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After 44 years - on 18th.09.2014 - I decided to stop my researches on: "How were all continents discovered 1885-2014 by motorcycle-travellers?" The reason is that I have been sitting with all my passion behind the computers and reading books and articles for years day and night to come to the knowledge of these sites.
I am still full of other ideas including some travels. Also I want to move a bit more for my health instead of sitting too long behind the computer.

You can use all information for yourself. If you use infos and fotos for any other reason like publications please know, that there is still Copyright on all of it by myself and others.

I am German. I did my best to write most in English. If I missed some ,,,,,,,,, please take some of these and put them on the right place (Churchill)!

Bye Bernd Tesch. Village Hammer in forest EIFEL / Germany / United Europe / Multiversum

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20.10.2010 (your start) - 20.11.2012 (your end)
Sven Müller (German, born-date??)  and Susan Smith (British, born-date??) your http://www.???

Solo Around the World with BMW R 100 GS. 50.000 kms. Sven rode together with Susan Smith (British) who rode a HONDA 500 XL.
Purpose of your tour: ..??
: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure). - Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Around  Australia 16.000 kms. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. LA - New York) - Africa - Europe (Bike by ship to Netherlands / Amsterdam - Germany / Cologne).
The best: I wanted to find myself. Freedom. Sun. Friendship of  Turkey people. invitation by Pakistani. Climbing the Himalayas........)
The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran.....)...
Important useful informations for others:...
Book or publication (about your tour):...
Earlier motorcycle-travel-experiences:...

Around-The-World by Motorcycle
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2010 - 2015 and unclear summaries below


Nina Tin-Rasmussen and Hjalte Tin jumping of happiness on their tour "First car with electric power Around-The-World". Foto and (C) Hjalte and Nina

le > re: Nina Tin-Rasmussen. Hjalte Tin. Bernd Tesch. Patrcia Govers-Tesch on their visit in 13.05.2010 - Nina and Hjalte in 2010. Fotos B.T.

25.06.2010 - 07.05.2011 First Around the World with electric car 30.000 kms.
Hjalte Tin (Danish, born 08.09.1953) and Nina Tin-Rasmussen (Danish, born 06.08.1942) +
+ Around-The-World by electric car. Nina and Hjalte drove in three continents through 14 differnet countries 30.000 kms with an elchtric-car.
Purpose of your tour: test if it was possible to go around the world in a 100% full-size electric car.
Route:  Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia) - Asia (Russia (Burjatia), Mongolia (Gobi), China (Erenhot to Shanghai), by container ship to North-America (USA (San Francisco - New York)) - by container ship to Europe (Spain, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Netherlands, Poland,  Germany, Denmark).
They started with two Nissan Qashqai Electric (Nissan Qashqai converted to 100 electric drive by Danish company Afuture), one driven by Nina, one driven by Hjalte. Technical problems with charging system forced one car to be sent back to Denmark from Moscow. Nina and Hjalte did the rest of the circumnavigation in the other "Green car".
Highlights:  Joining president Medvediv's summer camp for young inventors outside Moscow. Exhibiting the car at the Shanghai-EXPO and at the Detroit Auto Show. Competing in the Monte Carlo Rally for electric cars (finishing 8 out of 13).
Daugther Ida Tin and grandson Elliot Tin joined us in the car in USA from San Francisco to Dallas.
The best: To complete the circumnavigation. To cross the Gobi desert.
The worst:
Weeks of heat-wave in Russia + 40 degrees made charging the car almost impossible. Minus 20 in USA - and no heating to get max. milage to drive from the battery - Brrrr! The World Electric Tour have encountered extreme conditions from endless Siberian highways, Gobi-desert heat, wild traffic in China and freezing US winter.
Important useful informations for others :...
Book or publication :... we are writing a book, expect to be published in 2012. We are producing a TV-program.
26.05.2011 In Aachen Bernd Tesch organised that the EIFELER NACHRICHTEN and AACHENER Zeitung (same owner) interviewed Nina and Hjalte on a party of Bernd Tesch. Out of it came 1 total page: Einmal rund um die Welt und ständig unter Strom.
Nicht erschiener Leserbrief von Bernd Tesch für die Aachener Nachrichten und Eifeler Nachrichten (26.06.2011):
Der Artikel über die erste Weltumrundung eines Elektro-Autos ist recht nett zur Unterhaltung geschrieben. Aber auf die eigentlichen Probleme wurde nicht hingewiesen. Dieses E-Auto hört man ab 3 m nicht mehr und es produziert null Abgase. In Athen, Istanbul, Rom, London und auch in deutschen Städten ersticken die Menschen fast vor Smog. Der Auto-Lärm Tag und Nacht macht das Leben dort unerträglich. Smog- und lärmfreie Städte der Zukunft werden ein ganz anders dimensioniertes Leben ermöglichen !  Der baldige Umstieg auf E-Autos würde auch eine gewaltige Energie-Einsparung bringen. Zwar können diese Autos ganz normal beschleunigen und max 130 km/Std. erreichen. Als energiesparende Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit hat Hjalte 80 km / h gewählt. Die Todes- und Unfallopfer im Verkehr durch Rasen würden drastisch reduziert.
In 2006 besuchten uns in Hammer die Japaner Hiroko und Kanichi Fujiwara auf der ersten Weltumrundung mit einem Elektro-Moped (5 Jahre). Die Dänen Hjalte und Nina Tin waren im April 2011 unsere Gäste auf ihrer Weltumrundung (1 Jahr). In 2013 soll die erste Weltumrundung non-stop per Flugzeuges mit nur Solar-Zellen erfolgen: Über Hammer in der Eifelů
Earlier motorcycle-travel-experiences:.... First time in an electric car. 1999 in an old Citroen 2CV crossing the Himalaya to Ladakh and touring all Pakistan, including the wild Shandur pass from Chitral to Gilgit (300 km in 1st gear). In 2003 again in 2CV from Denmark to Bagdad/Iraq, Turkey, Syria 2 weeks after the fall of Saddam Hussein.
22.04.2011 Hjalte and Nina visited us again. We gave an open fire-party for them. First open fire on the tour for them !
Acknowlegement from Bernd Tesch:
1. Nina and Hjalte are the most famous and wellknown family worldwide having done a lot of motorcycle tours with the kids on the bike. They wrote several books which were published in Danish and later in German. Unfortunately they did not manage that the books were published in English. All 17 editions of their books you find listed under
2. Bernd Tesch visited Nina and HJalte in 1991 visiting most famous motorycyle travellers like Palle Huld and Björn Jörgensen (see there books under and Chrestine Hermansen (born Kohls) and Ove Jensen (Danish): 1980-1981 Around-The-World bwith a BMW.
In this time Nina and Hjalte build their own houses which I called "Mongolian Palace". We visited each other several times each other. When they were here they called our house "our German home".
3. To drive an electric car with the technical standard today Around-The-World is not a luxurius tour.
Normaly they can drive ca. 200 km with one battery. If they have high voltage (380 V) and charge the battery two times a day they can drive 300 kms per day. Then they have to stop for a few hours to charge the battery. Depending if this is 110 voltage (in USA) or 220 V (Europe) or even 380 V in workshops it takes different hours. The more voltage you have the quicker the batteries are charged. You need different adapters (how many ??) to circle a world. Because all people in the countries and continents felt that Nina and Hjalte are doing a special thing they NEVER had to pay for charging the batteries on the whole trip !! This - of course - they did NOT know before. Of course the have the world.record: "Without paying for energy Around-The-Wolrd".
Because they had to save the energy of the batteries for driving they had no energy for "Air-Condition" to heat the car when it was -20°C or to cool down the car when it was plus 40°C outside.
So: to develope much better batteries wil be the challenge of the future !!
The end of Energy: A nice story happened when they reached us in Hammer - by feet... Driving on 22.04.2011 to Patricia and Bernd Tesch in Hammer the energy of the car-batteries came to a final end. 350 meters before reaching Patricia and Bernd the car stopped on the street "Am Hammerwerk". Just in front of a man Marco Gillessen who was working in his garden: "Can I help you ? You must be the Danish Around-The-World-Travellers who will be on the open-fire-party tonight!". Marco offered them kindly enough energy with a cabel !! This was the other world-record they made: "The only one situation on the whole trip RTW without energy".
13.02.2013 I found this articel: A "Kabinenroller" circled the world in an 80 days race with 30.000 kms 16 countries: .

In 80 Tagen um die Welt: Schweizer gewinnen Zero Emission Race
Foto: Zero Emission Race "Kabinenroller" mit 350 km Reichweite.

16.08.2010 - 28.02.2012 inrossed  Zero Emission Race
Tobias Wülser und Frank Loacker. Race: In 80 Tagen mit einem Elektrofahrzeug 30.000 Kilometern ohne CO2-Emissionen um die Welt: Das Schweizer Oerlikon Solar Racing-Team konnte mit dem E-Mobil Zerotracer das Zero Emission Race für sich entscheiden. Vier Elektromobile starten, drei kamen nach einem Rennen um den Globus an. Berliner Vectrix Team. Das südkoreanisches Elektroauto Power plaza EV schied unterwegs aus.
Route: CH (Genf) - Europa, Russland, Kasachstan, China, Kanada, USA, Mexiko und Marokko
Elektrofahrzeug. s, das seine Teilnehmer durch 16 Länder führte, auf dem Place des Nations ins Ziel. Noch nie zuvor ist es glungen, mit einem Elektrofahrzeug eine so große Distanz innerhalb von 80 Tagen zurückzulegen.
The Worst: Frost. Schnee. Regen. Hitze. Schotterpisten. Schlechte Straßen mit großen Schlaglöchern.
Das Kabinenmotorrad basiert auf einem Kevlar-Monocoque, wie es auch in der Formel 1 verwendet wird. Aufgrund seiner hohen aerodynamischen Effizienz (Cw-Wert 0,18) und dem leistungsstarken Elektroantrieb kann es der Zerotracer in puncto Beschleunigung mit nahezu jedem Sportwagen der Welt aufnehmen. Die Hochleistungsbatterie ermöglicht dem Elektrofahrzeug eine Reichweite von bis zu 350 Kilometern. Dank Schnellladetechnik ist die Batterie innerhalb von 30 Minuten zu 80 Prozent geladen. Für eine vollständige Ladung benötigt der Zerotracer unter zwei Stunden. Durch das Rennen konnte demonstriert werden, dass in der Entwicklung von Fahrzeugen, die durch erneuerbare Energien angetrieben werden, stetig Fortschritte gemacht werden.
13.02.2013 First info by Paul Blezard.
VIENNA-GENEVA 28 June - 7 July 2013 with 40 electric vehicles! See


2011. All Daimller-cars and people for the world-tour at the start in Germany.Stuttgart. Foto (C) Daimler-Benz.

2011. The "old version" of travelling by horse and the "new version" with an electric Daimler-car. Fotos (C) Daimler-Benz.

29.01.2011 - 01.06.2011
+ Around-The-World: F-CELL WORLD DRIVE. In 125 days three Mercedes cars with Wasserstoff (H)-power arrived back after 30.000 kms having been in 4 continents through 14 countries. This were the second cars with Electric-Power for the car. The first Electric-car circling the world completely was the one from the Danish RTW-traveller Hjlate Tin and Nina Tin-Rasmussen. See above.
The Mercedes-Benz B-Klasse F-Cell Fahrzeuge, one lorry with a huge tank of H and cars with service-people for the technique.
Route: Europe (Startschuss für den F-CELL World Drive: Im Rahmen des Festakts zum 125-jährigen Jahrestag der Erfindung des Automobils am 29. Januar in Stuttgart gaben Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel und ..
Germany (Stuttgart) - France (Paris) - Spain (Barcelona - Madrid) - Portugal (Lissabon). By air including the cars to North-America (Ab dem 25. Februar 2011 absolvierte der F-CELL World Drive seinen zweiten Streckenabschnitt: Drei B-Klasse F-CELL sind von von Fort Lauderdale an der nordamerikanischen Ostküste auf die erste nordamerikanische Etappe nach New Orleans gestartet) - Australia (59 Tage nach dem Start in Stuttgart hat der F-CELL World Drive den dritten Kontinent auf seiner Weltumrundung erreicht. Von Sydney aus starteten Brennstoffzellenfahrzeuge am 29. März auf die Reise nach Melbourne).- Asia ( China Von der Automobilmesse „Auto Shanghai“ in China startete der F-CELL World Drive am 22. April 2011 auf den letzten und längsten Abschnitt der Weltreise. Shanghai - Kasachstan - Russland.) - Europe (5.000 Km noch: Finnland- Schweden - Norwegen - Dänemark- Germany (Stuttgart).
"Nach der Erfindung des Automobils soll von dort auch dessen Neuerfindung ausgehen". Der Aufbau und die Inbetriebnahme der neuen Tankstellen starten bereits im Jahr 2012. Die gemeinsame Initiative von Daimler und Linde steht weiteren Industriepartnern, etwa aus der Mineralöl, Energie- oder Automobilindustrie, offen.
02.06.2011 First info by TV and out of
13.02.2013 0049- (0711-170). . Tel. mit Daimler. Unter anderem mit der Sprecherin Melanie Cecotti.
Schicken mir Buch über die Reise.
B.T.: Nina and Hjalte Tin just had ONE car. Mercedes had 19 + hydrogen-tankers, and still only one out of three cars made it.

P.S. Dieses Jahr fand die Challenge Bibendum erstmals in Deutschland statt. Gezeigt und vorgeführt wurden umweltgerechte Fahrzeuge wie dieses Solarmobil, das schon bei der Veranstaltung 2010 für Aufsehen sorgte.

Heidi Gleitz and Bernd Kleine in 2011 in Kallmerode, Deutschland (C). Foto und Karte aus der website.

Heidi Gleitz and Bernd Kleine 2012 in Bolivien (C).

25.04.2011 - 13.04.2013
Heidi Kleine (Geb. Gleitz, German, 20.11.1978. Heirat auf dem Motorrad 5 Tage vor der Abfahrt !) and Bernd Kleine (German, 31.07.1970)
+ Around-The-World. Germany - Asia - North-America - South America - Europe
. Heidi and Bernd rode the world 105.600 km with 2 KTM LC 4 Adventure.
They finally rode more than 2,5 times RTW from the distance.
Purpose of travel: Free ! Ride on our world again and …see our world again!!
Route: Europe (Germany – Poland – Litauen – Lettland – Estland – Russia) - Asia (Kasachstan – Usbekistan – Tadschikistan – Kirgistan – Kasachstan – Russia – Mongolia – Russia - Japan). They shipped the bike by container and flew by plane to Southamerica (Chile – Argentinia – Uruguay – Brasilia – Paraguay – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador – Columbia – Venezuela) – North America (Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – El Salvador – Guatemala – Belize – Mexiko - USA – Aircargo to Europe (Spain - Portugal - France - Germany).
The best: The people in Russia, in Siberia!
The Worst: Roads and Trafic in Ulan Bator and the Topes in Mexiko.
Useful tips for others: Just do it!
Earlier Mc-Experiences: Europe, Northafrica, 2 months Australia (1997/98), Asia Overland to Aus and NZ from. 2003 – 2005, 80.000 km.
Info: We can not compare our first world-tour with the second one. We liked Asia so much. We needed dopule of money in Euro although we live very basic. In asia we could speak much more in English which makes to travel much easier.
All information about shipping you fins here:
Bernd very proud: My KTM now has already 260.000 km. Hopefull she will make it to Belium 03rd.05th.05.2013....
In two years they did not meet another RTW-traveller with mc.
19.07.2011 Erste Info von Bernd Kleine über die Welttour, obwohl er schon 9 Mal auf dem TTTreffen war.
19.07.2011 1st request for update
25.07.2011 Last summary.
10.12.2012 ca. 82.000 km so far.
12.03.2013 Last update. ca. 98.000 km so far..
03.-05.05.2013 Bernd plans to come to the 55 TTTreffen for Motorcycle-Travellers.
16.04.2013 Last update just after the came home! THANK YOU !

Sherrie McCarthy und Patrick Schweizer in Mongolia. 08.2011. Oben li die Karte. Oben re: das "Reiseergebnis Emma in 2013".

(C) Sherrie McCarthy. Patrick Schweizer in Mongolia. 08. 2011. Helping guy on the wheel ??

(C) Sherrie McCarthy und Patrick Schweizer in Mongolia. 08.2011.

28.05.2011 - 30.06.2013
Sherrie McCarthy (Canadian travel writer, born 09.08.1979);
and Patrick Schweizer (German, born 30.11.1976) +
+ Around-The-World with motorcycles and van. Sherrie (Masters degree in history) & Patrick (Engineer) planned to circle the world. They rode from Germany to Newfoundland with some detours. They picked up a Thai street dog on their way named Mango. This is the second RTW-tour for Patrick !
In Europe, Russia and Mongolia we had two BMW F609GS. We sold them in Mongolia because the shipping was too expensive. We flew to South-East-Asia and bought there two Honda Wave 125ccm. After six monthe we sold them again. In Canada and USA we travelled with a van.
Route: Europe (Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Slovenia - Austria - Croatia - Serbia - Hungary - Romania - Ukraine - Russia) - Asia (Mongolia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos)  -  North America (USA - Canada: Newfoundland) - Europe
Purpose of your travel: Drink a beer in Newfoundland with Sherrie's friends and family.
The best:  so far…Drinking beer and eating mini lobster (raki) with the Russian immigration police.
The worst: so far..Sherrie driving her motorcycle off a mountain side in Mongolia.
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: Everyone says something different, go out and see and try it for yourself.
Acknowledegement by B.T.: That is untrue ! NOT EVERYONE ! Just ask the right people !!
Earlier experiences and books and publication:
Book: "Fernweh, mit dem Motorrad um die Welt": 17.05.2004 - 27.07.2005. See all details on his website !
196 Seiten im Taschenbuchformat mit 41 farbigen Abbildungen und 9 Karten. Patrick Schweizer, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt ISBN 3-8334-4059-7
Other travel ebooks:
Fernweh: A Trans Continental Motorcycle Adventure
Iceland Unleashed: A Stormy Motorcycle Adventure
Buying and Riding a Motorcycle in South East Asia
The Unleash Your Adventure Packlist: What To Take, What To Leave, & The Hows & Whys Of Motorcycle Trav
Iceland - A stormy Motorcycle Adventure:
Trip to the center of Europe (Ukraine):

Germany to Turkey, visiting the Throne of the Gods:
Cuba on a Scooter:
12.08.2011 Patrick wrote to me from Mongolei: A new RTW-trip with a woman (F 650).
15.08.2011 First summary
30.08.2011 Last update from Russia, Lake Baikal
16.02.2012 Next request for update.

