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South America:
  Here you find all Motorcycle-Travellers I know who rode in South America

North America:  Here you find all Motorcycle-Travellers I know who rode in North America

North- and South America:  Here you find all Motorcycle-Travellers I know who rode in both continents on one tour. AND all who made it from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego (Alaska - Feuerland) 

Iwish you a lot of fun !!
Bernd (Tesch)

If you are an America-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, websites and most important: best pictures.

PLEASE give me at first a complete view about YOUR TOUR like this EXAMPLE in the SAME STYLE and format in English:

01.10.1980 - 27.10.1982
YOUR Name with all details like this exampl Müller, Sven (German)   your http://www.???
Solo South-America with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Rode with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne)..
Purpose of travel: ??
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful information for others:....
Book or publication (about your tour):...

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1971 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. Please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of information.

Bernd Tesch

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