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Fr,14th. - So,16th.March.2008: "50th. Tesch-Survival-Training"

Fr,25th. - So,27th.April.2008:
30th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers"
Main additional subjects in 2008: Around-The-World
This is as well the
50st Tesch-Globetrotter-Meeting:
Until 1996 I organised as well 20 mixed Car- / Motorcycle Meetings

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Around-The-World by Motorcycle
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Rond de Wereld met de motor (Dutch)
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Autour du monde avec une moto Lune de Miel
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Kotambola ja Mokili Mo Bimba

Dookola swiata na motorze
Svetovni popotnik na motociklu
La Vuelta del Mundo al moto
Jorden rund pa motorcykel (Swedish)

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I would be grateful if you could help to keep this update ! So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Pardon. Will be corricated and updated with more Around-The-World-Travellers in future. If you find yourself inside or any lack of information please inform me! Bernd Tesch has been working in this field "Around The World" since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the World-Around-Travellers to get contact / information. Since 1985 fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). In 1999-2000 I visited famaous Mc-Travllers in Australia. In october 2000 I saw Alberto Granada, best mc-travel-friend of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in CUBA. Many of  Motorcycle Travellers Around-The-World have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. In 1998 there have been 20 within 300 participants. In 2000 11 of them. Nobody knows more World-Around-Travellers in person than Bernd Tesch. I own the largest archive of World-Around-Travellers: 10 file-boxes full packed (90 cm wide). To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-World-Around-Travels. All books about "Around-The-World" by motorcycle which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" = Motorcycle-Adventure-Tours (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages. If there is shown "Book:" under the traveller and you want to read / order this you can check if it is still available: >> >> German or English version >> Bestelliste or order. If you find this book there you can order it. I offer about 183 international available Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books for sale. Definitions "Around-The-World by motorcycle":

I have had many discussions what you can call a Motorcycle-Tour "Around-The-World". There does not exist only ONE definition. This defintion has changed many times by time since 1912 / 3, because the motorcycles who were availbale and the conditions of the known / unknown roads and their infrastructure with water / food / petrol. Some riders thing that you must have done it in ONE tour. Others thing that you must have been in each continent. American Jim Rogers things that you must have crossed each continent in one tour (covered 6 continents). Australian David McGonical visited all seven continents (including Antarctica) AND all time-tones with his motorcycle what he did in 1998 !
Ted Simon wrote me during his second RTW tour by mc: I would say that the ideal Round The World by motorcycle would require that the rider and the machine stay together for the whole journey, that the journey is made as one journey, and not as a series of trips, that the distance travelled overland by bike would be at least twice if not three times as long as the distance travelled by other means, that the rider and the bike must cross, at least once, every line of longitude or of latitude (depending on whether it's an east-west or north-south event) and finally that they, the rider and bike, end up at the same place where they started
Guinness Book for example would not recognize anything that was not one vehicle and one rider and one continuous trip Information by Jim Rogers).
Bernd Tesch thinks that we all should be very tolerant to each other: The earliest Motorcycle-Travellers had quite different conditions like Clancy in 1912 -13. And although British Martyn Swain rode 4,5 years "in the world" he did not make it in total missing an easy last part. But I think the minimum definition is that "the person and the bike/s of this person must have both gone around-the-world". I even think it is interesting to know who planned to ride Around-The-World, and started but did not finish it for different reasons... If you are a World-Around-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

YOUR summary:PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE-BLOG in THIS STYLE in English: Just copy this block below and overwrite it then with your name and all the details of your tour (done or planned):

01.10.2005 - 27.11.2006
Müller, Sven (German, born-date??)  and Susan Smith (British, born-date??) your http://www.???
Around-The-World. Solo Around-The-World with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Sven rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL. Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
Purpose of travel: ...??
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...
Earlier motorcyle-travel-experiences:....

Organisation by Bernd (Tesch):
April 2003: "25th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels". To my anniversary I invite all Motorcycle-World-Around-Travellers wordlwide already since 1999. Would be wonderful to see you if you are one ! If you are a Mc-WA-Traveller and promise to come it will be marked here in internet under your name ! TRY hard to be there in Germany / Belgium.

April 2008: "30th Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" with main subject "World-AROUND-Travels".

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me since 1970 worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this high level. This internet-list had to be done in many days but too quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the information and a lot in my language.
At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of information in internet or literature.Bernd Tesch

Facts and philosophical thoughts of the world
28th.05.2001 send as a copy to me by my GLOBETROTTER-Friend Christa and Heinz Jansen from Bangkok: Wenn wir die ganze Menschheit auf ein Dorf von 100 Einwohner reduzieren würden, aber auf die Proportionen aller bestehenden Völker achten würden, wäre dieses Dorf so zusammengestellt:
If you would reduce the whole inhabitants of the world to one village of 100 people, but would take the proportions of the peolpe of the world, this village would have this inhabitants:

57 Asiaten (Asians
21 Europäer (Europens)
14 Amerikaner (Americans Nord and South)
  8 Afrikaner (Africans)
52 wären Frauen (Women)
48 wären Männer (Men)
70 Nicht-Weiße (Non-Whites)
30 Weiße (Whites)
70 nicht Christen (Not Christians)
30 Christen (Christians)
89 heterosexuelle
11 homosexuelle
  6 Personen würden 59% des gesamten Weltreichtums besitzen und alle 6 Personen kämen aus den USA. 6 persons (=Americans) would own 59 % of the wealthy of the whole world
80 hätten keine ausreichenden Wohnverhältnisse (do not have enough space to live)
70 wären Analphabeten (cannot read and write)
50 wären unterernährt (do not have enough food)
  1 würde sterben (would die)
  2 würden geboren (would be born)
  1 hätte einen PC (owns a PC)
  1 (nur einer) hätte einen akademischen Abschluss (only one has an academic study finished). Wenn man die Welt aus dieser Sicht betrachtet, wird jedem klar, dass das Bedürfnis nach Zusammengehörigkeit, Verständnis, Akzeptanz und Bildung notwendig ist. Denkt auch darüber nach.

   Falls Du heute Morgen gesund und nicht krank aufgewacht bist, bist Du glücklicher als 1 Million Menschen, welche die nächste Woche nicht erleben werden.
   Falls Du nie einen Kampf des Krieges erlebt hast, nie die Einsamkeit durch Gefangenschaft, die Agonie des Gequälten, oder Hunger gespürt hast, dann bist Du glücklicher als 500 Millionen Menschen der Welt.
   Falls Du in die Kirche gehen kannst, ohne die Angst, dass Dir gedroht wird, dass man Dich verhaftet oder Dich umbringt, bist Du glücklicher als 3 Milliarden Menschen der Welt.
   Falls sich in Deinem Kühlschrank Essen befindet, Du angezogen bist, ein Dach über dem Kopf hast und ein Bett zum hinlegen, bist Du reicher als 75% der Einwohner dieser Welt.
   Falls Du ein Konto bei der Bank hast, etwas Geld im Portemonnaie und etwas Kleingeld in einer kleinen Schachtel, gehörst Du zu 8% der wohlhabenden Menschen auf dieser Welt.
   Falls Du diese Nachricht liest, bist Du doppelt gesegnet worden, denn 1. Jemand hat an Dich gedacht und 2. Du gehörst nicht zu den 2 Milliarden Menschen die nicht lesen können. Und... Du hast einen PC!

Einer hat irgendwann mal gesagt: Liebt, als hätte euch noch nie jemand verletzt. Tanzt, als würde niemand zuschauen. Singt, als würde keiner zuhören. Lebt, als wäre das Paradies auf der Erde.
Dies ist die internationale Woche der Freundschaft. Kopiere diesen Text und schicke ihn als Mail an alle, die Du Freunde nennst. Wenn Du sie nicht weiter schickst, wird nichts passieren. Wenn Du sie weiter schickst wirst Du von jemandem ein Lächeln erwerben.

Alles Gute in der Freundschaftswoche

How many countries does the World have?
To answer this question exactly is difficult because this changes many times in the earlier years. I never could read a publication about this. Have you seen one?
Emilio Scotto informed me: The 172 countries that were in the world in 1985 now in 1998 are 215.
1998: Peter Forwood informed me that there are 247 countries in 3 categories in the world according to Rand McNally atlas. There are 191 totally independent countries at all.
2001: The German leading book "Fischer Alamach 2001" says: 193 countries
26.02.2002 This information came kindly by Emil and Liliana Schmid: Die UNO ( hat 189 unabhängige Länder als Mitglieder; hinzukommen die Nichtmitglieder: Schweiz (!), Taiwan und der Vatikan, das macht ein Total von 192 Länder. Die Guinness Publishing rechnet mit gleich vielen und zählt noch 65 unabhängige Territorien dazu, macht ein Gesamttotal von 257. Der Fischer Weltalmanach hält sich sonst auch an die obige Regelung, mit Ausnahme, dass er die West-Sahara als unabhängiges Land markiert - was sie aber nicht ist, weil sie von Marokko besetzt wird.
11.11.2006: Peter Forwood: There are 19 of the 193 countries that make up the world where the motorcycle of Kay and Peter Forwood has not been ridden by the travellers.

Guinness führt die West-Sahara unter den anderen 65 auf, was logischer erscheint. Zuzüglich zur UNO-Mitgliederliste gibt die UN noch eine Länderliste ( heraus, die insgesamt 231 Namen aufführt, also neben den 192 unabhängigen noch 39 abhängige Länder (siehe beiliegende Excel-Liste <UNO-Länder>).
Gemäss BBC ( wird East Timor am 20.05.2002 unabhängig, sodass die eine Zahl auf 193 und die andere auf 64 wechseln wird (das Gesamttotal von 257 bleibt vorderhand konstant)

Es gibt noch eine andere Liste von einem amerikanischen „Traveler-Club“ (, welche 314 Länder aufführt. Generell kann man sagen, dass sowohl Guinness wie auch Fischer mehr oder weniger bei der Länderdefinition schauen, ob die Bewohner eigene Pässe haben, und vielfach spielt auch eigenes Geld dabei eine Rolle (Pässe typisch: Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man). Der Club nimmt hingegen noch Inselgruppen dazu, die eigentlich in den unabhängigen Ländern integriert sind, d.h. weder eigene Pässe noch eigenes Geld haben (typisch: Kanarische Inseln, Madeira, Azoren). Ich füge beiliegend in einer Excel-Tabelle „Länder“ die Guinness-Liste an, wobei die Farbenmarkierung (=Kontinente) meine „Kreation“ ist (die Abkürzungen gemäss ISO 3166 entsprechen den heutigen „Internet“- Abkürzungen, welche 239 verschiedene Länder aufführt (= - siehe auch angefügte Liste <Country names ISO3166-1> in htm. In einer weiteren Doc-Liste <Travelerscenturyclub> befinden sich die Ländernamen des Clubs.

23.10.2003 Aussenminister Fischer (der müßte es eigentlich wissen !!) sprach im TV von 190 Staaten
19.03.2005 Peter Forwood informed me: United Nations recognised countries: currently 191 countries

How many people does the World have?

2001 about 1,2 billion (Milliarden) in the industrial countries
2001 about 4,9 billion (Milliarden) in the not industrial countries
2001 about 6,1 billion (Milliarden) in the world
2050 about 1,2 billion (Milliarden) in the industrial countries (UN supposes this)
2050 about 8,2 billion (Milliarden) in the not industrial countries (UN supposes this)
2050 about 9,4 billion (Milliarden) in the world (UN supposes this)

Around-The-World by Motorcycle
(Summarises by year of start) Plan or experience? You can talk with 300 high experienced Motorcycle-Travellers who rode all continents so far :
How to move by power ?
The idea to move with power of others is very old. In the earliest times peolpe used drafts or boats on the water. Next step possibly was to move by a sledge (= Schlitten) on ice. In the forest then people found out to use a tree on the earth to transport heavy things by rolling the trees. Later came the wheel out of it and finally the waggon. Carried by oxes and horses later. But how to use power of machines for move and transport?

The Greek word "automobil" means ("Autos" = selbst = self. "Mobil" = Bewegen = to move) that the thing moves by itself. The question was only how? So people tried many ways: Vehicles moved by power of mills (= Windmühlenantrieb, 1760) or power of clocks (= Uhrwerksantrieb (1870 ?). Vehicles moved by feathers (= Federn), who where wind up and gave power back. People used steam (= Dampf) or gunpowder (= Wasserstoffgas (Schießpulver)) to move.

10-20 billion (= Millarden) years ago
The universe started to exist somehow by exploding a black hole in which all the energy is contrated.. 10-4.5 billion years ago
The Sun and Earth were created. The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun.
There is and was always huge move in the universe. Possibly out of movement there was a change of gravity and magnetisme in the universe. This caused that parts where pressed on each other and then dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the gravity of the biggest part which is the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circel around the sun. This growing took about 1 million years. All of the men / women who have been in satelits speak about the "blue planet earth" because about 70 % of the earth is water. Experts say :"Blue is the desert colour of the sea". The sun is about 150 mio kms away from the earth. But the every moment changing sun influences the earth each moment by sending parts and energy to it.
Since this time the earth gives his inner heat from the middle (5-6000 °C) to the outside.
The next neighbour galaxie of the sun is the galaxie of andromeda-Nebel. The distance is 2 billion light years. 1 light second is 386.000 kms.

4 billion years ago
Oxygen (Sauerstoff = O) did not exist. Oxygen came out of plants (= Stromatoliten) as a waste. Oxygen went up in the air and protected the earth against harmful Ozon.
There was always the element h (Wasserstoff) in the air. Qygen and Wasserstoff connected to H2O which fall down on earth as water. This is the reason that now 2 / 3 auf the earth is full of water.

1-3 billion ye THere was always enough ars ago
First signs of life on the earth.  After the earth got colder the first cells grew in microbe "Archeos"  (= das Ursprüngliche, the basic). If this cells came by meteroits from other planets or developed on earth is not proved. Identical one-cells developed to more-cells. These animals specialised later into animals with head and tail and eyes. The gene organises everything of the specialisation from inside. 550 mio years ago
The number of animals in the sea exploded.

400 mio years ago
Plants concered at first the earth. Before there was only life in the sea.

370 mio years ago
Out of fishes the first Amphibien developed by getting legs. They discovered the mud-land.

320 mio years ago
Insects became wings.Today insects represent 50 % of the animals. Most are still ants.

200-170 mio years ago
The One-Piece-Continent Pangea (surrounded by the ocean called Panthalassa) on earth so far separated in two big blocks. The northern part was called Laurasis and included N-America, Europe, Asia, North Pole. The southern part was called Gondwana and included Africa, South America, India, Anarctica and Australia.

65 Millionen Jahre: Nordamerika und Eurasien hängen noch zusammen, triften aber an den heutigen Alpen auseinander.
Südamerika trennt sich von Afrika.
Die Antarktis ist zum größten Teil an ihrer heutigen Position doch Australien hängt noch an ihr.
Indien hat sich von Afrika gelöst und bewegt sich auf Eurasien zu.)
Theorie: In insgesamt 500 Millionen Jahren könnte sich der Großteil der Landmasse unserer Erde aufgrund von Kontinentaldrifte wieder zum Superkontinent "Pangea Ultima" zusammenschieben

150 mio years ago
The first animals discovered the land (carbs = Pfeilschwanzkrebse). The big Dinosaurier developed.

142 mio years ago
South America seperated from Africa and drove to the West

65 mio years ago
Today the experts suppose that there was cosmic desaster / catastrophe. An asteroid killed all Dinosaurier. The Dinosaurier have been in some continents.
From the southern part on earth called Gondwanaland Africa and India separated.

65 mio years ago
The first "Primaten" developed: Animals like a "Eichhörnchen" living on trees..

7 mio years ago
Oldest "Hominid" found in Tchad. This is an ape liek a human being. Out of this the homo sapiens developed somehow.

4 - 2,5 mio years ago
The human being "homo sapiens" like today develepoed out of the "Homonoden" like "apes" Australopithecus afarensis and Australopithecus africanus

2.000.000 years ago
The first human beings in East Africa started to move to other places. The "homo sapiens" started to exist in Africa.

150-100.000 years ago
People in East Africa were hunters and could handle the fire. This allowed them to move from East Africa North to North Africa, Europe and from Europe in all directions including Asia.

30.000 years ago
The "homo sapiens" existed in France.

13.000 years ago
In North-West-India between the rivers Indus and Sarawah a civilisation started. They had houses with three floors and flewing water in 8.000. This civilisation stopped about 1.500 before Christ for unknown reasons. Possibly a change of the climate was the reason. This was long before the Egypt civilisation.
Later the IndogermanpPeople came from the north and the inhabitants went south.

700 before Chr.
? Around-The-World by ship first time? There does not exist any original chronic of Phönizian people. Only copies written by Greek. The Greek philosoph and historian Homer reports that the Phönizian circled the world already with their ships and reached America. Historian say that the Portugiese Vasco da Gama already studied this information in 1498 before he shipped to India.