Trip to the center of Europe (Ukraine):

Germany to Turkey, visiting the Throne of the Gods:
Cuba on a Scooter:
12.08.2011 Patrick wrote to me from Mongolei: A new RTW-trip with a woman (F 650).
15.08.2011 First summary
30.08.2011 Last update from Russia, Lake Baikal
16.02.2012 Next request for update.
21.02.2013 Daughter Emma was born. Seen by accident in facebook.
22.02.2013 Next request for update.
16.03.2013 Last summary

Foto: 2013 in Australia. Ayers Rock. In Original Bavarian cloth.

Foto: 2014. Old Dunstan Road. South Island. New Zealand

Foto: Small left above: 2012. Mount Bromo. Java. Indonesia. Big Foto: 2013. Blue Mountains. New South Wales. Australia.

11.06.2011 – 12.02.2014 still traveling (seit 12.12.2010 online)
Bettina Höbenreich, nickname “Bea” (German, 13.03.1983) and Helmut Koch, nickname „Helle“ (German, 26.09.1981)
- Plan Around-The-World. Bea and Helle plan to circle the world on two HONDA Transalp. They are a young couple from Upper Bavaria and riding around the world on two over 20 years old Honda Transalps. No, no BMW´s even if they live close to the BMW head quarter, they are just too expensive… :-)
Purpose of travel: Explore the world on two wheels. Make our own experiences. Form our own opinion about foreign countries and cultures.
June 2011 – September 2011: Europe (Germany – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Ukraine) – Asia (Russia – Kazakhstan – Mongolia – Siberia) ~ 16.000 km. Then shipping from Vladivostok/Russia to Bangkok/Thailand by sea freight.
September 2011 – April 2012: Asia (Thailand – Cambodia – Laos – Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Timor Leste) ~ 16.000 km.
Then shipping from Dili/Timor Leste to Darwin/Australia by sea freight.
April 2012 – December 2013: Australia ~ 30.000 km Then shipping from Brisbane/Australia to Auckland/New Zealand by sea freight.
December 2013 –April 2014: New Zealand ~ 9.000 km
Plan April 2014 - 2014: After New Zealand we are planning to ship our bikes to South America and continue our travel up along the Panamercana, crossing South and Central America before entering the US and Canada afterwards.
The best: Hm… the breathtaking landscape in Mongolia. The unbelievable friendly and helpful people in Mongolia and Russia, especially Siberia. The funny people in Indonesia who made us love every day even if we were riding through the Monsoon rain… :-)
The worst: “Roads” in Mongolia. Crazy world-weary drivers in Indonesia.
Useful/important information and TIPS for others: If you wanna do a motorcycle trip around the world or just to some unusual country, just do it and don´t listen to the people that tell you that you are crazy and that it´s not possible! And if you need more detailed information to some countries, have a look at the category “Country Info” ( on our web page! :-)
Earlier motorcycle experiences: Helle is riding motorcycles since he is 18 and has been around Europe. Bea just started one year before we went on our trip, so not much time for earlier motorcycle experiences for her! :-)
08.02.2014 Erste Info von einem facebook-Kunden an Patricia
08.02.2014 Erste info der Reise von B.T.
08.02.2014 First request for update by Bernd T
12.02.2014 First answer: ... Du bist eine wahre Institution unter den Motorradfernreisenden und es gibt wohl kaum einen Motorrad(fern)reisenden, der dich nicht kennt, von daher freuen wir uns natürlich sehr über deine persönliche Nachricht. Nachfolgend der Text: Fotos kommen via zu.
Leider waren wir vor unserer Weltreise nie auf Globetrotter-Treffen, doch wenn wir wieder zurück in Deutschland sind (so in ein, zwei Jahren J), dann kommen wir auf jeden Fall vorbei! Viele Grüße aus dem regnerischen Dunedin/Südinsel/Neuseeland ins winterliche(?) Deutschland:
12.02.2014 Second request for update. No fotos so far.
17.02.2014 Next update
17.02.2014 Next request for fotos.
28.02.2014 Last infos. Very good and quick conversation! Excellenr fotos!

Hartmut Heldt in Nambia. Fish River Canyon. 2011.

Hartmut Heldt in Myanmar. 2015.

13.07.2011 - 15.12.2011 and
25.10.2012 - 30.08.2013 and
22.05.2014 - 30.09.2015
Hartmut Heldt (German,*17.12.1952) (71 Foto-Alben!)
+ Nearly Around-The-World. Solo around the World in 3 steps with Honda Transalp 650V. 135.000 kms.
Purpose: What can I experience in early retirement yet?
Route: First step: Africa in 5 months 25.000 kms. I flew with the bike from Europe (Germany) to Africa (Kenya. I rode by bike to Tanzania - Malawi - Zambia -Botswana - Namibia - South Africa - Lesohto - Swaziland - Mozambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Kenya. I flew to Europe (Germany) with the motorbike.
Second step: America in 10 months 45.000 kms. I shipped the bike from Europe (Germany) to South America (Argentina). I flew to Argentina. I rode from Argentina to Uruguay - Brazil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia. By boat with the bike through the Caribbean to North America (Panama). By bike to Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - United States to Canada. From Canda (Toronto) the motorbike and I flew to Europe (France. I rode France - Belgium back to Germany).
Third step: Asia 65.000 kms. After another 9 months break I started my Asia tour. I rode from Europe (Germany - Austria - Hungary - Serbia - Bulgaria) - Asia (Turkey - Georgia - Armenia - Iran - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Russia - Mongolia to Russia. From the mainland, I rode to the island of Sakhalin. By another ferry to Japan. By ferry to South Korea. From there, I shipped my bike to Indonesia. During the transport time I flew to the Philippines and rode around for 2 weeks with a rented motorcycle. I flew to Singapore and Indonesia- I traveled from Bali to Sumatra (by bike ??). I shipped to Malaysia and went to Thailand - Cambodia - Laos - Thailand - Myanmar - India - Nepal - India - Pakistan - Iran - Azerbaijan - Georgia - Ukraine - to Europe (Moldova - Romania - Slovakia -Tschechien - back to Germany).
The best: In Africa: The ascent of the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania,
In America: A tour of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. In Asia: To ride on the Karakom Highway in Pakistan.
The worst: In Africa: The fraud by a workshop in South Africa. In America: The damage of my clutch by a workshop in Peru. In Asia (in Pakistan) I could not travel two weeks due to illness. The waiting times were unbearable to the police escort.
Important useful informations for others: In all countries I met large helpfulness. I was very happy because I had to repair the bike very little.
Book or publication (about your tour): I plan to write a book.
Earlier motorcyle-travel-expieriences:
1986 crossing into Canada from Quebec to Vancouver.
1996 crossing into the United States from San Francisco to Washington DC.
2007 Germany - Morocco with a large round trip.
2008 Germany - Turkey with a large round trip.

02.2016 First information by Hartmut Heldt
22.-24.04.2016 4te Mal auf dem TTTreffen in Malmedy
07.05.2016 Request for update
17.05.2016 Next request for update
18.05.2016 First update.

Route of Nick and Kanchan Saroa (C).

Equipment of Nick and Kanchan Saroa (C). - Ri: Kanchan (l) and Nick Saroa "on the road"

Kanchan and Nick Saroa 20?? in ?? (C).

Kanchan and Nick Saroa 20?? in ?? (C).

02.10.2011- 13.04.2014 (days 365 + 365 +182 ca. = 912,00 app days. Makes 165,00 km each day)
Kanchan Sarao (American. Born 05.1982) and Nick Sarao (India, born April 1976) or 
+ Around-The-World. In 2,5 years Kanchan and Nick rode RTW covering 73 countries over all 6 continents on one BMW R1200GS Adventure appr. 150.000 km..
Purpose: To experience  and understand different cultures and people around the world to enrich our lives. 
RouteNorth America (USA) by plane to Asia ( India> Nepal> Thailand> Laos> Cambodia> Vietnam> Malaysia> Singapore> Indonesia> East Timor) by plane to Australia (by mc North-ast- South Australia) by plane to Africa (>SouthAfrica> Lesotho> Swaziland> Namibia> Botswana> Zimbabwe> Mozambique> Malawi> Tanzania> Kenya> Uganda> Ethiopia) >back to Asia (India(Mumbai)> Pakistan) by plane to Europe>Turkey> Bulgaria> Greece> Albania> Kosovo> Macedonia> Romania> Hungary> Austria> Germany> Denmark> Sweden> Norway> Finland> Estonia> Latvia> Lithuania> Poland> Slovakia> Czech Republic> Slovenia> Croatia> Bosnia &Herzegovina> Italy> Switzerland> France> Luxembourg> Belgium> England> Wales> England > France > Andorra> Spain) > Africa (Morroco) > Europe (Portugal) by plane to South America (>Argentina> Chile> Bolivia> Peru> Ecuador> Colombia > by boat to North America (>Panama> Costa Rica> Nicaragua> Honduras> El Salvador> Guatemala> Belize> Mexico> USA).
Highlights: Reaching Everest base camp. Travelling through the himalayas (India, Pakistan and Nepal). Travelling through Africa to name a few.
The worst: None ( Maybe dealing with all the shipping stuff was not our favorite part)
Problems with the bike: Main engine seal failure. Rear diff seal failure twice. 
Book or publication: We are currently working on putting together a book on the journey (05.09.2014). 
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: Don't think too hard, don't plan too much and live in the moment.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Nick has ridden motorcycles all his life growing up in India. He has also been taking part in cross country rallies but we did not have any experience of touring together on a bike before.
26.08.2014 Bernd found Nick and Kanchan in facebook. And contated them.
26.08.2014 1st answer Hi Bernd, thanks a lot for contacting us. Your website is a great collection of information. My name is Nick Sarao. Me and my wife Kanchan Sarao travelled around the world covering 73 countries over all 6 continents on one BMW R1200GS Adventure and finished our tour in Texas, USA in april 2014. The name of our website is or You can copy paste our intro from our website to your website. If you need anything else, please let me know. Thanks Nick. Ride Overland With Kanchan & Nick
03.09.2014 Next request for update by facebook.
04.09.2014 Next request for the final lap.
05.09.2014 last quick and very kind updates.
B.T. To circle the world with two persons on one BMW R1200GS Adventure needs a compliment. Especially 150.000 kms. But the equipment on the beginning shown on the foto seems to be a Somebory really needs much less. To ride 150.000 kms by bike means 3,75 times RTW in 912 days. And appr. 164 km each day to ride. Possibly most of the tour has been on hard tamac road with the heavy load. But al least it takes time to ride 164 km EACH day in 2,5 years. If you ride such a speed you don´t see much. - The "normal range" would be 7 days x 250 km. Then 1 day stop. This is the calculation for much shorter trips in months.

??.??.2011 - + 3 years ?
Christian Maragaño Pisani (Chile) + + satellite tracker: + YouTube:
- Around-The-World. Christian plans to circle solo (?) the world.
Purpose of your travel: ??
Route: your rote please liek this example!!!
(Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Slovenia - Austria - Croatia - Serbia - Hungary - Romania - Ukraine - Russia) - Asia (Mongolia - currently planning China and South east Asia)  - New Zealand or South America North America (USA - Canada: Newfoundland) - Europe
Drink a beer in Newfoundland with Sherrie's friends and famil25.10.2012 B.T. an Macelo Leite: Dear Marcelo (Leite) "on route", from Bernd (Tesch) in Germany / EIFEL / Hammer
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: ??
Earlier experiences:??
Publication or book: ...??
10.01.2014 B.T. send an email to Christian to send an overview like example above for this website.
28.06.2014 Info: Within 3 years he met many travellers but only two other mc-long-distance-travellers like Martin Brucker (Germany) and Juan Castro (Spain). See fb..
28.06.2014 Facebook-report
The main page is at: There is a blog at: A A Let me know what kind of info you would need besides my last name Cheers, Cristian Maragaño Pisani Around The Globe -----------------
28.06.2014 asked again for an overview
02.09.2014 asked again for an overview with the two best fotos by email.
05.09.2014 Next short request by email.
07.09.2014 Next request


??.??.2012 (Start) - ??.??.201? (end of the tour)
Charly Sinewan (Carlos G.Portal) Born 21.07.199? in Madrid ? )
- Plan Around the world ?
Purpose of your travel: ??
Route: Europe (Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Slovenia - Austria - Croatia - Serbia - Hungary - Romania - Ukraine - Russia) - Asia (Mongolia - currently planning China and South east Asia)  - New Zealand or South America North America (USA - Canada: Newfoundland) - Europe
Drink a beer in Newfoundland with Sherrie's friends and famil25.10.2012 B.T. an Macelo Leite: Dear Marcelo (Leite) "on route", from Bernd (Tesch) in Germany / EIFEL / Hammer
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: ??
Earlier experiences:??
Publication or book: ...??
31.07.2012 First information by a "friend" in facebook.
31.07.2012 First request by email to him via facebook to send his email.
15.08.2012 Second request by facebook
25.10.2012 Thrid request by facebook.
01.02.2013 Fourth request via facebook because I do not own his Email.
09.02.2013 Sixth request by E-mail.
03.09.2014 Seventh and last request by email

??.??.201? (start) - ??.??.2012 (end of the tour)?
Marcelo Leite (born ??.??.19?? in ??. Brasilian, living in Cuba, Havanna) (dwq dreamworldquest)
- Nearly Around-The-World. 80.000 km through 50 countries in 5 continents within 589 days with a motorcycle type ???
Purpose of your travel:
Route: Europe (Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Slovenia - Austria - Croatia - Serbia - Hungary - Romania - Ukraine - Russia) - Asia (Mongolia - currently planning China and South east Asia)  - New Zealand or South America North America (USA - Canada: Newfoundland) - Europe
Drink a beer in Newfoundland with Sherrie's friends and famiy
l25.10.2012 B.T. an Macelo Leite: Dear Marcelo (Leite) "on route", from Bernd (Tesch) in Germany / EIFEL / Hammer
The best: ??
The worst: ??
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: ??
Earlier experiences:??
12.10.202 First request to Marcelo via facebook: Marcelo thank you for your infos via facebook. Well, you made a great tour. But NOT RTW so far. See the definitions on my website from all the famous mc-travellers having gone by mc RTW before. Anyhow you and the mc just miss an ocean...- I am the expert for RTW tours and offer the largest collecting for mc-tours RTW 1912-2012 as summaries. In you find the offer of ca. 1300 mc-TRAVEL-books 1910-2012. - I would ask you to offer me a short overview in a few sentences about your tour as the example here. And the very best foto for your blog. Therefore see
It would be great if you can offer me this by email - Hope you met wonderful people and had enough punctures of the tires... Bye Bernd with the request to answer in an case
04.12.2012 Updated route after 589 days on the road. 80.000 km 50 countries 5 Continents in facebook
04.12.2012 Second request to Marcelo via his website by email.

Dear Marcelo again in Havanna ??, > from Bernd Tesch in Germany 04.12.2012

again: I am the expert for motorcycle-travels worldwide and have summarised around 249 tours "Around-The-World 1912-2012" by motorcycle on my website . I would like to add your summary as well. So just please answer the ?? above. And send the very best foto of you and the bike "on the road" forr your blog.
This is the second request to you, Are you at home now ?
Have a good day. And please answer in any case.
Bye Bernd
Organisator of the 55th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen = Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers 1977-2012 in Malmedy / Begian 03.-05.05.2013
03.09.2014 Thrid request to answer the ?? Marcelo, please answer the ?? and send the two best fotos!


"Cathy" Catherine Carrier and Grégoire Carrier "on route" in ??

