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After 44 years - on 18th.09.2014 - I decided to stop my researches on: "How were all continents discovered 1885-2014 by motorcycle-travellers?" The reason is that I have been sitting with all my passion behind the computers and reading books and articles for years day and night to come to the knowledge of these sites.
I am still full of other ideas including some travels. Also I want to move a bit more for my health instead of sitting too long behind the computer.

You can use all information for yourself. If you use infos and fotos for any other reason like publications please know, that there is still Copyright on all of it by myself and others.

I am German. I did my best to write most in English. If I missed some ,,,,,,,,, please take some of these and put them on the right place (Churchill)!

Bye Bernd Tesch. Village Hammer in forest EIFEL / Germany / United Europe / Multiversum..

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Australia. Australien by motorcycle
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Australia and New Zeland - Motorcycle - Travels / Adventures

= Australien- und Neuseeland Motorrad-Reisen (German)

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Australia, Tasmania and New Zeland - Motorcycle - Travels / Adventures

= Australien- und Neuseeland Motorrad-Reisen (German)

Summaries of motorcycle-travellers riding
1. Overland from Europe to Australia and New Zealand
2. Overland from Australia or New Zealand
3. In and around Australia and New Zealand

For the part overland from Europe to India / Nepal / Singapore see Asia as well

First list in Internet about "Australia-Motorcycle-Travels". A part of this you find already published since 02.1998. (> >NEWS).  Start of this list in Internet: 28.05.2000 (> >Englisch or German version>countries or Staaten>Australia). I would be grateful if you could help to keep this update ! So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Pardon. Will be corrected and updated with more travellers in future.

Bernd Tesch has been travelling in Australia / Tasmania 14.000 kms until 2000 himself. But much more important is that he knows a lot of Australia-Motorcycle-Travellers himself. He is working in this field since 1970. In this times I had to write letters and to phone or to visit the World-Around-Travellers to get contact / informations. Later Fax helped. In 1991 I visited the most famous motorcycle-travellers in Denmark, in 1993 in Britain, in 1994 in USA, in 1999/ 2000 in Australia and in between many in Europe (France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland). Many of  famous Australia Motorcycle Travellers have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april yearly. I own the largest archive of  oveland to Australia-Travellers and Around Australia Travellers. Especially I am as well best  informed the history: "Discovering Australia by Motorcycle in 100 years 1900 -2000". In 2000 Bernd Tesch is preparing an article about this. In 02.1998 I started in internet to publish informations about Motorcycle-World-Travellers

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a two new book called "Australien-Motorrad-Reisen = Australia Motorcycle Travels" and "Australien Motorrad Abenteuer" = Australia Motorcycle Adventures. Nearly all books about "Australia by Motorcycle" which have been published until 1994 are published in my in German written, but very international understandable book called "Motorrad-Abenteuer-Touren" (432 pp, 500 pictures / drawings. About 264 Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN 3-9800099-55-5. DM 38.90). I own all this books in all languages.

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations.

If there is shown "Book:" under the traveller and you want to read / order this you can check if it is still available: >> >> German or English version >> Bestelliste or order. If you find this book there you can order it. I offer about 183 international available Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books for sale.

If you are a Australia-Motorcycle-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

PLEASE give me at first a complete view like this EXAMPLE in this STILE in English:
01.10.2010 - 27.10.2011
Sven Müller (German, born ??.??.19??)   your http://www.???
+ Australia. Solo Australia with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Purpose of the tour: ??
Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...

Overland to, in and around Australia by Motorcycle

How to inform about your own motorcycle tour overland Europe > Australia or in Australia easyly ?
Who has been traveling overland to Australia or in Australia already ?

1. You can read this website carefully free of charge. It is a Bernd Tesch-Service.
It is the worldwide largest view about "Australian-Motorcycle-Travellers".

2. You can come to the "worldwide oldest and largest Motorcyle Meeting for WORLD-Travellers". There you find about 300 Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers including those guys and girls who have been there or plan to travel there.

3. You can buy books about motorcycle- travelling in Australia

4. If you plan to travel to Australia or in Australia visit Bernd Tesch for Beratung or Recommendation.
The advantage for you would be that you can get all information from one person with >30 years of experience in Motorcycle-WORLD-Travelling. And you can speak about the equipment you need and buy this from Bernd Tesch.

5. In any case please send me your plan or experienec-overview about your Autralia-Plan like example "Müller" below". THis overview possibly could even help you to get information about your tour and contacts.

How to organise a flight to Australia easy and cheaply??
Wenn man sich per websites erkundigt, enthält man unterschiedliche Auskünfte, aber die Größenordnung dürfte stimmen. Es gibt ca. 400 Airlines und davon fliegen ca. 30 nach Australien. Der Preis richtet sich nach der Saison. Im eurpäischen Sommer ist in Australien Winter (und zum Teil Regenzeiten) und deshalb sind die Flüge preiswerter. Die australische Airlines Qantas bietet in dieser Zeit Angebote mit Flügen hin ud zurück für € 999,00. Im europäischen Winter ist die australische Saison und dieselben Flüge werden viel teurer. Die presiwertesten Economy-Flüge liegen dann um € 1200-1300 per Person für Hin- und Rückflug.
Wie findet man den eigenen passenden und besonders preiswertesten Flug zunächst einmal herraus ??? Es gibt jede Menge websites über welche man sich eine Übersicht verschaffen kann. EINE davon ist ? Natürlich kann man bei diesen websites auch buchen.
Die Flügzeit von Deutschland nach Australien / Melbourne beträgt ca. 22-24 Stunden. Es gut dort bereits ein Zimmer zum Ausschlafen zu haben !

Eine andere Information ist die eigene Erfahrung mit Airlines. Patricia und Bernd Tesch sind 1999 - 2000 mit
EMIRATES Airlines geflogen.
Wir wußten damals nicht viel von dieser Airline und haben sie zunächst ausgewählt wegen der guten Preise. Wir waren dann erstaunt zu erfahren, wieviele Auszeichnungen diese Fluglinie laut offiziellen Umfragen hat und dass sie danach zu den allerbesten Fluglinien der Welt gehörte und noch gehört. Wir können diese Linie nur bestens weiter empfehlen. Zusätzlich mußte man ein Visum für die Vereinigten Emirate haben und in der sehr interessanten "hochmodernen Wüstenstadt Dubai" mindestens eine Nacht übernachten. Von Dubai ging es dann über Singapur mit kurzem Zwischenstop nach Melbourne. Trotz dieser Zusatzkosten war die Airline preiswert und super gut im Service.

How to organise a flight to and a bike in Australia easy and cheaply together??

Kurt Weidner   BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA Kurt Weidner is not the owner anymore.
Australia +  USA +  Canada    Organised Tours + Buyback (Mietkauf) + Rental (Verleih)
The German Kurt offered as the first firm since 1982 organised Motorcycle-Tours in Australia. In the meantime you can book organised Motorcyle- Tours in Australia, USA and Canada, rent / buy / buyback motorcycles / cars. His firm name worldwide is BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA. In Germany the same firm is known as TRAVEL ACTION as well. You can get more information about mc-tours by his homepage  You can order prospects of his tours by email in Germany: In Australia:  or  Address: TRAVEL ACTION Kurt Weidner. Einsiedeleiweg 16. D-57399 Kirchhunden. Tel. 02764-7824. Fax: 02764-7938. The Dutch woman Evelyn speaks German, English and Dutch.

Kurt owned up to 50 Motorcycles YAMAHA XT 600 E in Australia. Each months they start an organised mc-tour for three weeks. One enduro-tour is five weeks. The areas in Australia are different concerning to the climate. In total they ride eight different routes. As well the difficulties are from just hard-road-tours to expeditions. This camping-tours are accompanied by a leader in a service-car, who takes your luggage and buys the food.  Normally this is always smiling and very experienced Hardy. If you have friends who would not like to ride a mc (sometimes women like this) but accompany you there are always two seats available in the leader-car. Minimum for each tour are three motorcycles, maximum are about 10 normally. "On the road" you can go yourself with your own speed or in a small group and the car will come behind you and meet you in the evening. So in reality you have a lot of freedom as if you would travel alone. They could organise the flight with Quantas or Singapure-Airlines for you as well. Flight costs depend on the season and are about DM 2000 to DM 2300 both ways. Because of the season in Australia most customers book tours between october and march.

As well interested for you is that Kurt offers bikes and cars for your individual tour as well. For short tours he asks for one XT 600 E  $ Au 65/day or only $ Au 1950 as long as six months (1 $ Au is about DM 1,06). This is extremly sheap, because one flight with your own motorcycle will cost you more than to rent his motorcycle up to six month.  You can get more informations about how to rent a bike for yourself:  homepage:

The reason that inform you about Kurts firm so detailed is that we help each other: Kurt offered in 18.08.98 Bernd Tesch and Patricia Govers two YAMAHA XT 600 E for our  Round-Australia / Tasmania tour 25.10.1999 - 26.01.2000. We had no problems with both YAMAHA XT 600 E. I think that these are very good bikes for Autralia. You can ride with comfort on the long sealed road and are able to ride off-road everywhere. If you would have any problems with the bikes you can call his firm by Tel and handy. Seeing personally his firm we liked very much his and Hardys personal handling of his customers. So you are very well "personally protected" during your trip.

If you want to travel by mc / car in Australia with an organised tour or as an individualist I can recommed his firm very well. Especially if you just have 2-6 weeks holiday do NOT bring your own bike to Australia. You will save a lot of trouble here and in Australia organising all this AND will save a lot of money. Just relax: Fly to Australia (Melbourne), get your bike there, have fun riding in Australia, return the bike and fly back. All together very easy and cheap.

How to ship a travel by bike from Australia to NZ or GB or the other way?
If you can arrange to ship your bike in special times of David this probaly will help you to save a lot of money!
David Milligan. Boss of firm Superbike & Grand Prix World Tours. Event Specialists Exclusively for Motorcyclists the Aussie & NZ Isle of Man TT Festival specialists & Bike Shippers to NZ & UK/Europe. P.O.Box 167, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039, Australia. Ph/fax + (61 3) 9331 0947 Mobile Ph. 0412 689 849. Email:
David started in 1996 to take Australian motorcyclists to World Superbike and MotoGP race meetings in Europe. But now it has been evolved into a business which ships (by shipping container) Australian registered motorcycles for their owners to go touring in New Zealand and the UK/Europe. We put 20 bikes in one container and unload them at our destination (Christchurch in New Zealand and Ipswich in England) so our clients can go touring for 1 month in New Zealand during the southern summer and 3 months in UK/Europe during the northern summer. We also take 1 tour each year with clients (on their bikes shipped to England) which includes England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man (for the TT Festival). This tour is for 43 days and all accommodation (B&B) is included.