20.09.1519 - 07.09.1522
Magellan (= Magalhaes, Fernando de) (Portuguese)
+ Around-The-World by ship first time. Im Auftrage des spanischen Königs Karl I verließ Magellan Spanien mit fünf Schiffen. Er wollte die von Portugal besetzten Molukken (Gewürzinseln) für Spanien zurückholen. Deshalb wollte er diese auf einem neuen Seeweg westlich um die Erde erreichen. Maggelan und dann Elcano umsegelten als erste die Erde.Von fünf Schiffen kam eines zurück, von 237 Mann Besatzung nur 18. Die Gewürze reichten, um die gesamte Fahrt zu finanzieren. Die Fahrt erweiterte gewaltig das Wissen um das  Erdbild, seine Entfernungen und bewies die kugelige Gestalt der Erde.
Route: Spanien (Sanlúcar) - 12.1519 an Rio de Janeiro - ab 10.01.1519 versuchte er vergeblich über die Flußmündung La Plata Amerika zu durchqueren - den Winter verbringt er in der Bucht von San Julián in Patagonien, wo er eine Meuterei niederschlagen muß - bei der Weiterfahrt umsegelt er beim "Kap de las Virgines" in 21 Tagen die etwa 600 km gefährliche Felseninselnstraße, die SAmerka von Feuerland trennt. Sie wurde später nach ihm "Magellan-Straße" genannt -  am 28.11.1520 segelt er in das große Meer ein. Er nannte es den "Stillen Ozean", da er in drei Monaten und 20 Tagen Seegelzeit keinen Sturm erlebte - am 06.03.1521 erreichten er die Ladronen (Diebsinseln, heutige Marianen) - 16.03.1521 an Lazarusinseln (Philippinen) - Magallan versuchte mit Gewalt das Christentum einzuführen, aber Magellan wurde bei einem Kampf am 27.04.1521 auf der philippinischen Insel Matan getötet.  - Unter dem Kommando von Sebastian de Elcano erreichten die beiden verbliebenen Schiffe über Nordborneo (Nordkalimantan) die Maluku (Molucken). Obwohl die Insel von Portugiesen besetzt waren, konnten sie die erwünschten Gewürze tauschen.  Mit nur noch einem seetüchtigen Schiff  "Victoria" traten sie die Heimfahrt an, indem sie die von Portugiesen benutzen Seewege meideten. - Kap der Guten Hoffnung - Kapverden - Spanien (Sanlucar).
B.T.: Maggelan and Elcano were the first humans who circled the world by ship.

Drake, Francis (British)
+ Around-The-World by ship. First British RTW - tour by ship. Francis started with 5 ships in Plymyth, sailed to the Southern Tip of South America, maid it secretly to pass the islands of  Tierra del Fuego, but lost 4 of his ships.

Torres, Luis Vaez de (Portugese)
? + Around-The-World by ship. Der Seefahrer Luis Vaez de Torres (geborener Portugiese) entdeckte im Auftrage Spaniens den bis dahin südlichsten Seeweg um die Erde, indem er von Spanien und Peru immer nach Westen um die Welt segelte. Er reiste im Auftrage der Spanier zu den heißbegehrten Molucken, den Gewürzinseln, dem damaligen Reichtum. Dabei fand er die nach ihm benannte Torres-Straße zwischen Neuguinea und „terra australis incognita". Torres hatte damit zugleich bewiesen, daß Neu-Guinea eine Insel ist und dadrunter noch weiteres Land liegt. Es ist unklar, aber wahrscheinlich, daß er das Land im Süden gesehen hat. Betreten hat er es wohl nicht. Solche neuen Wege und Entdeckunden wurden damals geheim gehalten.
20.07.2002 I did NOT check so far if he really circled the world by ship.

Dampier, William R.N.
Der Brite William Dampier R.N. veröffentlichte „A new Voyage around the World" und „Voyage to New Holland". Er entdeckte hierbei „New Britain". Er landete und zeichnete Nähe Shark Bay.

1800 - 1900
Verne, Jules (French)
Around-The-World vision. The very well known French writer Jules wrote the phantastic novel (Roman) in which Phileas Fogg won the bed to circle the world in 80 days. This novel became very famous and was translated in many languages. The journey was the expression of dreams of people of that time "to circle the world" after the British finished a railway in India:
B.T. 22.07.2000 This is the first famous book about "Around the world" as a vision.

At first there was a bicycle with a big front wheel and a small rear wheel to wich a trailer was attachted. I have seen seen an example of this in the "Museo Internationale del SUDECAR" in Cingoli, Italy. Then an American had a pantent: He fit a sidcar to a bicycle with a big front wheel and a small rear wheel.
07.09.01 1st information by Costantino Frontanili.

1884 - 1886
Stevens, Thomas (American, 1854 - 1935)
+ Around-The-World by bicycle. 20.000 Meilen mit dem Hochrad Zweirad um die Welt. Von San Francisco nach Teheran. Erste Weltumrundung auf einem Fahrzeug = Fahrrad. Thomas hatte bereits ca. 1885  8000 miles gefahren, der längste Fahrrad-Trip bisher. 1886 will er es ausdehnen bis er die Welt umrundet hat. Von San Francisco radelt er bis Boston 3700 miles mit einem Fahrrad. Dieses ist die erste Durchquerung Amerikas mit einem Fahrzeug.
Da Thomas die Idee einer Weltumrundung hatte, wurde er als Korrespondent bezahlt. Karl Kron hat 8 Monate mit Thomas Stevens in N.Y. während dessen Aufenthalt dort gesprochen. Die offizielle railroad von S.F. nach N.Y. war damals 3416 miles. Steven schätzt, daß seine Entfernung ca. 200 km länger war. Während dieser Strecke war Stevens gezwungen sein Hochrad 1/2 bis 1/3 des Weges zu schieben.
Book: 1888. Von Teheran nach Jokohama (in German)
Book: 1984. Around the world on a bicycle (in English)
Book: 1984. 20000 Meilen mit dem Hochrad um die Welt 1884-1886. Verlag: Thienemanns. Germany. Stuttgart. ISBN 3-??
421 S. DM 39,00 (in German)
B.T. 1991: The first known tour by bicycle Around-The-World. 1885
First Motorcycle (called Motor - Rad) from Gottlieb Daimler
1 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 264 ccm. 0,5 PS (0,37 kw). Max 12 km/Std. Ca. 1887 - 88 Start
Burston, Stokes, G.W. and H.R. Stokes (Australians)
Allen, Tomas G. and William L. Sachtleben (Americans)
Around-The World.
Route: Turkey (Konstantinopel (Istanbul)) - Desert Gobi - China (Peking) - ?
Book: 1890.
09.08.2000 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing in his book new edited book in German language: Hortsmann, Heinrich: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". = "My bicycle tour Around-The World". ISBN 3-931965-06-6.

1892 - 1894
Lenz, Frank (German -American, 1867 - 1894)
Planned to circle the world by bicycle.
Route: USA (New York) - Germany - Kurdestan. Here he was murdered by 5 Kurdistan people.
09.08.2000 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing in his book new edited book: Hortsmann, Heinrich: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". ISBN 3-931965-06-6.

Londonderry, Anny (American)
+ Around-The-World by bicycle. She made a bet of  US $ 10.000 that she could circle the world by bicyle starting without any money and come home with Mark 40.000.
Book: ?
09.08.2000 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing in his book new edited book: Hortsmann, Heinrich: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". ISBN 3-931965-06-6.
Erhard Lessing: The first known tour Around-The-World  by bicycle by a woman.

Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebrand and Alois Wolfmüller found the first Motorcycle-Fabric.
Until 1896 they build more than 1000 Motorcycles: Wassergekühlter 2 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 1488 ccm. 2,5 PS (1,85 kw). Ca. 40 km/h. Glührohrzündanlage.
B. T.: The first motorcycle build in series.

02.05.1895 - (16).08.08.1897
Horstman, Heinrich (German, 30.10.1875 - 04.05.1945)
+ Around-The-World by bicycle.  20-years old Heinrich cycled solo Around-the-World by bicycle in 27 months.
Route: Germany (Wuppertal)  - Belgium - England - USA - Hawaii - Japan - Hong Kong - Singapore - India (Kalkutta) - by ship to Egypt - Italy - Slowenien - Austria - Germany (Wuppertal).
This in German written book was edited by H.-E. Lessing again in 2000. 320 pp. DM 39,80. Verlag: Maxi Kutschera. Book: Book: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". Verlag: Darmen. 1897. 296 S.
There should only be ONE original book exist in the library of  town Wuppertal.
2000: "Meine Radreise um die Erde". ISBN 3-931965-06-6. This in German written book was new edited by Prof. Dr. H.-E. Lessing again in 2000. 320 pp. DM 39,80. Verlag: Maxi Kutschera. Germany . Leipzig. Tel.  0049 (0) 341-4011884. Fax 0049 (0) 341-4011881. Email
12.1998 1st information by Professor Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing about the original book.
31.07.2000. 2nd information by Corinna Gehring about the new book.
Erhard Lessing: The first known tour Around-The-World  by bicycle from a German.

Fraser, John Forster (American, 1868 - 1936)
Around-The-World by bicycle. Round the world on a wheel.
John fuhr mit S. Eduard Lunn und F.H. Lowe in 774 Tagen mit dem Fahrrad durch 17 Länder in drei Kontinenten und bewältigte 19.287 Meilen. Ab 07.1896 fuhr er auch durch Sibirien.
Book: 1. edition 1899. Verlag: Thomas Nelson und Sons (in English).
Book: 1989. 512 pp. 41 chapters. Papeback. Verlag: Futura Publ. England. London. ISNM-0708842682. (in English).
08.10.1993 1st information by Paul Pratt

NSU. In the first  year of production of  Motorcycles of the firm NSU (NeckarSUlm, founded in 1892) they produced 100 motorcycles and 7000 bicycles. NSU invented the suspension of the front fork and sold later huge peaces of  NSU-motorcycles.

1901 - 1910
Lehwess, Dr. E. C. (British)
- Plan Around-The-World by car. Seit 1899 beabsichtigte der Brite mit einem Koch - Auto von Peking nach London zu fahren. Nachdem daraus aber nichts wurde, startete er ohne Zeitlimit mit einem Auto Panhard - Levassor mit Spezial - Fahrgestell und einem Omnibus - Aufbau von London über Europa nach Asien Richtung Wladiwostok, um von dort nach Kalifornien überzusetzen, USA zu durchqueren und über den Atlantik nach England zurückzukehren. Der Fahrzeugname war "Passe Partout" ( = "Überall hin" oder "Alles passieren"). Nach enormer Publicity und vielen Einladungen unterwegs blieb das Fahrzeug sechs Monate später in meterhohem Schnee östlich von Nizhni - Novgorod im Osten Rußlands stecken. Die Mannschaft gab das Fahrzeug auf reiste mit der Eisenbahn nach London zurück. Da die Reise gescheitert war, wurde ein solches Projekt einen Welt - Reise mit einem Auto in der Presse als vollkommen unmöglich verurteilt.
B.T.: The first known planned tour by car Around-The-World.

Around-The-World. Suggestion.
B.T.: The idea in a French Newspaper in Paris for a tour Around-The-World by car did not find a response of participants.

The first known scooter: "Lo scooter olandese Meijer del 1903". owns a paper and drawing with this scooter.
27.12.2006 ist information on a first visit at his private Vespa-Museum in Bunnik

Applebee, Frank (German)
Around-The-World ? Planned World-Around-Tour with motorcycle by NSU. He crossed North-America west-east. Not sure if he circled the whole world what he wanted to do.
22.07.2000 If you have any information about this Bernd Tesch would be grateful.
B.T.: It is NOT sure that he wanted to circle the world. It is just written on the boxes of his bike that he wanted to make a "world-tour" whatever it means. This is one of the very first known plans to circle the world by motorcycle.

Fernfahrt Peking - Paris. Ein Italiener gewann mit einem 45-PS-Auto.

12.02.1908 - 26.07.1908
Koeppen, Hans (German)
+ Around-The-World. In 167 Tagen fährt Hans Koeppen 21.278 (bis Paris) in einem Auto-Rennen um die Welt mit einem "Protos" (4-Zyl., 30 PS, 80 km/ max. 30 l / 100 km). Sechs Fahrzeuge waren am Start. Obwohl er der erset war wurde ein Amerikaner zum Sieger erklärt, weil dessen Wagen einen schwächeren Motor hatte.
Route: USA (N.Y. - Paris - ).

Streiff, Joshua (American ?)
Around-The-World ?  An American who had written on his bike "Around the world"? He rode two times "Coast zu coast" with an NSU without any trouble with the machine. San Franzisko to New York 6230 kms.
Abgebildet im Buch "NSU 1873-1984".
1st info by Ernst Leverkus. Hat ORIGINAL- Archiv- Dia.
This motorcycle shall be in Germany. The owner is Heinz Metzmaier.
B.T.: It is NOT sure that he wanted to circle the world. It is just written that he wanted to make a "world-tour" whateever it means. This is one of the first known plan to circle the world by motorcycle as well.

1911 - 1920
Lincoln, Andrew Carey
Around-The-World vision. Book about a vision: "Motorcycle Chums around the world". Verlag: Hurst and Co. 1912. USA.
B.T. 22.07.2000 This is the first book about "Around the world" by motorcycle as a vision. Written for young boys. In those times people already started to dream about this.
1993 first information by Dal Smile.

I suppose that all below was a fake of G.F. We will see in future if a book comes out or not.
??.??.1911 - ??.??.1913??
Forsworn, Mrs. Buggy and Mr. Bull (Americans, born ??): Around-The-World ? In 1911 my Great Grandmother and Grandfather left their home in North America (USA (Ohio)) on two new Harley Davidson motorcycles. They were known as Bull and Buggy Forsworn. They rode to Florida, put the motorcycles on a boat to South America (from wich port to which port ??), then rode to Brazil (Rio). There plan was to ride to Argentina, but Bull broke his leg, so they put the bikes on a boat from Rio and went to Africa. From South Africa they rode to Egypt. Here they took another boat.
Sickness was their enemy, and Bull got both malaria and infection in his leg. WHICH route trough Africa did they make (country by country please.....................?????????????????????) They made it to Europe (robbed in Greece), where Bull came home, his leg cut off, but Buggy went on alone. She made it to Asia (Bombay in India (her way country by country please.....................?????????????????????) and in Bombay sent her bike to Australia on a steamer. After some time in Australia (At least Sydney, which route did she take in Australia ??? ), maybe 4 months, she took another boat back to North America (USA, Los Angeles), then rode home to Ohio and Bull.
25th.03.2003 1st information by Irma Leading: I was told you buy special motorcycle books. I am wanting to sell the diary of my Great Grandmother.
She kept a diary (which I own now) and it came to me with some newspaper clippings and a box of very old photographs. I would like to sell the whole collection for $20,000. Since this year is 100 years for Harley Davidson, if you buy the book and print copies you could make a lot of money. A lot of her trip was by boat and train, which gave her time to write. The diary is nearly 400 pages long, and her handwriting is easy to read but paper is starting to fall apart. My friend Marsha helped me with this letter, so you can write her back. She will contact me.
08.04.2003 : The Diary is sold to a group of four individuals, for a price more than my asked for original price. The sales included all photographs, news clippings and diary. Terms of the sale included "all publishing rights" and a clause that limited what I can write or release in the way of information about their long ride. I have copies of what was sold, but can not make copies because of legalities.
This is the 100th birthday of Harley-Davidson, so a big year, and I feel the collectors who bought the material will do a good job. You must understaand they now own all the information. You asked me to write you much about Bull and Buggy's ride, so sorry I can not. What I can tell you, was their biggest problem with the motorcycles was tires, they always seemed to be worried about punctures. They could not find tires in Africa and had to have some mailed from the USA, which is why they waited so long. They had tires mailed (by ship) ahead of them, with tubes. One picture showed three tires on the back on one of their motorcycles.
Bull had to quit the trip so Buggy went on alone, often by train or boat. The trip took over two years. Her map showed going from what is now Brazil/Argentina to the South of Africa, then through the center of Africa to what is now Egypt, where another boat was taken. Over a section of desert there was a photo of both motorcycles being pulled on a sled behind two camels. In Asia a photo showed the motorcycle on a elephant, this was after Bull had to go back to Ohio, so Buggy was alone. A newspaper article showed she made it to a port which is now Bombay, where she went by boat to Australia. Anothoer photo showed the motorcycle in front of a sign for Sydney.
The diary had remarks about being robbed in Greece (after Bull left). Her boat trip to the USA was paid for by her working as a cook. In Los Angeles she spent two weeks waiting for money and parts for the motorcycle transmisson, which was broke. Somewhere she found a friend to fix her motorcycle when the parts came, but he turned out to be a bad person who followed her when she left. She wrote about police stopping him in Utah. There she rode the train.
This is as much as I can say. The owners of the photos and papers will decided who can say what. My sale was to be confidential so I do not know the owners of the papers and photos. It was done be a lawyer and very quick. I know one man is a collector of old motorcycles or books, because he had a legal filing done where I signed papers about copy rights and some Harley Davidson release.
The money I got for this and photos was very good, more than I asked. Photos went to one man, another got the newspaper clippings and the third the diary, but all through my lawyer to their lawyr. After the lawyer was paid I still got more money than I thought I would, so that was good. Thank you: Irma Leading
11.05.2003 2nd request for update
28.09.2003 B.T.: I got a very I suppose that all above was a fake of G.F. We will see in future if a book comes out or not. Write to this email and ask yourself: marsha lampson [
B.T.:  This would be the first known World-Around-Tour by a woman on a motorcycle and the first by an American woman as well. Because their are not the exact dates of start and arrival availbale I cannot find out if this was the first or second tour Around-The-Word by motorcycle.

