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Foto: Steffen Müller und Min Tesch in Afrika.

Bernd Tesch has been travelling in Africa until 2001 about 111.111 kms himself. But much more important is that he knows hundreds of Africa-Motorcycle-Travellers himself. He is working in this field since 1962 (his first tour to Africa). In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the Africa and World-Travellers to get contact / informations. Later Fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA and in between in Belgium, France, Germany, Namibia, Netherland, South Africa, Switzerland. Many of  famous Africa Motorcycle Travellers have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. I own the largest archive of  Africa-Travellers and TRANS-Africa-Travellers. Especially I am as well best  informed the history: "Discovering Africa by Motorcycle". See below. In this summaries you find nearly all the mc-pioneers and other intersting mc-tours. I konw many Transafrica-travllers which are not inside here so far. In 02.1998 I started in internet to publish informations about Motorcycle-World-Travellers (> >under NEWS). This collection was first published 28th of may 2000 first time.

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a two new books called "Afrika-Motorrad-Reisen (3rd edition) = Africa Motorcycle Travels" and "Afrika Motorrad Abenteuer" = Africa Motorcycle Adventures. All books about "Africa by Motorcycle" which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" = Motorcycle-Adventure-Tours (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages.

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01.10.1980 - 27.10.82
Müller, Sven (German)  your http://www.???
Solo Africa with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Or: I rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
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I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1970 about Motorcycle-World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this high level. Please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in the language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations. I could add hundreds huge Motorcycle-Travels of  Africa- and especially Trans-Africa. But this will take much more of my time in future. One special field of me is to reseach the "Historical conquer and special interesting Africa-tours". The earliest motorcycle tours through Africa should be relatively complete. If you know any of them who are not registered here please inform me.

Bernd Tesch

Overland to, in and around Africa by Motorcycle

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10-20 billion (= Millarden) years ago
The universe started to exist somehow.

4.5 billion years ago
The Sun and Earth were created. The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun. Possibly out of change of gravity in the universe it was caused that dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the biggest part which is the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circle around the sun. All of the men / women who have been in satelits speak about the "blue planet earth" because about 70 % of the earth is water.

1-3 billion years ago
First signs of life on the earth.  After the earth got colder the first cells grew in microbe "Archeos"  (= das Ursprüngliche, the basic). If this came by meteroits from other planets or developed emcame up,

170 Mio years ago
The One-Piece-Continent separated in two big blocks. The southern part was called Gondwana.

160 Mio years ago
Madagasgar seperated from Africa and started therefoer his own development

25.000 years ago

The "homo sapiens" exists.

1801 - 1900

Erstes Motorrad von Gottlieb Daimler
Um 1883/84 bemüht sich Gottlieb Daimler, Erfinder des Verbrennungsmotors, darum die menschliche Kraft durch die Kraft der Verbrennung  - "Explosion"  zu ersetzen. Gottlieb war ein Schüler des Erfinders Otto, der den schwerfälligen und gewichtigen Otto - Gasmotor gebaut hatte. Dieser Motor stand fest am Boden, um Arbeitskraft zu erzeugen. Gottlieb suchte ein leichteres Aggregat, das Bewegungskraft erzeugen sollte. Eines nachts wagen sich Gottlieb und sein Sohn Paul auf die menschenleeren Straßen zur ersten Fahrt mit diesem "teuflischen Gefährt", einem Holz - Motor - Rad mit eisenbeschlagenen Rädern. Am 29.08.1885 wird dieses Gefährt vom Kaiserlichen Patentamt in Berlin als erstes Motor - Rad der Welt gesetzlich geschützt. Am 10.11.1885 legt Sohn Paul Daimler in aller Öffentlichkeit drei Kilometer von Bad Canstatt (Baden Würtemberg) nach Untertürkheim zurück. Das erste Motor - Rad mit Holzrahmen hat einen Verbrennungsmotor mit gesteuerten Auslaßventilen und automatischem Einlaß. Wilhelm Maybach fährt erstmalig damit. 1 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 264 ccm. 0,5 PS (0,37 kw). Max 12 km/Std. - Daimler wird nie Motorräder bauen, sondern hat nur mit dem Motor in Motorrädern und Booten experimentiert. Mit Carl Benz wendet er sich dem Vierrad zu und baut 1901 den ersten Daimler Benz. In Untertürkeim wächst die heutige Daimler - Benz AG.

Stevens, Thomas. Around the world on a bicyle. Solo-Weltumrundung auf einem Hochrad von Stevens.

Villiers (Auguste). Les voyages impossiblea, la traversée de l´Afrique an vélocipède. III. De Teller. Paris: Boulanger. 1892. In-4. 564 p.: III. In 4°. Buch vermutlich über erste Afrika-Durchquerung per Fahrrad durch einen Franzosen. Ungeklärt.
23.11.1998 1. Info von Prof. Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing. Aus einer Bibliographie von "Pomme Bibligraphie du Cyclisme. FFC, Paris 1984. Autor: Keizo Kobayashi.

Heinrich und Wilhelm Hildebrand und Alois Wolfmüller gründen in München die erste Motorrad - Fabrik.
Bis 1896 bauen sie mehr als 1000 Maschinen: Wassergekühlter 2 - Zyl. Viertakt - Motor. 1488 ccm. 2,5 PS (1,85 kw). Ca. 40 km/h. Glührohrzündanlage.

Im ersten Produktionsjahr von Motorrädern der 1892 neu bezeichneten Firma NSU (NeckarSUlm) wurden 100 Motorräder und 7000 Fahrräder hergestellt. NSU erfand die gefederte Vorradgabel und baute riesige Stückzahlen von NSU - Motorrädern.

1901 - 1950

Ein Automobilbesitzer wagt sich als erster auf Panhard & Lessor bis nach Ghardaia (Algerien).

12.09.1903 - ?
Tom Silver
Capetown - Cairo. Tom hat den ersten bekannten Versuch unternommen, die Tour "Capetown - Cairo" zu fahren. Er startet am 21.09.1903. Toms Motorrad war eine Quadrant aus Birmingham. Das war ein Fahrrad mit verstärktem Rahmen ohne Vorderrad - und Hinterrad - Federung und mit Keilriemen - Antrieb. Als Ersatzteile waren eine komplette Vorderradgabel, ein Satz Räder und Maschinenteile dabei. - Tom kam immerhin 6000 Meilen (= 9600 km) weit, bevor sein Versuch im Sudan (?) scheiterte (?).
24.06.2000 Who knows more about this tour or owns publications or knows what happened with him after 1903??

Sahara. 1. Versuch, die Sahara per Motorrad zu durchqueren, durch Major Pein. In Ouargla (Algerien) streikt der Motor.
Erwähnenswert ist, daß bereits 1897 Hauptmann Pein, ein erfolgreicher Saharaforscher, einen Plan ausgearbeitet hatte, wie man Kamele durch Lasrwagen ersetzen könnte und damit Touggourt mit dem südlichen Vorposten von Fort Faltters verbinden könnte. 1908 (1909 ?) versuchte der wackere Kapitän, seinen Plan umzusetzen, indem er mit dem Motorrad nach El Golea fahren wollte. Er blieb allerdings in den Dünen stecken und kehrte traurig nach Laghouat zurück.

Sahara. Das erste Motorrad erreicht El Golea. Allerdings das Motorrad, der französische Offizier und Mechaniker auf dem Rücken eines Kamels.
08.06.1999 Info von Dr. Werner Nöter aus Buch "Der Wüste begegnen" von Troßmann. 1993.

Sahara. Der Franzose Gaston Liégard bewältigt die 400 km lange Strecke nach Biskra und Touggourt und die Strecke von Tebessa nach Gafsa (Tunesien). Ein gewöhnlicher Peugeot, dessen Räder über abgestütze 36 cm breite Kokosmatten liefen. Dem lag die Erkenntnis zugrunde, daß Autos mit "Kettenantrieb" und einer Übertragung des hohen Gewichtes auf eine breitere Fläche weiche Sandgebiete leichter durchqueren können.

1912 - 1913
South-West-Africa. Wie seit ur - Jahrhunderten reitet Frl. Fischer in Nambia noch auf einem Ochsen im besten Kleid aus zum Einkaufen. Das Original - Foto befindet sich im Tsumeb - Museum in Namibia bei Ilse Fischer.

Vor 1914
Sahara. Erste Flugzeuge erkunden die Randgebiete der Sahara.

South-West-Africa. Im ersten Weltkrieg bei dem Einmarsch der Engländer in der deutschen Kolonie Südwest - Afrika in der kleinen Stadt Tsumeb wurden hier die ersten Motorräder der englischen Truppen gesichtet.

Sahara. Der französische Generalkommandant von Algerien, General Laperrine, beginnt die ernstzunehmende Erkundung der Sahara mit Autos. Französische Armeeautos kommen von Ouargla 750 km südlicher bis Ain Salah. Der erste Fiat-Lastwagen Typ 15 TER braucht 20 Tage von Ouargla mit einer Kamelkarawanr als Begleitung. Die Eroberung der Sahara wurde einerseits durch die fortschreitende Technik begünstigt, vielmehr aber durch die Notwendigkeit, daß die Franzosen im ersten Weltkrieg die Resourcen ihrer westafrikanischen Kolonien einfacher als auf dem Seeweg oder mit Kamelen haben wollten.

Sahara. Der französische Generalkommandant von Algerien, General Laperrine ,kommt mit französischen Armeeautos von Ouargla 1050 km südlich.

Sahara. Der französische General Nivelle befiehl, daß unter dem Kommando von Bettenbourg und Louis Audouin - Dubreuil sieben Autos und drei Flugzeuge eine erfolgreiche Fahrt entlang der Militärstationen tief in die Sahara entlang der nördlichen Tanzefrouft. Diese Strecke erwies sich als viel einfacher durch Fahrzeuge zu befahren. Deshalb wurde die Tanezrouft auch viele später als erste dauerhafte Verbindung zwischen Nord - und Westafrika genutzt.

Sahara. Der französische Generalkommandant von Algerien, General Laperrine,versuchte von Tamanrasset per Flugzeug den Niger zu erreichen und stürzte dabei ab. ¾ der begleitenden Fiat - LKW ging bei der mörderischen Fahrt nach Tamanrasset verloren. Nur zwei/drei Autos erreichten im Juli wieder Ouargla. Siebzehn Soldaten starben.

Richard Cliver (?)
Cairo - Capetown. Erste Afrika - Durchquerung Cairo - Capetown per Gespann von Richard Cliver (?)
Diese Information stammt aus dem Buch von Sulkowsky (1926 - 36 um die Welt. Siehe Literatur Sulkowsky). Er soll die Reise mit einem 1000 - er Modell J - Gespann von Kapstadt - Mombasa - Kairo gefahren sein.
22.06.2000 Alle meine Versuche, mehr darüber zu erfahren,  scheiterten bisher. WHO knows more?.
B.T.: Erste Afrika - Durchquerung Cairo - Capetown per Gespann von Richard Cliver (?). Ungeklärt..

Im Tsumeb - Museum in Namibia zeigte Ilse Schatz mir ein mit 1921 beschriftetes Foto eines Gespannes, daß 1921 in Tsumeb war.

1921 - 1922
Sahara. Im Winter wurden acht Citroen "Auto - Chenilles" unter dem Kommando von Audouin - Dubreuil erfolgreich mehrere tausend km in der Sahara getestet. Vorstufen dieser Halbketten - Fahrzeuge wurden als "Mehrzweckfahrzeuge von dem französischen Ingenieur Adolphe Kégresse seit 1902 im Auftrage des russischen Zaren in Russland entwickelt.

17.12.1922 - 07.01.1923
Sahara. Hoggar - Route: Erste Durchquerung der Sahara in 21 Tagen mit fünf 10 PS (1452 ccm, Hinterachse mit sechs Gängen, max 45 km/Std) Citroen - Raupenschlepper von "Tuggurt (Touggurt)" bis Timbuktu mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 25 km/Std. Zwei Fahrzeuge waren davon Tankfahrzeuge. Treibstoffverbrauch ca. 22,5 Liter/100 km. Elf Mann Besatzung und der Hund Flossie als Besatzung: Georges - Marie Haardt, Louis Audouin - Dubreuil, Leutnant Georges Estienne, Dr. Castelnau (Geograph), René Estienne, Charles Brull und fünf Mechaniker. Eine Kamel - Karawane brauchte dafür 6 - 7 Monate. Ein Kamel kann nur 130 kg transportieren. Ein reinrassiges Mehara (Reitkamel) konnte diese Strecke ohne Last in 8 - 10 Wochen zurücklegen. Dabei wurden von anderen Autos vorher Benzin - Depots in Ouargla, Inifel, Ain Salah und in den Mouydir - Bergen (Hoggar) und im Süden von Dakar über Timbuktu Lager in Bourem, Kidal und Tin Zaouten angelegt, die von "meharistes" bewacht wurden. Dazwischen lagen 1.300 km Wüste ohne Versorgung. Das Ergebnis dieser Expedition war, daß man beabsichtigte, Forts alle 250 km entlang des Weges anzulegen und diese mit den Halbketten - Fahrzeugen auszurüsten.
Route: Touggurt - Ouargla - Fort Hassi Inifel - Plateaut du Tademait - Bordj Ain Guettara - goldene Ebenen von Tidikelt bis Ain Salah - Mouydir - Berge - Quellen von Tadjmout - Arak - Schlucht (3000 m hohe Berge) - Arram Tit  In Amguel (nahe Tamanrasset) - Silet - 400 km Tanezrouft bis zu den Quellen von Tin Zaouaten (2000 km bis hierher) - Tin Touaten - Kidal - durch "Cram Cram (Stachelschweingras) bis Tabankort - Fort Bourem am Niger - Timbuktu. Die Rückreise ab 10.02.1923 erfolgte nur mit unbedeutenen Zwischenfällen.
Buch: Haardt. 1927.

09.09. - 14.09.1923
Sahara. Die erste Non - Stop - Fahrt durch die Sahara via Tanezrouft durch Estienne mit einem Dreirachsen - Fahrzeug von Renault (2 hintere Antriebsachsen mit Niederdruck - Reifen und Zwillingsreifen vorne) der Companie Générale Saharienne. Auf der Rückfahrt deponierte Esetinne 5 leere Benzin - Fässer als Kennzeichen, die für spätere Generationen dienten. Die Route wurde daher auch als "BIDON 5" bekannt.
Route: Colomb Béchar - Adrar - Quallen - Tessalit - Bourem.

1923 - 1926
Egypt. Libya. Der ägyptische Prinz Kemal el Din erreicht von Ägypten aus das Uweinat-Gebirge (Grenzdreieck Libyen - Ägypten - Sudan)

Major Court - Treatt mit Frau
Capetown - Cairo. Start zur ersten geglückten Autofahrt Capetown - Cairo durch den Engländer Major Court - Treatt mit Frau auf  2 Crossleys, 30 PS.

15. - 21.11.1924
Algerien - Dahomey. Vier Autos Renault durchqueren die Sahara und erreichten Save in Westafrika in fast sieben Tagen.
Route: Algerien (Colomb Béchar) - Dahomey (Save in in Westafrika) -  Dann weiter nach Kotonou (Golf von Guinea)

1924 - 25
Das französische Militär organisiert eine Erstdurchquerung von Tunesien - Djanet - Bilma - Tchadsee.

15.11.1924 - 03.07.1925
Delingette und seine Frau
Algeria- Westafrica - Eastafrica - Capetown. Erste Auto - Durchquerung Afrikas durch den Franzosen Delingette, seine Frau, einen Mechaniker Bonnaure (und später einem jungen Afrikaner). Sie starteten als eines der vier Autos Renault in Colomb Béchar, durchquerten die Sahara und erreichten Save in Westafrika in fast sieben Tagen. In Niamey trennten sie sich und fuhren alleine bis Cape Town. Die größten Schwierigkeiten waren die 129 Brücken, die neu errichtet oder repariert werden mußten.
Route: Algerien (Colomb Béchar) - Dahomey (Save in in Westafrika) - Dikoa - Zinder nördlich um den Tchadsee (Mao) - Fort Lamy - Rort Archambault - Bangui - Stanleyville -  Kampala - Nairobi (03.19925) - Arusha - Iringa - Abercom - Elisabethville - Kashitu - Lusaka - Livingstone  (Iringa - Livingstone war das schlechteste Wegstück der ganzen Reise) - Wankie - Bulawajo - Mafeking - Johannesburg - Kimberley - Cape Town.

Kairo - Siwa. Die beiden Engländer Dunelt und Motorrate fahren diese Route mit Seitenwagen.

1925 - 1950
Der Südwester Gustav Heinzelmann war Fotograf in Südwest - Afrika und fuhr zwischen 1925 - 50 dort mit einem Gespann umher, um sich seinen Lebensunterhalt mit Aufnahmen zu verdienen.

17.03.1925 - 08.1925
Söderen, Einar
Sweden - Europe - Africa. A booklet in Swedish: "Pa Motorcykel". Genom Europa och Norra Afrika.
Using a husqvarna model 170 the author started 17.03.1925 from Stockholm and was back after 14.000 km in august. He went down through Europe to Gibralta and took a boat to Casablanca. Frther on to Marrakech which was at that time a true oriental town. He went along the Mediteranian coast to Tunis and took a ferry to Italy. Here he visited Roma and Nepal. After he took a ferry to Egypt (Alexandria) and visited Cairo. Went on to Jerusalem but depending on bad health, went to Port-Said. Took a ferry to Genua and returned home. This booklet has only 26 pages.
Verlag: Oscar Isacsos Boktryckeri. Schweden. Göteborg. 1926

26.12.1926 - 21.07.1927
Robert Fabry
Algeria- Westafrica - Eastafrica - Southern Africa. Der Belgier Robert Fabry fährt solo mit einer Gillet 350 qcm mit Seitenwagen als erster Motorrad - Fahrer die Route von Europa bis Elisabethville. Der Grund war, daß der Leiutnant Aviateur erkunden wolle, wie man per Flugzeug Belgisch Congo erreichen könne. Nachdem er 1928 noch einmal Transafrika mit Renault-Autos gefahren war, brachte er als erster 1930 per Flugzeug Post nach Belgisch Congo.
Route: Liege - Alger - Casablanca - mit Schiff nach Dakar - Bamako - Zinder - Bangassou - Stanleyville - Elisabethville (Belgisch Kongo). Ich hatte das große Vergnügen, das am 01.02.87 von Herrn Colonel Fabry (87 Jahre) im Lütticher Krankenhaus persönlich zu erfahren! Obwohl diese Fahrt ein Meilenstein in der Motorrad - Reise - Geschichte Afrikas war, hat es hierüber kaum Publikationen (keine in Deutschland bekant) und kein Buch gegeben. In seiner Wohnung zeigte seine Tochter mir lediglich eine eingerahmte Routenskizze von Afrika an der Wohnungswand. Das Gespann steht im Valone - Museum in Liege (Belgien) und ist nur nach vorheriger Vereinbarung zu besichtigen. (Robert Fabry hat damals auch mit einem Mini - Flugzeug "Himmelsfloh" Lüttich überflogen. Er hat darin einen Einzylinder Motorrad Gillet - Motor eingebaut. Robert starb 1987 in Liege.
B.T. besuchte Robert Fabry und mehrfach seine Tochter in Liege.

Joseph Weerens (Belgian) Brunetau and Gimie (French)
Algeria - Senegal. Der Belgier Joseph Weerens durchquert mit den 2 Franzosen Brunetau und Gimie erstmalig die Sahara via Tanezrouft per Motorrad auf einer belgischen FN Herstal Sahara M 70 (1 Zyl., 350 ccm). Joseph Weerens hatte eine kleine Motorrad - Werkstatt in der Nähe des Hauptbahnhofs in Liege (Belgien). Er war nicht verheiratet und hatte auch keine Kinder. Er starb ca. 1942/3 im deutschen Konzentrationslager in Dachau. Seine Maschine müßte im Wallone - Museum in Liege in einem Außenlager unrestauriert liegen. Diese Informationen stammen von dem belgischen Schriftsteller Gilbert Gaspard, der vier Bücher über belgische Motorräder geschrieben hat.
Alger - Tam - Agadez - Ouagadougou - Dakar.

16.06.1927 - ?
Fontguyon et Sacchetti (French)
Tunis - Tripolis (365 km, Start 16.06.1927) durch Fontguyon et Sacchetti auf zwei Terrot L Sport. Monocylinder. 4 Temps. 174 ccm.

1927 - 28
Erster französischer Liniendienst mit Luxusbus mit Sechsrad-Renault von Algerien - Tanezrouft - Niger.

30.05. - 24.08.1928
Robert Fabry (Belgian)
Transafrica. Alger- West - East - South-Africa. 1. Sahara - Durchquerung dieser Route und erste Trans - Afrika - Tour mit zwei serienmäßigen FN 10 C.V. - Geländewagen bis Capetown. Unternehmen: "La Croisiere Blanche" durch Robert Fabry.
Route: Bruxelles - Alger - Ain Salah - Reggane - Gao - Niamey - Kano - Belgisch Congo (Fort Lamy) - Buta - Niangara - Uganda (Kampala) - Nairobi - Tanganyika (Arusha) - Elisabethville - Capetown:". Robert Fabry startet 1 Jahr nach seiner Afrika - Motorrad - Fahrt nochmals zu einer ganzen Durchquerung des Kontinentes mit Jaques (La) Marche, M.Hubert Carton de Wiart und M.Roger Crouquet: 23 000 (25.000 ?) km in 103 Tagen.

24.03.1929 - ?
Hult, Bertil (Swedish)
Sweden - Niger. Four person started with two sidecars Royal Enfield from Sweden with the intension to travel to Capetown and back. Three went back already from Europe. Bertil continued solo as far as Gao in Niger where the sidecar broke down and he got Malaria. Bertil wrote a book about this in Swedish: "Genom Äventyrens Land". Ensam över Saharas Öknar pa Motorcykel.
Deutsch: Zum Abenteuer Land. Vier Personen starten auf zwei schweren Royal Enfield-Gespannen von Stockholm mit der Absicht nach Capetown und zurück zu fahren. In Europa reisen bereits drei zurück nach Schweden und der Autor fährt alleine weiter. Nach vielen Abenteuern und Anstrengungen kommt er bis Gao im Niger. Dort muß er seine defekte Maschine stehen lassen und nach Schweden zurückkehren, um seine Malaria auszuheilen. 253 S. 7 Kartenskizzen. 92 SW-Fotos. Softcover. Schwedisch.
Route: 24.03.1929 ab Schweden (Stockholm - Malmö) - Dänemark (Kopenhagen - Kolding) - Deutschland (Hamnburg - Osnabrück) - Holland (Den Haag) - Belgien (Antwerpen) - Frankreich (Calais) - England - (Dover - London - Birmingham - London - Dover) - Frankreich (Calais - Rouen - Paris - Tours - Bordeaux - Toulose - Foix) - Andorra - Spanien (Barcelona - ...) - Algerien (Biljarden - Iforas - Beni-Abbes - Tabankort - Gao...)
Verlag: Albert Bonniers Förlag. Stockholm. Schweden. 1931.
Gedruckt in Alb. Bonniers Boktryckeri 1931.

Motorrad mit Beiwagen fährt von Alexandria nach Kapstadt und Lobito. Keine Details mehr bekannt.
22.06.2000 Who knows more ?

Algeria - Belgish Congo.
Der Franzose Pierre Martineau fuhr solo ab 02/1930 mit einem Solo - Motorrad Peugeot P 107 (350 ccm).
Route: Alger - Gao - Tschadsee - Elisabethville. Er führte einen extra Wassertank von 60 Liter mit sich. Wegen dieser außergewöhnlichen Reise wurde er auf dem Titelblatt der Moto Revue des Salon de Paris von 1930 abgebildet.

18.05. - 15.10.1930
A.W. Hayter
Cape to Cairo by sidecar. Der Engländer A.W. Hayter war der erste Engländer, der diese Traumroute, die vorher nur vom Flugzeug und Auto bewältigt wurde, meisterte. Er reiste mit einem Gespann "Sun - J.A.P.". Sein Neffe, Mr. W. B. Boulton, war im Seitenwagen sein Begleiter. Dieser bekam aber Fieber in Kenya, so daß Hayter von dort alleine bis Cairo fuhr. Als er ankam, hatte er 6.500 Meilen gefahren, davon 3.000 ganz alleine.
25.06.2000 Da die dokumentierten Informationen von Cliver 1921 fehlen wird dieses oft als die erste Motorrad-Tour Capetwon - Cairo gesehen.

