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Survival training for wilderness-, nature -, outdoor and travelfriends in the Eifel-forest in Germany from friday to sunday.

Next weekend-course:
05th.-07th.03.2009 : 53th. Tesch-Survival-Training. Booking still possible.

I only offer max 1 (-2) courses a year.  € 249,90/person for three days

Booking: Best call me, or write me an email. Additionally transfer the money  € 249,90/person to me please. Children until 14 years with their parents only need to pay half of the fees.
After this you get all details.

Dear Traveller, Nature- or Survival - Friend,

the occupation with " surviving " is surely the optimal preparation for quite normal journeys and particularly for extreme journeys with an individual character. Alone by running, fog, snowstorms, large heat with reflections or breakdowns to foot or with vehicles one quite fast can come or by others into a haarige situation. How does one pack unusual exceptional cases on?

The basic topicof my weekend course is the answer of the question: What do, if I come on journeys in case of emergency? You can use the obtained knowledge also daily and in the vacation, when running, ski running, with cooling failures in mountains, on wetroads, hunger, thirst, protection need, to help with sails, camping, hitchikin, moving and around others. In particular with far journeys by bicycle, backpack, canu, motorcycle or car regularly breakdowns occur, with which sometimes no longer only improvising helps, but knowledge and practical being able counts. Both is not to be learned reliably in shock situations.

Bernd Tesch (born 1941) knows from 45-jear travel practice that the area of the "practices of surviving" is enormously large. With the heat of Sahara you need other talents than in the jungle or in Canadian cold weather. But it shows up soon that to live "Outdoor" is similar everywhere in many points: Drink, fire making, meals, sleeping, orientation, enclosure, overnight accomodation and obstacle crossing are main problems. There is each quantity and also the valuation to know, what is to do first and important. The more one with survival technique or better - the life technique - busily,the more detects oneself one, how far one departed from nature and how quickly one is desperately before an almost hopeless situation. That does not need to be at all like that and remain !

The Survival Trainer  Bernd Tesch has experiences collected on 43.000 km backpack journeys, 22,000 km author iron, 111,111 km African journeys by motorcycle and auto, 500 km by kanu in Canadian Wildnis, on 16,000 km a motorcycle journey of the Atlantic (F) via Siberia up to the Pacific (GUS) and 13,000 km motorcycle journey with son Min Tesch of the Atlantic (F) via black - and Kaspian sea until China. Bernd knows far over 30.000 traveller and in particular 10,000 far-traveled motorcycle-travellers and possesses large collections of travel-guides, archives and survival libraries. It can tell hours, what can occur in such a way everything... Bernd offered survival weekend courses successfully in Germany since 1978.

The users are between 15 and 60 years and come from all occupation layers. The largest group are inexperiencedremote travelers, the one route plan or experienced traveller, which determined on the way, how important knowledge and practical abilitieson journeys are. Interested also vocationally, like physicians and biologists participate. Some want to simply only find " back to nature ". Often come also pairs or father and son. The relation of men and women is approx. 10:1.

Prerequisites for the participation are only health and a positive adjustment to nature. " special hardness " and " staying power " are not required. I want to show even the " normal person ", as hee.g. before heat, cold weather, wetness or Verdursten protect myself. In order to protect the flow to course, are necessary as articles of equipment: 15 m rope, 1 army armee-poncho, 1 useful knife, a saw or an axe after the booking with payment you get a list of recommendable things e.g. warm / rainfixed clothes and - remains which at home. Who looks the optimal equipment up for his personal journey or planned expeditions, should me best call. I can help with the procurement of it since. After 20 years equipment sales I have often " market-lookthrough ". You do not need to buy expensive things for the course beforehand, if you want to buy however anyway good equipment /clothes, should you that beforehand with me discuss and the things onthe course for the first time test.

Start of the 80ies years reported the press (TV, radio ,magazines, newspapers) on our courses because of the " new topic" extensively, whereup on all courses were written off. Unfortunately since then by the press very little was published over this topic, although the problems of "Living and surviving outdoor in all situations" exists still, time-independently. It became more difficult to collect at least 10 participnats the same date although many inquiries come. Therefore it would be very meaningful, if you friends and acquaintance thereupon could respond. If these call you "cranks", you should be over it, because mostly the people, which have zeroknowledge, say only the TV program by heart and " Teschtraining " with " spider meals " to mistake. Sometimes my courses become also as meaningful single or group gift (for bosses!) to birthdays, or to Christmas gives away anniversaries. After payment I send a " gift coupon " in such case.

When desired I execute also group courses for friends, businessmen, managers, companies and associations. The purpose of such courses is mostly situated in the intention of welding together these humans! All companies /groups have me so far acknowledged that also succeeded, better than the more usual "trip to the Mosel with wine drinking ". A Survival course does not only bring knowledge and abilities, but remains an unusual experience. Thus: Look up and call at least 10 people! Dates all year round possible, punctual arrangement ask.

The personal results of the week final courses for you are not only "being able from own practice", but inparticular also the psychological fact that one faces exceptional cases then quite differently and concerns this many more left.

Booking: Transfer the money please by bank-transfer in time: € 249,90 (Kids with their parents until 15 years pay half).

Have fun and always enough fuel and free borders

Bernd Tesch   Professional Motorcycle Adventurer, travel-writer, journalist and Traveller-Survival-Trainer

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Thanks for your interest! Bernd Tesch

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