05.10.1912 plus one year to 1913 (that was the plan)
Clancy, Carl Stearns (American)
+ Around-The-World. The journalist Clancy and the film-critism Walter Storey plant a World-Around-Tour to write a World-Travel-Guide. They rode with a 4-zylinder Henderson.
Route: New-York - Europe - from here Clancy rode solo - Algeria - Sahara - Egypt  - Ceylon - India - Japan - USA West - East to New York. 18.000 miles. Clancy sold many Fotos to the press. History was published in 1913.
1st information by Franitza, Martins book: Die großen Motorradreisen unseres Jahrhunderts
Does anyone know the orginal article or owns a foto? Bernd Tesch would be grateful to recieve this!
1998 Hugo Wilson, publisher of the famous book ULTIMATE MOTORCLE REVIEW, wrote me that there should be a publication in WORLD MOTORCLE REVIEW, oct. 13th, 1913.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??
22.07.02 Email to Director Mark Mederski of Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.
23.09.02 Email from Hugo Wilson again: AMHF is the only archive in America which I used. I did find reference to it in a book about Henderson motorcycles called 'Hendersons: Those Elegant Machines' by Richard Henry Schultz. I'm going to mail you a copy of the relevant page which looks like a copy from a brochure or advert. I dont have direct contact info for Schultz, but the Antique Motor Cycle Club of America must be able to put you in touch with him.
I also found a Carl Stearns Clancy on the web. He wrote titles for silent movies including 'Nanook of the North' (1920, directed by Robert J. Flaherty). Could be the same man.
01.10.02 First picture as a copy of Carl Stearns Clancy with help of Hugo Wilson.
Still searching the original articles or a summary of his tour.

07.01.2005 A 3-pages article was send to B.T. was send by journalist Clement Salvadori. He got this article from Rick Schunck: An article written by Carl Stearns Clancy about the plan to circle the world first time by motorcycle. Including 3 pictures. Published in the American Motorcycle Magazine: "The Antique Motorcycle". Volume 14, No.1. Spring issue.1975
12.04.2006 Peter Findlay from Canada is restoring currently Henderson from 1913. Asked him to make more research.
14.04.2006 First request to Rick Schunck.

B.T.:  This is the first known World-Around-Tour by motorcycle and the first by an American as well.

Harkaways, Jack
Around-The-World vision (?). Jack Harkaways´Adventures Around The World.
Publisher: M. A. Donohue & Co. USA. Chicago. Before 1913.
30.09.2001 This is possibly a hardcover book as a vision. For sure no real motorcycle-travel-book. But Around The World.
30.09.01 Who owns and sells this book ?

Humphreys, Mrs. Harry (British)
America. She planned a World-Around-Tour with 85.000 miles visiting each capital of the world in two years. First known motorcycle-tour by a woman.
At 31.08.1913 she made her first step crossing solo the cross-country distance from San Francisco to New York.
At this time this is possibly the longest ride of a woman. And the first crossing by a woman west-east of America for sure.
1994 First information by Melissa Piersson.
13.07.2000 I never could find more information than a short publication in New York times. Does anyone know more about her?? Earlier address? Publication??
B.T.: At this time this is possibly the longest ride of a woman. And the first crossing by a woman west-east of America for sure. And for sure the first published plan ro ride solo around the world by a woman.

1921 - 1930
Hill, Douglas R.
Plan Around-The-World. Doughlas startet for a RTW tour with a sidecar H.R.D. - Watsonian.
Ca. 1986 1st Info by Martin Franitza.

Ca. 1926 - ca. 1933
Sulkowski, Zoltan and Gyula Bartha (Hungarians)
+ Around-The-World with a Harley-Davidson sidecar by Zoltán Sulkowsky und Gyula Bartha. 7 years. 68 countries. 170.000 kms. 5 continents.
1. Quelle: Franitza. Die großen Motorrad-Reisen unseres Jahrhunderts. .
Book in Hungarian: "Motorral a föld körül. 170.000 km".
B.T.: This is the first longest mc-ride Around-The-World in those times. First World-Around-Tour by Hungarians. First World-Tour with a Harley-Davidson sidecar.

13.06.1926 - 05.12.1926.
Sexé, Robert und Henry Andrieux (French)
+ Around-The-World. Fuhren um die Welt in 5 Monaten und 17 (?) Tagen. Laut Robert Sexe's Handschrift in seinem Tagebuch, selber gesehen am 03.08.96 von Bernd Tesch in Airvault / Frankreich, war die Reise: Start: 13.06.1926 (Paris) - 05.12.1926 (Paris).
Route: Frankreich - UdSSR (via Sibirien bis Wladiwostok. Etsrer Motorrad-Travller in dort) - Japan - Amerika - Frankreich. Sie fuhren mit  2 Gillet, 350 ccm, 6,5 PS. Sie waren die ersten bekannten Franzosen, die um die Welt fuhren und dabei die Strecke durch Sibirien mit dem Motorrad meisterten. Sie sind nicht, wie vielfach behauptet wird, die ersten Welt-Umrunder. Es ist die "1. Welt-Umrundung 1926 auf dem Landweg durch die UdSSR per Motorrad" mit 2 Gillet (350 ccm, 6,5 PS).
Book: Crius (Christian Christophe). Mit dem Motorrad um die Welt. 1973. Reprint 1996 available.
01.1966 In the magazin MOTORRAD it is published that Robert rode several hundred kms when he was already 76 from St. Benoit to the Nürburgring to the "Elefantentreffen"
15.07.1991 Since then Bernd Tesch owns the original photo from Robert Sexé von 1926 in front of the Kreml in Moscow.
22.07.2000 I am still missing the original publication which was published by an Austrian Mc-shop. I have never heard that
somebody ones this. Do you know anybody?
04.08.1996 Visit of Jean-Paul Schulz in chateau Airvault in Airvault, who owns all Robert Sexé left. I saw the motorcycles of Robert Sexé and the original diary. From this I could find out the exact dates above of the tour.
B.T.:  This is the first known World-Around-Tour by motorcycle from a French via Vladiwostok.

30.08.1926 - 03.1928
Cathrick. B.H. Cathrick and J.P. Castley (British)
+ Around-The-World. The journalist of "The Motor Cycle and Motor Cycling" rode 33.000 kms Around-The-World with two sidecars BSA, V 2 zylinder. Modell Colonial.
Route: England - France - Spain - Portugal - France Italy - Austria - Tschechoslowakei - Bulgaria - Jugoslavia - Turkey - Syria - Palästina - Egypt (This ist the first time vehicles made the distance London - Cairo) -  Egypt - India by boat - India - Burma - Java - Australia (Perth- Nullabor - Melbourne - Sydney) - Tasmania - New Zealand - South - America (Valparasio) - Südafrika - England.
B.T.:  This is the first known World-Around-Tour by motorcycle from British.

Granö, Jens (Sweden)
Some years ago I have seen an information that the first Swede to go around the world was Jens Granö who 1927 used an HD to do this. It took him 13-months to do this. But I have never seen anything more about him nor anything that he has written . Do you know something about him?
22.07.2002 1st information by Evald Bengtsson. Asked for more information
01.07.2003 Evald wrote: A few days ago I was in Stockholm and spent a few hours looking for information about long distance drivers. I looked for something about Jens Granö but did not find a word.

02.07.1927 - 1928
Glanfield, Stan (British)
+ Around-The-World. Rudge-Whitworth world tour with a sidecar. 8 months. 18.000 miles in four continents.
03.10.02 Steffen Renner wrote: In der Classic Bike vom April 1991 auf Seite 14 wird erwähnt, dass Stanley Glanfield ein Buch über seine Reise veröffentlicht hat. Leider wird kein Titel genannt.
03.10.2002 Asked Steffen for a copy.
15.11.2003 Peter Stanley from Canada send me an article about Glanfield from magazine "Motorcycle Sport, August 1972, p 296." : ROUND THE WORLD ON A RUDGE . An epic journey of 1928. Written by W.BODDY. The motorcycle rests today in the Coventry museum.
18.11.2003 Stanley Reters (German living in Canada and selling spareparts of RUDGE) informed me that there does exist a book:
Recently I saw a 14 page booklet for sale on ebay which I didn’t manage to get unfortunately. This was apparently released by the company “Lawrence and Glanfield Motors Ltd.” Back in 1952, it was the story of Stanley Glanfields journey with some maps and a information on the trip. The company was partly owned by Stanley Glanfield, and survived until the 70s I think selling cars and motorcycles. I am trying to contact the person who won the item for more info and will keep you up to date.
18.11.2003 Asked for more upadte
21.11.2003 Stan: It appears that the booklet was from somewhere around 1968, it also seems that the article I had sent you from the magazine in 1972 was mostly based off of this booklet. The front cover has a great illustration of Stanley Glanfield on the Rudge with sidecar and behind him is the map of his journey. I am just waiting for a better copy of the first and tenth pages, as soon as I get them, I will forward you a copy.
12.02.2004 Next request for promised copies.

1928 - >09.04.1933
Dufner Gabriel (American) . (Vielleicht wurde er in der Literatur oder in ausländischen Magazinen Doufner (Düfner ?) genannt
+ Around-The-World. The American Gabriel circeld the world on an Indian Scout-Sidecar from Detroit / USA: 60.000 km. had a dog called "Polly" with him. He had a propeller on his sidecar which motored a generator to refresh the mc-battery. Another information is that he circled the world 3 times by mc with an Indian Scout . During the third time - in the beginning of the years 1930 - it is supposed that he died in the Sahara.
Route: Deutschland - Balkan - Asien - Australien - Neuseeland - China- Japan - Indien - Europa - Deutschland.
The American Doufner went 3 times around the world by mc with an Indian Scout.
First information by Info Ernst Leverkus.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publicatinos about them??
19.11.2003 Oliver Stenzel schreibt: Hallo Herr Tesch, beim Räumen ist meine Mutter über alte Photos des Bruders meiner Ur-Uroma gestossen. Er war: Gabriel Dufner, Weltumrunder per Motorrad !! Ich habe (ohne viel Hoffnung) bei Google einfach mal seinen Namen eingegeben, und bin auf Ihrer Seite gelandet. Ich habe vier Photos, die Gabriel wohl von unterwegs nach Hause geschickt hat, z.T. mit Kommentaren bez. Datumsangaben. Sollten Sie Interresse an diesen Photos für Ihr Buch haben, so schicke ich Ihnen gerne jpeg's der Vor- und Rückseiten. Falls Sie noch nähere informationen über Gabriel bez. seine Nachfahren haben, wäre es nett wenn Sie mir diese übermiteln könnten.
19.11.2003 Oliver schrieb: Und in Süd-America war er auch: Chile auf jeden Fall, und ich denke auch Peru. Es ist sehr schwer, und auch nur mit der Lupe möglich, die mischung aus sütterlings- und normaler schrift auf den Photos zu entziffern. Auf dem einen photo kann man lesen:Hinten: "Gabriel Dufner, Consulado aleman, Valparaiso, Chile" Vorne steht: "Wüste-Pampa Tau??y. 16 km v. Chim??te Peru. 18.8.1932 - 09.4. 1933." Die ?? stehen für Buchstaben, die ich nicht entziffern kann. Ich hab auch mal versucht, auf die site von Indian Motorcycle zu gehen, aber die ist scheint's permanent down. Mal schaun was noch so rauskommt. Richtig spannend !!! Viele grüsse, Oliver Stenzel
19.11.2003 Request for update.
12.02.2004 Next request for update

1928 - 1930
Gill, John (British, Bradford, Yorkshire) with Walter J. Stephens (British, London) and Phil Irving (Australian, Melbourne)
+ Around-The-World. Single cyclinder with 4 PS with its spring frame
When he set out for his tour Around-The-World he was accompinied by Walter J. Stephen. But the latter did not make the trip across the Tasman with Mr. Gill. Phil Irving (Australian, Melbourne) taking his place since then.
11.05.1929 - ?
With a letter of ther High Commissioner of Australia in London to the Premiere Minister of Australia they started in London.
England - France - Switzerland - Germany (Basel - Munich) - Austria (Linz - Vienna) - Hungary (Budapest) - Jugoslavia (They had to travel with a guard from the frontier to Belja to pass the customs another time. And they had to pay the return of the guard) - Bulgaria - Turkey (The Turks hate Englishmen at this time and forced them to many stops and delays. In Constantinople John Gill as imprisoned 14 days because of trouble with passport) - French Syria ( While crossing the 1400 miles French Syrian desert, and the Irak desert the thermometer stood at 180 degrees. His nands were black and burned of the sun) - Irak (Hostile bedouins in the desert shot at the adventures three times him. The scaped by a trick: Increasing the number of revolutions of the enigine the exhaust explosions were made to resemble machine gun fire. The attackers flad in terror). - Persia - Baluchistan - India - Burma - the federated Malay States - 02.1930 they reached Australia after 19.000 kms - Auckland - with Phil Irving then Canada - England (London).
Route: England - ..??... - Turkey (, kHere he was imprisoned 14 days because of trouble with passport) - French Syria (hostile bedouins shot at)- Iraq - Persia - Bauchistan - India - 02.1930 they reached Australia after 19.000 kms - Auckland - with Phil Irving then Canada - England (London). Finally 37.000 kms with HRD-Noxal- sidecar.
22.08.93 1st information by Martin Franitza : Quelle Martin Franitza. Die großen Motorradreisen unseres Jahrhunderts. ISBN 3-9801491-3-7.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their earlier or present address of relations or publications about them??
10.01. 2003 1st information by John Gill´s grandson David Leadbetter who owns all his photos, press cuttings and souvenirs from his round the world trip on motorbike in 1929. I can give you more information if you would like.
Publication: 25th February 1930. Newspaper: The Southern Time. Australia.
10.01.2003 1st request for update
28.01.2003 2nd request

07.11.1928 - 07.11.1930
Soboleff, Ivan Sergevich Kralichek (Russian)
+ Around-The-World. Geplant war eine Welt-Reise per Fahrrad. Er startet mit einem gebrauchten Fahrrad in China (Shanghai), fährt per Schiff nach Hongkong und später mit Visa nach Bangkok. Er durchquert als erster Fahrrad-Fahrer den Dschungel von Burma bis Singapur. Hier kauft er sich ein gebrauchtes Motorrad. In Indien bekommt er ein britisches Ariel-Gespann geschenkt. Nach exakt 2 Jahren ist er zurück in Shanghai. Er hat 22 Länder durchquert und ist 68.800 km  (43.000 miles). Dieses dürfte die bis dahin in km längste km-Strecke sein, die ein Motorrad-Weltreisender gefahren ist.
Books: Nansen Passport. Buch von I.S.K. Soboleff. 1935. Cossack at large (1960).
1993: Bernd Tesch visited the second wife of Ivan Soboleff in GB.

1929 - 1930
Gill. J. with Walter Stephens (British) and Phil Irving (Australian)
+ Around-The-World. England - Asia - Australia - England. Route: England - 02.1930 they reached Australia after 19.000 kms - with Phil Irving then Canada - England (London). Finally 37.000 kms with HRD-Vincent - Noxal-sidecar.
Quelle Martin Franitza. Die großen Motorradreisen unseres Jahrhunderts. ISBN 3-9801491-3-7.
22.08.93 1st information by Martin Franitza
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their earlier or present address of relations or publications about them??
This story is high interesting. I do not know if they managed to ride overland through Iran-Pakistan / Afghanistan to India. If YES this would be a sensation because the so far wellknown first motorcycle-tour overland from Europe to India was made from Austrian Max Reisch in 1933 !
Ca. 1986 1st Info by Martin Franitza.