??.09.1981 (start in Europe/GB/London?) - 01.10.1981 (arriving in Australia/Sydney)- ??.??.1981 (Arriving back in AustraliaSynney)
Hans htrup (Australian. born ??.??.19?? in)
Europe (GB (London) - Asia - Australia (Sydney). Then Around - The - World. Hans wanted to brake the record riding overland from London to Sydney / Australia with a BMW R 80 G/S what he did. Having arrived he continued braking the record circling the world by bike. Exact dates unknown.
1981: Hans bought a big fuel-tank from Bernd Tesch in Kornelimünster which BMW paid

B.T.: Hans informed me that he broke the record London - Sydney on a motorcycle.

Rob van Driesum. Always smiling. He loves to travel and live. Foto B.Tesch 15.09.2012 in Hammer / Germany.
Ri: A map with most of Robs mc-travels in Australia.

??.??.1983 - ??.??.1984
Rob van Driesum (born ??.??.1954 in NL)
+ Europe - Asia - Australia.
Purpose: Rob is a Dutch journalist. Rob wrote the very best article with FEELING about the "Tesch-Mc-Meeting for WORLD-TRAVELLERS" in the Dutch Mc-Magazin MOTOR. He tried to get a constant job in NL which was not possible for him at this time. Therefore Rob rode in 1983/84 from Holland overland to Australia with his BMW 1973 R 60/5 , called "open ticket". He rode to Australia because to live there as a journalist. After some jobs as a redacteur at Australian mc-magazines in 1999 he was responsible for all guides of famous LONELY PLANET books in Sydney. We kept contact many years by exchanging letters. Rob was the one who helped me to get two motorcycles in Australia from Kurt Weidner, owner of BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA for which we are very grateful.
Route: Country by country please: Europe (NL – Belgium – Germany - …Asia (……) – Australia (where ?).
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful tips for others: ??
Most important: Dide you find articles about othet mc-overlanders travellig Europe > Asia > Australia BEFORE you started ?? Copies possible ??
1980: Publications in MOTOR
25.-26.09.1982   5. deutsche MOTORRAD - TREFFEN für FERNREISEN. 99 Teilnehmer. Rob gave a slides show: Rob van Driesum (Niederländer): Holland- Spanien – Portugal
1983-1984 Overland NL > Australia.
27.10.1999 Patricia and Bernd T. met Rob in Australia near Melbourne. He made a great carrier: He is now responsible for many Travel-Guides from Lonely Planet. Most important was that he did not change his mood: He is as friendly as he always has been. Rob travelled extensively in Australia as well.
14.-15.09.2012 Rob visits us with his 4 year old daugther Mathilda.
16.09.2012 Asked Rob for more dates of his tours.
13.12.2012 Asked Rob for more dates of his tours. And star-photos.
B.T.: The Dutch mc-traveller were the first Dutch persons going overland from Cairo to Capetown.

27.08.1983 (31.?) + 10 days (11 ?) + 11 days
"Fred" Frederick and Andreas Powell. ADV report:
+ Canning Stock Route. Unassisted motor cycle traverse 1983. In October 1983, the Powell brothers on a BMW R80 G/S and BMW R80/7 completed the CSR unassisted from north to south. They customised their motor bikes with 40 litre fuel tanks and carriers for extra fuel cans, water and food. Each bike carried in total 80 litres of fuel and each 15 l of water. No car support. But fuel supply support. They covered 2057 kms. They used 21``front tires Dunlop Supercross and 4.50 x 18 IRC Vucanduro nobby. And long travel suspensions. Fred contacted a few people who have done the CSR in 4WD vehicleses for information. Sub frames and jerry can racks. Carefull enigine preparation.
Bill Sheppard provided from Capricorn Roadhouse to well 23 a a fuel drop.
Flooding around Lake Gregory forced them to take a wide detour. Once they were in dune country, the deep soft sand caused steering problems and resulted in countless falls. They experienced difficulties with trees and overhanging bushes hitting the hands, levers and kill switch. They used an average of 2.5 litres each of drinking and fuel consumption averaged 13 kilometres per litre. At Well 23 they replenished fuel supplies from a pre-ordered 200 litre drum of petrol. Despite the difficulties and poor water quality in some of the wells they successfully traversed the CSR in 11 days.
Purpose of the tour: An Overlander article in the 1970´s.
Route: 27.08.1983 start from ? :.. Geraldton - Minilia (27.08. at night) - Whim Creek (here they got fuel from a biker) - Pt. Hedland (again fuel)- "Sandfire Flat Roadhouse". 29th.08.: One bike failed to start before Halls Creek because the battery was falt. So Fred had to get had the only avalibale 12V -battery in the Kimberlies from Kununurra.
30th.08.: Start from Halls Creek only 56 kms.
31st.08. 308 kms: - around Lake Gregory which has swollen up- Balgo MIssion (here the got some fuel) -
01st.09. 180 kms: - back to CSR - well 49 with excellent water - Great Sandy Desert - Breadon Hills - BReadon Pool - Godfrey Tank -

Wiluna >
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Important useful informations for others:... ??
Book or publication (about your tour):...??
Discovery: gold has been discovered in the Kalgoorlie region. The population increased. So there became a market for the Kimberley-cattle. So they found the "Canning Stock Route" from Halls Crek to Wiluna. Alfred Canning surveyed and constructed in 1908-1910. THe last cattle was brought down in 1958. A first vehicle transferred the whole lenth in 1968.

64 It is their intention to complete a 30 anniversary ride down the CSR in September 2013. (When I wrote this article I wasn’t aware of the detail of the Phil Schubert and crew traverse)
64 http://www.advrider.corniforums/shm,vthread.php?t=547675 as at 16 May 2013.

2004 Bernd Tesch visited Fred Powell in Australia
2013.12.15 Second information by Cannin Stock Route solo-Walker Gaynor Schoeman
20.12.2013 All this information was kindly offered me by Phil Bianchi. Bush historian and author. Author of a book of Canning Stock Route in 2010: Four Wheel Drive travel writer.


1985: Richard Mason, first person to ride the entire length pf the CSR on a motorcycle 1985. Courtesy Martin Hayes.

Richard Mason, motor cycle and Gordon Hayes, two wheel drive buggy

+ Canning Stock Route. Gordon Hayes and Richard Mason were members of a Peter Vernon-led expedition in 1985, that travelled the length of the CSR from north to south and located all of Canning’s wells, test bores and Aboriginal soaks. Hayes successfully drove his two wheel drive buggy to each of the locations along the Canning. His buggy had little difficulty in crossing dunes and he was the first person to successfully drive the CSR in a two wheel drive.
67 Richard Mason, on his Yamaha Tenere 600cc motor cycle, was the first person recorded to ride a motor cycle to all of the wells and related sites on the CSR. He rode that same motor cycle from Wangaratta, Victoria to Halls Creek to start the CSR trek and then he rode it back to Wangaratta, Victoria from Wiluna.
08.05.2011: Email from Martin Hayes to author, 8 May 2011.
20.12.2013 All this information and the foto was kindly offered me by Phil Bianchi. Bush historian and author. Author of a book of Canning Stock Route in 2010: Four Wheel Drive travel writer.
P.S. The Canning Stock Route was pioneered in 1874 by two great Australian explorers, Giles and Gibson. Only Giles survived, THe area he calles afetr Gibson.
On a sign along the CSR is written: Alfred Wernham Canning (1861-1936, Explorer and Surveyor). The 900 mile stock route was surveyed by Alfred Wernham Canning in 1906-07. And the 51 wells between Halls Creek and Wiluna constructed in 1908-10 under his oiutstanding leadership. Because cattle condtions changed it was last used in 1958. In 1968 was the first four-wheel-drive expedition.

Gerd Krämer (German)
+ Perth - Sydney - Cape York - Sydney. Gerd rode solo 20.000 kms in 8 months with HONDA XL 250. He is "specialised" to travel with little luggage. He only travelled with a helmet, handshoes from a gardener, his bags from the bike, only tools from a cycle, no spareparts, no motorcycle-cloth, no rain cloth: "The fourth part of a successful" trip is to have luck: He had no puncture and got wet only once.
Route: Perth - Pilbarra - Goldfelder - Kalgoorlie - Nullarbor Plain - Port Augusta - Cooper Pedy - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney - Cairns - Cape York - Sydney.
27.12.2013 Durchs Internet nicht zu finden. Falls Gerd dieses einmal lesen sollte, bitte ich um Kontaktaufnahme mit Bernd Tesc. Suche Foto dazu und ein paar mehr Infos..
Gerd Krämer: Bikefarm. Harley-Seite. - Gerd Kräme; Kawasaki kh 750 Umbauten.

32.10.1986 - ??.12.1986
Jaroslaw Kornacki (Polish)
Jaroslaw rode solo 11.850 kms in 52 days with HONDA XL 250.
Route: Melbourne - Townsville - Mt. Isa - Alice Springs - Adelaide - Melbourne.
09.2000 Met Jaroslaw on Internet. Unfortunately his email and homepage does not work anymore. Who knows him ?
10.03.2004 Next email to me: Dear Bernd, after 10 years of nearly constant travelling I settled down and in 1996 started my own business producing motorcycle equipment in Poland, where I can use my motorcycle experience in designing good and functional accesories. By now, in my eighth season of operation, the KOBI brand starts to be well recognized on the domestic market, and the annually growing sales confirm the good quality of the products. Remembering well the times of my own voyages, I keep helping all those who are about to set out on the trips of their dream, and I have to say that until this day I have helped every one of those who asked for help. My products has travelled from Africa to Nord Cap, Mongolia, Japan and even around the world and here is the last of the "thank you" messages that I receive /from March 4th 2004/ "Welcome! I am just back From Algeria, saddle bags were great - strong, tight, reliable; the tank bag was of a great help too. Once more thanks for the support. Best wishes -Cezary".
10.03.2004 Next request for update

Lörli und Beat Läuppi (Schweizer)
Australia. Es geht auch zu dritt auf einem Motorrad 4,5 Monate (schwanger geworden) durch Australien.
23.-24.04.88  Dia-Vortrag auf dem 10. MOTO - FERNREISE - TREFFEN
Nino Lazzeri (Luxemburg): Solo 1 Jahr lang mit BMW.
Carl: Australienteil seiner Wetreise."