Ende 11.1931 - 12.01.1933
Köckler, Richard S. und Kenneth D. Poulton
Transafrica. South Africa - East-Africa - Cairo. Richard Köckler, ein ausgewanderter Deutscher, wollte mit dem neuen Sachs - Motor eigentlich einen Handel in Windhuk (früher Deutsch - Südwest - Afrika) einrichten. Infolge einer Wirtschaftskrise kam es nicht dazu. So kam er auf die Idee, mit seinem "Muster eines Sachs - Rades" Afrika zu durchqueren. 1931. Fichtel & Sachs - Motor (74 ccm, Zweitaktmotor, Zweischeiben - Kupplung, Zweigang - Getriebe, Durschnittsgeschwindigkeit 30 km/Std, einbaubar in jedes Fahrrad).
Mit dieser "Westentasche - Maschine" durchqueren sie mit 15.000 km Afrika in 7 Monaten. Am 15.02.96 schrieb mir der 86 - jährige Robert Schultheiss (siehe dort, 1934 per Gespann nach Capetown), daß er 1934 auf der Polizei - Station El Aduscha in der Sinai - Wüste eine Eintragung fand, daß sie am 12.01.1933 dort waren.
Route: Süd - Afrika (Windhuk - Kapstadt - Transvaal) - Rhodesien (Viktoria - Fälle) - Ostafrika (Tanganjika - See - Njassa - See - Kilimandjaro - Nairobi) - Sudan (Juba - Chartum) - Ägypten (Assuan - Kairo - Jafa - Beirut - Adana - Türkei (Angora) - Istanbul - Sofia - Österreich (Wien) - Deutschland (München - Schweinfurt - Berlin) - England (London).
06.08.2004 Evald Bengtsson send me a copy of a newspaper of THE MOTORCYCLE with a picture

Transafrica. Die deutschen Fern - Fahrer Dingler, Mielke und Millauer durchquerten Afrika von Nord nach Süd und zurück mit zwei 500 - er Standard - Maschinen mit Stoye - Seitenwagen (14 PS, Gesamt - Gewicht 400 Kg) in sechs Monaten. Zeitweilig fuhren sie im Konvoi mit einem Rollce Royce.
Quelle: Ernst Leverkus Bericht.

Ca. 1931
Transafrica. Cairo-Capetown. Die Engländer Johnson und Farrel durchquerten Afrika mit einem Ariel - Gespann in drei Monaten und zwei Tagen: Cairo - Khartum - Capetown: 7.800 miles (= 12.500 km)
Quelle: Ernst Leverkus.

Ca. 1931
Werner Tödt bereist mit einer Ardie mehrere Jahre Afrika.
Quelle: Ernst Leverkus.

Ca. 1931
Das Bruderpaar Auffermann aus Essen bezwang auf zwei Gespannen die Sahara und Afrika.
Quelle: Ernst Leverkus. "Mit dem Motorrad durch die Sahara. Vermutlich Artikel in "Auto Motor und Sport (?). 1932. Heft 44.

1930 - 40
Die Hoggar - Route (Alger - Tamanrasset - Agadez - Kano - Fort Lamy) wurde fahrplanmäßig von der Satt (Societe Automobile de Transports Tropicaux) befahren.

1930 - 40
Die Tanezrouft - Route wurde mit Wüsten - Autobussen von der "Compagnie Generale Transsaharienne" befahren.
Route: Oran - Colomb Bechar - Reggan - Bidon V - Gao.

Nord - Afrika. Der Österreicher Max Reisch fährt nach Algerien und Tunesien per Auto.

Robert Schultheiss, den ich 1995  86 - jährig gefunden habe, beschreibt 1996 in einem Brief an mich eine Geschichte. Er hat 1934 unterwegs in Nairobi einen finnischen Motorrad - Fahrer (Name hat er vergessen...) getroffen, der mit einem Freund schon 8 Jahre unterwegs war. Über seinem Gespann hatte er eine Plane als Wetterschutz gegen Hitze und zur Übernachtung gespannt. Der Freund hatte allerdings unterwegs einen "accident": Er hatte in Australien geheiratet und war dort geblieben. Er war alleine auf dem Wege nach Ägypten. Er hatte ein Album bei sich, daß von lauter hohen Persönlichkeiten und Behördenleitern aus aller Welt unterzeichnet war. Wer dieser Motorrad - Traveller war, konnte ich nicht herausbekommen.

Ca. 30.07.1933
Robert Suhr, einer bekanntesten Karlsruher Leichtathleten, verläßt 1930 Karlsruhe und ist Gymnasial - Lehrer der Höheren Deutschen Privatschule in Windhoek in Süd - Afrika. Der Studienassessor und Gruppenführer der NSDAP, Robert Suhr, ist rund 10.000 Meilen mit seiner von Deutschland mitgebrachten BMW (750 ccm) im früheren Deutsch - Süd - West - Afrika "auf Pad" und erreicht als erster Motorrad - Fahrer die Etoscha - Pfanne im Norden. Ca. 1931 fährt er an die Küste von Swakopmund im heutigen Namibia und weiter nach Norden auf einer Piste nach Cape Cross, wo tausende von Robben leben. Hier kommt er auf die Idee, mit seiner BMW "als erster Motorrad - Fahrer von Windhoek über Kairo nach Deutschland zu gefahren" (siehe Köcker 1931). Letztere Geschichte erzählte mir 11/1995 Roberts Lehrer - Kollege Herbert Nöckler (80) in Namibia, der mir auch drei Original - Fotos zur Verfügung stellte.
Der Auslandsdeutsche plant eine sportliche Großtat, eine Afrika - Durchquerung und schafft sie nach 17.000 km. Robert kehrt ca. 1937 per Schiff nach Süd - Afrika zurück und wird später Direktor der Höheren deutschen Privatschule In Windhuk.
Route: Süd - Afrika (Swakopmund - Windhuk ? - Tsumeb - Namutoni - Capetown - )

1933 - 34
Die erste West - Ost - Durchquerung Afrikas via Tchad durch James C. Wilson und Francis Flood mit 2 englischen 1 Zyl. Motorrädern mit Seitenwagen.
Route: Lagos - Tchadsee - Sudan - Äthiopien - Rotes Meer. 3800 miles = 6800 km. (Wilson 1935).
1994: Ich habe den Pionier Jim Wilson 1994, als er 96 war, noch in Nebraska / USA besucht und ein Video von ihm gedreht.

Die Mauretanien - Route wird als Militär - Straße (Piste!) ausgebaut.
Route: Marokko - Tindouf - Bir Moghrein - Atar - Nouakchott - Dakar.

11.12.1934 - 29.07.1936 (arrivel in Capetown)
Wallach, Theresa  (born 30.04.1909 - 30.04.1999) and Miss Blenkitron (both British)
+ 2x Transafrica London - Capetown and back    See North-America as well.
1934 Theesa rode with Miss Blenkitron  London - Capetown: 14.000 miles in 8 months on a side-car with a trailer behind. Because "Blenk" got Malaria in Johannesburg Theresa went back solo.
In German: Die beiden Brittinnen Miss Blenkiron und Miss Theresa Wallach erreichen nach 14.000 Meilen und 8 Monaten von London aus Capetown. Sie fuhren auf einem Gespann Panther "Redwing" (1 - Zylinder, 600 ccm) - Gespann mit einem 2 m langen Schlafanhänger. Da Miss Wallach in Johannesburg auf der Rückreise krank wurde, fuhr Miss Blenkiron solo bis London zurück. Route: Alger - Ain Salah - Kano - Belgisch Congo - Uganda - Kenia - Süd - Afrika.
1997 fand ich Theresa Wallach und hatte mir ihr brieflichen Kontakt. Sie arbeitete bis 1999 an dem 1. Buch über ihre legendäre Transafrika-Tour. In 1999 starb sie mit 90.
1997 I found Theresa Wallach being 88.
08.10.98 A next letter to Theresa Wallach. She just published the second edition of "Easy Motorcycle Riding"!  Since 20 years I know that the British Theresa Wallach is one of the real women travel pioneers.1997 I found Theresa in USA and I was really happy to recieve her first letter in July 1998 with the folowing informations: After the WW.2  Theresa rode in North-America for 2,5 years and 32.000 miles with a Norton, having had 18 different jobs like riding horses with cowboys and trecking west with Indians Routee 66 to pay her mc-trip. After she stopped importing British motorcycles in USA she founded  a "Motorcycle Research Riding School". In 1972 she published a book "EASY MOTORCYCLE RIDING" of which she sold 200.000 copies. 1998 she just finished writing two new books: "Motorcycling for Business and Leisure" (TRUE-and-TRIED" informations) and "THE RUGGED ROAD of AFRICA". The last will be the first book about her famous mc-tour 1934 Transafrica.
In 11.1998 I got the second edition of  "Easy Motorcycle Riding", the ABC for riders not so much for long distance travellers. ! 17.05.1999: I got a letter from Wesley Warren Brown, that Theresa died of liver cancer on her 90th birthday. Tears were coming to my eyes that this woman-pioneer of motorcycling and especially motorcycle travelling died before she finished her book about her great TRANSAFRICA-TOUR.
21.10.01 I got the information form USA that her book "THE RUGGED ROAD of AFRICA" is published in GB. Panther Publishing, 10 Lime Avenue, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1DP.
15.11.01 I tried by many, many letters to different persons to get the information, what happened with Theresas manuscript, the fotos and old articles of her mc-travels.Finally I got the information that all is stored in Arizona State University Foundation. The boos - Mr. Rodney L. Houts - has been very unfriendly and not helpul from the start until his last email. In this he forbit me to contact him again.
28.11.01 British RTW-Traveller Paul Pratt infomred me. He owns three articles about Theresa: One piece in the motor cycle 1949 three pages photos only no text. Two articles in the "Motor cycling" "Unconventional Traveller" - Two articles two pages 1950. One article "The American scene" - 1951 - Two pages both have text and photos.
Wallach, Theresa
"The Rugged Road". In English.
Transafrica in 1934. The manuscript of Theresa Wallach has been published by PANTHER PUBLISHING LTD as abook along with a video of her movie film taken during the expedition.
B.T. 22.10.01: I found British Theresa Wallach in 1998 in USA being 88 years. Then I had a wonderful exchange by letters with her. She told me that is writing first time a book about her Transafrica-tour from England with a sidecar and MIss Blenkitron to Capetwon and solo back to GB. Theresa died before the book was published. She is one of the great mc-pioneers and women-mc-pioneers.
Theresa returned to London autumn 1935. Florence arrived in Algiers back by motorcycle again 10th.02.1936. Return in London ca. late march 1936. Publication 09th.04.1936 about her return.

Ca. Ostern 1934 - ca. 07.34
Robert Schultheiss und Ernst Schröder
+ Transafrica. Cairo - Southwest Africa. Beide fuhren 1934 mit einem Tornax - Gespann (600 ccm, engl. Jap - Motor. PS ?) von Deutschland über Cairo nach Windhoek.
26.10.95 Info von Frau M. Kreuzberger, Sam Cohen Bibliothek. Swakopmund via Frau Arendt.
17.11.95 Ich hatte die große Freude, mit Robert Schultheiss in Freiburg erstmalig zu telefonieren. Er berichtete mir: Er ist am 13.02.10 in Windhoek geboren. Mit seinen Eltern war er mehrere Male in Deutschland. In Tier lernte er seinen Freund, den Koch und Konditor Ernst Schröder, kennen, der gerne ins Ausland wollte. Da Robert schon mehrere Male mit dem Schiff zurück nach Windhoek gefahren war, kamen sie auf die Idee, mit dem Motorrad zurückzufahren. Robert wußte damals von Robert Suhrs Motorrad - Reise von Windhoek nach Deutschland, aber konnte diesen nicht vorher über diese Route befragen, da Robert Suhr in Windhoek war.
Route: Deutschland -  Schweiz - Italien - Jugoslawien - Bulgarien - Türkei - Syrien - Libanon - Israel - Ägypten - Sudan - Kenia - Tanganjika - Portugiesisch Ost - Südafrika (bis Johannesburg) - Windhoek.

23.01.1935 -
Quervain, Valentine de (Swiss, 08.1901 in Bernd - 20.01.1935 in Bangalore, South of India) and Werner Schwab
+ A part of Sahara West-East. On two solo bikes in Sahara they crossed as the first from "Hoggar-Route" to "Tanezrouft-Route"
After 2.800 km they reaches the Atlas mountains in Morokko. There they met three American cars of Mission Roosevelt who wanted to find the same route from which they just came with solo bikes.

Quelle MOTORRAD, No. 29, 17.07.1935

Der französische Kapitän Couet, Lieutenant Thiriat, Lieutenant Martinau und Marechall de logis Gaucher. Ab Marokko kamen Capitaine Almeras und Marechall de logis Vely dazu. Die Männer wollten die Gespanne Gnome & Rhone AX 2 unter Beweis stellen, nur ein extra Sandluftfilter wurde ausgetauscht. Mit extra Benzintanks wurde ihre Reichweite auf 600 km erweitert. Capitaine Couet überschlug sich im südlichen Marokko und mußte ausgeflogen werden. Es waren die vierten Besucher, die jemals soweit südlich kamen.
Route: Paris - Port - Vendres - per Schiff nach Oran - Algerien - Marokko  (Tiznit - Tindouf ) - 1200 km bis Mauretanien (Atar) - Foum El Hasse(?)an - von dort auf LKW - Piste noch 5.300 km bis Dakar.
1939 Motorrevue Nr. 844, 845 und 846.

Mit einem überdachten Dreirad (genannt "Suzie") Raleigh 5 PS, 800 kg, fahren der Niederländer Alfred Mazure und der Engländer Martin Marshal durch die Sahara.
Route: England - Alger - Lagos.

Antoinet, Met Madame (French)
+ Algeria. 1406 km en moto, plus de 308 camion 1949. Mit einer Motebecane B 45 S (oder 5 ?), 1948. 1-Zyl. 4 temps, 125 ccm.
Route: In Algeria: Ouargla - Touggourt - El Golea.

Anfang der 50 - er
war das Gesangsduo Hein und Oss mit dem Motorrad unterwegs.
1998 Erste info von Rox Schulz. Er hat sie getroffen unterwegs (Sie wollten fahren: Asien, Süd - Amerika?)

Ca. 1950 - 1960
Gilbert Gilles (French)
Gilbert was working at the Terrot Motorcycle Dealership of Oran in Algeria. He tested a new 4-stroke scooter by riding from Oran to Gao which he did in 36 days. He lost 12.2 kg. His second wish to ride back via Tamanrasset to Oran did not happen
B.T.: In the Guineesbook of records it is mentioned that this was this first crossing of the Sahaha by a scooter: 27 years before Paris-Dakar.

09.12.1950 - 15.02.51
Raid - Moto: Sieben belgische Fallschirmspringer - Offiziere unter Leitung von Major Cassart fahren von Bruxelles nach Kamina (in Belgisch Kongo, Zaire). 13 000 km in 67 Tagen.
Route: Alger - Tam - Agadez - Fort Lamy - Fort Archambault - Fort Crampel - Bambari - Bangassou - Buta - Stanleyville (heute Kisangani) - Nia Nia - Butembo - Rwindi - Costermannsville (heute Bukavu) - Usumbura (heute Bujumbura) - Albertville - Manono - Elisabethville (heute Lubumbashi) - Kamina. 7 Motorräder: FN Type XIII S.V. Das waren Gespanne in Militär - Ausführung. 450 ccm. 4 Zyl. Kompression 6:1.

1951 - 1960
+ Transafrica. Auto Rallye Alger - Kapstadt. Außer Wertung machte der Franzose Pierre de Langlade die Rallye mit einer BMW R 75 mit. Seine Erlebnisse: Reifenpannen, Einsanden trotz Beiwagen - Antrieb, Überschlag bei Ausweichmanöver für LKW, Ausfall der Elektrik durch Rüttelei, blockierte Gaszüge und Gasschieber durch Sand und Schlamm, Gliedersteife und Schmerzen durch Wellblech - Piste und - ein paar kaputte Schuhe! Zeit: 44 Tage inklusive Reparaturen - schneller als das schnellste Auto. Mit der gleichen Maschine machte Pierre de Langlade 1954 mit seiner Frau eine Sahara - Fahrt.

Mari, Edoardo (Italian)
+ Transafrica. Edoardo rode solo 17.000 kms with a Lambretta D 150.
Algeria - Sahara - Uganda - Kenia (Nairobi) - Capetown.
1999 1st information by Frontanini

1953 - 56
+ Transafrica. In seinem Buch Sterne über sieben Höllen, beschreibt der 27 jährige Dr. August Jentsch (s. Lit.) wie er und sein Begleiter Wolfram Hannig auf dem ersten Abschnitt ihrer Welt - Reise (Europa - Afrika -  Süd - , Mittel -  und Nord - Amerika, ca. 120.000 km, 05.1953 bis 01.1956) auf einem BMW R 75 Wehrmachtsgespann die Transafrika - Route meisterten.
Route: Deutschland (München) - Österreich (Wien) - Spanien - Nordafrika (Tanger) - Sahara via Tanezrouft - Piste - Kongo - Angola - Südwestafrika - Kapstadt.
Dieses ist die erste B.Tesch bekannte Motorrad-Reise im Westen Afrika via Angola bis Capetown.

03.03.19oller - Rundreise um Afrika. Die Franzosen J. C. Marq und S. Gauquelin haben Afrika per Motor - Roller in 457 Tagen umrundet.
Route: Paris - Marseille - Alger - Marokko - Mauretanien - Sudan - Cote d'Ivoire - Senegal - Congo - Rhodesien - Capetown - Uganda - Ägypten - Libyen - Alger.
B.T.01.01.2004: Nach meinem jetzigen Kenntnisstand ist dieses die erste und bis heute einzige wirklich komplette Zweirad - Umrundung Afrikas. Mir ist auch nicht bekannt, daß dieses ein Auto komplett geschafft hat !

ca. 1954
Igendwie rund ums Mittelmeer: 18 000 km. Herr und Frau Cassiers, Antwerpen, mit einer belgischen FN 350 ccm S.V.

1954 - 55
Mauretanien - Route: Der Franzose und Völkerkundler Claude Mahe und Ciret führten bei dieser Fahrt mit 2 Zündapp KS 750 Gespannen der Wehrmacht Forschungsarbeiten im liberianischen Dschungel durch. Ihre Probleme: Rahmenbrüche. Defekte Seitenwagen - Federn. Kondenswasser im Vergaser. Bei Differential - Bruch und Hitzschlag bestand Lebensgefahr.
Route: Agadir - Tindouf - Dakar - Monrovia - Abidjan - Ouagadougou - Zinder - Agadez - Tam - Alger - Tanger.
Buch: Mahe, 1958.
Ca. 1996 Bernd Tesch visits Claude Mahé in Paris.

Sauvage Daniel and Francoise (French)      Who knows their address ???
+ Around Mediterranean Sea. I have been searching Daniel and Francoise since many years without success. In 1995 and 1996 I have been visiting already the most famous mc-travellers in France. In 1998 I heard that Daniel should live with his parents in Cannes in France but could not find him. Even the French Mc-Travel friends Lagrot did not find him.Although I know most of the ways how to search persons in France I could not find the Sauvages. As well nobody of French mc-travellers I know and even not the mc-magazines do not know them although they are famous mc-travellers. Because of "liberte" you do not have to register in France at the community. Book: Both Sauvages wrote a book: "Ma Vespa, ma femme et moi". 25.000 kms total around the Mediteranen sea with a Vespa about 1955.
B.T.: So far I do not know any other person who rode TOTALLY around Mediterranean Sea.

20.02.1955 - 10.05.55
Manfred Müller und Fritz Goldbeck (Germans)
Zwei Südwester, der Schlachter - Meister Manfred Müller und Fritz Goldbeck, durchqueren Afrika mit einer BMW und AJS von Windhoek bis Alexandria.
Route: Südwest - Afrika (Windhoek) - Botswana (Grenze Kurumann) - Süd - Afrika (Pretoria)) - Rhodesien (Livingstone) - Tanganjika (Arusha) - Kenia (Nairobi) - Sudan (Juba) - die Motorräder fuhren auf Lastkähnen bis Kosti  - Wadi Halfa - Alexandra.
B.T.: Dieses ist nach meinem jetzigen Kenntnisstand die erste Motorrad-Tour Capetwon - Alexandria mit einer BMW.

Transafrika per Auto - Stop. 1959 Mit VW - Käfer Capetowen - Cairo. 1962 Mit VW - Bus bis Kenia. Ein Kunde von Bernd Tesch. Ich glaube er hieß Müller.

Erste Ölfunde in der Sahara in Hassi Messaud (Algerien). Danach wird die Sahara weitgehend wie ein Spinnen - Netz von ölsuchenden Fahrzeug - Teams durchquert.

12.1956 - ?
Ebert, Guy (Swedish)
"En Svensk Pa Afrika-Semester" (Sweden)
Sweden - Spain - Africa - Spain - Sweden. A swedish guy rode solo 11.000 km with a Vespa-Scooter. In Africa he rode 3.000 km.
Route: Sweden -.. France - with a ferry to Senegal (Dakar) - Gambia - Senegal (Casamanca) - Portuguese Guinea - mountains area Fouta Djallon - Senegal (Tambacounda - Kaolack - Dakar) - by ferry back to Spain (Sevilla) -...Sweden.
1958, Nr. 5. An article in Swedish magazin FART. Motor-revy.
24.06.2002 1st information by Evald Bengsston

Nov. 1956 - Feb. 1957
Dreling, Robert
Conakry - Abidjan: Ca. 6500 km gefahren. Mit einem Maico - Roller, 250 ccm, 16 PS, fuhren Robert Dreling (1987  schon 77 Jahre) und Herr Deutz mit einem Bella - Roller, 150 ccm, 11 PS,
Route: Mit Schiff von Marseille nach Conakry. Mit Rollern Conakry - Kindia - Daloa - Kissidougou - Gueckedou - Macenta (die Urwald - Piste war hier nur manchmal 60 cm breit!) - Man - Daola - Abidjan. Rückfahrt: Abidjan - Bouake - Ferkessedougou - Korhogo - Tengrela - Bougouni - Kankan - Dabola - Conakry.
1987 Robert hielt einen Dia-Vortrag auf dem TTTreffen mit SW-Dias. Er wurde mit steheden Ovationen gefeiert.

12.1956 - ?
Ebert, Guy (Sweden)
Guy rode 10.000 km including 3.000 km off-road. He had only three punctures and had to change several times sparkplugs.
Route: Sweden .. - Senegal - Gambia - Guinea - Las Palmas - Servilla - Stockholm.

05.1957- ?
Engh, Rohn (American) and Rudolph Thurau (German)
The student of art Rohn (28) and the journalist Rudolph (23) started with a Vespa Grand Sport in Holland (Amsterdam). They had only DM 500,00 and two guitarres. They earned all for the trip playing in the countries they rode to: Europe - North- and Zentral-Africa as far as the Gulf of Guinea. They had no big technical trouble with the Vespa.
Article in magazine VESPA-Tip of German Vespa-Club.

03.05.1958 - ?
Engelbert, Victor (Belgian ?)
Victor crossed Africa in four months. 20.000 kms. 600 liter petrol.

11.1958 - 02.1959
Dreling, Robert
+ Africa West > East > West. Douala - Mombasa - Pointe Noire: Ca. 6000 km gefahren. Mit einem Maico - Roller, 250 ccm, 16 PS, fuhr Robert Dreling solo.
Route: Mit Schiff bis Douala. Per Roller Douala - Yaounde - Bangui - Libenge - Lisala - Bumba - Aketi - Buta - Stanleyville (= Kisangani) - Nia Nia - Mambasa - Irumu - Lubero - Rutshuru - Gisenyi - Mbarasa - Mombasa. Zurück über Kampala - Beni - Nia Nia - Stanleyville - mit Schiff nach Leopoldville (= Brazzaville) - Pointe Noire.
1987 Robert gave a slides-show on the ? TTTreffen when he was 87 already. He got standing ovations. Bernd Tesch bought his scooter

Kling, Karl und Günzler. Auf der Rallye "Alger-Kapstadt" sind beide Sieger im Mercedes 190 D.