12.1929 - 12.1930
Malins, Geoffrey H. (British)
+ Around-The-World. "The complete circling of the world by motorcycle and sidecar. This is the record of Mr. Charles Oliver and myself, who succesfully accomplished what we set out to do". Auf zwei Gespannen (1000 ccm, V 2-Motor) in OEC Dublex Rahmen, genannt "Pip" und "Squeak" oder "The Heavenly Twins", fuhren sie 36.480 km (22.800 miles) um den Globus.
Route:  Großbritannien (London) - Holland - Belgien - Deutschland - Frankreich - Spanien (Gibraltar) - Malta - Palästina - Irak - per Schiff nach Pakistan (Karachi) - Indien (Bombay - Dehli) - Birma (Rangoon) - Singapure - Indonesien (Java) - Australien - (Brisbaine - Sydney - Melbourne) Neuseeland (Auckland) - Fiji - Hawaii - USA (Los Angeles  - New York) - Großbritannien (London). Sie fuhren lange und viele Strecken per Schiff.
Book: Going Further
Ca. 1992 Info by Bent Ellingsen.

1931 - 1940
Warren, Peter Lee (British) (Warner, Lee ?)
Around-The-World ?  193? um die Welt.
22.05.2000 I could not get more information of this. Who knows more or publications? Any details ?

Block, Heinz und Sorofka (German)
Around-The-World ? Sie brachen 1931 mit einem Victoria-Motorrad zu einer Welt-Reise auf.
Quelle Martin Franitza. Die großen Motorradreisen unseres Jahrhunderts. ISBN 3-9801491-3-7.
22.08.93 1st information by Martin Franitza.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

Lees, Miss Rene (British) and an American girl
Around-The-Word ?  Miss Rene planned with an American girl (who already rode Califonia to New York) togehter to circle the world on a American big-twin which she purchased in Japan.
26.02.1931 Short publication with picture as an announcement in THE MOTORCYLE 1931, page 318.

06.07.1932 - 24.12.1933
Fulton, Robert Edison Jun. (American, born 19.04.1909 - ca.09.2004)
+ Around-The-World. The record of a journey round the world by a Doughlas through 22 countries in 18 months on three continents with most of the time spent in Asia. The architekt "Bob (23)" started  solo with a sidecar but took off the side waggon in South of  Europe and continued with his solo bike.
Route: 40.000 miles (64.000 km). England (Bristol) - France - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Jugoslawia - Bulgaria - Greece - Turkey - Syria - "Djebel - Druze" - Iraq - by ship to India - Waziristan - Afghanistan - D.E.I. - Malaysia - Sumatra - Java - Siam - Cambodia (= French - Indo-China) - China - Japan - USA (New York).
In 1993: Robert (84) visited Bernd Tesch in Aachen / Germany.
In 1994 B.T. visited Robert in USA.
1994: Book: "One Man Caravan (Original in 1936)". Bernd Tesch had the idea and organised a reprint by WHITEHORSE PRESS / USA in 1998. Available there and in Germany only from Bernd Tesch.
1998: Bernd Tesch published an 8 pages report about his travel in German motorcycle-magazine MOTORRAD.
04.2000 Robert had an exhibition of his total life as an artist, architect, pilot, inventor and motorcycle world-around-traveller being 90 years old.
2000: A book in artistic style in a limited small edition about his World-Around-Tour was published. "The long journey home" (Hardcover). Available only from Bernd Tesch in Germany.
03.08.2000 New book: Long Journey home. Hardcover. Full of wonderful b & W pictures. Signed by Robert for me.
B.T.: 1992 I found the architect Robert and pilot (called Bob) in USA. We had an intensively exchange of letters. When Robert found out that I know the largest amount of Motorcycle-WORLD-A-Round Travellers he wanted to meet me. When he circled solo the world in 1932  he thought that he probably is the first one. Still being interested in Motorcycle-World-Travelling Bob visited me in 1993 in Aachen/Germany in my shop. He wanted to stay with his son and grandson for three hours. Because I organised a one page publication in the German Newspaper here about his worldtour and a reception with 40 Motorcycle-Traveller for him Bob stayed for three days. In 1994 I was his personal guest in USA. Although already 84 year Bob collected me by himself 300 kms from his home in Connecticut. Bob is still a very wonderful and modest person although he and his family are very famous. His earlier fahthers invented the steamship, the bulb, Mac Lorry Company for Transport and greyhound busses. Bob invented many things. One of the famous items are that he builds (simple explain) a gas-bottle with which you fill up a baloon which is going in the air with a robe. Then a big plain is coming with a fork in the front and flying under the baloon and rolling up the rope. So the lost person will be lifted up by this rope in the plane and brought home safely 5000 kms. This equipment had been used for years in the USA-military to pick up pilots or ship people who were in case of emercency. Even the agent 007 was one time safed by this in a film.
07.03.98: in Motorcycle-magazine MOTORRAD (190.000 prints), part UNTERWEGS (= on the road) was published: 8 pages report by Bernd Tesch about Robert FULTONs Motorcycle World-Around-Tour 1932 with a Doughlas and his new reprint-book  "One man Caravan"  (DM 44,90, in English). I had the idea of this reprint and Dan Kennedy from WHITE HORSE PRESS in USA did the job of publishing.
16.11.2003 I heard by Dan Kennedy that unfortunately Roberts much younger wife Ann died already. Bob is not in a gooo health.
11.08.2000 B. T.: Robert (calls himself  Bob) is the oldest living Motorcycle-Traveller "Around-The-World". He has been in some places nobody has been until today. He is the only one "Around-The-World" by motorcycle, who had a reprint of his book so many years later still being alive. Bob is the first one who made 40.000 feet of film with a 35 mm movie camera riding a motorcycle Around-The-World. B.T. tries since 1994 to motivate Bob that he makes a video out of it.

Mistry, Nariman P. (India)
Around-The-World ? Weil ich eine Wette gewinnen wollte, startete ich zu einer Welt-Reise.
Route: Von Dar es Salaam startet der Inder Nariman P. Mistry 1933 seine geplante Welt-Umrundung, allerdings ohne Motorrad. Später reist er mit einem Harley-Davidson-Gespann (Baujahr 1929) mit linksseitigem Seitenwagen. 1936 ist er nach 44.000 km (???) bereits in Harlem.
First info by Martin Franitza.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publicatinos about them??

1941 - 1950
Die erste itaienische Vespa. Sie leutet ein neues Zweiradgefühl ein.

Lucky Lady (American plane with American pilots)
+ Around-The-World.  The first aeroplane circled the world. It got several times fuel in the air. The US-Bomber B 50.

Ca. 1950
Dussel, Wim (Dutch)
+ Around-The-World. The Dutch journalist Wim rode for Maico with a Maico-Scooter (150 ccm-MAICO-Zweitaktmotor. 6.5 PS. 8,5 liter fuel-tank). Wim drove another time Around-The-World with a DAF-car.
Book: De wereld is nog altijd rond. Win wrote 18 books.
08.1997 First info von Martin Schaal.
2000: Wim is 81 years.

22.04.1950 ?
Morris, Mary and Beri (American)
Around-The-World. ?
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publicatinos about them??

1951 - 1960
12.02.1951 - 12.09.51
Cook, John Lennox (British, born ?? - 1990) and Tim Hamilton-Fletcher (British)
+ Around-The-World. The teacher John and farmer Tim rode with two Norton Dominator from London  35.000 miles (19.150 miles overland) in 93 days riding and 31 days on boats.
Route: Europa. Nord-Amerika. Asien. Australien. Welt-Reise.
Book: The world before us. 1955.
03.09.2006 I got an email from Will Edge that "Tim" is Tim Hamilton-Fletcher and that he is still alive !
27.11.2006 "John Lennox-cook died of a brain tumour about 1990.  He had built up an english language school in Cambridge . He left a wife and two daughters.  His M/C (KUE 330) was probably sold in the late 1950s, he never engaged M/Cs like I did.  As for myself, after a couple of months back home I left with the M/C (BGL 114) by way of Cape Town and covered many countries in South and East Africa ending in Kenya where I found my ambition to farm could be fulfilled.  So, for 25 years the bike gathered dust [Tim owned a farm in Kenya all this time].  I would have loved to have been able to crate it up and return with it when I was 'eased' out of the country. Alas, they wanted 25 years of tax so I gave it to an Irish Priest; he said police never stop men on the cloth [clergymen] but I regret this now."
06.11.2006 I asked Peter Henshaw to interview him.

ca. 02.1952 - 12.1953
Lange, Eitel and sun Rolf (German)
+ Around-The-World. Mit "Taksy" (von "take it easy"), dem grünen "Reitelefant" Gespann Zündapp KS 601 (18 Zentner, 28 PS), fahren Vater Eitel und Sohn Rolf von ca. 02.1952-12.1953 in 3 Kontinenten durch 12 Länder 32.600 km und machen zusätzlich 13.000 km Seereise. Nach nur 2 Monaten Vorbereitungszeit starten beide durch Europa, Asien und Amerika.
The best: A talk with Errol Flynn and a reception throug Schah Mohammed Reza Palehvi (Iran).
Eitel und seine Frau Ilse machten ca. 1957/58 noch eine 1-jährige Reise um die Welt in einem Goggomobil. Book: "Puck um die Welt".
Das Gespann steht im "Deutschen Zweiradmuseum" in Neckarsulm.
Book in German: Weltfahrt; Mit Motorrad und Kamera. Book in English: Around the world with motorcycle and camera.
24.05.2000 His son Rolf should live since 06.09.1957 in Hollywood. Has anyone seen him worldwide and know his present address?

03.1952 - 04.1955
McDonald, Joan and Keith (New Zealand)
+ Around-The-World. Lune de Miel en motocyclettes. From the wedding bells round the world. In 3 years Around-The-World with two motorcycles Jawa CZ 125 ccm: 03/1952 through 40 countries.
Route: NZ - Australien (Sydney - Melbourne) - Asien (Ceylon - Indien (Bombay - Delhi)- Pakistan (Lahore) - Afghanistan (Kabul) - Persien (Meshed) - Irak (Bagdad) - Israel (Jerusalem) - Jordanien) - Afrika ( Ägypten (Cairo)- Libyen (Tobruk) - Tunesien (Tunis) - Algerien (Alger) - Marokko (Tanger)) - Europa (Spanien - Frankreich (Marseille) - Italien (Milano) - Österreich (Wien) - Tschechoslowakei (Prag) - Deutschland - Belgien - NL - Frankreich (Paris) - GB (London, 15.04.1953. 20.000 miles, 13 months, 762 pounds) - Portugal - South America (Argentinien - Bolivien - Peru - Equador - Kolumbien (by a small coffee-boat in one day and one night during heavy rain from Buenaventura to Panama because there was no connecting road to Panama) - North America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexiko - Cuba - USA - Canada.
Their plate-numbers were: BMU 250 amd 251. I think they were sponsored by "Motokov" in Prague.
03.08.1996 First information by Jean-Paul Schulz in France. He had a Frnch publication about them.
22.05.200I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??
17.03.2005 B.T. got a DIN A 3 poster with them dated 14th.01.1954 out of "The Motor Cycle" (I suppose the English mc-magazine)
03.04.2005 I research in internet shows only to my website
30.12.2005 I got a series of publications by Evald Bengtsson in Sweden:
30.04.1953 One page in "The Motor Cycle". page 537 "on the fpour winds with a picture
26.11.1953 First publication in "Motor Cyling" New Zeland > Afghanistan (Kabul)
03.12.1953 Second publication in "Motor Cyling" Afghanistan (Kabul) > GB (London)
19.08.1954 Next publication in "Motor Cyling" South America
09.12.1954 Next publication in "Motor Cyling" Peru - Colombia - Panama

.09.1952 - 1956
Ebeler, Hans Diether with (German, born ca. 1929) a woman (Name unknown. Germans)
+ Around-The-World. When Hans Diether started solo with his Vespa and a trailer with one wheel behind him and only DM 500,00 he had the dream to circle the Mediterrian Sea. Because he was short in money in Syria he started to write articles about his tour and to give interviews. That is the way he continued to pay his tour RTW: 54.000 kms (and 44.000 kms with ship and aeroplane). 42 countries in 4 continents with a Gräfin on a Hoffmann-Vespa-Scooter with a trailer.
Route: Europa - Ägypten (nach 5 Monaten) - Sudan - Beirut - Bagdad - Persischer Golf - Pakistan - Indien - Burma - Singapur - Indonesia - Bali - Bangkok - Saigon - Manila - Hongkong - San Franzisco - Washington - New York. Nach vier Jahren El Paso - USA - Mexico. Because he could not make a decision if he should continue or goo on he threw a coin: And went home.
Book: "Randnotizen eines Weltenbummlers". 1965. Domino Verlag. München. Karte. 4 Fotos.
25.10.2002 I own a photocopy of this book. Who owns / sells the original book ? Who knows the author ?
29.11.2002 I herad by the publisher that Hans Diether died already.

< 1953
Mc Donald, a married woman and man (from New Zeland)
- Around-The-World. Until their visit in Wien / Austria in 1953 with a CZ 125 they rode so far 32.000 Kms.
Published in Austrian magazin "Motorrad Nr. 14. von 1953".
Route so far: NZ - Australia - India - Afghanistan (Kabul) - Iran (Teheran) - Syria (Bagdad) - Israel (Jerusalem) - Egypt (Cairo) - Libya (Tripolis) - Tunisia (Tunis) - Algeria (Algier) - Morocco (Tanger) - Spain (Madrid - Barcelona) - Italy (Genua) - Austria (Wien) -...
15.12.01 1st information by chiefredacteur of motorcycle-magazin GESPANNE Martin Franitza
15.12.01 Who knows this couple or owns the Austrian magazin "Motorrad Nr. 14. von 1953"?

05.1953 - 01.1956
Jentsch, August Dr. (Austrian)
+ Around-The-World. In seinem Buch Sterne über sieben Höllen, beschreibt der 27 jährige Dr. August Jentsch (s. Lit.) wie er und sein Begleiter Wolfram Hannig auf dem ersten Abschnitt ihrer Welt - Reise (Europa - Afrika -  Süd - , Mittel -  und Nord - Amerika, ca. 120.000 km, 05.1953 bis 01.1956) auf einem BMW R 75 Wehrmachtsgespann die Transafrika - Route meisterten.
Route: Deutschland (München) - Österreich (Wien) - Spanien - Nordafrika (Tanger) - Sahara via Tanezrouft - Piste - Kongo - Angola - Südwestafrika - Kapstadt and around the World.
Book: 3 Books.
B.T. Dieses ist die erste mir bekannte Motorrad-Reise Transafrika im Westen Afrika via Angola bis Capetown.

01.04.1953 - 06.11.1954
Edlitzberger, Eduard ("Adi) and Norbert Wittasek "Bibi", both (Austrian)
+ Around-The-World. With a Horrex-Felber-Sidecar Around The World. 47.567 kms.
In Austria there have been published 52 stories in a newspaper: Martin Franitza wants to publish those as a book.
Quelle Matin Franitza. Die großen Motorradreisen unseres Jahrhunderts. ISBN 3-9801491-3-7.
1991 1st info by Ernst Leverkus.
22.08.93 2nd detailed information by Martin Franitza
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or owns the publications about them??
06.10.2002 Johannes Czernin knows both. "Adi" died some years after the expedition and "Bibi" is still living in Wien.
08.10.2002 1st email and request for update

22.03.1954 - 09.07.1955
Markert, Günther (German)
+ Around-The-World. Eine abenteuerliche Rollerfahrt um die Erde durch 4 Kontinente und 33 Länder. Auf einer 50 ccm Kreidler R 50 (2 PS) 50.000 km rund um die Welt vom. Während seiner Reise stellt Günter am Popocatepetel mit 4600 m einen Weltrekord für Kreidler auf.
Route: BRD - Italien - Ägypten - Sudan - Israel - Jordanien - Irak - Iran - Afghanistan - Indien - Südostasien - Hongkong - Japan - USA - Mexiko - USA - Marokko - Europa - Berlin.
Book: Die Welt war meine Strasse.
25.05.2000 I have been searching for him since years without success. I would like to know what happened with him after the tour. Does anyone of you know his earlier / present address ?

K-  J- M-  --This is a question for a french game: The name is in three parts:
+ Around-The-World ? A people of 36 years old, left Sidney with a Bantam Major, to go to Great Britain.
Route: Australia (Sydney > Perth) by ship to Asia (Ceylon (Colombo) - India (Bombay) - by ship to Africa (South Africa (Durban - Cape Town. He stop to Salisbury for few month, in order to earn money. He continue his trip, Suez) by ship to Greece ?, Liban ???? Europe(Turkey, Italia, Germany, France and London). His way back to Australia was by North America.
04.10.2005 First information from Bruno in France:
17.11.2005 2nd request for upadte

< 1956
Siska and Zdenek Polanka (Polish)
+ Around-The-World. Tour de monde avec des Jawa-CZ 350. Published in Revue du Moteur Tchecoslovaque 7/1956. Siska (Mechaniker) le champion de sport Bohumil Roucka; Zdenek Polanka, le champion de sport Jaroslav Pudil.
03.08.96 First information by Jean-Paul Schulz. He owns a five paage report about a part of the tour.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

18.05.1956 - < 1958
Roskolenko, Harry (American)
+ Around-The-World. Around-The-World on a Vespa scooter with three wheels. 37.000 miles. A highly literate account of an around-the-world adventure of Harry who was working before 12 hours a day as a journalist.
Route: USA (New York) - Frankreich (Paris) - Italien (Genua) - ...Did not have the time to work this out..
Book: Poet on a scooter. Journeys around the world on a Vespa (1958).