20.06.1987 - 02.02.1989
Naomi Frears (1963) and John Hogg (1958) (now married as Frears Hogg) (British)
John and Naomi rode 2 solo bikes from England to Australia via Europe, Turkey and Indian sub-continent with two YAMAHA XT 550, covering about 40.000 kms. Visited prisoners on behalf of  "Prisoners Abroad". .
Route: Europe: France, Germany, Austria, Slovinia, Croatia, Yugoslavia (Serbia), Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey.
Asia: Turkey (refused visa for Iran) shipped bikes to India (Karachi, we flew), Pakistan, India, Nepal, India. Bikes shipped
to Sydney via Singapore from Madras. We flew to Singapore-Sydney. Australia: NSW, ACT (Canberra), NSW,
Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, NSW. Shipped Sydney-London.
The best: Freedom. Friendship of people. Asian culture. Himalayas and Karakorum Highway. Space in Australia. Red
centre and Barrier reef.
The worst: Naomis crash in Pakistan. Having to leave the prisoners we visited in Turkey, Pakistan and India on behalf of
"Prisoners Abroad".
Book or publication: Motorcycle Sport (Aug 89), Motorcycle News, Visitors Abroad.
Tips: Be open and friendly. Trust your feelings. Take your time. Big fuel tank, heavy-duty wheels and spokes, strong
panniers and frame.
16.04.1999 Participant of the 22nd Meeting for Motorcycle World-Travellers.
Address: Withkenfarm. Laity Lane. St. Ives. Cornwall TR26 3HD,

08.07.- 25.10.1989
Wolfram Ettgen (German)
+ Australia. The student Wolfram and his girl-friend Petra Burg rode on one YAMAHA XT 600 Tenere 18.000 kms in 100 days. They rode some seldom routes. 12.000 kms have been off-road.
Route: They shipped the motorcycle from Hamburg to Perth and flew themselves with "Quantas". Perth - Sydney - Darwin - Cairns - Sydney. They shipped the bike back to Hamburg with firm "Danzas".
Publications: Articel in TOURENFAHRER. He won a XT 600 from YAMAHA in a competition with the best pictures.
15.09.1990 Wolfram gave a slides-show at the 12. Moto - FERNREISE - Treffen: "Australien- Querung". 18.000 km in 100 Tagen.
15.12.2003 Next request for update. Father promised me that Wolfram will answer me for sure. And informed me about his other tours in Africa with Mc and Land-Rover.: They shipped the motorcycle from Hamburg to Perth and flew themselves with "Quantas". Fragen nach Super-Fotos als Scan?
30.12.2016 + 11.09.2017 Text und Foto nicht fertig. Te.

02.1989 - 08.1990
Rolf Henniges (German, born in June 1965 in the University-City of Göttingen)
+ Australia in total. Rolf has education as an industrial-salesman, a dieselengine-mechanic and an editor Transafrica from February 1989 till August 1990.
Route: Tunesia - Algeria - Niger - Burkina Faso - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Central-Africa - Zaire - Rwanda - Burundi - Uganda - Kenya - Tansania - Malawi - Mosambique - Botswana - Namibia - South-Africa
Purpose of travel: Always heading for adventure and fun. As an old moto-crossi he always looked at most of rough roads and tracks.
The best: Deep mudded, 300 km long track between Tansania to Malawi in rainy season. Also a rough and funny ride on an old Honda CB 200 with piston-collaps from Göttingen to Genua (Italy) and retour. (It was a funny story for motorcycle Magazine MOTORRAD in winter 98/99). Reaching Capetown after 18 month of journey
The worst: Stone-throwing children in Zaire.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: If there is a wish and a deep will, every time it will be come real.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:.Rolf startet his bigger trips after he hang up his moto-cross career in 1987. First he rode six weeks through Algeria. Infectet by the spirit of the black continent, he startet his big trip a year later and spent nearly two years travelling in several countries of Africa. Ending up in September 1990 in Capetown. There he worked together with a guy from Australia fixing engines. Surely he had the idea to visit him later.So he spent 27 months between 1991 - 1997 in Australia. He rode 100.000 km. Nearly all Outback-tracksavelling. Did trips to Asia as well cross all over Europe. Every time on bikes, mostly of the Yamaha XT-Series. Sometimes he worked for food and petrol and travelled without money as well. In Australia he was also digging for saphires as well as for opals. While he was back in Germany he worked in several jobs. Beside his travels he startet writing in 1990, sold the storys to many magazines and presented slideshows through Germany. Since May 1999 he is redacteur of MOTORRAD, Europes biggest Motobike-Magazin, working as a motorbike-tester and editor. The bike, with which he has done most of all journeys, is now part of his living-room. The good old Yamaha XT 600 Ténéré counts 241.000 km. After more than half a million km on a motorbike, now he is riding pushbikes as his hobby and still working on his next book which will be a novel and has nothing to do with bikes and journeys "Only women, drinks and rock'n roll". One of his dreams of life is, to live on novels. After six years in the past 20 years on the road, Rolf is still hungry for freedom: "There is no guarantee, that I will be a strickly hard working man for the rest of my life". He wants to travel as much as he can. "There's only one life. Live it". See more in this homepage Australia 1991 - 1997. Transafrica 43.230 Kilometer. His other three Afrcia-Tours 11.000 kms. Rolf has education as an industrial-salesman, a dieselengine-mechanic and an editor Transafrica from February 1989 till August 1990. His other three Africa-Tours 11.000 kms.
Book or publication: .In 1996 his first book, named "Australia", was published in Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart. Meanwhile his has written some short-storys for Lappan-Verlag Oldenburg and is one of the co-authors of the Travellbook "Best of 20 Years of Travel" from the Motorbike-Photographer Klaus H. Daams witch will be published in December 2001.
09.99 Rolf gave a slide-show about Australia at the Veteranen-Meeting of BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA.
B.T. Rolf is an extensive mc-traveller being able sometimes to travel with no money. He crossed Africa and rode extremely in Australia by mc. Rolf  has written the portrait about Bernd Tesch in 1996 in MOTORRAD and has been visiting the Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers since many years. Rolf is a co-author of SHELL´s BIKER BIBLE as well. Although Rolf has sometimes a "special view" of Mr. Tesch and different opions we always kept a good contact with each other since a long time.

??.09.1989 - ??.06.1990
Martin Schröder (German, born 10.04.1966). website planned
+ Australia.
Martin rode ca. 40.000 km solo in 9 months with Yamaha XT 550.
Purpose of travel: Adventure
Route in Australia: Sydney - Eden - Melbourne - Adelaide - Sydney - Brisbane - Cooktown - Mount Isa - Katherine - Alice Springs - Sydney.
Highlight: Riding the Kennedy Developmental Highway from Cooktown to Mount Isa (all red dirt & bulldust).
The worst: Riding ca. 2.000 km with a worn out sprocket
Book or publication: None
Earlier experiences: None
Later experience: Reise Januar 1992, vier Wochen mit Auto von Sydney nach Brisbane, entlang des sunshine-coast
3. Reise Juni-August 1994, drei Monate mit Auto und Motorrad Queensland, Süd-Australien, NSW
4. Reise Januar-April 1997, drei Monate mit umgebautem Crysler Valliant von Sydney nach Broome über den Tanami-desert-track, zurück über Derby, Darwin, Mt. Isa, Brisbane
5. Reise November - Januar 1997, 6 Wochen mit Motorrad NSW, SA und Tasmania
6. Reise Juli 2000, vier Wochen Sydney, Darwin, Kakadu-National-Park, Sydney mit Auto und Motorrad
08.10.2003 1st information
11.10.2003 Visit for recommendation.

Jürgen Sindhu. 3,5 Monate mit BMW R 100 GS und 50 L-Alu-Tesch-Tank in Australien.
24.05.2018 Hat Fotos geschickt.
24.05.2018 Habe Jürgen um summary-blog gebeten.


21.08.1992 - ca. 21.04.1995
Gerhard Iten and Lucia Fuchs (Swiss)
- Not completly Around-The-World. With a Dnepr-sidecar .
Route: Europa - Asia - Australien - New Zealand. 60.000 kms. Schweiz - Italien - mit der Fähre in die über Griechenland in die Türkei - Iran - Pakistan - China - Indien - Australien - Neuseeland.
Book: Speichenbruch und Motorschaden. Vom Abenteuer einer Dnepr-Weltreise.

Marie-Claude in 1994 in Australia

Marie-Claude in 2005 with daughter Elodie in Switzerland

17.01.1994 – 30.05.1994
Marie-Claude Hefti (Swiss, born 26.11.1968)
+ Australia.
I first rode as pillion with David Hoxley (Australia) on his Suzuki 700 cc, together with fellow mc-travellers Catherine Germillac (France) and Andrew (Australia). I learned to drive a motorbike on the outback roads and trails, than bought myself a second-hand Kawasaki 250 cc in Alice Springs to continue solo (without a drivers’ licence !) in the Australian outback.
Purpose of my travel : discover the amazing Australian continent, outback, fauna, flora, climate and people.
Route : Australia 10'000 km (not on a very straight line): Mount Gambier (Great Ocean Road), Murray River, Adelaide, Port Augusta, Coober Pedy, Kings Canyon, Uluru, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Katherine, Litchfield National Park, Darwin, Kakadu National Park, Derby, Broome – then sold the bike in Broome.
Highlights : aquired the taste of freedom, made the brilliant experience of sleeping under the stars, discovered the bare shape of my head after shaving it. Worked in a camel farm close to Alice Springs (Ross River homestead). Found opals in Coober Pedy. Paddled down the Ord River infested with thousands of crocodiles. Met great people, gained confidence.
The worst : beeing woken up in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere by a herd of dingos surrounding my camp (which was finally nicer than being woken up by a local man thinking a woman cannot camp on her own). Jumped up to my feet at the stare of a Giant Bull Ant inside the tent.
Book or publication : none.
My useful informations and TIPS for others : just do it ! Make sure you carry enough water. If you travel solo, tell people (local authorities or other reliable travellers) what road you are taking and when you expect to arrive, they will check on you (make sure you made it or send assistance).
My earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours : none
14.07.2011 Bernd Tesch: In 1995 and 1998 a wonderful looking Swiss girl came to the mc-meeting for world-travellers in company with Catherine Germillac. Marie-Claude then told me an unbelievable story. She was working in a Switzerland bank for good money and in best quality cloth with long black hair. She just wanted to make normal holidays in Australia for 4 weeks. Then she met French Catherine Germillac who was a long-year-rider (6 years) and riding Around-The-World. Marie-Claude was so impressed by Catherines way of life and riding a motorcycle that she gave a tel. call to her bank in Switzerland telling her that she would not come back to fullfill her dreams now. So she cut her hair and learned to ride a motorcycle in the outback of Australia.
Marie-Claude is now married in Switzerland and got a baby.