< 02.1959
Hartkopf, Paul
+ Europa-Marokko. Der 25-jährige Konditorgeselle Paul Hartkopf fuhr in vier Monaten ca. 20.000 km mit einer NSU-Max nach Afrika. Die NSU hielt auch bei + 59 ° C zuverlässig. Bei einem schwarzen Schwarm von Heuschrecken galt sie ihm als einzige Deckung. Er verbrauchte 800 Liter Benzin. 22 l Öl. 1 Paar Reifen und 1 Gasbowdenzug. Die Reise muß vor 02/1959 stattgefunden haben. - Information aus der Werbezeitschrift "Besser fahren" von NSU.
Route: Deutschland - Schweiz - Frankreich - Spanien - Portugal - Kanarische Inseln - Marokko und zurück.

1961 - 1970

07.08.1962 - 15.09.1962
Barthel, Ulrich (German, born 07.02.1936, emigrated in 1966 first to London/ England and then in 1967 to Canada till 2002 return to Germany) no www
+ Europe - North Africa - Europe. Ulrich started solo a 5 weeks trip with a 200cc DKW. From Morocco on a new friend. Horst van Riel rode with him the African part on a BMW R 27. In total they rode 6150 km.
Purpose of travel: Circum navigate the western mediteran and to see what is over the horizon.
Route: Europe (France (Southern France - Lyon - Nimes - Montpellier) - Spain (Barcelona - Zaragosa - Madrid - Toledo -Badajos - Portugal (Lisabon ) back to Spain (Sevilla - Cadiz - Gibraltar - Algeciras - Ceuta). On the ferry I met a to be lifelong friend but he was without his R27; he wanted to hitchhike to Morocco (Casablanca). But then he went back to Spain-Mainland got his BMW R27 and we carried on together. Africa (Morocco (Ceuta - Tetuan - Fes - Oudja; while knowing all along that we may not be able to cross the eastern border into Algeria. On from Oudja to Oran. Please note: This was about two weeks after the shooting (war of liberation) between the Algerians and the French had cooled down to a cease fire.The local German Honor Consul in Oran stated: absolutely not possible to go along the coast to Tunesia. He issued a Letter of Protection in German + French + Arabic. We disregarded his advice and carried on to Algiers - Tunis - then by ferry to Palermo and back home through Italy. Meeting the best girls / boys worldwide???
The best: Landscape along the North African coast/vineyards in Algeria
The worst: Having my friends sleeping bag and airmatress stolen in Morocco
Book or publication (about your tour): none
Useful informations and TIPS:watch your bike and luggage at all times.
Earlier experiences: 1955 / 6 First MC trip via 98er NSU from Germany (Muenster) to Austria (Schladming).
1999 Lima Peru to Machu Pichuu on Honda 500 XL (Rental)
2001 Canada-Japan on Canadian R1100RT mit Candian Carnet 5 weeks 5000 km on Honshu only from Sendei to Hiroshima-Kanzawa-Biwa Lake
06.09.2003 I met Ulrich first time in Gieboldehausen.
08.10.2003 1st update
14.11.2003 Plan 14 days in Australia on a rented bike and 14 days on a rented bike in NZ

03.1963 - ca. 09.1964
Liska, Danny (American)
+ North Cape in Norwegian - Transafrica - Capetown. With a sponsored BMW R 60, model 1962, Danny rode solo "North-Cape - Capetown" in 18 months. He called his motorcycle "Little Bit". With a ship he came back to America (Boston) and rode back through bitterly cold in december 1964 to Nebraska.
Earlier experiences: In 1959 - 1960 Danny rode with a BMW R 60 the Panam in total (and many routes aside): 32.000 kms. In 1960 he rode the motorcycle back to North-America.
Route: Unknown. America (N.Y. - Chigago) - Europe (Island - from Luxembourg via Germany by bus - by bike Danmark- Sweden - Nowegian (Cape North). Here he met a 26 year old American from Green Bay, Wiscon, USA who had been traveling by auto-stop two years in Europe and parts of Africa. So he got some informations - Finland - Germany. Here he visited the BMW-factory in Munnich - Italy - Spanien (Madrid - Gibraltar) - Tunisia - Libya - ..
Book: Danny wrote many years a book about this tour but he did not finish it because he died of cancer.
B.T.: Danny Liskas 95.000 miles Reise entlang der PAN AM ist im Guinessbuch unter "motorcycle facts and feats" festgehalten. The first overland journey from Alaska to Argentina including Darien-Gap without Motorcycle.
18.05.2001 Bill Waren in USA informed me that his two BMW's r/60 t in a museum in Niobrara. Danny Liska´s Harley (1948) is owened by Joe Pelster, living in Elgin, Nebraska.
17.11.2001 B.T. got a photo-copy of Danny´s 242 pages book in Spanish without any picture from Pedro Batarske in USA via his wife Regina from Colombia.
B.T.: I think Danny is the first motorcycle-traveller who crossed "Northcape - Capetown".

Der damals 24-jährige Jürgen Tönsmann traf im November / Dezember Dr. Albert Schweitzer zweimal in Lambarene / Gabun.
Fotos (C) J. Tönsmann

Frühjahr 1963 - ??.12.1964
Jürgen Tönsmann (German, Geb. 29.01.1940)
+ Germany - Angola - Germany. Ca. 10.000 km (geschätzt).  Jürgen Tönsmann aus Espelkamp fuhr 1,5 Jahre solo mit einer DKW RT 175 von Europa bis Angola und einen Teil zurück. Jürgen kommt aus einer Textilunternehmer-Familie aus Rahden und ist später selber Teppich-Unternehmer als Importeur hangeknüpfter Teppiche von Marokko, Indien, Nepal und China geworden. In 2009 hatte die Fa. Tönsmann 27 Mitarbeiter. Inzwischen gibt es auch ein "Museum Tönsmann-Teppiche" mit der Führung durch Tochter Anne in Espelkamp.
Jürgen hatte unterwegs Malaria, Gelbsucht und Verbrennungen und daraus resultierende Entzündungen am Bein durch den Auspuff bei häufigen Stürzen. Da seine Medikamente zu Ende gingen steurte er das Urwald-Krankenhasu von Albert Schweitzer in Lambaren in Gabun an. Dr. Schweitzer half ihm im November 1964 und war erstaunt zu hören, dass er überland von Europa mit einem Motorrad gereist sei: "Ihr jungen Leute habt heute ganz andere Möglichkeiten zu reisen". Jürgen Tönsmann hatte mehrere Gespräche mit Albert Schweitzer und gleich zwei Begegnungen. Jürgen hatte geplant, mit dem Motorrad bis Capetown zu zu reisne und weiterhin um die Welt zu reisen. Unterwegs aber erfuhr er in Angola, dass seine Mutter schwer krnak sei. So entschloß er sich zum Umweg trotzt Regenzeit und Schlammpisten. Auf dem Rückweg trafe er Albert Schweitzer ein zweites Mal. Nach 400 km brach Jürgen sich den Arm in Kamerun. Von Nigeria flog er heim. In 2010 existieren neben einem Tagebuch noch 3-4 Briefe von Albert Schweitzer. Leider kann er diese nicht finden....
Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1874 - 04.09.1965 in Lambarene in Gabun) war Philosoph, Schriftsteller, Wissenschaftler, "Urwalddoktor" Arzt in Lambarene, Musikforscher, Organist (er spielte Bach auf dem Klavier im Dschungel von Lambarene während Jürgen dabei war). Schweitzer warnte vor den Atombomben und den Folgen der Strahlung. Er war das "Gewissen Europas". Der damals mit ihm befreundete Einstein bezeichnete Albert Schweitzer als "Mann des Jahrhunderts". 1952 erhielt Albert Schweitzer den Nobelpreis. Jürgen: Er war damals bekannter als John F. Kennedy. In 2010 gibt es einen neuen Film: Albert Schweitzer - ein Leben für Afrika. 114 Minuten. Neue-Film-Produktion (NFP).
Route: Deutschland - Frankreich -  Spanien - Marokko - Algerien (Tanezrouft - Adrar - Bidon 5 - Gao) - Niger - Haute Volta - Ghana - Togo - Dahomey - Nigeria - Kamerun - Rio Muni (Spanische Enklave) - Belgisch Kongo - Französisch Kongo - Angola. Rückweg bis Nigeria. Er wollte nach Capetown, weiter nach Süd - Amerika und dann nach Asien.
The best: Jürgen was personal guest of Albert Schweitzer (war damlas 90 Jahre) in Lambarene and owns original letters from him.
1997 Jürgen visited Bernd Tesch in Zweifall. und erzählte von seiner Begenung mit Albert Schweitzer in Afrika.
16.02.2010 Jürgen (70, noch immer beruflich hochaktiv) rief mich an und versprach mir Unterlagen: Presse-Berichte über seine Motorrad-Tour und ein Foto von sich plus Motorrad. Und eines von sich und Albert Schweitzer.
Laut google gibt es ein Albert Schweitzer Museum in Kayserberg.
16.02.2010 B.T. bekam eine Reihe von Presse-Berichten und schrieb diese Zusammenfassung.

11.1963 - 02.1964
Holzmann, Heinz
+ Transafrica: Alger - Capetown. 22 000 km. Heinzselten befahrene
Route: Alger - Tamanrasset - Agadez - Fort Lamy (Ndjamena) - De Behagle - Bangui - Bumba - von hier mit Fluß - Schiffen (keine Fähren!) auf dem oberen, langen Fluß Kongo (= Zaire) bis Stanleyville (= Kisangani) - an den Boyoma Wasserfällen vorbei per Schiff nach Kindu - Kongolo - Bukama - Kolwezi - weiter mit Motorrad nach Elisabethville (= Lubumbashi) - Lusaka - Salisbury (= Harare) - Livingstone - Victoria Falls - Bulawayo - Gaborone - Mafikeng - Kimberley - Beaufort West - Capetown. Das schlimmste Stück damals war die Route durch die Kalahari - Wüste von Tonota bis Gabarone durch Sand, Schlamm und Dornen mit 14 Reifen - Pannen! Heinz Holzmann fuhr mit einer tschechischen Jawa, 1 Zyl., 250 ccm. Maschinell und antriebsmäßig keine Probleme.

02.09.1964 - 20.12.1964
Barthel, Ulrich (German, born 07.02.1936, emigrated in 1966 first to London/ England and then in 1967 to Canada till 2002 return to Germany) no www
+ Europe - Asia - North Africa - Europe. Ulrich rode a 16 weeks trip with a BMW R 67 plus sidecar from Steib. A friend Uwe Scheid (I had searched for a reisepartner in mc-magazine "Das Motorrad") rode along in the sidecar. . In total they rode 11.250 Km.
Purpose of travel: Circum navigate the Eastern Mediteran- see what is over the horizon. See new countries/meet new people.
Route: Germany (ADAC Muenchen) - Austria (Wurzen Pass) - Jugoslawia (Belgrad) - Bulgaria (Sofia) - Turkey (Istanbul - Ankara - Samsun - Trabzon - Erzurum) - Iran (Taebriz + coast Caspic sea - Rushant - Teheran - Kermansha) -Irak (Bagdad) - desert road to Jordania (Amman - Aqaba - Petra - Jerusalem [divided Jordanian part only])- Syria (Damaskus - Homs - Hama - Libanon ( Crak de Chevaliers - Balbeck - Beirut) - Ferry to Egypt (Alexandria - Kairo - Luxor - Theben - Valley of Kings - Hurgada - Suez canal - Ismailia - Kairo - El Fayum - El Alamein) - Libya (Tobruk - Leptis magna - Benghazi - Tripoli) - Tunisia (Tunis) - ferry to France Marseille - home to Germany.
The best:Egyptian Museum in Kairo, Valley of Kings, Leptis magna:
The worst: Hepatitis in Kairo:
Book or publication: none
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Travel while you can.
Earlier experiences: 1955 / 6 First MC trip via 98er NSU from Germany (Muenster) to Austria (Schladming).
1962 Europe > North Africa > Europe. See Africa.
1963 Europe (Germany - Sweden - Norway - Finland - Sweden - Demark - Germany). See Europe.
1999 Lima Peru to Machu Pichuu on Honda 500 XL (Rental)
2001 Canada-Japan on Canadian R1100RT mit Candian Carnet 5 weeks 5000 km on Honshu only from Sendei to Hiroshima-Kanzawa-Biwa Lake
06.09.2003 I met Ulrich first time in Gieboldehausen.
08.10.2003 1st update
14.11.2003 Plan 14 days in Australia on a rented bike and 14 days on a rented bike in NZ

Schleinitz, Egon Gustav (geb. 20.05.1912)
+ Transafrica by Caravan: Europe - Africa. In 1968 Egon rode about 27.000 kms in 1968 without any puncture and change of  tires with a Caravan Eriba-Touring.
Route: München - Jordania - Kenia - Malawi - Rhodesia - Capetown.
Book: 100 Tage Afrika
1987  1st contact
12.07.1993 Bernd Tesch visited Egon G. Schleinitz in München in an home for Seniors. He was 80 years. He has been 12 times in Africa and wrote 30 books (28 published).
B.T.: Although Egon took a boat from Suez (?) to Kenya (Mombasa) it was the first Caravan-tour this route.

1971 - 1980

20.08.1973 - 24.12.1973
Engel, Gerhard (German, born 23.07.1941)
+ Transafrica by car: Johannesburg - Tanger.
Gerhard drove back solo in a car "VW-Käfer" (30 PS. In the back double tires, in the front a wrench (Handseilwinde) in nearly four months. About 29.024 kms through 21 countries. In whole Africa Gerhard met no tourist at that time travelling Transafrica by car or bike.
Purpose of travel: Gerhard worked for a year in South Africa. Then he wanted to drive back instead of flying back.
Route: Africa (South-Africa (Johannesbourg) - Swasiland - Lesotho - Rhodesia - Mozambique - Malawi - Zambia - Zaire - (Kisangani) - Central Africa (Bangui) - Cameroun (Doula) - Nigeria (Lagos) - Dahomey (Cotonou) - Togo (Lome) - Gahna (Accra) - Obervolta (Quagadougou - Bobo) - Mali (Bamako) - by train form Bamako to Senegal (Tambacounda - by bike to Dakar - St. Louis) - Mauretania (Nouakchott - Atar ???? - Bir Moghrein ???) - Spanish Sahara (El Layoune) - Morocco (Marrakech - Casablanca - Rabat)) - Europe (Spain (Algeciras) - France - Germany (Karlsruhe)).
The worst: A lot of trouble withe VW-car. Being robbed in Africa.
The best: He made solo all the distance.
B.T.: The mechanic Gerhard visited me 15.11.2003. He had white hair but his not very high body was in an excellent shape. Gerhard was full of his plan. The reason of his visit was to get recommendation from me for his new Transafrica plan. Orginally he wanted to cross Africa in 3-4 months starting in january 2004 on a bike: Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenia - Uganda - Tansania - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africa. At this stage of planning he did not have a bike.
It came out that he made an extra-ordinary Transafrica-tour in 1973. Because it was so long ago he even did not remember all countries in the row. He promised me to write me in detail the route through Zambia and especially in Mali - Mauretania - Spanish Sahara. If re eally had driven Atar - Birg Moghrein - El Layoune this would be a very seldom used route. Because his car was robbed in ?? he did not haver a camera and foto of his VW-Käfer (which finally came to the rubbish in Germany). Gerhard owns two hours of super 8 mm of his Transafrica tour.
And promised me a foto of his VW.
11.12.2003 I got a short written summary and a video of his Transafrica-Trip in 1973. Because of illness of his wife he cancelled the plan of his motorcycle-tour Transafrica.

Sahara. 100 Motorräder für das Abenteuer. Regieautor: MICHEL DER GEHILFE
Zusammenfassung: 1974 hundert motards versuchen die Überquerung der Sahara... Neunzehn werden nur bei der Ankunft sein.
Datum erste Verbreitung:
Dauer: 50' 31 ". Träger: Farbfilm. Produktionsjahr: 1974. Inhaber- oder Verwahrorganismus: Michel der Gehilfe, audiovisuelle Schwell
10.07.2002 im Internet gefunden.

Simon, Ted (British)
+ Transafrica. Alexandria - Capetown.
Route: Aswan - per Zug bis Atbara - Kassala teilweise auf  LKW - Gedaref - Meterna - Gondar - Addis Abeba - Moyale - Nairobi - Lusaka - Johannesburg - Capetown: Ted befährt auf seiner 4 jährigen Motorrad - Welt - Tour durch 53 Länder mit 100 000 km wahrscheinlich erstmalig die angegebene Gesamt - Route. Motorrad: Triumph 500 qcm, Modell T 100 - P (XRW 964 M).

02.1974 - 10.1974
Bootherstrone, Linda (England)
+ Transafrica: Tangiers-Capetown. Linda rode solo on a 1957 R 50 BMW. Stayed in Durban until may 1975 working in Durban in a mc-shop and then from Capetwon to GB. Started alone. Bike broke down before Tam - with a Tuareg-truck with two different trucks to Kano in Nigeria. Suspension units came from GB . Travelled with a guy on a 175 HONDA to Zaire (Kisangani) - with a couple in a LR to Kigali - alone to Mombasa and Nairobi - together wit a Combi-van to Zambia - with another girl on the back to  Rhodesia - to Pretoria with another mc-traveller - alone to Durban - Capetown alone.
Route: Morocco - Algeria (Tam) - Niger (Agadez) - Nigeria (Kano) - Chad (Dlamena) - CAR (Bangui) - Zaire (Bangassou - Kisangani) - Rwanda (Kigali) - Tanzania - Kenya - Tanzania (Mombasa) - Zambia - Botswana - Rhodesia (worked in an office in Salisbury two months) - S. Africa.  Do not no my miles because speedometer never works and I am not interested how many.
The best:  Meeting people, other travellers, other way of life.
The worst: Breakdowns all over. Had Malaria and Dysenterie. Dampers blue out "first MCN´s Bike birds".  Linda found a fellow traveller on a honda 175. She put two gallons of fuel in her panniers. ThIs was much eaisier by the fact that my leathers, overtrousers and other clothes wer stolen from my tent. The rainy season started in Zaire and it rained every night and the weight of water brought her tent down.
1975 Linda returned by ship to Capetown and toured in Namibia. Working in Windhoek for a year as secretary and Touring Nambia.
1977 Linda took her bike back from South Africa to Australia and stayed there until 1988

Ca. 1975 - 85
Parsons, Ann and Peter (England)
Ann and Ing. Peter rode their first tour in Africa in 1975 on a Russian Ural M 66.
Route: England (London) - Frankreich - Spanien - Marokko - Algerien - Niger - Nigeria - Obervolta - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Cameroun (9000 km).
??.??.197. - ??.??.197?
Their second tour in Africa was on a Dnepr MT 9 with sidecar.
Route: London - per Schiff nach Senegal - Mali - Obervolta - Cameroun - Zentralafrikanische Rep. - Zaire - Tanzania - Kenya (11.000 km).
Sie machten überall gute Erfahrungen mit all den russischen Gespannen.
Im Buch von Martin Franitza erwähnt. Bernd Tesch hat mit Ihnen korrespondiert.
11.06.99 Info von Martin Franitza: Erste Reise der Parsons war 1975. Eine Zusammenfassung der Reisen findest Du in M-G 3/89.
15.10.2002 Ann Parson contacted me by email. Peter was klled in an air crash in 1990.
16.10.02 1st request for update.
13.01.2004 2nd request for update

Tesch, Bernd
Die Enduro Yamaha XT 500 wird geboren. Dieses Fahrzeug mit Straßen - und Gelände - Eigenschaften läutet eine neue Afrika - Reise - Generation ein. Auf dem ersten Tesch - Travel - Treffen für Motorrad - Fernreisende 1978 sind gleich mehrere ( 3 oder 4) XT - Fahrer, die nach Afrika wollen. 1979 bekommt Bernd Tesch von Yamaha Deutschland und der Zeitschrift MOTORRAD einen Auftrag, ein fernreisetaugliches Motorrad mit großem Tank, pistenfesten Trägern und stabilen Alu - Taschen. An der dieser Entwicklung ist Klaus Treibel erheblich beteiligt. Die vielen Publikationen darüber und die der Reise 1979 von Nord - nach Westafrika danach (siehe unten) haben die Fernreise-Akivitäten mit Enduros erheblich gefördert.

Tesch-YAMAHA XT 500 in 1979 with equipment Tesch-YAMAHA XT 500 in 1979

Photo: Erwin Fritsch: Tesch-YAMAHA in Africa:

+ Sahara. Hoggar - Route: Im Oktober und November (kühlere Zeit) durchquert Reinhart Scholl im Alleingang die Sahara von Abidjan nach Alger. Suzuki RV 90. 6,3 PS. 1 - Zylinder. 2 - Takter.

1975 - 1976
Transafrica: Alger - Kapstadt - Kairo. Rudolf  Kadlicek fährt mit einer Zündapp, 1 - Zyl. 125 ccm 1,5 Jahre Afrika Nord (Alger) - Süd (South Africa) - Nord (Cairo). Diese Reise wurde in mehreren Folgen in der Motorrad - Zeitschrift PS besprochen.
25.06.2000 Who knows where Rudolf has been living / is living now ? I tried everything so far to find him.

11.1975 - 05.1976
Heinz Holzmann
+ Ceuta - Aden, 15.000 km in Afrika. Die gesamte Reise betrug ca. 46 000 km. Heinz Holzmann fährt mit einer BMW R 27, 1 - Zyl., 250 ccm, 15 PS.
Route: Ceuta - Colomb Bechar - Reggane - und weiter durch das Tassili - Gebirge via Amguid - Toukmatine - Fort Gardel - Djanet - In Ezzane - Djado (Niger) (ein sehr schweres Stück über Schotter und Sand durch das Gebirge) - Seguedine - Zouar (Tibesti - Gebirge) - Largeau - Ellila - Oum Chaloubae (laut Polizei - Anweisung war es notwendig, das Motorrad 400 km (= 3 Tagesfahrt) auf einen LKW zu verladen - mit Motorrad weiter bis Abeche - Adre - Ft.(El) Geneina (3 Wochen Knast wegen unerlaubter Einreise ohne Visum in den Sudan) - El Fasher - El Obeid - Khartoum - Kassala - Asmara - Dessie - Addis Abeba - Djibouti per Eisenbahn - Verladung - Aden mit Fähre. Africa - Asia : Als Rostklopfer mit schwedischem Frachter kostenfrei von Aden per Schiff nach Bombay - Ceylon - Madras - Karatschi - mit Flugzeug nach Dubai zurück. Über Saudi - Arabien - Jordanien - Syrien zurück nach Europa.
B.T.: Dieses ist die einzige mir bis heute bekannt gewordene West - Ost - Durchquerung Afrikas via Tibesti - Gebirge. Wahrscheinlich die erste und zugleich einzige. Bemerkenswert bleibt, daß Heinz vorher eine sehr seltene Nord - Süd - Route Afrikas gefahren ist.

+ Germany > Transafrica > Asia > Germany. Siegfried Wolf aus Freimühlen, Kraftfahrzeugmeister, (GIROD bei Montabour) hat auf einer 2 jährigen Tour mit einer BMW 750 mit Beiwagen folgende Route bewältigt: Montabour - Kapstadt - Durban - Indien - Ladakh - D.

11.1977 - 02.1978
Heinz Holzmann
Ceuta (Span. Seite in Afrika) - Banjul (Gambia): 4000 km. Heinz Holzmann fährt mit einer russischen Voskhod, 1 - Zyl. 2 - Takter, 175 ccm, 10 PS, 95 kg.
Route: Ceuta - Agadir - Tindouf - Ain Ben Tili - Ft. Trinquet - Ft. Gouraud - Pt. Etienne (= Nouadhibou) mit der Erzbahn verladen - Nouakchott mit polnischem Fischdampfer verladen - mit Motorrad weiter bis Dakar - Kaolack - Farafenni - Banjul. Diese Mauretanien - Route ist bis heute extrem selten per Motorrad befahren worden. Heinz hält dieses Motorrad für sein Idealstes, was er für Afrika besessen hat: "Ähnlich wie die DKW RT 175 ccm kann man den Bock mit 3 Schlüsseln bis auf die Kurbelwelle zerlegen und mit Bordmitteln reparieren!"