2012: Catherine Carrier and Grégoire Carrier

08.12.2012 - 25.11.2014
"Cathy" Catherine Carrier (French, born 11.09.1976) and Grégoire Carrier (French, born 11.03.1977)
- Plan Around-The-World. "Greg" (1997 Suzuki 650 DR) and "Cath" (1997 Suzuki 350 DR) plan to ride any small and beautiful roads or trails Around-The-World.
Purpose of your travel: Enjoying life from a different perspective / point of view, meeting people from different countries and seing new places, playing the violin in uncommon locations.
Route: Plan: Europe (France - (Le Havre) - by ship to South America (Buenos Aires -), Australia, South East Asia, Japan, Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia and Himalayas and, if still alive and happy, East Africa.
Route: Reality: Europe (France - (Le Havre) - ship to South America. We did about 55 000 km in South America in the Andes, trying to get to the most remote places, from Tierra del Fuego to Bogota. From Bogota we went to Asia (Japan (Tokyo) and rode to Russia (Sakkahline islands, then to Siberia) - Mongolia and Central Asia. From there, if we get the necessary visas, we will visit Iran and go back to Europe through Turkey. Probably 85 000 km altogether.
Highlights (until 09.2014): Honestly every country proved to be amazing. If we were to pick up just two or three, we have very nice memories of South Lipez in bolivia.... and we think we made a world record two up on a motorbike at 5800 m high when going up the Uturuncu volcano. Lots of fun times in Japan and Mongolia.
The worst: waiting for departure. Until 2014: dealing with families' angriness after a motorbike accident in Argentina.
Book or publication: We'll see if it's worth writing about it !
Useful information and TIPS for others: Give it a try. The most complicated part is to make up your decision to go.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Different trips in Lebanon and Syria 1999-2000. Iceland 2011.
08.2012 First information
13.08.2012 First summary.
25.10.2012 New Request for information, website and foto
03.12.2012 Last update.
27.01.2013 Postcard above.
03.09.2014 New request for update.
14.09.2014 New update from Kirgestan.
27.09.2014 From Kasachstan: "The alu-boxes have definitely saved my legs a few times already, and it is good because they are much easier to put back in shape than my legs".
02.01.2016 Next and last request.
B.T.: There are very few people from France riding "Around-The-World". This two French plan to ride a lot "off the main roads". Catherine has mounted two alu-boxes "Tesch-Travel-Tasche 6" on a Hepco-Becker-rack on a SUZUKI DR 350. The alu-boxes are fitted to the frame with the new "Tesch-Adapter-Schellen" to the rack.


Fotos 2013 in Africa by Marianne Horsch and Sander Wamelink. Big: South Africa. Left: Bordercrossing Guinea to Ivory Coast. Right up: Table moutain in South Africa, Capetonw.

03.03.2013 - xx.xx.xxxx (not finished yet)
Marianne Horsch (Dutch, birthday 29.03.1982) and Sander Wamelink (Dutch, birthday 15.05.1976)
- Plan Around-The-World. We left the Netherlands the first time on a 2 Honda Transalp XL600V motorcycles. After 9 months they broke down. So we went back to the Netherlands and bought 2 BMW R100GS motorcycles. On these bikes we will leave the Netherlands the second time on 30.03.2014.
Purpose of your travel: Want to see how the rest of the world looks like. Where do we want to settle? Off course also meeting other people and gaining lots of experiences. Most of all the trip must be fun!
Route: Europe (Netherlands) to Africa 33.000 kms. Europe (Netherlands – Belgium – France – Spain) - Africa (Morocco – Mauritania – Senegal – Gambia – Guinea – Ivory Coast – Ghana – Togo – Benin – Nigeria – Cameroon – Gabon – Congo Brazzaville – Congo Kinshasa – Zambia – Botswana – Namibia – South Africa).
Next trip from 30.03.201: Europe (Netherlands – … – Turkey – Georgia – Azerbeidzjan) – Asia (Kazakhstan – Russia – Mongolia – Russia – ????). After that? South East Asia, India, back to Europe and then to America (Alaska, Canada, USA, Central America and South America).
Highlights on the first part: Riding through sand! Wild life in Africa. Extremely friendly and helpfull people in South Africa. Meeting other travelers.
The worst: Passports, credit cards, mobile phones and so on are stolen in Namibia.
Book or publication: Interview in a Dutch Motorcycle-Magazin (the Promotor in March 2014) and our blog website.
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: Choose the motorbike you love and know not one that looks on paper as a good bike for the trip but you don't really like it.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Not really big motorcycle tours. Our first motorbike trip was to the Nordkapp and back in 3 weeks that was on a BMW 1150 GSA and Suzuki Bandit. The second trip was a 2 week trip to Romania and back to test the Honda Transalps and off we went!
18.03.2014 First inf by Dafne and Rob de Jong. ....who had to cut their world tour short due to mechanical problems, but are ready to go again.
BTW: We did not meet them, we do not know them.
19.03.2014 BT I could not get an info out of their website where they are. And how to contact them. So I wrote them by facebook-Nachrichten and asked them to answer.
19.03.2014 Quick and qualified overview with fotos!

20.04.2013 - ??
Tamara Artmann (German, born ??.??.1974) and Michael Artmann (German, born ??.??.1974)
- World-Tour? Around-The-World? Tamara and Michael are "on tour".
Purpose: World-Tour with a sidecar: Horst Ulrich KTM LC8 Gespann für Fernreisen mit KTM V-Zweizylinder. KTM LC8 950 Supermoto. If they will travel Around-The-World is not sure in 2014. They are travelling with three own dogs ("Fellnasen"). Tamara is an animal-medicine-doctor; specialised to Osteopathie (Heilung von Bewegung und Beweglichkeitsstörungen):.Michael ( Physiotherapeut) at least has been 10 times on the yearly motorcycle for world-travellers "Tesch-Travel-Treffen until 2010. Many years they told me that they will leave soon. Finally after the death of Michaels mother in 2012 they left their home in Germany.
Highlights: ??
The worst: ??
Book or publication: ??
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others:??
Earlier experiences: In 1974 common backpacker tour to Nepal.
2001 First visit of the "Tesch-Travel-Treffen"
2010 Last visit of the "Tesch-Travel-Treffen"
Michael told me many years that they wanted to start next year(s). I cannot remember any other mc-traveller who planned a RTW-Tour so many years.
2013  I heard via facebook that they started a tour. But I did not get (so many years requested) a summary of their plan like above:
2014.08.30 BT contacted Michael. And got a very friendly answer. But not the requested overview.
2011.09.02 Next request for the overview above vai email. And the two best fotos in high quality.

Start App. ??.07.2013 - ?
Anders Stridfeldt (Sweden, Borlänge. Lived last 10 years in GB) and Petra Stridfeldt (BMW, Swedish, lived last 10 years in GB. 3 sons).
- Plan Around-The-World. Photographer Petra (BMW F 800 GS) and engineer Anders Stridfeldt (BMW F 800 GS) ride Around-The-World in ?? through ??? countries.
30.11.2014:  Approx. 65,000 km (40,400 miles) and 24 countries since the start in Manchester, UK, 1,5 years back.
Two bikers. One World. Around the world on motorcycles with their head full of dreams.
14.06.2015: This is the route so far, 14 June 2015, 77,777 km (48,328 miles) and 30 countries since the start in Manchester, UK, 2 years back.
Purpose (of the tour): ??
Wow we crossed Myanmar/Burma overland from Thailnd to India.

Route: ???? Europe (GB- ?? )- Asia (Thailand - Myanmar (Arrival: 25.02.2014 with Marianne and Max from Belgium and Matteo (Italian) and Elody (French) in a 4×4 car and Ti, the guide. We were three motorbikes and one car plus the car with the guide. Many military checks. 80 kms bad off-road) - Myawaddy to Kyaiktiyo Padoga - Kyaiktiya Padoga to Taungoo (only 280 kilometers of good roads) - Taungoo to Mandalay ( 370 km, on fairly good roads. The guide asked us if we wanted to see the Myanmar ministry in Naypyidaw (the capital city of Myanmar. In Mandalay: Gold sheet manufacturing, Mandalay Palace, Mandalay hill and the world’s largest book ‘The pages stands upright, set in stone, in the grounds of the Kuthodaw pagoda It has 730 leaves and 1460 pages; each page is 107 centimetres (3.51 ft) wide, 153 centimetres (5.02 ft) tall and 13 centimetres (5.1 in) thick- - the world’s longest teak bridge U Pein Bridge situated over the Taung Tha Man Lake in Amarapura Township. I) - Mandalay to Bagan (The guide told us it was 300 km but they decided to take a shortcut which saved us 100 km but on bad roads. We were told that this road was not passable during the rain season, which I could understand) - Bagan to Monywa (Bagan: over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries were constructed in the Bagan plains alone, of which the remains of over 2200 temples and pagodas still survive to the present day.’ - Monywa to Kale (8 hours on bad roads) - Kale to the border of India.
The best (of the tour): ??
The worst: ??
Publication: ??
Earlier Motorcycle-Tour experiences: ??
Info: They say that they are possibly the first in 2014 to cross Myanmar bye motorcycle in a gruot from Thailand to India.
30.04.2015 First information about this tour by Josef Lackhove.
30.04.2015 First summary.start by Bernd Tesch
30.04.2015 First request to Petra and Lars by email.
25.01.2015 Second request by email

Johan Olij in 2012. Fotos Johan (C). Layout B.T.

01.09.2013 - ??.??.20??
Johan Olij  (Dutch, born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on 26.08.1959)
- Around-The-World. Johan plans to circle solo the world with a new YAMHA XT 600 Z named ,,Frankly".,  
Purpose of my tour: I have  worked 36 years. Many years as an international truck-driver. Sometines years 60 hours a week ,,, time for a long long tour :-)
Route: Europa (Netherlands) - the bike will be shipped to North America (Canada - by bike USA - Canada - Alaska - USA - Mexico) - by ship To South America (....) - by ship / plane to Australia enz
The worst : dont know.
18.02.2013 First info
20.02.2013 Second request for update.
20.02.2013 First short summary  
16.03.2013 Change of the plan: the reason is a little change in the plan in the end of september i stil go for 6 months to canada and
the states , but i will come back to holland in april , and then a friend from norway ( 57 years old )
will come to holland ( with a KTM 1190 adventure R ) and then we will travel to europe , afrika ( west down
to port elizabeth and up to Egypt ) middel east , pakistan , india , indonesia , australia , hop over to
south amerika , cuba , mexico , the states ,canada,alaska, hop over to russia enz :-). Iits better to go with two same bikes.

Guillaume Cardinal and his future-wife Laure Cardinal in 2012 in ??. (C). Get married 11.05.2013

01.07.2013 - 31.08.2014
Laure Cardinal (French, born ??.??.19??) and Guillaume Cardinal (French, born ??.?.19??)
- Plan Around-The-World. Guillaume Cardinal and his wife Laure Cardinal plan -after their marriage- in a honeymoon-time of 14 months to circle the world on one HONDA AFRICA TWIN RD07 (1995).
Purpose of your travel: Have a nice honeymoon, have a big trip together before having children, travel with the minimum stuff to get rid of bad habits of our consumer society, meet people.
Planned Route: Europe (France (Paris) - France - Italy - Slovenia - Croatia - Montenegro - Albania - Greece - Turkey (Istambul)- Asia (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal- by plane ??? to Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - Laos - Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia. If we have time we’ll fly to Australia. If not we’ll fly directly to South-America (Chile (Santiago) - as south as possible - then go north again to Iguazu - Bolivia - Peru). We’ll probably finally fly from Peru (Lima) to Europe (Portugal (Porto) - ride back to France (Paris).
Highlights: to be lived to be known!
The worst: ??
Book or publication: ??
Useful information and TIPS for others: ??
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Morocco in summer 2009, western sahara in winter 2009-2010, Norway in summer 2011.
04.02.2013 1st contact
04.02.2013 Two long Emails and 1st request for update.
07.02.2013 Next answer from Guillaume
07.02.2014 Next request for update.
11.02.2014 Next update.
03.09.2014 Next request for update.
18.12.2014 Next request for update

2013. Maximilian Kratz. Foto aus internet von seiner website.

28.08.2013 - plus estimated 400 days.
Maximilian Kratz (German, born 13.07.1991)
- Plan Around-The-World. Max plans to circle the world solo and to be possibly the youngest man having circled the world.
Purpose of your tour: I want to see life, find a profession and understand supply and demand.
Route: Europe 5.000 km (Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Slovenia - Croatia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey) - Asia 20.000 km (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - flying to Malaysia - Thailand - maybe heading into China) - North-America 20.000 km (USA) - Home.
The best: Sleeping in beautiful landscapes, meeting people and sharing food
The worst: Homesickness
Important useful information for others: Take your time and ease into the road.
Book or publication (about your tour):
Earlier motorcycle-travel-experiences: Short rides to Swiss, Austria, Italy, Netherlands and German Northsea, Enduromania and Romania tour.
2010 Max wrote me that he wants to circle the world after his Abitur in Germany 15.10.2011 -+ 2 years. And to be possibly the youngest man having ridden solo Around-The-World.
11.07.2011 30. September ist der Starttermin und das Ziel ist eine Weltumrundung in 2 Jahren über Indien, China und die USA. Die Route wird Schweiz/Österreich, Italien, Türkei, Iran, Pakistan, Indien, wieder Pakistan, China, USA, Europa und nach Hause sein. 
Dazu habe ich eine Frage, in deinem Archiv konnte ich leider nichts genaues finden: Am Mittwoch, den 13. Juli, werde ich 20 Jahre alt. Wenn ich es schaffe, die Welt in 2 Jahren einmal zu umrunden, bin ich dann der jüngste, bekannte Motorradweltumrunder? Ich weiß nur von Claudia Metz, die mit 20 Jahren losgefahren ist, jedoch meine ich die Welt auf ihrer langen Fahrt nicht in unter 2 Jahren umrundet.
12.07.2011 Maximilian geantwortet. Habe ihm meine Moto-Pack geschickt.
15.09.2011 Er versprach mir eine Übersicht plus Foto vor der Abfahrt. Erneute Anfrage.
16.09.2011 Erneute Bitte um Block
08.09.2013 Max schreibt, dass er seit 28.08.2013 unterwegs ist.
09.09.2013 Erneuter letzter Versuch einen Übesicht seines Plans zu bekommen.
13.09.2013 1st overview.
13.09.2013 Next request for three (not more) best fotos with the bile "on route".

01.09.2013 - no arrival date so far
Ivana Colakovska (Macedonia (Skopje), born 25.09.1986) and Manu Torres (Spain (Sevilla) born 23.04.1982)
- Plan Around-The-World. In september 2013 Ivana and Manu want to start as a first Spanish-Macedonian couple Around-The-World with one Yamaha XT 660Z.
Info: Gaia oder Ge (griechisch Γαῖα oder Γῆ, dorisch Γᾶ), deutsch auch Gäa, ist in der griechischen Mythologie die personifizierte Erde und eine der ersten Götter.
Purpose: Meeting different people and landscapes. Fighting against discrimination and mistrust, people usually have because of the unknown.
Route: macedonia - greece - turkey - iran - pakistan - india - nepal - thailand - laos - camboya - malasia - indonesia - australia - chile - argentina - bolivia - peru - ecuador - colombia - panama - costa rica - nicaragua - honduras - guatemala - mexico - usa - canada - alaska - spain
Highlights: To have lived to be known!
The worst: To be everything perfect
Book or publication: blog in  -  in the future documentary and book.
Useful information and TIPS for others: To be brave only for to take decision to start to make what they really feel. Later everything will go on.
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: We do not have much ideas about bikes. It is true that we already did some trips in India. Morocco, and from Spain (Sevilla) to Macedonia (Skopje). But the real passion that move us is this trip.
We started travelling some years ago. Basicly our routine is to work in summer time on a greek island, selling the handicrafts we made ourselves to tourists. We like to show the people we left behind in our western socities how it is possible to live another way of life. And we want to show that the situation is not that bad. Also to present how this world is full of nice people and landscapes. So two years ago we decided the perfect way to travel is to ride RTW by motorbike, because this way we can get closer to that reality.
06.05.2013 Request by the couple via facebook without complete names of both.
06.05.2013 First summary
06.05.2013 Second request for update. And the two best fotos of both with the bike.
B.T. As far as I know no Macedonian woman has circled the world by mc. And no couple from Macedonia and Spain.
06.05.2013 Firts request by the couple via facebook without complete names.
06.05.2013 First summary
06.05.2013 Second request for update. And send the two best fotos of both of you with the bike for this blog.
B.T. As far as I know no Macedonian woman has circled the world by mc. And
no couple from Macedonia and Spain.

Norbert Berentz in 2012. Norbert Behrentz with Jozef Fajta nach erfolgreicher Reparatur in Likavka (Slowakia) in 2012 with MZ.
Ri: 201? "moto-Workuta" gesehen in ?? von Norbert Berentz.

Norbert Berentz in 2010. Re: Norbert Berentz nach 4 Monaten Aufenthalt im Congo (ex-Zaire) nach viermal Malaria. Und jede Menge Zahnausfall wegen der Ernährung.