22.03.1991 - 01.08.1991
Peter Brohammer (Sweden, born 1962)
+ Around Australia. Peter rode solo around Australia on a 1985 Honda XR 600 . Ca.20.000 kms. I bought the bike privatly in Sydney for AUS$2200 and spent another AUS$500 before leaving Sydney.
Purpose of your travel: Experience Australia (espesially the outback).
Route: Sydney- Blue mountains- Wollongong- Canberra- Great Ocean road to Melbourne- Adelaide- Nullabor plains- Esperences- Albany- Bunburry- Perth- Carnavon- Paraburdoo (Hamersley ranges)- Port Hedland- Broome- Derby- Gibb River road (Kimberly) to Kathrine- Darwin- Kakadu- Tennant creek- Kennedy road to Ravenshoe- Cairns- Magnetic Island- Sydney.
The best: Kakadu NP. Kimberly. All the nice people I met, locals and travellers. Diving at Great Barrier Reef.
The worst: The bike breaking down all the time (2 rocker arms, 2 camshafts, 1 alternator etc). Difficult to sell the bike. Sold it to a dealer for AUS$1400
Book or publication:
Info: I met about 10 Around-Australia bikies. Most interesting of them was the Japanese on a DT 175 who hardly spoke any english at all. And the 2 aussie brothers from Adelaide. One on an old Yamaha TX 650 with kawasaki tank and the other on a TT600 with his dog as a pillion!
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Never trust a XR.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Short trips around scandinavia
April 2004: 1st information. Last update.
16.06.2004 His next tour in 2005 will be in Africa again. Not decided so far if he will travel form Egypt to east Africa by KTM.

27.08.1991 - 01.11.1991
Dagmar und Udo Fischer   no www
+ First ride in Australia ca. 11.000 kms. With one BMW R 100 GS Dagmar and Udo rode in 8 weeks 10.-11.000 kms, and 1.000 km by car 1 week in Atherton Tableland. They organised themselves to buy and sell the BMW in Australia: Buy Back from a usual Dealer in Sydney. It was a personal good decison but very expensive because it was a new bike and not a professional buy-back-company. But it was cheaper than to rent a bike for one way (which was impossible). And cheaper and easier than to bring our own bike to Oz concerning our information. Cost of flight (ca. 2.500 DM incl. stoppover in Bangkok and 2 Inlandflights.
Route: Flight with Qantas airlines from Frankfurt to Australia: Darwin - Kakadu NP - Litchfield Park - Darwin - Nitmiluk NP - Mataranka - Alice-Springs - West McDonnel Ranges - Watarrka NP - Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Kata Tjuta - Coober Pedy - Flinders Ranges - Grampians - Great Ocean Road - Shepparton - Melbourne - Wilson´s Prom - Lakes Entrance - Canberra - Sydney - Blue Mountains - by plane to Cairns - Townsville -  Cairns. Flight with airlines Quantas from Cairns - Frankfurt.
The best : Pefect holiday. The feelig to come "home" especially in the North although the continent was unknown. We feld as we have been there before in the tropical north.
The Worst:  Rassisme against the Aborigines and Asians. That we had to fly home. That we had to stay for 2 days in loud and smelling Bangkok. Destroying of  the nature since 200 years by white people.

1994: Udo Fischer mit Motorrad in WA im Nationalpark "Purnululu". Das ist der Aborigine- Name des Nationalparks, in dem die Bergformation "Bungle Bungles" liegt. Dieses ist der Name des Nationalparks der Weißen Siedler.

2003: Dagmar in WA. Landschaft „Pilbara".- Karte aller Reisen von 1991-2012.

Dagmar und Udo Fischer   no www
+ 10 x Australien mit verschieden Verkehrsmitteln. 15 Monate. 75.000 Kilometer. Davon 60.000 km mit Motorrädern.

Australien hat uns beide schon als Kinder fasziniert und beide haben wir Verwandtschaft in Australien. So war es nicht verwunderlich, dass wir 1991 unser erstes erspartes Geld in die große Reise investierten. Dagmar war eine selbstständige Statikerin. Udo angestellter Techniker. Seitdem kommen wir nicht mehr von Australien los. Das Land gibt uns das Gefühl von Freiheit. Australien ist zu unserer zweiten Heimat geworden.
Uns fasziniert die weite aride Landschaft mit den beeindruckenden Felsformationen und den atemberaubenden Schluchten. Häufig konnten wir in der freien Natur tolle Übernachtungsplätze finden, auch gerne in Wassernähe.
Immer wieder hatten wir auch unvergessliche Tierbegegnungen in der Wildnis. Uns begeistert der Vogelgesang, besonders zur Zeit der Dämmerung. Schön ist es, die Nacht vom Gelächter der Kookaburras eingeläutet zu bekommen oder vom Flöten des Butcherbirds geweckt zu werden.
Wir empfinden die Aussies als ein offenes, freundliches, hilfsbereites Volk mit Humor und einer positiven Einstellung. Die Kultur der Aborigenes hat uns sehr beschäftigt und unser Leben beeinflusst.
Da für uns das Motorrad das schönste Reisegefährt ist, haben wir dieses auch für Australien ausgewählt. Das Fahren auf den Pisten kann richtig Spaß machen. Nicht immer aber ist der Zustand gut; dann kann es auch zur Qual werden.
In den 1990er war das Einwegmieten von Motorrädern, also am Abfahrtsort Annehmen und am Ankunftsort abgeben in Australien nicht möglich.
Der Transport der eigenen Maschine war zu teuer, daher blieb als einzige Alternative ein „Buy Back Agreement (Rückkauf)“ mit dem Verkäufer. Eine Möglichkeit mit einem hohen finanziellen Risiko für uns, aber es hat immer gut funktioniert. Später kauften wir gebrauchte Motorräder und meldeten diese auf uns an. Da diese in Victoria registriert waren, brauchten sie auch keinen regelmäßigen „TÜV“. Bei unseren Reisen mussten wir dann allerdings immer wieder Unterstellplätze bis zur nächsten Reise finden. Wir fanden immer eine gute Gelegenheit und lernten so viel über Land und Leute. Für die beiden letzten Reisen mieteten wir uns Landcruiser (ohne Pistenbeschränkungen). Dieses hatte den großen Vorteil, dass wir mehrere Tage ohne jegliche Versorgung im Busch sein konnten. Beim Erkunden zu Fuß brauchten wir dann nicht die schweren, warmen Motorradklamotten anhaben.
Die erste Klasse Reise mit dem Zug „Ghan“ war ein Traum, den wir uns beim 10.Mal erfüllen konnten.

Insgesamt haben wir den Kontinent einmal umrundet und waren mehrmals auf unterschiedlichen Strecken und Zeiträumen im Zentrum unterwegs. Es gibt so viele schöne Plätze, dass wir nichts Besonderes hervorheben können. Grundsätzlich fühlen wir uns im Zentrum und dem Norden bzw. Nordwesten am wohlsten. Auch entlang der Küste fanden wir herrliche Abschnitte. In der Great Dividing Range, ein großes Scheidegebirge als Bergland in Queensland, gibt es faszinierende Strecken und Plätze. Tasmanien müssen wir noch erkunden.
Da Australien so riesig und voller Extreme ist, sollte sich jeder Reisende genau überlegen, was er in Australien sehen möchte, wie er es bereisen will und zu welcher Jahreszeit. Zwischen den Highlights können Entfernungen schon enorm sein und die Zustände der Pisten stark variieren. Die ausreichende Versorgung mit Trinkwasser in entlegenen Gebieten kann gerade mit einem 2-Rad. schwierig sein. Auch über die zu erwartenden Klimaverhältnisse sollte sich jeder im Klaren sein: Temperaturen und Niederschläge können die Reise stark beeinträchtigen.
Gelernt haben wir: Unterschätze die Gefahren des Outback nicht, mache dich damit vertraut, werde nicht leichtsinnig und gerate nicht in Panik. Wir sind in heftige Buschfeuer geraten oder waren mehrere Tage von Regenfluten eingeschlossen. Ein Gewittersturm zerlegte unser Zelt. Fünf Wochen hatten wir mal unvergessliche Temperaturen über 40°C. Dehydration… Die Sohlen der Stiefel lösten sich draussen. Oder das Motorrad steckte im Schnee fest. 60 Stunden Dauerregen bei 30°C. Ameisen überfielen Motorrad und Lebensmitteltaschen. Fliegen überall. Vor der Tierwelt hatten wir nie Angst. Wir haben sie respektiert und aufgepasst. Vieles kann einem im Outback passieren, aber gut darauf vorbereitet heißt es dann: no worries: genieße den Zauber des Landes. See Ya in Oz!

1991: 9 Wochen (Darwin- Alice Springs- Melbourne- Sydney / Cairns-Townsville- Cairns). Mit BMW R100 GS (Buy Back Agreement) und Mietwagen in Cairns.- 1994: 6 Wochen (Darwin- Broome- Darwin). Mit BMW R100 GS PD und Yamaha XT 600 (Buy Back Agreement).- 1996: 7,5 Wochen (Sydney- Shepparton- Odnadatta- Alice Springs- Shepparton). Mit BMW R100 GS PD (gebraucht gekauft). Yamaha XT 600 (Buy Back Agreement). 2001: 8,5 Wochen (Shepparton- Blue Mountains- Townsville- Cairns). Mit BMW R100 GS PD (Eigentum) und Yamaha XT 600 (gebraucht gekauft). 2002: 8 Wochen (Townsville- Daintree- Mt. Isa- Alice Springs). Mit BMW R100 GS PD (Eigentum) und Yamaha XT 600 (Eigentum).- 2003: 8,5 Wochen (Alice Springs- Kathrine- Broome- Fremantle). Mit BMW R100 GS PD (Eigentum) und Yamaha XT 600 (Eigentum). 2004: 4,5 Wochen (Fremantle- Kalgoorlie- Esperance- Fremantle).- Mit BMW R100 GS PD (Eigentum) und Yamaha XT 600 (Eigentum).- 2005: 5,5 Wochen (Fremantle- Esperance- Broken Hill- Shepparton- Sydney)
Mit BMW R100 GS PD (Eigentum) und Yamaha XT 600 (Eigentum). 2007: 6,5 Wochen (Broome- Kimberley- Broome- Pilbara- Exmouth- Broome). Mit Toyota Landcruiser HZJ 76 (gemietet)
2012: 9,5 Wochen (Melbourne- Birdsville- Alice Springs- Darwin). Mit Toyota Landcruiser HZJ 78 (gemietet) und ab Alice Springs mit dem „Ghan“.