Klaus Treibel und Bernd Tesch
+ Nort > West > North-Africa.entwickeln große Alu - Tanks (27 - 30 Liter) und pistenfeste Gepäckträger mit großen Alu - Packtaschen für die XT 500 im Auftrage des deutschen Yamaha - Importeurs Mitsui (Dank an Herrn Peter Gesche !) und der Zeitschrift Motorrad (Dank an Ilse Reuter!). Treibel und Tesch probieren die Sachen aus auf der
Route: BRD - Tanger - Figuig - Adrar - Gao - Niamey - Togo: 11 500 km, 2 Monate, 1500 km ohne Benzin zwischen Adrar und Gao, 640 km ohne Wasser - Station bei 50 C. Klaus Treibel fährt via Hoggar - Route alleine zurück. - Die vielen Publikationen über die Motorrad - Umrüstung, die geglückte Reise und die seit 1978 stattfindenden Moto - Fernreise - Treffen beeinflussen den aufkommenden Motorrad - Fernreise - Tourismus nachhaltig.

1979 Frist organised Rallye Paris > Dakar by Thierre Sabine.

08.1979 - 01.1980
Rob van Driesum
+ Transafrica. Cairo - Capetown with 4 Yamaha XT 500.
Rob wrote the very best article with FEELING about a "Tesch-Mc-Meeting for WORLD-TRAVELLERS" in the Dutch Mc-Magazin MOTOR.
1983/84 Rob rode from Holland overland to Australia with his BMW 1973 R 60/5 , called "open ticket". He rode to Australia to live there because he could not find a job in Holland. After some jobs as a redacteur at Australian mc-magazines in 1999 he was responsible for all guides of famous LONELY PLANET books in Sydney. We kept contact many years by exchanging letters. Rob was the one who helped me to get two motorcycles in Australia from BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA for which we are very grateful.
27.10.1999 Patricia and I met Rob in Australia near Melbourne. He made a great carrier: He is now responsible for many Travel-Guides from Lonely Planet. Most important was that he did not change his mood: He is as friendly as he always has been. Rob travlled extensively in Australia.
B.T.: The Dutch mc-traveller were the first Dutch going overland from Cairo to Capetown.

06.12.1979 - 28.01.1980
Miebach, Anton (German, born ???)
+ Senegal - Germany. Anton fährt mit einer BMW Dakar - Köln.
Route: Dakar über Tambakounda - Kidira - Diboli - Kayes - Waila - per Zug nach Kita - Bamako - San - Bobo Dioulassou - Niamey - Tahoua - Agadez - T. - Tessum - Tam - Tunis. Anton hat 1984 ein Tagebuch über seine Fahrt geschrieben.
28.01.2004 1st request for update

+ Transafrika. Capetown - Tanger. Der Amerikaner James K. Schmidt startet im April 1979 auf einer Suzuki T 500 in USA zu einer Motorrad - Weltreise. Dabei durchquert er Mittel - Amerika und fährt rund um Süd - Amerika. Von Santos (Brasilien) geht sein Motorrad per Schiff für ca. 300 US $ nach Capetown. James muß fliegen (800 US $). Seine Route: South Africa - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Tansania - Kenia - Uganda - Zaire bis Kisangani - mit Schiff nach Kinshasa - dort 1 Jahr bei Amerikanern gearbeitet - Congo Brazzaville - Gabon - Cameroun - Nigeria - Benin - Togo - Ghana - Obervolta - Niger - Hoggar - Route - Alger - Marokko - Spanien - Portugal - France - Belgien - Nederland - BRD. Rechtzeitig zum Tesch - Travel - Treffen 1982 kam James an. Er kaufte sich eine Yamaha XT 500, einen großen Tank und fuhr weiter nach Asien.

Nov. 1980 - Feb.81
Gambia - Cameroun - Gambia: 9000 km. Heinz Holzmann fährt auf einer BMW R 27, 15 PS, 250 ccm. Route: Von Banjul auf den Spuren seines Urgroßvaters nach Basse in Ost - Gambia - Tambacounda - Kidira - Kayes am Fluß entlang - Bamako - Bougouni - Odienne - Man - Daloa - Toumodi - Abidjan. Mit einem Küstenschiff nach Buchanan (Liberia). Per Motorrad weiter nach Monrovia. Da es kein Visum für Guinee gibt, muß die Überland - Reise ähnlich zurückgehen. Es gibt auch unregelmäßige Verbindungen nach Dakar! Zurück nach Buchanan. Mit Bahnverladung nach Sanniquellie - Man. Von dort die gleiche Route zurück bis Banjul. Motorrad dort konserviert bis zur nächsten Tour. Die Route Kayes - Kita - Bamako wird extrem selten befahren und kann überhaupt nur in der Trockenzeit befahren werden !

1981 - 1990

Menn, Günther
Solo Deutschland - Westafrika mit YAMAHA XT 500
25.-26.09.82  Dia-Vortrag auf dem 5. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 99 Teilnehmer

Kernchen, Andy
Germany - Egypt - Kenia. Mit selbstgebauter BMW-Enduro Motorrad-Expedition "Kairo-Mombasa"
25.-26.09.82  Dia-Vortrag auf dem 5. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 99 Teilnehmer

Tesch, Bernd (German)
Nachdem die Ur-Enduro Yamaha XT 500 1975 geboren war und dieses Fahrzeug mit Straßen - und Gelände - Eigenschaften eine neue Generation von Afrika - und Weltreisen eingeleitet hatte, bekam Bernd Tesch 1979 von Yamaha Deutschland und der Zeitschrift MOTORRAD einen Auftrag, ein fernreisetaugliches Motorrad mit großem Tank, pistenfesten Trägern und stabilen Alu - Taschen zu entwickeln. An der dieser Entwicklung ist Klaus Treibel erheblich beteiligt. Die vielen Publikationen in zig Motorrad-Magazinen über die Tesch-YAMAHA XT 500 und die Reiseumbauten beobachte BMW wohl sehr aufmerksam, denn 1981 kam die erste BMW-Enduro raus: R 80 G/S. 1981 bekam Brend Tesch den Auftrag von BMW eine fernreisetaugliche Tesch-BMW R 80 G/S zu bauen: 36 Liter Alutank, pistentauglicher Tesch-Travel-Träger, dazu Tesch-Travel-Taschen, Solo-Sitzbank, etc. Die BMW wurde mit ihren Nachfolgermodellen R 100 GS, R 100 GS PD, R 80GS Basic das meistgefahrene Weitreise-Motorrad weltweit. Die YAMAHA XT 500 war die Ur-Enduro als meistbenutztes Fernreise-Motorrad. Ab ca. 1982 wurde dann die BMW-Enduros die meistgefahrenen Motorräder für weite Reisen.

06.01.1981 - 25.05.1982
Patricia Govers und Nik de Nijs (Dutch)
Plan: Nederland - Capetown. Die Niederländer Patricia Govers und Nik de Nijs fahren jeder auf einer Yamaha XT 500: NL - Cairo - Khartoum. Nik brach sich bei einem Sturz in der nubischen Wüste das Bein. Patricia organisierte Hilfe: Transport mit Landrover nach Shendi, mit Frachtzug nach Khartoum, Unterkunft besorgen. Sie arbeitet 9 Monate in Khartoum in der NL - Botschaft für den Unterhalt beider, während das Bein von Nik ausheilt. Hier treffen Alfred Reetz und Bernd Tesch beide wieder. Im Westen des Nil fahren sie dann eine nie von Motorrad - Travellern vorher befahrene Route über Wau - Juba - Nairobi. Patricia und Nik fliegen zurück, da es politisch kein Durchkommen durch Tanzania gibt. Nik fährt später mit einem Freund von Ostafrika bis Capetown (Am 22.11.1996 trifft Bernd Tesch Patricia ertsmalig wieder und wohnt seit 1997 mit ihr zusammen).
15.10.99 The Dutch Patricia Govers (my life-girlfriend) and Nik de Nijs rode with two YAMAHA XT 500 in 1980-81: Amsterdam - Egypt (Cairo, Wadi Halfa) - Sudan (Nubian desert. Here Nick broke his leg. Patricia had to ride alone in the desert to organise the help and transport - Khartoum (There they had to stay for 9 months to recover while Patricia was working, searching a house, taking car for Nick. By accident Bernd Tesch came bye with YAMHA XT 500) - east of the river south through Sudan on a very lonely route no motorcycle has done before and so far to Wau and Juba - Kenia - Rwanda (get in prison because no visa) - Kenia - flew back to Holland after two years.
B.T.: I have been searching Patricia for years in Holland without success because I wanted to publish her mc-story in my book "Woman Motorcycle Travelling". So the mc-magazine MOTOR in Holland published my search 21.05.1996. So I found her and heard that she has been living in different countries of Africa (Senegal, Congo, Zaire, Mauritius) for 8 more years married to the American Hy Hoffmann. When we met first 22.11.1996 in Amsterdam having been invited to the representation of  Ted Simons new book Jupiter´s Travel there we fall in love until now.

05.04.1981 - 15.11.1981  and  24.10.1989 - 23.05.1991
Rietzler, Gaby and Rudi (German)
Two times Trans-Africa. Gaby and Rudi crossed Africa two times by Motorcycle North-South.
In 1981 both rode solo with two YAMAHA XT 36.000 kms.
In 1989 - 91 they travelled within 17 months with a Moto-Guzzi-Mille GT with one sidecar Carell Enduro 80.000 kms through enormous 30 countries.
Route 1981: Germany - Austria - Switzerland - France - ferry from Marseille to Algeria (Algiers) - Algeria - Niger - Burkina Faso - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroun - Central African Rep. - Zaire - Rwanda - Tanzania - Kenya - Tanzania - Zambia - Maalaawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africa - Namibia - South Africa - return flight from SA (Johannesburg) to Germany (Frankfurt)
Route 1989-91: Germany - Austria - Switzerland - France - Spain - ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta - Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia - Algeria - Niger - Burkina Faso - Ivory Coast - Guinea - Senegal - Gambia - Senegal - Mali - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroun - Central African Rep. - Zaire - Rwanda - Burundi - Rwanda - Uganda - Kenya - Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africa - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Namibia - South Africa - Lesotho - South Africa - Swaziland - South Africa - return flight from SA (Johannesburg) to Luxembourg with the motorbike in the aeroplane - Germany.
1983 and 1993 The gave two slides - at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen. Last one: "Zwei Afrika-Durchquerungen".
The best of both tours: African Wildlife. Especially visits of elephants and hippos at night to our tend.
Book: Their second tour was published in 2/1992 in German mc-magazine TOURENFAHRER. Gaby rode a long report. A part of this will be published later in B.T. book "Frauen-Motorrad-Reisen"
B.T.: Gaby and Rudi are the only couple I know who crossed Africa two times North-South. They are the only couple I know who rode once on solo-bikes and second time in a sidecar. Gabi was until 1991 one of only 4 women I know who crossed Africa on an own bike.

11.81 - 02.1982
Banjul - Cameroun - Banjul: Ca. 6000 km gefahren. Heinz Holzmann fährt wieder mit der BMW R 27, 15 PS, 250 ccm. Die Route von Kayes - Bamako entlang des Niger ist eine sehr selten, nur in der Trockenzeit mögliche, befahrene Route: Banjul (Gambia) - Kaolack - Kayes - Bamako - Mopti - Ouahigouya - Ouagadougou - Niamey - Sokoto - Zaria - Bauchi - Yola - Garoua - N'Gaoundere - Tibati - Yaounde - Douala - Victoria. Per Linienschiff zurück nach Banjul über den Golf von Guinea. Ab Banjul Verladung per Charterflug nach Kopenhagen (Dänemark).

08.11.81 - 12.07.1983
+ Transafrika. Auf seiner langen Weltreise fährt der Schwede Frank Eliasson mit einer Honda Goldwing Kairo - Khartoum - Kampala - Mombasa.

+ Transafrika. Nordkap - Hoggar - Route - Capetown mit 2 BMW R 80 G/S. Ralf Zeller und ein Bekannter.

Capetown - Lubumbashi - quer durch Zaire bis Kinshasa - France. Der Franzose Yves Beaumont fährt in Zaire eine ganz selten befahrene Route.

+ Transafrika. BRD - Capetown. 1,5 Jahre fuhren Mechthild und Rudolf  Bilfinger "ohne Motorrad - Probleme" auf einer Yamaha XT 500 zusammen!
Route: Hoggar - Route - Douala - Kinshasa - mit Schiff bis Kisangani - Goma - Kigali - Capetown.

??.10.1982 - ??-??.1983
Scholl, Patricia (Austrian) and Martin Schoibl (Swiss)
Plan: Transafrika. Both rode from Europe to East Africa on one YAMAHA XT 500.
Route: Austria - Hungaria - Jugoslawia - Greece - by ferry to Egypt - Sudan (possibly the route via Wad Medani - El Obeid - El Fasher - Wau - Juba - Lokichokio) - Kenia - Uganda - ????
04th.11.00 1st information by World-Around-Travller Marcel Kersten. They met first time in Kenia. Who knows any details if they reached Capetown and their present address?
23.02.1983 Publication about Patricia and Marcel in THE EQUADOR = National Uganda Newspaper: "Riding across Africa"

Bartels, Wolfgang:
Germany - Senegal. Schnellritt in 28 Tagen von Deutschland (Leer) nach Senegal (Dakar) mit BMW R 80 G/S:
Dia-Vortrag auf dem  6. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 110 Teilnehmer

Bartels, Wolfgang:
Germany - Senegal. Schnellritt in 28 Tagen von Deutschland (Leer) nach Senegal (Dakar) mit BMW R 80 G/S:
Dia-Vortrag auf dem  6. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 110 Teilnehmer
Tesch, Bernd: Solo Afrikafahrt 1983: Marocko- Westsahara- Algerien. 2 Monate. 11.500 km

Thöne, Petra und Jörg Granderath
Senegal - Germany. Senegal (Dakar) - Deutschland (Aachen) in 3 Monaten 13.200 km auf einer BMW.
23.-24.04.88  Dia-Vortrag auf dem 10. MOTO - FERNREISE - TREFFEN
Lörli und Beat Läuppi (Schweizer): Es geht auch zu dritt auf einem Motorrad 4,5 Monate (schwanger geworden) durch Australien.
Nino Lazzeri (Luxemburg): Solo 1 Jahr lang mit BMW.
Carl: Australienteil seiner Wetreise."

09.1983 - 05.1984
Rudi Kretschmer
+ Tunesien - Senegal - Nigeria.  Lehrer Rudi ist ein begeisterter Afrika - Motorrad - Fahrer. Er hat 4 Afrika - Fahrten unternommen ab 1977. 1979 traf ich ihn in Togo. Er hat bei der Zeitschrift MOTORRAD 1986 eine Motorrad-Weltreise gewonnen. Auf dieser Reise benutzte er eine Scheck-BMW mit gleich grossen Reifen vorne und hinten.
Afrika-Route: Tunesien - Algerien (Djanet) - Niger (Agadez - Bilma alleine mit einer Tuareg - Karawane, 5 Tage Gefängnis in Bilma) - Obervolta - Mali (mit Einboot von Mopti - San) - Senegal (Kita - SW - Tambakounda, Rudis Kommentar dazu: Hölle) - Senegal - Gambia - Sierra Leone (poln. Frachter von Banjul) - Liberia - Elfenbeinküste - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Holland (mit deutschem Container - Schiff). Siehe >World für die Weltreise.

27.10.- 21.12.1983
Tesch, Bernd
Solo Afrika-Reise nach West-Afrika mit Motorrad TESCH-BMW R 80 G/S.
Route : D- F - CH - F - Spanien - Portugal - Spanien - Marokko - Westsahara - Marokko - Algerien - F - LUX - D. 11.500 km.
10.-11.02.84 Dia-Vortrag auf dem  6. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 110 Teilnehmer

??.03.1985 - ??.08.1985
Kerle, Werner (German, born 1958) no www.
+ Gerrmany > Egypt - Sudan > Germany. Werner started to a long tour with BMW R 80 G/S (1982) solo ca. 20.000 km. Because the motorcycle broke down in Sudan he returned via Jugloslawia.
Route: Germany - Jugoslawia - Greece - Turkey - Syria - Jordan  (from Aquaba by a new ferry to Nuweiba ) - Egypt: Crossing through the Lybian dessert back to Aswan. Near Aswan on lake Nasser the ferry netwenn Egypt and Sudan burnt and sunk two weeks before. So Werner succeded to get ide along the coast to Sudan. "I had 3 days paperwork und a lot of  trouble to get the permisson to cross the military-area at the coast of  Egypt and the border to Sudan. I had to finish the exit-papers in Assuan on the 27.5.1985 and to cross the borderline between the next two 2 days. From Assuan to the coast (a little bit south of Marsa Alam) and then south to the border abaut 500 kms. I had to carry 80 liters of fuel and 20 liters of water, also little food and all my luggage on the BMW for this 1000 km-trip. From Marsa Alam it was always off road. On the way were only 2 military controls on the Egypt side. The track stopped about 100 kms before the Eygpt border where you find the last Egypt military control - Sudan:  There is no sign when you enter Sudan, but a camp with huts and tents (military I think). No paperwork here. From here you have to find your own track somehow along the coast. Until Port Sudan you have to find your own rough and sandy route as well. There are no villages until Port Sudan.
In a tired moment I didn`t see a small sanddune and had a good flight. The front from my bike was destroyed and when I woke up again my hole drinking water was gone. Some hours later I was able to drive again. The track was going more inland and one and a half  hard days later I arrived in Port Sudan (31.5.1985) where I had to do my paperwork. My bike broke down totally, because a part of the shaft to the backweel was broken. I could fix them a bit and  found a ship to Jugoslavia (Pula, 26.07.85).
The best: Heartly inviatation in Deir a Zor in Syria.
The Worst: Died nearly of thirst on the way from Egypt ashore to Port Sudan. Lost ca. 20 kg.??
Useful tipps for others: I had a Tesch-Träger (rack) and leather bags and a 40-liter fueltank. Never rode alone such lonely roads. Take part of the Tuareg-Rallye in march in Morocco !
B.T.: Diese Route an der Küste ist normalerweise verboten. Ich habe extrem selten davon gehört, daß das Fahrzeuge (meistens von Süden kommend) geschafft haben. Es ist die erste mir bekannte Motorradtour entlang der Küste.

21.12.1985 - 13.01.1986
Wiechert, Hans (German, born in 1934)
Tunisia. Algeria.
Hans rodo solo with a Yamaha DT 175 MX.
Route: Italy (Genua) - by boat to Tunis - Algeria (El-Qued - Deb-Deb - Illizi - Djanet - Assekrem - Tamanrasset - In Salah - El Golea - Ghardaïa) - Tunis.
The best: Grand Erg oriental. Gravures rupestres. Assekrem. Meeting the Rallye Paris-Dakar in Tamanrasset.
Reason: Adventure. Sadnroses in desert.
The Worst: All Zähne des Zahnrades des Primärantriebes abgeschliffen.
06.04.2002 1st sumary by Arne Ullmann.

26.12.1985 - 04.03.1986
Bernd Tesch
+ Solo Dakar - Germany against Rallye Paris > Dakar.  Bernd fährt 11.500 km durch 9 afrikanische Länder auf einer Tesch - BMW R 80 G/S von Dakar nach Aachen entgegen der Rallye "Paris Dakar" (und trifft sie 1,5 Tage), um zu zeigen das "Reisen besser ist als Rasen". Das Besondere ist die erste Befahrung von Guinee (Guinea) in Nord - Süd und West - Ost - Richtung nach 25 Jahren für Touristen geschlossene Grenzen.

02.1989 - 08.1990
Henniges, Rolf (German, born in June 1965 in the University-City of Göttingen)
+ Transafrica. 43.230 Kilometer. Rolf has education as an industrial-salesman, a dieselengine-mechanic and an editor Transafrica from February 1989 till August 1990. His other three Africa-Tours 11.000 kms.
Route: Tunesia - Algeria - Niger - Burkina Faso - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Central-Africa - Zaire - Rwanda - Burundi - Uganda - Kenya - Tansania - Malawi - Mosambique - Botswana - Namibia - South-Africa
Purpose of travel: Always heading for adventure and fun. As an old moto-crossi he always looked at most of rough roads and tracks.
The best: Deep mudded, 300 km long track between Tansania to Malawi in rainy season. Also a rough and funny ride on an old Honda CB 200 with piston-collaps from Göttingen to Genua (Italy) and retour. (It was a funny story for motorcycle Magazine MOTORRAD in winter 98/99). Reaching Capetown after 18 month of journey
The worst: Stone-throwing children in Zaire.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: If there is a wish and a deep will, every time it will be come real.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:.Rolf startet his bigger trips after he hang up his moto-cross career in 1987. First he rode six weeks through Algeria. Infectet by the spirit of the black continent, he startet his big trip a year later and spent nearly two years travelling in several countries of Africa. Ending up in September 1990 in Capetown. There he worked together with a guy from Australia fixing engines. Surely he had the idea to visit him later.So he spent 27 months between 1991 - 1997 in Australia. He rode 100.000 km. Nearly all Outback-tracksavelling. Did trips to Asia as well cross all over Europe. Every time on bikes, mostly of the Yamaha XT-Series. Sometimes he worked for food and petrol and travelled without money as well. In Australia he was also digging for saphires as well as for opals. While he was back in Germany he worked in several jobs. Beside his travels he startet writing in 1990, sold the storys to many magazines and presented slideshows through Germany. Since May 1999 he is redacteur of MOTORRAD, Europes biggest Motobike-Magazin, working as a motorbike-tester and editor. The bike, with which he has done most of all journeys, is now part of his living-room. The good old Yamaha XT 600 Ténéré counts 241.000 km. After more than half a million km on a motorbike, now he is riding pushbikes as his hobby and still working on his next book which will be a novel and has nothing to do with bikes and journeys "Only women, drinks and rock'n roll". One of his dreams of life is, to live on novels. After six years in the past 20 years on the road, Rolf is still hungry for freedom: "There is no guarantee, that I will be a strickly hard working man for the rest of my life". He wants to travel as much as he can. "There's only one life. Live it". See more in this homepage Australia 1991 - 1997.
Book or publication: .In 1996 his first book, named "Australia", was published in Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart. Meanwhile his has written some short-storys for Lappan-Verlag Oldenburg and is one of the co-authors of the Travellbook "Best of 20 Years of Travel" from the Motorbike-Photographer Klaus H. Daams witch will be published in December 2001.
B.T. Rolf is an extensive mc-traveller being able sometimes to travel with no money. He crossed Africa and rode extremely in Australia by mc. Rolf  has written the portrait about Bernd Tesch in 1996 in MOTORRAD and has been visiting the Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers since many years. Rolf is a co-author of SHELL´s BIKER BIBLE as well. Although Rolf has sometimes a "special view" of Mr. Tesch and different opions we always kept a good contact with each other since a long time.

24.10.1989 - 23.05.1991 and 05.04.1981 - 15.11.1981 
Rietzler, Gaby and Rudi (German)
+ Two times Trans-Africa. Gaby and Rudi crossed Africa two times by Motorcycle North-South.
In 1981 both rode solo with two YAMAHA XT 36.000 kms.
In 1989 - 91 they travelled within 17 months with a Moto-Guzzi-Mille GT with sidecar Carell Enduro 80.000 kms through enormous 30 countries. See above 1981.

12.1989 - 02.1990
Steinhauser, Hubert (German, 09.05.1964)
+ Tunisia. Algeria
. Hubert rode with Yamaha XT 600 K without luggage with his friend Wolfgang Bader by car 4 WD Lada Niva 15.000 kms.
Purpose of travel: Wolfgang Bader asked him to travel with him into Sahara.
Route: Germany - Austria - Switerland - France - by ship from Marseille to Africa (Tunisa (Tunis) - Algeria (Tozeur - Deb Deb - Djanet - Tamanrasset - Ain Salah - El Golea - Ghardaia - Ouargla) - Tunisia (Tunis) - by ship to Europe (France (Marseille) - Switzerland Austria - Germany).
Higjhlights: Full moon in the dunes of Algeria. Oasis. Petrified wood.
The worst: We lost orientation sometimes in the dunes
Earlier experiences: 1988 renting bikes in in Morocco (Agadir).