1957 - ?
Ajala, Olabisi (Nigerian)
+ Around-The-World. Solo on a scooter Lambretta so far 78 countries.
Kurze Einführung des Ministers der Justiz von Kenya. Olabisi sagt in seinem Vorwort, daß dieses Buch das erste von 3 Büchern seiner Weit-Reisen sei. Er hatte bis zu dieser Zeit schon 78 Länder besucht. Sein Reisefahrzeug ist ein. Dieses Buch enthält in 7 Kapiteln Erzählungen seiner One-man Odyssey around the world".
Route: Indien - Rußland - Iran - Mittlerer Osten - Israel - Ägypten - Australien. Olabisi met interesting persons like Chrustchow, Nasser, Nehru, Schah von Persien, Prinz Sihanouk, Golda Meir und Tchiang Kai Chek (Chiang Kai Chek). Nord-Amerika, Ost- und West-Europa, Afrika, Asien bis Korea, Indonesien, Australien.
Book: An African abroad (1963). Deutsch : Ein Afrikaner draußen. He said that this is one of three books. I could never get information of the other two.

01.01.1957 - 1964
Tello, Adnan Husni (Syrian)
+ Around-The-World. The Syrian Adnan travelled through 95 (?) countries in total. On two jouneys he covered 64 contries: 153.000 kms through 4 continentes His specility was to visit the presidents of the countries to bring greetings from the youth of Syria. In total he visted 40 kings, presidents and politicans.
1 st Motorcycle-Tour: 55.000 kms.
Route: Syrien - Libanon - Jordanien - Palästina - Irak - Iran - Pakistan - Indien - Pakistan - Afghanistan - per Flugzeug in die UdSSR (Tashkent) - per Zug nach Moskau - Finnland - Schweden - Norwegen - Dänemark - Bundesrepublik Deutschland - DDR - Polen - Tschechoslowakei - Ungarn - Österreich - Deutschland - Holland - Belgien - Luxemburg - Schweiz - Italien - da er keine Einreise - Erlaubnis nach Frankreich erhält, muß er per Schiff nach Spanien - Portugal - Spanien - Marokko - da keine Einreise-Erlaubnis in das französisch besetzte Algerien per Schiff nach Algerien und Tunesien - Libyen - Ägypten - per Schiff zum Libanon - zurück nach Hause in Syrien (Damaskus).
2nd Motorcycle-Tour with a new mc: Syrien - Türkei - Bulgarien - Griechenland - Jugoslawien - Italien - Schweiz - Deutschland - Belgien - Frankreich - England - Canada  USA - Mexiko - Guatemala  El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Kolumbien - Venezuela. Ohne Motorrad mit dem Flugzeug über USA nach Japan. Mit dem Flugzeug nach Hongkong. Zurück per Flugzeug nach Japan und Venezuela - Kolumbien  Equador - Peru. Bolivien - Chile - Argentinien - Uruguay - Argentinien - Paraguay - Brasilien. Mit dem Schiff zurück nach Großbritannien. Mit dem Schiff nach Senegal - Guinea - Sierra Leone. Here he had a very bad accident: A lorry rolled over him. He had to fly to Großbritannien - Syria.
Book: East meets West on a motorcycle. No. 1 (1959 in Arabian about his first tour. 55.000 kms)
Book: Originaltitel in arabisch. Deutsch : Rund um die Welt mit dem Motorrad 153.000 km in 7 Jahren. Between 64 capitals of the world (Arabian, 1982). Sold 150.000 books.
Book: Originaltitel in arabisch. In Deutsch : Die goldene Sammlung (Das goldene Buch) mit den Signaturen und Worte der Könige, Präsidenten, Chefs und Botschafter (1988).
Adnan wrote 10 books.
Book: Originaltitel in arabischer Sprache. Deutsch : Die Lüftung der Geheimnisse, die vor 35 Jahren geschehen sind. Von dem Arabischen Reisenden Adnan Tello (1991).
16.02.93. I got the first three big books in Arabian from Adnan.
22.05.2000 Last letter from Adnan (being 81) to Bernd Tesch. He wants to meet me and adds a Arabian sentence: Only mountains cannot meet.
In seinem dicken Buch beschreibt er die Reise nach Staaten: Indien - Burma - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapur - Indonesien - Indien (Bombay) - danach zurück nach Damaskus. Auf Krücken hat danach Kairo - Khartoum - Addis Abeba und dort das Ende von Kaiser Helassie miterlebt. Uganda. Kenia. Tansania. Sansibar. Kenia. Nach Somalia per Flugzeug. Ägypten. Syrien. 15.07.1956 - 09.09.1959
Battaglini, Cesare (Italian. Born ??.??.??)
+ Around-The-World. He started with two women: Rita van de Werde (Dutch from Amsterm got homethick in Central America) and Felicitas Hauch (German from Berlin, got Yellow Fever in Indonesia and flew home) by two scooter Lambretta 150 D. 160.000 kms.
Route: Italy - .. Indochina - Indonesia - China - Australia - New Caledonia - New Zealand - Polinesia - North America - South America - Africa - Italy.
Book: "Ceylon. India. Oriente Misterioso ed Africa esplorati col mio scooter".
1999 1 st information by Costantino Frontanili
13.08.2000 I do not own the book. Who owns the book or sells it? Who knows the present address of  Cesare Battaglini?
08.06.2005 Info by Carlos Cordeiro about the following websites:
08.06.2005 Email to Paolo Catani (webiste who wrote in his website in 1998 that he calls the president of his club: Battaglini, Cesare (article: Millstreet 1998 I call our Lambretta Club President Cesare Battaglini at the last minute (if ... A myth for scootering: Cesare Battaglini. Of course even if he is not a ...
- Lambretta Club Sicilia - Chi siamo Iniziarono i contatti, e trovarono in Cesare Battaglini un alleato prezioso che mise a loro disposizione la sua esperienza e la sua professionalità. ...
08.06.2005 In this website I found a picture of this Lambretta.l
Moto al Museo della Scienza - La Lambretta 125 m Nel 1957 Cesare Battaglini , già noto per i suoi viaggi, partì per un giro del mondo che sarebbe finito solo due anni dopo. ...
Lambretta del giro del mondo" and :
Nel 1957 Cesare Battaglini , già noto per i suoi viaggi, partì per un giro del mondo che sarebbe finito solo due anni dopo. La Innocenti a scopo pubblicitario gli aveva fornito due Lambrette 150 D (una per se` e una per una compagna di viaggio) modificate per l'occasione con portapacchi e serbatoio maggiorato. La durata del viaggio era dovuta al carattere dell'impresa decisamente diversa dalle precedenti; infatti il nostro esploratore non fece un mero periplo ma proprio un esplorazione dei continenti: dalla Terra del Fuoco al Canada, dal Sudafrica al Mediterraneo ecc. Il Museo della Scienza tuttora conserva uno dei due esemplari che accompagnarono Cesare Battaglini nell'impresa.

30.09.1957 - ca. 30.07.1958
Tartarini, Lepoldo and Giorgio Monetti (Italian)
+ Around-The-World. Leopoldo and Giorgio Monetti rode Around-The-World with two Ducati 175.
Route: Italia (Bologna) - Turkya - Israel - Irak - Pakistan - India - Birma - Siam (= Thailand) - Malaysia (Singapore) - Java - Australia - New Zealand - Niederländisch Curacao - Venezuela - Equador - Peru - Chile - Argentinien - Uruguay - Brasilie - Senegal - Marokko - Spagna - Italia.
Book: Un certo giro del mondo. Deutsch: Eine besondere Reise um die Welt.

ca. 20.12.1959 -
Tempest, Philip (British, Bradford) and Magret Williams (Britishsi)
- Around-The-World. Both set of on a "Tiger Cub" for RTW-Tour.
Route: Plan GB - Transafrica - India - Australia - Americas - GB
31.12.1959 Published in British Motorcycle "Motor Cycling" , page 271, as a short information with picture.
20.12.2005 1st information to B.T. by Evald Bengsston from Sweden
30.12.2005 Foto-copy under Tempest in file "RTW".
30.12.2005 Who knows more and their addresses? Or other publications ? Or fotos of them ?

26.07.1959 - 02.01.1962
Küpper, Walter (German)
+ Around-The-World. Worldwanderer. He rode Around-The-World with two Mopeds (Miele and Bridgestone from Japan): 72.000 kms in 902 days. He made 5 hours of film Super 8. Walter: Die zweieinhalb Jahre waren die schönste Zeit seines Lebens trotz aller Entbehrungen. Heute ist er fernsehsüchtig nach Dokumentar-Filmen über Reisen.
Route: Europe (D) - Türkei - Persien - Pakistan - Indien - Malaya - Australien - Nord-Amerika - Europe.
In 1958 a tour through 10 countries of Europe. In 1989 he went by bycyle to Irland. In 1990 to Prag.
14.04.93 Information von Heinz Jansen.
14.04.93 Walter Küpper called me first time: "The 2,5 years have been the best of my life".
25.05.2000 Bernd Tesch visits Walter Küpper. With 70 he is still fit and runing 10.000 ms. "I did not have the time to sort out my pictures" - which are lying in a box"
Book: Tausend Tage Abenteuer (19..??).
15.9.2000. Publications: Walter Küpper in "MOTORRAD", Nr.20

Towler, Maureen and Nora Traynor (Britsh ?)
- Around-The-World ?. The two lady riders plan to cirle the world on Norton (?) Model 50s. They reaches Calcutta.
Route: GB - MIddle East - India (Calcutta) - ?
16.10.1958 Published in British Motorcycle "Motor Cycling", page 771, as a short information without picture.
20.12.2005 1st information to B.T. by Evald Bengsston from Sweden
30.12.2005 Foto-copy under Towler in file "Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen".
30.12.2005 Who knows more and their addresses? Or other publications ? Or fotos of them ?

??.02. 1958
Polden, Russel (British ?)
- Around-The-World ? He plans to circel. He started with a BSA. He was from the Gale and Polden publishing house. Did he plan to write a book about motorcycle-TRAVELLING ?
Route: GB - ?
16.10.1958 Published in British Motorcycle "Motor Cycling", page 771, as a short information without picture.
20.12.2005 1st information to B.T. by Evald Bengsston from Sweden
30.12.2005 Foto-copy under Towler in file "Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen".
30.12.2005 Who knows more and their addresses? Or other publications ? Or fotos of them ?

1961 - 1970
Robertson, Caroline and Patricia Pringle (Scotland)
? Around-The-World. In the year 1961 two Scots girls, Caroline Robertson and Patricia Pringle, started out on two Vespas for a round-the-world tour. They planned to stay away for two years. Probably with sponsorship from Douglas. Do you know if they succeded and did they write something?
22.07.2002 1st information by Evald Bengtsson. Asked for more information
02.11.2002 2nd request

Polden, Russel (British)
In an english weekly from 1961 I can see that a solo rider, Russel Polden, went around the world on a three-fifty B.S.A.. Do you know if he has written
a book?
27.03.2003 1st information by Evald Bengtsson
27.03.2003 1st request for update
02.11.2003 2nd request for update1961 - 1963
Schüttelhöffel, Hans-Jürgen und Dieter Moldenhauer (Germans)
+ Around-The-World. 1961 - 63 umrundeten zwei deutsche Studenten mit zwei in Finnland hergestellten Solifer - Mopeds (50 ccm) die Welt. 40.000 km, 25 Länder. 9 Pannen, 3 Ketten. 2 Reifen.

14.08.1964 - 12.09.1965
Rasmussen, Vagn (Danish)
+ Around-The-World. Mit 100 US $ auf einem Vespa-Roller (Typ Grand Torismo (150 ccm) mit 29 Jahren solo um die Welt.
Route: Dänemark (Kerteminde) - zügig in Europa über die DDR - die Tschechoslowakei - Österreich - Ungarn - Jugoslawien - Bulgarien - Türkei - Iran - Afghanistan - Pakistan - Kaschmir - Indien - arbeitet auf einem Schiff bis Singapur - auf einem anderen Frachter bekommt er einen Job bis Australien - dort trampt Vagn um den halben Kontinent - zurück in Singapur mit Vespa-Roller Malaysia - Thailand. Mit norwegischen Schiffen arbeitet er sich weiter bis Hongkong und Japan. Über den Pazifik bringt ihn ein Frachtschiff nach Los Angeles zurück nach USA. Mit dem Roller auf dem Heck durchquert er Nord-Amerika bis New York. Wieder gelingt es ihm, sich über den Atlantik bis Holland in Europa zu arbeiten -Dänemark: 23 Staaten in 4 Kontinenten
Nach Kenntnis von Bernd Tesch ist Vagn der 1. Roller-Reisende, der die Welt alleine mit einer Vespa umrundet hat.
1991 Bernd Tesch besucht Vagn in Dänemark.

29.10.1965 - 03.03.1968
Schwarz, Charis (Australian born 22.11.1939) and George (Swiss born 22.10.1935)
+ Around The World. Charis George rode RTW on a BMW R50 1965-1968 in total 45.000 km. First journey took 8 months: 29.10.1965 to late july 1966 in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Second journey: Mid september 1967 to 03.03.1968: North, Central and South America.
Purpose of your travel: To find a new place to live and to marry in Australia with Charis's family
Route: Europe (Spain, France, Jugoslavia, Bulgaria Turkey) - Asia (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore) - Australia - Africa (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco) - Europe (Spain) - North America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica) - South America (Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina) - Europe (Spain).
Highlights:The people we met
The worst: Had no bad experience despite being ambushed in Mexico and ill with pneumonia in Singapore.....
Book or publication Produced a book in 2004 as selfpublishers: HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ROAD Aus $ 60,00 plus postage: 300 pages.
Useful informations TIPS for others: Learn to accept gracefully what is freely given
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:..Spain- Germany.
Produced all profits to the rehaTHE ROAD in 2004 (bilitaton of motorcycle accident victims)
Order only from Schwarz: The book is only available via their website to keep costs down for the rehabilitation purpose. All profits go to the rehabilitaton of motorcycle accident victims of St Vincent¹s Public Hospital Darlinghurst.
December 2004 1st information by John Todd in Australia who rode overland from Australia two times himself: 1973 and 1978.
January 2005 1st contact.
B.T.: This book has been written about 40 years after the tour. Because the profit is to help other motorcyclists who had an accident I ask you to order the book for you or as a present. The first edition in English is only 1.000.

1965 - 1968 - ?
Welker, Michael (German)
? Around-The-World. 1965-68 Quer durch Australien.
Mit 54 er Vespa rund um die Welt. Keine Infos mehr.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them??