08.01.2020 Letztes Update.
24.-26.04.2020: Dagmar und Udo halten einen Vortrag auf dem 62. Tesch-Travel-Treffen für Motorrad-Reisende Nah und Fern:

Andreas Hülsmann (German, born 02.06.1961) und Petra Lange (German, birthday 09.10.1962)
+ "Transaustralien und NZ " Petra und Andreas haben sich mit zwei Yamaha XT 600 Tenere den Traum einer Australien-Tour erfüllt: 45.000 km. Australia km 36.000 in 9,5 months and km 8.500 New Zealand in 2,5 months.
Purpose of your travel: go away from normal life
Route: We flew from Europe (Frankfurt) to Australia (Perth by Singapore Airlines to Perth. With two bikes Broome – Gibb River Road – Kathrine – Kakadu National Park – Darwin – Alice Springs – Ayers Rock – Oodnadatta Track – Cooper Pedy – Flinders Range – Adelaide – Great Ocean Road – Melbourne – Snowy Mountains – Sydney – Brisbane – Cairns – Mount Isa – Alice Springs – Broken Hill – Sydney. Flight to New Zealand. With bikes we rode 9000 kms on both Island). Flight back from NZ (Auckland) to Europe (Frankfurt?.
Highlights: Landscape, People, Australian way of life
The worst: Three Accidents
Book or publication: (Tourenfahrer 1 / 2 1995).
Useful informations and TIPS for others: ....
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours:.June - August 1988: Solo North of Europe: Sweden , Finnland , Norway , Iceland , Yamaha. XT 600 Tenere, 10.000 km April 1993 - April 1994: Australia / New Zealand . Andreas with Yamaha XT 600 Tenere. Petra Lange with XT 600 Tenere. 40.000 km. May - October 1995: Solo Australia with a Toyota Landcruiser, 25.000 km. Juni - Juli 1996: North Amerika (USA / Canada). Suzuki DR 650, 9.000 km. Jo Deleker with Honda Dominator October 1997  - April 1998: South Amerika - Yamaha XT 600 Tenere, 25.000 km. Birgit Pütz with BMW GS 80. Jo Deleker with Honda Dominator. January - February 2001: Oman and UA Emirates. Andreas with Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin. 8.000 km. Silke Marten with Suzuki DR 350. July - August 2002: Russia , Baltic States and Poland . Andreas with  Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin. 12.000 km. Ludwig Hauhoff with Africa Twin. Gerd Brüning with BMW GS 80. July - August 2004: Australia Canning Stock Route (2.000). Andreas with BMW F 650, Touratechumbau. 10.000 km. Jörg Becker with BMW F 650. Planned tour start may 2006: Course East, 5 Month 15 Countries, 25.000 Kilometres. Central Asia and Siberia . More see: Routes in continents: Europe: all countries, without Spain and Greece , 300.000 km. Southamerika: Argentina , Chile , Brasil , Uruguay , 25.000 km. Australia : Perth , Broome, Darwin , Alice Springs Adelaide, Melbourne , Sydney , km 36.000.
1995 Dia-Vortrag auf dem 17 MFTreffen.
19.12.2005 1st request

Willy Schmitz und Michael Wehrberger in ??. 1993. Design B.T.

Michael Werlberger (German, born ??) and Willy Schmitz (German, born ??)
+ Europe - Asia - Australia. Michael und Willy reisten mit einem Gespann 13 Monate und 50.000 km durch drei Kontinnete und ?? Länder.
Route: Europe (Germany (Berlin) - Italien (Tirol) - Griechenland - Türkei) - Asia (Iran - Pakistan - Indien - Nepal) - by ship to Australia (Perth - Adelaide by car - in Adelaide the motorcycle arrived - by mc Melbourne - Canberra - Sydney - Brisbane - Cairns - Cape York - Northern Territory - Darwin - Kimberleys - Western Australia -Perth. THe mc was send to Germany by ship. The persons flew home.
Publication: Buch „Der lange Weg nach Australien“ Logbuch einer Gespannreise. Erzählt die Gespannreise. Wurde im Guinness Buch der Rekorde als längste Gespannreise aller Zeiten angemeldet. 210 S. 22 Fotos. 4 Karten. 22 H x 15,5 B. € 16,80 (2010). Verlag: Reiseliteratur-Verlag. Germany.
Ein Buch über das Erfahren fremder Kulturen, Reifenpannen, gerissene Alufelgen, Rahmenbrüche und improvisierte Reparaturen, behördliche Willkür, freundliche Menschen und Sprachlosigkeiten, über Naturwunder, Weltwunder und diese wunderbare Sache: Reisen.
10.2010 B.T. Got the book and contacted Willy Schmitz via the publisher.
09.11.2010 1st summary by Will.
09.11.2010 1st request for update.

Australien. Welt-Reise. 1994.
Robert Bob Auburn (Born 1929 exact date ???). The Endless Ride.
The Pictorial Guide to Worldwide Motorcycle Touring. Mit einer neuen Honda Magna 700 und 132 pounds Gewicht startet Bob solo, 60 Jahre jung, 1989 und kommt erst nach 5 Jahren und 165.000 miles ( = 264.000 km) durch 51 Länder rund um die Welt zurück. Er braucht US $ 71.000 inklusive Motorrad und Transportkosten. Zum Leben braucht Robert US $ 800 / Monat, weniger als in Amerika zuhause.
Roberts Buch gliedert sich in vier Teile: Drei Foto-Dokumentationen, je 103 Seiten "From Kasbahs to Kangaroos" (Marokko bis Australien), 184 Seiten "From Buckingham Palace to The Grand Palace" (London bis Bangkok) und 74 Seiten "From Totems to Tacos", Riding the Americas (Alaska to Mexico). Der vierte Buchteil mit 144 Seiten, "The 19-Language Parts & Service Phrasebook", wurde mit der Hilfe von 20 führenden Honda-Händlern, die Robert auf seiner Reise getroffen hat, zusammengestellt. Ein einmaliger, umfangreicher, übersichtlich dargestellter Fragenkomplex des Travellers für Tankstellen, Ersatzteile, Kundendienst, Rahmen und Motorbegriffe auf 144 Seiten. (TIP: Durch eine tabellarische Anordnung könnte man dieses Nachschlagewerk erheblich verkürzen und als Beilage mitnehmen).
Roberts Bucharbeit ist mehr eine kaum zu überbietende Bildershow mit optischen, kommentierten Höhepunkten als eine Reise-Erzählung. Während Roberts aufwendiges Werk einen großartigen Bild-Durchblick für jeden an der Welt interessierten bietet, ist sein Wörter-Satzbuch in 19 Sprachen für den Motorrad-Service als äußerst brauchbar für den Motorrad-Reisenden anzusehen. 438 S. 312 Fotos in National Geographic-Qualität. 3 farbige Übersichtliche Kartenskizzen. Paperback.
US S 39,95 (1994)
Strecke: West - Europa - Marokko - mit der Fähre von Griechenland nach Ägypten - Jordanien - Israel - mit der Fähre nach Griechenland - per Flugzeug nach Indien - Nepal - Indien - per Zug von Bombay nach Madras - per Fähre von Madras nach Australien (Darwin) - rund um Australien per Motorrad. Großbritannien - per Fähre nach Dänemark - Skandinavien - Deutschland - Griechenland - Türkei - per Fähre von Griechenland nach Malaysia - Thailand. Alaska - Canada - Mexico.
Verlag: Eigen-Verlag. The Endless Ride Publications. Newport Beach. CA, USA. ISBN 0-9639583-4-8.

05.08.1994 - 16.09.1994
Dagmar und Udo  Fischer no www
+ Second ride in Australia ca. 6000 kms. Dagmar (YAMAHA XT 600 E) and Udo (BMW Paris Dakar) rode 6 weeks together with German mc-friends Jens Günther and Hanka Liß (on one BMW).
Cost of flight with Quantas ca. 2.500 DM incl. no stoppover in Bangkok and 1 inlandflight.
We bought some bikes from a dealer in Adelaide / Darwin. Because we bought some it was much cheaper than in 1991. But the dealer will not do it again.
Route: Flight by airlines Quantas Frankfurt Australia: 5 days Sydney/Blue Mountains (viting relatives). By plane to Darwin where we bought the bikes. Kakadu NP - Katherine - Kunnunnarra - Purnululu NP - Halls Creek - Fitzroy Crossing - Tunnel Creek - Windjana Gorge NP - Derby - Broome - Fitzroy Crossing (Geikie Gorge) - Halls Creek - Kunnunnarra - Keep River NP - Edith Falls - Litchfield NP - Darwin. Flight by airlines (QANTAS) Darwin - Frankfurt.
The best: Dagmar rode first time "off road" which went well. Tour by canoe on Katherine River. We loved Australia after our first tour in 1991 even more. Especially because we took some more time for a smaller area. Although we got a good view on our first long tour we found out that we travelled too much kms in 1991. Each couple bought a wonderful
didjeridu. The men play them very well now, the women try and try....
The Worst: The tourisme was getting much bigger in comparison to 1991 and destroying the nature. See more 1991.