01.12.1989 - 28.01.1990
Kuik, Fred van (Netherland, 20.08.60) and Nout Beeker (Netherland, 10.03.60)
+ North > West-Africa. The physiotherapis Fred and civil engeneer Arnout rode together from Tunis to Ouagadougou on two XT-600 Tenere 1983 ca. 7.000 kms. Then two dutch friends flew to Ouagadougou and they rode back via Niger (Agadez) - Algeria (In Guezzam - Tamanghasset). Nout and Fred toke the plane to Moscow (in wintertime) and spend there some days before going home with aeroflot to Bruxelles.
Route: Utrecht to Genua (motorcycles in van) - by boat to Tunisia (Tunis) - Tunis - Tozeur - Algeria (El-Qued - Touggourt - Ouargla - Hassi-Messaoud - In Amenas - Illizi - Djanet - Ideles - Tamanghasset - Assekrem - Timiaouine - Tessalit) - Mali (Gao - Mopti) - Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou) - by plane to Moscow - by plane to Belgium (Bruxelles) - Holland (Utrecht).
Purpose: enjoy holiday
The best: Assekrem sunset. Area around Djanet. Friendly people of Mali. Trip from Tam to Tessalit.
The worst: Getting petrol mixed with water in Timiaouine.
Useful Tips: Take two the same bikes.
Earlier experiences: 1992-1993 Marocco-Algeria-Libya-Algeria-Tunisia. - 1996-1997 Kampala - Zaire - CAR - Camerun-Niger. -2001-2002 plan to visit Libya or Algeria if Libya is not possible.

1991 - 2000

Jebli, Abi (Moroccan)
+ Transafrica. The engineer Abi (living in Netherlands) has crossed Africa already with HONDA 600 XR. See Marcus Bruns below!
Route: Algeria - West-Africa - Central Africa - South Africa.
27.05.2001 Asked for his block.
B.T.: For sure he is the first Moroccan Motorcycle Traveller crossing Africa in total. I am not sure if he is the first African. There are very few Africans TRAVELLING by motorcycle great distances through Africa.

11.03.1993 - 18.07.1994
Ellis, Heather (Austalian, born 08.04.1964) 
+ Transafrica: Capetown - East Africa - West-  North-Africa - England. The Australian Heather at 28 years old woke up one morning realising there was more to life than working for a multinational mining company. She wanted to fullfill her own dreams. Riding down the West Australian coast road, her and travelling companion, John travelled across the Indian Ocean by cargo ship to Durban. From South Africa they rode to East Africa. Heather on her Yamaha TT600 and John on a Honda XR600. However, once they arrived in Nairobi, her companion did not want to continue the trip through Africa and shipped his bike to Europe. Heather then managed to ride solo from East to West and then to North-Africa taking a cargo ship from Mauritania to Belgium. Total distance: 43,146 kms.
Heather's TT600 was rebuilt in Germany. In Hamelin, by Manfred Strubbel (please check spelling) - the European expert on Yamaha TT600. And why on a motorcycle? "Because for me it represents freedom, not just transport. On a bike you are 'in' what is around, not just an observer", Heather says. In London, Heather continued her travels as a motorcycle courier and over 12 months covered a distance of about 40,000km. After writing her African story in six months, Heather failed to attract a publisher and so began the homeward leg of her world motorcycle adventure (see Asia).
Mobil Oil is sponsor, giving Heather oil and petrol from their depots and on occasions accomodation in Lagos, Nigeria.
Heather got to Bachelor of Journalism in may 2001.
Purpose of travel: To explore the world and grow from the experience.
Route: Australia by ship to South Africa - Zimbabwe - Mozambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - Zaire - Congo - Gabon - Cameroon - Nigeria - Benin - Togo - Ghana - Burkina Faso - Mali - Mauritania - motorcyclye broke down - by ship to England.
The best: Zaire River. Ruwenzori Mountains - Zaire (now DRC). Freedom.
The worst: ??.
Book or publication: Awaken to Africa. Published for Xmas 2001. Would like to complete Vietnam Asia leg back to Australia before publication.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Pack your bike, put on your helmet, turn the key and ride down the driveway.......and then you will live a thousand life times everyday.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:... None.
05.11.01 Heather and Matt will have a baby in 2002 - I suppose. They want to vist me when they are on their "RTW" when they are 60. They forgot that B.T. will be possibly dead then.
B.T.: Out of my knowledge Ellis is the first who rode solo on a solo-bike Transafrica as far as Mauretania from Capetown to East - West- North-Africa without being together with a man the whole trip to London.

01.08.1993 - 25.03.1994
Erker, Dirk (German, Born ?)
+ Europe > Trans-Africa. The mechanic-master Dirk rode solo with Erker-BMW R 100 GS PD. 30.000 kms.
Route: Germany (Duisburg) - France - Spain - Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal - Gambia - Senegal - Mali - Burkina Faso - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroun - CFA - Zaire - Uganda - Kenia - Tanzania -  Malawi - Mozambique - South Africa (Capetown).
The best: Zaire - it makes or destroys men. Saw gorillas in Zaire without paying......
The Worst: Killing the rainforest.  Stopped counting his falls after 234...
Book: Planned
Tesch-Tip: Contact Dirks firm "Do it" ! The master of  two-wheels Dirk (Trans-Africa in 1993/94 and Trans-Asia in 1996/7 and in 1999 10 years visitor of the Mc-Tesch-Meeting for World-Travellers) has specialist for repairs of enduros and especially the preparation of  HONDA- and BMW-enduros for motorcycle-overland-tours: Huge petrol-tanks and e.g. shortining the 1st gear and making the 5th gear longer of BMWs. Tuning. Wider rims. Used motorcycles.... You, the rider, can they besides the motorcycle when Dirk makes the total-check of your bike and you get personal explanations and become more fit for your travel. Very recommendable ! Dirk also takes care for the Tesch-BMW ! His one-man-garage is called "Do it !": Tel. /Fax in Duisburg/Germany: Tel / Fax: 0049 (0) 2065 701669. Mobil No. 0179 4155007. Email:
13.01.2004 Next request for update.

18.09.1993 - 02.03.1994
Zuelch, Martin (German, born 20.02.1970)
+ Transafrica: Cairo - Cape Town. Martin rode solo 22.000 km on a Kawasaki KLX 650
Purpose of tour: personal experience; realising a long kept dream
Route: Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa.
The best: Friendly people all over the place, Sudanese desert, mountain landscape in Eritrea / Ethiopia, X-Mas at Victoria Falls, political situation in Eritrea just after independence and in South Africa just before the first democratic elections.
Worst times: Getting a bit too brave and trying to tackle a track which the Michelin map classified as "impassable during the rainy season" in Tanzania in the middle of the rainy season (mud holes that trucks disappeared in); falling and overturning at about 80 km/h on a desert track in the Kalahari (luckily no broken bones, but quite a concussion in spite of wearing a helmet)
Useful tips for others: try to save every kg you can on your bike & equipment; always travel with an open & unbiased mind; come to the TTT for lots more useful tips!
Publication about the tour : Tourenfahrer 9/1995; Motorrad News 2/1998
Earlier experiences: Hitchhiking through Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia in 1989
Date of first contact with B.T.: Spring 1993 when I returned with my new KLX 650 from Aachen and a new rack (The only one Bernd Tesch ever made for a Kawasaki) and a lot of useful equipment and tips.
Visitor of the Tesch-Meeting for World-Travellers: Four times since 1997 - 2002
January 2004: Plan: 3 weeks by car to desert in Libya. Part of Sahara: Hammadah al Hambrah. Martin promised to bring me a bit of sand as a present.

17.10.1993 - 20.03.1995
Griep, Astrid (born 1969) and Daniel Duwe (born 1971, both Germans). Astrids homepage:
+ Transafrica: Nort > West > East > South-Africa. Astrid and Daniel rode on one Honda Transalp 41.000 km through Africa.
Route: Europe (Germany - Spain) - by ferry to Africa (Morocco - the Sahara we crossed in company with Swiss car-salers - Mauretania - Mali - Cote d´Ivoire - Ghana. Because there has been a revolution in Togo at this time the border was closed. So we had to ride a "little round of 700 km" via Burkina Faso - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon - Central Africa - Zaire - arriving in Rwanda in march 1994. Because of a visit of friends we left bike and equipment in Rwanda and hitchhiked to Kenia. From here we flew home to Germany to earn money in summer. A short time later after we left Rwanda the war started there. It is bad that we lost all of our our bike and equipment there. But comparing this with the war there this was not important. In october 1994 we flew with another used Honda Transalp to Kenia to continue. Tansania - Malawi - Mocambique - Zimbabwe (Rafting on the Zambesi-River!!!) - Namibia - South Africa (Capetown).
Purpose of travel: Adventure, visiting other cultures, see diffrent countries
The best: Crossing the Sahara, driving through Zaire, diving-course in Malawi, Rafting on the Zambesi-River, driving through the deserted Kaokoveld in Namibia, reaching Capetown after 41.000 km!
The Worst: Corruption in Westafrika, especially in Zaire
Earlier experiences: Backpacking through Brasil, Mexiko, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand. See her next trip Alasca - Tierra del Fuego under Americas\NorthSouthAmerica
Useful tips to others:
Don´t ask too many questions before you leave the first time. Jjust do it ! It is easier then you imagine back home
05.1998 Personal visit of Astrid visited. I was astonished to hear how easy she managed Alasca - Tierra dle Fuego on her 350 ccm. She belongs to the few women who dare everything and is always positive thinking. It is wonderful to listen to Astrid.
planing again with her 350ccm SUZUKI. Who wants to travel next with her?
2001: Astrid has been more than three times at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen: 1995, 1996, 1997.
B.T.: Astrid is a very intelligent-humores and sweet-femine woman. She is a very experienced traveller and always waiting for the next tour...

1994 - 02.04.1995
Lichey, Peter and Dirk Schneider
+ Transafrika: North > West > East > South-Africa. Peter and Dirk rode 30.300 kms through 20 African countries with two BMW R 80 G/S in 5 months.
Route: Marocko - Senegal - Cote D'Ivoire - Nigeria - Zaire - Uganda - Kenia - Namibia - SA (Capetown)
The best: Christmas evening in a mountain village Mali in Guinea.
01.05.1994: Participants of the 18.Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers.
01.04.1995 Both tried to finish their tour at exactly on the 17th. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. They missed it one day, because the bikes were one day late by ship. I liked their idea very much.
30.-31.03.1996 Participant of the 18. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. They gave a slides-show: "Transafrika".
10.04.02 Peter wrote me that my Motorcycle-Meetings for World-Travellers caused him to travel. Since 1992 he will visit the Tesch-Meeting this year 8 times.

03.11.1994 - 16.04.1995
Krämer, Peter (born 05.01.1961)
+ North and West-Africa. Peter (BMW R 100 GS) rode with Heinz Köstenberger (HONDA Africa Twin), Thomas Schmid (BMW R 100 GS) and Anita 17.200 kms through Westafrika.
Route: Germany - France - Spain - Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal - Guinea - Cote d´Ivoire - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Niger - Nigeria - Cameroon. By plane back to Paris. From here back by bike to Germany.
Purpose of travel: I like to travel.
The best: Many different, but nothing special.
The worst: Pushdown on the last day and one hour from home. Had to stay 8 days in hospital.
Book or publication : No.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: 1994 is a long time ago. My tips are not up to date.

19.01.1995 - 08.1996 and
Ca. 12.1997 - 20.02.1999
Gnoth, Anselm und Marianne Haug
+ Trans-Africa two times: Capetown - Cairo and Tanger - Capetown
19.01.1995-08.1996 Anselm rode Trans-Africa solo by Mc BMW R 80 G/S 30.100 kms: Capetown - Kenia - Ethiopia - Eritrea - with a lot of luck he got the transitvisa for Saudi Arabia in Eritrea - Saudi Arabia - Jordan - Syria - Turkey - Germany. He gave a slides-show about this at a "Tesch-Globetrotter-Meeting". For this tour I gave him the tip to put a picture in his passport as a "priest with his black robe". At one border "the holy man" even did not have to pay the fees!
05.1998 Letter from Congo Brazzaville to Heinz and Christa Jansen (Trans-Africa-Traveller with HANOMAG 4 wheel drive car, 2.5 years and 50.000 kms), of which I got a copy. The priest Anselm was so fullfilled, that he wanted to discover Africa via the westroute. With two motorcycles Anselm (BMW R 80 GS) and his girlfriend Marianne Haug (XT 600) are now on the way: Germany - Spain - Maroc - Mauritania - Senegal - Togo - Nigeria - Cameroon - Gabon - Congo Brazzaville - Congo Kinshasa (05.1998). After 4 weeks they made the decision to fly with the motorcycle from Kinshasa/Zaire to Lubumbashi/Zambia (2.600 kms to Zambia) because of the dangerous war-situation in Zaire. Friends of them who went by car without a special permission in Zaire where stopped by the police after 500 kms (which took them 2 weeks to travel). Police took their car (which was not given back) and they had to leave the country. From Lusaka Anselm and Marianne rode first north to Kenia (Lake Turkana) and then to Capetown.
06.09.91998 Letter from Mombasa (Kenia). They have travelled now 11 months and make "holidays from travelling". They come back in march 1999: Now 31.000 kms. 23 countries, 19 African countries. Two times robbed. 1 time Malaria. Each two fronttires, 3 backtires. 4000 l petrol. 800 l beer. 200 pushdowns. 6 times motorcycles under water. 270 nights in tend. 22 nights just on hard grounds. 28 nights in beds. The most imprtant: Uncountable meetings with kind Africans. Vist of 40 different churches. They met David Woodburn (see there) in Kampala.
20.02.1999 a postcard from Capetown: "We are sad to leave this fascinatic continent Africa after 17 months and 52.000 kms". 26.03.99 As wonderful surprising guests Anselm and Marianne showed up on the "21th Meeting of Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers" 26.03.99, just being home in Germany a few days after working back on a ship. Marianne and Anselm wilh give a slides-show at the "23rd Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in april 2001".
04.2000 Anselm was sacrified as a priest.

25.09.1995 - 12.05.1997
Daniela Drechsel and Offergeld, Gerd
+ Transafrica somehow: Nort > West > South > East-Africa. The plummer Gerd (BMW R 80 G/S) and the civil-engineer Daniela (DR 350) rode 14.000 km with BMW and SUZUKI DR 350 28.000 kms.
Route: Germany (Aachen) - Luxembourg - France - Spain - Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal - Gambia - Senegal - Guinea (Conakry). In Guinea Gerd was hit by a truck and the mc was destroyed. They flew to South Africa. Here Gerd bought there a DR 350. South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Mocambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Rwanda - Uganda - Kenia. Both sold  their DR 350 and flew back to Germany.
The best: Desert of  Mauretania. Capetown - Elisabeth most besides the official road. North of  Namibia. North of Mocambique to Malawi.
The Worst: Accident in Guinea.
1978 1st contact
1994 / 5 visitor of  Tesch-Mc-Meeting

04.11.1995 - 01.03.1996
Lamers, Harald und Udo (Dutch) Ride till it hurts...
+ Transafrica. The BikeBrothers Harald & Udo rode with two SUZUKI DR600 25.000 km through 18 African countries.
Purpose of Tour: learning cultures, discovering Africa.
Route: Europe (Netherlands - Belgium - Spain) - Africa (Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal - Mali - Burkina Faso - Niger - Nigeria - Cameroons - Central Africa - Zaire - Uganda - Kenia - Tanzania - Malawi - Sambia - Zimbabwe - Botswana - South Africa.
The best: Zaire, very adventurous riding.
The worst: Zaire, too much corruption, 2 times arrested.
Earlier / later experiences of motorcycle tours: All our motorcycle tours are made on Suzuki DR600's.
01.06.1991 - 01.09.1991: Canada - USA - Mexico. 24.000 km.
04.11.1993 - 03.02.1994: Australia. 23.000 km
01.11.1997 - 05.03.1998: South America: Venezuela- Brasil - Bolivia - Peru - Chile - Argentinia. 24.000 km
11.05.2001- 01.10.2002: Asia: Holland - Germany - Tsjechie - Slowakije - Hongaria - Rumania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Malaysia - New Zealand - Australia - Japan - Russia - Baltic States. 64.000 km.
Information: Our website is: Harald's book is available at the Verlag Gopher. Book: "Waar de weg opgoudt". Dwars door Africa. 2001. 8 chapters. 258 pp. 18 b&w pictures. In Dutch language.
B.T. in 12.2002: Both have been several times on the "Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers". I am still grateful that they offered me a wonderful picture for my catalogue many years ago.

Tesch, Bernd
+ Namibia. Bernd rode solo 3000 kms (1.700 kms off-road without falling) in 4 weeks around Namibia with YAMAHA XT 500. He visited the nature people Ovahimbas in the north near border of Angola. Before he had to drive a Volkswagen bus within two days from Windhoek to Capetown for firm ASCO car hire and came back by bus.
The best: I found information about the historical Motorcycle Travellers Robert Suhr (rode in 1933 as the first with a BMW from Windhoek - Cairo - Germany) and Robert Schultheiss (1934 with a Tornax-sidecar  Germany (Trier) - Cairo - Windhoek). Arndt Asmus (owner of ASCO) was inspired at two Tesch-Treffen to cross Africa with Thomas Buse. After he came back he crossed Africa again with his 19 year girl fried Constanze in a Land Rover 109. Now they have a big firm with a garage for cars and motorcycles and hire cars. Anrndt kindly offered his "Trans-Africa XT 500 to Bernd Tesch.
The Worst: Ovahimbas showed me a "track" back from the mountains. It was a river bed with extremely big stones which I had to climb fo a bout 5 kms. Worst route I ever had in Africa (111.111 kms).
30.-31.03.1996 Participant of the 18. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. B.T. gave a slides-show: "Namibia".

Gut, Ted   
+ Kenya. Der deutsche frühzeitig pensionierte Lehrer Ted Gut (Tel / Fax 0049(0)8662-419990) vertritt in Deutschland die "Diani Marine Kenya" (P.O.Box 340. Ukunda Kenya. email: Ted ist aber einige Monate pro Jahr in Kenya. Ted hat seit 1996 seine Leidenschaft fürs Motorrad-Reisen entdeckt und somit einen neuen Anlaufpunkt für Motorrad - Traveller in Kenya erdacht. Sicher ein schöner Anlaufpunkt zum Relaxen am Indischen Ozean. Der Schweizer Rudi Schlatter betreibt in der Nähe eine Motorrad-Werkstatt. Der Belgier Christain Colette eine Auto-Werkstatt. Der Inhaber von "Diani Marine" ist seit 1979 der Deutsche Thomas Sollacher. Er hat ein kleines mit Schilf gedecktes Hotel mit ca. 10 Zimmern (22 Zimmer) in Ukunda, ca. 30 km südlich von Mombasa, ca. 100 m vom Strand mit Palmen und einigen eigenen Schiffen.  Er bietet Unterkunft, Garten mit Bar, Swimmingpool, Grillplatz, Tauchen, Tauchausbildung, See- und Landsafaris und Urlaubsorganisation. Obwohl die Preise Zimmer-Preise niedrig sind, kann man dort auch sein Zelt notfalls aufstellen.

10.02.1996 - 0 4.06.1996
Büttner, Volker" (German, born 24.08.1967) and Ralf Schiffers (German, born 08.11.1965)
+ Germany - Togo . Volker ( BMW R 100 GS) and Ralf Schiffers ( BMW R80 G/S) rode from Germany ( Colonia) to Togo ( Lome ) 14.000 kms.
Purpose of your travel: fullfill my dream
Route : Germany ( Colonia ) - ??? - Africa ( M orocco - Mauretania - Senegal ( Dakar ) - Mali - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Togo - and then ??
Highlights: crossing the desert, reaching Dakar , people in Ghana
The worst: Malaria in Togo , Police in Bamako , lost the track in the desert
Book or publication : homepage.
My useful informations and TIPS for others: don't look back - there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (or desert)
Earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Egypt 1989 with streetbikes.
20.04.2008 1st summary.
20.04.2008 First request for update
22.04.2008 Second request

01.06.1996 - 06.06.1997
Gregg J. Flower  (Danish)
+ Trans-Africa: Denmark >Egypt > Saudi Arabiy > Capetown.. 38 year old Gregg travelled on a new Cagiva W16, 600 ccm. 40.000 kms. The first 20.000 kms of the trip was done with Carsten Bistup also on a Cagiva W16.
Purpose: Visiting save the children projects. Writing articles and photography.
Route: Denmark - Germany - Poland - Chech Rep - Slovak Rep - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Syria - Lebanon - Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Saudi - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Kenya - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Kenya - Sudan - Uganda - Rwanda - Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Zambia - Namibia - Botswana - South Africa, where the bike was shipped home from Cape Town.
Most interesting country: Sudan.
Hell on earth: Egypt.

18.09.1996 - 01.07.1997
Türk, Sabine (born 15.12.1966) and Franz Löhle (21.12.1968, both Germans)
+ Transafrica: Germany - Morocco - Capetown. Sabine (YAMAHA XT 600) and Franz (BMW R 100 GS) rode ca. 25.000 kms.
Route: Germany (Kleve/Köln) - France - Spain - Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal (4 weeks stay) - Mali - Burkina-Faso - Togo (7 weeks of stay because Sabine had Malaria) - war in Zaire - borders to Nigeria closed because of rebellion in Nigeria - via freighter (with 50 refugees from Togo, Mali and Burkina-Faso we had to stay for 8 days on the ship) to Libreville in Gabon - by motorcycyle to Point Noire - Kongo - (5 weeks stay because of Malaria, borders closed to Zaire, could not get a ship) - with French surply-boat with a captain of Malaysia to Angola (Luanda) - by motorcycle through Angola to Namibia - Botswana - South Africa (Capetown).
Purpose of travel: It was the plan of Franz to visit his oncle in South Africa in Pretoria! He promised his uncle: If I come then by motorcycle ! This was 10 years ago since this time he collectes experiences in Europe, East Europe and North Africa. At first with his XT 500 and then with BMW R 100 GS. 6 weeks before he start to travel to Africa, we fall in love. At first Franz started alone as far as Agadir (Morocco). Then he didn't want to go on solo. So I (Sabine) took a flight to Agadir in Januar 1996 and we rode back to Germany on his bike. We decided to do this journey together at 18th of ocktober 1996. 3 months before we started the trip I (Sabine) made the driving licence for the motobike. Back in Germany: August 1997
The best: - All the little funnyest things with people and their friendship. Die fascinating landscape and our journey through Angola. Visit of Etosha-Parks in Namibia ! Krüger-National-Park ! All "Big Five" ! To reach Capetown by sunshine and a view to the table mountain. Visit of Straussenfarm in Cape Point.
The Worst: Eine Piste die mehr aus Bergen und riesigen Steinen bestand und unser Tagesdurchschnittskilometer 16 km/h betrug, haben die Mopeds mehr heben und schieben müssen in voller Montour und bei ca. 38 Grad!! Wurden aber durch Landschaftliche Highlights entschädigt!! - an accident with an einheimischen Frau in Mali. Hat mich (Sabine) 2 Tage ausgenockt ! Die Frau ist mir ins Mottorrad gelaufen. Ich war nicht sehr schnell (50 km/h) und die Strasse sehr breit. Völlig unerklärlich warum sie über mein Vorderrad springen wollte. Vielleicht wollte sie als Kühlerfigur mitfahren?? - Malaria in Togo, quälte mich 7 Wochen mit Malaria. Artzt behauptete ich hätte keine Malaria weil ich kein Fieber hatte!! Ein Trugschluss da es auch einheimische gibt die ohne Fieber reagieren!!!
Extrem schlechte Piste nach Piont Noire musten wegen Malaria aufgeben und den Zug nach Point Noire nehmen. Franz jetzt auch mit Malaria. Endlich durch einen Test Malaria bestätigt und erfolgreich behandelt, es folgten 2 Wochen mit starken Muskelschmerzen und ständigen Schwächezuständen. Habe uns erst in Nambia davon erholt! - In Pretoria bekommt Franz Windpocken mit hohem Fieber. Ca. 2 Wochen ausgenockt!! - 2. Unfall in Südafrika auf dem Weg nach Capetown. Bin (Sabine) Franz mit 120 km/h in die Koffer gefahren. Franz muste ein Ausweichmanöver wegen Schafen fahren!! Konnte, da leider völlig durchgefrohren und steif, nicht mehr mithalten. Hatte aber nur blaue Flecke am Arm und einen etwas steifen Nacken. Franz war o.k. Franz hatte in der Nacht darauf eine leichte Lebensmittelvergiftung!