?? 01.11.2013 - (?)    im Prinzip nur noch auf Reisen
Norbert Berentz (German, birthday 02.05.1947)  no homepage facebook
- Norbert plans to circle somehow the world with a  Honda XL 600 V Transalp (PD 06).
Purpose of your travel: die Welt hinaus und auch zu mir selbst hinein... 
Ich kann mir das leisten, weil ich wirklich frei bin (freigesetzt worden bin): Frei von Arbeitspflichten (bin jetzt Rentner), frei von Familienpflichten, frei von (Geld-) Sorgen und anderen selbstgesetzten inneren Zwängen.
Selbst die Reise ist kein Zwang, kein Muß - ich muß niemandem und auch nicht mir selbst etwas beweisen (deshalb auch kein Buch). Ich mache das nur, weil mir Reisen bisher am meisten Freude bereitet hat; wenn ich etwas besseres finde in der Welt, so bin ich offen und flexibel, denn "Pläne" sind dazu da, geändert zu werden (unfreiwillig oder auch freiwillig), denke ich.
Geplante Route: Die grobe "Planung" ist: Zunächst Afrika und Nahost, dann Asien (insbes. Kaukasus, Zentralasien, China-Mongolei), Rossija (1 Jahr Baikal und 1/2 Jahr Kamtschatka), danach Amerika (von Alaska bis Kap Horn) und dann wieder zurück nach Eurasien; vielleicht auch noch Inselhopping Karibik (Kuba!), Indonesien, Australien und Ozeanien.
Danach reichts aber auch; ich bin dann 75 (wenn nicht verunfallt und halb-/ tot), kriege das Bein kaum noch über die Sitzbank und werde mich in Indien niederlassen (ggf. auch im Rollstuhl); mache dann aber hoffentlich noch Naherholungsausflüge mit einer Royal Enfield quer durch den indischen 'Subkontinent'.
Gereiste Route: Europa (D - ??) - Africa (Morocco with West-Sahara (Febr.-Maerz ) - Mauretania (April in hot season) - Mali (April-Mai in hot season. One week "Schutzhaft" in Gao because of MLNA-activities on the last 120 km to Niger) - Burkina-Faso (Mai-Juni) - Benin (Juni) - Nigeria (Juni) - Cameroun (Juli-August) - Congo-Brazzaville (Sept.-Okt.) -
Plans afetr 10.2014: Congo Kinshasa - Angola (November) - Namibia (Dezember) - South Africa (Januar) - und dann geht's im Osten wieder nach Norden, inkl. Madagaskar, Kilimandscharo, Djibuti, Jemen ...   InchAllah !! Danach soll kommen der Kaukasus, Zentralasien, China, M
Highlights: ?? wird es geben
The worst: ?? leider auch
Book or publication (about your tour): muß nicht sein.......
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: .... just go and see …und nimm dir genug Zeit mit auf die Reise …
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: 2002-2005: von Berlin durch Sibirien nach Kamtschatka, China (2x) bis Singapur, danach über Tibet, Nepal 1 Jahr Indien. Meine BMW R 80 GS müsste noch dort stehen, weil Weiterfahrt nach Pakistan wegen abgelaufenem Carnet de Passage nicht möglich war (sog. Carnet-Falle!).
03.-05.05.2013 3 times on TTT 1999-2013. First information by Norbert Berentz about his planned tour.
27.05.2013 Second request for Update
28.05.2013 Last Update
29.10.2014 Last Update by Norbert
04.03.2015 Email aus dem Congo. 4 Monate Aufenthalt wegen mehrerer fehlgeschlagener Reparaturen des HONDA-Motors. Jetzt kommt ein neue Motor rein. Mehrer Zähne verloren. Viermal Malaria seit Kamerun.
04.03.2015 B.T. Update und Antwort.
30.10.2015: Zansibar: ch gruesse dich aus Zanzibar; werde gleich meine Inselrundfahrt starten.Bisher hat mich noch keiner nach dem Carnet gefragt - und ich frage halt auch nicht nach dem Zoll; mein Visastempel im Pass ist voellig ausreichend. Nach Kilimandscharo, Serengeti Ende November geht's dann wohl weiter ueber Kenia, Aethiopien, Djibuti, Jemen, Oman nach Iran und Europa.Vielleicht bin ich am 22.4. dann in Malmedy - doch die Zeit draengt: Es warten die Wolga-Tour, Kasachstan und Zentralasien, China, Mongolia und der BaikBis dann mal wieder,al-See auf mich, denn ich muss dort noch vor Wintereinbruch eintreffen. Ueberwintert wird dann am Baikal !! Norbert Berentz  (Honda Transalp).

01.02.2016 Martin Steiner-Zülch hat 2009/2010 in Äthiopien/Adis Abeba gewohnt. Er gab Norbert jetzt diese Infos:
Als wir in Addis gewohnt haben, war ein Schweizer Weltumrunder mit Honda Africa Twin bei uns zu Gast, der dann weiter die Route Äthiopien-Sudan-Fähre (WadiHalfa-Assuan)-Ägypten gefahren ist. Vielleicht kontaktierst Du ihn mal, wie er das mit den Formalitäten damals geschafft hat. Wenn ich mich an seine Berichte erinnere, war es nicht einfach, aber irgendwie hat er es hinbekommen... Seine website mit Kontaktdaten ist
In Addis selber ist ein sehr guter Anlaufpunkt Wim's Holland House ganz in der Nähe des alten Bahnhofs. Dort trifft man am ehesten andere Biker zwecks Info-Austausch. Auch die Betreiber selber haben gute Tipps.
Und als ich da war, gab es den "ersten Motorradclub Äthiopiens" - gegründet von einer Truppe lustiger Moto-begeisterter Italiener. Bei denen könntest Du Dich auch mal melden, die könnten auch was wissen. Der Club heißt "Gelada Riders"; allerdings sehe ich gerade, dass deren website mittlerweile offline ist. Evtl. existiert der Club also nicht mehr. Aber einer von den Jungs organisiert auch kommerziell Motorradreisen - er heißt Flavio, hier ist seine Website: Der ist nett und hilfsbereit und hat evtl. auch Tipps.
Bernds Tipp mit den Cargo-Flugzeugen ist auch gut. Mit einem solchen kam damals unser Auto von Deutschland nach Äthiopien. Bei den horrenden Preisen auf dem Gebrauchtmarkt war es seinerzeit günstiger, ein Auto einzufliegen als vor Ort eins zu kaufen... Falls Du Dich für diese Variante entscheidest, wünsche ich Dir auf jeden Fall ein starkes Nervenkostüm für die Formalitäten... ;-)


2014. Steph met a "small" elefant in ??.

Steph Jeavons. Fotos from her website.

23.03.2014 - ?? ca. 30.06.2015 ( max 2 years )
Steph Jeavons (British, born 1976)
- Plan Solo Around-The-World with a red motorcycle. Steph is the owner of "Red Moto Adventures" . She grew up a 20-year old son in North Wales. She has been around bikes most of her life with both parents and one of her two sisters riding as well. Her grandmother even rode bikes during the war! I think you can safely say it's in the blood.
She plans to circumnavigate the globe visiting at least 42 countries and hitting at least 6 continents. Steph aims to do this in 15 months to 2 years avoiding all motorways and main roads and living mainly in her two man tent with only the things she can carry on her bike.
I am about to attempt to ride an overloaded top heavy 250cc motorbike around the world on my own. Not only that, I am going to try and sail it to Antarctica in 10 months time across rough seas on a small yacht! I don't even like being on the sea! In fact I get sea sick! Wont it be worth it though? What sights await me?
Purpose: To find happiness, fulfillment, and value in living. To seek out, experience and share all of the pleasures and joys that life on two wheels has to offer. - Catering for all level of riders, whether you are a road rider, off roader or a wannabe biker!!
his adventure isn't about speed. It's not really even about the bike. It's about living, learning and enjoying! Doing this trip solo on a bike just opens up all the senses and allows me to be part of my environment.
Info: Steph's current budget for the entire trip is tiny, allowing herself just £5 a day for food." I will have to be creative in all aspects of this journey to make the money stretch. I am relying on the kindness of strangers to give me the odd night in a comfy bed with a warm shower and a nice meal if I'm luck! This is where the wonders of social media play a part"
Route: My route will be all back roads and dirt tracks wherever possible. I fully intend on keeping away from the motorways and enjoying seeing the world at a civilised pace. So often we rush through life, busy planning our future and not enjoying the now. Here the journey takes over and the destination is really not important! Steph would love to become the first Brit to include all 7 continents on her solo circumnavigation. This has only ever been achieved by 4 other people in the world (that we know of).
Steph also hopes to raise awareness for a great charity called Rally4Life which was set up by good friends of hers from Canada in 2009.
Rally4Life is  a Registered Charity, created from the founders’ vision to combine the desire to participate in adventurous life-changing activities whilst bringing meaning to those exploits by giving back to those in need. See website for more
Great Britain (London) - ??- country by country please
Planned route : Europe (Wales/England- France- Belgium- Germany- Czech Republic- Poland - Slovakia- Hungary- Romania- Serbia- Bulgaria)- Asia (Turkey- Iran- Dubai- India- Nepal -Thailand- Laos- Thailand- Malaysia- Indonesia) - Australia- South America- Antarctica- South-America- North America- (Canada) - Africa (Morocco)- Europe (Spain- France- England). 
Not sure on countries in SA as yet. That depends of time and finances.
Route done: 04th.11.2014: I am currently in Indonesia.
25.03.2014 First info by Dafne de Jong
25.03.2014 BT. wrote to her via facebook:
26.03.2014 Laura wrote back and will catch up with me possibly today. She informed me about: ..
Laura Holland is a partner of RedMoto Adventures based in North Wales, GB.
09.2014 Steph did not answer my request.
04.11.2014 After some other hard tries Steph finally send the route with countries. And the route she has managed already. And some fotos.
29.02.2016 The email of Steph does not work anymore.
Mye be I can try to find her there.

Foto 2012: Li: Theo Kelz. Re: Franz Stelzl mit Plan der gemeinsamen Weltumrundung (C)..

2013.12.18 Foto: Theo Kelz (two hands on the alu-boxes TTT7 shorter) on his 60th birthday. And left behind him Franz Stelzl.
Karlheinz Troi brought the alu-boxes as his present with a postive and negative world. He produces this out of stainless steel with a laser. His idea an his product. - Foto Karlheinz Troi.

2014.04.02 Franz Stelzl "on the road Around-The-World. Foto: Karlheinz Troi?

2015-2016 Americas-route by Franz Stelzl and Theo Kelz "on the road Around-The-World". Ri. The Kelz with Tansanian student  Godfrey. With their help he will be operated in Austria (Innsbruck) concerning his too short leg.

30.03.2014 - 26.10.2014 - ?? America: 29.10.2015 - ??. And 2016 - ??
Franz Stelzl (Austrian, 26.02.1962) and Theo Kelz (Austrian, 18.12.1953)
- Around-The-World. Franz (BMR R 100 GS PD) and Theo (BMW R 100 GS PD) plan to circle the world in 7 months: 6 continents. 46 countries. 67.000 km.
Purpose: The reason is to make governments worldwide aware of the food crisis.
Helping Hands – Giving Life: 1 billion people go hungry worldwide. Every day 24.000 people die of hunger. Every 6 seconds a child dies of hunger. Kelz and Stelzl want people from around the world to sign the petition of the UN’s world nutrition organization, FAO, to reduce chronic hunger.The two activists are aware that 24,000 people die daily from hunger. They are trying to reduce that number by calling out to the world population to sign the FAO petition during their motor cycle trip Around-The-World.   Monetary donations are not the focus of their trip. Instead, Kelz and Stelzl want governments to make the hunger crisis a permanent and top priority within their budget plans.
First planned route
: Vertical around the World – 2014.
(Austria – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey) – Asia (Syria – Lebanon – Jordania – Israel) - Africa (Egypt – Sudan – Ethiopia – Kenya – Uganda – Ruanda – Tanzania – Malawi – Zambia – Botswana – Namibia – South Africa) – South America (Argentina – Chile – Peru – Ecuador – Columbia – Panama) – North America (Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – Guatemala – Mexico – United States of America – Canada – Alaska (USA)) – AustraliaAsia (Thailand – Laos – China – Mongolia – Russia) – Europe (Norway – Sweden – Denmark – Germany – Switzerland – Austria).
Route erste Planung:
Europe 7.000 kms (Austria – Israel / Russia - Austria???) – Africa 16.000 kms (Egypt – South Africa) - North America 22.000 kms (Argentina – Alaska ) - Australia 4.000 kms and Asia 18.000 kms (Thailand – Russia).
Or offer names like: Austria –Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey – Syria – Lebanon – Jordania – Israel – Egypt – Sudan – Ethiopia – Kenya – Uganda – Ruanda – Tanzania – Malawi – Zambia – Botswana – Namibia – South Africa – Argentina – Chile – Peru – Ecuador – Columbia – Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – Guatemala – Mexico – United States of America – Canada – Alaska (USA) – Australia – Thailand – Laos – China – Mongolia – Russia – Norway – Sweden – Denmark – Germany – Switzerland – Austria
06.11.2013 Route zweite Planung
Ja, und bei der Strecke ist zurzeit einiges offen, wie z. B. Ägypten, da werden Theo und ich bei unserem nächsten Treffen im Dezember 2013 sicher noch gute Lösungen finden.
Auch werden wir einige Streckenstücke mit der Bahn zurücklegen, wie z. B. die Rückfahrt durch Sibirien im Oktober mit der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn. Aber wie sagt Theo immer:„Die endgültige Strecke werden wir nach der Ankunft kennen“ ;-)
29.10.2015 Route der Planung Nord-Amerika: 29.10.2015 ab Chile > nordwärts bis California.
Planung: 39 Länder und 6 Kontinente 56.800 Km in 189 Tagen durchschnittlich 300 km pro Tag plus 22 Tage Flugtransporte ergibt gesamt 211 Reisetage
Österreich – Ungarn – Rumänien – Bulgarien – Türkei – Ägypten – Sudan – Äthiopien – Kenia – Uganda – Ruanda – Tansania – Malawi – Sambia – Botswana – Namibia – Südafrika – Argentinien – Chile – Peru – Ecuador – Kolumbien – Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – Guatemala – Mexiko – Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika – Kanada – Alaska (USA) – Australien – Thailand – Laos – China – Mongolei – Russland – Weißrussland – Polen – Tschechische Republik – Österreich
vom 1. September bis 14. September 2014 Sydney – Darvin 4.700 Kilometer in 14 Tagen durchschnitt 336 Km pro Tag.
Asien und Europa vom 22. September bis 26. Oktober 2014 Bangkok – Wien 13.900 Kilometer in 35 Tagen durchschnitt 397 Km pro Tag – Möglicherweise Verkürzung durch Verladen auf die Transsibirische Eisenbahn bei Schneefall in Russland – (Thailand – Laos – China – Mongolei – Russland – Weißrussland – Polen – Tschechische Republik – Österreich).   

Tatsächlich gefahrene Route:
30.03.2014 - 31.05.2014
Part: Europe, Asia and Africa

+ Cairo - Capetown. Franz Stelzl (BMR R 100 GS PD) and Theo Kelz (BMW R 100 GS PD) rode Transafrica from Europe (Austria (Wien) to Africa (South Africa (Capetown) 18.500 kilometer in 63 days. Average 294 km/day.
Route: Europe (Österreich – Ungarn – Rumänien – Bulgarien)- Asia (Türkei – Syrien – Libanon – Jordanien – Israel)- Africa (Ägypten – Sudan – Äthiopien – Kenia – Uganda – Ruanda – Tansania – Malawi – Sambia – Botswana – Namibia – Südafrika).

09.06.2015- 24.08.2015

Part: South- and North-America
+ Argentina - USA (Alaska). Franz Stelzl
rode solo South- and North-America with a BMW ?-type 19.700 Kilometer in 77 days. Tagen Average 256 km/day
Route: South-America
(Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Chile – Peru – Ecuador – Kolumbien)- North-America (Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – Guatemala – Mexiko – Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika – Kanada – Alaska/USA (Anchorage).
The activists Theo Kelz und Franz Stelzl know that worldwide 24.000 people per day die of hunger. They will attempt to reduce that number through their trip around the globe by motor cycle.
The worst:
There are one billion humans on this planet that suffer from hunger.  
Book or publication
(about your tour): Yes, in 2015
My useful information and TIPS for others: after 2014
Earlier experinences: Brotherhood and peace in the world! Theo Kelz has circled the globe with his motor cycle since 2006. He is mediator and conflict manager, and most of all a police man. In 1994, he lost both his lower arms in a work accident involving a bomb while on duty as an explosives expert. His dream of two new hands came true in March of 2000 when he received a double hand transplant in a spectacular operation at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Currently, this operation remains the most successful double hand transplant worldwide.
Franz Stelzl accomplished his first trip around the globe by motor cycle in 2003. His travel book and journal accompanied Theo Kelz on his world trip in 2006. Since then Kelz and Stelzl have become close friends. Franz Stelzl grew up in Styria and has lived in Vorarlberg for 32 years. He originally apprenticed to become a mechanic, and then worked his way up from sales manager to academic coach and organizational consultant. He also has a Master of Science degree. He is known to be a visionary. In his work. Stelzl always remembers that human beings are at the centre of learning and personal growth.

25.01.2013 First information by Franz.
30.01.2013 1st information for summary.
30.01.2013 B.T. phoned with Franz Stelzl: 250 km avarage on each day and 1 day free is the maximum on such a route. It is even too quick all over the distance and the long time of 7 months. Like this it becomes more a race than a travel. And too much dangerous. There is a need to have PLAN B to shorten the trip. And and plan C if they will travel each alone RTW.
B.T. The plan is to ride 400 km each day and to rest one day each week. Out of my long experience this is not normal and not possible. Even if it would be 250 km each day (normal and recommendable distance) it would be hard to succeed over such a long period as 7 months.
02.04.2014 Erste Infos aus Bulgarien. Karlheinz Troi reist mit bis zur Türkei / Ismir.
08.2014 B.T. The first part of the planned trip ended after Transafrica because Theo touched the earth after the wind blow too much when he overtook a lorry. - A general mistake was that they took two tires in reserve on the back of the bikes. Just because they were sponsored and they wanted to save money. Even in wrong positions mostly. Today you get.
15.05.2016 Asked for another Update,

2014: Asia. Mongolia. Ase Andersen and Nils Henjum.

2014. Repair in ??

24.04.2014 - ??.10.2014
Ase Andersen (Norwegian, born 1964) and Nils Idar Henjum (Norwegian, born 1966)
+ Around-The-World. Ase (2011 BMW F650G) and Nils (2008 BMW R1200GS Adventurype) rode Around-The-World through 3 continents and 27 different countries. 28.500 km in 174 days.
Purpose of your tour: ..?? 
RouteEurope (Germany (Leipzig) - Czech Rep - Slovakia - Hungary - Serbia - Kosovo - Macedonia - Greece) - Asia (Turkey - Georgia - Armenia - Iran - Turkmenistan - the silk road to Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan - Russia (Siberia) - a short cut into Mongolia - Russia (Vladivostok June 2014) - the bikes by ship in a container to North America (USA (Vancouver) - we flew to Vancouver and rode six weeks later through Canada (Montreal) - USA - by plane with the bikes to Europe (France (Paris) - Germany (Leipzig)). 
Info: Days: 174. Countries : 27. Capitals: 17. Bordercrossings: 40. Visas: 7. Accidents: 0. Antall velt: 0. Highest point: 2550 Transkaukasus Armenia. - We are living in Strandvik next to Bergen in Norway.