< 1995
Reise-Bericht. Europa. Afrika. Nord-Amerika. Süd-Amerika. Asien. Australien. Welt-Reise 1995.
Dave Barr with Mike Wourms.
Riding the edge. An 83.000 Mile Adventure Around The World!
Ein Buch voller Erlebnisse von Dave, der als doppelt amputierter Mann mit einer Harley Davidson nicht nur rund um die Welt fuhr. Er befuhr alle Kontinente Nord-Süd, umrundete Australien und duchquerte selbst China, die Mongolei und Rußland. Dave, den ich persönlich gut kenne, strahlt trotz seiner Behinderung einen positiven, großen Lebensmut aus. Das war sicher die Voraussetzung für seinen unglaublichen Erfolg. Die "Harley" nahm er, "weil er sie hatte"...38 Kapitel. 502 S. 57 SW-Fotos. Paperback. 23 cm H x 15 B.DM 35,90. In Deutschland ist das Buch nur bei Tesch zu bekommen.
Verlag: Promotion Publishing. 3368 Governor Drive. Suite 144. San Diego. Ca 92122. USA. 1995. ISBN 1-887314-12-1.
US $ 19.95 (1995)
11.03.96 Laut Dave Barr: Muß ich US $ 18,00 schicken. Das Buch kostet hier mit Porto US $ 23,00. VK 35,90.

??.??.1995 - ??.??.1996

Maartje and Leon Batta (Dutch) Schneemann or
+ "Op vijf wielen door Russland, Azie en Australia". Dutch. Book.:Eu 22,00
Die Niederländer Maartje und Leon reisen 1995-96 in 461 Tagen durch 17 Länder von den Niederlanden nach Australien. Sie fahren overland mit einer YAMAHA XT 500 + einem YAMAHA XT 500 Cross-Gespann. 33.016 km plus 639 Hondakilometer. 21 Kapitel nach Staaten gegliedert. Am Anfang eine kleine Kartenskizze mit Streckenverlauf.
Purpose: ??
Route: Niederlande - Deutschland - Polen - Ukraine - Russland - Kasachstan - Usbekistan - Kirgistan - auf einem LKW durch China - Pakistan - Indien - Nepal - Indien - Bangladesh - Thailand - Malaisia - Singapore - Indonesien - Australien - Rückreise mit Transsibirischer Eisenbahn.
The worst: ??
The best: ??
Useful tips for others: ??
Publications: 404 S. 20,5 cm H x 14 B. Softcover. Niederländisch. Das Buch ist eine lange Reiserzählung in kleiner Schrift ohne Fotos. Mit dem Buch wird eine CD geliefert, auf der man die Reise eindrucksvoll in Karten und Fotos nachvollziehen kann. ISBN 90-76953-35-X. 2001.
B.T.: 1994 always smiling Maartje and Leon visited the Tesch-Meeting for Motorcycle-WORLD-Travellers.
22.11.1996 I met both again in Amsterdam. Maartje told me that the carried 15 months a letter from me with her during her trip to answer my questions: No time !
04.08.1999 1st answer by email.
01.11.2001 1st information about existing book by Patricia Govers durch Zeitschrift Viva.
22.04.2002 Spoke with Louies Damhof. She will send me both books.
25.07.2011 B.T. found her new website and invited them to his 70th birthday. Website von Maartje und Leon
03.08.2011 They answered. B.T, asked again for their summary above plus fotos from the rip.

David and Volker in OZ.

01.1995 - 03.1995
David Böll (German, born 06.05.1965) with Volker Beek "Pego"
David rode 20.000 km in Australia with KAWASAKI Tengai. Volker rode three weeks with David with a YAMAHA XT 600 Teneré.
Route: Melbourne - Great Ocean road to Adelaide - Maree - Birdsville - Mount Isa - Alice Springs - Ayers Rock - Williams Creek - Port Augusta - Nullarbor - Perth - Broome - Darwin - Kakadu Nat. Park - Alice Springs - Adelaide - Great Ocean Road - Melbourne. Sold bike in Melbourne with buyback garanty.
Purpose of Travel: Wanted to have experience in deserts and with "the wild contry and rough people".
The best: Birdsville trek. Alice Springs. Desert.Kakadu Nat. Park. Diving near Perth
The worst: "500 kms" straight without a curve riding to Perth via Nullabor. In Darwin the bank stopped credtcard. So David had only money left for petrol and US $ 2,00 for living a day.
Useful tips for others: I liked the desert-tour but I did not feel great to ride solo for five weeks so long distances. I paid about US $ 500 for using the bike and so it was no problem to buy or sell the bike. But the Tengai was not agood choose for off road.


19.03.1996 - 29.07.1997
Anette Bovin (Swedish) no www.
Europe - Asia - Australia. Anette (28) and her ex (Ola Bovin) rode on one BMW R 80 GS  50.000 kms. Both shared riding the bike.
Route: Sweden - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Rumania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - India. By plane from New Dehli to Bankok. Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Malaysia. We shipped the bike from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia because it was cheaper than in Singapore. So from Darwin in Australia down to Brisbane and flying back to Frankfurt.
The best: Hospitalty in Iran and the wild and amazing scenery in Pakistan.
The Worst: That must be the crazy driving in India. Still suffers from nightmares about TATA-truck drivers.

05.1996- 11.1996
Doris Wiedermann
+ Around Australia. Mit "meiner" BMW R 100 GS rund um Australien: Start in Sydney, über den Nullarbor an die Westküste, rauf nach Broom, über die Gibb River Road und weiter nach Darwin, runter zum Ayers Rock, über den Plenty Hwy. nach Mt. Isa, rüber nach Cooktown, entlang der Ostküste in den Süden, eine kleine Abschiedsrunde durch die Blue Mountains und zurück nach Sydney.

01.08.1996 - 20.09.1996
Dagmar und Udo Fischer  no www
Third ride in Australia about 10.000 kms (6.500 km outback: 3.500 km "zivilisation" and 1.700 km gravel roads). Dagmar and Udo rode 5 weeks together with German mc-friends Jens Günther and Hanka Liß on 2 BMW R100 GS Paris/Dakar, 1 Yamaha XT 600 E, 1 BMW K100 LT, 1 BMW R1100 RS (1 day), 1 BMW R65 (1 day), 1 Toyota HiLux, 1 Toyota Corolla. Dagmar and Udo rode two weeks alone.
Cost of flight with Quantas ca. 2.500 DM incl. no stoppover in Bangkok and no inland flight.
We bought 1 GS In Sydney from Tom Byrne MC and we left it in a workshop for the next trip. We made a good buyback agreement with BIKE TOURS in Glenluce (the XT 500 for Dagmar). Jens and Hanka rented a bike. But it was already  "kaputt". So Jens rode the other bikes and the cars.
Route: Flight by airlines Quantas Frankfurt - Sydney. Sydney/Blue Mountains - Albury - Shepparton - Melbourne - Shepparton - Nyah - Adelaide - Flinders Ranges NP - Marree - William Creek - Oodnadatta - Uluru (Ayers Rock) / Kata Tjuta NP - Watarrka NP - Mereenie Loop - Palm Valley - Wallace Rockhole - Alice Springs - Henbury Crater - Coober Pedy - Adelaide - Coorong NP - Beachport - Warrnambol - Great Ocean Road/Cape - Otway NP - Shepparton - Mount Buller - Melbourne - Shepparton - flight by airlines Qantas Melbourne - Frankfurt.
The best : Dagmar could ride again after she had a leg broken 3 months before. Because we had some punctures we got more contact to Australians and are grateful for their help.
The Worst: We lost a lot of time through many punctures with the bikes. See more 1991 + 1994.
Dagmars and Udos experience to rent, to buy or to fly a bike:
Bikes 1991: When we came the first time to Australia we did not know that we would like this continent so much and we will come back for two other travels. We had "only" 8 weeks time. So we wanted to avoid to ship our own bikes to Australia. Out of our knowledge in 1991 (without internet) the costs to ship our own bike two ways would not have been much cheaper. And to ship a bike cost some time in Australia to get it out of the harbour. Of course we would have liked to rent a bike in Darwin. But to fly a bike directly to Darwin was imposibble at this time. And to rent a bike in Darwin as well impossible.
Bikes 1993:  To fly a bike (with e.g. airlines Lufthansa) is possible to Sydney and Perth. Because we wanted to start in Darwin again and to transport our bikes by lorry to Darwin would have been too exepensive. Therefore we bought the bikes in Darwin.
Bikes 1996:  Because we want to travel again in Australia we bought a BMW RGS in Sydney and left in Australia for the next tour. For Dagmar we made a buy back agreement with Kurt Weidner which is a cheap and fair solution.
Bikes 1999: Jens Günther and Hanka Liß flew their motorcycle BMW in 1999 from Germany to Australia. Comparing our costs with them we did not spent much more money in 1991.

??.10.1996 - ??.04.1997
Martin Wehner (German, born ??.??.19??)  and Harry Müller (German, born ??.??.19??) your http://www.???
+ Australia. ??? The teachers Martin and Harry rode 24.000 kms in 6 months with two BMW R 80 G/S.
Purpose: To visit two friends who stayed in Australia.
Route: ?? Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
The best: ?? I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: ?? I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...
16.09.2011 Martin (whom I never met in person) called me. In 199? I organised that he got a unique alu-fuel-tank with 45 liters from Friedhelm Lammers. - Martin now sold his bike with a broken enigine after 280.000 kms he rode himself. Before he went to Australia he bought a bigger oil-cooler from a firm (called ?? in ???) than the one which is used in the later BMW 100 GS and fitted this very high under the lamp. Although the oil-pump in the G/S normally is not build for another oil-cooler nothing ever happened before to the engine. Martin used a Tesch-Travel-Träger (Rack) and build the alu-boxes himself.
16.09.2011 First request for a summary and best foto of both with the engines in Australia. And two portratis of that time from them as scans.