??.06.1965 - ??. 09.1969
Currie, Bob ?? R.N. ?? (England, Born ??)
+ Around-The-World on a Vespa Super Sport 180 ccm combination. Fitted was a Bambini sidecar Watsonian. Long range fuel tank gals (=27 litre) + standard tank (2 gals). 2 x fog lights. 1 x spot light. Rear carrier with numerous spare wheels. 6 volt car battery. Fuel pump. 5 gals water (where needed). 1 gal oil. Bob rode 37.000 miles (= 59.200 kms) in 51 months in ??? different countries. Average 50+ miles / gallon. Engine still original today. Still original chrankshaft today. New bearings. All engine never failed. Still one owner today.
June 1965: Europe (central Europe - behind iron curtain into Hungary, Yugoslavia - Greece - Turkey) - Syria - Libanon - Jordan - stopped at Iraqi border because there was no permission for a overland route to India - returned to U.K. in sept. 1965.
July 1966: Shipped with "Queen Mary" to North America (USA (New York) - across USA by Vespa - Canada - - USA ?? - Mexico)
December 1966: Shipped by "Orsova" via Hawaii / Figi to New Zealand (Auckland).
Dec 1966 - March 1967: Toured north and south Islands of NZ including 500 miles of dirt roads.
March 1967 Sept. 1967: Shipped with "Orcades" to Australia (Sydney) - Melbourne - Adelaide - across Nullabor - Perth ( 700 miles of dirt road)
Sept 1967: Shipped to India (Colombo) - ??? dwited ??? via Capetown to Naples ?? (Israli war) - Achillelauro ???
Sept. 1969: Europe (Holland - ?? - Denmark - Norway - Sweden - ???
Publication : A series of four editions in the VVC-newsletter (VVC=Vespa Veteran Club) journey.
29.03.1994 1st information by Paul Pratt.
22.07.2002 2nd information by Evald Bengtsson. Evald send me a summary of four series about Bob Currie from a VVC (Vespa-Club)
05.08.2002 1st letter to Leslie Smith, VVC president. The Hermitage, Hazlewood Road. Duffield. Derbyshire.DE56 4DP, England.
17.02.2003 1st contact with Bob via email and later letter.
18.02.2003 1st request for update

12.06.1965 - 18.02.1968
Yoshida, Shigeru (Japanese, born in 16.01.1942)
+ Around The World. Yoshida rode solo Around the World with YAMAHA YDS-3 136.000 kms (85,000 miles) and visited 60 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.
Route: I took a ship from Japan to Port Angeles of USA. North American Trip, from 29.07.1965-23.03.1966 (32,445km). I rode up to Canada and cross the continent through Canadian Pacific highway, then down to USA. Central American Trip, from 23.03.1966-28.05.1966 (9,294 km). Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. South American Trip, from 30.05.1966-09.12.1966 (27,947 km). Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentine, Uruguay and Brazil. European Countries Trip, from 23.12.1966-22.09.1967 (38,054 km). I took a ship from Brazil to Portugal and traveling around Europe including seven communist countries: Portugal, Spain, France, England, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, East Germany, Czech Slovak, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Vatican and Monaco. Africa and Asian Trip, From 23.09.1967-06.01.1968 (20,483 km). From Spain I took a ferry to Morocco and visited Africa, middle east and Asian countries. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Australia and New Caledonian Trip, from 12.01.1968-04.02.1968 (6,963 km). I took a ship from Singapore to Perth of Australia and cross Australia to Sydney. At last I took a plain from Sydney to New Caledonia and changed to flightier to Japan.
Purpose of travel: I wanted to see this great nature by my own eye and also wanted to know the size of the earth by actual riding motorcycle.
The best: It took seven days from Panama to Colombia by small ship, stopping at Caribbean beautiful island (Presidencia and San Andress island ). It took only 12 US dollars but needed to sleep on bear bottles.
The worst: I forget them because of over 30 years ago's experience. The motorcycle which I rode a round the world was stolen and does not exist, it's ashame.
Book of publication: Title: Adventurers who went the world by motorcycle. Publishing co.: Yaesu shuppan Publishing year & date-25.07.1969 in Jaapanes.
Earlier Experiences: Around Japan in 1962 from 25.July to 29.August, riding distance 10,662 km by Yamaha YD-2. This was a training for my tour around the world.
Book: He has also written a book which has only been published in Japanese. 18.02.1967 Publication in Moto-Revue (French Mc magazine, Japanese)
18.02.1967 Moto-Revue (French Mc-magazine. Japanese)
Around-The-World. World Champion du Monde en 250 ccm. Japaner abgebildet vor SONAUTO auf Titelbild und Artikel S. 155-157. "All who wander are not lost", Tankaufschrift auf einer Triumph. Route: Vancouver-Canada: 30.07.1965. N.Y. 26.11.1965. Mexiko 30.03.1966. Santiago de Chile 19.07.66. Lissabon 29.12.1966. Paris 03.08.96 Heft erstmalig gesehen bei Arlettre und Jean-Paul Schulz in Airvault Frankreich.
30.01.1967. Karte von totaler Weltumrundung.
05.06.01 First Info by Dafne and Rob de Jong who spend three days with him in Japan.
12.06.01 Send the first email to Serigu
26.06.01 1st personal contact by email.
Yamaha's Communication Plaza in Iwata near Shizuoka is open to the public byweekly on Saturday and you might well meet Yoshida there himself. And as you talk with him, you might well see that look in his wonderfull eyes that tell you how far he has been.
He is now manager Communication Plaza of Yamaha in Iwata.
02.07.01 Shigeru promised to send me a copy of an article in French magazine Moto-Revue and a copy of his book.
2003 Shigeru retired working before all his life with YAMAHA: He wnated to make another RTWorld tour. I invited him but he never showed up. BUT he rode from Japan via Vladivostok to the Netherlands and visted Rob and Dafne de Jong.
14.03.2004 Next request for more detail to Dafne and Rob-

27.11.1966 - 24.08.1979
Pratt, Paul R. (British)
+ Around-The-World. World motorcycle tourer. 12,5 years around the world.
Routes: 1961-63 realisiert Paul seinen Traum einer ersten Motorrad-Reise über eine lange Zeit. Er reist mit einer Triumph Trophy 650 ccm in USA, Kanada, Mexiko und Zentral-Amerika. Am 27.11.1966 startet er erneut nach USA. Mit einer Triumph Thunderbird 650 ccm soll es nur durch Latein-Amerika bis Brasilien gehen, aber die Reise um den Erdball dauert 5 Jahre: 164.000 km mit der Triumph und 20.000 km mit einer Testmaschine Kawasaki 125 ccm auf den Philippinen. Pauls Buch gibt exzellente Ratschläge für Motorrad-Weitreisende aufgrund einer 12,5 (1966-79) jährigen Welt-Reise Motorrad per Motorrad durch 48 Länder in 5 Kontinenten.
Aus einem Telefonat mit Paul am 28.09.91 : Paul, immerhin schon 65 Jahre, ist gerade zurück von einer 2 monatigen Motorrad-Reise mit seiner koreanischen Frau. Sie sind auf einer BMW R 45 6.500 Meilen (Zitat "small beer compared with the world tour") durch Europa und die Türkei gefahren. Während einer 3 monatigen Testtour mit einer Yamaha DT 175 wurde er in Medellin (Kolumbien) 1987 angeschossen und mußte 2 Jahre auf Krücken gehen.
Sein Telefon steht z. Zt. "in der guten Stube" auf seinem Motorrad, mit dem er seine Welt-Reise gemacht hat..
Book: "World understanding on two wheels"
1993 Bernd Tesch visited Paul in England.
Ca. 1995 Paul and his wife visit me in Germany.
B.T.: At least until Paul finished his Around the World Tour. Paul had the World-Record in longtime travelling. ??.??.1969 - ca. ??-??.1989
Yanko Gluscevic (Chilean, born ??.??.ßß)
? Around-The-World. Yanko is born and raised in Chile as a cattle rancher in the troubled years of the 60's . In 1969 he left Chile for 20 years and traveled the world (over 40 countries).
27.08.00 1st information by Grant Johnson
27.08.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows him, his present address or publications about him??
09.06.2005 Info bei Portuguese Carlos Cordeiro YANKO GLUSCEVIC, Owner and tour Host of Yanko Motorcycle Tours of ... Chile Tours with reservations and descriptions of tours of Chile and Patagonia and YANKO GLUSCEVIC its owner. - 5k
09.06.2005 email to YankoEnde November 1970 - März 1974 (Planned was 1 year)
Kühnel, Dr. Dieter (German)
+ Around-The-World. With a BMW (R 60/5. 600 ccm) 3 continents, 13 countries. ca. 103.000 kms
Route: Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Celebes, Molukken, Irian Jaya bis Papua Neuguinea.Route: Deutschland - Österreich - Ungarn - Rumänien - Bulgarien - Türkei - Iran - Afghanistan - Pakistan - Indien - Ceylon - Sikkim - Nepal - von Kalkutta (Indien) über Rangun (Burma) bis Thailand (Bangkok) per Rucksack - Laos - Thailand - Kambodscha - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapure - Borneo - Brunei - Singapure - Sumatra - Java - Celebes  - Molukken - Irian Jaya - Papua - Neuguinea - Australien (Sydney) - Übergearbeitet von Neuseeland durch den Panama Kanal bis Philadelphia (USA) - quer durch Mexiko - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - mit Flugzeug nach Baranquilla (Kolumbien) - Venezuela - Kolumbien - Equador - Peru - Bolivien - Argentinien - Chile - Argentinien - Uruguay - Argentinien - Paraguay - bis Brasilien  mit Schiff entlang der afrikanischen Küste von Angola bis Ghana - mit Motorrad Cote d'Ivoire - Mali - Obervolta - Ghana - Togo - Dahomey - Nigeria - Kamerun - mit Flugzeug nach Paris (Frankreich). Die Welt-Karte von Dieters Reise ist bisher so unveröffentlicht. Er zeichnete sie dankenswerterweise für dieses Buch.
03.03.92: Dieter visits Bernd Tesch.
Books: Rätselhaftes Indien. Von Burma durch die Inselwelt Südostasiens

1971 - 1980
1971 - 2000 Gouron, Georges (French, born 28.10.1944) www.??
+ Around The World.

Gouron, Georges (French, born 28.10.1944)
Around Australia and Tasmania. I went to Australia in 1970. In 1971 with a friend I rode a 650 BSA Lightning from Sydney to Cairns through the interior. First discovery of the Australian landscape and the harshness of the sun in the bush. My friend made the mistake to wear shorts one day. Next one he was so burnt he could not climb on the bike ! Luckily I was not so foolish, even in those days, to ride a motorcycle wearing shorts ! In 1972 I left Sydney with an old car and drove to Darwin picking up a french guy (Patrick) in Queensland. From Cairns we went inland as far as Charleville where we got stuck a few days due to a flood. Resumed the trip through a grasshopers cloud then past giant termite mounds. Hit a bull on the road before reaching Darwin. Then we hitchiked from Darwin down to Perth where we bought a VW beetle and rode to Adelaide across the Nullarbor Plain. From Adelaide up to Alice Springs and Mt Isa. Got lost between Mt Isa and the Birdsville track. Down the Birdsville track to Adelaide and on to Melbourne where we arrived after one year of traveling. 1974 saw Patrick and I riding around Tasmania, a motorcycle haven.
The best: In those days the roads were still dirt ! Finding our way back to the Birdsville track thanks to a ranch owner !
The worst: Getting lost between Mt Isa and the Birdsville track !
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges
1975 - 1977
Gouron, Georges (French, born 28.10.1944) www.??
France - India - Singapore - Australia. Went back from Australia to France by boat in 1975. Took my girlfriend and her Suzuki GT 250 as well as my Suzuki GT 750 (2 stroke watercooled) with me. We toured Europe on both bikes. Then I crashed mine on a roundabout by a foggy night. Worked in a banque, bought another Suzuki GT 750. In 1976 we shipped back the 250 and decided to go back overland with the 750. Got enough 2 stroke oil to last me the trip and we left France in April 1976. We had snow in Italy, snow in Greece and even snow in Turkey. Istambul is a great place. We travelled east through Cappadocia, a beautiful part of Turkey with stunning landscapes. We were warned by travellers than further east kids were pretty rough, asking for cigarettes and throwing stones at vehicles. Soon we got the treatment. Having been warned, each time I saw kids waving by the roadside. I would slow down to first gear, put my blinkers and pretend to stop, but instead I would give full throttle and charge at them. They scattered and by the time they threw their stones I was out of reach. It worked well. From Turkey to Iran where we crashed into a garbage truck. Went to court, did not said a word and won the case ! The driver not only had to pay for the repair but also to lodge us in his house until it was ready ! Then it was Afghanistan. Broke down before Kandahar. Got a lift in town where the local mechanice had to manufacture new shaft bearing himself. Meanwhile we had tea and haschich everyday until the bike was ready. Great country and great people. Through the Kyber pass to Pakistan then to India. Down to Madras where we shipped to Singapore and shipped again to Perth. Got to Perth in time, the hand made bearing had done their jobs. They were replaced by original ones and we rode across the Nullarbor (now all bitumen) to Melbourne.
Voilà The best: Cappadocia in Turkey. Afghanistan
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges

1979 - 1982
Gouron, Georges (French, born 28.10.1944) www.??
USA - Mexicio - Bolivia - Mexico. Bought a new Suzuki GT 750 end of 1978. In September we flew to San Francisco (USA) and rode down California to Mexico. In Guadalajara I joined with Patrick who was coming from Canada with his Honda 750 and we travelled together. We did a grand tour of Mexico then went to Belice. Got stuck for 2 weeks in Belice City thanks to the flood. Eventually we managed to ride and waddle through to reach the border with Guatemala. At the border I checked the oil. Gosh it was a paste ! So I changed it before we continued through mud to Tikal (Took us more than one hour for the last 4 km). People there got excited. They were stuck since 10 days and thought the road was reopened. But when they saw our bikes covered in mud they just sigh ! But Tikal was just worse the trouble. More mud was waiting for us before geaching Guatemala City. Went to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, etc . then passed into Salvador then in civil war. We pulled up the French flag to show we were not yankees otherwise we would have been shot. In town we were many times accosted by groups of tough people thinking we were American but we always talked our way out and often had drink with them once they understood their mistake. From Salvador to Honduras then Nicaragua also in civil war. In Granada we spent a good hour before convincing a young guy armed with a machine gun that we were not yankees and had nothing to do with them. Reluctantly he let us go but it was touch and go. Costa Rica was a relief then we rode to Panama through a deluge. From Panama we flew the bikes to Quito. Went down to Guayaquil where an earthquake shook us out of bed in the middle of the night. No damage for us or the bikes. Left Guayaquil for Peru, rode down the coast then up the Andes to Huaraz (fantastic scenery) down to the coast again and to Lima. Up the Andes to La Oroya (alt 4887m) and from there to Cuzco along the Andes. It was still the wet season and the dirt road was mud. It was slow going with lots of falls. The brakes were blocked by the mud so sometimes the falls were voultary, to avoid a greater fall down the Andes ! But we reached Cuzco where Patrick's Honda packed up. No parts in town nor in Lima neither in Bolivia. A general bought his bike so we split. Patrick continued by bus and I still with my Suzuki which was working perfectly. So we met at prearranged places. In La Paz (Bolivia) we saw that we could not go much further because money. So we started the trip back to Mexico. From there Patrick went back to Canada. I stayed a bout a year in Mexico, working in a hotel then sold the bike which had developed some problems and with the money went back by bus or hitchiking to Bolivia. Then flew back to Australia on the last day of my visa.
The best : Too many. In fact the whole trip.
THE WORSE (at the time, now one of the best memory): The scary moment in Nicaragua. The ride to Tikal and the ride through the muddy Andes
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges
July 1999 - July 2000
Gouron, Georges (now French / Australian, still born in France 28/10/1944, just getting older all the time)
North- Central- and Around South America. email :
Georges toured solo with bis bike a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION caalled "Ozzie" from Australia by plane to USA - Mexico - Belice - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica and Panama - by plane to Equador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina (Usuaiha) - Chile - Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Paraguay - Argentina - Brazil - Venezuela - by flight to GB - Scotland - GB - Holland, Belgium, Germany - Austria, Switzerland - Austria, Switzerland.
Back in Australia joined the Public Service ! Bought various bikes then the greatest of them all in 1988: a Yamaha XJ 900 with which I covered 205.000 kms trouble free. In 1998 I decided it was time to shake the cobwebs from the Public Service. So I bought a YAMAHA XJ 900 DIVERSION and in 1999 I retired from the Public service. I flew Ozzie (my bike) to L.A in USA where I joined her right away and we rode together to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde Nat Park before heading down to Mexico. At the border I meet with Pete, Phil and Lucas, 3 nice American riders. We'll ride together till Guadalajara. They then turn back and I keep going on through Mexico, Belice, Guatemala (now the road to Tikal is paved !). In Antigua met Ralf and Petra at the Post office. Then I go down to Lake Atitlan, a gem. Then it is down to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Panama I fly the bike to Quito in Equador, then myself to Quito ! Surprise ! Ozzie is not there ! Bastard have not send it yet. It was due to come by Continental Airlines (DO NOT USE THAT AIRLINE). After a week of furious calls they eventually send it. Unfortunately the volcano in Quito start to erupt. Flight are diverted to Guayaquil. Another week pass and Ozzie is still stuck in Guayaquil. Enough is enough. I pack up, catch the night bus to Guayaquil and go to the airport. I start the paper works to clear the bike (it's 09h00) when I see 4 people coming in, helmet in hands. 2 of them are Petra and Ralf, the other 2 are Renate and Gino. So we all clear our bikes together and are out by 16h00. I go back to Quito with everybody than Renate. Gino and I decide to travel together, Petra and Ralf being faster. So down it is to Peru, up a shit road to Huaraz, down a good one to the coast, Lima, Nazca, Cuzco, La Paz in Bolivia. Up to 5200m, crossing the Chilian border at 4667 m and down in Arica Chile in 150 km of descent. Through the Chilian desert to Puerto Montt, across to Argentina, windy Patagonia, cold Tierra del Fuego and lousy roads down to Ushuaia where we meet again with Petra and Ralf, Mark, Uwe and a few others and we all greet the New Year in Ushuaia. Then it's back to Chili and the glacier Perito Moreno, back to windy Patagonia up Argentina to Buenos Aires. Uwe leaves us. Renate and Gino go to Rio via Iguazu Falls and back to Germany. Mark and I go to Uruguay. Mark leaves from Montevideo to England. I'm back by myself across Paraguay, Argentina again, Iguazu falls, Brazil (I reach Rio on Carnaval day) up to Belem. Ozzie and I take a river boat to Manaus and back on the road to Caracas in Venezuela from where we fly to London. After a few days with Mark (thank you ) since I live in the South of France I take the short way through Wales and Scotland then Holland, Belgium, Germany where I'm welcomed by Renate and Gino (Thanks guys), Austria, Switzerland and then down South to France where I'm bored !
The best : the whole trip
Sorry mate Bernd: I'm afraid i've been a bit long but it's easy to get carried away
21.01.01 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
23.01.01 1st answer by Georges