02.11.(ab Garmisch) -  03.11.1996 an Tunis -  Tibesti -  15.12.97 (an Douala).
Tina Müller und Hans Ostler
+ Tunisia - Libya - Chad - Cameroun.Die für viele Jahre durch die politischen, auch kriegerischen Auseinandersetzungen gesperrte Nord - Süd - Verbindung Tunesien -  Libyen - Cameroun haben Tina und Hans erstmalig gemeistert. Die Idee kam Tina nachdem Klaus Därr das Tibesti mit einem Mercedes Geländewagen bereist hatte und die Reisen in Algerien durch die inneren politischen Auseinandersetzungen (Islamisierung) ohne militärische Sicherheitsbegleitung nicht mehr möglich sind. Heinz Holzmann war 1975/76 der erste Motorrad - Fahrer im Tchad. Tina und Hans sind die ersten, die Nord - Süd mit dem Motorrad gefahren sind, wobei Tina die gesamte Strecke auf dem Motorrad gefahren ist. Ein Begleitfahrzeug ist notwendig, weil es auf ca. 2500 km keine gesicherte Versorgung gibt. Die Fahrt eines solo fahrenden Motorrad - Travellers auf dieser Verbindung steht noch aus.
Ca. 1997 Tina and Hans gave a slide-show at the Tesch-Travel-Treffen
B.T.: First person and woman who rode by motorcycle Libya - Chad - Cameroun at all.

15.09.1995 - 03.02.1996
Dülks, Alexander Dr. (
German, 27.10.68)
+ Southern Africa. Alexander rode solo through Southern Africa with Honda Transalp 15.000 km and combined the trip with a 4 months practical medical training at the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.
Route: Düsseldorf-Durban (ZA) (Fly & Bike), Naude's Nek-Pass, Qeenstown, Port Elisabeth, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, George, Oudtshoorn, Swartberg Pass, Prince Albert, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, Stellenbosch, Franschoek, Blouwbergstrand, Lambert’s Bay, Springbok, Fish River Canyon (NA), Keetmanshop, Mariental, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Windhoek, Etosha National Park, Grootfontein, Caprivi Strip, Victoria Falls (ZW), Hwange National Park, Bulawayo, Matobo National Park, Great Zimbabwe National Monument, Birchenough Bridge, Hot Springs, Chimanimani National Park, Buffalo Range, Beitbridge (ZA), Pietersburg, Middelburg,
Volksrust, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Drakensberge, Lesotho, Sodwana Bay, Durban, 15.000 km; Durban-Düsseldorf (D) (Fly & Bike)
Purpose of travel: Landscape, Freedom, Biking, Training at the University Hospital of Durban, ZA .
The best: Numerous, among all Royal Natal NP, Cape Town, Sossousvlei in Namib, Etosha NP, Victoria Falls, Chimanimani NP, student life in Durban.
The worst: Hit a cow in Natal. Ignored a Highway Patrol in Natal (I was lucky and got off, but stupid thing to do)
Book or publication: -
Useful informations and TIPS for others: see
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Iberian peninsula
06.10.02 - 20.02.2003 SAmerika with Britta Duelks.

14.02.1997 - 23.12.1998
Noy, Paul  Trans-Africa (Dutch, born in Switzerland)

+ Transafrica 2 times. The The computer engineer Paul crossed Africa in 22 months N-S and S-N on a YAMAHA TT 600 with 54.000 km.
Route: Switzerland (14.2.1997) - Italy (Genova to Tunis with ferry boat) - Tunisia - Libya - Tchad (Tibesti) - Cameroon  - because of war in Congo and Zaire and a broken foot he flew to South Africa (Johannesburg) - Lesotho - South Africa (Capetown) - Namibia (3 weeks living with the Himbas) - back to South Africa (Capetown) - Swaziland - Zimbabwe - Mozambique ((the river Rio rovuma that builds the northern border got crossed on a small wooden-tree-boat) - Tansania - Kenia - Ethiopia - Sudan (By ferry boat from Wadi Halfa to Aswan) - Eygpt - Israel - Cyprus - Greece - Italy - Switzerland (23.12.1998).
05.08.1999: Paul told me today that he owns my book "Afrika Motorrad Reisen" but did not have contact before with me. Paul has finished his book about his in some parts incredible route but is still searching a publisher. He probably will come to the 22. Meeting of Motorcycle - WORLD - Traveller in 2000.
Purpose of travel: ........ fun and enjoy the experience. Since this trip I love tribes!
The best: -joining a stuntshow on own bike. Jumping through flames. -releasing a ship in front of the mozamican coast from a cable by a 27h divingjob where the water is 2000 m deep. -Made it!
The worst: rains in the borderregion from Ethiopia to Sudan got stuck for three days in the mud and after I made it to Sudan got in jail for suspected spy. Damned!
Book or publication: maybe coming. (watch my homepage)
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....loose weight on your bike and don't expect to travel in luxury!
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:... Motorbikes are the best way to travel! definatly!
05.08.1999: Paul told me today that he owns my book "Afrika Motorrad Reisen" but did not have contact before with me. Paul has finished his book about his in some parts incredible route but is still searching a publisher.
B.T.: Paul has a good stile of writing and hopefully will publish his book. He made this very rare route through Tchad / Tibesti.

01.05.1997 - 16.06.1998
Lisa  Schibisch and Christian Frei
+ Transafrica: Capetown - Cairo - Germany. The webmaster Christian and his girlfriend Lisa rode 39.000 kms in 13 months Capetown - Cairo - Germany with  two YAMAHA XT 600 E.
Route: Souht Africa (Capetown) - Swaziland - South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Simbabwe - Mocambique - Malawi - Tansania - Kenia - Uganda - Kenia - Ethiopia - Eritrea (Asmara  - boat to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) and by boat to Egypt (Suez) - Israel - Jordania - Israel - Greece - Turkey - Italy -Switzerland - Germany (Bottrop).
Earlier rides: Türkei, Tunesien, Europa, Alaska-Feuerland
Highlihts: Namibia. Mocambique. Ttanzania (Zanzibar). Eritrea. Especially to meet wild animals in nature.
The Worst: Too high prices in Nationalparks. Samburus, who attacked us with as speer and stones. Children in Ethiopia, who tried to jump in front of the motorcycle and threw stones. Dangerous minitaxis and goats and animals on the road. Traffic in big cities (Cairo, Kampala).

12.1998 + several months
Dienger, Kurt und Isabelle Jomini  (Swiss)
Africa. This couple plan to start in 12.1998 with two KTM an African Tour for some months.
28.05.01 No email

Way down: 18.04.1999 - 10.11.2001
Way up: 06.09.2002 - 10.01.2004
de le Vingne, Tanguy (Belgium, born 25.11.65)
Way down: + Transafrica: North- West- Central - East - South Africa.
Way back: + Transafrica: South- West- North- Africa..
Tanguy planned to ride solo around the world for 1.5 years with a Suzuki DR 600. He ended up riding around Africa for almost 5 years, 80.000km, most of it with Daniela Ruegsegger (Yamaha XT 600) whom he met in Tanzania.
How many kms way down ????
How many kms way back ????
Route way down from Belgium (Brussels) - South Africa (Cape Town):
Belgium (Brussels) - France (04.1999) - Spain - Morocco (may) - Sahara Occidental (june) - Mauritanie (june) - Sénégal (june) - Mali (Tombouctou+Dogon july) - Burkina Faso (July) - Ghana (august) - Togo (septemer) - Bénin (september) - Nigeria (october) - Cameroun (october) - Rep. Centrafrique (november) - Rep Démocratic of Congo (décembre) - Uganda (décember) - Kenya (1 + 2 + 3 jan - july 2000) - Tanzania + Zanzibar + Tanzania (02 juily-nov) - Mozambique (décember) - Malawi + Cape Maclear (january 2001) - Zambia (march) - Zimbabwé (april . may) - Swaziland (august) - Lesotho (september) - Afrique du Sud 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 juin 2001- september 2002
Route way up South Africa (Cape Town) - Belgium (Brussels): Way back: South Africa : Departure from Cape Town on Septembre 6, 2002 via Citrusdal (Sept 7), Garies, Vioolsdrift on Orange River - Namibian border (Sept 8-9) Namibia (Sept 10) Ai-Ais + Fish River Canyon (Sept 10-13), Hobas, Luderitz (Sept 16), Maltahohe, Windhoek - Namibia capital (Sept 19, Oct 1), Speetshoogte pass, Solitaire (Oct 5), Sossus Vlei - Dead Vlei -Namib desert (Oct 6-7), Swakopmund(Oct 8-12), Cape Cross, Mile 108 (1), Uis(1), Sesfontein(2), Puros, Orupembe, Sanitatas, Opuwo, Oshakati (4 nights: oct 23-27). Angola (Oct 27) Ondjiva(1), Xangongo(2), village between Mucope & Quiteve(2), Mulondo(1), Matala(1), Lubango(6 nights: nov 3-9), Namibe(3), Caraculo, Munkengo(1), Bibala, Lola(2), Quilengues(2), Chongoroi(1), Benguita(3), Baia Forta(3), Sumbe(1night, nov 24), Luanda - capital of Angola (nov 24 - dec 16), Caxito, Quifuata(1), Uige, Bungo(dec 23), Muchinga, Nsosso(Christmas), Damba(dec 26), Maquela do Zombo(dec 27-29). Dem. Rep of Congo (January 3, 2003) - Kinshasa (January 6-19) - Congo Brazzaville (January) - Brazzaville (January 18) - Gabon (March) - Franceville (March 5), Libreville (marsh 18 - april 12), Ntoum, Mela, Assok, Mbc, Medouneu(april 20) Equatorial Guinea - Bata (May 6) - Cameroon - Yaounde (May 27) - Bafoussan - Nigeria Kano (August) - Niger (Zinder)
>>>>- Algeria - Spain - France - Switzerland - Belgium.
>>it would be great if we could leave the much more and interesting information above. AND you could add the same information from your site for the rest of the route.
Purpose of travel: Must have been several of them; I can't remember them all; definitely freedom.
The best: Few magic seconds here and there.
>>>Nobody will believe this in such a wonderful long travel ! It would be very nice if you could inform your reasders with a few more short details
The worst: approaching too much freedom.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: none
Useful tips for others: ???
>>>Here I and the readers would be very grateful for a short information how you managed to cross Angola and Congo.
1999 First contact
27.10.2003 Took this information from his website
28,02.2004 Next request for update

Boyce Noel   NAMIB-KALAHARI SAFARI   Namibia - Botswana - South Africa
Noel, Chairman "Africa Touring Club" in Capetown, invited me to take part in a rallye like "Paris-Dakar" in the southern African hemisphere: 20 days from 2nd to 21st of september 1999 with maximum 200 motorcycles and 75 4WDs. The rallye gives the amateur on-offroad biker and 4WD enthusiast the opportunity to experience the thrills of an event without the inherent risks of  "Paris-Dakar" through three countries. I know SA and can promise you that you will like it very much! I will be in Australia but YOU can take part! Give me an email I will transport it to them. They offer Harley-Tours as well... 

06.03.1999 - ca. 09.2001
Goorberg, Chris van de  (Dutch)
+ Transafrica.
25.02.1999: The plummer Chris worked for 12 years. Last year he has been in Australia by backpacking. There he got the idea that there is more to see in the world and he should look more for adventure. Therefore he stopped working and sold his house. So far he toured a lot in Europa by motorcycle. He will leave Holland with YAMAHA XT 600 with Tesch-Equipment trying to ride to South Africa via Mauretania. He does not have any timelimite. He hopes to make a lot of friends "on the road" and is searching for a job for some time in South Africa. He will inform me by email.
Route: Holland - North Africa - Marocco - Mauretania - Senegal - Mali (Bamako - Timbuktou). After he travelled in West-Africa he met up with Tanguy from Belgium in Mali. With him he travelled in Burkina Faso - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon. From Ekang to Mamfe it took us 3 days for 80 kms. - C.A.R - we had to wait 4 days at the Garoea Bolai border - then had to turn back to cross 500 km more south. Visited the Pygmees - then crossed to Congo in december 99 in a piroggue - 1500 km in Congo, heavy roads but fabules - Christmas day we crossed to Uganda - there we split and I rode to nord east: Uganda - Kenia - lake Turkana - Tanzania - Malawi - here I broke my colourbone when I crashed in Nkota-Nkota gamereserve - Mozambique - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Botswana - South Africa - here on the first day in SAfrica I had an accident and broke the moterbike and my other colourbone. The insurance from the one how caused the accident payed me a new XR 600 - with this I travelled in SAfrica - Swaziland - Lesotho and parked it some were when I flew to Madagascar. Last september he sold the bike in ??.
01.05.99 Chris informed me by email about the latest news about the route from Tanger - Layoune - Dakar. In "practise" there is no need to have a "Carnet de Passage" for motorcycles, although the official law changed 01.02.99 which means that you MUST have Carnet de Passage for Mauretania.
20.09.99 From Benin: He liked his mc-trip very much and rode 20.000 kms without big problems. In Guinee he broke my his back suspention and the frame, because "I was was so stupid to think I was in "Paris-Dakar-Rallye" speeding up too much and not seeing a very big hole.
29.10.2001 I am flying to Canada on the 8 of november for a new adventure. Many greetings to all travelers on this nice world.

03.03.1999 (SA, Capetown) - 18.06.2000 (Sweden, Stockholm)
Bovin, Anette (Swedish)  no www.
+ Trans-Africa: Capetown > Cairo > Europe. Anette (31) rode solo on her SUZUKI DR 350 about  40.000 kms. Her originally plan was to travel 6-8 months but she came back after 15 months. Very broke...   because she would have liked to continue. "It was great !!! and really just positive travelling alone as a  female". I got to see "both sides".
Route: South Africa (Capetown) - Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africa - Malawi - Mocambique - Tanzania - (crossing the Rovuma river) - Zanzibar - Tanzania - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - Kenya (Nairobi - Marsabit) - Ethiopia (Moyale - Addis - circel in Ethiopia - Galabit) - Sudan (Khartoum - Atbara - along the railway to Wadi Halfa in company with an English guy) - Egypt - by ferry from Egypt to Greece and Italy - through a freeeeezing cold Europe to Sweden  (Stockholm)... Anette did not ride back via Syria because of lack of money.
The best: Etiophia (for its culture, scenery and "GREAT" roads for the SUZUKI).  Sudan (lovely desert and  amazing people! They stuff you with brown beans...). Namibia and Mozambique!
The Worst: Beeing very tirsty and burning the tung on the boiling water I carried on the bike. Struggling with the bike in deep sand having to take lots of luggage off before I could manage to lift it. So...I guess I can not really complain!!!!!!
B.T.: I thing Anette "is the first woman at all, at least the first Swedish woman who rode most of the parts of Transafrica Capetown-Cairo by her own without ONE friend". As far as I know "no women rode solo on a solo-bike that much in Africa". It is historical unknown (by missing dates so far) if  Theresa Wallach rode more kms on her historical ride England > Trans-Africa and back from Capetown > England in 1934/6 with her sidecar.

10.08.1999 - 13.09.1999
Möhle, Carsten (German, born 13.09.1964)
+ Africa East-West. Carsten traveled on the wheelsteps of the first motorcar 11.000 km through Africa. Originally German Officer Paul Graetz did it in a Mercedes Benz build in Gaggenau 1907 within 630 days. Carsten used a Merceds Benz Unimog from Gaggenau build in 1967 and did it within a months.
Travel Companions: Wife Carmen, Daughter Jennifer, Mechanic Hermann, Camerateam Gerhard and Timo, Jounalist Anne.
Route: Africa 11.000 kms. Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania - Lake Tanganjika - Ujiji - MV. Liemba - Zambia: Mpulungu - Kasama - Serenje - Livingstone - Zimbabwe: Bulawayo -South Africa: Johannesburg, Botswana: Serowe - Maun -Ghanzi - Namibia: Gobabis -Windhoek - Swakopmund.
Purpose of travel: To compare the challenges from the original travel of the German "Indiana Jones" Paul Graetz in 1907 -09 with modern road conditions and "modern" vehicles.
The best: Welcome Back party >from Namibian Old Wheelers with digging for petrol and beer.
The worst: Malaria of three tour members while testing different anti-mosquito sprays.
Book or publication: Professionell VHS Video 100 minutes, 14 magazine Articles.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: on
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Caprivi + Somalia UN Missions, Zaire 1995.
B.T.: Casten produced a 60 mintes video which is available via his homepage.

10.10.1999 - + 09.08.2000
Bruns, Markus (German, born 12.08.1974) and Apie Jebli (Moroccan) and Wolfgang Staudenmeyer (= Staudy, German)
+ Europe - North - West -, East - Africa
. They started with 6 motorcycles. After 3 weeks in Morocco three of our friends Hanno Hardebol, Jörg Schildt and Oliver Röber went back. Apie and Markus and Staudy rode togehter until Cameroun. Apie and Markus continued until Kenia. Markus rode one month solo more in East Africa. After 303 days through 18 countries and 28.000 kms he came back. It cost him ca. 25.000 DM. The petrol cost were between 1 DM and 3 $ US in Zaire. Markus lost 13 kg. "It is not my last big journey !"
Route: Germany - Spain - Morocco - Mauretania (with train to Atar - Chinguitti - Nouakchott) - Senegal (Dakar) - Gambia (Banjul) - Guinee (Conakry -Fouta Djalon) - Cote d´Ivore (Yamoussoukro - Abidjan) - Ghana (we celebrated Chismas and the millenium in Accra) - Togo (visit to Alice) - Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou - we met the Rallye "Dakar - Cairo" - Bobo) - Mali (Djenne - Mopti - Dogon - piroge to Tombouctou - Gao) - Niger (Niamey - Agadez - Air mountains - Zinder - Tschad (circled lake Tchad) - Cameroun (because Apie broke his leg we had a 6 weeks stop in Douala. Staudy flew from Douala including his bike to South Africa. We continued to Yaounde) - Centra Africa (Bangui - Zemio) - Zaire (1100 kms very bad tracks. After 400 kms Apie broke the same leg again - we continued to Uganda (Murchinson Nat.Park - Kampala) - Kenia (Nairobi - Apie flew back. Markus stayed another month: Lake Nakuru - Masai Mara) -Tansania (Ngorongoro - Zansibar) - Kenia (Mombasa - viseted Diani: Ted Gut (Thomas Sollacher).
19.07.1999: Plan Europe - North - West -, East - Northeast - Africa. The German Markus visited me for recomendation for his intended tour through Africa. He (with SUZUKI DR 650 SE) and his Moroccan/Dutch Mc-friend  Apie Jebli (with HONDA XR 600) will start in october 1999 for about 6-8 months. They intend to travel from North- to West-Africa via Mauretania. In West-Africa they want to make a huge circle through West-Africa before trying to cross Central-Africa. I told Markus that I have not heard about anyone who succeeded to reach East-Africa via Zaire/Rep. Congo since 1998 after the war. From East-Africa they want to travel south or northeast via Ethiopia - Eritrea - Sudan - Egypt. If they really succeed to ride all this ways it would be one of the most difficult transcontinent rides at all. The industry mechanic Markus flew back 05.08.2000 to the Voodoo Meeting in Zürich 7 Switzerland.
Publications: No.
Markus´Earlier experiences: Abi has crossed Africa already with HONDA 600 XR in 1992: Algeria - West-Africa - Central Africa - South Africa.
Markus has been two times in Libya: 04.10.-31.10.1997 with BMW R 100 PD. On this tour the cardan chaft broke after 1 week, but he travelled then with a sidecar. 30.10.-02.12.1998 with SUZUKI DR 650 SE about 6.500 kms. About 2000 kms off-road and 300 kms dunes including Wau en Namus.

21.10.1999 - 21.02.2000
Walter, Anne-Katrin (German, 22) and Martin Steiniger (German, 26)
+ North- and West-Africa. The student of landscapearchitecture Anne and the geometer Martin rode four months  on ONE  Yamaha TT 600 through North- and West-Africa. 17.000 kms from Cap Blanc (Tunisia) to Cape Coast (Ghana).
Route: Germany - Tunesia (Tunis - Leptis Magna - Ghadames - Sebha - Ghat) - Algeria (Djanet - Tamanrasset - HoggarRound - Niger (Assamaka - Agadez - AirRound - Niamey) - Mali (Gao - Mopt) - Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou - Bobo Dioulasso) - Ghana (Tamale - Kumasi - Accra).
The best: Invitation in a 40-people-family in Libya. Great desert in Libya/Algeria. Phantastical Hoggar. One-week-roundtrip in the Air mountains only for riding the dirt tracks. Spend some days in between the rallyecamp PARIS - DAKAR in Niamey. Meeting very friendly people in Burkina Faso.
The Worst: Problems with the back-rear of the bike. Money for everything in (black Africa) Niger/Mali. This meens the regions where no TOUAREGS live....
Book or publication: 11 articels in my local newspaper called "Freie Presse". 1 article in the April-Issue from "Syburger"-Verlag.
Useful information: Try to connect me via Bernd Tesch how to prepare the YAMAHA TT 600 for a long trip with two persons;.
15.04.1998 1st contact
07.05.2001 B.T. got this summary

ellen umfahren koennen, nichts wie los. Wollen vor Ende Jahr in Europa sein. Bis zum naechsten Tesch-Treffen sollte es klappen.
Tschuess Daniela
Route: Tanguy & Daniela return trip (from Cape Town) Français
List of Countries
Map of Africa
South Africa

Way down: 19.11.1999 - 30.06.2001 Cairo - Capetown
Way up: 16.09.2002 ?? - ??.??.2003 Capetown - West- Nord-Africa -Tunis
Ruegsegger, Daniela  (Swiss, 25.02.1974)
Cairo - Capetown. The Swiss office-worker (still searching for the best "job") Daniela (25) rode solo Switzerland - Cairo - Capetown with a YAMAHA XT 600 E. 33,000 kms.
Route: Switzerland - Italy - France - Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - Sudan (1,5 months) - Ethiopia (2 months,  Gonder - Axum - Adigrat - Woldia - Lalibela - Bahir Dar - Addis Ababa - Arba Minch - Jinka - Lake Turkana) - Kenia (Nairobi) - Uganda - Rwanda - Tanzania - Mozambique - Malawi - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South African.
The best: The whole trip was a "genial experience"! I love "Sudan and Ethiopia"
The worst: nichts an das ich mich erinnern kann. Bin immer noch bei bester Gesundheit, der Rest ist nebensächlich.
Informationen und Tips: Fahr los....und nimm dir alle Zeit der Welt!!!!20.07.1999 First contact with Daniela. 24.07.1999 Recommendation in Zweifall.
30.06.01 Cape Agulhas (suedlichster Punkt Afrikas)
01.07.01 Cape of Good Hope.
11.2000 Report about Sudan Ethiopia in German mc-magazine "Tourenfahrer" and in Swiss Motorradzeitschrift "TOEFF (CH)"
06.09.2002 Daniela started to ride back trough Africa and plans to be in Switzerland in summer 2003. She is accompined by her Belgian friend Tanguy now.
Back-Plan: 15.09.02 until summer 2003 Zweiter Reise: Kapstadt – Schweiz im Duo.
Geplante Rückreise zusammen mit Tanguy de le Vingne: Südafrika – Namibia – Angola – Kongo – Kamerun – Nigeria - Niger – Algerien – Marokko (Reiseroute hängt von Sicherheitslage der jeweiligen Länder ab).
23.10.2003 Next request for update
26.10.2003 Hallo Bernd: Ja, sind immer noch on the road. Sind wie geplant gefahren: Suedafrika - Namibia - Angola - DRC - Congo - Gabon - Aequatorialguinea - Kamerun - Nigeria - Niger - Algerien. Sind inzwischen in Tamanrasset, Algerien. Keines der Laender stellte ein Problem dar.
Adam Shani hatten wir damals in Mozambique getroffen, lass ihn ganz lieb von uns gruessen. Die Route ist kein Problem und falls, dann wird er die ProblemstDeparture from Cape Town on Septembre 6, 2002 via Citrusdal (Sept 7), Garies, Vioolsdrift on Orange River - Namibian border (Sept 8-9)
Namibia (Sept 10)
Ai-Ais + Fish River Canyon (Sept 10-13), Hobas, Luderitz (Sept 16), Maltahohe, Windhoek - Namibia capital (Sept 19, Oct 1), Speetshoogte pass, Solitaire (Oct 5), Sossus Vlei - Dead Vlei -Namib desert (Oct 6-7), Swakopmund(Oct 8-12), Cape Cross, Mile 108 (1), Uis(1), Sesfontein(2), Puros, Orupembe, Sanitatas, Opuwo, Oshakati (4 nights: oct 23-27).
Angola (Oct 27)
Ondjiva(1), Xangongo(2), village between Mucope & Quiteve(2), Mulondo(1), Matala(1), Lubango(6 nights: nov 3-9), Namibe(3), Caraculo, Munkengo(1), Bibala, Lola(2), Quilengues(2), Chongoroi(1), Benguita(3), Baia Forta(3), Sumbe(1night, nov 24), Luanda - capital of Angola (nov 24 - dec 16), Caxito, Quifuata(1), Uige, Bungo(dec 23), Muchinga, Nsosso(Christmas), Damba(dec 26), Maquela do Zombo(dec 27-29).
Dem. Rep of Congo (January 3, 2003) - Kinshasa (January 6-19) - Congo Brazzaville (January) - Brazzaville (January 18)
Gabon (March)
Franceville (March 5), Libreville
Equatorial Guinea
Bata (May 6)
Yaounde (May 27), Bafoussan
Kano (August)
Algeria (now in Tamanrasset)
24.06.2000 B.T.: There have been several woman riding Cairo-Capetown but as far as Bernd Tesch knows Daniela is the first woman who rode solo the whole distance without flying a part of the route. AND the woman who rode 18 months.
27.02.2004 Next request for update to Daniela.

