzählt Günter Wamser auf seine gewohnt bescheidene und liebenswürdige Art von der Idee seines großen Ritts, der Planung, dem Start an der rauen Küste Feuerlands und natürlich seinen Abenteuern bis zur Ankunft in Alaska

2016.04.30 First rinfo by facebook
Dear Karen and Dieter in ??, > from THanky you for your request! ! (Bernd Tesch) are one of the experts concerning this route by mc since it has been done first time in 1952.1954 by french scooters until today!I If you send me your email you will be informed much better about my website like with Have a nice weekend. Bernd

Copyright Bernd Tesch.Motorcycle-WORLD-Travel-Expert.  It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. This all is a part of the books in work "Süd-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = South-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-7 and "Nord-Amerika Motorrad-Reisen" = North-America Motorcycle-Travels. ISBN  3-9800099-4-9
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd TESCH. Grünentalstr. 31, D-52152 Simmerath-Hammer, Germany. Tel 0049(0)2473-938686. Fax: 02773-938678 email: website:

contact: copy please

First list with summaries in Internet about "Trans-America by Motorcycle".
I would be grateful if you could help to keep this update ! So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Pardon. Will be corrected and updated with more Travellers in future.
1970 Start of search of Trans America-Travellers.
1992-1994 More intensive search because of my book "Motorrad Abenteuer" in work by phone, fax and personal visits.
1995 - 1997 First tries to find and contact America-Motorcycle-Travellers by email.
1998 Start of my webside. Not knowing what will come out of it in future.
02.1998: A part of this information you found already under > > German or Engl. version > News. Now changed to:
28.05.2000: Start of this collection first time in internet under > > German or Engl. version > continents > Americas by motorcycle.
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Bernd Tesch in Germany 

??.??.2020 - ??.??.2020

Adam Shani (*1975. Israeli)
+ Adam finished a 6 months solo tour through North- and South-America with a BMW R 1200 GSW. 52.000 km.

Route: Started in Guatemala, then Up to dead horse Alaska, then to Inovik Yukon, South to Texas, East to Miami, and with a plane to Santiago Chile.South via the Carretera Austral to Ushuaia, and Up North to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. 52,000 km in total.The BMW was great, and did it with ease.

PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE in the SAME STYLE and format in English:

01.05.2011 - 27.1o.2013
Sven Müller (German)  your https://www.???
Sven rode solo South-America with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Or: Sven rode with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne)..
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:....
Book or publication (about your tour):... I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations. Bernd Tesch
Earlier experiences: ???
Add: If you like it would be very nice for the travellers who read this, if you can send already "on the road". And one portrait-foto of each person of the tour. Please do NOT send series of fotos of the tour.

Grösse von Süd-Amerika:
17.843.000 Quadratkilometern (Platz 4 bei der Rangliste der größten Kontinente: Asien, Afrika, Nord-Amerika, Süd-Amerika.
Bevölkerung von Süd-Amerika:
400 Millionen Menschen.

27.02.2020: First short summary.
27.02.2020: Request for update like exemaple "Müller"

09.07.2020 – 07.2021
Matthias and Conny Storms (German)
We are planing to ride with two motobikes (XTZ 660) the Panamericana
Purpose of travel: Sabbatical
Route: By plane from Frankfurt to Anchorage, maybe to Deadhorse and then going south-Canada-
USA-Mexico-Belize-Guatemala-Honduras-Nicaragua-Costa Rica-Panama. Then maybe by plane to
Valparaiso/Chile- Argentina-Ushuaia and back north. We don´t know now what will happen and which
countries we will pass. It would be nice to travel through Bolivia-Peru-Ecuador.



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