15.05.1970 - 05.01.1971
Hill, Doughlas (born 28.08.1934, Oakland, CA, USA) and girl friend Barbara R. Dorsey (CA, USA).
+ Around-The-World. Both routes with two BMW R 75/5. They were both life-enhancing and life changing.
Started from Berkeley on a 1970 BMW R75/5. Drove to east coast of USA, where we embarked on a Yugoslav freighter that was scheduled to go to Tangier, Morocco in 9 days. It actually went to Marseille in 37 days. From there we travelled to Spain, crossed at Algcerias to Tangier, Morocco, travelled through that country for about one month, then through Algeria to Tunisia, there we took a ferry which went to Naples, Italy. Cross the Italian peninsula, and from Brindisi took another ferry to Corfu, Greece. Then another ferry to Athens, and finally another ferry to Haifa, Israel. We had friends living in Jerusalem, so spent some time there, and sold the bike to a Canadian couple and flew back. Didn't try to ship bike because of an East Coast of the US dock strike, and didn't go further because at that time the Indians/Pakistanis were fighting over their shared border.
Purpose of travel: I was a lawyer. Was inspired to do the trip by my travelling companion, Barbara. I suggested that we go to Indiana (USA) to see some friends; she said "how about India, instead?"
Route: USA (California, Berkeley to the East Coast) - by freighter to Europe (France, Marseille - Spain) - Africa (Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia) - by ferry to Europe (Italy - Greece)  - Israel. Bike was sold.
15.05.1973 - 10.12.1973
Hill, Doughlas (born 28.08.1934, Oakland, CA, USA) and girl friend Barbara R. Dorsey (CA, USA).
Route: Flew from USA (San Francisco) - to Europe (Germany, München. Bought a new BMW R 75 (factory delivery) in Munich - Austria - Yugoslavia - Greece - Turkey) - Asia (Iran - Afghanistan - Pakistan - India - Nepal - India). Shipped the bike bike back from India (Calcutta) via Bankok to Tokyo to USA (California, San Francisco).
The best: The religiosity of India, the scenery in Kashmir, Varanasi for the rituals of the Hindu religion. The people we met, both fellow travellers and natives; some remarkable experiences.
The worst: Being unable to leave Kabul, Afghanistan, because they had a coup d'etat, tossing out King Mohammed (who is back now, after the US incursion). Borders were closed, and it is VERY difficult to stay healthy in Afghanistan - getting clean food and water is very dicey.
Tip: Be sure your home base is covered while you are away; have trusted accountant / lawyer who can disburse money for your bills, etc, and deal with whatever happens.
Book / publication: No.
Useful tips: On the first trip, the BMW had California plate; this would have been difficult in some countries at that time starting with Turkey. Getting the new bike in Germany, and acquiring a "carnet de passage" from the Deutche Automobil Club, and having a registration book in several languages, was a great help.
Earlier experiences: These trips were taken after Barbara and I had travelled together from California up to British Columbia (via the coast route, highway.
06.03.2000 First letter. Intends to take another long trip like this in a couple of years.
21.02.2002 Just bought a BMW R 1150 RT (2002): "I am getting wanderlust BIG TIME".
23.02.2002 "I'll seriously consider coming to Belgium to the "25th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers" aapril 2003".
B.T.: In an additional letter I found out that Barbara and Doughlas did not marry. In 1971-73 Doughlas met only some Aussies in Yugoslavia, and a German chap in Afghanistan (who was on his way back home from Nepal by bike). He does not have the names. In 1973 the eastern 40 miles or so of Turkey on the GT road were gravel; other than that, it was all paved roads - some a lot better than others, obviously.

Gallissian, Christian (French)
+ Around-The-World. Christian: 1972, Reporter von Sipa-Press, realisiert 1972 eine Weltumrundung in 80 Tagen an Bord einer R 5. Später erklimmt er sechs der höchsten Berge Afrikas per Trial-Motorrad. 1976 dirigiert er die erste Sahara-Durchquerung West-Ost: la "Croisiere des sables".

07.1973 - 11.1973
Dautheville, Anne-France (French)
+ Around-The-World. .
Books: World-Tour: Et j'ai suivi le vent (in French). German translation: Der Wind war mein Begleiter. Solo France-Pakistan-France in 1972 with Moto Guzzi 750: Une demoiselle sur une Moto (in French). 1982 South America: La Piste de l'or. German translation: Wohin der Wind mich trieb (Start 19.03.1981 21.000 kms through 8 South American countries).
1998 Anne-France refused to meet Bernd Tesch in France although I saw her in person in her garden. She does not want to have to do anything with mc-travels of her earlier life anymore.
B.T: The journalist and writer Anne-France ist the first women who rode solo around the world on a bike somehow. 3 continents and 20.000 kms with a Kawasaki (125 ccm)

05.09.1973 - 01.03.1975
Salvadori, Clement (American)  no www.
+ Around-The-World. Clement rode solo on a BMW R 75/5 72.000 kms in 5 five continents in 26 different countries.
Route: From Europe on a long hippyway to India. Europe (Italy (Rom) - Greece - Turkey) Asia (Iran - Afghanistan - Pakistan - India - Nepal - India) - by ship to Africa (Kenya (Mombassa) - Tanzania - Zambia - Botswana - Rhodesia (before it became Zimbabwe) - South Africa - by ship to Australia (Western Australia - across the Nullabor Plain , up to Ayers Rock, to Queensland and Sydney - by ship to New Zealand) - by ship to North-America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA). In California Clement sold his BMW R75/5  and bought a low mileage BMW R60/5. Back to Mexico - there he stayed 15 months. Since may 30, 1976 Clement head north: USA - Canada - Alasca - back Canada - USA (Massachusetts).
The best: The culture and history and beauty of Afghanistan. Being shown New Zealand by Motorcycling author Barry Crump.
The Worst: A crash in Zambia. Apartheid in South Africa.
Other countries Clement has ridden in, since beginning in 1956:
Andorra, Austria, Bahamas, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Crotaia, Czech Pep., Finland, France,  Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Nethelands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tiber / China, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yugloslawia.
Clement is a very high experienced and wellknown American-Mc-TRAVEL-Journalist.
Book: Motorcycle Journeys Through Baja.
Book: Motorcycle Journeys Through California.
1994 Bernd Tesch visited Clement and Susan in USA. Clement: "It was a marvellous trip. I was a fortune human being to do this".
1994 Clement wanted to make a 60 days trip around the world, just for fun. But: He cannot leave his 5 cats alone for so long time...
04.2003 Promised in 2000 to be a participant of the 25thTesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 2003..
11.03.2003 Clemnet: would love to come to Malmedy - but I have other commitments in April. I contracted to do four travel stories for Harley-Davidson, and the last one is due at the end of April and has to be done in the Northeast of the United States. Which means I have to wait until the last possible minute to try to get some good weather. My best to anybody I might know at your meeting - and if I can be of any assistance, let me know.

17.09.1973 - 01.03.1981
Gawenda, Ken (American /Australian dual citizen)  www. ???
+ Around-The-World.  Ken rode 216.000 kms solo and with a variety of other bikes and passengers on a BMW R 60/5 through 4 different continents in 40 different countries.
Route: North America (USA (Detroit, Michigan)) - flew to Europe (Germany and bought a BMW R60/5 - southeast to Turkey (Istanbul)) - Asia (Iran -  Afghanistan - Pakistan - India with sidetrips to Kashmir and Nepal - from India (Madras (Chennai)) by ship to Malaysia (Penang) - Singapore - by ship to Australia (Fremantle/Perth in Western Australia). There he worked for a while to recuperate his fortunes, and then continued east to Sydney by ship to North-America (Panama - rode north through Central America to the USA - Canada.  Six months later he headed south again, riding to riding to Mexico then back to the US - shipping the bike to Australia via New Zealand over South America (Venezuela - Columbia - Ecuador - Peru, and crossing the Andes into Bolivia. At Riberalta he put himself and his bike on a barge being pushed down the Rio Madeira, a tributary of the Amazon River, but unfortunately his barge sank, with the R60/5 still on board). That was the end of that trip.
Ken eventually emigrated to Australia, where he is now the Learning Facilitator at the Matilda Bay Brewing Company in Perth, married, children,  and several motorcycles on which he has traversed much of the Australian outback.
The best: Meeting the Dali Lama in Mcleod Gange. Riding through the Kyber Pass. Himilayas. Andes.
The Worst: Losing the bike in the Rio Mamore in Bolivia.
Book: No
Ken and Clement met in Teheran Iran in October of 1973 and rode together through Afganistan to India and Nepal.  Clem went to Africa and I went to Malaysia in South East Asia and took a boat from Singapore to Perth W. Australia arriving in late January 1974.  Clem turned up in Perth around May or June and stayed at my place for a few weeks. We parted ways again and I continued working until August 74 and then headed over to Sydney and caught a boat to Panama.  Arrived in Panama in November and rode up through Central America to Mexico. It was still to cold so I went back to Guatemala and
accidently met Clem in Guatemala City in January 1975.  We rode together until we crossed into the US a month or so later.
and rode back to the US together.
14.08.2000 1st information by Clement Salvadori
08.02.2001 Kenneth will try to join the 25th Meeting for Mc-WORLD-Travellers in april 2003
11.03.2003: Kenny: Unfortunatly my work committments are such that I cannot leave Australia at this time. I was hoping for a lottery win so I could quit work once and for all and start motorcycle travelling again! I hope that your meeting goes well. If you see RTW traveller Clement Salvadori over there say hello for me.

06.10.1973 - 15.08.1977
Simon, Ted (British, born 01.05.1931)
+ Around-The-World. Four years through five continents on a Triumph (2 Zylinder. Model Tiger-100-P). A marvellous reading adventure. He rode ca. 100.800 km (60.647 road miles, 78.302 total distance), four years and fourty-five countries around the world. He came back 30 pounds lighter. Beim Fahren bewegen sich seine Gedanken zwischen Kontemplation, Fehler der Vergangenheit zu finden und Spekulation über Gefahren der Zukunft. Die Triumph steht heute im "Alfred Herbert Museum" in Coventry, Großbritannien.
Books: The most sold books of a Wold-Around-Tour by motorcycle: 300.000 copies. Jupiter's Travels (translated in 5 other languages). German edition: Jupiter's Reisen. Jupiters Fahrt (German edition 1983). French edition: Les Voyages de Jupiter.
Italian edition: I Viaggi di Jupiter. Spanish edition: Los Viajes de Jupiter. Dutch edition: Jupiters Reizen (1996). American editions: Jupiter's Travels (1980 and 1996).
After he came home: Riding High (English edition). Die Fahrt des Lebens. Vom Unterwegssein und Ankommen (German edition 1985). Riding Home (American edition). Terugkeer van Jupiter (Dutch edition 1999).
28.10.91 Bernd Teschs first contact with Ted.
1994 Bernd Tesch visited Ted in USA.
Partcipant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 3 times since 1995.
02.10.2000 Ted visits Bernd Tesch again.
01.2001: Ted is planning a new mc-tour Round-The-World jorney to compare it with his tour in the seventies.  You can read here more later.
13.07.2001 Ted is in East Africa on the way to South Africa.
Simon, Ted (British, born 01.05.1931) Triumph T-100 Tiger, 500 cc. Around the world, first time, solo. Began 06.10.1973 England, France, Italy, Sicily, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Southern Rhodesia, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, France, England Ended, June 1977. Total distance: 78,000 miles, On motorcycle, 64,000 miles. Two books about this journey: Jupiter's Travels and Riding Home (now republished under the title Riding High . Second time around the world, repeating the first journey after quarter of a century, to see how things have changed in the world. Solo. BMW R80 GS Began 27.01.2001 England, France, Germany Switzerland, Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Serbska, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, England. Ended, 21.06.2003 Total distance on motorcycle: 59,000 miles Book about this journey to be published in 2007 in English, German and Dutch: Dreaming of Jupiter. All details about this journey may be found on a CD: Jupiter Returns, available from

1974 - 1984
Basta (Batham), Charles and Veronique- called "Frog" - Piales (Biales) (Australians)
+ Around-The-World. With a HONDA Goldwing and a trailer behind around the world. 1975 England. 1976 North-America. 1977 Central America. 1978 South America. 1980 Africa. 1981 Europe Middle East. 1982 Indian Sub Continent. 1983 S.E. Asia. 1984 Australia.
13.07.01 I do not have his address in Australia. Who knows him ?
13.11.02 Request to Peter Thoeming. Does not know him:
22.11.02 Broome Trike Flights', based in Broome, North West Australia, and (supposedly) jointly run by Stuart Howe and Charles Batham. Something to do with Charles Batham ? All infos above by Dorian Hanock in Saudia Arabia
10.07.2005 Henrik Fuglsang met Charles in 1986 in Australia. But lost conatct with him. Met Charles in Sydney APR-Jun. He lived in subburb Paddington, as far as I remember Underwood street. Charles at that time running a "Rose-girl" business, where he organized girls to sell roses in various restaurants at evenings. The Goldwing was still parked in his backyard.
10.06.2005 1 I do not have his address in Australia. Who knows him ?

1975 - 1984
Thompson, Walter J.
? Around-The-World. Picture 1975-81 and 1981-1984. Sponsored by Continental. Craven Equipmnet. Nikon. S & W. Vetter Fairing.
20.11.1998 First information by Eric Haws.
22.05.2000 I do not know more details. Who knows them, their present address or publicatinos about them??
24.07.01 Asked Eric for more information.
18.03.02 Asked again for more information05.01.1976 - 30.11.1979: 1st Around-The-World
10.1996 - 29.06.1999: 2nd Around-The-World
McGonigal, David and Trevor Ockenden (Australians)
+ + Two times Around-The-World. 1st tour: David with YAMAHA RD 350 and Trevor with HONDA CB 500/4.
First route: Australia (Sydney) - Singapure (by ship ?) - Thailand - flew the bikes to Kalkutta ind India - Nepal - Kashmir  - Pakistan - Afghanistan - Iran - Turkey - Europe - Ireland (Dublin) - by air to N.Y. - Canada (Vancouver) - Australia.
McGonigal, Lynn and David (Australians)
2nd tour: With a BMW R 1100 RT. Lynn rode parts of it together with David.
Route: David and Lynn rode: Chile (Santiago) - Argentina (Ushuaia) - Antartic Peninsula (Espranza Base) - back by ship to Argentina (Ushuiaia) -  Brazil (Rio - Recife) - Chile (Santigao) - Equador - by air to Panama - Alaska (Dalton Highway Artic shore) - and then ?? - Vancouver - Vladiwostok - Polen - Germany - France - Spain -.Morocco. - Europe - North Cape - North Africa - Iceland US - Australia - Pacific Islands - New Zealand - Australia.
Book: Plans a book.
1961 - 1963  ?. Earliest tours?
28.08.97 First Info by Werner Zwick
30.08.98 David visited Bernd Tesch in Germany.
29.06.1999 Bernd Tesch was the FIRST who get information about his world-around-tour through seven continents and all time zones.
12.1999 Lynn and David gave a wonderful party for the Mc-Travellers Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch in Sydney / Australia. A short time later they moved to a ship staying on this ship for some months which takes tourist to Antartica. They gave lectures to them. Aditionnaly they will write a book about Antartica.
30.03.2003: David wrote: Bernd,sorry you haven't heard from me - we just got back to Australia after four months in Antarctica (again). I hope the 25th Meeting for World-Travellers goes well but the timing is just wrong for me - right at the end of a long Antarctic work season.
16.07.2003 Asked for update detail Antartica by motorcycle.
B.T. : David owns the World-Record being the first motorcycle traveller in 29.06.1999 having ridden by motorcycle all seven continents and all time zones. < december 1977
Mentzler, Terry (Australia ?)
+ Around-The-World. Solo on a HONDA XL 250 around the world
Route: Australia (Sydney - Perth) - by boat to Asia (Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand  (Bangkok, 5800 kms since Sydney) - to Calcutta by plane - India - Afghanistan - Iran) - Europe (Yugloslavia - Italy - France - London) - USA (Boston - St. Louis - Long Beach, California) - Tahiti - Australia (Sydney).
09.1978 1st publication in MOTORCYCLIST
1992  1st informatin and copies by Mopsa and Richard English. ??.01.1977 - ??.10.1980
Thoeming, Peter (German born 26.01.1947, naturalised Australian, and Peter Rae (Irish)
+ Around-The-World. 2,5 years. Travel-stories out of: England. Irland. Europa (von Peter Rae). Sydney-Singapure. Südost-Asien. Nepal und Indien. Von Pakistan bis zur Türkei. Großbritannien - Spanien. Von Marokko nach Spanien. Von Sizilien nach Griechenland. Athen - London - Dublin (Die Guinness Brauerei war das Ziel). Dazu dann die Fahrt durch Europa, Nordafrika, die Tuerkei und Osteuropa mit seiner zukuenftigen Frau Anne auf einer Yamaha XS1100. Kreuz und quer durch USA von Küste zu Küste (von Peter Thoeming, mit Freund Charlie [Sydney-Dublin] auf einer Honda XL 250)
Peter Rae, Herausgeber des Magazins "Motorcycle Rider" und Peter Thoeming, Redakteur and owner des australischen  Motorrad-Magazins "Australian Road Rider", der website "" und der woechentlichen Zeitungstory     Motorcycle Weekly, erzählen und beweisen, daß die Barrieren zwischen Einheimischen und Motorrad-Fahrern viel kleiner sind als bei Auto-Fahrern, und mögliche Freundschaften einfacher sind.
Book: Motorcycle Touring. A guide for hardened explorer and novice alike. (English.1982). Australia (2001).
The best: Afghanistan, der Himalaya,
The Worst: Krankheit in Kashmir und Grenzen.
Book: Motorcycle Touring. A guide for hardened explorer and novice alike. (English. 1982)
14.09.91 Started to search for Peter.
30.08.98 David McGonical gave me his address in Australia.
12.1999 I visited Peter in Sydney / Australia and Charlie Carter in Alice Springs.