01.03.2000 - 03.05.2000
Thiel, Bernd (German, born 24.03.1979)
Bernd with BMW R 1100 GS and TTTräger and TTTaschen 4 before he left.

Bernd in Libya.+ Tunisia - Libya - Algeria. Bernd rode solo 16.500 kms through North-Africa on a BMW 1100 GS.
Route: Europe: (Germany - France - Italy) - by ferry to Africa (Tunisia (Tunis) - Libya - (Ras Ajdir - Leptis Magna - Sabne - Mandara Lakes - Ghat - Sirte - Tobruk - Bengazi - Tripoli - Ras Ajdir) - Algeria (Nefta - El Qued - El Menia - In Salah - El Menia - El Qued) - Tunisia (Douz - Kairouan - Tunis) - Italy - Austria - Germany.
Purpose of travel: To find the really important things of life

The best: The nights alone in the desert
The worst: Three days very ill in a hotel
Useful informations and TIPS for others: If you have a problem with the route or you are not sure if you can the do hole trip (because everybody you told about your plans said "no chance" or "you are crazy") so you can ask Bernd Tesch. He builts you up.
B.T.: When I met 21 years young student Bernd for recommendation he was very high motivated to travel along way in Africa : Tunisia - Libya - Algeria (Djanet- Tam - In Guezzam) - Niger - and back up the east coast via Mauretania - Morocco. I told him how difficult this route is with a heavy BMW 1100 GS and alone.

SAHARA Plan ca. 09.2000 - 12.2000 about 3 months
Flower, Gregg. J. (Danish)
Libya - Niger - Ghana. The journalist Gregg (YAMAHA XT 600 Z) and a travel partner (his bike is still not sure) want to ride through central sahara, most likely from Libya crossing to Niger and ending in Ghana from where he will ship back to Europe.
Planned Route: Denmark - Hamburg - train as far south as possible - Italy - by ferry to Tunisia  - Lybia (route: as yet unknown)  - Niger via Bilma desert part Tenere and Agadez - Ghana - by ship / plane back to Denmark.
Purpose: To gather information and material for articles for scandanavian magazine "BIKE" and for slide/dias show. Also the trip will be filmed for television.
Experience: Total 3 years travel experience including Africa overland 1 year/40.000 km, Asia overland 1 year 35.000 kms, Australia NZ overland 20.000 kms. 1 year and shorter trips in South America.
Seeking: Any information concerning Sahara route, shipping, formalities, visas, contacts. Things of cultural interest, or whatever in English (Can read German). AND an eventual travel partner that is an experienced camearman. (DVD) and
who can handle a bike in sand.

16.10.2000 - ? April 2001
Bausenhart, Werner Ph.D. (Canadian, German born)
+ Around Africa. Werner (63) plans solo to circle Africa somehow with BMW F 650. Ca. 30.000 km.
Route: From Canada (Ottawa) to England (London) by air with bike - France - Spain - Morocco - Mauritania - Nigeria - Gabon - Congo - Angola (12.2000 already) - Namibia - South Africa (Capetown 30.12.2000) - Kenya - Egypt - Lybia - Morocco - Spain - England (London) to Canada by air with bike.
Book: planned.
26.09.2000 B.T. So far nobody has circeld Africa in TOTAL by bike. Werner has circeld North - and South-America already and published a book. See Bausenhart NAmerica.

03.10.2000 - 28.05.2001
Carola Moeller (German, born 17.03.78)
+ South Africa . Carola rode solo around south of Africa on a XT 600. 25.000 kms.
Route: I took a flight to Cape Town (KLM) and my Bike came on a ship to Windhoek/Namibia.The first 4 Weeks travelling in an Unimog to Windhoek.With the Bike: Namibia (Opuwo - Lüderitz) - South Africa (Capetown - Durban) - Swaziland (Mbabane) - Mozambiqe (Maputo - Beira) - Zimbabwe (Kariba - Bulawayo) - Botswana (Maun) - Namibia (Caprivi) - Zambia (Livingstone - Chipata) - Malawi (Lilongwe - Nkhata Bay) - Tanzania (Mbeya - Zanzibar) - Kenia (Nairobi - Mombasa). Back to Amsterdam with KLM (me) and the Bike with DAS-airline (1500 DM).
Purpose of travel: Meet other cultures and to enjoy the live by travelling.
The best: People in Mozambiqe and Malawi
The worst: I got sick (I got an earinfektion) in Nairobi and was lying in bed for 2 weeks.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Not to plan everything if it's not nessecary. Makes Live easier.
Earlier Experiences: 5 weeksby mc to France/Spain (thats all).
1999 and 2000 Carola was participant of the Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers
31.07.01: Carola wrote: I hope to meet you next to thank you in person, Bernd: Without the inspiration I got at your Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers I would never got the idea to travel through Africa. For this I want to take you in my arms again.

??.12.2000 - ??.??ca. Nov.2001
Käppel, Kerstin and Benno Grell (Germans)
+ Transafrica: Germany > Cairo > Capetown. Kerstin and Benno intended to travel one year. Finnaly they travelled two years with two BMW R 100 GS. Ca 53.000 km in the Americas (see there) and ca. 35.000 km in Africa. After they came home from the Americas they flew home for 4 weeks to prepare the bikes again, to get new passports and visas and started for Transafrica again.
Purpose of travel: A lot. It is fascinating to be "on the road".
Route: Tunesia - Libya- Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenia - Uganda - Tansania - Malawi - Sambia - Botswana - SA - Botswana - Namibia - SAfrica - Germany.
The best: ?
The worst: ?.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ??.
Earlier Experiences: ??.
31.10.01 1st summary from SAfrica. Kerstin and Benno have been 8 times since 1999 at the "Tesch-Travel-Treffen".
While they have been in Sudan / Ethiopia some friends emailed to be that they are afraid that they are lost. So B.T. emailed them as well but never got an answer until today from SAfrica. They are looking forward to take part in the next TTTreffen 12.-14.04.2002
16.03.2004 Next request for update
16.042004 Coming the 11th time to the Tesch-Meeting

19.12.2000 - 05.02.2001
Roberts,Glynn (British) and Jo-Anne (Canadian)
+ GB - Morocco - Spain - GB. Jo-Anne and Glynn made a winter holiday for sunshine on a BMW R1100 GS with Tesch-Boxes and Tesch-Rack.
Route: Ferry from GB (Porstmouth) to Spain (Bilbao). Over to the east coast and so down to Gibraltar for Xmas. Ferry to Ceuta and straight over to Meknes and Fes. Marrakesh, and we finally leave the rain behind. Happy New Year. Taroudannt and Tafroute then to Guelmime- where the Paris Dakar Rallye had a camp. We camped beside them. Unfortunately our friend Andy, who came on the Bilbao > ferry with us, crashed his bike on the road to Guelmime. He broke his wrist and took 10 stiches on his arm (taken care of by the P-D medical team) So we stayed in Guelmime getting both Andy and his Armstrong 500 back on the road. We took a side trip out to Fort Bou Jerif, following tracks to the beach and up the coast to Sidi Ifni. And a day trip to Tan Tan Plage. When Andy was up and running (with both the brake and the clutch on the right side) we head east to Tata in the Anti Atlas, most beautiful. On to Forum Zquid where we leave Andy to the paved road and we head out on the piste to Zagora. Half way across and we are suddenly thrown to the ground. Tesch pannier is ripped off (only hanging on with one bolt!) Zagora is very noisey after the desert so we move to M'Hid and stay for some days at a peaceful site in the palmeries. Piste north from Zagora toward Tingher and then up through Todra Gorge to Rich and Midelt. Off the bike again this time on ICE just south of Azrou. Back to Meknes and Chefchouen, then to Spain (Bilbao via Cadiz and Madrid). Look in on the Gueggenheim before the crossing and home....Repack and head to Daytona Bike Week on a borrowed BMW.....
03.2001 Glynn is a Round-The-World-Traveller. See there.

2001 - 2010
Hoefer, Frank (35) Alex Schönborn (30) und Jan Hagedorn (32)
Tunisia - Libya. Plan: 03.2001: D - Italien - Tunesien - Libyen  - Tunesien - D.
Der Brauer Frank (Afrika Twin RD 04), der Werbe-Agenturist Alex (Varadero) und der Werkstoffmechaniker und gelernte Zweiradmechaniker Jan (RD 07) wollen einen Einstieg in Afrika. Über Ghadames wollen sie über die Piste nach Sebha, Mandara-Seen nach Ghat ins Akakus-Gebirge.
08.07.2000 They came for recommendation.

??.04.2001 - ??.09.2001
Kaffanke, Thom as (German, born ??)
+ Southern and eastern Africa . Thomas rode solo ?? with a BMW R80GS Basic km in southern part of Africa.
Route : Shipped the bike from Hamburg to Cape Town with shippingline ?? for € ??.
South Africa ( Cape Town - Garden Route - Krüger National Park ) - Lesotho - South Africa ( Durban - Cape Town ) - Namibia (Lüderitz, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Windhoek , Etosha Naional Park ) - Botswana (Maun, Okawango Delta) - Zambia (Victoria Falls, Lusaka ) - Malavi - Tansania (Tanga, Dar es Salaam ) - Kenia ( Nairobi - Victoria See - Masei Mara Park ) und dann ??
Highlights : Ride with my bike trough the Namib desert . The silent in the dessert. Starry sky in the dessert. The people!
The worst: I got fleas in Namibia . Tried to robbed me two times in South Africa . More details .???
My useful information and TIPS for others: Take your time!!!
14.04.2008 1 st summary
14.04.2008 1 st request for update

12.2001 - 01.2002
Etienne, MIke and ? (England)
Plan Transafrica. GB - Cairo - Capetown.
Route: Europe (GB - France - Germany - Czechoslovakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey ) - Asia (Syria - Israale - Jordan) - Africa (Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenya - Uganda - Rwanda - Burundi - Tanzania - Maaalawi - Zambia - Mozambiqque - Zimbabwe - Botswana - Nambia - Swasiland - Lesotho - South Africa).

03.2002 + 1 Year
Bertels, Monika (German) and Fichard Schawn (South African)
- Transafrica. Both plan to travel back to South Africa by motorcycle BMW R 100 GS or YAMAHA XT 600 E.
28.04.2001 1st conatct
30.01.2002 They cancelled there trip and flew to South Africa. They still dream to do this trip once. They are willing to accepet motorcycle-travellers as guests in South Africa, Capetown:

??.??.2000 -27.05.2001
Sowers, Jim (British)
Transafrica: Capetown > Cairo.
27.05.01 1st email form Cairo with a picture
27.05.01 Send email back and asked for his block

27.01.2000 - 02.04.2000
Messmer, Adrian (Swiss, born 1996) and Carlo Casentieri (Swiss, born 1968). No home-page.
+ Transafrica. Adrian and Carlo rode with 2 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin 23.500 km through 15 African countries in 66 days. Because of their route-form they called their trip sometimes the big "S".
Route: South Africa - Mozambique - Malawi - Tansania - Kenia - Aethiopia - Sudan - Tchad - Kamerun - Nigeria - Benin - Burkina Faso - Mali - Mauretania - Morocco - Spain - France - Schweiz.
Earlier experiences: Several journeys: 1993: Portugal - Spain.02.04.1995 - 24.05.1996: Around The World. 1997: Ireland / England. 1998: Morocco. 1998: Denmark - Sweden - Norway (North Cape)
Cape). .
Purpose of Travel: Fullfill a dream that did not become true on the trip around the world Adrian did in 1995/1996
The best: We crossed the continent entirely overland once from South to North and East to West in only 66 days! Riding 150 km along the beaches of Mauretania north of Nouakchott.
The worst: We did not have more time. 650 kms riding on sand covered rail road tracks in eastern Sudan.
Useful tips for others: Although this sounds like a Transafrica-Speed-Record, I want to mention that Africa did not deserve at all to be rushed through that quick. This continent is wonderful and if I should do once again the same trip, not in 66 days, but in 66 months Book: Transafrica still in work in 2002.
B.T. 21.01.2002: This is the first Transafrica-Tour I know from south to north via Sudan - Tchad. I even do not know any motorcycle-tour total Transafrica north - south via Tchad - Sudan.

30.08.2000 - 07.11.2000
Gädeke, Martin (German, born 18.09.1974) and Mio Beck (German).
+ Germany > Egypt > Germany. We rode from Germany to Egypt and back with 2 Yamaha XT600, 11.500 kms.
Route: Germany - Austria - Slowenia - Italy - Greek - Cyprus - Israel - Jordan - Egypt = 8.000 kms. Back: Egypt - Israel - Cyprus - Greece - Italy - Austria - Germany 3.500 kms.
Purpose of travel: culture, sports, fun, riding experience (1st tour ever).
The best: Dead Sea, Petra (Jordan), diving the RedSea (Israel, Egypt), Egyptian culture (Luxor-Assuan, Egypt), Libyan desert (Egypt), Cairo (Egypt), Jerusalem (Israel), snow in the alps (Austria).
The worst: Bording the ferry back with 2 broken motorcycles. Accidents. Returning.
Book or publication:
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Big wheels keep on rollin'...
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: None, we have made our licences for this journey.
10.012.01 Found Martins report via

15.06.2001 - 10.09.2001
Visscher, Jolien (Dutch, 21.12.1980) and Rene Willekes (Dutch, 01.01.1977)
Southern Africa. Rene and Jolien rode through Southern Africa (7 Countries) on ONE BMW R1150GS. 15.000 kms in 10 weeks.
Route: South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Mozambique on ONE BMW R1150 GS about 12.000 kms.
Bike shipped to Capetown. Camping and self-cooking all the way.
Route: Namibia - Botswana -, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa. Bike shipped to Capetown
Purpose of travel:
Meeting all the people of the world. Learning more about life itself an living our dream.
The best: Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Despite the empty shops and flodded roads the people are generous and friendly. Even better: watching elephants in Botswana from 5 meters without them noticing us.
The worst: Endless roads of deep sand and deep ruts. Riding 300 kgs of GS with two up is a nightmare. But we wouldn't want to have missed it.
Publications in Dutch MC-magazines and on
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Contact me if you need information about shipping an contacts in Capetown, I speak German too!
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Drove through many countries in Europe and loved every inch of it!

Ca. 22.09.2001 - ca. 20.11.2001
Tesch, Min (German) and Steffen Müller (German)
< Steffen und Min beim Dünenfight in Afrika.
Foto: Steffen Müller und Min Tesch.

+ Tunisia. Algeria.
Min (25, son) with Bernd Tesch´s BMW R 80 G/S and Steffen Müller with YAMAHA XT 600 K rode about two months Europe - North Africa - Europe.
Purpose of travel: Min finished his study Dipl.-Media-Designer. Computer-filmer Steffen joint him for adventure. Both bought a new digital-film-camera to film in Africa.
Route: Europe (Germany - Switzerland - Italy) - by ship from Genua to Tunis - Africa (Tunisia - Algeria) - by ship from Oran to Alicante - Europe (Spain....Germany)
The worst: In Tunisia the just new bought digital-TV-camera broke down. Time too short to forget Europe and to be just "on the road". Kids around the motorcycle stole his sun glasses.
The best: A Tunisian techincan from TV repaired their camera one day after it broke down. Sitting on the high dunes of the Sahara part Grand Erg Occidental.
Impressions: Min did not like Tunisia because the whole country was full of rubbish. Even parts of the desert. Nothing was so new for me as o the first tour with B.T. in 1997.
Earlier experiences: 1997 three months overland from France via Black Sea - Caspian Sea - Russia - China with his father Bernd Tesch.

< Steffen und Min bei Dünenanfahrt in Afrika.
Foto: Steffen Müller und Min Tesch.

10.10.2001 - 01.04.2002
Kollmann, Thilo (German, born 10.12.74) and Erling Foshaugen (Norwegian, born 31.08.68)
Plan: Europe - North-Africa - West-Africa - via Tchad / Sudan to North/East Afica). After having been infected by the sand and dune-virus in Morocco in 2000, I´m working on a plan how to cross Africa through some sahel states from the west to the east. The bike will be my beloved HONDA XL 600 R (1985).
Route: Europe (Germany - Italy (Genua) - Africa (by ferry to Tunisia) - Algeria (Ouargla - probably graveyard-piste - Illizi - Djanet - Tam - In Guezzam) - Niger (Aarlit - Agadez) - Tschad (Lac Tschad - Bol - Djamena - Abéché) - Sudan (El Obeid - Khartoum. From here Erling wants to travel solo south and Thilo solo north to Wadi Halfa) - Egypt (Assuan) - Asia (Israel) - Europe (Greek (here one or two weeks of recreation and hollidays) - Italy - Germany.
Purpose of travel: If you don't know better stay at home thinking about it (some hints: expect to see marvellous landscapes. Nosy to meet people, who don't know Harald Schmidt or Princess Di and who have other sorrows then choosing the right tv-programme. Keen on experiencing absolute silence within myself and the nature. Searching for a duty that could be worth spending the time of my life for it. Doing something completely senseless and at the same time of an unimaginable value for oneselfs development. Learning to make decisions and to carry out the consequences (sounds a little bit like therapy, doesn´t it? There is a lot more but you all will find out by yourself. Unfortunatly I cant give any hints yet before the trip. All I know is available on the net or witten in books. As soon as im back I´d love to share all information that could be useful for following travellers.
B.T.: Dieses ist die mir erste bekannte Tour per Motorrad via Tchad - Sudan in der Neuzeit. 1933 - 34: Die erste West - Ost - Durchquerung Afrikas via Tchad durch James C. Wilson und Francis Flood mit 2 englischen 1 Zyl. Motorrädern mit Seitenwagen. Route: Lagos - Tchadsee - Sudan - Äthiopien - Rotes Meer. 3800 miles = 6800 km. (Buch Wilson 1935). 1994 habe ich Jim Wilson (96) in USA/Nebraska besucht !

28.11.2001 - 12.07.2002
Boxberg, Susi (German, born 1961) and Achim Schmitt (Germans, born 1969)
+ Transafrica: Germany >Cairo > Capetown.
Germany - Egypt > South Africa.
Susi and Achim rode together from Germany (Cologne) via the Middle East to Capetown with a Honda Africa Twin and a BMW F 650 GS.
Purpose of travel: Curiosity. We both had the wish to travel for a long time and to start such a journey from home with our own vehicles. After some thinking we decided to make our driving license for motorbikes and started immediatly to Africa.
Route: Europe (Germany - Italy - Greece - Turkey-) Asia (Syria - Jordan-) Africa (Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenya - Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia - Namibia - Botswana - South Africa). Overall 30.000 km. We flew back and we shipped the bikes back to Germany by ship.
The best: Making it without experience and injuries. Petra and Wadi Ram. Sudan and it's people full of hospitality. Climbing Kilimanjaro. Wildlife in Southern Africa. Victoria-Falls. The experience to make the decision and start.
The worst: Achim got Malaria in Botswana. Stone-throwing children in Ethiopia. "Roads" in North Sudan, Ethiopia and North Kenya.
Book or publication : Motorrad (edition no. 10, 2003 )
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Please visit our homepage for many infos about the tour and the track (sorry, German only)
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: None
09.01.2004 1st information by Stefan Harms
12.01.2004 1st contact

26.12.2001 - 17.03.2002
Weierich, Andrea (German, birthday 10.01.1971) no homepage
Andrea planned to ride solo from Germany to Ghana with XT 500. Because her motor had a defect she came as far as Bukina Faso.
Route: Europe (Germany (Tübingen)) - France - Spain - by ferry from Almeria to Melilla Algeria - behind the Rif-Mountains towards the convoi through Morocco - Mauretania - Senegal - The Gambia - Mali - Burkina Faso - Niger - Ghana. The bike will be send back to Germany - Andrea will fly back.
She rode: France (Montelimar) - Tarragona - Almeria - Nador (30.12.01) - Oujda - Marzouga (Erg Chebbi) - Zagora (Valle du Draa) - Marrakech - Sidi Ifni - Dakhla - Militaerkonvoi 11.01.02 - Nouadhibou - laengerer Aufenthalt mitten in der Wueste wegen Getriebeschaden an einem Landrover unseres kleinen Konvois - Nouakchott - Rosso (21.01.02) - St. Louis (ein paar Tage ausspannen, dann alleine weiter) - Touba - Kaffrine - Ngyenne - (Steinkreise/Megalithen) - Kaolack (kleiner Umweg wegen besserer Strasse) - Tambakounda - Diboli (MALI 29.01.02) - Kayes - Manantali (eine Woche ausspannen bei neuen Freunden vom Kraftwerk) - Bamako - Bandiagara (Falaise du Dogon) - Djenne - Bamako (um einen der Kraftwerksarbeiter zu verabschieden, der nach D zuueckkehrt und leider auch um meine Malaria auszukurieren) - Richtung Burkina Faso über Sikasso, da leider schwerer Motorschaden
(keine Zeit für Reparatur). Mit einem LKW kamen meine XT und ich nach Bamako zurück, wo ich noch eine Wochen mit meinen Freunden aus der Wüste verbrachte und dann heimfliegen mußte.
Purpose of travel: Gaining new experiences and to see The Gambia again
The best: Uebrigens ist diese Reise durch West-Afrika das beste, was mir je passiert ist! Und bislang hatte ich als Frau ueberhaupt keine Probleme (toi, toi, toi). Nur Fahrtechnisch bin ich an meine Grenzen gestossen (Strecke Kayes - Bafoulabe), aber das war zu erwarten. The whole trip was great! One shouldn‘t miss the Falais du Dogon in Mali!
The worst: It is very likely that I wont see most of the nice people I met again
Book or publication (about your tour): .......
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Don‘t plan too much at home! It is not good to rush through the countries just because you are supposed to see many of them.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Nothing really big: 3 months in Skandinavia 1998 and 5 weeks in Scottland 2000.
Special info: My Malaria was resistent against Lariam (prophylaxe sorgfaeltig eingehalten!). I got a theraphie Coartem (= Arthemeter kombipraeperat als Therapie) which menas to get three days infusion of Chinin,

26.08.02- ongoing should end in 03. 02
Plant, Phil (British born 27.12.1954) web site under constuction
Travelling through Africa from Cape Town SA to Manchester UK, alone on BMW R100, which I bought new in 1980.
Route: Shipped Bike from UK to Cape town South Africa - Namibia - Zambia - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya to date (06.12.2002). Want to travel through Ethiopia - Sudan - Egypt - then Middle East back to Europe.
Purpose of travel: Experiencing the people and countries of the world
The best: Watching an elephant swim the Zambesi from the seat of a micro-light aircraft. Riding the vastness of the Namibian desert on super dirt roads.
The worst: Falling off the bike on a bad sand road in Zambia from Katima Mulilo to Livingstone trapping my foot under the bike badly bruising it.
Book or publication: There may be a video of the trip.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Travel as light as possible you don't need all that stuff!!
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Rode the same bike round Australia with a sidecar on, took my 3 year old son with me for 6 months tour. Overland to India same bike solo: Europe - Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Iran - Pakistan - India - then shipped back to UK from Bombay.