30.01.2016 B.T. wrote via website-contact to?:
Dear lady and man-rider from Norway? now in ??, from Bernd (Tesch) in paradise village Hammer/ forest EIFEL/ Germany/ United Europe
I just found an info about you in facebook with: And writing out of this page. I did NOT found so far a short overview with 15-20 sentences including a digti-route-map. And the date you left and arrived. Not your names and no email.
I would be grateful for those information to
I am the expert about motorcycle-tours in all continens 1885-2016. Including summarises about > 250 mc-tours Around-The-World 1912-2016. See > left moto-tours continents. In you find > 1600 mc-travel-books 1910-2016. - The 58th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen for mc-world-travellers 1977-2016 will happen in Malmedy/Belgium 22.-24.04.2016. Would you like to come? Bye Bernd Tesch 2016.01.30
02.02.2016 Nils answered first time.
If you click on blog  on my page you will find all stages. It is in Norwegian, but you can use google translate.
03.02.2016 B.T. asked for update.
17.02.2016 Another update by Nils with fotos
18.02.2016 Asked to answer the ?? and to send a ?? digimap of the whole route.


Thomas in 2013 "on the road" before his world-tour. Testing the Tesch-Travel-Taschen in winter.

Thomas in 2015.04.25 Thomas Kintzinger´s "good-bye" when he started from the " Tesch-Travel-Treffen" in Malmedy (Büllingen) /Belgium.

Thomas Kintzinger in 2015 in Iran. Repairing his motorcycle in the wilderness..

Thomas Kintzinger in Asia. Kasachstan.

2016. Thomas Kintzinger in Ecuador.

2016. Thomas Kintzinger in Peru.

2016. Thomas Kintzinger in Peru. Je höher ich kam, desto schmaler wurde der Weg.

2016. Thomas Kintzinger in Peru.

2016. Thomas Kintzinger in Chile with his sister.

Thomas Kintzinger during his visit at Bernd T. - German girlfriend Marie ?? travelled a part in N-Amerika with Thomas.
- Ri: German sister Melanie Kintzinger travelled a part in Asia and S-America with Thomas.

26.04.2015 - 21.09.2016
Thomas Kintzinger (German, birthday 03.09.1993)
+ Around-The-World.
Thomas is travelling around the World with a Yamaha XT 60043f. 1984 and a Suzuki DR650SE. 2005.
Thomas started togehther with German Dirk Meifort from the 57th. Mc-Meeting for world-travellers. While Thomas wnted to ride RTWorld Dirk wanted to ride from Germany to India.
Purpose: Fun. Meet other people and culture, to get out of here, to see the World bevore I begin to study.
Route: His plan was: Europe : 6.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Slowenia - Croatia - Bosnia - Montenegro - Albania - Greek - Turkey) - Asia 15.000 kms (Georgia - Aserbeidschan - (Shipping)- Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan- Kyrgistan - Kasachstan - Russia - Mongolia - Russia Wladiwostok) - North-America 6.000 kms (Ship the Bike from Wladivostok or from South Korea to Vancouver - New York) -  Europe 1.000 kms (Bike by ship to Hamburg/Germany).
Route: Reality: Europe 8.000 km (Germany - Switzerland - France - Luxemburg - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Poland - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungary - Austria - Slowenia - Italy - Croatia - Bosnia - Montenegro - Serbia - Kosovo - Albania - Mazedonia - Greece - Turkey)
From Slowenia to Iran I travelled together with Dirk Meifort (KTM 990 Adv).
Asia 25.000 km (Georgia (Kein Visum notwendig (Grenzabfertigung problemlos)- Armenia (Kein Visum notwendig. Grenzabfertigung aufwendig beim Zoll. kennen sie kein Carnet de Passage) - Iran (12.200 km) - Armenia - Georgia - Russia - Kasachstan - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan - Kirgistan - Kasachstan - Russia (Wladiwostok))
From Turkey (Trabzon) - my sister Melanie Kintzinger travelled with me (2up) for 3 months up to Russia (Irkutsk) -
On kilometer 20.000 I got a stucked piston (could not fix it but the engine was still running)
01.09.2015 Melanie flew back to Germany from Irkutsk
Georgia: Kickstart hits hole in the engine. Solution: Cold Steel.
Armenia: Kickstart inner parts broken. Solution: Build a new part inside, unsing old parts from a 150ccm Chinese bike.
Iran - Theran: Engine leaking cause. Solution. Helicoil.
Iran  - Maschhad: Turkmenistan refused Visa. Solution: First pick up a Visa for Afghanistan in Thera. Then who ??? decidet that the road is to dangerous.
Longer way around the Caspian See and back to Armenia
18.09.2015: Accident in Russia (Khabarovsk). Thomas: Broaken wrist. YAMAHA XT 600: broaken forks. From there I took a car to Vladivostok and flew to Asia (Singapur).
20.09.2015: I decided to sell the rest of the XT 600 in ???. Too many repairings and to high costs of the shipping to the U.S.A.
No problem with "Carnet de Passage or a note in passport that you imported a mc ??
South East-Asia: 2000 km (Singapur - Malaysia (Borneo)). My girlfriend Mari ?? flew to Singapur. From here we travelled together as far as?.
Renting a Honda Wave 100ccm scooter and round Sabah on Borneo
I flew by plane to Borneo. In Borneo I rented a scooter for two weeks from Kuta Kinabalu around Sabah (north Borneo). By plane Asia (Borneo, Kuala Lumpur). ???
North-America: In North-America I rode 15.000 km (USA (California) - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama).
I flew alone by plane to North-America (USA (San Francisco)). There I bought a new (or a used one ?) motorcycle Suzuki DR650 which I found on Horizonts Unlimited. I build a new rack for the SUZUKI R 650 to use the alu-boxes "Tesch Travel Taschen 6" again. I made the rack by using parts from the old rack from my YAMAHA XT 600.
Baja California:Ferry from La Paz to Topolobambo
Broaken Stator in Merida. Solution: Stator from XF 650 Freewind is working to. Found a used one.
After 6 months travelling, Marie had to fly back to Germany when ??.
Shipping the bike around the Darien Gap: Solution: Found a traveller with a car Mercedes 305D Westfalia. Put the Motorcycle inside and share the costs of the shipping from Panama (Colon) to Colombia (Cartagena) with 300 US D.
B.T.: VERY clever: What would be the normal costs???
South America: 25.000 km (Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Bolivia - Paraguay - Brazil)
My sister Melanie Kintzinger joins the journey again from Ecuador to Chile for 2 months.
Broaken Stator again in Equador. Solution: Rebuild the original Stator in a Workshop
Broaken Clutch in Chile. Solution: Order new one from the USA and travel during the waiting time with a 2mm steel Plate added to the clutch.
Santiago de Chile. Melanie flies back to Germany and Johannes ?? (a friend from Germany) joins the Journey for 3 months up to Brazil. ???. Back in Freibug 21.09.2016.
Highlights: I want to find out what I am able to do. Feel Freedom. Explore the World. Take pictures an videos. To share them with my familiy and friends. Do something realy special, before I begin to study and get the obligation to the working marked.
The worst that can happen: My motorcycle breaks down on the first kilometers.... An accident in the middle of nowhere. My gear (especially my video gear) gets stolen.
Book or publication: I will have an Online-Blog and a Facebook-Page. There I will share pictures and videos. May be I cut a little movie about my tour when I am back...
Useful / important informations and TIPS for others: 
Use the Community. Top Informations and free places to stay in the Internet on:
Facebook groups of your motorcycle (DR 650 very good information an helpful members)
Facebook group of Overland Sphere and PanAmerican Travellers Association
Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: I dont have a lot of experience on motorcycle tours. I often travel with the backpacker. I had visited Brazil (the east coast). Iceland (travel around with a small rented car). Ireland. My only bigger motorcycle tour was last summer. I rode my Yamaha to Korsika for 10 days.
04.11,2014 First information about his planned solo world-tour. Thomas offers to make a film for youtube from the Tesch-Travel-Taschen.
21.11.2014 First summary
21.11.2014 First request for update and fotos
25.11.2014 Last summary.
13.12.2014 First personal meeting here!
24.-26.04.2015 Thomas will start to his tour "Around-The-World" from the 57th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen in Malmedy in Belgium. "24th.-26th.2015".
20.11.2015 Last update via facebook
01.08.2016 Request for update.
01.08.2016 A very big and good update with 12 photos.
29.04.2016 Thomas Kintzinger will give a slideshow on the "59th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen" in Malmedy.
BT. It was an extra-ordinary good slides-show

02.05.2015 - 17 (??).07.2015
Rhys Lawrey (British, born 15.07.1991) . email My email :
+ Around-The-World. Rhys circled solo the world on a Triumph in 441 days (63 weeeks) 56,400 miles through 71 countries. 51 consequtive capital cities. 6 continents.
Purpose: Double World Record Ride attempt. On the 2nd May 2014 I, Rhys Lawrey left London to set out to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle' as well as setting a new World Record for 'The Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the World by Motorcycle’.
“Live Life Fully, NOW!” Don’t forget also to donate to The Prince Trust Charity. who I am supporting. - Rhys Lawrey
Route: ??
World Records

What are the world records I’m attempting and how do they work? I plan to be the “Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the World by Motorcycle”. To properly say circumnavigate the world on land for such a record, below are the bullet point rules of which I will follow and how my route has been design to make sure I properly circumnavigate the world and become the youngest person by the end of the journey. • Start and finish from the same location - London. • The journey should involve riding the motorcycle in six continents (Antarctica excluded) - Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America, South America & Africa  • Cross two antipodes points, (Unsure what antipodes mean, click here.) - Spain and New Zealand. • The rider should ride overland across the Equator at least once. Meaning you ride both north and south hemisphere. • The same motorcycle should be used for the entire journey. • The journey must be a minimum of 25,000 miles (40,000 kms), - representing the Earth’s circumference. • The age of the individual should be taken on the completion of the journey. So if all goes according to plan, I will finish aged 23 years, 11 months. However, that's only one record. The second is much bigger and harder. I plan to DEMOLISH the current Guinness World Record for the “Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle” and make it virtually impossible to beat. The rules by Guinness World Records for this one are really strict; • This record is for the most consecutive capital cities visited on a motorcycle without returning to the point of origin. • A consecutive visit means that you travel directly from one capital city to another with no rest stops in between except for refuelling and border crossings. • The participant can only take prolonged rest breaks once he/she arrives at a capital city. • There is no time limit for this record. • While there is no time limit, if the participant is inactive in one capital city for more than 14 days the record attempt will be deemed over. • A visit to a capital city is defined as visiting ONE of the following landmarks if found within the city centre: Town Hall, National Theatre, Seat of Government, Main transport hub (train station or bus station) or Main Square. • No capital city may be counted more than once on the journey. • Any one capital can only be "revisited" once while on the journey. Any additional visits and the attempt will be disqualified.
15.02.2015 First answer by Julia Sanders
18.07.2015 Next email by Julia Sanders

2016. Christian Vogel with soldiers at the irani-pakistani border.

2015. Christian Vogel in Mongolia.

19.05.2015 – 15.04.2016
Christian Vogel (German, born 15.05.1981)
+ Around-The-World. Christian rode appr. 50.000 km solo RTW on a BMW R 1200 GS Adv. through 22 countries in 333 days.
Purpose: Just to get another perspective.
Route: Flight from Europe (Frankfurt/Germany) to North America (Orlando/USA, Canada, Alaska - flight from Vancouver/Canada) to Asia (Seoul/South Korea - ferry­crossing from Donghae/South Korea to Vladivostok/Russia- by motorcycle to Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, India, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey) - Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany).
The best: I saw awesome places and met good people all over the world. And whre so happy to see my girlfriend again after the tour.
The worst: A near­kidnapping in Pakistan and an accident in India.
Important useful informations for others: Stop to think about it. Travel the world.
Book or publication: I have a blog on the website and a movie/documentary is planned (Publishing in 2017/2018).
Earlier motorcyle­travel­expieriences: Different trips in Europe from 1999 until 2015.
Info: On my tour Around-The-World I met this motorcycle travellers having ridden Around-The-World and some riding Around-The-World. They all will be in the film which I want to produce:

Routes of Duncan Gale. Maps out of his website.

??.??.2015 - ??.??.2015
Duncan Gale:
2015. A dutch-french man solo RTW: 25.000 km. 13 countries. 4 months.
18.03.2017 Asked for a summarise-form by email plus 3 fotos
28.-30.04.2017 Duncan Gale wants to participate the mc-Meeting for world-travellers in Malmedy / Belgium.

Marc Kari:
2015. An american guy who is riding around the world on a BMW G450x.

Beau Mangano:
2015. An Aussie who rode around the world on a Kawasaki KLR.

When I visited Mike Paull (Globeriders) in USA/Seattle I met unplanned this high experienced mototrcycl-traveller:
Helge Petersen: and
1982-1992. A norwegian man who rode solo two times Around-The-World in 10 years. 354.100 kms with BMW R 80 G/S called "Olga".
B.T. Helge ist the first mc-traveller having crossed South America (Ushuaia) - Colombia- Panama (including Darien Gap) - North America (Alaska). - The first at all crossing North-South Americas including Dareine Gap was American Ed Culberson.

When I prepared the transport of my motorcycle to South Korea with a BMW-dealer in USA / Vancouver I met by accident::
Grant Johnson:
B.T.: Canadian Susan and Grand Johnson say that they have circled the world for many years RTW. They never answered my question to proof this country by country. And I have never heard that they wrote a documentation about this.

05.2016 Bernd Tesch got information about this tour just before it ended via facebook. B.T. asked Christian for an overview.
08.06.2016 First summary.
10.06.2016 Last summary.
19.09.2016 New map included.


2016. Jens Becker in Russia on Island Olchion which is Lake Baikal.

01.05.2016 - 01.03.2017
Jens Becker (German * 05.03.1967) no website. But in facebook
Around-The-World "North". Jens rode 38.000 km in 10 months solo on a BMW F800GS
Purpose: Just wanted to do it.
In 1989 after I read "Jupiter´s Travels", I planned to start my trip around the World by bike when my children are grown up! This happened now..
Route: Europe (Germany (Hannover)- Poland- Lithuania- Latvia- Russia)- Asia (Russia- Mongolia- Russia). While shipping the bike in a container together with two other bikes by vessel from Russia (Vladivostok with with firm Links, Ltd. for € ??) I flew with Airline Astra International Vancouver for € ??. All together: € 2.400 (?) to North America (Canada (Vancouver) I visited in Asia Japan, South-Korea and Hawaii without the bike. North America by bike (Canada- USA- Mexico- USA). From USA (Miami) I shipped the bike again in a container with some other cars by shipping line "Trans Scorp International Paris" for € 1.100 to Europe (France (Le Havre). I flew with ?? Airlines from ?? to ?? for US $ ??. While shipping the bike to Europe I visited in America the island Cuba and in Europe the Canary Islands without the bike. - In Europe by bike (France- England- Belgium- Netherland- Germany).
The best: Seeing that (most of) the people all over the world are friendly. They want to life a live in peace, take care of their families and are very helpful (more than we do in Germany…).
The worst: Waiting for the bike while shipping by vessel…
Important useful informations for others: Don´t be afraid to do it. Just go. But don´t drive in the night because black cows and some bad people on the road…
Book or publication: No. Facebook became my „diary“ during the trip.
Earlier motorcyle-travel-experiences: Many countries in Europe: Austria. Bulgaria. Denmark. England. Estonia. Finland. France (Provence). Germany. Italy (Dolomites. Sicilly- Sardinia). Latvia. Lithuania. Norway (the South). Portugal. Swiss. Spain. Sweden. Romania. .- Africa (Tunisia).
15th.03.2009 1st summary: The earlier route was planned in 1,5 years including South America and Africa.
15th.03.2009 1st summary send to Ted Simon
22.04.2016 Jens visited for one day the 58th. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers in Malmedy.
01.05.2016 Last short summary: Heute wurde nochmal mit viel Vodka Abschied gefeiert und morgen geht's dann los. Wir sehen uns 2017 wieder zum TTT. J. Und Danke für die Wünsche vom erfahrenen Wladiwostok-Fahrer! Bald kann ich das hoffentlich auch sagen...
02.03.2017: First update.
02.03.2017: Next request for update with more useful infos like prices and names of all shippinglines and airlines. 3 BEST fotos in high quality. Digi-map of the route.
04.03.2017 Last update
02.03.2017 BT: It is a rarity that a person plans a tour since so many years and really did the tour. Most just dream!
25.03.2017 Last update


Lea Rieck
Lisztstraße 23, 81677 Munich
+49 (0) 176 32749084

Lea Rieck

Guten Tag Lea (Rieck) "Around-The-World", > von Bernd (Tesch). *1941)

03.08.2017 1st information by Kirsten Grave
03.08.2017 BT first request for information.