06.12.1996 - 10.07.1997
Martin Didier (living in Australia but born in France 1957)
+ Australia - France. Didier rode solo from Australia to Paris France on a Yamaha XTZ 660, 35.000 kms.
Route: Australia (Melbourne to Darwin via Adelaide and Alice Spring (4.500 kms)) - shipped the bike to Singapor, I flew to Timor and made my way through Indonesia to Singapor on busses and ferries - from Singapor rode through Malaysia and Thailand (3.500 kms) - flew over Burma to Bangladesh with the bike - then rode to Nepal - India - Pakistan (including the Karakoram Highway) - Iran - Turkey - Bulgaria - Roumania - Hungaria - Austria - Switzerland - France (Paris, 27.000kms)
Purpose of travel: Fun and adventures.
The best: The friendliness of the people in Bangladesh, trekking in Nepal, Muharram festival in Pakistan, the smuggler Bazaar in Peshawar(Pakistan) and reaching the Eiffel tower in Paris.
The worst: Crashing the bike in Bangladesh, all of the punchers I got in Iran.
Book or publication: Australian Motorcycle News.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Get to the countries borders early in the morning while you are still fresh from a good night of sleep, travel as light as possible.
B.T.: Martin plans a tour RTW in 10.2002:
02.07.2002 1st contact
06.04.2008 2nd request for a n update on this planned world-tour

15.09.1997 - 15.03.1998
Michael Meier (born 18.08.1968, German)
Australia. The Schreiner (furnitsher maker) Michael, called Mike-Mike, rode solo in Australia with HONDA XRV 750 Africa Twin. 35.000 kms. Mike-Mike makes often his decisions "where to go" where he is. And the distances between sightseeing places in West Australia are much bigger. This explains that he rode 35.000 kms. Rode 5 weeks together with Roland Roski (German) who rode a YAMAHA XT600.
Route: Darwin - Kathrine - Derby - Broome - Port Hedland - Tennant Creek - Cairns - Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth. The best: Friendly people. Wounderful West Australia.
The worst: A flat tyre between Esperance and Albany.
Important useful informations for others: Big fuel tank in West Australia and the outback...Wants to go back to Austraaaaalia 18.08.2001. See there.

Reise-Bericht. Australien. 1998.
Manfred Bichler
Deutschland - Australien
In 19 Wochen per Bike auf dem Landweg nach Sydney. Manfreds Bichlers Solo-Tour mit einer BMW R 100 GS überland nach Australien. Diese bisher unveröffentlichte Reise-Erzählung von 40.000 km gibt es erstmalig in kopierter, gebundener Form bei Tesch. Manfred Bichler hat von 1971-1987 zuerst 76.000 Reise-km in Europa und N-Afrika "geschnuppert" bevor er dann 1988 bis 1995 mit BMW-Enduros in allen Kontinenten 143.000 km rundum zurückgelegt hat.
DM 39,90

24.05.1998 - 07.06.2000
Gerd (DER GERD) Kaufhold
Europe - Trans-Asia - Australia. The mechanical engineeer Gerd rode about two years solo Europe - Asia - Australia with YAMAHA SR 500. 60.000 kms.
Route: Germany - Tchec Rep. - Slowakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India (3 months) - from Delhi to Bangkok (Aeroflot) with mc by air-cargo (Air India) - Malaysia - Singapore - mc by ship to Australia, Gerd flew with Malaysia Airlines to Australia (Sydney - Cairns - Cape Tribulation - Darwin - Broom - Perth - Adelaide - Melbourne - Tasmania (3 months) - Sydney) - mc by ship to Antwerpen, Gerd flew to Amsterdam.
The best: To be "on the road". To meet people allways if you are in case of emergency. 3 months sailing in the Pacific with friends. Flight over Vanuatu islands.
The worst: Singapore: The inhabitants only have $ signs in their eyes.
Gerd from Aachen met Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch by accident "on the way" from Australia to Tasmania.24.05.1998 - 07.06.2000

07.11.1998 - 22.11.2000
Cathie Easter (born 22.07.1967) and Marcus Easter (born 26.04.1966) (Australians)
+ Australia - England. My wife and I left Australia on November for our trip to Sydney. Together we travelled 25 months. We spent exactly 12 months in S.E. Asia and 13 months travelling from India (Madras) to England (Winchester). We travelled 67,500 km in 21 countries on our 1989 NTX 650 Motoguzzi. We carried all spares, tools, camping gear etc in soft bags protected by steel rucksack bags.
Route: They flew from Sydney to Bangkok. The bike was shipped to Singapore. We backpacked through Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia, before picking the bike up in Singapore and spent 6 months in Thailand, 2 months in Malaysia and 2.5 months in Laos before flying out of Panang to Madras in India. After 5.5 months in India, we rode to Nepal - Pakistan - Iran - Turkey - Syria - Jordon - Egypt - Isreal - Greece - Italy - Switerland - France - UK.
Purpose: Fun
Best Time: Seeing Ankor Wat, the Indian Himalyala's, the Taj Mahal, Nemrut Dagi and Luxor.
Worst Time: Lost in a mine field, Cambodians attempting to kidnap us, landing my wife in hospital after my front tyre exploded.
Book or publication (about your tour): ....... They have a whole collection of emails which you possibly could get from them.
07.2002 1st contact

03.12.1998 - 25.01.1999
Markus Schmidt (German)
+ New Zealand.  In 7 weeks Markus rode 5.500 kms on both islands. Wanted to buy a used Honda XR 250, endet up with an cheaper Suzuki LS 400 softchopper. Very hard riding, and only 5 cm suspension.
Route: Auckland, Kauriforests, Cape Reinga, Auckland, Wellington, Westcoast, Queensland, Arthurs Pass, Wellington, Auckland and much more inbetween!
The best: The northern Kauri-forests are great and the south is beautiful.
The worst: At the end he liked his Suzuki .... .
Book or publication : Not yet
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Good hostel in Auckland is Oaklands Lodge. Best Place in New Zealand is "The Royal Hostel" in Okarito, small Town with nothing and 11 inhabitants.

07.06.1999 - 09.01.2000
Simon Birrer
+ Switzerland - Asia - Australia. Simon rode overland from Switzerland to Australia.
01.2000 We met him in Australia at Ayers Rock.

2000. Tobias Tremmel, den ersten Motorrad-Reisenden, den wir nach 5000 km On the road trafen...

03.08.1999 - 02.03.2000
Tobias Tremmel  (German)
+ Nearly around Australia. Tobias (25 years) rode solo Around Australia with HONDA CX500 24.000 kms.
Purpose of tour: I wanted to find myself.
Route: Australia 24.000 kms. I flew together with my bike to Perth on the Westcost - by bike from Perth - Kalbarri - Exmouth - Tom Price - Broom - Alice Springs - Ajers Rock - Threeways - Towswille - Cairns - Great Tableland - Brisbane - Blou Mountailns - Sydney and Millenium Party 2000 - Canbera and high Mountains - Meulborne - and after an accident back home.
The best: The Friendship of the people are grate!!! And realising a long dream - riding with my bike around Australia.
The worst:  I had an accident with a car before I finished my trip back to Perth.
Feature: I come back to OZ and finish my trip!! Dont dream it, just do it !
Useful tips mfor others:
12.1999 Tobias was the first Mc-Traveller Bernd Tesch met in Australia touring himself.
2001 + 2002 visitor of TTTreffen
23.04.2002 1st personal visit of Tobias.
11.11.2009 Von Markus Schmidt erfuhr ich, dass er mit Christine nach S-Amerika reist. Tobias war 5 Mal bisher auf dem TTTreffen.
12.11.2009 1st request to Tobia to give a summary

2000. Australia. Australia.

L.: Equipment. Alu-boxes Tesch-Travel-Taschen. BMW R 80 G/S. R: Pakistan family bike with equipment.
2000: Irgendwo in Indien. R: 1999 Osttürkei.

1999: Türkei etwa in der Mitte. R: Kambodscha

29.08.1999 - 20.07.2000 in Sydney.
Chrstian Ising (*1968. Muenchen) and Kai Stietenroth. Both planned 50.000 kms through 20 countries overland to Australia.
Transasia. Europe-Asia-Australia. Finally they arrived after 37.000 kms and 17 countries.
: Christian (Student Medicine Technican. BMW R 80 G/S with Tesch-Travel-Taschen. Start 100.000 km) and Kai (Medicine Dr. in Goslar. BMW R 80 GS) wanted to visit the opening of the Olympic games in Australia, Sydney in 2000.
Route: Europe (Germany. Italy (Venedig)- by ferry to Greece- by bikes to Asia (Turkey, Istanbul (Last BMW-Garage)- Kurdistan. Border Dogubayazit to Iran. Internet already. E-mails possible)- Iran (Teheran. 15 mio inhabitants. They got only Transitvisa for 5 days in Iran. At the police-station they had to ask several times for some more days permission. From Bam in Iran the got a police-eskorte until the border to Pakistan (Quetta.- Because of safety they transported the bikes until capital Islamabad (1.000 km in 38 hours). Lahore) - India (Monsun starts in june). The trucks and busses are the kings off the road. Nobody takes care of small motorcycles...- Nepal (Kathmandu. By air-transport to Thailand (Bangkok)- Laos (They had to carry the bikes by a lorry 400 m to the Laos-border)- Kambodscha (two days for 150km difficult roads)- Angkor)- Malaysia- Singapur- The bikes wre shipped with a cargo-container from Singapur in one week to Australia, Darwin. Both flew to Australia (Darwin. With bikes to Alice Springs- Coober Pedy (means white man in a hole)- Adelaide- Great Ocean Road- Melbourne > 790 km to Sydney. - Home by cargo-air to Germany.
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Pubication: 20.08.1999. Newspaper Münchner Merkur. 190. - Motorcycle Travel Magazine TOURENFAHRER. 2/2004. Page 46-58.
Earlier mc-travels: ​ 1996 + 1997: Libya.- 2006-2007: Transafrica with Rita on one BMW R 1100GS from Germany, München to Africa Egypt down the Wast coast Africa, South Africa. (
Info: Ich kam erst im Oktober zurück nach München. Ich hatte ja meine Wohnung untervermietet. Der Vertrag lief noch drei Monate. Habe meine damalige Freundin (und jetzige Frau) in Südamerika besucht. Sie war da mit Ihrer Schwester und deren Rottweiler im Mercedes G unterwegs. Die beiden waren auch ein Jahr auf Reisen .Gibt es darüber auch etwas als Zusammanfassung zu lesen?

2005-2007: Ralf Plachetka met Christian Ising on his mc-tour Transafrica.
In june 2022: Ralf visited Christian in München again.
10.06.2022: Christian send me a scan of the publication of the two publications.
10.06.2022: Bernd made the first summary and asked Christian for update.
13.06.2022: Christian send th first update.
13.06.2022: BT asked for second update.
29.07.2022: Last update.