15.04. - 15.08.2002
Goetzenich, Andreas (born 1977, German) and Franziskus Stephan (born 1976, German)
North Africa. Medical student Andreas wants to travel with a BMW R 100 GS and Landscape- gardener Stephan (26) with his beloved Harley Sporster. They intended to circle the Mediterrean sea but will manage this as good as they can.
Orginal planned route: Germany - Switzerland - Slowenia - Albania - Greek - Turkey - Syria - Jordania - Israel - Egypt - Libya - Tunisia - Algeria - Morocco - Spain - France - Germany or the other way around.
Purpose of travel: to touch horizon
Book or publication : yet to come...
Useful informations and TIPS for others: yet to come
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: none
11.2001 Andreas was the 50.000 visitor on my website.
09.01.02 1st visit for recommendation.

31.03.2002 - 13.04.2002
Ignaz zu Toerring Jettenbach (born 30.03.1966) and Maximilian von Habsburg (born 05.11.1963)
Spain - Mauretania. Ignaz and his cousin Maximilian rode both with BMW 650 Dakar 3.500 km.
Purpose of travel: to visit Mauretania.
Route: Spain (Madrid) - ferry from Algeciraz to Morocco (Tanger) - Essauira - Sidi Ifni - Tan Tan Plage - Tafaya - El Aioun - Dahkla) -
Mauretania (Nouhadibou - south through desert - Parque Banc d'Arguin - along beachline to Noukachott) - Senegal (Rosso - St. Louis - Dakar). Back to Spain (Madrid) with airplane (Lufthansa) with motorcycles.
The best:The crossing of banque d'arguin
The worst: Frontier at Rosso - avoid it if you don't want to get robbed (corrupt frontier police) and take the "dique" along the river Senegal to St. Louis.
Book or publication (about your tour): no
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....??
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:.Alps, Pyrinees, Dolomites, Corsica
02.2002 1st contact

04.2002 - 10.2002
Pia, Fleischlin (Swiss, born 02.06.1978)
Pia want to travel solo with a Honda Transalp. Also ich bin noch nicht auf dem grossen Trip. Nein, ich plane erst. Deshalb auch die Anfrage betreff Bernd-Tesch-Treffen für weitere nützliche informationen. Ich breche anfangs April los und werde meine Zelte als erstes für einen Monat in Paris aufstellen. Dort werde ich einen Chraskursus in Französisch hinter mich bringen. Danach gehts weiter über Spanien, Portugal nach Marokko. In Rabat werde ich auf den 15. Mai eine Stelle in der Schweizer Botschaft antreten. Dieses Praktikum dauert 4 Monate. In dieser Zeit werde ich auch meine weitere Reise planen und organisieren. Voraussichtlich werde ich danach in ca. 5 Wochen über Algerien, Tunesien, Italien in die Schweiz zurückkehren um mein Studium zu beginnen.
Purpose of travel: Orient erleben. Französisch lernen. Land und Leute Religion verstehen. Natur.

18.07(04?).2002 - april 2003
Kroger, Thomas(born 10.06.1957) + Katharina Hermans (born 16.01.1960) (Germans)
- Transafrika ? Katharina and Thomas ride with two HONDA Transalp.
Route: Germany - Spain - Morocco - Mauterania - Senegal - Burkina Faso - Tschad - Niger - Sudan, ...?..., Kapstadt, (India ?) ca. 10.000 km
ich war letztes Jahr auf dem Tesch-Teffen. Dort haben wir ein paar Worte
16.07.02 1st information

15.10.2002 - 30.01.2003
Berlo, Leonard van (Dutch, born ca. 1963)
Netherland - Togo. Leonard planned at first to travel solo with Honda XL 600 R Senegal - Gabon. Now he changed his plan and wants to travel with a partner Netherland - Togo.
Route: Netherland (Maastricht) .....Spain - Morocco - Algeria - Niger - Burkina Fasso - Ghana - Togo. Motorcyyle back by boat. Flying back himself.
21.06.02 new upadte: Tunesia - Algeria - Niger - Burkina Faso - (Ghana) - Mali - Senegal and back by boat to Antwerpen. May be the other way around is also a possibility. It depends on the boat between Antwerpen and Dakar.

??.06.2002 - ?
Kinsey, Gill and Chris (England)
- Transafrica. Gill and Chris plan to cross Africa via Cairo > Capetown with two BMW R80 GS.
03.07.2002 1st request for upadte.

11.10.2002 - 11.01.2003
Sabel, Claudia (German, born 02.02.1979) and Werner Steffens (German, born 27.06.1975)
+ Europe > Tunisia > Togo.
Claudia rode with a YAMAHA XT 600 E and Werner with a BMW R 100 GS from Europe (Germany) to West Afrika ca. 9.000 kms.
Purpose of Travel: Journey, to travel and see Africa
Route: Europe (Germany (Remscheid)) - Austria - Italy) - Africa (Tunisia - Algerie - Niger - Burkina Faso - Togo). From Lome (Togo) we took a flight back to France (Paris). We flew with Air Togo from Togo (Lome) to France (Paris): 2 bikes on a "cargo-palette without a box" cost € 1.400 (470 kg). Per person we paid € 300,00.
The best : Night's in the dessert , met friendly travellers and our time in Lome at "Chez Alice ".
The worst : for Claudia : driving sand and for Werner: to go back
01.04.2003 1st request for update.
11.-13.04.2003 Werner was participants of the "25th Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers": Offered a longer report as a gift for the meeting.
16.-18.04.2003 Participants of the "26th Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers":

28.06.2003 - 09.08.2003
Franz, Michael (German, born 22.05.1932)
+ Capetown - Cairo
. Michael rode (01.07.- 07.08.2003) Transafrica 11.500 kms plus shipping ca. 1500 kms. He rode with an organised group of seven bikers, six 4x4 cars and one truck..
Purpose of travel: Fun. Meeting new friends.
Route: South Africa - Mosambik - Malawi - Tansania - Kenya - Ethiopia - Eritrea - .Sudan. The last section from Port Sudan via Saudi Arabia - Suez by ship because of freey because of trouble at the border Sudan - Egypt - Suez - Cairo by motorbike.
The best: JUst to find out what I can do with 71 years.
The Worst: Two bad accidenst with hurt participants. Bush-camping was a little problem for me.
Book or publication: Personal report with 29 pages including maps and pictures. Perhaps available aganist fees from "Apotheke am Lindenplatz" Tel. 0049-(0)451-83061.
All organised by Ray Müller from Johannesburg. Tel. 0027-11-6835837.
Earlier experiences: 10.000 km from Germany through Austria - Italy - Greece - Turkey and bach in 19??
B.T. 08.04.2004 As far as I know Michael (who was an earlier motocross rider) is the oldest mc-traveller who crossed Africa from Capetown to Cairo somehow. He is the oldest at all who crossed Africa by bike on any Transafrica-Route as well. The oldest who crossed Africa Cairo - Capetown by motorcyle
is Ted Simon with 70 (geb. 01.05.1931 who crossed Africa in 2001).
07.10.1996 IFMA First cantact.
20.03.2003 1st contact by email
01.11.2003 1st information by Gerhard Engel in Lübeck.
01.12.2003 1st request for update
08.04.2004 Request for last update.
16.-18.04.2004 Michael will visit the "26th Motorcyle Meeting for World-Travellers" in Malmedy

27.09.2002 - 27.10.2002
Wiesinger, Achim (German, 10.12.1966) and group your and
- Algeria. Achims plan is to ride to Algeria and the desert of Ténéré
Route: Germany (Cologne) - Switzerland - Italia - Tunesia by boat - Algeria - going to Djanet over "Gräberpiste" - Ténéré - Hoggar and back.
Purpose of travel: to travel
The best: not yet clear. maybe i can tell you something afterwards
The worst: see above
Book or publication (about your tour): none
Useful informations and TIPS for others: not yet
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: with motobike only in Europe, but travelexpierience in North- and Southamerica, Asia
06.07.2002 1st contact

12.2002 + 6 Monate
Dietrich, Dennis
Ich habe vor durch Nord-West Afrika zu fahren (Marokko, Mauretanien, Mali, Burkin Faso, Benin ,Togo Nigeria oder Gahna).
Ich bin aber immer noch auf der Suche nach einem großen Tank für meine Suzuki DR 650 R Bj. 1994.
30.10.02 1st request for update
19.08.2003 2nd request for upadte

Tour d'Afrique,, some cycle tour I heard of in Cairo meeting one of the truck drivers. They are cycling from Cairo to Capetown in 100 days.
14.03.2003 1st information by Frank webmaster@crossingafrica

01.10.2003 + 6 weeks
Schmid, Wolfgang (Born 11.03.1967, German)
- Germany - Egypt - Germany.
Plan to ride solo in 6 weeks with a HPN-BMW R 80 G/S from Germany to Egypt and back.
Purpose of travel: Holidays
Route: Germany - Italy - Greek - Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Israel and back with the ferry to Greek - Italy - Germany
Earlier experiences by bike: From East to West N.Y. - Chicago - Route 66 to L.A. and over the Highway No 1 to S.F.
2 times India for 4 weeks with an rental moto from Goa to Trivandrum and back??
18.08.2003 1st information
22.08.2003 2nd request for update

03.11.2003 - ??.04.2004
Schmitt, Marion (German, born Lege, 28.09.1961) and Thomas (German, 22.10.1962)
+ East and South Africa. Marion and Thomas travel with two YAMAHA TT600 R in eastern and southern Africa.
Purpose of travel: ??
Route: They flew to Nairobi with two bikes ?? - Kenia (Nairobi) - Sansibar - Tansania - Malawi - Zambia - (Lusaka) - Botswana - Namibia since beginning of january 2004, so far 15.000 kms)- South Africa - back ??
The best: ??
The Worst: ??
Book or publication : South-Amerika in magazine "Enduro 10/93" and "Motorrad News 12/95 and 01/96"
Earlier experiences:
Thomas Schmitt rode solo Transafrica: December 1990-April 1991 with BMW R100GS, Afrika 18.000kms (Germany- Austria- Switzerland-Italy- Tunesia- Algeria- Niger- Togo- Benin- Nigeria- Kamerun- Centralafrika- Zaire- Uganda- Kenia). Bike solo by plane to Germany/Stuttgart.
Thomas and Marion Schmitt: December 1992- May 1993 with EML-BMW R 100 GS Sidecar (you have the Foto, the Sidecar was pink/black) South-Amerika 20.000kms (Argentina- Chile- Peru- Bolivia- Paraguay- Brasilia - Uruguay- Argentina). Sidecar by plane to Argentina/Buenos Aires and back to Germany/Frankfurt.
November 1995 - January 1996 Thomas Schmitt rode with Heos 100 GS and Marion Schmitt rode a Yamaha TT600. Middle East 10.000kms (Germany-Austria- Jtaly- from Greece with a ship to Israel- by road to Egypt - Jordan - back by plane to Germany/Stuttgart.
10.01.2004 1st information
10.01.2004 1st request for update
29.04.2004 next request

january 2004 plus 4 months
Engel, Gerhard (German, born 23.07.1941)
- Transafrica The mechanic Gerhard visited me 15.11.2003. He had white hair but his not very high body was in an excellent shape. Gerhard was full of his plan. The reason was to get recommendation from me for his new Transafrica plan.
Route: Orginally he wanted to cross Africa in 3-4 months starting in january 2004 on a bike: Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - Sudan - Ethiopia - Kenia - Uganda - Tansania - Zambia - Zimbabwe - South Africa. At this stage of planning he did not have a bike.

Earlier experiences:
01.09.1973 - 24.12.1973
Engel, Gerhard (German, born 23.07.1941)
Transafrica: Johannesburg - Tanger.
Gerhard drove back solo in a car "VW-Käfer" (30 PS. In the back double tires, in the front a wrench (Handseilwinde) in nearly three months. About 28.000 kms through 21 countries. In whole Africa Gerhard met no tourist at that time travelling Transafrica.
Purpose of travel: Gerhard worked for a year in South Africa. Then he wanted to drive back instead of flying back.
Route: Africa (South-Africa (Johannesbourg) - Swasiland - Lesotho - Rhodesia - Mozambique - Malawi - Zambia - Zaire - (Kisangani) - Central Africa (Bangui) - Cameroun (Doula) - Nigeria (Lagos) - Dahomey (Cotonou) - Togo (Lome) - Gahna (Accra) - Obervolta (Quagadougou - Bobo) - Mali (Bamako) - by train form Bamako to Senegal (Tambacounda - by bike to Dakar - St. Louis) - Mauretania (Nouakchott - Atar ???? - Bir Moghrein ???) - Spanish Sahara (El Layoune) - Morocco (Marrakech - Casablanca - Rabat)) - Europe (Spain (Algeciras) - France - Germany (Karlsruhe)).
The worst: A lot of trouble withe VW-car. Being robbed in Africa.
The best: He made solo all the distance.
B.T.: It came out that he made an extra-ordinary Transafrica-tour in 1973. Because it was so long ago he even did not remember all countries in the row. He promised me to write me in detail the route through Zambia and especially in Mali - Mauretania - Spanish Sahara. If re eally had driven Atar - Birg Moghrein - El Layoune this would be a very seldom used route. Because his car was robbed in ?? he did not haver a camera and foto of his VW-Käfer (which finally came to the rubbish in Germany). Gerhard owns two hours of super 8 mm of his Transafrica tour. And promised me a foto of his VW.
11.12.2003 I got a short written summary and a video of his Transafrica-Trip in 1973. Because of illness of his wife he cancelled the plan of his motorcycle-tour Transafrica in january 2004.

??.06.2004 - ??.12.2004 ???? im hoping to start in june 2004, and hit the tropics in dec, jun 2004\2005. I do NOT understand this. CLEAR it !
Shani, Adam (Israel, born ??)
- Plan Transafrica: South > East > West > North
. Adam plans to travel solo Transafrica with BMW R 1100 GS. Model 1997. In 10 months he wants to cover ca. 30.000 kms.
Purpose of travel: To see the world as it is, meet its people, see how they live, what they think. To see the landscape, feel the weather and like to be confronted with the the daily challenge as a traveller and a bike rider
Route-plan: Asia (by plane from Israle to) Africa (South Africa - Namibia - Angola - Zambia - Tanzania - Uganda - Ethiopia - back to Uganda - DRC - CARep. - Cameron - and up the Sahara: Nigeria - Niger - Mali - Mauritania - West Sahara - Morocco (i want your advice for sahara)
The best: I hope: Angola, DRC, CAR
The worst: Loose my bike,or my life??
Useful informations and TIPS for others: .... ??
Earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:.1999: A tour from America to Mexico and back on a KTM 620 EGS(1996).
2000: 1 first tour in Africa. South Africa (Capetown) - Mozambiqe - Malawi - Zambia - Botswana - South Africa. On HONDA XR600R (1995)
2002: Tour in Botswana on BMW 650GS (2000)
2002\3: Namibia - Botswana - South africa on BMW R1150GS. The bike was STOLEN. So now I have got a BMW R1100GS(2000) for the Transafrica-Tour.

19.10.2003 1st information about this planned tour
21.10.2003 1st request for update
31.10.2003 ca. Will visit me for boxes and rack
BT.: I have never heard that a man from Israel rode Transafrica. In any case this is a rarity !
Transafrica: South > East > West > North

30.09.2004 - 30.12.2004
Kloer, Johannes, (German, born 15.10.1965)
- Plan Cairo-Capetown. Johannes plans to cross solo Africa with a Royal Enfield with Hatz-Diesel engine (462 ccm, 11 PS,
Purpose of travel: To visit horticulture-farms. Wants to discover more of Africa.
Route: Europe (Germany - Switzerland - Italy) - by ferry from Italy (Ancona) to Asia (Libanon (Beirut) - by motorcycle Libanon - Syria - Jordan - Africa (Egypt - by ship from Assuan to Sudan (Wadi Halfa) - Ethiopia - Kenia - Tanzania - Malawi - Simbabwe - South Africa (Capetown) - by plane back to Europe (Germany).
The best: ?
The Worst: ??
Useful information for others: Ganz neu ab ca. Juni 2004 gibt es folgende Fähre von Italien zum Libanon (Beirut):
Größte Forum für Landcruiser-Fahrer von Alexander Wohlfarth:
Earlier experiences: 1986 With a 200 D Mercedes-Diesel Johannes and Josef Heuger 3 months overland to Greece by ferry to Israel (Haifa) - by car to Egypt - Israel - back by ferry to Greece (Piräus) - Germany.
1996 Three men climbing of Kilimandscharo. 2004 Roland Fuchs and Reinhald .. and Jonhannes with Landcruiser HZJ 78 overland to Morocco and back in 3,5 weeks. G
B.T.: Johannes can be the first motorcycle traveller riding Cairo - Capetown with an motorcycle with a diesel-motor.
june 2004 First contact
20.07.2004 1st visit for recommendation

??.01.2005 - ??.ca.07.2005 (6 months?)
Brohammer, Peter (Sweden, born 1962)
Peter plans to ride to and in africa on a 2001 KTM 640 LC4 Adventure.
Purpose of your travel: Experience Africa.
Route: Route to be decided. Will probably finish in Cape Town S.A.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: See Australia Australia 22.03.1991 - 01.08.1991 and Iceland 22.06.2002-17.07.2002

07.04.2004 - 01.06.2004
Harms, Stefan (German, born 22.03.1968)
+ Transafrica: Capetown > Cairo > Turkey. Stefan rode solo 12.000 kms with HONDA AFRICA TWIN RD O7.
South Africa > Namibia > Sambia - Tansania > Kenya > Ethiopia > Sudan > Egypt > Jordan > Syria > Turkey. There oil came out of teh cylinders. So The mc and Stephan came back bye German automobilclub ADAC.
Purpose of Travel:
Stefan wanted to see himself how it really looks in Africa.
Route:  South-Africa (Capetown) Namibia (Windhoek-Caprivi Zipfel) > Sambia (Victoria Falls - Lusaka) - Tansania (Dar es Salaam ) - Kenya (Nairobi (The visum for Ethiopia in Nairobi after 8 days) - Isolo (from there it is recommended to ride next 600 km to the Ethiopian border by convoi. But you are not forced to do travel by convoi. Stefan rode with police to Moyale 600 km off road most time standing on the bike) - Ethiopia (Addis Abeba (here you can get only money with cards out of two banks. Visum for Sudan after 8 days. From Gondor to the border hard surface way on sometimes very rough / gravel - Sudan (off road until you come to the tamac road leading to Wad Medani and Khartoum. Along the Sudanese road no police check from the border until Khartoum. In Khartoum it was 50°C degrees. So Stefan decided to travel to Wadi Halfa with his mc by train via Atbara to Wadi Halfa (20 hours, 80 € black for the police cabin) - by ferry to Egypt (Aswan. Ferry-price ca. 70 US $ + 20 $ per person). Because the ferry arrived thursday afternoon Stefan had could get his requested documnets and stamps for the police and customs only after four days. Finally he started still with the Egypt plate by convoi to Luxor. Here he had to wait some hours and to take part in anothet convoi to Hourgada where he could sleep very good and cheap in a youth hostel. By to Cairo. Visum for Syria in Cairo in 1 day. From Nueba by ferry to Jordan (Akaba. The visum for Jordan you get on the ferry (as a German) - Amman) - Syria (at the border Stefan was not forced to have a certain exchange per day. Damaskus - Aleppo) -Turkey (100 kms after the border in Osmania the motorcyclinder started to leak. The German automobil-club ADAC brought him and the bike back to Germany form Adana.
The best : Nice Africans. His trip was much easier and better than expected.
The worst : No spareparts. No front tire north of Nairobi. Big cities are dirty. Better stay into the landscape.
2004: Stefan was here for recommendations before the trip. Originally Stefan wanted to continue to Wladiwostok and then Alsaka-Tierra del Fuego by bike. But he decided to travel b public transport starting 26th,09.2004.
Info: Best would be to have a list of good motorcycle-repair-shops along the way Capetown > Cairo.
Info: The best book with all information concerning route-description Capetown>Cairo

13.02.2008 + 1 Jahr
Esther Zierau und Jürgen Brenner
+ Transafrika. Esther (Suzuki DR 650) und Jürgen ( Yamaha TT 600) reisten von Rastatt nach Südafrika.
Januar 2008: First request.

Karin Schapal (German, 24.07.1962) and Wolfgang Schapal (German, born 17.02.1959 ) no website
+ Tunesia. My wife Karin and I rode together 6.500km with one BMW R1200GS in 3 weeks.
Route: Europe ( Germany ( Kerpen ) - Switzerland- Italy- Sizilia (Palermo) with ferry to Afrika (Tunisia ( Tunis- Hammamet- Sousse- El Djem- Sfax- Gabes- ElHamma- Kebill- Touzeur-Gafsa- Kasserine- Thala- El Kef- Jendouba- Tabarka- Nefza- Beja- Meijez El Bab- Tunis ) by ferry back to Europe ( Italy (Civitaveccia) near Roma ) - Switzerland – Germany ( Kerpen ) )
The best: Of course my wife.
The worst: We missed the ferry at tuesday and had to wait until saturday 05.08.08-09.08.08
Important useful informations for others: ..dont drive in august (it i s to hot ). Book the ferry`s in advance.
Earlier expririences: greece, italy and yugoslavia by bike but its more than 20 years ago, and we don´t know the exactly facts anymore.
We don´t have other pics, only 2gb pics, sorry..... best greetings from the F1 championchip town wolfgang
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12.1984 - + Ca. 4 weeks
Wiechert, Hans-Joachim (geb. 30.05.1934, German)
With YAMAHA DT 175.
Route: D - Italy (with Habib Line) - Tunisia - Algeria - Tunisia - Italy - Germany
09.08.01 Personal visit here. Will send me all details later via Arne Ulmman.

Money, Charlie (England)
- Plan Transafrica.
With a Cagiva E900 Elefant
03.10.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
03.10.2001 1st email to them.
??.10.2001 1st answer and contact

Tin, Hajlte and Nina Rasmussen with children Emil and Ida (Danish)
+ Transafrica. Capetown - Cairo.
Die dänischen Motorrad-Reisenden und Motorcycle-Buch-Autoren von großen Reisen Hjalte Tin und Sohn Emil (16, ohne Führerschein von Capetown nach Cairo, 1992, jüngster Transafrika-Fahrer) und Tochter Ida (13, jüngste Transafrika-Travellerin)
11.-13.04.1997: Visitor and gave kindly a slides-show at "19. Moto-Fernreise-Treffen" about their Transafrica -tour with the family.

Mayr, Gerry (German, born 1966)
In 2002 he started with a 250

First list with summaries in Internet about "Africa by Motorcycle". I would be grateful if you could help to keep this update ! So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Pardon. Will be corrected and updated with more Travellers in future.

1968 Start of search of Transafrica-Travellers for my own tour with VW-Bus in 1970 / 71.
1992-1994 More intensive search because of my book "Motorrad Abenteuer" in work by phone, fax and personal visits.
1995 - 1997 First tries to find and contact Africa-Motorcycle-Travellers by email.
1998 Start of my webside. Not knowing what will come out of it in future.
02.1998: A part of this information you found already under > > German or Engl. version > News
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