Cassie de Petrol

+ Around-The-World-Travel (appr. 280 flights. No motorcycle). Cassie de Petrol (The intrepid traveller from Washington, Connecticut, USA) claimed that she is the first women who vsited all 196 countries in about 18 months. Travelling somehow.
Info: Acting as a Peace Ambassador for International Institute of Peace Through Tourism and Skal International, part of Ms De Pecol's work is meeting with university tourism students to discuss responsible tourism and economics.
" Talk about wanderlust! Woman hopes to become fastest female to travel to all 196 countries".
She said: "On average, I spend two to five days in each country.
BT: That is NOT the way of travelling I can recommend! She spoils the world by making so many flights with kerosine. And does not see anything in the each country in average 2-5-days.l
11.02.2017 First info by son

(C) Mike Schramm. Route. Above: Visit in ???

??.??.2012 ?- 06.03.2016
Mike Schram (Australian. Born ?? ca. 1996) +
- Around the World. Mike has covered 53 countries and 120.000 km in 3,5 years with three YAMAHA XT 660. He rode together with his parents. Mike wnts to make travelling to his profession and to offer the best equipment.
Purpose: One Aussie, one dream: to travel the world! I have been travelling the world on my motorbike since I was 16 and I'm officially the youngest person in the world to have done so. On March 6th, 2016, I've set a world record as the youngest person to have circumnavigated the world on a motorcycle. I haven't raced around the world but travelled slowly, to experience and understand the countries I travel through. I found myself in, for me, new cultures. Cultures that I wanted to learn about and respect. I am, after all, a guest and hoped to have been a welcome one.
Route: ?
The best: ?
The worst: ?
2016 First information by Ralph Plachetka.
04.03.2017 First request for update


2015. Manuel Praetorius. Island.

2015. Manuel Praetorius. Planned Route.

17.04.2017 - 30.11.2018
Manuel Praetorius (German, * July 1988)
- Plan Around-The-World. Mauel plans a trip around the world for about 20 months with a new YAMAHA XT 660Z.
Purpose of your travel: experience the world, go on an adventure.
Route: As it is roughly planned today: Europe (Germany- Poland- Lithuania- Latvia- Estonia- Russia)- Asia (Russia- Mongolia- Russia- (Ship bike to Indonesia)- visits without the bike China- Laos- Vietnam- Cambodia- Thailand- Indonesia (Pick up my bike)- Timor Leste)- by ship to Australia- by ship to America South (Chile- Argentinia- Uruguay- Brazil- Paraguay- Bolivia- Peru- Brazil- Venezuela- Colombia)- by ship to America North (Panama- Costa Rica- Nicaragua- Honduras- Guatemala- Belize- Mexico- USA- Canada- USA- Canada- USA).
Highlights: I have not started yet, so we will see
The worst: I have not started my trip, but the previous paperwork is annoying.
Book or publication:
My useful information and TIPS for others: Every trip and every traveller is different. Do not try to imitate others and find your own path.
My earlier experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: In the last years I did some motorcycle tours through Europe (North Cape, Portugal, GB, Istanbul, Mediterranean Sea, Iceland)
B.T.: Dieses ist eine moderne Reise in einem Luxustil mit einem neuen Motorrad, jede Menge Gepäck-Behälter inklusive Lap-Top, Kindle, externe Festplatte, Kopflampe, Taschenlampe, Akkupack und Telefon. Die Route alleine mit dem Motorrad ist geschätzt > 50.000 km. Dazu kommt noch zeitlich die Reise in Asien ohne Motorrad. Machbar, aber auch hier gilt: Weniger km wäre Mehr.
2015: Besuch des 57.Tesch-Travel-Treffens.
11.04.2017 First info summary.
17.04.2017 First request for update.



03.07.2015- ??.09.2017
Werner Frey (*1958. Swiss).
- Plan Around-The-World. Werner circled already
Route: Europe- Transafrika- Australia- North- and South-America- plan Transasia from Vladivostok back to Europe - Sweden- Stockholm. Switzerland. Harley Davidson.


15.08.2017 Werner wrote to BT via facebook from South Korea.
15.08.2017 BT wrote back and asked for his email-address.
14.12.2017 BT wrote to Werner another time by email


Josef Staus
- Plan Around-The-World.
02.12.2014 First information
06.12.2014 1st request for update.
24.04.2015 Participant of the 57th. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers TTT.

Bruno Hoedl (German)
- Plan Around-The-World.
02.12.2014 First information
06.12.2014 1st request for update.
24.04.2015 Participant of the 57th. Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers TTT.

Special thoughts of Bernd Tesch:

During YOU Motorcycle-Traveller live:

The highest law of our universe is that it moves continually because of the opposite potentials of plus (+) and minus (-) powers. This means for our beloved world that even what you see on earth changes all the time. Even big mountains change by erosion through heat and cold, rain and ice and sand. Imagine what frozen ice can destroy! So you can never travel to the same place like it was before. Even if you do not notice the change it has changed. So it is not only worth to travel to new places but see old places again !

After YOU Motorcycle-Traveller die:
01.08.2000 After I updated this homepage several times with some hundred hours of work Patricia and I took some hours off. We wanted to relax in the nearby forest EIFEL conquering a water canal maximum 3 meters wide in the end coming out of the ground about ca. 9 kms somewhere up the hills. We both liked the nature very much with all the greens, sunshine and shade. During this walk we loved to discover a group of some hundred years old beech-trees (Buchen).
Then Patricia said: "In my next life I would like to be a beech-tree". This caused some thoughts in me: After we die 90 % water of our body will first go in the ground. It could be that a part of this water will help to create another plant or even a tree. So you mc-traveller could be a part of a beech-tree. Some of this water will evaporate in the air. Then the wind will blow your water somewhere and it will come down on earth or in the sea again. If the water comes down on earth a plant could grow with your water. A Motorcycle-Traveller could eat this plant. Then you are a part of a mc-traveller again. Or your rain could fall in a small river and another mc-traveller drinks clear water out of this river. Then you are a part of a mc-traveller again.

The very rest of your 10 % material could be eaten by bacteries. Bigger animals could eat these. Possibly this animal could be eaten by another animal and this by a mc-traveller. Then you are a part of a mc-traveller again. Possibly this mc-traveller will read this homepage. Then your soul is connected with your material again. This are some possible ways that YOU Mc-Traveller never die and will live for long times as a Motorcycle-TRAVELLER.

5 billion (Milliarden) years later ALL Motorcycle-Travellers will die:
Sun will kill all Motorcycle-Travellers. The sun will have extended so much in size because the indifference between gravity and escaping energy that she reaches the earth. All the heat will destroy all life on earth including ALL MOTORCYCE-TRAVELLERS. That´s it !
I hope you liked reeding this. I am just waiting for YOUR email helping me to update A LIFELONG job with passion.

Compliments: I even did not thing to publish this. But some nice compliments came in ! Why should I not offer them to you ?

23.08.2000 Around-The-World. "on the road"  Ricardo Rocco (Equadorian) from Manaos, Amazonas: "The new design of your site is super nice. Congratulations, I know it is a lot of work. Thank you very much for your great support and again, congratulations on your great work, not only on the site, but on everything you do for our sport - passion".

26.08.2000 Around-The-World. Ted Simon: "Thank you for the information. Many more did it than I had realised".
01.03.2002: You are the great catalyst from Aachen.

23.09.2000 Plans solo Around-The-World. Mariola Cichon,  (Polish - American)
Your homepage is absolutely wonderful. How do you find time to work on it?

28.10.2000 Around-The-World. Thomas Smith: Author of  IN THE LONG RUN: A Hopeful World Odyssey Keep up the great work on your website!

01.11.2000 Around-The-World ? Harry Cosman: (American). "Realy cool web page".

18.01.2001 Around-The-World. Clement Salvadori. (American). "Excellent website ! My congratulations".

15.02.2001 Around-The-World. Bruno Blum (Swiss): Gratuliere, eine wirklich tolle Website und nichts zu beanstanden, was da über mich drinnen steht. Bezüglich meiner Reise....

14.03.2001 Johann Sommerauer (Austria): Ich ordne Ihnen den Rang eines "Generalfeldmarschalls der Kraftradreisearmee" zu.

29.03.2001 Plan Around-The-World. Newbound, Monika and Simon (English) and http://www.gsclubuk.comI have had a good look at your web site and it is very impressive.

20.04.2001 Plan Around-The-World. Tiffany has covered already a two jours mc-tour with another woman passanger. Tiffany Coates (English): I find your website very interesting.

08.04.2001 Plan Around-The-World. Really impressive, what you collected as informations - especially the site of the Round-The-World-Travellers.

07.2001 Around-The-World. Jim Rogers (American), who has circeld the world by bike and is now on a second RTW tour by a unique Mercedes: "Delight: I do think your page is a very, very good step in the right direction".

28.11.2001 Around-The-World twice. Schrijvers, Christel and Theo Gielen (both Belgian)
We admire your work.

01.03.2002 Around-The-World. Lililana and Emil Schmid and and Tesch-summary. Both have travelled 1984 - 2002 (still on the road) 552'559 km (343'349 miles) in one Toyota."We really appreciate your very informative life-work, which we are following with interest. You can be proud of the fact that you are THE point, where all the world travelers’ connections meet".atrick plan trick plan.

Kees Portanje and ?? in 1958.Kees Portanje in 2010 ?.

12.12.2002 Scooter-Expert Kees Portanje 05.06.1935-22.??.03.2011:    I am making progress in my list of Scootertravel. I now have taken a closer look at your site and I am fascinated by it, what a work! Do you have the PC next to your bed? Do you travel to take a rest from your PC? Anyhow I went to all your mc reports and selected 40 scootertravels.

17.12.2002 Around-The-World. Emilio Scotto.   I want to congratulate you for your web page and for including my story. I feel honored that you took the time. B.T.: Emilio has the world-record in long-distances with 735.000 km ca.
24.03.2012 ..we will feel the same if next year 2013 you put down your webpage. There's no body in the world that can replace you or your amazing work. I know that we never met, but I always admire your dedication, and your wife help. But, if happen that you stop, you must know that for us you will be forever on the road. Big hug, Emilio

22.08.2003 Missed a ride Around-The-World. Britisch Raph Goldberg. Firstly, what an amazing site! Well done for all the work it must have taken to produce and run, I think it's brilliant! He sells a video of the tour RTW of the group Terra Circa:

10.11.2011 Around-The-World. "Chris" and Alain Arnaud:
I have seen the listing about the trips around the world on motorbike. Fantastic!

Leonie Sinnige and Peter Scheltens +
3-year ride Around-The-World.
09.2017 First contact by facebook. Leonie send her email for "famous mc-meeting"
08.09.2017: 1st request. Asked for a short overview like example-Form "Mueller" and 3 best fotos. And offered Leonie to put her best foto with the two riders sitting toghter looking into the moutainpeople.

Summaries in progress. I need more information. Do YOU know any more details of this persons :

I do NOT know any more details of World-Travellers below. Sometimes even NOT the years.
Who knows more: Addresses, relations, publications?

Dear Motorcycle-Traveller worldwide, > from Bernd (Tesch) in Germany

in my website you find the largest collesince 43 years I try to collect infos ab0e

2014 + ??
Gerd Janke
- Plan RTW 3-5 Jahre.
11.03.2013 So nebenbei teilte mir Gerd wieder mit, dass er z.Zt. in Afrika ist, aber zum 55. TTT 03.-05.05.2012 kommen wird. Habe ihn erstmalig um seinen Übersichtsblock gebeten.
19.03.2014 Next request for update

?.??.2008 - + 6 months ??.??20??
Geoff Thomas (American ?, ??.04.1962) facebook
Route: Europe - GB (London)

2003 ca.
Raphael Karran (Brasilian)
- Around-The-World ?.
Raphael, who is reporting for a Brazilian motorcycle magazine called "Motociclismo Magazine", has already traveled 90,000 km through South and North America, Europe, Asia and part of Australia. He will return to Perth in December to continue his mission to Sydney, then finally to Africa.
11.2003 1st information by Dagmar and Udo Fischer. They heard that there was an article about him in Australia / Broome.
09.12.2003 Dagmar told me that there is an article about him in a New Zealand Magazine. You can see this in internet. Promised me more infos:
09.12.2003 1st request to the editor and Selwyn Manning deputy editor
09.12.2003 Who knows more about him and his email-address?
21.02.2008 2nd request to the editor

2012 From Internet: Brazilian student on round-the-world mission
10 November 2003 Media release
Brazilian round-the-world motorcyclist Raphael Karran is taking time out in New Zealand to improve his English language skills for two months in Hamilton.
At an education fair in Brazil, Raphael heard about the courses run by the Language Institute at Waikato University and applied for a scholarship to coincide with his time in Australasia. The Institute granted him one and is planning to use Raphael’s story to help with promotion in Brazil.
Raphael, who is reporting for a Brazilian motorcycle magazine called Motociclismo Magazine, has already traveled 90,000 km through South and North America, Europe, Asia and part of Australia. He will return to Perth in December to continue his mission to Sydney, then finally to Africa.
He hasn’t been able to bring his bike with him to New Zealand because his visit here is only eight weeks and he would have had to disassemble his bike, have it quarantined, obtain registration and warrant certificates etc. This would have left him very little time to utilise it. His main purpose for visiting New Zealand is to improve his English and experience a bit of Kiwi culture.
Raphael dreamed of making the round-the-world trip since he was very young, and finally decided to do the trip while sitting in a traffic jam in Sao Paulo.
25.10.2012 Asked Emilio Scotto if he knows how to contact him.

Claudio Angelini (Swiss, born ??.??.1975)
+ Nearly Around-The-World. Honda Africa Twin
Route: Australia, SE Asia, Africa, Europe
09.07.2009 Claudio met Adam Shani in Nairobi, Kenya.
28.12.2010 1st request to Claudio by Bernd Tesch for update !

Joel Burdall & Hannah (British, born ??.??.1987) email: NA ???
Africa: "Cape to Cairo" UK > Turkey > Jordan > Sudan > S. Africa. Honda CG 125, two up!
09.07.2009 Joel met Adam Shani in Nairobi, Kenya.
28.12.2010 1st request to Claudio by Bernd Tesch for update !

George & Morgan Gale (British, born ??,??,1975 )
Two brothers from Sark, Chanel islands.
- Plan Around-The-World in stages. Honda Africa Twin and KTM 640 Adv.
Route: UK > Australia > Falkland Islands
10.06.2009 Both met Adam Shani in Chiang mai, Thailand
28.12.2010 1st request by Bernd Tesch for update with greetings from Adam Shani from Israel !

Satomi Furuyama ( Japan, born in ??.??.1978 in )
+ 5 Times around Australia, and trips in Asia, and North Africa.
Satomi is part of the WTN-J (a website of Japanese MC-travelers). With a Yamaha XT 225.
10.05.2009 Met Adam Shani in Japan
28.12.2010 1st request by Bernd Tesch for update with greetings from Adam Shani from Israel !

Kazunuri Fujimoto (Japan, born in ??.??.1987 in ?)
+ Trans Asia. Japan> Sakhalin>Siberia>Moscow>Baltic stats>Poland>Germany>Turkey> Shipped to Japan. On a Honda magna V twin, 250
10.05.2009 Met Adam Shani in Japan
28.12.2010 1st request by Bernd Tesch for update with greetings from Adam Shani from Israel !

Guido (Swiss, born ??.??.19?? ) email: NA
"Around-The-World" 2005-2010.
2005 Met Adam Shani in Africa in Livingstone Zambia and in CH again in 10.11.2012. On KTM 640, and the Kawasaki KLR 650
28.12.2010 1st request by Bernd Tesch for update with greetings from Adam Shani from Israel !
We met on my Trans Africa trip in 2005, and then again in CH last month.

Monica & Simon Rosentool (Australian, born 1955)
Route: Asia (Japan>Siberia Russia>Mongolia>Russia>Central Asia>Moscow, Russia> Baltic stats> Europe> Now in Spain, and don't know where to go.. BMW F650GS & Honda TransAlp 750
10.08.2005 Met Adam Shani in Ulan Bator in Mongolia. Africa in Livingstone Zambia and in CH again in 10.11.2012. On KTM 640, and the Kawasaki KLR 650
28.12.2010 1st request by Bernd Tesch for update with greetings from Adam Shani from Israel !

Vojtech Hlasny ( Checze, born ??.??:1990)
+ Very interesting young men. Traveld around South America, Africa, and Asia. Written a few books about it too. Great guy. ON a CZ 125:
10.09.2009 Met Adam Shani in Baku Azerbijan. tone Zambia and in CH again in 10.11.2012. On KTM 640, and the Kawasaki KLR 650
28.12.2010 1st request by Bernd Tesch for update with greetings from Adam Shani from Israel !

Cornelia (German, born 1974) and Michael Gutsch (German, born 1974)
+ Around-The-World. Cornelia and Michael Rode 47.000 km with two motorcycles in 1 year (185 days by motorcycle). Plus 1663 kms with a rented car. AND 1862 KM WITH A TRUCK IN THE OUTBACK.
Route: Germany - Hongkong - Austalia - New Zealand. South-America. Nort-America - Germany
Buch: Die Welt ist bunt. Eine Motorradreise durch neun Länder. Verlag Kastanienhof. Germany. 2011. ISBN 978-3941-760066
Ca. 15.09.2011 Die Autoren gebeten um signiertes Exemplar.
ca. 18.09.2011 Buch vom Verlag erhalten

2013 +3-5 Jahre open end ?
Gerd Janke (German, Beamter)
- Plan Around The world.
08.03.2010 First contact.
30.04.2010 Particiipant of the 52th. Tesch-Travel-Treffen

??.??.1967 (68 or 69) -
Trevor Green (Australia, Adelaide, born ??)
+ Around-The-World including Australia - Great Britain. Green rode RTW with with an Australian girl called Jan as pillion on a BMW R60 about 1965 - 1967....
Route: They took the usual route through Route: Turkey and over the Kyber pass and then went through Malasia and India. Boat from Madras to Penang and then Singapore to Oz I think..
26th.03.2003 2nd information by Linda Bick again after her visit in Zweifall 1998
26th.03.2003 2nd request to Linda Bick
Green, Trevor
Went around the world on a BMW in the late ca. 1965. Linda Botherstone met him in Russia (going to a Film-Rallye in Moscow 1967). John Sergeant will have his adress. Green is about 56 years.
++ Infos hand address of Trevor Green has John Sargeant (or Sergeantt, about 50). Braodview 5083 (near Adelaide)
29.07.98 Both adresses from Linda Bootherstrone.
17.09.2003 3rd request to Linda.
17.09.2003 Second request to David McGonical in Sydney
30.11.2003 Third request to David McGonical in Sydney
22.02.2008 Fourth request to Linda Bick in Australia; Linda cannot give more infos.