25.10.1999 - 26.01.2000
Patricia Govers-Tesch (Dutch) and Bernd Tesch (German)
+ Around Australia and Tasmania.  Patricia Govers and Bernd Tesch rode somehow around Australia (13.000 kms) and Tasmania (1000 kms).
The two sponsored YAMAHA XT 600 E from BIKE TOURS AUSTRALIA ( and email-address in Germany: did not have any problems. Bernd did not fall down from the bike, Patricia just made one test in soft mud off-road. It was the most luxury trip Bernd T. ever made: No mc-problems/punctures. I could share all with the wonderful Dutch woman Patricia. Amazing how only 18 mio Australians can build such huge long good sealed roads AND keep the off-roads in excellent conditions as well. Never problem with orientation, to get petrol, water, food, to find accommodation. We spend 2,5 times more money than Bernd planned without a woman and with African/Russian money-scales. It was Bernds first long distance-tour with a woman and a motorcycle. So I had to sleep first time in a motel and to offer Patricia a shower more than all 6 weeks. We slept 70 % outdoor. We travelled through big cities, along empty beaches, through endless savannah, bush, deserts and rainforest. You find all this in ONE continent ! We liked the wild Koalas, Emus, cangeroos. Bernd even liked the scorpions and snakes we met. Patricia preferred to go in the tend at night after meeting 3 scorpions. In 3 months we met about 15 Mc-Travellers. With four of them we celebrated chrismas at an open fire with the view on Ayers Rock. Patricia and I celebrated new year in the desert at Coward Springs, a hot spring on Oodnadatta-track with the milkyway in the sky. Unbelieveable wonderful.
Highlihts: We flew like queen and king with inexpensive EMIRATES Airlines. One of the best airlines in the world we can highly recommend:
Australia and its people. Especialy all the Australian and international motorcycle-travellers we met.
One highlight for me was to visit the planned 25 addresses of motorcycle-travellers/specialist who could add important informations to my research "Conquer of Australia by motorcycle-TRAVELLERS 1900-2000". I will write about this in future in mc-magazines in Australia and here hopefully. These Australians mostly gave Patricia and me a very personal and heartly reception for what we are very grateful.
27.10.1999 "The first Australian Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers" was organised with help of Kurt Weidner at his private place. Present were "Hardy" who knows nearly all places in Austraila and dutch born "Rob van Driesum" who crossed Africa and rode solo overland from NL to Australia - now resident there. B.T. and Patricia-Govers-Tesch (2 years Afrikca-tour with YAMAHA XT 500). And some more participants.
Route: Melbourne - Sydney - Cairns - Bay - Karumba (at Gulf of Carpentaria) - Tennant Creek - Alice Springs - Ayers Rock - via Oodnatta Track to Porta Augusta - Adelaide - Melbouren - via ship to Tasmania - 1.000 km around Australia.
Book: Australia by motorcycle. Dicivering Australia by motorcycle 100 years.

23.11.1999 - 03.02.2000
Markus Schmidt (German)
Australia. Markus travelled 14.000 kms. Great travelling, hot in the outback, cold in Tasmania (called Australien - Siberia).
The best: Australia is great. Especially Tasmania is nice, and small. Australia has some longer distances.
The worst: Missed Bernd Tesch and Patricia Govers on the Oodnadatta-Track by 100 Meters (they left the road, that´s not fair).
Book or publication (about your tour): Not yet... (Acknowlegdement from Bernd Tesch: BUT good fotos!)
Useful informations and TIPS for others:  Bike-Transport Germany-Sydney with Schenker Cargo (Export Seefracht: 06107-7426

24.07.2000 - Ca. 02.05.2001
Gernot Minig (13.05.1952, German)
Europe - Asia - Australia. The teacher Gernot rode solo with HONDA Africa Twin RD 04 from Germany to Australia 25.000 kms to Australia, 24.000 kms in Australia.
Route: Deutschland - Frankreich - Schweiz - Italien - Griechenland - Tuerkei - Iran - Pakistan - Indien - Nepal - Thailand - Laos - Kambodscha - Malaysia - Singapur - Inonesien (Sumatra, Java, Bali) - Australien.
Earlier experiences: Africa + Australia.
Purpose of travel: just for the fun of it
The best: Karakorum Highway. Sumatra.
The worse: Traffic in Jakarta
Useful tips for others: How to get into Indonesia.
1998 1st contact
1998, 26.03.99, 2000 Visiter of Motorcycle Meeting for World-Traveller
B.T.: 07.1999 Gernot passed bye and we fixed a Tesch-rack to the HONDA Africa Twin 1997. Gernot has been living for a longer time in Australia before. Now he wants to visit this country again starting overland in june 2000 with an Australian Mc-friend. Gernot met this Mc-Traveller by the Australian motorcycle-club ULYSSES CLUB for members over 40 years (1999 more than 17.000 members). Both exchanged their houses and motorcycles for holiday-time already. So Gernot could ride in Australia. Gernot can afford this one year tour as a teacher, because he is working full time but get´s paid only 3/4. He can save all the time and take off one year in 2000.
8, good service) in a Crate.

L: Conny Müller and Dirk Meifort in 2000 in Australia. R: Conny and Dirk and daughter Elsa Meifort in 2010 in Zansibar. Fotos Dirk Meifort.

26.04.2000 - 25.04.2001
Conny Mueller (German, born 1966) and Dirk Meifort (German, born 1965)
+ Australia. Since April 2000 "on the road", since June on two XT 600's in Australia. Dirk has crossed Africa already on a BMW R80 GS in 1994/95. Conny crossed Africa on a truck in 1990/91. Now they travel a year in Australia on two motorbikes. Conny made her motorcycle-license just half a year before the trip... now learning by doing.:
Route: Brisbaine - Cairns - CapeYork - back by boat to Cairns with a freighter (22.07.2000) - Normanton - Darwin - Kununarra - Bungle-Bungles - Broome - Perth - Warburton Road to Ayers Rock - Coober Pedy - Adelaide - Melbourne - Tasmania - Melbourne - Victorian Alps - Canberra - Sydney - Brisbaine - Airlie Beach - Rockhampton - Longreach - Broken Hill - Melbourne.
Highlights: CAPE YORK (worst-best Offroad and Rivercrossings...) - BROOME (nicest Beach) - NINGALOO REEF (Scuba-Diving) - AYERS ROCK (not because of the thousands of tourists, but because of the thunderstorms over the rock when we saw it!) - TASMANIA (great Motorbike roads and beautiful nature for hiking).
The best:
- to just do it !!!!
The worst: Hundreds of stinking dead kangoroos on the road.
Book or publication: Regular "Reiseberichte" by email
Earlier /  later mc-tours: 1994/95 Transafrica, several European motorcycle holidays and trips before and still
Useful tipps for others: loose weight to get to the remotest areas.
P.S. Back after 14 months, elven days, five hours and 33 minutes.
22.04.2007 Next request for update. Please answer the ?? and please send only the VERY BEST foto of you both and the bike in Australia
06.04.2011 Next request for update and the best foto with the persons and the bike “on the road”.
27.04.2011 Last summary

Ca. 01.11.2000 - 07.06.2001
Klaus Kellner (German, born 23.09.1976)
Around Australia. The Diplom Betriebswirt Klaus planned 20.000 kms in Australia. But finally he rode 30.000 kms around Australia and through the centre as well on a Yamaha Thunderace. Only 600 kms of gravel, the rest on bitumen.
Route: I shipped my bike over from Hamburg to Sydney-no problems. Sydney - Byron Bay - Moree - Albury - Mount Gambier - Great Ocean Road - Melbourne - Snowy Mountains - Canberra - Sydney - Albury-Snowy Mountains - Melbourne - Mildura-Port Augusta - Kalgoorlie - Northam - Albany - Margaret River - Perth - Coral Bay - Exmouth - Tom Price - Karijini NP - Broome - Kununurra - Gibb River Road (northend) - Kathrine - Litchfield NP - Darwin - Kakadu NP - Alice Springs - West MacDonnel Ranges - Ayers Rock - Mount Isa - Normanton - Karumba - Cairns - Port Dopuglas - Cape tribulation - tablelands - Mackay - Whitsundays - Rockhampton - Moree - Albury - Snowy Mountains - Sydney. Ship bike back on the 7th of June.
The best: Karijini NP. Gibb river Road. Whitsundays. Tablelands. Red centre.
Worse thing: In the middle of the flood in november (afterwards good fun as well!).
Useful tips for others: It was absolutely fantastic and Australia is as you said a very easy country.
Earlier experiences: With 16 he rode 80 ccm HONDA Enduro. With 18 HONDA CBR 100 35.000 kms in two years. First tour in the Alps.1997: With YAMAHA THUNDER ACE 1000 ccm 70.000 kms.
01.2000 1st contact. Januar 2000

19.11.2000 - ?
Arne Kristoffer Olstad (Norwegian, born 17.09.1966)
NZ - Australia - Asia - Europe.19.11.00 - 10.04.01: The engineer Arne rode solo around New Zealand. 20.04.01 - ? Planning around Australia (until 09.2001) and then overland Asia back to Europe with BMW R1150GS. 60-70 000 kms.
Route: All over New Zealand 14 500 kms. Shipped the bike from NZ (Nelson) to Australia (Sydney). Followed the coast around Australia + the middle with Alice Springs aprox.20 000 kms. Sydney - Blue Mountains - Dubbo-Broken Hills - Port Augusta - Norseman - Kalgoorlie -Yellowdine - Hayden - Albany - Perth - Broome - Darwin - Cairns - Brisbane - Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne - Adelaide - Alice Springs and most likely up to Darwin and ship the bike over to Malaysia. Do a tour around Malaysia, Kambodia, Laos and Thailand. Fly the bike over to Nepal (Katmandu). From Nepal to India, Pakistan, Iran down Syria and Jordan to Egypt Back up to Turkey, Greece, Italy Austria, Germany, and use Colour Line to Oslo Norway.
Purpose of travel: Doing something different, have fun, meeting good friends. I have no idea when the trip will be finished.
The best: Until May 2001: Southern part of NZ with different dirt tracks. Working a few weeks on Nic's fishing boat. Good fun!!! Test drive on a road train in NSW Australia. One of my big dreams came thrue.
The worst: Nothing till now.
Useful informations and TIPS for others: Might be easier and definetly quicker to ship with plane. Be aware of high port charges in Sydney.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Traveled around Europe a few times with MC.
12.05.2001 First contact.

1970 Start of search of Australia-Motorcycle-Travellers.
1992-1994 More intensive search because of my book "Motorrad Abenteuer" in work by phone, fax and personal visits.
1995 - 1997 First tries to find and contact Australia-Motorcycle-Travellers by email.
02.1998 Start of my website. Not knowing what will come out of it in future. A part of this information you found already under > > German or Engl. version > News
28.05.2000: Start of this collection first time in internet under > > German or Engl. version > continents > Australia by motorcycle.
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