update: 06th.04.2011

Welcome from whatever part of the world you are coming !

Formular for Booking: 53rd. Tesch-Travel-Treffen = Globetrotter-Meeting

for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers
29th.04.-01st.05.2011 in Malmedy / Belgium

Please copy this site and store it in word ! Then print this out ! Next send it by postage to my address:
GLOBETROTT-ZENTRALE Bernd Tesch. Grünentalstrasse 31. 52152 Simmerath-HAMMER / Eifel. Germany

Please answer ALL questions. And fill in ALL ! And the complete addresses of all participants ! And everyone has to sign it personally ! Please add the fees in the letter cash (EURO 25,00 for on, for one, two or three days) in the envelope. Don´t be afraid: Some thousand of participants have send me their fees cash since 1978 already ! If you want to pay at the meeting it cost € 30,00 per person.

Automatically after your booking with payment you will have the route-description as well as all written information about your normal questions by email.
If you do NOT have an email-address please add an envelope with your written address on it and 2 more Euros for postage! 
Normally I do NOT reserve places for anyone without this formalities because I have the responsibility for this meeting of 300 participants and want to know who is coming. And I want to talk to 300 participants instead of handling all this bookings on this days.

1.   My Booking for the meeting for Motorcycle-World-Travellers

0 yes or __0 no     I have been a participant of the Tesch-Meeting before. How many times ????

Couples with one address please fill in only one sheet but both names.

Name :_________________________________________________________________ .

Christian name:                                                                                __________________.

Firm / Journalist / Profession:                                                            __________________.

Street:                                                                                            __________________ .

Country / Town-Code / City:                                        _______________  ________________.

Telefon IMPORTANT as well ! !
Your email-address write very clear please:                                                                    !
Your website :                                                   .

Important ! Please cross all completely below !

2. I travel by motorcycle-type : ______________________________________________

3. I travelled by motorcycle already in:

0  EUROPE    0 AFRICA    0 North-AMERICA    0 South-AMERICA    0 ASIA    0 AUSTRALIA

4. I plan  (when ???) in 20.......?? the following mc-tour :

0 EUROPE    0 AFRICA    0 North-AMERICA    0 South-AMERICA    0 ASIA     0 AUSTRALIA

5.  I got information of this meeting by :

0  Written by B.T.?   0  Friends    0 Internet    0  Magazines. Which one in which edition ??   

I could give a slides-report (90 slides, 45 minutes) this year or next year about my tour to......... Please use back side or another side !

6.  I / or both sign that I / we take part on own risk including the way of arrival and departure

Fees for 1, 2 or 3 days (friday, saturday, sunday) :  Euro 25,00 / person in advance.

I add ??  €         here :    0 cash (95 % do this since 1978 !!)
Bernd Tesch does NOT accept foreign bank-cheques or credit-cards for this small fees !

If you send the formular with signature and fees in time it is sure that you can take part including the fees.

If you want o pay AT the meeting, the fees are € 30,00 per person.

Signature:                                                          Date:                              .

I hope you write here a personal sentence for Bernd Tesch. I will read and answer this personally:

Producer and mail-order-service of Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Equipment.
Grünentalstr. 31.
52152 Simmerath-Hammer/EIFEL/Germany.
Tel: 0049-(0)2473-938686.

 with online-catalogues "Motorcyle-TRAVEL-Books" und "Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Equipment"

Notice: I can only accept 300 participants in the room for the beamer-shows. Therefore please book in time. If you do NOT book completely in advance you have to pay € 30,00 at the meeting and I canNOT promise that you can take part in the slide-shows. Well, the main point still is that you COME and FEEL good !
Bernd !