Start ? - End ??
Bausenhart Werner (born in Germany, living in Canada)
+  Around-The-World.
Book: From Nordkapp to Cape York on a Motorcycle Around The World English Bausenhardt. Canada. 2003 RB TG Around-The-World - BMW R 650 182 Soft 1st edition 15 B x 23 H € 20,90 Tesch 14.08.2003 305
01.0.2003 1st information
14.08.2003 1st request for update
11.04.2008 2nd request

19.09.2004 - ?
Jiri Richter (German, geb. 18.09.1964)
- Plan Around-The-World.
Mit Tenere. Mit wenig Kram, aber einer Visa-Card.
16.07.2003 1st information by "Possi".
16.07.2003 Possi um update gebeten
14.04.2008 Possi um update gebeten
04.05.2008 Possi bietet Kontakt zu Jiri mit email
05.05.2008 Jiri erstmalig um Update gebeten.
05.05.2008 Die übermittelte email ist nicht mehr gültig. Im Internet mit diesen Angaben keine Ergenisse erzielt. Vermutlich ist es beim Plan geblieben.

??.??.1960 + 79 days...
Antonio Veciana (from Albacete (Spain) and ? )
+ Around-The-World. M. Both travelled Around-The-World in 79 days with two Vespas
The Vespa was shown in the Guggenheim Museum and I think is permantly shown in the Piaggio in Pontedera Italy, you will find it at the Piaggio website. I just obtained the book on the 79 days WW travel. .
06.06.2002 1st information by Carlos Vergara González in Spain
06.06.2002 1st request for update.
11.04.2008 2nd request. Any more information ??
12.04.2008 informed me about a book about this tour which he just obtained.
13.04.2008 Asked Kees Portanje for the details of this book.

08.03.2003 - ??? ??.??:20??
Merritt Grooms (American, 11.01.1967) and Pierre Saslawsky (French, 23.11.1964)
- Plan Around-The-World.
We are planning to go around the world, probably breaking the record of the longest motorcycle ride ever done by a couple (around 100,000 miles / 160.000 km).We are riding together, each with a BMW F650GS/Dakar mounted with Touratech 39L tanks. We trained 8 weeks in Spain and Morocco.
Purpose of travel: Fun. Meeting the best girls / boys . Learn from people and share with others.
Route so far has been: Europe (France) by boat to Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya (22,08.2003). The planned route from Kenya is: down Africa to Capetown, ship to Rio, down to Ushuaia, up to San Francisco, ship to Sydney, go all over the place in Australia, ship to Indonesia, drive all over the place in Thailand, Cambodge, Laos and Vietnam, ship to Nepal, drive all over India, then back to Europe for a big tour of the continent.
The best so far: ??
The worst so far : ??
Book or publication: Probably write a book at the end.
08.03.2002 From Pierre Saslawsky: Hello Bernd, I found your page about women travellers a little bit by chance ( It's interesting because earlier this month, I asked two related questions on the Horizons Unlimited bulletin board (
- How many people approximately (and how many women) have completed a round-the-world trip on a motorcycle?
- Do you know if a woman has successfully completed a round-the-world trip that includes crossing all of Africa including the Sahara? (ie. Morocco or Tunisia through South Africa by land). My girlfriend is up for the challenge. Thanks, Pierre
09.03.02 1 st request for update!
22.08.03 1st update
22.08.2003 4th request for update
28.11.2005 Newsletter from North America.
28.11.2005 5th request for update

Joern Mader (German from Berlin)
03.03.2002 1st information by Peter Gerrist, who met him in Thailand.
03.03.2002 1st request for update.
09.03.2002 Jochen Hübener tried unsuccesfully to find him in Berlin.

Carola Ostrika and Volker Kunz (German)
+ Around-The-World. 3 Jahre und 4 Monate. Offer a slide-show: Mit XT 500, dann BMW GS PD und BMW 1100 GS unterwegs..
31.03.98 1. Info von Andreas Müller.
04.1998 Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for World-Travellers.

Trevor Sproat and Noah Maltz (Americans)
- Plan Around The World.
03.01.2001 1st information by Grant Johnson:
01.03.2002 2nd request for upadte

Newland, Matthew (British)
- Plan Around The World.
Route: Europe (France - Switzerland - Italy - Greece - Turkey.....
03.01.2001 1st information by Grant Johnson: 
01.03.2002 2nd request for upadte

20.01.2001 - ca. 15.04.2001
Angelino, René Miragaia (Brasil)
? Around The World
Route: Neuseeland, Australien, Indonesien (Bali), Malaysia, Singapur, HongKong, China (Peking), Nepal, Indien, Pakistan, Egypt. In New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and HongKong Gaia travelled together with his wife. Gaia rends a motorcycle wherever he is. He has a handy from a sponsor. Damit telefoniert er ständig mit seinem Verlag. Dadurch kann sein nächstes Buch sehr bald erscheinen. Email:
Earlier books: "Yukon. A última frontera"= Brasilien - Alaska - Brasilien. (Portugese). "Minha Moto, America" (Portugese). 45,000 km Süd-Amerika-Rundreise per Moto.
Book: Planned.
22.11.2001 2nd request for summary
01.03.2002 3rd request for update
21.09.2003 4th request for update

Ca. 1995/6 - ca. 2001?
Karliens Springer and Han van Loon (Dutch)
Plan Around-The-World. With two YAMAHA XT 600 Tenere Han (U-boat captain) and Karliens (Hebamme and Stewardess) want to circle the world.
Route: Holland - overland to India - from India to Singapore backpacking through Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia - New Zealand - by motorcycle Australia / Tasmania  - from Canada overland to South America / Ushuaia. Next Africa.
28th of may199. 1st information by Ralf Paaske and Petra Schommer.
Route: NL - overland to India - China backpacking - Indonesia backpacking - SEAsia - Australia - NZ - North America - South America - now Transafrica (Capetown...) somehow.
22.11.2000 1st information by Petra Schommer and Ralf Paaske
19.10.01 2nd request

Mike Klobucar
Did you meet other RTW traveller I do NOT know?? Nope! a guy who would be interesting to contact for your database is Mike Klobucar, whom I met in Central America, big time bike traveller; his email is
30.01.2001 1st information by Carlo Muttoni
19.10.2001 2nd request
19.10.01 Email came back twice: unknown

??.09.2001 - ??.??.??.
Gardner, Lucy and Adrian Greygoose (England)
- Plan Around The World. Goose and Lucy on one (?) BMW R 1100 GS.
03.10.01 Homepage does not work. No contact possible.
03.10.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:
03.10.2001 1st email to them.
??.10.2001 1st answer and contact

??.09.2001 - ??.??.2003.
Ruth Homer and Merv (England)
+ Around The World. On one (?) BMW R1150GS. http:/
Merv and Ruth Homer started out on a motorcycle adventure, which took them through 32 countries over a period of 2 years. To raise money for the trip they sold their house, in the UK, bought a shaft-drive motorcycle and necessary equipment.
They had planned an overland route from the UK to Malaysia and then from Canada to Chile. These plans soon changed when war and civil unrest broke
out along the way. Undeterred, they went through the Middle East shortly after 9/11.2001 and entered Nepal when it was in a State of Emergency.
Purpose of travel: It was incredibly difficult leaving behind all their friends and family - but it was a journey they needed to do as they struggled to come to terms with the loss of their youngest daughter.
: The epic 43,000-mile journey took them through France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Andorra and Germany.
Highlights: A motorcycle was the perfect vehicle for the adventure. Allowing them to travel where they wanted, when they wanted. From the remote rain forest regions to the centre of the Atacama desert - where it hardly ever rains - the driest desert on earth."
The worst: ??
Publication: CD eBook
03.10.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson: No possible.
03.10.2001 1st email to them.
??.10.2001 1st answer and contact
10.01.2002 2nd request by their homepage, because normal email does not work. On their homepage it looks as they are only riding from GB to Australia. At present in Australia.
07.04.2006 2nd asnwer with information of new website
07.04.2006 3rd request for update
10.04.2066 4th request for update
??.09.2001 - ??.??.2003
Homer, Ruth (English, bonr ??) and Merv (English, born in ???) + Around The World. On one (?) BMW R1150GS. http:/ Are all three websites still o.k.?? Merv and Ruth Homer started out on a motorcycle adventure, which took them through 32 countries over a period of 2 years. To raise money for the trip they sold their house, in the UK , bought a shaft-drive motorcycle and necessary equipment. They had planned an overland route from the UK to Malaysia and then from Canada to Chile . These plans soon changed when war and civil unrest broke out along the way. Undeterred, they went through the Middle East shortly after the NEW YORK terror 09 th .11.2001 and entered Nepal when it was in a State of Emergency . Purpose of travel: It was incredibly difficult leaving behind all their friends and family - but it was a journey they needed to do as they struggled to come to terms with the loss of their youngest daughter. Route: The epic 43,000-mile journey took them through Europe ( Great Britain - France - Switzerland - Italy - Greece - Turkey ) Asia ( Syria - Jordan - ?? how did you and the bikes reach India ??? - India - Nepal - ??how did you and the bike flew to Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Malaysia ) - how did you and the bike flew to ?? North America ( Canada - USA - Mexico - Honduras - Guatemala - Costa Rica - Panama ) - ??how did you and the bike flew / ship ?? to South America) Peru - Chile - Argentina - Uruguay ) - ??how did you and the bike flew to ?? Europe ( Spain - Andorra and Germany - Great Britain ??). Highlights: A motorcycle was the perfect vehicle for the adventure. Allowing them to travel where they wanted, when they wanted. From the remote rain forest regions to the centre of the Atacama desert - where it hardly ever rains - the driest desert on earth."
Publication: Homer, Merv & Ruth. The Homers' Odyssey: A CD Story About A Round-The-World Motorcycle Adventure., 2006.
Round the World Adventure;
In 2001 Merv and Ruth Homer started out on a motorcycle adventure, which took them through 32 countries over a period of 2 years. They had planned an ...

??.11.2001 - ??.??.??.
Richard Humphreys (England)
- Plan Around The World. RTW on Honda Dominator
01.11.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:

??.11.2001 - ??.??.??.
Frank Amberger (Germany)
- Plan Around The World. RTW on BMW R 80 GS
01.11.2001 1st. information by Grant Johnson:

Ca. 07.09.2001 - ???
Andreas Grimm (Swiss, born ??)
- Plan Around The World ? The aeroplane mechanic plans....
Andreas wrote me: "Reisen heißt die Augen öffnen und ab und zu auf einem Parkplatz anhalten". Als der Schweizer Andreas auf seiner Tour nach Anchorage im Denali Naitonalpark auf einem Parkplatz anhielt, sprach er zwei Kölner Motorrad-Tourer an. "Kennen wir uns nicht?" Doch, 1996 haben wir uns in Island getroffen..
07.11.01 1st postcard again from Mexico.
08.11.01 1st request for update.
Earlier experiences: 8 months in in USA with YAMAHA XT 600 Z/88. Coast zu Coast 1996.
11.04.1997 Visit of TTTreffen. Plant Asien.
26.04.2002 Postcard from Ushuaia. After 8 months and 19.000 kms I arrived in Ushuaia.
28.02.2003 Andreas: "Ich konnte es selber nicht glauben doch leider ist es mir dieses jahr nicht moeglich an DAS TREFFEN der globetroter zu kommen .ich haette dir gerne ein wenig von meinem trip around the world erzaehlt. auf meiner reise der ich den namen gegeben habe, TRAEUME NICHT VOM LEBEN SONDERN LEBE DEINEN TRAUM habe ich so ettliches erlebt. Die laender die ich berseist habe waren wirklich atem beraubend.(usa, mexico, guatemala,el salvedor,honduras, nicaragua,costa rica, panama, equador,peru, chile, argentienien, australien ,germany, daenemark, faroer island, island.) Ob ich eine weitere reise unternehmen werde weiss ich noch nicht denn ich moechte eigentlich sesshaft werden (gar nicht so einfach). Mein motorrad das nun 150.000km hat wuerde eine weitere gut verkraften. ich glaube kaum dass ich dieses motorrad "zutode " fahren kann denn dass ganze bike ist original.motor und getriebe. waren noch nie offen (koennte fasst eine bmw sein oder???? vielleicht treffen wir uns einmal dann kann ich dir ja mal erzaehlen. nun wuensche ich dir alles gute und immer genuegend benzin im tank. Es gruesst dich andreas THE GLOBEBIKER.
05.03.2001 1st request for update.
27.03.2004 Kann leider nicht zum TTTreffen kommen.
01.04.2004 2nd equest for update.
11.11.2011 Gibt es dich noch ??

Ca. 09.1999 - ??
Kris (Belgium)
- Plan Around The World ?In Nasca traf ich Kris aus Belgien, der mit einer Honda Pan European, fuer alle die es nicht glauben Honda ST1100 seit 26 Monaten auf Weltreise ist und Pisten faehrt, wo ich mit der Transalp schon Schwierigkeiten habe. Er ist der einzige Motorradfahrer den ich kenne, der in Burma (Myanmar) gefahren ist.
08.01.01 1st information by Werner Zwick from Peru. First request to Werner ffor the mail-address of Chris.

03.2002 - ?
Oliver, Jim (American)
- Plan Around The World.
05.12.01 Another email.
05.12.01 Asked for his block.

14.05.2000 - ??
Martin Rooiman and Jeannette Boom (Netherlands)
- Plan Around The World.
03.02.2000 1st information by horizonts unlmited.
09.07.2002 1strequest for update.

Seiler, Wolfgang (German)
- Plan Around The World.
03.02.2000 1st information by horizonts unlmited ?
03.02.2002 1st request for updtae:

28.2.2001 - ?
Kickbush, Rich (Australia)
- Plan Around The World. Solo with a KAWASAKI KLR650
11.01.02 1st request for summary.

Ca. ??.03.2001 - ??.??.??
Claudio del Grande (Italian from Genua)
Claudio is travelling solo RTW by HONDA XL.
Route: Italy - Wladiwostok - Alaska - Panama - Eqaudor - ... Argentina (Tierra del Fuego) - ?
01.2001 1st information by German Werner Zwick who met Claudio in Panama.
02.02.2002 1st request for update.
09.02.2002 2nd contact

03.2002 - ?
Oliver, Jim (American)
- Plan Around The World.

??.10.2002 + 18 months
Martin Didier (living in Australia but born in France 1957)
- Plan Around-The-World. Martin wants a Motorcyle Adventure and Documentary. He wants a motorcycle adventure for the benefit of underprivileged children. In conjunction with World Vision. I am embarking on Ride4Kids, an around-the-world overland trip on a motorcycle.
The best: The best of the Ride4Kids project include a motorcycle journey around the world including some of the world’s poorest and most rugged countries. Raising money for World Vision while visiting World Vision projects along the way. The filming of two documentaries; the first on the lives of children in Africa, Siberia and South America and the second on the adventures encountered during the trip; and ·the ability of people around the world to follow my journey through the Ride4Kids website. All proceeds raised from the screening of the documentaries will be donated to World Vision.The public is also invited to donate money or sponsor children through the Ride4Kids website.
I’ve embarked on the Ride4Kids project out of a desire to help underprivileged children and raise awareness of their standard of living. I think it will also be a great adventure and a remarkable achievement.
Earlier experiences: 1996 -1997 Australia (Melbourne) to France (Paris) overland, which was also made into a documentary.
Route: Australia (Melbourne - riding to Perth) - and then flying to Africa (South Africa (Cape Town) - Botswana - Zambia - Tanzania - Uganda - Kenya - Ethiopia - Sudan ? . Egypt) - Asia (Jordan - Syria) - Europe (Turkey - Ukraine - ? - Poland - Russia) - Asia (Russia, Siberia - Japan) - North-America (Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Panama) - South America (Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Argentina).
02.07.2002 1st contact
04.07.2002 Asked for update
10.03.2003 Last update of his wesbiste
10.03.2003 2nd request for update
06.04.2008 3rd request for update: HAVE you done the RTW tour already ???? Or still planning ??

2002 -..
Dieter Lammersdorf
Oldtimermuseen in Deutschland. 164 Automobil und Motorradmuseen für Handschuhfach und Tankrucksack
Verlag: Johann Kleine Vennekate-Verlag in Lemgo.

05.2003 - ??
Falk Thümer and Reina Kasperowski (Germans)
- Plan Around the World: With R100GSPD and Suzuki XF 650 Freewind.
22.07.2002 1st request for update.