10.1977 - 2000
Woodburn, Emy (1961) and David (1955) with daughter Mattea (1988) (Australians)
? Around-The-World. Since 14 years "On the road". Since 8,5 years (in 1997) with child.
Route: In total unknown. Rode several times Australia - Asia - Europe. America West-East. Canada. Now in America.
29.09.97 Treffen. Info von Jochen Henrichs: "Lebt um die Welt"
03.10.97 Bernd Tesch met them at Claudia Giese´s birtday in and good-bye-party of  Dirk Erker in Duisburg.
1997: Participant of the Tesch-Globetrotter-Meeting in
07.2000 Now resting in North America.
1s.10.2004 Mattea. now 16. found thois block by internet. Her family is now with a BMW-Shop working.
ASked for update< 1978
Amelunge (Amelin), Jean-Paul et Lauert Pflegelatte (French).
? Around-The-World. Not sure if they circled the whole world.
22.07.2000. Who knows more about them? Addresses, publications?1978
Walle, Regis van de (French)
+ Around-The-World in 80 days with a HONDA CB 400 N. 40.000 kms.
Mit einer Honda CB 400 N fährt Regis 1978 in 80 Tagen (56 Fahrtage) 40.000 km durch vier Kontinente um die Welt. Er folgt den Spuren der Romanfigur Phileas Fogg von Jules Verne (Phantastischer französischer Roman "In 80 Tagen um die Welt". 1873). Die Reise fängt gut an, aber allmählich sammelt Regis Verspätungen. Er soll genau zur Eröffnung der Motorradausstellung in Paris ankommen. Vor der Tür warten seine Freundin und Leute von Honda Frankreich. Und er kommt an, eine Viertelstunde, bevor es zu spät gewesen wäre!
Route: Frankreich (Paris) - England - per Flugzeug von London nach Panama - Costa Rica - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - USA - Rapid City - Canada - Alaska - mit Flugzeug über Tokyo nach - Indien - Pakistan - Iran - Türkei - Rumänien - Bulgarien - Jugoslawien - Italien - Frankreich - Spanien - Marokko - Algerien - Tunesien - Algerien - Marokko - Spanien - Frankreich (Paris).
Book: Le Tour du monde à moto en 80 jours. Deutsch : Die Tour um die Erde in 80 Tagen.

01.08.1978 - 01.09.1981
Nuzzo, Giovanni Giancarlo (Italian, born ??.??.1953)
+ This tour not complete Around-The-World. First World tour through 4 continents 78.327 km with a Vespa-scooter (125 GTR called "Bombi").
In total Giancarlo rode more than 100.000 km with his Vespa since 1974.
Route: Giancarlo Nuzzo started 1978 touring in Europe and North Africa. Visited Nordkap and Tammanrasset. He then took his Vespa to New York, traveled through Canada to San Francisco and then down to Tierra del Fuego.
Earlier experiences:
Summer 1978
Within 2 months Giancarclo rode 8.500 kms without any technical problems.
Route: Italy - Greece - Turkey (Istanbul) - Bulgaria - Rumania - Jugloslawia - Italy.

20.04.1979 -28.07.1979
Giancarlo rode 20.576 km within three months with his Vespa "Bombi" 125 GTRin Europe and Africa.
Route: Italy - Tschechozlovaki - Poland - Finnland - Norwegian (Norkap) - "On the raod" he met a Japanese with a YAMAHA XT 250 and both rode together from Finnland to North Cape. Only 1.800 km to the North Pole - back through Norwegen - Sweden - Denmark - Germany - Fance - Spain - Morocco - Algeria (Beni Abbes - Adrar - further south the sand was so deep that Giancarlo returned to Adar and rode via Ain Salah to Tamanrasset. Back - Ain Salah - El Golea) - Tunisia - Italy.

19.06.1980 - 30.12.1980
TRANS AMERICAS TOUR. Giancarlo planned to ride solo in 6 months from Canada to Argentina (Tierra del Fuego) and made it with 39.343 km in 6,5 months.
Route: Italy - by plane with Vespa to USA (N.Y.) - Canada (Ottawa - Montreal - Toronto - Chibogamou) - USA (Grand Canyon - Rocky Mountains - Yellowstone Park - San Franzisco - Arizona - New Mexico - Nevada) - Mexico - through bad weather (june to dezember it is raning in Central America) - in Guatemala Giancarclo had an accident because he did not see a big stone - El Salvador - Panama - by ship to Colombia - Equador - Peru (here the Vespa had to go up 4.843 m) - Chile (Atacama - Santiago - Provinz Oscorno: Here he met a German who has been travelling by motorcycle for 18 months in South America) - Argentina (Patagonia - Perrito Moreno - Glacier - Ushuaia (04.12.1980) - Buenos Aires) - Italy.

01.09.1984 - 20.12.1984
Ande and Amazonas solo ride, 12.000 km on a Honda 125 Paris Dakar (italian made, Honda Atessa factory). Giancarlo start from Lima, Perù, to Nasca, then Cuzco and Machu Picchu, crossing the Cordillera (5.000 meter mountain
passes) and down in Brasil Orinoco plateau. The travel continued following this route: Puerto Maldonado, Rio Branco, Porto Velho, Manaus, Santarem, Belem. This was the hardest part of the ride. After Belem Giancarlo ride to Recife, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Iguazù and Buenos Aires (Argentina). 1985
SRI LANKA PERIPLUS. 3.000 km with a Honda 250 XL

01.06.1986 - 10.12.1986
+ Around-The-World.
With two Gilera Arizona Hawk 125, Nuzzo and his team did a complete round trip of the world in 180 days and 45.000 km.
Route: From Italy to London, then New York, Mexico and California, then Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, then India, Nepal and Pakistan, then Siria, Turkey (Turchia), Jugoslavia, Italy.

COAST TO COAST USA. 6.000 km with a Gilera Dakota 350, from New York to San Francisco INDIA 3.500 km in Rajastan with BMW K75.

Carl, ? (German)
+ Around-The-World.
With a BMW. Australia-part: Australienteil seiner Wetreise."
23.-24.04.88  Dia-Vortrag auf dem 1l0. MOTO - FERNREISE - TREFFEN
09.05.2004 I lost the Christian name of the man. In earlier time I had a report of his Around-The-World Tour. Who lnows this man?

KENYA AND TANZANIA. 4.000 km with a scooter Piaggio Cosa 125.
MEXICO. 5.000 km from Mexico City to Yucatan, Pacific coast, Acapulco and back to Mexico City with a Malaguti Runner 125 SOUTH EAST USA 4.000 km with a scooter Piaggio Cosa 200 in Florida and Louisiana.
CENTRAL AFRICA 4.500 km with a Malaguri Runner 125 in Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe1989
ALASKAN TRAIL. 8.000 km solo from Seattle to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, on Arctic Sea, trough Canada, and back, with a Honda XL Dominator 600.1991
ALBANIA (historic). First motorcycle ride in Albania since 50 years !! With two Gilera Apache 125 from Italy trough Slovenia, Croazia and Serbia (war time). End in Greece. 4.000 km1992
EX CCCP. 9.000 km circle tour from Italy to Moscow (Hungary, Ukrain, Russia, Baltic Countries, Finland, Poland, Tschechozlovaki) with a Moto Guzzi Quota 1000.

5.000 km off road in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico with a Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenerè

01.10.1983 - 30.12.1983
TRANS AUSTRALIAN TOUR. Australia crossing with two trike Ranger 125 (Piaggio engine on a Italjet chassis): 11.000 km from Perth to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock (sand desert Gunbarrel highway), then up to Cape Tribulation (Queensland) and down along all the east coast to Sydney and Melbourne. Giancarlo and his partner (Alessandro Ravelli) made a video, shown on the italian national channel TV Canale 5.

Publicatons: Giamncarlo published more than 2000 articles (Until 04.2003) in 6 countries (Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Panama, Australia) within the last 20 years.
Books: "Il Raid Mototuristico" (this is the title of my first book issued on 1983) means "The Touristic Raid on a Motorcycle". Publisher: Scoprire l'Italia in Moto (Italian).
"Il Raid Mototuristico" (issued on 1983, by Ed. "Il Castello", Milano) means "The Touristic Raid on a Motorcycle". Scoprire l'Italiain Moto (Italian edition 1991, by "Istituto Geografico De Agostini", Novara).
Scoprire l'Italia in Moto (Italian). Motorradtouren in Italien (German edition). Motorradtouren in Italien (German edition).
Page 159-172 in Book: "Alles über Motorroller" by Hans G. Isenberg and Helmut Rebholz. Motorbuch Verlag. Stuttgart. Germany. ISBN 3-613-01030-5..
23.11.1992 First contact. Journalist. Very good informed about Motorcycle-travels in Italia.
22.03.2003 UPDATED!!! (The job took me more than 1 hour...!) :-))

1979 + 1992 / 93 + 1999 + 2000
Todd, Daniel (American)
- Plan Around The World: Daniel is on his second around the world tour on his KLR650.
03.08.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
03.08.2001 I am absultely sure that I had contact with him before. Have to search in my archives..
10.01.2001 1st email to him with request.
20.02.2003 daniel wrote: Dear Bernd, I see that you have already heard of me. I have been hearing about you for many years and have wanted to make contact with you for some time! I am from San Francisco, California but I am based in Puerto Rico for the last nine years. I am now making contact with you for two reasons: To make the corrections you requested about myself for your website and to ask you if you want other speakers at your RTW meeting in April. I am a Travel photographer and as you might imagine, I have an amazing collection from my 24 years as a bike overlander! You might have seen my website There are no recent photos and I need to rewrite the material but the site has some of my photography work. If you want some help at the meeting, I could help organize, give a presentation and show some of my work to you and your comrades. I could burn some of my photos on a CD and bring one along if you will have that equipment available.
Routes: I started overlanding on bikes in 1979 in my own country USA, then did 18 month odyssey in every Country in North, Central and South America for a total of 105,000 KM in 1992 and1993. I later rode the European Continent and then shipped my KLR 650 to Israel and continued South through Egypt and the African Continent all the way to Cape Town in 1999. I crossed India three times and the Himalayas at several points including Pakistan (Karakoram) and Nepal in 2000. Also several crossings of Asia and SE Asia and then Australia last year. I have overlanded on two wheels more than 400,000 KM. I have traveled 104 countries.
25.02.2003 2nd request for update.
25.03.2006 3rd request short after he married an Equadorian woman and met Ricardo Rosso in Equador / Quito.

1979 - 1980
Buchholz, Artur und Heiner Maxfeld (Germans)
+ Around-The-World. With two Honda XL 250.
14.07.2000 1st contact. Artur called me.04.1979 - ca. 1982
Schmidt, James (American)
? Around-The-World. Startet with SUZUKI T 500. Bought later YAMAHA XT 500. Rode possibly Around-The-World.
Route: In 1980 he was already 3 years "on the road": Nord - und Mittel-Amerika, umrundete als erster MOTORRADFAHRER Süd-Amerika, Fuhr von Kapstadt nach Kornelimünster und will mit einem Tesch-Tank (30 l) nach Asien und Australien.
1980  Capetown - Tanger. Der Amerikaner James K. Schmidt (ca. 47 Jahre) gestartet im April 1979 auf einer Suzuki T 500 in USA zu einer Motorrad-Weltreise. Dabei durchquert er Mittel-Amerika und fährt rund um Süd-Amerika - Santos (Brasilien) > South Africa (nach Capetown) - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Tansania - Kenia - Uganda - Zaire bis Kisangani - mit Schiff nach Kinshasa - dort 1 Jahr bei Amerikanern gearbeitet - Congo Brazzaville - Gabon - Cameroun - Nigeria - Benin - Togo - Ghana - Obervolta - Niger - Hoggar-Route - Alger - Marokko - Spanien - Portugal - France - Belgien - Nederland - BRD - planned to continue overland to India.
1980 War Gast beim 5. Moto-Fernreise-Treffen14.08.1979 - 11.1980
Brück, Thomas (German)
+ Around-The-World with YAMAHA XS 750. 70.000 kms.
Plan july 98 2-4 years with SUZUKI DR 650 SE and Doro (?) another World-Around-Tour
Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1998.

08.1980 - ?
MANLEY, Mark (British, born 31.10.1961)
- Around the World.
Mark started motorcycling 31.10.1977 with PUCH GRAND PRIX MOPED. First proper bike was KAWASAKI KH250. First big bike was TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE (31.10.1979).
08.1980: Scotland. Fist long ride was in Scotland on TRIUMPH. Did 580 miles (= 928 kms) in one day on return. Got a really sore ass. Bought a copy of Ted Simons book "Jupiters Travel" on the way which impressed me for the future to travel more.
05.1984: France. First trip abroad France on ON TRIUMPH.
10.1986: Europe. First tour low countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, All with a girlfriend ?? on her TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE.
08.1990: USA. Three week tour of USA on a HARLEY to Sturgis Rally. Met British RTW traveller Glynn Roberts there.
15.09.1994 - 28.08.1995: Europe - Australia. One year. 20.000 miles. On a BMW R80 GS, through central Europe - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India (15.07.1995) - Nepal - Thaliand - Malaysia 15- reached Australia after 10 months 15.07.1995. Spend two months there.
Favourite places: Pakistan, Malaysia because of fabulous people and conutries. Dis not disklike anywhere in particular. Indian people a pain in the ass (why??).
04.10.1999 -10.03.2000: South America. 5 months. 14.000 miles. Shipped bike to Valparrisio. Tavelled in Chile - Argentina - Peru - Bolivia - Uruguay. Saw in Millenium in Ushuaia / Argentina. Took 10 day trip to Falkland Island and Antartica on the Bremen 4-1-00. Favourite places Argentina, Antarctica. Great peole in one, unbelievable scenery in other.
Reasons for travelling: I enjoy meeting people, both local and other travellers. The diversity of the worlds scenery and nature. Gaining an appreciataion of the standard of living in the industrialised world and the freedom we enjoy. Learning of the kindness and generousity of all people no matter of their political, finacial or religious situation.
Other trips planned, many everywhere. If I do half what I would lke to do then I will need to live 150 years old.
12.2002 Africa. Next long trip hoepfully through Africa for a year on a YAMAHA XT500, possibly. Any woman interessted to travel with me?
Useful tip for others: Take the bike that you will most enjoy travleleing on considering the conditions that you will encounter. People have gone RTW on HARLEY, GOLDWINGS and HONDA 50's. You do not have to use a BMW R80GS or a YAMAHA A XT600.
B.T.: Mark has been participant of the Meeting fro motorcycle WORLD-Travellers in 1997,1998,1999, 2001. He will love to ride a light XT 500 trough Africa and plans to circle the world somehow..
07.2003 Patricia and Bernd visited Mark in his new restored house in England near Exter.

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1970 Start of search of Travellers Around-The-World by motorcycle.
1992 - 1994 More intensive search because of my book "Motorrad Abenteuer Touren" in work by phone, fax and personal visits.
1995 - 1997 First tries to find and contact RTW-Travllers and Motorcycle-Travellers by email.
1998 Start of my website. Not knowing what will come out of it in future.
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