Summer 2003 - summer 2005
Marcel Retke (German, 10.82)
- Plan Solo Around The World. Marcel plans solo around the world with Yamaha XT 600 E.
route: europe (germany - former czechoslovakia - austria - hungary - romania - ukraine) - asia (russia - kasachstan - mongolia - china - tibet - nepal - india - china - south korea) - north america, get there by ship or plane (canada - usa), central america (mexico - guatemala - el salvador - honduras - nicaragua - costa rica - panama) - south america (colombia - venezuela - brazil - ecuador - peru - bolivia - chile - argentinia - uruguay - brazil) - europe, get back there by plane (portugal - spain - france - germany)
Ca. 10.06.2002 1st contact
22.-24.11.2002 Marcel was visitor of the 43rd Tesch-Survival-Training

07.2003 + 1,5 years
Michael Maeser (Austrian, born 1966)
- Plan Solo Around The World. Austria - India - Americas. Michael plans to ride solo with Yamaha XT 600 E (1999).
Purpose of Journey: fulfilling my many years big dream, because dreaming alone doesn t satisfy.
Route: Austria (Wien) - Easteurope - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India. From there by plane to USA (Miami verschifft) - by bike through USA - Mexico ans South-Amerika - perhaps Africa as well.
Earlier experiences: did some backpacking to Africa and Asia, travelling by car through USA and Skandinavia.
09.2002 1st contact and update.

10.2003 + paar Jahre
Arne Merkt (German, born 1980)
- Plan Around The World. Arne plans to circle the World. At the first contact he is planning to travel with a friend but would start solo as well.
16.01.2002 1st contact by phone. No email so far.
12.-14.04.2002 Visit of the 24rd Motorcycle-Meeting for WORLD-Travellers.
03.04.2011 Auf AB gesprochen und um Antwort gebeten.

In Bad Canstatt wird ein Daimler-Benz-Museum eröffnet.

2003 ? - ??
Ryno van Smit (Canadian ??)
- Plan Around The World. And - may be - Around-The-Moon later.. Ryno plans a long trip with KTM Adventure.
18.01.2003 1st contact: .
(maybe the moon later ) I am pretty impressed with what I have seen, heard and read about your pannier boxes (alu) and steel racks.
18.01.2003 1st request for update.

Years unknown...
Jan and Leny Hoe
have driven around the world on a Heinkel-scooter
30.06.2002 1st information by Evald Bengtsson
01.07.2002 1st request for update.
23.03.2010 Next request to Ewald
29.12.2010. The Hoe family.
Evald Bengtsson I have not managed to once more find the information from which I once asked you.
Remember that you informed me that Kees Portange did know nothing. Perhaps best to forget about this thing.
30.12.2010 Next try by Bernd Tesch to find something vie Without success.
30.12.2010 Request to Kees Portanje. Do you know something more ?
11.01.2011 Kees Portanje has no information. Kees wrote to the Heinkel Club.

15.03.2003 - ???.19....??,..
Jochen Milde (German, born..??)
- Plan Around-The-World. Jochen plans to realise his seven years dream to ride solo Around-The-World with YAMAHA XT 600.
Route: Europe - Africa -
15.03.2003 1st contact. He found me searching machine google
26.03.2003 1st request fo update
11,.-13.04.2003 Jochen will visit and start his Around-The-World tour from the 25th Meeting for World-Travellers.
25th.03.2003 1st request for update via Marsha Lampson

Abfahrtdatum ??? - Antwortdatum ?
Marcel Heinz (10.1979) + Claudia Grafe-Heinz (born 05.1980 in Leipzig)
Die Dipl.-Betriebswirtin und der Tief- und Kanalbaufacharbeiter. wollen hierfür alle fünf Kontinente unsere Erde in ca. 5 - 7 Jahren bereisen.
Ziele des Projektes sind: Menschen weltweit zusammenzuführen und international gegenseitig bestehende Vorurteile unter den verschiedenen Völkern der Erde zu verringern. Dabei möchten wir mit all den verschiedenen Völkern zusammenleben, arbeiten und Erfahrungen austauschen:
Europa: Deutschland - Frankreich - Spanien - Portugal - SpanienAfrika:
Marokko (Atlasgebirge) - Algerien - Tunesien (Mittelmeerküste) - Libyen (libysche Wüste) - Ägypten (Nil-Delta) - Sudan (nubische Wüste) - Äthiopien (äthiopisches Hochland) - Kenia (Victoria-See) - Tansania (Kilimandscharo - Sansibar) - Malawi (Malawisee) - Sambia (Victoriafälle) - Simbabwe - Mocambique - Madagaskar - Südafrika (Drakensberge) - Botsuana (Kalahari - Okavango-Delta) - Namibia (Namib) - Angola - Dem. Rep. Kongo (Kongo - Kongobecken) - Kongo - Kamerun (Tschadsee) - Nigeria (Niger-Delta) - Benin - Togo - Ghana - Elfenbeinküste - Liberia - Sierra Leone - Guinea - Mali - Mauretanien (Sahara) - Senegal (Kap Vert) / Dakar ----- Recife / BrasilienSüd - Mittel - und Nordamerika:
Brasilien (Amazonas-Delta - Brasilianisches Bergland - Atlantikküste - Iguaçu-Wasserfälle) - Uruguay (Rio de la Plata) - Argentinien (Padagonien - Feuerland) - Chile (Anden - Atacama-Wüste) - Bolivien (Salar de Uyuni - Titicacasee) - Peru - Equador - Peru - Brasilien (Amazonasbecken) - Franz. Guayana - Venezuela (Orinoco-Delta - Angel-Wasserfall - Maracaibosee) - Kolumbien - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua (Nicaraguasee) - Honduras - Él Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexiko (Yucatan-Halbinsel) - Kuba - Mexiko (Zentralmexiko - Niederkalifornien) - USA (Grand Canyon - Mississippi - Golf von Mexiko -Florida-Halbinsel - Appalachen) - Kanada (Neufundland - große Seen - Rocky Mountains) - USA (Prärien - großer Salzsee - Kalifornien) / San Francisco ----- Japan / YokohamaAsien (Ost-, Zentral-, Südostasien):
Japan (japan. Inseln) - Südkorea - China (große Ebene - Wüste Gobi) - Mongolei (mongol. Hochland) - Russland (Baikal-See) - China (Altaigebirge - Takla Makan-Wüste - Hochland von Tibet - rotes Becken - südchin. Meer) - Vietnam (Mekong-Delta) - Kambodscha - Laos - Myanmar - Thailand (goldenes Dreieck) - Malaysia - Singapur - Indonesien (Sumatra - Kalimantan - Sulawesi - Flores - Sumbawa - Komodo - Bali - Java) / Jakarta ----- Australien / PerthAustralien / Ozeanien:
Australien (Nullaborebene - Ayers Rock - Tasmanien) - Neuseeland (Südinsel - Nordinsel) - Australien (Great Deviding Range) - Papua Neu Guinea - Australien (große Sandwüste) / Perth ----- Colombo / Sri LankaAsien (Süd- und Vorderasien):
Sri Lanka - Indien (Golf von Bengalen) - Bangladesch (Ganges-Delta) - Indien - Bhutan - Nepal (Himalaya) - Indien (Zentralindien) - Pakistan (Indus) - Iran (Sagrosgebirge) - Aserbaidschan (Kaspisches Meer)Europa:
Russland (Wolgograder Stausee - Lagodasee) - Finnland - Norwegen (Nordkap) - Schweden - Norwegen - Großbritannien - Irland - Großbritannien - Frankreich - Belgien - Deutschland
Es sind, wo es vor Ort möglich ist, Ausflüge per Flugzeug zu verschiedenen Inselstaaten geplant.Afrika: Seychellen, Mauritius, Komoren
Süd - Mittel - und Nordamerika: Falklandinseln, Karibische Inseln
Asien: Taiwan, Phillipinen
Australien / Ozeanien: Gebiete OzeaniensDieser Tourplan ist nicht verbindlich, sondern unsere "Idealvorstellung", den wir gern einhalten und wenn möglich so umsetzen würden. Er ist abhängig und gebunden an Visabestimmungen, den jeweiligen polit. Situationen, sowie Klima und Wetter. Es kann und wird passieren, dass sich der Verlauf ändern wird und von der aufgeführten Route abweicht.
26.03.2003 1st information by Michael Paetsch
26.03.2003 1st request for update.
26.06.2008 2nd request for update via Michael Paetsch.
27.06.2008 3rd request for update to Claudia und Marcel
13.03.2013 Mit Hilfe von Michael Paetsch gesucht. Auf AB gesprochen. Email tut es nicht. Abwarten:

Und das hier scheint Claudia zu sein:

Martinez Diego, Luis Martinez + Mariela Belmonte (Brasilian) Fax: 091-573307
- Plan Around-The-World: 200,00 km in 6 years,
Route: Bahia Blanca - Ushuai - Miami - Seattele - alifax - Lissabon - Luxemburg - Brüssel - London ...
22.1.1996 1st info by Martin Schaal.

Richard Peachman ( ??)
05.03.2004 dear berndt, i am on lap 3 of my trip around the world on my ural sidecar 2 wheel drive outfit. currently i am awaiting parts from the u.s. importer. i have already crossed europe, turkey, russia, kazakstan and mongolia. i shipped the bike to australia and then to the u.s. it has not been easy keeping a russian bik on the road. regards, richard peachman
12.03.2004 1st request for update
29.03.2004 2nd request for update
21.02.2006 3rd request for update

Richard Harwood (Britsh, born ??)
I am 57 years young and travelled for 6 years around the world when 19 .. and it's time to start again.
13. April 2004 1st contact, 14:57
14.04.2004 1st request for upadte
6.-18.04.2004 Richard will be a partcipant of the 26th Motorcycle Meeting for World-Travellers
2005: 2005: Harwood, Richard, 57, from GB, My 6 year travels when I was younger were by my own ways, not on a motorbike, but did include sailing from Pamama to Fiji via Tahiti as crew on a 12m sail boat. 2 nd time here !  Plans overland GB > NZ.
12.03.2013 2nd and last contact by Email

2006 - ??.??.2013 plus ???
Adam Lewis (British, born ??.??.19??. Technical Support Engineer for Stannah Stairlifts. My hometown is Andover, Hampshire, England UK).
RTW ? Adam rode in the beginning with two guys, Later solo. Planned was 2,5 years.
6 years, 2 months. Distance: 239.011 km
Route: England – ferry to: France – Germany – Austria – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Montenegro – Albania – Montenegro - Greece – Turkey – Syria – Turkey – Iran – Pakistan – India – Nepal – airfreight to: Thailand – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand – Malaysia – seafreight to: New Zealand – airfreight to: Australia – seafreight to: East Timor – Indonesia – seafreight to: Malaysia – Singapore - seafreight to: Chile – Argentina – Uruguay – Brazil – Paraguay – Argentina – Chile – Argentina – Bolivia – Peru – Seafreight BMW to Germany; fly to USA and purchase Suzuki DR650 - USA(inc Alaska) – Canada – USA – Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – El Salvador – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama – Colombia – Ecuador – Peru – Bolivia – Chile – Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Brazil – French Guiana – Suriname – Guyana – Brazil – Venezuela....
Because I am seraching for British Richard Harwood. He was twice on my motorcycle for World-travellers 1977-2013 in 2004 and 2005. And planned a RTW-tour. -My two questions: Can you contact him with me again please? - And: I have never heard about your tour RTW in 6 years on two motos. Would you please answer me? I have online the worldwide largest colletion of summaries of RTW travellesr by mc 1912-2013. I would like to add you there ! Thanks says Bernd Tesch
12.03.2013 I found this website by accident because he mentioned that he met Richard Harwood "on the road". Asked for his email.

19.03.2005 Auf der Seite von Jochen A. Hübener ( fand ich erstmalig diese Liste von Links zu 57 Weltumrundern. Woher er die wohl alle hat ??
ANDES MOTO EXPEDITION-around the world for peace_miwebworks ANDREAS und TOMMY`S MOTORBIKE WORLD TOUR-atmc + ANKE und JAN-weltreisende ARTO RASIMUS-artorasimus + BENKAS WORLDTOUR-benkapulko BERND TESCH-berndtesch (kein Weltumrunder, aber die LIste der meisten Weltumrunder weltweit mit Zusammanfassungen auf > 100 Seiten). CHRIS ADDISON-adventurebiker CHRIS BRIGHT-chrisbright (kein Weltumrunder)CHRIS JONES and SPICE-rtw101 CHRIS and KIRSTEN-worldtriumphCHRIS SMITH-earthrider - CHRIS SCOTT-adventure-motorcycling ) kein Weltumrunder) - CHRIS FREI-motorrad-fernreisen Kein Komplett-WeltumrunderCLAUS POSSBERG_possi (kein Weltumrunder)DANIEL TODD-worldmotobiker + DAVE BARR`S SITE-angelfire + DAVID Mc. GONIGAL`S WORLD TOUR PAGE-~davidmcg DORIS MARON-untamedspirit - DOROTHEA and RENE LANDSEE-bike-odyssee (on tour)ELKE THOMSEN und ARNE WOLF-et-wa ERIN and CHRIS RATAY-ultimatejourney + ERWIN THOMA`S-tynda/Page362 FRANK BUTLER SCOTLAND-mrbeem FLORIDA FRANK CAMPBELL-tampabay + GAIL and ERIC-tynda/Page1 GERARD STARK-gerard-starck+ GREGORY FRAZIER-gregfrazier GUILLERMO A. GODOY-guillegodoy HANNES HALLER-hanneshaller + HELGE PEDERSEN-globeriders + JOCHEN A. HÜBENER-motor-cycle-world-traveller JOHN WILSON and GERRY TIERNAN-gsrtw + KEVIN und JULIA SANDERS-globebusters+ KLAUS und CLAUDIA_in 16 Jahren um die Welt - + MANOU EMRINGER and ELLEN-ontheroad MARCEL und FLAVIA WELTREISE per MOT__-tiger-club.chMARIOLA CICHON-globeriders (Weltreise abgebrochen)MERV and RUTH-mervandruth+ MIKA KUHN-weltreise-motorrad MILWARDS MILLENIUM MOTORCYCLE RIDE-millennium-ride (tödlich verunglükt in Mali, kein WeltumrunderPAT and HELEN WATSON-patandhelen+ PETER and Kay FORWOOD-forwood PETER THEUWISSEN and others-motormaniacsRALF und EVA SCHÖNER-LÖTHER-die-motorradnomaden (noch keine Weltumrunder)SHARON WHITMAN-classicharley SIMON and MONIKA NEWBOUND-spiritsofadventure + SJAAK LUCASSEN-sjaaklucassen - STEVEN RAUCHER`S WORLD TOUR-raucher (on tour)+ TED SIMON_JUPITERS TRAVEL-jupitalia + THEO und CHRISTEL-belgacom+ TOM SMITH_A Hopeful World Odyssey-islandnet + TORSTEN SCHOPBACH-world-aroundTWO RIDE THE WORLD-2ridetheworld + UDO und HARALD_bikebrothers UWE UND RAMONA-motorradkarawane - VERNA NORRIS and JIM SEAVEY-norseaodyssey (on tour)- VINCENT DANNA_un tour du monde en moto-vincent.danna (on tour)

31.08.2017 In facebook:

2017.08.31th: Dear Anna (Grechishkina) in ??, > from Bernd (Tesch) in Germany. British Linda Bick - a high experienced mc- travel lady living in Australia and author of several Motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books, send me the information of your book: Please go to my website of (tukutuku that means motorcycle). There you find my the database of all motorcycle database about 1660 mc-travel-books from 1910-2017 in all languages. Above the database you find the sentence "Enter a new book". Here you can write yourself the bibliographic datas in this database! This is another important promotion for your book! - If you want to give me an idea of your total tour it would be great. - at 2018 I organise the "60th. Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers 1977-201" in Malmedy / Belgium. In 2018 wil be the TOP-subject (which yearly changes) "Around-The-World". You will be invoted if you offer me your emai-Adress to . All details you find as well in - Bai-Bai Bernd Tesch. expert for mc-travels worldwide 1887-2017.
25.11.2014 For the past 15 months, Anna has ridden her KTM Adventure 1190 halfway around the globe from her Ukrainian home, spreading a simple message: Follow your dreams and good things will happen.
(If you want to follow Anna’s dream trip, check out her website, I Have a Dream, or her Facebook page.)
AG: Well, I just love to travel on the bike. I’ve been doing this for nine years before the world trip. When I came back from [my second trip to] India, I decided, “Why not make something global?” At first it was like a crazy idea, and I was scared of it: “No, I can’t do that. It’s so dangerous and so difficult. It’s not just one month’s travel – a few weeks.”
Earlier experiences: Since that time, all my life changed. Of course, I got new friends. I started to travel, first around Ukraine and then a little bit outside to Russia, Belarus, Moldova, then Eastern Europe, Turkey, Bulgaria, and into Greece, also. Then into Georgia. Then the Middle East: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon. Then India. That’s how it started, and that’s how it continues. And I was involved in the charity community. Since then, my life absolutely changed.
Plans: G: After Texas, I pick up my bike and I go to Mexico and the other Central American countries. From there, South America, the west coast: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. From Brazil, I go to South Africa, and I take the east coast of Africa and end up in Egypt. From Egypt, Europe. So, I think that I’ll be on the road two and a half years, altogether. So, probably, I’m exactly halfway through.

1970 Start of search of Travellers Around-The-World by motorcycle.
1992 - 1994 More intensive search because of my book "Motorrad Abenteuer Touren" in work by phone, fax and personal visits.
1995 - 1997 First tries to find and contact RTW-Travllers and Motorcycle-Travellers by email.
1998 Start of my website. Not knowing what will come out of it in future.
02.1998: A part of this information you found already under > > German or Engl. version > News
28.05.2000: Start of this collection first time in internet under > > German or Engl. version > continents > world > by motorcycle.
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